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Full Moon in Scorpio

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • What area of your life the Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio is encouraging you to release and move forward
  • The final aspects the Sun will make as it leaves Taurus, and what that means for you
  • WHY things need to change during this intense week

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

3:54 Taurus – A New Beginning

5:52 Gemini – Time Is Up

8:33 Cancer – Surrendering With Love

10:20 Leo – Realign With Yours Roots

12:27 Virgo – Shifts in Communication

14:52 Libra – Focusing on the Bottom Line

16:27 Scorpio – Using Your Passion As A Guide

18:18 Sagittarius – Internal Shifts & Releases

19:45 Capricorn – Breaking Alliances

21:40 Aquarius – Changing the Rules

23:06 Pisces – New Energy in Your Environment

25:20 Aries – Stepping Out On Your Own

27:28 Closing

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Jamie Magee 0:01
Welcome to star signs horoscopes presented by astrology hub. This is your place to discover how each zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I’m your host, Jamie Magee and astrologer, author and a member of the production team here at astrology hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s astrology with you. Hey guys, welcome to star signs horoscopes. I am your astrologer Jamie Magee and today we’re going to be taking a look at the astrology for May 13. Through the 19th. I do hope you guys are all having a great week out there because we’re about to talk about a pretty potent one coming up that kicks off with a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Now I do feel like everyone is going to notice this eclipse on some level. But if you have any fixed placements or if you’re a Fixed sign Taurus Scorpio Aquarius or Leo, you may notice it a little bit of a higher intensity. Now this eclipse is working with forward motion to the path towards your dream, but in a way that asks you to release things or parts of your life that cannot go forward with you onto this new path that you’re starting to create. Now, when we talk about releasing things, it could literally mean releasing something, letting it go sudden endings like it’s time to close this door. But it could also mean using that karma using those resources that you’ve accumulated those talents of skills to help propel you into this new dream, it’s going to be a little bit different for everyone, depending on the work that you’ve done leading up to this area and time in your life. Now also this week, we have the sun, he’s getting ready to wrap up his stay in Taurus and move into a new sign. But as he does, he’s kind of having a lot of conversations up there. He’s going to square Saturn challenging the existing structures that are in place are using them saying you know what, this is what we have, what can we do with it, he is going to sextile Neptune offering suggestions about how to activate your dream to think about the dream that we talked about a couple of weeks ago, we had Neptune and Jupiter meet up. And he’s also going to try and Pluto inviting in transformation. So think about that for a second we have this big Eclipse is asking us to release things we have the sun saying, you know, this is what it is What can we use from it? This is the dream. Let’s have some, you know, ideas, what are the ideas that we can use to go forward? And how can we positively work with transformation. Now all of these energies are going to help remind you why you need to make these changes why they even are coming up for you at all right now in your life. In other words, even though you can’t completely see the path forward, you feel our sits the purpose that’s driving you or guiding you towards this dream. It’s all kind of magical, if you kind of step back and think about it in that way. So as you can see, this week, there’s a lot of forward motion. But in order to go forward, we have to look deeply at our past and the structures that we claim to. So we can understand what we want to change. And most importantly, why because if you know the why then you can really stick to the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Now if you know what your Rising Sign is, I definitely encourage you to listen to that this week, because I think that’s going to help you hone in more so on where this energy is your Sun Sign will reveal that as well. But you know what, guys, speaking of Sun Sign and rising signs, I have some great news for you. Here in astrology hub, we are now offering a free report that’s all about your big three, your sun, moon and rising. It’s a great report for anyone who’s ready to dive deeper into what makes you special and help learn how you can work with his energy in your own unique way. And this of all guys, it’s free. All you need to do to grab your free report is go to astrology hub.com forward slash sun, moon and rising and we will make sure to put that link in the show description for you too. All right. On that note, I am curious. As you listen to horoscopes in general, do you find that you resonate more with your Sun Sign or your Rising Sign? I look forward to reading the comments about that. Okay, guys, let’s get started. Hey, Taurus, let’s take a look at your week. Now towards this week, relationships are going to be a heightened theme for you. Emotions may feel over the top at times, but ultimately what comes up is going to be driving you towards that new beginning that you’re looking for. Now, to begin something new, usually we have to end something on a side note here, this doesn’t always mean that you’re going to be ending or walking away from something or someone for you. This could just simply mean that the rules of engagement, how you interact, how they interact, must change in order to go forward. Now this energy is pretty intense at times, but it’s going to be asking you to challenge the structures of these relationships and are used them to facilitate the changes that are unfolding now. So sometimes that history and you know, we’ve already gone through it this much together, what can we do to make changes and make us really solid as we move forward, kind of think about things in that way. This would be a really good time to reflect on their relationships, reflect on your entire life, everything that you’ve learned through your highs and your lows that have led you to where you are now and really have gratitude for that lesson because

that’s going to help you work with this change. Ah, now the desire to escape this week at certain times may be overwhelming. And it’s perfectly okay to take the time to use self care rituals, and really help yourself center in what’s going on in your life. At the same time, I do encourage you to be very mindful and present as part as much as you can be during this season of energy, because it’s likely that something is going to be revealed to you that you may have missed before. And this whatever this is, it’s going to help you understand that what is happening now is happening for you and not to you. And it also helps you see some more possibilities that you may have missed are starting to reveal themselves now that your mindset shifts a little bit. All right, I do hope you have a great week. Taurus, I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Gemini, let’s talk about your week. Now Gemini hard work sacrifice, paying your dues is often something that goes unrecognized. That is until the tide turns in the past find a way to propel us forward. Now, for you this week, this could mean that there’s a certain place that you go to every day, something in your routine that you see every day that you decide that you no longer need to visit anymore, your time is up, you’ve learned everything you can and you’re ready to move on. It could also mean that a person that you see every day decides that you know what we need to end this relationship or you decide that we don’t need to see each other every day like our job together, it has met its purpose and we are complete, we can move on. Now I do think that this routine leaving it could feel like a sweet release, like you’re almost glad this chapter is over in some way. But I would also expect a little bit of remorse because it’s so tightly woven into your routine, something that you sort of expect to see and do on a routine basis. Now, if this was up for you, and you do feel that remorse, I just recommend that you let gratitude fill you for the time that you had for both the highs and the lows, this will definitely help you kind of look at the next routines and next task or the next people that you see, every day in a new light, it’s going to help you like really appreciate every moment of it. Even if some of those moments seem extraordinary long, like you’re never going to not have this routine in your life, it helps you appreciate that things all have a season and to appreciate this season when it’s there. Now, I also would like to encourage you to be very mindful of your overall health this week, get any rest that you need nutrition that you need to really support you through any of the stress, or the shifts that are coming up in all areas of your life, not just your daily routine, it’s just always good to take care of your health. Now, I would say that with this overall energy this week, too, you may at times feel a little misguided or as if you had plans. And because his routines changed. Now everything has to shift the both the short term and the long term, I encourage you to look for ways to build on the convictions or the plans that you already had. And then really lean into them. Because there’s some foundation that you have there that you can use that can continue to help you kind of transform and grow through this path that you’re trying to reach. Now a lot of this energy is very internal is is private, something that you’re going to be handling more so on the inside. But it’s those moments that impact our outward energies or outward areas of our life the most. So you definitely want to take your time take your take any rest that you need, reflect all you need to say your sweet goodbyes invite in New Beginnings. And with all that being said, I do hope you have a great week Gemini, I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, cancer, let’s talk about your week. Now cancer it is the things that you love unconditionally, that have brought you joy and love a lot of fun and a lot of creativity that have your full attention this week. Now you love deep cancer, your passions are something that are always a part of you. Which is why when you face challenges in this area of your life, you definitely feel them at a soul deep level. So what I want to remind you of cancer is that everything in our life has a season. And it’s our job to make the most of the season that while it’s there and carry the lessons of that season into the next chapter. So this week, if you find that you’re wanting to let go of something, or that something that you really enjoy or love unconditionally is starting to pull away, I really want you to know that this surrender is going to elevate both you and what you love to a higher level, even if that means that you’re not meant to be on the same path. It’s still an elevation for both of you. There’s a lot of friends and partnerships that you can really rely on this week lean into and help them help them like ask, you know, say, you know, I’m going through this, can you give me some advice? I think you’re gonna have a lot of great advice and support. And you know, almost an affirmation that yes, you do need to let go of this to move on. You need to like step into this new season. And I would hope that your friends advice and definitely my advice is to focus on where you’re going and not where you’ve been kind of release anything that should or could have was released that lay those down and really focus on this new story that’s starting to unfold for you. Now, there’s a lot of big changes for you on the horizon cancer, so please make sure that you’re really, you know, through this energy looking forward, I think that’s gonna be a powerful thing for you. I do hope you have a great week cancer.

I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Leo, let’s Take a look at your week. Now, Leo for a while now your attention has been really focused on your sense of purpose, your reputation, your career, and this week, the energy is going to shift a little bit, it’s going to ask you to turn your attention more inward to what’s going on at home. Now, honestly, with all those big shifts going, going on in your life, on a more outward level, it is important to realign with your roots and with your home to make sure you have a balance that supports your foundations and where you’re growing how people know you. Now, you may find that it’s time to let something grow, let something go so you can grow into this new path. This could be a place, it can be a person, it can be ingrained convictions or ideals that are no longer serving you as you step fully out into this new path. Now, at the same time, there’s a lot of magic, there’s a lot of influences at our roots that are ingrained within you that you could definitely use to help propel you forward into your career, it may be that you’ve been so focused outwardly that you forgot that you have this at your core, you forgot your reasons you forgot, you know, why am I doing this in the first place, and this energy will help realign you and help remind you of it. Now, I do think that you may find yourself in a bit of a tug of war this week, it may be because your attention shifts to home that you have partners, you’re like, you know what, let’s focus on where we’re going focus on the new direction. And you can have people at home saying no focus on me. So in this tug of war of emotions and attention, where you have two sides at your attention, at the same time, really dial in to why you’re doing what you do, what is its purpose, what are you trying to partner with on the long term, I think if you really focus on your why that’s going to help you work with some of those deep, intimate bonds that you have. Because there’s a lot of topics that you’re also working on in the background that have to do with partnering on an intimate level that may have to do with loans and shared resources that are going to help support both areas, you know, your home and your roads and who you partner with on the long term. I do hope you have a great week though, Leo, I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Virgo, let’s take a look at your week. Now, Virgo this month, you are spending more time, you know, reflecting going through like you know, this is what I need to do as far as transformation and growth to move into this new path. And I think as you’re doing that what you’re finding is a lot of courage and a lot of determination, like yes, this is what I want. And as you do this, it’s going to shift how you communicate or how you interact with people in your day to day routines. Now this can mean that you’re ready to change how you communicate overall, it can mean that you’re ready to let go of one friend group and like really search out for more like minded people that are on that same path that you’re on. Now, when we reach out and find new people, we have to like step outside of our comfort zone. So this energy can be asking you to do that. I do think that there’s gonna be a lot of depth and a lot of emotion and sincerity and how you communicate overall. And I think for some of you, you also may be wrapping up a creative project or something that has to do with communication you can be it was yours, you created it. Now you’re ready to send it off to the editor, release it to the teacher pass it over, something is ending, and is no longer yours and being released out into something else, that no matter what it is, whatever you’re releasing, whatever you’re stretching into or letting go of, I definitely encourage you to remember everything you learned from the path that you just came from, because that’s definitely going to help you notice patterns, notice paths or notice things that come up in your next story. So you know how to work with those more positively as you move forward. It’s always good to remember how excited you were when things were brand new and that journey of growth because it gets you excited for the next one. Now, I do think you have a lot of support coming in this week, no matter how you’re shifting from those brand new partnerships, or even existing relationships that you’ve already had those one on ones are gonna definitely be coaching you and helping you move forward into this, this new routine. Now, this week, if you’ve got the time, if you’ve got the ability, I definitely would encourage you to take a day trip, a day trip step out of your daily routine. I think as you do this as they’ll help you reset between what was and what will be. And I think that you’ll also be able to see that you know, it’s okay to take your time it’s okay to make sure that you’re solid with these decisions as you make them moving forward. It’s just always important to keep your eye on the goal and know that you’re doing everything for this reason. And when you know that nothing is gonna stop you. I do hope you have a great week. Virgo, I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Libra, let’s

take a look at your week. Okay, so the energy of this week has you focused on the bottom line when it comes to your finances, your resources, and for some of you even your self esteem. You may find somewhere in this week that you have to invest more than you first thought that you would or plan to do or that any debts or favors that you have out there seem to kind of be due all at once. I think this energy could also invite you to really dig deep down and pull out some resources or assets or skills that you have right now deep inside that possibly you’ve kept hidden to help support you through the transition that you’re going in. Now, it could definitely happen either way, one or the other are both a little bit of both. And I do understand that the topic of earning power resources can be very sensitive and stressful depending on how this energy is revealing itself in your life. But overall, this energy is asking you to challenge and work with the existing structures that you have. So you can really make some decisions about what needs to go and what needs to what you need to lean into what you need to let go of and what you need to reach for all of a simultaneously. Now you have a lot of support in your life. That’s the good news, I definitely encourage you to lean on any partnerships that you have, they can have some advice or some answers or support that you need this week. And I would also encourage you to double check any recent agreements that you’ve made. Now that things have been revealed to you, you need to shift those a little bit, so you feel more secure in the long run. Overall, though, Libra, I do hope you have a great week. Remember, everything is happening for you, not to you. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Scorpio, let’s talk about your week. Now, Scorpio, the intensity of this week is going to be hard to miss. So it’s a good thing that you do like intensity. Now how you view the energy this week positive or negative is going to depend on the actions that you’ve taken before now, and where your attention and plans are aimed going forward, you’re likely to notice the swell of energy this week that impacts your overall vitality, your sense of career purpose, partnerships, and your roots that home work life balance, and Scorpio as you move towards these powerful partnerships that give you stability, growth, and really nurture you at a soul deep level, you’re finding that there’s something that you need to release so you can merge more fully into the partnerships. Now this can be an old image, it can be a brand, it can be ideals that you’ve held about yourself, titles, you’ve given yourself titles other people have given you that need to be shed, so you can step into this new relationship. And honestly Scorpio it could also be that it’s time that you really dig deep and pull that powerful magic that you have within you forward. So you can definitely impact these relationships at a higher level and a more powerful level that you’re making right now. Now, you may need to challenge or use the structures that you have around your home around your foundations and your roots to fully step into this new path that you have as well. The Guiding Light that you have through all of this is what you love unconditionally, your passions things that bring you creative joy, things that exist because you exist. So the question is, you know, Scorpio, what are you passionate about? Why are you passionate about that, that should really help guide you through any choices or decisions that you have to make as you release and reach for things at the same time this week. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Sagittarius, let’s take a look at your week. Now Sagittarius this week could feel more reflective inward than external and outward. But it is the profound shifts that we make internally that impact our lives. And for you Sagittarius there is something or someone that you have sacrifice for that you have given your time freely to, that is now ready to be released. On one hand, this can feel really exciting and really positive, this sense of freedom or this excitement, I’m ready to step into this new chapter or the other, it can feel a little bit overwhelming because though this sacrifice name, it may not have always been easy or kind to you, you know it, you’re comfortable with it. It’s almost like that saying the devil that you know, but honestly, the clear invitation that is out there for you right now is that it’s time to share the wisdom that you’ve gained is time to share that truth. So I do hope that you guys are starting to hear that call. Now with this energy. This is also a great time to release anxieties to release fears to release old stories or labels that you or others have given you that are no longer serving, you are no longer part of the story. So if they happen to come up this week, you know, ask yourself, Why am I holding this? It’s time for me to let it go. It no longer serves me.

I really want you to sit with this this week. Sagittarius. Your voice is powerful. And your wisdom is absolutely priceless. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Capricorn, let’s take a look at your week. Now Capricorn, you’re still really focused around things that you know, bring you a lot of passion, a lot of joy. This could be lovers, it could be children, and entrepreneurship, things that you do for absolute joy and fun. You’re wanting to build a lot of structures and a lot of foundations around this area of your life. Which is why the initial energy of this week that’s going to ask you to break away or end alliances may take you off guard. But I think once you reflect once you look back on this week, we’ll back on this energy you’re gonna see that it was needed or that it was overdue or definitely time to make this transition. It could be that this group of friends that you’re aligned with is growing into a new path or a path that’s not in alignment with you are that you discover that there’s hidden dynamics or elements of this relationship that you can no longer support now that you have your focus in this direction. Now, I think it’s also important because this has to do with friendships or a lot of people that we hold close that nothing ever really leaves us we get to take the lessons we definitely get to take the memories into that next chapter with this.

So this week, I would encourage you to really keep that in mind. But also keep in mind you know, these are my values, this is what I want, as this is what I want, this is what I need to feel supported. And what I need to support all these areas of my life that’s going to help you with any conversations that you have to have about moving away from these alliances that you have. And I also think that you have some hidden tools and gifts here that you can pull from because you’ve gone through a lot of transmits transformation, you’ve gone through a lot of recent growth, and it’s made you the strong individual that you are now and that person that you are now is able to say, okay, yes, I love you. But I need to end this so I can move forward in this direction. I think you’re gonna find a lot of support from those that are at your roots that are close to your home this week as well, because that’s going to really help you hone in on why you’re doing what you’re doing. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Aquarius, let’s talk about your week. Now Aquarius, a lot of your attention has been focused around your home and your roots and making some big shifts and changes there. And because you’re making these changes here, you may find that there’s something around your career or your reputation that needs to end. So you can really facilitate those changes. So it could be that you need to release some authority or that your authority figure in your life steps aside. And because they’re stepping aside, now there needs to be shifts or conversations or changes that you need to make when it comes to your home and work life balance all together. Now, I think with this energy, you have a lot of opportunity to ensure that both sides, you know, you’re how you’re outwardly known in the world and your roots are supported, it’s just going to take a little bit of negotiation, a little bit of change and rules of engagement. You know, this could be the existing structure, but we need to change it this way, or modify it. So both sides are supported in a way that really helps us go forward in a powerful way. Now, I do think that you have a lot of support in your life that’s coming from people who stand shoulder to shoulder with you. But better yet, you have a really powerful voice right now Aquarius that’s helping you communicate, and really work through any changes or shifts that you need to make. So be sure to use that voice. speak from the heart and really think about why you’re doing what you’re doing. I think that’s going to help you make the changes or work with the changes that are happening right now. I do hope you have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Pisces, let’s take a look at your week. Now, Pisces, you have a lot of breakthroughs, a lot of new energy that’s really honed in around how you communicate your local environment, those friends, you know that energy is really close to home. And because you’re so focused there, you’re starting to realize that you need to release some things that you’ve gained in order to really emerge in this area of your life to communicate from that soul deep person that you really are. So it could be that this week or through this energy that you may find that a teacher that you’ve had, that it’s time to in your relationship, you’ve learned all that you can now you really want to go back to your roots and take that knowledge and this knowledge and work with both of them to speak more clearly, it could be that a plan that you had, like you want to go off onto this path now needs to alter because you’ve remembered why you wanted to go in the first place and you find that you’re not in alignment, you have to change a couple of things in order for you to really feel more secure about going in that direction. Now the choices and realizations that you make this week may be more internal, they could be really subtle, it could be just in how you communicate or how you’re writing in your journal. But it’s definitely going to impact your life and your routines. And you’re going to feel this in the long run. So it’s like little changes make a big difference over time. So Pisces, this is a good time to check in with what really matters to you. And to kind of like connect with those who are really close to you, those original teachers that you had in your life, that original inspiration that you had, is there anything that needs to change, so you can really embrace that voice, that message that you have that you’re ready to share with others around you. Because for you, it still really has a lot to do with communicating. And with our world today. Communicating doesn’t mean necessarily people like people that you see every day could be people that you see online every day. So even though this is more local, it still has the opportunity to go out on a wider scale at the same time. This week, I would encourage you to reflect on how much you’ve grown over the past year, all the energy that you’ve gained all the opportunities that you’ve had to take advantage of the new relationships, houses really helped you step into your purpose. And I think as you do that, it’s going to help you find your voice, find ways that you’re ready to release this findings that you’re ready to release so you can more fully step in to the direction that you’re trying to go in. I do hope you have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay, Aries, let’s take a look at your week. Now Aries, you’ve been working your magic, you’ve been ensuring that you have your assets, your skills and your resources building. So if you needed to step out on your own, you were ready to do it. I do think that this week, you’re really going to see that writing on the wall very clearly that it is time to step out on your own to start making those steps start making those moves. It could be that a partner a business partner is ready to walk away from the table or that you find a loan or a shared resource that debt is paid, you’re no longer obligated, you can move out on your own.

There’s a lot of different ways that you can work with this energy, but I liked it. I feel like you’ve been conscious enough through this process that you’re really ready to make the changes that you need to make right now to make the most of it. Now I do think that you’re gonna have a lot of friends. They’re like listening to both sides of the story. Some of them could, you know tell you to lean on The structure that you have, don’t go yet wait till you have to go. Some of you can say, You know what I think you need to jump, I think you need to move in this direction. I think there’s a little bit of good advice on both sides there, I don’t think you want to, you know, burn a bridge down with this energy, I think you do want to use what you can hold that alliance that you have, but really lean into your independence as you hold it and move forward into that new direction. So it’d be a good time, that I would definitely encourage you to call in any kind of favors that you have, like any context, you have, like lean on them, or any things that you’ve been working on behind the scenes on your own as this energy has been going, you know, working through your life, these big shifts and changes around your career, lean into those allies lean into those contacts, you know, these people that you maybe haven’t spoken to in years, or someone that you just met in passing, and they come to mind, this is a good time to check in with them, because they may have a great idea that’s going to help support that independence that you’re looking for. Now, transitions to ask us to leave structures or people that support us on a deep and profound level can feel intense and overwhelming. But what I like about your horoscope is the determination and focus it’s flooding in, that’s going to really help you see these changes are not only overdue, but necessary for you to grow into your purpose. I do hope you have a great week, Aries I look forward to seeing you next time. Okay guys, that is everyone. I do hope you found some great tips or insights to help you work with this week’s Eclipse energy and really move forward into that path is calling your name. And just as a reminder, guys, don’t forget to go to astrology hub.com forward slash Sun Moon rising and pick up your free report. That’s gonna give you some great insight on not only your Sun Sign but your Rising Sign and your moon sign and it’ll definitely help you make the most of any horoscope that you’re listening to. I do hope you guys have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you for listening to astrology hub star signs horoscopes. If you’d like to easily jump to your personal horoscope, sign up to get a timestamp star sign episode emailed to you each Friday. Go to astrology hub.com forward slash star signs and sign up now. That’s astrology hub.com forward slash star signs

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