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Jupiter in Aries

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • How Jupiter moving into Aries may play out in your life
  •  Why themes from 2010 and 2011 are relevant right now
  • What invitation the upcoming Mercury retrograde has for you

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0:00 Intro

2:57 Taurus – A Time for Self-Care

4:52 Gemini – Inspiring Relationships

6:38 Cancer – Shifts in Reputation

8:41 Leo – A New Direction

10:32 Virgo – Opportunity for Transformation & Expansion

13:01 Libra – Trying Something New

15:11 Scorpio – Working Toward Your Goals

17:18 Sagittarius – Flood of Creative Energy

19:32 Capricorn – Plan for the Long Game

21:42 Aquarius – Enhanced Desire to Communicate

23:50 Pisces – Thinking Outside the Box

26:22 Aries – Identifying and Grasping Opportunities

25:52 Closing

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Jamie Magee 0:01
Welcome to star signs horoscopes presented by astrology hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I’m your host, Jamie Magee and astrologer, author and a member of the production team here at astrology hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s astrology with you. Hi everyone, welcome to star signs horoscopes. I am your astrologer Jamie Magee and today we’re going to be taking a look at the astrology for May 6 through the 12th. I hope you guys are all having a great week out there. Now if you’re watching live or watching the recording, I would love to know where you’re tuning in from. And our bonus question for this week is where is Aries in your natal chart. Now why am I so curious about where where Aries is in your chart? It is because Jupiter the planet of expansion growth optimism is leaving Pisces and moving into Aries this week. This is a big transit to talk about. Now if you’re curious about how this energy may play out in your life, I really invite you to think back to 2010 2011. What are some highlighted themes that come up for you when you reflect back, it’s likely that you’re going to see some of those things show up now. But what your job is, is to ensure that you grasp every opportunity that’s coming your way. So it can help you both in the short term. And in the long term. Now this Aries energy this Jupiter in Aries energy speaks to fiery, bold confidence to making your own way to thinking of the big picture. There’s a lot of inspiration and a lot of originality that you can draw from with this transit. And honestly with Jupiter in Aries in a very real way in a very real way you’re about to strike a match and expand out into brand new territory. Even though there’s some familiar themes, it’s still new territory. I look forward to speaking to all of the signs about how they can make the most of this energy. Now this week, we also have Venus who moved into Aries last week just after the Eclipse, offering some suggestions via sextile to mercury as the weekend kicks off. Now this is an easy flow of ideas it can definitely inspire or add to some of the revisions that mercury will work on as he moves into his retrograde on May 10. Now, I will admit that there are some challenges with Mercury Retrograde communication in general feels rushed loud and often misunderstood. But the invitation of a Mercury Retrograde is to slow down to take your time to look for the hidden lessons or the new perspective that holds a brilliant insight that you can use on your path going forward. Now by the time I see you next week, the son will have taken some few a few suggestions for Mars in Pisces, and he will meet up with the North Node illuminating what needs to be revised so you can follow the path that is calling you with your whole heart. Alright guys, just as a weekly reminder, please be sure to listen to both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign to get a better overall view of how you can work with this week’s energy. Okay, let’s get started.

Okay, Taurus, let’s take a look at your week. Now Taurus last week’s Eclipse may have ignited every corner of your life with new inspiration, big shifts the idea to make them now or they could have already happened. And for some of you going through that, and definitely afterwards, they could feel really draining, which is why the energy of this week that is inviting you to slow down to take your time to go more inward to be more reflective, could seem inviting to you. Now, after the Eclipse last week, when your ruling planet Venus moved into Aries, you could have sense like this growing desire or this whispering desire to begin closing chapters and release what is no longer serving you. So you can fully step into these transitions of your life that are starting to emerge. Now this week, Jupiter is going to move into this same area. So you may sense that same growing desire to release old traumas, anxieties, to lay down bad habits and pick up good habits that really serve your soul, your body and your mind help you feel connected to something that’s bigger than you. It’s all about self care for you. Taurus is a great week to take that time to give yourself that nourishment. Really let your spirit grow with this energy. Now this sense of reflection, taking your time and slowing down is definitely going to invite in some revisions or new perspectives to some of the changes that mercury will be working on during his retrograde it’s possible with that within all of these big shifts these big ideas of the last week and even a few weeks before that, that there’s a new way to look at something or understand something that’s starting to unfold or just now starting to reveal itself like another side of that story. So I encourage you to really take your time dial deep within and you’re going to find your way to work with this energy. Okay, Taurus. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Gemini, let’s Take a look into your week. Now Gemini last week right after the Eclipse Venus stepped into an area of your life that supports your dreams, your friends and your community. Inspiration around all relationships, friendships, one on one and how to communicate with them is really up for you right now. So I encourage you to look for new people that really inspire that burning fire that courage that you have building inside of you. Now this same area of your life will be amplified as Jupiter moves into Aries this week, you may quickly find that your social calendar is packed or the ideas about how you can network what you can do to reach your dreams. And your goals are simply endless. Now I encourage you to really think back to 2010 and 2011. If you had anything going on then my question to you is did you make the most of that networking did you make the most of those friendships and how you’re communicating and connecting with people. This reflection will help you set your sights and ambitions really high with this energy as Jupiter moves into Aries. Now Gemini you are a master and multitasking. And as your ruling planet Mercury moves into retrograde, you may find that you are revising and planning forward all while jumping on opportunities as they arise at the same time. I do encourage you that if you hear or see something more than once, to slow down to look for the lesson say okay, well I’ve seen this more than once something’s trying to tell me something and kind of dial into what this is. This action will really help you work with all that deep transformational energies that began to unfold last week and really work to move forward with your overall dream. I do hope you have a great week Gemini I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, cancer, let’s take a look at your week. Now cancer after last week, you could still be feeling really supercharged, excited and pumped up around something that has to do with your friends, your passion, networking groups of people that kind of have that same ambition, which is why naturally this week your attention is really focused on your overall reputation. Right after the Eclipse last week, Venus moved into the area of your life that really supports or acknowledges your sense of purpose, your career, how people know you, it automatically highlights who you partner with, where your roots are the work you do the assets, you make all those places in between. Now this week, Jupiter is going to follow her into that same area of your life, and he has not been there for 12 years. So I encourage you to kind of think back were there any big career moves any big shifts around your reputation, because some of those things or some of those opportunities in that same kind of fashion are going to show up. And remember, it’s up to you to grab them as you see them. Your potential is absolutely endless. Your ability to make a profound first impression is powerful. With his energy, you really want to engage speak from the soul and have that courage to ask for the advancement or the acknowledgement that you want to have. Now all this new inspiration, all this forward motion is fire energy will also help encourage you to review the last couple of weeks all those breakthroughs that you’ve had all those shifts that you’ve had things that you kind of charged through. Now, if you’re asked to review something, or something disrupts this outward growth that you have, I definitely want you to see it as an invitation as a gift to slow down and to reflect because there’s something there that you need to help you to move forward. So definitely see see this, at the very least and invitation to gain a new perspective to close doors so you can fully surrender into the opportunities that you have. And these next chapters that are starting to open for you because they’re going to be big chapters cancers. Definitely hard to forget. I hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Leo, let’s take a look at your week. Now Leo after last week, you could be holding this big huge desire to take a message take something out to a new horizon like I’m ready to go with this new direction in a big bold way. Now as Jupiter moves into Aries this week, that idea that spark that you feel is really going to be burning, it’s going to be amplified in a big way. So a lot of opportunities that Jupiter is going to bring to you have to do with learning, teaching, publishing, communication, faith, new places are new people, these are all areas are going to be highlighted for you and amplified and they hold a lot of power, because this is going to reach a lot of people on a wide scale. So my word of caution for you with this energy is to stay humble to not claim that you hold all the answers or that your way is the only way because if you can discover how to remain both the student and the teacher, you’re going to be able to tap into the highest potential of this transit as you work with Jupiter in Aries. Now, as you’re working on all this, you know expansion into this area is definitely going to inspire or highlight some things that you want to go back and revisit and review. Now the retrograde for you Mercury Retrograde is more so in a public area of your life it’s going to be highlighting He’s around your career, how people know you and automatically, you know, highlights your partnerships, your roots and your overall vitality. So this mercury, Mercury Retrograde could feel a little bit frustrating because it’s more so outward, it’s more on the public side. But I invite you to just, you know, slow down when things get frustrating kind of step away and ask yourself, you know, what is this trying to teach me? Is there a lesson is there a nugget of wisdom that I can gain from this and take it and use it in all levels of my life, both on the internal and external. I do hope you have a great week, though, Leo, I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Virgo, let’s take a look at your week. Now, Virgo last week, there was a lot of excitement, there’s a lot of energy that really had you focused on the new horizon. This is what I want to learn, this is what I want to teach, this is the direction I’m going in. But within all of that, you may have also felt that call to come more inward to reflect. So really think about the legacy that you’re a part of your roots, that inner strength that you have this week, as Jupiter moves into Aries, this sensation is going to be enhanced. There’s a lot of opportunities to be found when Jupiter works with you in this very private part of your life, such as letting go of old traumas so you can be more present. And the current intimate relationships that you have working with transformation growing through pain, so you can expand out in a new powerful way. There’s also a lot of opportunities around shared resources or opportunities that you can pick up around loans. You know what wealth creating wealth with others, so you have your independent wealth as well. Now Jupiter is going to expand on whatever you focus on. And he’ll reveal the opportunities, but it’s definitely up to you to focus on what you want to see grow, and to work with those opportunities when they emerge. In other words, if this energy is stirring up things that you rather not deal with, I just invite you to look at where your attention is going. But I also want you to know that whatever is coming up for you and this transformational process, it’s a great time to work with any discomfort that stores that stars up because you’re going to be very protected and guided as you do so. So don’t push it all away. But it’s an interesting dance, you want to focus on what you want to see grow. But if any shadows come up, you want to work with them. Because you have that guidance, you have that protection. Now all this deep reflective work kind of looking inside, they have you wanting to revise or revisits and things that you had planned around that new direction that you’re trying to go in. And you know, Virgo I know you like order you like a process to the change in your life. So these revisions that come up these plans that you had solid, if there’s any revisions or backtracking that comes up, it could definitely drive you mad, but I assure you that there’s a reason for them. And that if you take your time, and you look for that reason, or that redirect of your attention, I think that you’re going to find something really powerful that’s going to help you with all of these areas of your life. I do hope you have a great week. Virgo, I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Libra, let’s take a look at your week. Now Libra through last week’s big shifts and reveals that you may have noticed a rather warm or fiery sensation slip into your overall relationships, your partnerships, and definitely how you communicate with them. I think that speaking courageously from the heart or making their first move or trying something for the first time could be a very popular theme for you right now, especially as your ruling planet tours this area of your life that has to do with these partnerships. Now as Jupiter steps into this same area of area of your life, there’s gonna be a heightened sense of abundance and opportunities on the table in this area. So as I said, in the opening of the forecast, I think it’d be a great idea for you to reflect on things that may have happened for you in 2010, and 2011. Because this is hitting in a very public area of your chart, it definitely impacts your reputation, your home, your roots, your overall vitality. So I think some of those themes are going to be easy to remember, and it’s going to help you notice what opportunities that you have on the table right now. They could honestly be anything from a new powerful relationship or a partnership that is inspired by a very influential resource or source that can really empower all areas of your life. Now, the partnerships here are the wealth of intimacy and shared resources that they may produce may nudge you to kind of go back and review some things that you’ve been working on throughout the last couple of weeks. Now, this review that you’re doing, you’re having all this expansion on our level, but the reviews that you’re doing could be more internal or more privately. So with them, I think I would encourage you to take your time with this retrograde around anything that comes up with finances, shared resources, partnerships, or deep intimacies because these revisions are definitely going to help you see the partnerships and the opportunities that you have on the table in a new way. So please don’t be frustrated by any revise, revisit reduce that you have especially if it’s something that has to do with a finances, I can see how that would be extra frustrating because you thought you had something in place and now you need to revise it. But it’s definitely protecting you in the long run. I do hope you have a great week. Libra, I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Scorpio, let’s take a look at your week. Now Scorpio last week as you worked more outwardly around your partnerships, you may have also noticed that there was a sense of courageous determination moving into your day to day routines. It was almost like you had this great idea and you wanted to embark on a new adventure and change something up to kind of help you work with all this outward energy. Now this fiery energy brings in a lot of attention around your health, your overall wealth and your vitality. So with this, this is a great time to pick up any plans or goals that you’ve had just sitting there and work towards them step by step by picking up one good habit one good idea after the other and seeing where it carries you through. Now, as Jupiter moves into this same area of your life, the value of your work and how you deliver it is going to be really hard to miss for those who are in your circle. So getting a new job opportunity or changing the scenery of your day to day life or something around your health is very possible with this transits for insights around themes that may come up definitely think back to 2010 or 2011. What would you do differently? If you had those same opportunities? Right, then are those opportunities that you had then? Did you take advantage of them? And are they still serving you or were there any that you left on the table that you wish you could have picked up having that mindset going into this energy is going to be very helpful for you. Now this recive brush of energy that’s coming in could definitely inspire you to review or make changes around commitments that you’ve had around these partnerships that are amplifying in your life. You know, Scorpio great questions to ask yourself with this energy is, is there a door that you left unopened? Is there one that you need to close? Now during the season, you’re reflecting, revising, reviewing, revisiting? Definitely try to listen more than you speak. This is going to help you find that lesson that the universe is trying to unveil to you to help you really, you know, inspire and grow in your overall health and wealth. I do hope you have a great week Scorpio I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Sagittarius, let’s talk about your week. Now last week, as your attention was zoned in around your day to day routines, and that forward motion you have there, you may have also noticed that your heart was on fire with new creative ideas. Now this energy flooding in could inspire new relationships, love affairs, new adventures, or just outright fun. Now this same area of your life is going to be enhanced as Jupiter moves into Aries. So please reflect back on to any excitement or whatever had your heart pumping was like I can’t wait to do this in 2010 or 2011. A lot of creative energy here, it’s kind of flooded in there will be hard to not remember it. Those same types of themes, those same types of opportunities are coming up for you now. So where did that passion? Where did that creativity lead you? now’s a great time to consider how you can work with this abundant this abundance it’s about to flow into your every day. And really help it to serve you both in the short term kind of like feel that fire, but also in the long term long term like Where can it carry you across the next 12 years? Definitely plan for the long game. Now this flood of excitement in this area of your life may have you backtracking over recent communications and actions that we’re taking around your work, your health or your routines. There is something here that you need to see the other side of now because this is focused on your daily routine, something that you do places that you see and go to every day it can be really frustrating. But my advice to you is if you find yourself frustrated, consider letting the topic sit for a bit like if you’re trying to fix something or get through something, let it rest and go do something else and give your see what giving your attention to something else how it helps you at least it’s going to calm you down so you can kind of go back and work through the communication with a different mindset. I think all of this like if you see something TWICE, Like think about it, taking a break, looking at all sides of it is definitely going to help you see that perspective that the universe is trying to give to you and that could definitely flow in and help inspire that beautiful creative energy that you also have flowing into your life. I do hope you have a great week Sagittarius. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Capricorn. Let’s take a look at your week. Now Capricorn with all that karmic action and breakthroughs around your heart and passions last week, you may have also since the strong desire to focus on your home, your roots and your foundations. It’s possible that new ideas or plans that take a bit of courage to initiate are up for you now. Now as Jupiter moves into this same area of your life, you may sense an abundant urge to make big shifts better yet, the opportunities to do so are starting to emerge. So there’s like a lot of opportunity for you to make these shifts. So a move or an investment in this area of your life is very possible because it’s at your roots at your core of your life. You’re going to definitely since this impacting your partnerships, one on one, how people know you your career and your overall vitality. Some of the same themes that were up in 2010, or 2011. are up for you again now. So I asked you Capricorn, what did you do with those opportunities, I encourage you to definitely plan for the long run long game with this energy. Use your boundless courage, Chase, whatever opportunity that really speaks to your heart with this energy. Now, the choices that you have now may nudge you to review some of the actions that you’ve taken around things that you love unconditionally, over the last couple of weeks. This could be relationships, something with children something with an entrepreneurship, you’re going to be asked to revise here, you thought you were really clear, you took your time with it. But there’s a different side of the story. There’s another perspective that you can pick up and work with. Now, as I said, last week, crap corn, I really encourage you to give yourself space to do things more than once and definitely stay curious. Like, why is this person saying this? Why is this coming up for me? Why can I not move through this because I think there’s an opportunity sitting just out of your your focus that you’ll be able to pick up if you ask those questions, your flexibility and your questions are going to bring a depth of understanding what’s going to help you make the most of these big changes that are coming for you now. I do hope you have a great week Capricorn. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Aquarius, let’s take a look at your week. Now, Aquarius last week through all those big shifts and changes around your home and your roots, it probably impacted your partnerships and your reputation. Throughout all that energy, you may have discovered that you have this endless desire, this creative desire to communicate, to really use your words and get your message out in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable. Now this week, as Jupiter moves into this area of your life that has to do with communication, this desire is going to be extremely heightened, like speaking up, I need to say something, you’re going to feel an enhancement there. Now this is an extraordinary energy that’s going to invite in a lot of creative juices and opportunities to share your message and ways that you maybe have not worked before going to suddenly work or brand new opportunities are going to come in for you a shift or an expansion in your local environment or people that you hold close people that you speak to every day that that’s also likely, I think this is a great time for you to network to really use your voice to plan for both the short term and the long term. Because with this energy, you really want your message to be both unique and timeless. So it’s kind of it’s hard to forget it there’s an unforgettable message that you want to be able to share. Now you’re also going to be invited or you may be thinking you know, as I work with this communication as I try to figure out how I want to say this say what I need to say around people I see every day that there’s something that you need to revise it’s complicated around your home or around your route. So some recent plans that you made may need some adjustment, you may need a little bit of flexibility with dates or times. So keeping an open mind around this area of your life that does feel more outward and more public because it has to do with your home. It’s definitely gonna help you work with this mercury retrograde. Remember like if you see something twice like say okay, why am I seeing this twice and it becomes up with two different people in two different sexual situations. There’s a theme in that message that this retrograde season is wanting you to pick up and adapt and learn from. I do hope you have a great week though Aquarius I look forward to seeing you next time

okay, Pisces let’s take a look at your week. Now Pisces last week as you made bold moves around your local environment or in the way that you communicate in general, you may have also sent a burning focus on what’s valuable to you and why. Now this week, as Jupiter moves into that same area of your life that has to do with your skills, your earning power, you’re going to notice a lot of new opportunities blossoming around you use this courage that burning curves that you have right now to really think outside of the box to think of a new way to earn resources. And I think with this energy sometimes, you know, we think it’s something really little we get that okay, yes, this is great. But I want you to think about small short term opportunities and big long term opportunities with this energies. The same kind of energy was up in 2010 or 2011. I know I keep saying those days, but it’s very important for you to reflect back on that time. Because for you because it has to do with your earning power. Was there an earning power or a skill that you had then that still supporting you now? Was there one that you left on the table that you wish you could pick? dup are how can you use the opportunities that are coming in now to ensure that in 12 years, they’re still supporting you, they’re still there. It’s a skill, it’s an asset, it’s something that is a resource to you that you can count on. These are all great things to reflect on. So you know how to make the most of these opportunities because as they emerge for you, Pisces, it’s up to you to engage with these opportunities is up to you to ask the questions to do the work to say, Yes, I’m interested in that I want to learn more about that. That’s how you’re gonna be able to attract all these things that you’re desiring and work with them for the long game. Now, the opportunities that you have coming up here could help to inspire you to review or to make revisions around how you communicate or something that you’re doing in your local environment to people that you speak to or interact with every day. You may think, Okay, I have to change the way that I do this, I have to change the way that I’m networking, I have to change the way that I’m branding myself locally. So I can really work with these assets. Give yourself a lot of space to change your mind to be creative, to do things more than once. And to have an open mind and a different perspective. If you get frustrated with any kind of delays around communication, or definitely short term travel like anything has to do with a vehicle or communication. You see it as a gift. See, this is a diversion that’s going to help you find something else that’s going to help you in a very powerful way. I do hope you have a great week Pisces, I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Aries let’s take a look at your week. Now Aries last week the wake up call around your finances or around your earning power may have had your full attention. But I do think that underneath it all you definitely sensed a bold charisma and courage emerging within you. Your magnetism has turned up a notch or two and is igniting inspiration and passions in all areas of your life. Now this week, as Jupiter enters the your first house for the first time in 12 years, you’re likely to feel that fire and magnetism blossom even more opportunities for expansion and growth around your overall health, your vitality, your purpose, your reputation, your roots, partnerships, all places in between are really up for you right now. Your job areas is to look for them. And to grasp them use that courage you have and hold on to any opportunity or work with any opportunity as it emerges. I definitely want you to think both short term and long term. I think if you went through any financial stresses last week, you may just be thinking about the short term. But there’s so much opportunity here definitely hold the long term in mind, whatever opportunity you’re using, can bridge you to that next direction you want to go in. And a good way to think about that is you know, where do you want to be in 10 years? And how are the choices that you’re making today going to support that goal to be there in 10 years. Now this forward thinking attitude will help invite in needed revisions, revising, revisiting things that have to do around your current earning power and your self esteem and what you view as a skill and what you view as an asset areas, you had a great plan and you’re on the right track, there’s just more to the story. And that’s what this retrograde season is going to ask you to look at and revise and revisit. So over the coming weeks, have patience with yourself, have patience with others, especially if it’s with clients or supervisors, or anyone that helps support the resources that you have. I think if you see something that comes up more than once, that’s definitely a clue for you to kind of zone into it. If you you know, you may have on one corner that someone says you know what I don’t I don’t need this service anymore. I don’t need this skill. But then you have someone else who says you know what I really am thinking about this skill. That’s a good balance. Put your attention on that new direction and not so much on the old direction. That’s what this revised revisit is going to ask you to do. Think Forward. Have patience and you’re going to do just fine. I hope you have a great week. Aries I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay guys, that is everyone. I do hope you have a fantastic week you found some great insights to help you work with this week’s energy. Now, just as a reminder, if you would like to get an email sent to you each week, so all you have to do is go straight to the signs that you want to listen to. All you need to do is go to astrology hub.com For slash star signs and we will be sure to send that to you every Friday. Okay guys, have a great week. I’ll see you next time. Thank you for listening to astrology hub star signs horoscopes. If you’d like to easily jump to your personal horoscope, sign up to get a timestamp star sign episode emailed to you each Friday. Go to astrology hub.com forward slash star signs and sign up now. That’s astrology hub.com forward slash star signs

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