[STAR SIGN HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] “Envision Your Way Forward” January 7th – 13th 2022 w/ Astrologer Jamie Magee

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In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • About this week’s theme “Envision” and insights on how to work with this energy.
  • Why a Quarter Moon can be tense, and why that’s a good thing
  • How Venus and the Sun can help you revitalize your dreams through this week
  • What each of the Zodiac Star Signs will be focusing on through the week


0:00 Intro

4:41 Capricorn – Expansion within your community

8:05 Aquarius – A shift on what’s important to you

10:00 Pisces – Finding a new muse

12:56 Aries – Getting recognized

15:36 Taurus – In-depth learning

18:01 Gemini – Looking for the right partnerships

20:21 Cancer – New crowd & new faces

22:42 Leo – Diversifying your routine

25:52 Virgo – Writer’s block no more

28:28 Libra – Getting acclimated to new ground

30:50 Scorpio – Finding the right words

33:26 Sagittarius – Sharing your gifts

35:50 Closing Thoughts

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

00:00:01 [Jamie Magee] Welcome to star sign horoscopes presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I am your host, Jamie McGee at astrologer author and a member of the production team here at Astrology Hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s Astrology with you. Hi, everybody. Welcome to star sign horoscopes.

00:00:24 Today. We’re going to be talking about the Astrology for January 7th through the 13th and how each of the Zodiac signs can work with this energy. Before we dive into the signs, let’s take a quick look at the overall energy that we’re all going to be experiencing. If I had a theme to give this week, I think I would call it envision or reinvision because that’s exactly what you’re going to have the opportunity to do.

00:00:46 We are at a quarter moon phase, which could feel a little angsty or edgy. In other words, basically all the intentions that you set last week, or as you walked into 2022 are now going to have a reason to activate because sometimes it’s easier to dream it than to put the dream in action. And that’s the process that you’re going through this week.

00:01:06 So if anything nudges you, I want you to ask yourself, is this reminding me or telling me that there is a reason why I set these intentions and yes, I need to follow through with them. So you guys may feel that going into the weekend, but as the week goes through, we have some really beautiful energy that is setting up some brand new cycles,

00:01:24 like a brand new 18 month cycle. But at the same time is asking us, are, is it going to, you have the opportunity to think back to four years ago or eight years ago in your life, there is a familiar theme. Now the plan is that are giving you this familiar theme are the sun and Venus. Now this is overall a good energy because it has a lot of bright lights,

00:01:46 renewal, and love and things that we value. Now, nothing is perfect with every light. There is a shadow. So I don’t want to over, over emphasize the greatness of this energy, because for some of us, we are going to have to work to find it. And when we do find it, we are going to go through an adjustment phase in the next few weeks,

00:02:06 trying to hone in on this. And if you look at the long rain cycle, this is starting, you understand that there’s going to be a flow and ebb and flow of adjust and readjust, but the theme is going to be the same. And what I love about where this synergy is is it’s coming into a place of our life. That’s already been through a lot,

00:02:22 like it’s been through a lot of expansion, the construction reconstruction holding on with the old, as you build the new. So you’re kind of going through we’re at the end, at this precipice. We’re where we can see the new horizon. And if you can see it, then you can reach it. Or if you can feel it, you can reach it.

00:02:39 And another great energy that’s coming in this week will allow you to see where you’re ready to expand and grow in a new way. It’s almost as if a dream is going to be revived, revitalized, or there’s going to be new life or new reason to expand it. And you’re going to be able to see that this week now at the same time,

00:02:55 along with that, okay, I need to take action on this. You may feel a little bit of a hesitation or an angst are, you may feel like you’re manipulating yourself or you’re, you’re a little twisted. I’m not really sure that I can do that. I don’t really share that. I, I’m not sure I want to chase that dream,

00:03:11 or I want to work through that theme again in my life, which is all fine. But I think what, when you look at this in your life, you’re going to understand that any conflict or any edge that’s coming your way is actually like a personal trainer. And it’s asking you to look at all the little details that are going to help you make the most of this theme that is coming into play for each of you.

00:03:31 I’d like to call them mile marker events. Cause it’s almost like you remember the mile marker. You remember the theme of everything that went on at that time in your life. I think back to 2013 or an eight year increments, and you can remember everything you enjoyed about it, but you can also remember the opportunities that you left on the table. Like where if you had done something differently,

00:03:53 you would have been able to take this great momentum and expand it out in an even beautiful, broader way than what, the way that it did last time. So I think it’s a great time to re envision and also envision as we move forward. Okay. So before we dive into this to each of the Zodiac signs, I want to remind you to listen to both your sun sign and your rising sign.

00:04:13 If you know your rising sign, if you do not know your rising sign, but you know, your time of birth, you can go to Astrology Hub dot com forward slash charts, and you can pull up your chart and it’ll help you discover your rising sign. The rising sign is going to give you a little bit more detail about exactly the area or the themes of your life that are super highlighted,

00:04:31 but so will your son. It’s just a different element. And when you read both, you’re able to get a more encompassing view of what’s coming and that’s always fun, right? Okay. So we are going to start off with Capricorn Capricorn, and this is your birthday month. And I feel like this energy this week may feel a little bit more potent.

00:04:50 You’re one of the signs that are gonna feel it a little bit more strongly than others. And it’s because of where it’s happening in your life. Now, first of all, Capricorn, you’ve been going through a lot over the last few years, and I don’t have to tell you that it may feel like your identity, your partnerships, your home, your career,

00:05:05 everything has been up for change. And it’s been up for restructuring. And that’s a little difficult when you kind of like the structure that you had in the first place, or you were building on something that you thought was sustainable and all of a sudden it’s not sustainable. And you’ve been asked to rebuild it in a certain way. And that can be frustrating.

00:05:21 What’s great about this week is that you’re going to kind of see where that all, everything that you’ve been going through. Like, I don’t want to say the purpose behind it, but you’re definitely going to see a new horizon. A new path is like, I envisioned it as like you’re, the storm is right behind you, but you still see everything that the storm is created around.

00:05:41 You still see the transition, you see the work, you see what you’re going to have to do to accomplish the next mountain. But you remember this energy. You remember when the same familiar theme and drive came up in your life. And it, you, I think if you take some to reflect on this and you’re going to understand opportunities or find ways that you can show up in your partnerships and your home work life balance to help you become the person that you want to be as you embark on this new year,

00:06:08 and you really work with this energy, that’s asking you to transform and almost level up in a new way. Now, if you had any something else, this like compassion where you’re going to, where your eyes are going to be cast forward, and you’re going to see like, I’m ready to expand here. This could hit very locally for you. It could be around your siblings,

00:06:25 brothers, and sisters. I’m sure most of you are. Some of you probably spent some time with them over the holidays. It could also be around your local community. Like where you go to the grocery store, the schools, the bank, everything local, like it’s almost like you’re going to have this beautiful compassion or sympathy for this area of your life.

00:06:41 You’re going to remember, like, I really love this about this. I really love the voice I had. I loved what I learned here. And I learned what I learned, how, what I learned. I could dive in a little bit deeper and expand in a new way. It’s almost like you’re looking for your voice and you’re finding it through the experiences that you’re having every day.

00:06:58 So I’m excited for you there. And I’m excited that a lot of you are going to be speaking with some compassion and some depth that are really going to reach really far, not only in your community, but out into the broader world. Now, if you have a little bit of an angsty kind of feeling this week, it may be coming from deep within like,

00:07:15 some of you may not even notice it because it’s going to be just like, why am I triggered by this? Why do I feel this way? And it’s like on a subconscious level, you’re afraid are you’re wondering, you know, am I allowed to say what I want to say? Am I allowed to expand and change in this way? Like,

00:07:29 it’s not the same world that it was four years ago or eight years ago. I’m a completely different person. And you are correct on all check boxes. Yes, it’s a different world. But I don’t. I do not think that your fear should hold your words back. I think you should speak forcefully. I think speaking with compassion is going to be very empowering for you,

00:07:48 but yes, there is a way to like, to make sure that you’re being mindful of those around you and, and how these words can be healing and not destructive. That’s going to be like a little bit of a balance, but I think you could do some inner work. You’re going to find the right answer and how to communicate this way. Okay.

00:08:04 Aquarius now, Aquarius, this is a very interesting time of year for you in general, where the rest of the world seems to be embarking out on a new year. You, you almost feel a little bit reflective and you should, because this is the month before your birthday. So you’re getting you’re in this state of mind where you’re remembering everything that you have been through and what you’re ready to go through now.

00:08:24 So where this energy is shining for you like this in the past couple years, internally, or like spiritually, you may have been having some battles like that. No one even knew about that. You may not even be completely conscious of because they’ve been so deep inside. Some of you could have picked up habits are dropped habits. You could have over,

00:08:42 over committed or under committed to communities that you are around. There’s a lot of things that have been going on underneath the surface. And then this week you feel that light come in or that acknowledgement, or like, this is why this is why you felt this way. And now what do you want to do about it? Is there a brand new habit that’s going to be healthy for you to pick up?

00:08:59 Is there something that you can release is this community that you’ve been partnering with now, we’re going to help you see a new way to expand out into the world. And I think a lot of Aquariuses are shifting what is valuable to you. What is a resource that you consider? And now this could be materialistic. It could be emotional. It could be a lot of things,

00:09:18 but what was important to you may have shifted recently. And I think it’s great to lean into that because those resources, as soon as you give your attention to, like, this is valuable to me, you’re going to attract it into your life in a new way. And in like in an expansive way as we move into the spring. So really notice where your compassion leads,

00:09:38 like where your heart goes. You’re going to find ways to expand that really soon. Now, if you have a nag or like of something that is kind of pulls you back, or like, I don’t want to say antagonizes you, but it could come from like an old dream, a dream that you had. Cause you’re like in your mind, you’re like,

00:09:54 okay, well I’m ready to shift into this new thing. And if I shift into this new thing, and this is now valuable to me, then who am I? And does this dream still fit? And the dream may not still fit, but a new one is forming. And when that new form, that new dream forms, the new friends and the community and the society that you want to be a part of is also going to form around you.

00:10:14 Like life is not a vacuum, like where there’s something leaves, something immediately kind of comes into that place. So there’s not going to be that absence. So I encourage you to work with the new dream, like look for your new dream, look for how you can drive it forward in an expansive way and really hone in on what’s valuable to you right now,

00:10:30 Aquarius, because that’s going to help you plan your year forward. Okay? Pisces, Pisces. I’m really excited about this week for you, because I feel like in the past couple of years, you may have felt really constricted in your, on your creative side or how you wanted to dream or grow. And even if you are not a creative Pisces,

00:10:48 which is entirely possible, it there’s been something where you’ve been wanting to grow. Like, but you felt like you couldn’t grow. Like there was all these rules or regulations that was saying, no, you have to change. You have to do this. You have to do that. And then this week, you’re going to see that you though, you’ve been a little bit through like a personal trainer or a little workout in this era of your life,

00:11:07 that it had a purpose and it had a reason. And all of a sudden inspiration is going to flood in, in a new way. You are going to feel inspired to do something. And it could be to, to kind of dig up an old dream and expand on it. It could be that you understand why that didn’t work because now the muses are singing to you and you have all this enlightenment and you know where you’re going to go with this path.

00:11:29 And that’s super exciting because this means that your passions are in flow and that you have a way to kind of set up a new, I don’t know, like I just, I’m, I’m seeing so much creativity and so much excitement coming for Pisces. I don’t even know how to completely formulated into words for you and what this is going to do when you’re living your dream is it’s going to change how you emerge into the world.

00:11:51 So this week, I think you’ll find a ways to look at yourself with compassion and an excitement like I’m ready to expand and grow. What’s deep inside of me. So there’s a preview show of what’s coming for you as a spring unfolds. Now, if you have a little bit of a hitch this week already kind of an angst that you’re dealing with,

00:12:09 it may come from a current career that you have now, or an authority figure or a parent, like, depending on how old you are, maybe and you know, the, they may be saying, wait a minute. You know, if you trace that dream, how are you going to pay your bills? How are you going to get all these,

00:12:23 the I’s dotted and T’s crossed, et cetera. And I think it’s important to listen to any advice that you get in that way. But I don’t think that that advice is meant to hold you back. So yeah, just make out your plan and figure out how you can still be the person that you’re known or be the most authentic version of you that the world knows and still carry this dream.

00:12:43 So yeah, definitely do some reflecting and revising Pisces. I love how this creativity is going to come to life for you. It’s going to be a very creative year and expansive for you in 2022. Okay. Aries. I do not have to tell you that you have had an, a tremendous amount of focus on your career recently. Like it’s, it’s been extensive and it’s been a work-life balance,

00:13:06 your community. Am I fitting in the right way? Do I, am I saying the right thing? It’s almost like this week that you’re going to get a nod from an authority figure that you may not expect to get a nod from. You may think that this person was just always so hard on you and didn’t respect you, or didn’t think that you had what it takes and they’re gonna be like,

00:13:22 yeah, they’ve got what it takes. I really respect them. And like working with them, like, that’s one of the ways this energy can manifest. I think even if you work for yourself, it could be a client thing. It could be a nod of appreciation. Or you may see something come into fear coming into your view. That’s like,

00:13:38 yes, you can doing a fantastic job. And yeah, let’s go and expand. Let’s make this shine. Let’s add some passion to your career and get it to where you want it to be. So I’m excited about the career opportunities and what this means for your home/work life balance areas, because it is going to be shifting, especially in the first part of 2022.

00:13:57 Now this expansive energy is going to ask you to have a little bit of compassion internally. Like you may be feeling like almost connected to like a higher source or something that’s bigger than you that has been guiding you. And you’re like, wow, I see how you were. You were leading me in that direction. And you may also be inspired by this leg up to,

00:14:15 you know, drop bad habits or pick up new habits or connect in with your community in a different way. So your work-life daily balance feels more natural and more ritualistic to you. I do see that some of your work life is going to be shifting a little bit. Maybe you were like, it’s almost like you knew it was coming, but now that it’s here,

00:14:32 it felt like it came suddenly to you Aries, but it’s going to be great when you get into the flow of this energy. Now, if you have like a little bit of a reality check, or like, I don’t know if this is going to work or like a hitch holding you back, it is going to come from what your dreams are,

00:14:46 your community people. I mean, just to be, I could even see some of you like being like you’ve been neck to neck or a hook shoulder to shoulder working on someone with this, but you’re the one that gets the promotion. And you’re feeling like a little guilty. Cause you want to take everybody with you, but not everyone is on the same level as you Aries.

00:15:02 So that’s something to consider. And if that’s not the case, it could just be around your dream or your friends or your community. Does this take you into a new community? Does it take you into a new area that you’re around? And the answer very well could be. Yes. And it, and also the answer are the, there, there is also an underlying component that you are going to revise as you move forward.

00:15:24 But I do not think it can hold you back. I love what that looks like your career and how this is going to help your home life in the very near future areas. So have fun reinvisioning and envisioning that Taurus. Okay. Taurus, I think for the last, oh, I don’t have to think. I know that most of you for the last few years have been kind of going through this back and forth energy where you were trying to,

00:15:46 like, you were, you felt like you’re in transition. You, you knew you’re working on like this intimate knowledge of something and it could be locally or expansive. And you were specializing in something you were trying to figure out where you stood with things, what your convictions were. If they still existed. If you know you, you were trying to transform into something else,

00:16:05 but you’re not ready to go out on the stage. You’re in this like little space between here and there this week, I feel like you’re going to get a nod or a lot of positive energy shining on this expansive conviction kind of side. Like your beliefs. I would not. If you were a teacher, I would invite a new students. If you are a student,

00:16:24 I would look for new teachers. There is a lot of expansive, beautiful energy. That’s coming into play for you in this area of your life. And when you latch onto this one little specialized technique and you dive deeper, you’re going to open a door and you’re going to figure out that this door leads into like a whole new universe of knowledge that you didn’t even know was there.

00:16:43 You thought you were just interested in a topic and you didn’t realize how deep the topic went. It’s almost like astrology diving into a different avenue of astrology and understanding that there’s this legions and like so much knowledge hidden behind every door that you open. I think if you have any kind of reality check or something, that’s wanting to hold you back, it may come from the,

00:17:07 you may not feel like you’re completely ready for this. Like you’re going through this transformational phase where you are still working on like who I, this is who I am and where I’m going. And that’s all true, but this transformation, but going through this door and figuring out how you can expand as part of the transformation, like it’s a, literally the next step.

00:17:24 So you’re kind of walking down the path that you’re already supposed to be on. And this path that you’re on is going to help you expand your community and your work and your community and your dreams and how you connect with those around you in new ways too. So that’s another reason why teachers and students, and this doesn’t have to be necessarily in one educational based thing.

00:17:44 You can be a teacher or a student in any field. And I feel like that’s kind of coming up for tourist is you’re looking for like a breakthrough way to communicate and set down some really solid foundation. So I’m excited to see what you guys do with that. All right, Gemini, now Gemini, for the last couple of years,

00:18:04 you’ve been going through some very deep transformational phases of your life, which is not exactly fun because every piece of knowledge that you have, every connection you have, every person you have it, it’s part of you and you really don’t want to burn it down or cut it down or do anything. And I would never suggest burning a bridge to anyone. But I do think we could put some caution tape over it or be back soon,

00:18:25 gone fishing, kind of sign on it. And then that’s kind of what you’ve been going through. Like, you don’t want to let go of something because you’re not really sure that what’s on the other side of that. And you know that this is a valuable to you in some way this week, you’re going to see why you’re going through the transformation.

00:18:41 Like, there’s this beautiful light that’s going to shine on it. It’s gonna be like, okay, you went through all that. And because you went through that, you’re right here. Isn’t that great. And I see a lot of you getting excited about the transformation that you’re going to be going through, which is great. Now this could also have to do with some real estate or homes are merging with someone.

00:19:00 So you can, you have the finances and the support that you need to launch a new career because a career is going to be really big for you this month, or actually this year, Gemini, you’re going to see a lot of expansive growth. That’s going to be taking place up there and how you’re known in the world. So it kind of flows really well for you,

00:19:20 Gemini are in a process of transformation. You’re going to figure out who you want to merge with how you want to merge and how this is going to work for your longterm. And it’s going to impact your career. Now, if you had a reality check or something pulling you back, it would probably be coming from a partnership that you already have.

00:19:36 The partner may not be sure that they’re ready to merge the way that you want to, and they may not be, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t like they can’t still be in your life, or there’s not a transition that can’t be made or a revision that can’t be made. You also could be looking for the right partners. You’re not really sure if you want to be independent or how many partners that you need.

00:19:54 So just kind of work with that and focus on where you’re going. As long as you focus on where you’re going, you’re going to find the right answers and know that you don’t have to leave anyone behind, but they may not be in your life in the same capacity that you’re used to them being in every day. But that’s part of growth. It’s like an evolutionary process that you’re going through,

00:20:13 but they’re always with you in any kind of capacity, everything that they taught you and every memory you walk with them, okay? Cancer’s for you guys this month. And especially this week, well, all around the board, cancer’s relationships have been up for you and partnerships. You’ve been working on, you know, deconstructing reconstruction, expanding transformation, everything in partnerships.

00:20:35 And it may feel like every partnership in your life is going through that. And that can feel a little disoriented. But this week you’re going to have like this energy kind of come in and set up a new chapter or set up a new stage. And it’s almost like everything that you’ve learned is now going to play in to this new beginning. That’s coming up.

00:20:53 So I do strongly encourage you to reflect on the last time these themes showed up for you because when they show up in your partnerships, they show up in how you’re known in your career. They show up in your home life, they show up in your identity. Cause sometimes we may be identified by the partnerships that we’re in consider when you’ve been here before,

00:21:10 it could be completely new faces and new situations. But you’ve been here before and pick up any opportunities that you left on the table and take all the knowledge that you’ve learned in this area of your life over the last couple of years and apply it. And I think you’re going to be unstoppable with these partnerships and these partnerships are going to help you expand and grow in ways that you can’t even imagine right now,

00:21:32 like you’re going to go through like a specialized knowledge, open doors, new horizons. That’s where like you get to kind of see down the road this week. And that’s where that is like new horizons. Now, any kind of reality check that comes from you or any nagging feeling may come from what you do every day. You, even though you’re great at initiating change cancer,

00:21:53 sometimes going through the change could be like, it could almost be like a train going from one track to another. It’s a little bobbly and your day-to-day life or your health or pets or someone in your day to day to day. Life might be going, wait a minute, you’re going to get a partnership with them. And you’re going to go where they may be putting some hesitation inside of you.

00:22:10 And it may not even be someone external. It could be internal. Like you can have this voice in your head, like, wait a minute. You really want it. We just got everything right, right here. And you’re going to shift this. And shift is part of the game shift is part of the growth and the change. And you know,

00:22:22 I wouldn’t ignore any red flags, but I would use them to kind of plan what forward, because you will be revising and re communicating things in certain areas of this, in this area of your life, in the next couple of weeks. But overall, I’m really happy that you have like the soothing cream kind of going over your relationships and where they’re going to expand out into the world for you.

00:22:42 Super exciting. Okay. Leos, I, you guys have been going through so much at home, like throughout the fall and going into the winter early winter months and just your work-life balance. Like not only your work-life balance, but what you do every day. So some of you could be feeling like a little bit overwhelmed are burdens. It just feels heavy because you want,

00:23:04 you have all this love and this passion, but you’ve kind of been in this rigor of like having to do things over and over that maybe did not bring you the same love or joy that you wanted them to bring. And this could have been impacting your health. It could have, you know, some of you could have had some trouble with your pets this week.

00:23:20 I think you’re going to have a revitalization or an energy kind of flowing through what you do every day through your work, through your ritual and how you connect with those people in your life. So great time to start new health routines, new diets. It’s a great time to just like infuse the passion back into your day-to-day life and see how that will impact you.

00:23:41 Not like not only in your everyday life, but like that private part of life. The spirituality that helps drive the rest of your life because once you’re okay, deep inside, then you can handle your heart can go out and conquer the rest of the world. Now I think a lot of you are going to be doing a lot of expansive things around merging in 2022.

00:24:01 It’s almost there was real estate or any kind of money or anything that you’re trying to kind of go into partnership with 2022 has the opportunity for this. I think another thing that is really great about this is that it’s almost like you’re excited to transform. You’re excited to figure out what happens when you go through the transformation. You know who you are today,

00:24:22 you know what you’ve been through and you can’t wait to see what’s on the other side of that. And I share that excitement with you. So hold on to that because that’s where the expansive, expansive nature and dream is sitting for you right now. And it can fall under a lot of different categories and a lot of differently has lives. Now, if you have a reality check coming from you,

00:24:41 it might be around your children or a love affair or something that you’ve already created. Like your baby. Something that would not exist unless you existed like an entrepreneurialship thing. And it could be that you’re trying to figure out how to carry this in through this process with you. And I will say that what were you love and what we’re passionate about?

00:24:59 And I don’t have to tell you this. Leo is one of the most precious things in our life. So any kind of red flag here that would say, okay, you’re over-committing here are this. Transition’s going to take you too far in this direction. I would consider it when it comes to the things that are just absolutely precious, but I wouldn’t consider closing the door on transformation and an expansion for things that for every passion in my life.

00:25:23 And I don’t, I’m thinking I’m having trouble wording this. Obviously there’s some things that are undeniable have to come first. And there’s some things that undeniably are going to have to transform with you to go forward. And so this week you have the mission of diversifying what those are as you kind of sit down and make your intentions going forward. But overall,

00:25:42 I’m excited that you’re excited about transformation and I’m excited to see how all of you can merge and grow a new ways as we step into 2022. Okay? Virgos for you guys, you’ve been going through a lot in your life around, you know, what you love and what you’re passionate about. Now, for some of you, this could be love affairs.

00:26:00 It could be with your children. It could be with any kind of creative thing or getting something launched off the ground, out into the world. A dream you’ve been going through a lot. And I know I keep saying that, but you have been this week, you have this beautiful light. It’s kind of coming in this area and you’re going to see why you’re going to have inspiration flooding through you.

00:26:20 And you’re going to see like, it’s almost like all the sudden the pattern connects for you in a way that you couldn’t imagine before, but now you see it. Now you have the pieces and you’re on fire with this news to go forward. So how great is that? I like to call this section of our chart of your chart or your life,

00:26:36 like you’re in mortality because you live through what you create. And you’re going to experience that in like multitude. Like I can’t even looking for the word to express and expansive way, but this is also going to help you see how this is going to play into your partnerships. Like your one-on-one partnerships. I do think this could be a little bit romantic.

00:26:56 I could be, it could also be partnerships. They’re just going to help you take these creative natures that are coming forward. This love and passion and grow it. Like you almost need a partner to help you, help you balance it out. And that that partner is going to show up and you’re going to find that expansive nature coming from them too.

00:27:13 Now, if you have a reality check coming in for you this week or something that holds you back, it will be coming probably from your roots are like your home. And that doesn’t necessarily mean your house. Like where I’m like, like this is my house. And this is where I sleep every night. Cause work work could be home for some people.

00:27:30 The re like, you know, traveling could be home, but whatever is home or whatever you feel like is your foundation, your feet in the ground that can be giving you a little bit of hesitation. Cause you’re trying, you may be thinking, well, if I take off in this direction, what do, what can’t come with me? And I think everything can come with you.

00:27:47 It just, it’s going to come with you in a different capacity. Definitely like heat. Any of those warnings that you have there, any red flags, that’s not a good time to ignore red flags, but it’s not a good time to let them stop you from using this muse that you have. So definitely make sure that you have your to-do lists,

00:28:03 checked everything. You’re in order, you have a list that you feel comfortable with and an action plan and be ready to revise it, but go forward with confidence because you’ve earned this views. You’ve earned this inspiration, this flowing through you in a way that hasn’t flown, like in a long time, it’s almost like writer’s block no more went away. Okay.

00:28:25 So Libra Libra, this energy you guys for a long time, I’ve been struggling at home. I almost feel like a lot of Libras are shifting their homes this year. If they haven’t already, which is very healthy. Cause you’ve been going through a reconstruction expansion, transformation, rinse, repeat, do it again at your house. And you’ve been trying to figure out how to make that stick.

00:28:46 You’ve been trying to find a familiar balance because you know, once you find that balance at your roots, you’re going to be able to show up in your career. And you know, as an individual and your partnerships, the way that you want to, this is coming into light for you guys this week. I think you’re going to have a new hope or a new balance,

00:29:03 or you’re going to at least be able to, to make a plan forward, to get to that point this week when you’re home and your roots, which is great. Now I think you guys are going to be because you have this foundation, that’s coming into view here, your, what you do every day, your ritual, your work, your health is going to improve.

00:29:21 You’re going to be very expansive and motivated. And like, there’s like a dream sitting here too. This is ready to grow. And that everyday kind of thing. And what I love about this Libra is it like when you have this expansive, peaceful energy in your everyday life, it just shines through everything else because it’s going to offer that balance that you’re seeking.

00:29:40 Now, if you have any trouble this week, it may come from just your local town, like where you’re around. Like for instance, if you move to a new town, you may be trying to figure out, well, this is my grocery store. This is my bank. This is this shortcut. It could also be that you’re having trouble.

00:29:56 You may be communicating with people, who’s walk shoulder to shoulder with you in life, like your siblings or your neighbors about where you’re growing and what your new home and foundation is. But I think any warnings that you hear, like you can like with all the other signs, you can definitely heed them, but don’t let them stop you because you have a process here is helping you seek a new revolution,

00:30:16 our new, and also for Leber’s, it’s almost like with this new home, it could be that you’re transitioning from the child to the independence, or you were dependent with someone. And now you’re stepping into independence are vice versa. You’ve been independent. And now you’re stepping into a partnership that’s going to help you balance. So there’s a lot of ways this can play out.

00:30:36 And when you get into these touchy areas, you do have to communicate a little bit clearly and carefully. So, you know, say what you need to say and leave the rest of the words to later when you need to revise later down the road, okay? Scorpio, this energy for you this week is shining around how you communicate in something that’s very local to you.

00:30:55 Now in our world, local is not necessarily local any longer. So normally, you know, this would be where you could travel, you know, in a day’s time. But right now, if you talk to the same people on zoom every day are on Skype or wherever those people are in your day to day community. And it’s like, you’ve been looking for your words or you’ve been reconstructing,

00:31:16 transforming, growing through how you want to communicate, or what is natural and healthy for you to communicate over the past few years, and this week, there’s this going to be this energy that’s going to help you see, like, these are my words. This is what I need to say. This is how I need to express myself. And when you figure out how to express yourself very locally and people that you’re comfortable around,

00:31:39 you’re going to be able to figure out how to express yourself, expansively out into the world in a brand new way. So I’m really excited to see what Scorpios do with this energy. It’s almost like the words are back. Like your writer’s block is gone to like, how do I say this? And what do I need to say? And now that you have a way you have your voice back and you’re ready to speak this Scorpios,

00:32:00 you’re going to be able to envision your dream are your company or your entrepreneurship, your children, your passions, things that would not exist without you. You’re ready to see them in a new and expansive way. And you’re able to communicate what needs to happen with them. So that’s a great preview of what you’re gonna be working on as we started out 2022.

00:32:18 So how exciting is that? Now? I think if you have a bit of a reality check or a hesitation this week, it may come around your resources. There could be a little bit of like self doubt. Like, do I have the resources I need to put behind what this, this communication or how the voice I’m trying to articulate and the passions do I have it?

00:32:37 And the answer is you do just don’t know that you do it’s coming. Cause as soon as you work towards this passion, as soon as you lean in to everything that you feel passionate about, the resources are going to show up and your value system is going to expand in a way that you’re not ready to see yet, are you, you are ready to see it,

00:32:56 but you don’t believe it. It’s like one of those like, wow, this is about to change and how is it going to change? And what do I need to do to change? And sometimes not knowing what’s on the other side of that can feel a little angsty. But I think if you try, if you trust the process and keep speaking from the heart,

00:33:11 then the creative side of you and those ambitions and passions are going to shine through in a way that you’re probably going to be just blown away by it. And I can’t wait to see what it is. Do I know so many of my lives. So I’m excited for that energy for you guys. Okay? Sagittarius, you are fresh off your birthday month and embarking on a brand new year and it’s going to be a great one.

00:33:32 I think now for you the past few years, you’ve been really working on what your values are and your resources. Now, obviously the truth in seeking the truth and knowledge is extremely valuable to you. And so as freedom and seeing that new horizon and understanding that perspective and, you know, laying it all out on the table and saying,

00:33:53 okay, let’s like, this is all of it. What are we going to do with it? Now this week, all this knowledge that you’ve been accumulating, any kind of resource, something that’s been super valuable to you is going to get a good, bright, light shines on it. And you’ll be like, okay, I remember the last time my resources hit this expansive note.

00:34:10 I remember the last time I was passionate about this, and I know what I did with it. Now, I want you to think about the opportunities that you left on the table. Like, were you so focused in this one area in your life that maybe you neglected this other area? So you want to be able to take all of your resources.

00:34:25 You want to make sure that your resources are feeding everything that’s important to you. Sagittarius. I think that’ll be super helpful for you now. Any kind of reality check or fear that you have this week may just come from your identity. Cause you’re, you’re like I would rather be out there gaining more, more knowledge and truth and information. I’m ready to go to that new horizon and which is all true,

00:34:46 but you have it’s time to kind of start to share it too. You’re moving into a phase where you’re ready to share this. And like, when you begin to share this information that you’ve gained, you’re going to find like your home life, your roots are going to expand. Like you’re going to your, the roots into the ground are going to go deep and expansive.

00:35:05 And you’re probably thinking, well, wait, I’m trying to get to the new horizon and not root in. But when you have strong roots, you can fly high and you can fly high in every direction, like towards your career. You can share your knowledge and you can find different ways to communicate this. So Sagittarius, this is, this is also great.

00:35:21 Great in it. I mean, I don’t, I don’t think any of the Zodiac signs have something to be like really cautious about as long as they work with the energy in a positive way. And they work with an energy in a way that they want it to unfold. And that’s no different from you because it’s awesome to have your resources glowing. It’s awesome to have strong roots.

00:35:41 And I think that you are going to show up the way that you need to show up in the world to express this in a beautiful way. All right, Sagittarius, have a great week. Okay, guys, that is the Astrology for January 7th through the 13th. I hope you have a fantastic week and you enjoy reinvisioning and envisioning your way forward. I look forward to seeing you next week.

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