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What is Gemini Season about?

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You'll learn…

  • What is highlighted for you as Sun moves into Gemini
  • How you can work with your drive, determination, and sense of adventure as Mars enters its rulership
  • What you will be revising as Mercury retrogrades back into Taurus

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0:00 Intro

3:30 Gemini – Chasing New Horizons

6:05 Cancer – Wrapping Up Loose Ends

8:28 Leo – Communicating and Connecting

10:46 Virgo – Opportunity for Advancement

13:34 Libra – Getting Your Message Out

15:23 Scorpio – Working Through Transformation

17:44 Sagittarius – Diving Into Relationships

20:08 Capricorn – Ease & Flow

22:46 Aquarius – Unconditional Love Takes Center Stage

25:29 Pisces – Making Powerful Decisions

27:17 Aries – Communicating Needed Changes

29:45 Taurus – Reflecting on Earning Power

30:32 Closing

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Jamie Magee 0:01
Welcome to star signs horoscopes presented by astrology hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week's Astrology. I'm your host, Jamie Magee and astrologer, author and a member of the production team here at astrology hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week's astrology with you. Hey guys, welcome to star signs horoscopes. I am your astrologer Jamie Magee and today we're going to be taking a look at the astrology for May 20 through the 26th. I hope you guys are all having a fantastic week out there. And if you are watching this on social media, I would love to know how last week went for you. How did you work with that Eclipse energy this week is going to have a lot of that same energy where you're gonna be working with those stories, anything that was triggered or unfolding for you. But at the same time this week has its own signature. And this signature is going to be ushering in some new energy and new ways to work with what's going on. But at the same time, it may be asking you to also revise, go back and wrap up old stories so you can really step forward. Now let's talk about why. So first off, we have the sun moving into Gemini. So happy birthday to every Gemini out there, I look forward to sharing with everyone how you can work with this energy because the sun's going to be highlighting a part of your life as it moves through Gemini. We also have Mars ruling moving into his rulership of Aries. Now he hasn't been there for a very long time like the end of 2020. So I'm excited to share with you guys how you can work with his drive this courage and this determination and a sense of adventure where Mars is in your chart right now. Mercury is going to also slide back into Taurus and highlight some revisions part of his retrograde. And so I think with this energy, you know sometimes when we have revisions to do and we don't know how to do them, that can be really overwhelming, and frustrating, even aggravating overall. But when we're inspired and excited, we like we have this epiphany, we cannot wait to get back and start doing those revisions, because we know how much it's going to amplify and uplift whatever we are doing, or working on no matter how personal professional it could be. So I do think when the sun meets up with mercury, we are going to get that epiphany, you're going to get those great ideas. So definitely look for that as we move into this weekend. Now overall, this week, Mars, Mercury, Venus, they all reach out to Pluto and have a conversation with him. These are friendly conversations. So I think you're going to see a lot of potential for powerful shifts, and forward motion forward motion towards transformation and growth. So kind of think about that, that kind of energy are the conversations that you're having this week, the suggestions that come in, or the ideas that come to you from past powerful influences or stories that you have moved through in your life. All right, guys. Just as a reminder, please always listen to both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign to get a better overall view of how you can work with this week's energy. And if you are not sure what your Sun Sign is, what your Rising Sign is, or your moon sign is, I have a solution for you that I mentioned last week. Here in astrology hub, we are now offering a free report that's all about your big three your sun, moon and rising so not only will you know what they are, you have a little snippet about what this sign usually represents or highlights of what it represents. This report is free to anyone and I love how it's such a useful fun tool to look at. All you have to do to grab yours is go to astrology hub.com forward slash sun, moon and rising and we'll make sure to put that on the screen and in the show notes as well. Alright guys, let's get started. Okay, Gemini, let's take a look at your week. So first off, happy birthday month. I do hope it's a fantastic month for each and every one of you. Now I do think as we step into this week, you're definitely going to feel a surge of excitement around your social life, creativity, passions, things that you do from your soul, and really having a good time and chasing that new horizon. And I'm sure after last week, that sounds like some outstandingly good news. And I hope it unfolds beautifully for each and every one of you. Now, I do think that it's likely that you're going to find a lot of courage to reach out and interact with new or existing groups of people. And this is and I say that because this is a very powerful networking energy. So as you work on building these relationships, both in groups or one on one, I really want you to keep in mind like What is your dream? What does that overall goal because it's likely that you are just one question or one contact away from a beautiful breakthrough that you can use this energy in a really positive way to work forward towards that dream.

I also think that you know where you're recreating or expressing your unique style and voice is very likely as you move through this energy because as as you step into new groups of people and new ideas, you're going to definitely feel that change your overall image in some way or another. So don't be afraid to kind of step into new creative expressions take time to have some outright fun. And overall I think doing this Gemini is really going to help you discover new paths or horizons that may really be a better fit for you going forward and some of the things that you've been trying to make work in your current status. All right now through all these positive vibes that are budding and blooming for you, there is still a couple of matters that are behind the scenes that you've sort of kept under wraps, or that are kept secret that are going to need some revisions this week. But I definitely think that you have a lot of suggestions and a lot of ideas that can help you with whatever this topic is, is kind of being kept behind the scenes. So look for ways that you can work with this old problem in a new way. Definitely, as we move into this weekend around the 21st, I think you may have certain sparks of inspiration that kind of flood into you. Now one more thing Gemini for your birthday month, I just want to let you know that astrology hub does have a birthday report that you can check out this is a very in depth report that kind of lays out your entire year gives you a lot of details about peak periods and how you can work with this energy. If you want to learn more about this report, all you have to do go to astrology hub.com forward slash birthday report. All right, Geminis Have a great week. Okay, cancer, let's take a look at your week. Now, after the intensity of last week, it's likely that you're feeling a little bit more reflective or quiet, as you really kind of think about what needs to end. So new things can start to begin in your life. So this energy this week for you is definitely supporting you in wrapping up loose ends overall making decisions about what needs to be released. So you can grow forward and how you can do that. And I like this energy as well, because it also supports breaking any bad habits or getting or releasing or working with anxieties or fears. So you can like have that courage to release and reach for new stories. Because you do have a lot of new things going up. You have this inward action that's reflective. But you also have a lot of action and courage building up around your career and

your reputation. There's a lot of drive that you have budding there for you. So as you make plans behind the scenes, really think about that big chip picture, what is valuable to you, and why is it valuable to you? And how does it impact your daily rituals and your overall health, because you have a lot of determination and courage around your health and wealth in your life. Now, this is a great time, if you're looking for an advancement, or courage to shift into something else, you're definitely supported in this like make that call make that you know, raise your hand and say you know what I'd like to do this or I'm at this point where I feel like I need to say this. So we're both on the same page, you have a lot of support in doing things like that. Now, in the midst of this, both inward and outward energy, you may discover a different way to think about or approach a friend or a partnerships that you're a part of. Now, I don't think the entire story is clear to you. Now, I think there's been a little bit of a miscommunication in your relationships. And if you do, you are going to be holding a new piece of the puzzle, but you're still not completely clear. So just kind of take your time with anything that comes up this week around these conversations around these relationships. And consider every you know, pause or reflect or like lately, let me hear the story one more time as a gift to you because it's definitely going to help you see something that you will you don't want to miss, there's there's a great gift there. And going back and having that conversation one more time, or reworking an agreement that you had one more time. I think you're gonna rework it one more time after this, but you need this piece of this week. All right, cancer. I do hope you have a great week. I'll see you next time. Okay, Leo, let's take a look at your week. Now Leo networking, connecting and communicating with like minded people, these are all going to be taught topics for you this month, as the sun moves into Gemini. That's what it highlights for you. So this is a great time to connect with contacts you have, and definitely reach out to create and work with new contacts that can support you overall, there's going to be an easy flow of communication in general, and most relationships, whether they're one to one or with a group of people. And I think that's going to really help you kind of ease over some of those tensions that you worked with last week between that home work life balance and your partnerships, who needed your attention, who deserved it, etc. Now, this week, you also may find that exploring a new horizon learning, teaching and traveling and dialing into your convictions, what you really believe, are really supported now. And I like how this energy is here for you, because it definitely asked you to take a step back and look at the big picture or the long term plan. And when you do that, it's going to help you really work with a couple of different pieces in your life that aren't really connecting as well as you want them to you're going to find more harmony, if you look at that big picture, and then kind of zoom back in. Now in the midst of these new beginnings and the relationship excitement that you're working with this week. I do think you're gonna be pulled back into something around your career or your reputation how people know you in the world, that's where your revision is. And because it's here, it definitely impacts partnerships at home work life thing, your overall identity. Now, I think what you're going to hear this week or noticed this week is another side of the story, you're going to hear that someone has this impression of you or you had an impression of something else that needs to be changed. Or you maybe were just really compelled to just revise something that you've shared in the past and make sure that you're really clear about it. I think you're going to find a lot of helpful suggestions and inspiration, especially as we step into this weekend. But also think there's going to be a very powerful person or something in your day to day routines that you can lean on with a poor a lot of great suggestions to help you with whatever this revision is. And remember, it's a process, it's like a 123 kinds of thing. You're getting step two now. And then as soon as you get this locked down to be able to integrate everything that you're working on here. Alright, Leo, I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Virgo, let's take a look into your week. Now, Virgo, your career and your overall reputation are going to be highlighted as the sun moves into Gemini. This is going to bring an overall focus to your health and your wealth, I think you're going to feel a little bit of an impact in your partnerships and your home work life balance as well. So if you've been looking for an opportunity to ask for a raise asked add to your skill, set your reputation kind of step out there in a bold new way, you're definitely supported in doing that, you also may find that it's easier right now to kind of change your day to day rhythm, your routine, something around your health as well. So anything that you want to shift, they're definitely supported, take advantage of that easy energy and set those good habits and rhythms in place. Now, almost simultaneously, as this outward energy that everyone can see is happening, there's going to be a little bit of inward energy that's going to be taking place as well. Now, this inward energy has a lot to do with shared resources, deep intimacies and transformation, letting go of some things so you can grow into something else. So if you've been thinking about, like, say something like a loan, like you really want to apply for this loan, you want to apply for this partnerships, or even a deep intimacy with another partner or group of people. Whether you've been thinking about applying, and like connecting with that, or having the courage to walk away from that, no matter which way you've been thinking about it, if not both, you are supported right now, I think you have a lot of courage, a lot of determination, and a lot of original ideas that you can work with, when it comes to this energy. This week, I think you're gonna get the idea, you're gonna get the spark, and over the next couple of weeks, this will start to unfold for you. So definitely look for them, I think that'll be pretty inspirational for you to work with. Now, with all this long term planning, because you have this outward energy and this inward energy, you may notice that some of those big plans that you had about, you know, maybe learning or teaching or a new horizon has to be revised. So there could be something that you need to adjust here, I think you're gonna find a lot of inspiration about how to adjust it, especially as we go into this weekend. So I don't think that the plans are off, I just think that there's something that needs to be altered for you. So you are more supported. And it could be like if you look at this whole week, or this whole kickoff to this month, that as you adjust your daily routines, you may notice that you know, I have to have this boundary, I have to have this limit, or I can expand my boundaries and limits because I've changed something. So one way or the other, one way or another, these plans are going to change. But I think you're going to have a lot of support, and a lot of great ideas, especially around people and things that you love unconditionally. That's going to help you make these decisions or help inspire the decisions that you're going to be making this week. All right, I do hope you have a great week. Virgo, I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Libra, let's take a look at your week. Now, Libra as the sun moves into Gemini, your attention is going to be on the next horizon, getting your message out there in a really big way, sharing your passions and feeling that overall sense of vitality, this would be a great time to share or publish something that you've been working on, teach a class, take a class, or even plan a trip and literally expand your horizons, I definitely encourage you to like lean into that creativity and that overall sense of fun and renewal, because this is going to help you work with some of those behind the scenes energies that you're still working on that have to do with transformations. Now I do think that you're going to find a lot of courage and originality around partnerships, existing ones or new ones. Now, this is going to be a great time, and you're gonna find a lot of ease and how you communicate with them. So think about networking, who you can connect with how you can find people that are of that same mindset have those same goals, I think that you're going to be able to attract them into your life. Now as you work to get yourself out there, you kind of step into this really fun, creative energy, you may find that you need to go back and make a couple revisions around something that has to do with a loan or finances or shared resources, maybe even something around your home that you need to revisit. And, you know Libra it could be that one of these new contacts that you have just found has suggested a way for you to approach this old issue that you've been trying to go through or has inspired you at the very least to think of it in a different way. Either way, see any resets or revisions as a gift and definitely have patience with yourself and whatever the revision is. I do hope that you have a good week. Libra. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Scorpio let's take a look at your week. Now Scorpio After the intensity of last week, the good news is the clear invitation for you is to turn more inward to be more reflective to kind of work through the transformations that you are currently going through. Now, right now you are very supported when it comes to overall transitions and transformation, letting go of something so you can reach for something else. You know, this could also have a lot to do with loans, shared resources, working with long term commitments, long term partnerships, and or connecting with your roots, letting go of bad habits, letting go of anxieties and fears, and really reaching for good ones. Now speaking, of letting go of bad habits, dialing into your health routines, and work is going to be a big area of focus for you, you're going to have a lot of courage, a lot of determination and drive. So anything that you've been trying to amplify or work with when it comes to, you know, getting a healthier routine for you, now's the time to kickstart it. Now's the time you're going to have like be almost unstoppable, I think you're going to have a lot of energy to really work with in your day to day routines. Overall, I think this is automatically going to just help inspire your overall you know, reputation, your overall vitality, how you step out into the world and abroad new way. I love how you have so much support and really picking up a lot of positive habits and flow in your life. Now, you may find that this week that there's some needed revisions around your partnerships, you've been really working on those partnerships and making them stronger. But I think after last week, and some sudden inspirations as you move into this weekend, you're going to be really inspired to go back and get clear on what you're agreeing to what the partnership involves and how you can both sides can be fully supported. Now this is piece two of a three piece puzzle. So you're not going to see everything and I know that's frustrating. But what you are working with this week is very valuable. So I encourage you to listen to anything that comes up you know to have that conversation re communicated get super clear, I think you're going to find some solutions that are going to help you in the long term. Remember redos are actually rewards showing us where the hidden gold is. So you know, ya know, you want to find that hidden gold Scorpio. All right. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Okay, Sagittarius,

let's take a look at your week. Now, Sagittarius this week, the energy truly does shift for you instead of being more inward. And for a reflective kind of looking at things on your own, you're definitely gonna be kind of drawn out to be more social. So partnerships, one on one and relationships, they're gonna be very highlighted for you right now. And after all this reflecting that you've been doing, you may find that you know, you need to join a new partnership or a new group of people. And this may mean that you need to leave one or you have to balance them. Whatever happens with these relationships, what I really like for you is how supported your communication is like you're going to find the flow of words, you're going to know what to say one on one and to a group to make everything kind of flow together for you to kind of lean on that use your words. Now, there's also a lot of fire originality and passion that's flooding into your overall life, you're gonna definitely feel this around love affairs, children, things that you're wanting to get off the ground and create for yourself. I think there's a lot of endless ways to use this energy. But you know, just a couple of them, you know, making the first move, taking that dive forward, taking that step forward, trying something you've never tried before thinking outside the box, paving a new path. These are just a couple of ideas. But when it comes to things that you're passionate about, I love how much drive and determination that you have. Now with all this excitement, Sagittarius there is a bit of an undercurrent, that you may sense this week that's going to ask you to revisit something around your daily routines are something around your health. There's something here that you've just missed that you need to kind of go back and revise see it again, hear it again, work through it again, whatever it is, whether you welcome it or it feels unwelcome to you like you are ready to move forward. But you don't like the distraction, I definitely want you to understand that there is something to be gained here by going back and looking at this revisions, at the very least is wisdom. And that's not a little thing. You know that Sagittarius you love wisdom. There's something to be gained by going back here. I think that you're going to find some inspiration, some great ideas as you work go into this weekend, there's someone there that's going to give you some great suggestions or ideas or you're going to reflect on something that has happened in the past and that's going to inspire you to make sure that you have something flowing beautifully for you as you move forward. I do hope you have a great week Sagittarius. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Capricorn. Let's take a look at your week. Now Capricorn. As the sun moves into Gemini, your overall sense of health and wealth is something that's going to be an ease and flow for you. And you know, sometimes when things are easy for us, we don't really take action on them. But I want you to notice this energy notice how and how much flow you have here. So you can definitely take advantage of any opportunities as they present themselves are so you can invite in opportunities that you can work with going forward. So when we think about our health and our overall health and wealth, what we're looking vignette is, you know, these are this is what's valuable to me, these are my assets, these are my resources and my self esteem. This is what I do every day, this is my work what I do in service to others. And because I have these two things, this is my overall reputation, my career and my sense of purpose and how people know me. So if there's anything in these areas of your life that you really want to amplify, I definitely encourage you to do it. Now this is a great time to work with this energy. Now, there is love also a lot of drive and focused for you that's coming in almost simultaneously around your home and your roots, and how it's impacting your partnerships. And this reputation that has a little bit of an easy flow, I think it's a great time to use this energy that is full of courage to make some needed changes in this area of your life and to look for a solution that you may not have considered. You've been working on our thinking about your home and your roots and your foundations for a long time. And you may have, you may be thinking to yourself, there's not an idea that I haven't entertained. And that could be true. But maybe there's another side to the not one of the ideas that you have entertained that you can look at and work with now or you have the courage to kind of step into this. Now as you work with both these energies, you may find speaking of revisions that you need to kind of go back and revise something that you're super passionate about. Now, this could be something around a love affair, a lover, children a project something you're trying to get off the off the ground. Now that you have this easy flow and this focus around your health and wealth and all this courage and determination coming in at your roots in your home. You may see okay, well there's something I need to change up or shift around these things I love unconditionally. There's another side of the story. And now that I know this, I can look at the bigger scope of my life with a new perspective. So any revision that comes up this week or sudden idea, I definitely think you need to see it as a gift because it definitely impacts a lot of key public and private areas of your life. They're going to unfold in a big way as new chapters of your life start to happen. All right, I do hope you have a good week, Capricorn. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Aquarius, let's take a look at your week. Now, the intensity between your home and your work life balance, could find a little bit of a reprieve this week as the sun moves into Gemini. And all of a sudden, everything that you love unconditionally, things that you're passionate about lovers, children, creative pursuits, are gonna take center stage, that's what's gonna be really amplified and highlighted for you. So I definitely encourage you to spend time with things that you love unconditionally, or love doing unconditionally, like I would do this all day for free, because it feeds my soul, I want you to really make time to tap into that energy. Because when you tap into your creativity, and you spend time with those that you love unconditionally, or things that you love unconditionally, this is definitely going to revitalize you and help you see the new horizon help you see the direction that you're trying to go in. And most importantly, it's going to help you tap into the why, like, why do you feel this calling or this sense of purpose. And once you know that, you're really able to step into this new story that's calling you with like all the right things in line for you like I have this passion, and it's really driving me forward. So I love how this is all supported. Now, there's also a lot of heightened energy for you coming in, around how you communicate, and who you communicate with, you may find that your communication is more direct, more straightforward, it could take people off guard, our people are communicating with you in a very straight and direct way as well. But I also think at the same time, even if there's a tad bit of aggression, or just that, you know, I've I have this to say I'm going to be very direct about it. There's also a lot of ways that you can explore that are new ways to communicate, maybe something you haven't thought of before like something shorter, quicker and more direct, that gets your message a message to the other person in a very clear and forward way that supports both sides. I also liked that this energy almost invites in adventures that are really close to home. Like let me try something brand new in my local environment and see how this kind of feeds into my passions, my daily routines, people in places and things that I love unconditionally. Now, speaking of home, you may find that once you've taken this break, really dove in and spent some time with things that you love, that you're really ready to rethink a decision that you've made about your routes or about your home. It may be that an idea you thought that wasn't going to work suddenly has new life or one that you thought was absolutely perfect is showing a couple of flaws or a couple of crowns that you're going to have to work with. Now either way, the review that's happening right now is definitely going to help you it's not holding you back so it's important to keep that in mind. All right. I

do hope you have a great week Aquarius I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Pisces let's talk about your week. Now Pisces as the sun shifts into Gemini, you're definitely going to notice a lot of attention are highlighted focused around your home and your roots. Now because it's here, you're definitely going to feel this in all areas of your life, your partnerships, your reputation, your vitality, loans, that you have loans that you want things that you need. To gain things that you need to release, it's almost as if you're standing between what was and what will be. And you're making some pretty powerful decisions. But I think you're supported and making a lot of them. Because there's a lot of drive and determination coming into your, your skills and your resources. So this is a good time to ask yourself, you know, do I have a new skill that I haven't used before? Is there something that I can try to really support me? Or is there a skill that you've always had that you can use in a brand new way to bring in more income and more support, more courage and drive around these resources that are impacting all areas of your life, I definitely encourage you to think outside of the box. Now as you work with these tense energies, you may find that there's something else that you need to revisit or revise, when it comes to how you communicate and who you communicate with. It may be that you or someone else has a new perspective, now that you've kind of worked with these outward energies, and you have to go back and re address it before you can go forward. Now, I do think that you have some support that you can lean on when it comes to your friends or your groups or your dream people that you're a part of, they're going to kind of help you with some solid advice about how you can make these changes or revisit these conversations. I think it could be a really revealing weekend. And I do hope you have a good one. All right. I'll look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Aries, let's take a look at your week. Now Aries for a while now you've been really intensely focused on shared resources and independent well stepping away from a group resource so you can find your own way your own path. This week, as the energy shifts, you're going to find that your attention and your focus is around communicating, communicating the changes that you need to make, I think this is a great time for you to really talk to people who are connected to that same background, something that you're familiar with, they can give you a lot of tips or insights about what you need to do to really tap into your individual wealth and your resources. You're supporting both one on one conversations and group conversations. And I also liked it as we move into this week, you have a lot of drive a lot of determination and courage and vitality moving into your life. Now, this has has a lot to do with a lot of different placements. But one that you're going to notice this week is your ruling planet Mars is moving into your sign and he has not been there since the end of 2020. This is a surge of energy, courage, determination, fire, breaking out into something brand new. So I definitely encourage you to use that energy in a very positive, optimistic way and plan your way as far forward as you can. And it's also going to help you kind of break some ties with the past so you can move forward in a new way. So definitely make the most of this energy. And also kind of consider you know what you need to change in your home work life balance is or partnerships, is there anything that needs to be readjusted? Because right now you have that courage to make those conversations to make those decisions that you need to make? Now, Aries honestly some things may need to end but the new beginnings for you are absolutely endless like they are I can't even begin to fathom how many things that you can spark into life with this energy. Now as you get out and network and charge towards your independence, you may find that you meet may need to revise a couple of things that are around your earning power or your resources like they gave they gave you some information and now you're rethinking something. Now this could be something as simple as catching a typo on your resume or as complicated as restructuring your entire budget or personal business plan so you can be out on your own. No matter what surfaces for you this week, I promise you, it's a gift. There is something here that you need to uncover. So you are better supported in both endings and beginnings as you move forward. Alright, Aries Have a good week. I'll see you next time. Okay, Taurus. Let's

talk about your week. Now Taurus. As you shift out of a very powerful and memorable birthday month, your attention is going to move towards your assets, your resources, your skills, your self esteem, and your overall health and wealth. This is going to bring up things around your daily routines, your reputation, your sense of purpose, this is a really great time for you to reflect on your assets, and your earning power. If there's anything that you want to change here, if there's anything that you want to impact in your day to day routines, so you're better supported in your health, or something around your reputation. I definitely encourage you to take those actions because it's supported. But in order to take the actions you have to reflect to know that it's there. Now speaking of reflecting or doing things behind the scenes, there is a lot of opportunity or a lot of drive and courage and determination coming into an area of your life that you normally keep under wraps. Like it's a secret. It's not a lot, not something that a lot of people know about. Whatever this is, this could be something very creative that you're doing behind the scenes or something that you're wrapping up. There's a lot of determination and drive that's coming in here and I definitely encourage you to keep working with it. And definitely keep whatever that is in mind as you're thinking about both bolstering your personal health and wealth. Now because your attention is kind of on like these things by Behind the scenes, your overall wealth, health and reputation. It may feel especially as you step into this week, as you're being asked to revise everything that you set in place during your birthday month. But I definitely think that all the revisions are these ideas that you're going to get especially a spark of inspiration as you move into the weekend. I think you're gonna be excited about the revisions, or you're definitely going to be excited about what how these revise, revisit, redo things that you're working on, are really going to amplify everything that you wanted to do like you were satisfied with what you had. But I think you're going to be overwhelmed with joy and gratitude if you work with these changes, because they're going to support you, not only in the short term or the long term. So again, see the revisions as a gift. All right, I do hope you guys have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, guys, that is everyone. I do hope you found some helpful tips and insights about how you can work with this week's energy. I also want to remind you one more time that astrology hub is offering a free report that's all about your sun, moon and Rising Sign. To get yours all you need to do is go to astrology hub.com For slash sun, moon and rising to get yours. We'll be sure to put that link in the show notes for you. Alright guys, have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you for listening to astrology hub star signs horoscopes. If you'd like to easily jump to your personal horoscope, sign up to get a timestamp star sign episode emailed to you each Friday. Go to astrology hub.com forward slash star signs and sign up now. That's astrology hub.com forward slash star signs