“Reset, Recommit, Graduate, Launch” w/ Astrologer Jamie Magee

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In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 What planetary meetings are inspiring this week’s emotional vibe.
🌒 How to navigate the potential distractions that may come up.
🌓 Where to focus your energy this week to make the most of the opportunities available.

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[00:00:00] All right, so this week could have all the feels. There is a need to reset, recommit, graduate, and launch all at the same time. Several planets meeting in the sky are inspiring this vibe.


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[00:00:28] Hi, astrology lovers. Welcome to Star Sign Horoscopes. I’m your astrologer, Jamie McGee, and today we are gonna be taking a look at the astrology of February 10th through the 16th. I do hope you’re having a great week. Thank you so much for tuning in. Now Mercury will conjunct Pluto wrapping up a long-standing theme. Then move into Aquarius on a mission to start a new story. Venus will conjunct Neptune, which is a softer energy, but it could work against you. Distracting desires are likely, and with so much change in the air, you may have to work harder to understand what the bottom line is.

[00:01:01] Now the sun will also conjunct Saturn. Now this may feel like a serious evaluation, however, there should be something to celebrate too. I’m sure you’re eager to know where this energy will surface in your sun sign and your rising sign. So let’s get ready to dive.

Aquarius- Looking at the Details


[00:01:21] Hi, Aquarius. Let’s take a look at your week now, Aquarius, your top three focuses are gonna be one deep revelations, two serious plans, and three shifts at home. Now, let’s talk about why it may feel as if your mind is running in circles this week, but there is a method to your madness. Deep reflective thoughts about where your power lies, along with what you are willing to surrender will lead you to a new, insightful way to approach your life.

[00:01:49] These ideas may be out of the ordinary and extremely forward thinking. Now the win is that you’re grounded in practical in how you can reach them. One word of caution is that you may not be seeing all of your finances clearly. So if any of your insightful ideas require financial, Look at the details.

[00:02:09] Don’t spend more than you have. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Pisces- Indulging in Me Time


[00:02:19] Okay, Pisces, let’s take a look at your week now, Pisces, your top three focuses are gonna be one, networking, two secret strategy, and three local vibes. Now let’s talk about why this week you may find yourself drawn to indulge in me time, and yet your social life and the need to network is pulling you into the public.

[00:02:37] Now, there are benefits to both the time you spend networking or connecting with those who have the same vision will prove to be extremely inspiring. At the very least, you’ll be able to understand how far you have come with this circle of friends, or perhaps how all the hard lessons of the past are protecting you.

[00:02:55] Now. Either way, the wins you find here will help you make strategic plans about the upcoming year. I do hope you have a good one. I’ll see you next time.

Aries- Clinging to Practicality


[00:03:09] Hi Aries. Let’s take a look at your week now. Aries, your top three focuses are gonna be one, reputation, two networking, and three earning power. Now let’s talk about why though the theme of this week may feel familiar.

[00:03:21] There is a twist to look forward to. The power struggle within or around your reputation or career is nearing an end this week. Notice how powerfully you communicate, as well as how you respond to authority. Celebrate how far you’ve come with this in recent. Now the conversations around your reputation will lead to networking and of course, out of the box ideas to help you launch new ones.

[00:03:44] You have a focus and a determination to get things moving right now. However, to go at airy speed, you will have to clinging to practical ideas and action. Your goal is to build something that lasts. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Taurus- Working with Change


[00:04:06] Hi, TAUs. Let’s take a look at your week now.

[00:04:08] TAUs, your top three focuses are gonna be one, futuristic plans, two career strategy, and three creative insights. Now let’s talk about why. . Now, you may find that your mind is focused more on where you are going than where you are. Big plans to launch in a new direction may gain some serious power this week.

[00:04:25] What you decide to do here will impact your reputation and your thought process on what actions you need to take. It’s likely that your choices will be a little outside of your comfort zone. Though it’s good to soak up the inspiration, try to lean into all things practical. If something seems too good to be true, it likely is.

[00:04:44] Now. With that being said, this is a good week to work with, change and see the big picture. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Gemini- Keeping Track of Needs


[00:04:58] Hi, Jim and I, let’s take a look at your week now, Jim and I. Your top three focuses are gonna be one, deep transformation, two new directions, and three inspiration.

[00:05:07] Now let’s talk about why on topics of personal transformational loans. You’ve come a long way in the recent years. This week, pay attention to what you have accomplished and note what still needs to be done. The growth you have done here has primed you for a new horizon. You may find that you are flooded with determination and solid practical plans about these shifts.

[00:05:27] Your reputation and career are gearing up for a long season of reconstruction. So as you work with the big picture views this week, ask yourself what are you ready to let go of so that you can grow? The sooner you plan, the more success you will. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Cancer- Making Partnership Adjustments


[00:05:51] Okay, cancer. Let’s take a look at your week now. Cancer, your top three focuses are gonna be one, partnerships, two shared resources, and three networking. Now let’s talk about why communication in your one-to-one partnerships could be intense this week. However, there is a win here. . No matter how you perceive this energy, you’ve grown in this area of your life.

[00:06:12] You’ve learned to not surrender your power and to not overpower others. However, you’re still trying to tie up some loose ends. Making adjustments in your partnerships will help you understand who and what you want to deeply commit to. Now, speaking of commitments, financial topics or shared resources could take on a practical but decisive tone.

[00:06:31] This. Look for opportunities to share or grow wealth and our ways to ground into soul deep growth. Once you start on this path, the right people at the right time will surface. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Leo- Shifting Your Perspective


[00:06:51] Okay, Leo, let’s take a look at your week now. Leo, your top three focuses are gonna be, one, your work, two, your partnerships, three, health and wealth.

[00:06:59] Now let’s talk about why your daily routines may feel intense at times this week. However, it will be a familiar theme that you are still adjusting to partnerships and your reputation are also likely to feel this energy. If any of these areas are out of line, you will feel this in your body and in your overall vibe.

[00:07:17] The good news is that no matter how in or out of line you feel, you have some positive energies that will help support steady but innovative growth. Look for strengths and partnerships that have lasting practical opportunities, as well as a new way to look at and approach your overall sense of purpose and reputation.

[00:07:35] The breakthroughs you need are likely already present. You just need to shift your perspective. To see them. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next.

Virgo- Looking for Supportive Ideas


[00:07:50] okay, Virgo. Let’s take a look at your week now. Virgo, your top three focuses are gonna be one, unconditional joy, two work ethic, and three inspired growth. Now let’s take a look at why this week. You may find that you feel tested when it comes to your passions. There may be a power struggle or a need to express deep emotions.

[00:08:08] Either way, what is said or thought will prove to be transforming? At the very least, you will notice how empowered you’ve become. Now to add to this energy. You may also sense a strong work ethic or a strategy around your daily routines, possibly your health. Look for ideas that bring structure to what you have in place.

[00:08:26] Now. This will help you see how you can lean in to new directions. You may have to step outside of your comfort zone, or rather trust. Not knowing all the details of what is to come next is okay. You will land on your feet, Virgo. You simply just have to enjoy the journey. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Libra- Asserting Powe


[00:08:51] Hi, Libra. Let’s take a look at your week now, Libra, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your roots, two your passions, and three personal growth. Now let’s talk about why on the foundational level of your life, it may feel challenging at times. This week you may have to assert power or balance how to react to someone using power over you.

[00:09:10] No matter how you perceive this. Celebrate how strong you are in this moment. You’ve come a long way and learned a lot about yourself and your. So much so that you are clear on what your heart desires and how to support and protect what you love without condition. Look for wins and you will find them.

[00:09:28] Better yet, you will find the courage you need to keep leaning in to the personal growth and transformation. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Scorpio- Looking for Unique Connections


[00:09:43] Hi, Scorpio. Let’s take a look at your week now. Scorpio, your top three focuses are gonna be one, communication, two strong foundations, and three innovative partnerships.

[00:09:53] Now let’s talk about why the power of your words will be hard to miss this week. You may be mesmerizing those around you or simply trying to offset a power struggle. In your close circles. Either way, you may be surprised how much a few words can accomplish, which will inspire you to consider how you can support the foundations of your life.

[00:10:13] You have solid, steady, practical ideas that you can launch right now, and these changes will impact every corner of your life. You will also notice this in your partnerships, so look for connections that are out of the ordinary, but also inspiring these one. Dig one connections will pave a way to seeing new perspectives lean into the change.

[00:10:33] Scorpio, there’s treasure to be found there. I do hope you have a great one. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Sagittarius- Practicing Presence


[00:10:45] Hi Sagittarius. Let’s take a look at your week now, Sagittarius, your top three focuses are gonna be one wealth, two communication, and three foundations. Now let’s talk about why. In many ways you may feel like you are at the starting line of a huge adventure, which you are.

[00:11:00] However, before anything journey, you will have to look back to plan forward. Grounding in the moment and appreciating all that you’ve learned over the last year will help you see both opportunities and obstacles that lie ahead. Knowing your personal power and boundaries and what’s important at a foundational level of your life will also be a guiding light for you.

[00:11:21] The forward motion you are sensing will impact your daily routines and your overall health and wealth, which means the more present you are with each choice and intention you have, the more powerful you become. Take your time and keep an open mind. Though you may need adjustments along the way. The first step is clearly revealing itself.

[00:11:41] I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Capricorn- Growing Through Experience


[00:11:50] Hi, Capricorn. Let’s take a look at your week now, Capricorn, your top three focuses are gonna be one vitality, two values, and three daily ritual. Now let’s talk about why there’s a command in how you approach the world. That’s hard to miss.

[00:12:04] Now, this week there may be some intensity. Behind this approach. No matter what topics come up, there’s an opportunity to grow through the experience. Lean on lessons of the past as you initiate healthy systems and boundaries, especially around your values earning power, and how this impacts your daily routines.

[00:12:23] All the choices in front of you now are helping to guide you toward what’s in alignment with your heart. Granted, some of these steps may be a little too unknown for you to feel comfortable with at first glance. However, if you trust what you’ve learned in the past and your present intentions, you will land on your feet and far ahead of schedule.

[00:12:42] I do hope you have a great one. I look forward to seeing you next time.



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