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The Solitary One

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Andrea Michelle Kennedy and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You'll learn…

🌑 About the four Royal Stars and particularly Fomalhaut, including why it’s called the Solitary One.
🌒 How Venus’s position as an Evening Star is impacting your experience of relationships – including your relationship with yourself!
🌓 What to expect from Mercury trine Mars and the wrap-up of Mars retrograde.

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0:00 Intro

3:12 Theme of the Week

8:53 Week Breakdown

39:18 Stillness and Receptivity

44:44 Andrea's Astrologer Connect Experience

49:38 Closing

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[00:00:00] there's something around where are we starting from? That's the key. Are we starting from our heads? Are we initiating something from our habits? Where are we initiating from? If we're initiating from that potential, and we're initiating from the deep feminine waters of PIs. Then we're aligned with both our feminine and our masculine energies. So I either or, this is, I love that this a huge invitation for us


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[00:00:44] Well, hello everybody and welcome. You have joined a worldwide astrological conversation that's happening here at Astrology Hub. Every week we're here on the weekly weather to get a read from a professional astrologer on the cosmic energies for the week. So that we can use that information to navigate the tides in our own lives.

[00:01:09] If you're new here, welcome, you may wanna go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell so that you are aware when there's additional, conversations happening here and that you can continue to join us in the future. And for those of you who tune in regular, . I just wanna thank you.

[00:01:28] Your support, your participation, your likes and your shares, your comments, all of it. It all enables us to get the wisdom of astrology out to more and more people. So for this, we are very grateful. Thank you for that. All right. Today we're gonna be talking about the astrology of February 20th to February 26th with Astrologer Connect Astrologer and previous inner circle guide, Andrea Michelle Kennedy.

[00:01:55] She has been here on our platform many times. We love Andrea, Michelle. I've had the pleasure of getting a personal reading from Andrea in the past, and she is so insightful and just so perceptive and bringing in an element of astrology that not all astrologers cover. The best way for me to describe it is some of the, more.

[00:02:18] Feminine or yin archetypes that are sometimes left out of the astrological conversation. Andrea, Michelle is amazing at identifying those in your chart and helping you to cultivate those aspects of yourself. So, Just a little bit about Andrea Michelle. She has been practicing since 2012. She focuses on the poetry of mythology and helping her clients find their true sole purpose.

[00:02:44] She has been a presenter for celebrated astrology conferences such as the Sky Astrology Conference and for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. She, like I said, has been an Inner Circle teacher here with us at Astrology Hub. She's also providing readings on our new reading. Astrologer Connect. All right, Andrea, welcome.

[00:03:03] It's so great to have you

[00:03:04] here. Thank you, Amanda. It's always special to be here with you. Thank you.

Theme of the Week

[00:03:09] All right, so as we're looking ahead at the week, what would you say is the overarching theme for this week, and why are you saying that?

[00:03:16] Okay. The overarching theme, I would say is the solitary one.

[00:03:24] Primarily it has to do with where the illumination began on the 19th of February at one hice very close to the fixed star foal hop, which is one of the royal.

[00:03:38] And it is also called the solitary one because it is in a part of the sky that there aren't a lot of bright stars at all. And the ancient astrologers had four stars that they felt upheld. The Heavens al Derin tares, foal, heart and regular. All three of them, the fryer ones, well, Alde, Regus, and Antares were close to the ecliptic.

[00:04:08] Foal hot is the only one that is not close to the so it was labeled the solitary one, but they had to have something in that corner of the sky, the south portion of the sky, and so they chose a star in the mouth of the, of the fish, which is underneath the water bear constellation, and is receiving the energies.

[00:04:29] The water that's being poured out from the urn of the celestial water bear. So there's also a theme of in being solitary. Really what I'm getting at there is the theme of receiving and how little we actually stay put to receive versus always constantly going out and getting and doing and trying to make things happen.

[00:04:54] That is actually. Quite a, it can be a lonely thing when we start to practice listening to our inner voice, cuz it oftentimes will tell us things that are different from what we're used to, from what other people are telling us, from what we're accustomed to doing or hearing or listening for. So it can feel very solitary when we really, really start to focus on our inner environment, our inner world as the source of our intelligence, the source.

[00:05:24] What motivates us, what our ethos is, what our values and the astrology of this week, I feel supports a new, the potential of a new relationship with honoring the inner voice, honoring the relationship with oneself first, even if that means distancing oneself from what our habits are, what others are doing.

[00:05:53] What we believe in our head we should be

[00:05:55] Wow. I that, that's a lot there. so, so solitary so that we can be in a receptive place. Yes. To receive the information that is truly our inner wisdom. Yes. And I mean it's interesting why we have so much resistance to that and why. We automatically think that's gonna mean sacrificing things that matter to us, Because, it is more that we will then be able to get in even deeper alignment, which does with what does actually. Bring us that deep sense of fulfillment and purpose and truth, and, but there's something in, I guess it's the ego, like wanting to say, no, don't do that because you're gonna have to give up all these things that you love, or all these people that you love.

[00:06:52] And it's like, no, actually if, if there's true love there, mm-hmm. Then. You won't actually, you'll only deepen in those relationships or deepen in those things in your life.

[00:07:03] Very good. Exactly. We're just, we're afraid to let go of what we know. That's about as simple as it gets. Yes.

[00:07:10] All right. And the reason you're saying this is because, can you say the name of that

[00:07:14] star again?

[00:07:15] Formal hot. Fo hot. I know it's hot.

[00:07:19] Is is the solitary star.

[00:07:23] In the mouth of the fish, which is underneath the water bear constellation. So it's in south latitude from the ecliptic. Okay. And, and

[00:07:31] but you were saying the four, the four royal stars, is that that's what it was, right?

[00:07:34] It's

[00:07:35] one of the four royal stars and it's one of the four royal stars. Yeah. It's at, right now, I think it's at three or four of degrees of Pisces Tropical.

[00:07:43] Okay. And it's the only one. It's the one that's further from the

[00:07:47] ecliptic? Yes. The other three are close, if not on the ecliptic. But they had to have something in that area of the sky, but there are no bright stars there.

[00:07:57] So the brightest one they could find was this one, the mouth of the fish. But again, I love it that it's receiving the water from the water bear constellation. Hmm. So it's brilliant.

[00:08:09] And, and the water from the water bear to you is,

[00:08:13] The water of life, the water of renewal, the water of our source, the water of, you know, some people do a one-on-one equation of the constellations with the signs.

[00:08:24] I don't. So some people would call it Aquarius, the sign of the Constellation of Aquarius. But I don't think there is a one-to-one correlation, especially since the pre recession. The tropical zodiac doesn't superimpose on the constellations like they once did. So, I call it the water bear. It's the celestial water bear.

[00:08:45] It's the, it's the image of the man pouring out of the ermm, the water, the waters of life, the waters of renewal.

[00:08:52] Hmm. Okay.

Week Breakdown

[00:08:53] So let's dive into each day of the week so we can get a little bit more context and also more ideas of how we can apply this, this into our life this week.

[00:09:03] Yes. . . Okay. So again, on Monday we've just had a new moon on Sunday the 19th, so the week begins technically on Sunday With a new moon at one Pisces, and it just left Saturn in Aquarius, It's also close to formal heart, which I mentioned, which is a derivation of the Arabic word, mouth of the fish. Okay?

[00:09:29] We start off the week with Venus entering Aries as well at the Lu Nation at the New Moon. She was at 29 degrees of Pisces, and that's her exalted sign is Pisces. But she's at the end degree, which always has attention to it because again, there's an idea of an attachment. To something like, I don't wanna let go because I don't know what's coming.

[00:09:52] I have the wisdom of the entire sign behind me that I know, and I'm confident that I know I might not know as much as I think I do. I don't know what's next. And especially the idea of the waters like Venus being at the very end of Pisces at the Lu Nation is the only thing missing is the receiving. The receiving of the waters in.

[00:10:15] That they exist already and are always available to be sourced from within me, right? So she's also just left Neptune. So while the New Moon is inviting us to ignite new potentials into manifestation, we may be unconsciously limiting the pool of potential based on prior attachments to what's So when Venus enters Aries on Monday, She's an evening star. She's been an evening star since December of last year, and she's continuing to get higher and brighter as an evening star, as the sun sets. so our feminine nature as an evening star, any planet as an evening star, is practicing, responding, manifesting, partnering, and delegating while maintaining a strong interconnection.

[00:11:09] Venus and er. With our personal agency and direct felt experience. So we're literally in this place, the beginning of the, the week of Venus practicing how to be in a position as an evening star, where it's about us, them, it's a unity, a unifying sort of. Versus a morning star where it's more ime mine, not in a bad way, but in a, in a more discovering one's agency.

[00:11:40] This is now Venus in the Tropical sign of Aries, practicing how to maintain a relationship with one's self very directly. As we are engaging with others, and this is what the solitary thing can feel like, it can be very difficult to maintain that interconnection with one with oneself without feeling like we're compromising a relationship.

[00:12:04] But it's really more the energetic imprints or safeties that we've cultivated of relating rather. It can be rather than true relating from a place of I am me, you, or you. Where's the third space? I also noted that on Monday, cuz as you mentioned, I work with some of the main asteroid goddesses.

[00:12:23] They're all in cardinal signs at this point. So there's a very strong initiatory energy of the f. The feminine can have her own agency and still maintain her interconnection to her source, which again, it often feels when we're really, really, anybody who's done some deep inner work knows that it can feel very lonely at times because we're constantly getting the pull, the seduction of.

[00:12:51] How we're habituated to relating with others how it should feel energetically comfortable, energetically, you know, aligned or harmonious. And sometimes there's an inner conflict that happens within ourselves when we're denying what's actually true for us inside. To have a relationship keep working on the outside in a particular way.

[00:13:12] We've all felt that, right? That inner kind of like, this doesn't feel right, but this is what I know. It happens so quickly. Right. Mm.

[00:13:20] Part of the challenge I've found is when I don't yet have the language to explain why it doesn't feel right. Mm-hmm. , so there can be, you know, a dynamic that's not quite, you know, it just, it's feeling off, but I, I don't know at that point how to communicate it yet.

[00:13:35] Yeah. So there's getting to the point of the interagency of. It just doesn't feel right. I don't actually know why yet. I can't actually language it yet, but there's something that's off. Yes, is definitely, it's definitely something I'm working on personally, but I just, I know that's one of the places where I get stuck, so I'll sort of stay in something that might not feel totally right longer than I should, because I don't have the words yet.

[00:14:01] Exactly. That's so beautiful. And we don't stay. And receive the discomfort in what's underneath a discomfort. We, we are so quick to try to make, to find a correlation of why yes, yes, and the opportunity to get underneath why we're uncomfortable or why we feel the compulsion to, to explain ourselves and we don't even understand really what it is ourselves.

[00:14:26] Yeah. Well, and that goes back again to this solitary one because in order to find it's, find that, or to, to sort of mine that part of ourselves, we need to be quiet and like listen and receive and be alone usually. Mm-hmm. in order to get to that place.

[00:14:46] Well, and it's, it's hard because we, you know, we're living as people and we're not out meditating in a cave. Mm-hmm. , we're living in a, in a world where we're constantly in relationships somehow, but how do we find the discipline, Saturn at the beginning of the Blue Nation to carry us through and know in our hearts when it's time to step away and be solitary, and when it's time to and have it.

[00:15:09] Tuesday we have the moon applying to a conjunction with Neptune and then forming a sextile to Pluto. This is on the 21st, so oftentimes the moon and Pisces. Can be sensitive to collective draws.

[00:15:24] Like it can pick up everything in its environment, right? It's water, it's, it's mutable. So it just kind of like it's picking up and we're very, you know, Pisces is very sensitive, especially Pisces Moon and especially hitting Neptune. So we may feel the tension and intensity of Pluto at the Anorectic degree of Capricorn.

[00:15:44] Again, we have this 29th degree, which is called the Anorectic That holds the whole. Weight of the sign energy that it's come from, and we have this, it's Pluto. So it's this deep, deep inner tension of the the past that we're all sensitive to this holding on to the past. So we might feel it more on this day because of the nature of just the Moon and Pisces and in a sex to Pluto.

[00:16:17] The sextile is an useful aspect. It's an aspect of harmony. It's often associated with Venus. If you had to make a correlation between an aspect and a planet, it has ave tion kind of quality to it, It's a harmonious aspect. So this is a good day to counter any negativity that what we might be receiving, especially through media.

[00:16:42] You know, it's a good day to turn. Any media that is hyping up the negativity, that's hyping up the fear that you might be more sensitive to really, really taking that information and making it personal and it heightens the fear.

[00:16:55] Then Wednesday the 22nd. So this is one I know that some of your viewers have been asking about, or the Mercury trying Mars. So it's been building since the beginning of the week.

[00:17:08] They've been in orb together, but today is the day that Mercury and Aquarius supplies to Arine with Mars and Gemini. Interestingly enough, there's a lot around this. It's so fascinating and I'll do my best not to geek out on the sky astrology part too much, but that's what I am. Mars is at the same degree of his opposition with the son back in December on Wednesday the 22nd, so that's huge.

[00:17:36] Mars was in the middle of his re retrograde period at that time. So, and he was retrograde. So, and we've all been through some hard lessons with Mars in Gemini.

[00:17:45] When he was Retrograding, there was a period of time when he stationed direct January 12th, where he literally traversed the same sky, not just by longitude, meaning the way we see it on the chart, but by latitude as well. Meaning it's like Mars is like plowing. If you can imagine plowing the same.

[00:18:07] Trough over and over again. So there's an emphasis there. So we might have been feeling for the past couple weeks, deja vu all over again, right? Where some of the same conflicts have happened, or some of the same arguments, or some of the same mind chatter, mental chatter has been showing up again. But the evolutionary purpose of this is now that Mars is an evening star again in that space of.

[00:18:34] Being with others, it's not just about me bringing more consciousness to how we do our Mars, because Mars is often very much how what we're choosing unconsciously, Mars and Aries, it's what we're default choosing, especially in our charts. Right? And so to bring more conscious awareness lovingly, especially with the trying with Mercury.

[00:18:58] To our thoughts, not to take them personally, to, to recognize that there's a lot of different ways, Aquarius, that we can be thinking about things not so fixed. It's like a, an energy with the trying of opening things up. Again, using a planet as a metaphor. Oftentimes the rine is associated with Jupiter, so there's this wisdom aspect.

[00:19:21] What wisdom have, we gained since Mars was at. Degree back in December when he was retrograde and we were in the thick of this Mars retrograde. What have we learned now and what can we share that we've alchemized in a way that we don't have to convince somebody? We don't have to try to prove our point, but how actually embodied are we and what we've learned that we can share our wisdom freely trying and receive?

[00:19:52] Be receptive to. What Mercury is sharing us with us now based on the wisdom that Mercury has gained from being through Capricorn when for part of Mars's retrograde Mercury being the dis of Mars and Gemini, and having traversed and gone over Pluto, there's something around Mercury being a psychopomp.

[00:20:20] To bring down to transduce the lessons of Pluto into its more immediate expression of Mars. Pluto can be seen as the higher expression of Mars, higher not being better, just being a higher Octa, Mars being the more immediate expression of the desire of Pluto. So, With Mercury's prior retrograde through Capricorn, how is Mercury disseminating in a way that's more palatable for our immediacy of our Mars?

[00:20:51] The lessons of Pluto.

[00:20:54] Wow, Pardon? Okay, so,

[00:20:57] so referencing back to December. Yeah. Some of the, the things that we've become aware of in our own mental thought patterns. Yes. And like sort of habitual thought

[00:21:11] patterns.

[00:21:13] And, and recognizing the distillation of the plutonian energy there. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, so, so what does that mean?

[00:21:22] I mean, how, how do we, like how will that show up? Like what are the kinds of things that might show up for

[00:21:27] us? Well, oftentimes Capricorn is history. So where have we been acting upon historical desires that may not be our. Ah, yeah, like, or historical ways of thinking that are just impulse, just automatic for us, that really are not sourced in something deeper than our history.

[00:21:50] Again, it's sort of this, with Venus doing what she's doing in the, in the idea of receptivity, are we available to mature? To be mature in our expression of our Mars, to be more aligned with and recognize that it's not. What we're doing in the world is not just for ourselves and to have the alignment of Mars with Pluto, the higher calling of Mars, to dredge beneath our history, Pluto and Capricorn, to get to a new availability to act upon what we've received.

[00:22:25] Through Gemini and to speak that clearly and to, so this is like a time now to like practice speaking any wisdom, any of the challenges that we've had from the prior Mercury retrograde disseminate wisdom when it's available for us, but to recognize and also make sure that we're not. It's how much of it is actually in us versus it just sounds good.

[00:22:53] Interesting.

[00:22:53] So what, how much of it is actually embodied? How much of it is actually ours? Yes. I'm also keep hearing the word should, like paying attention to the things that we feel like we should do because mm-hmm. , they've always been done or because they're somehow passed down as an expectation of us, but

[00:23:11] Yep.

[00:23:12] Should we

[00:23:13] actually do them? I mean like giving that sense to pause like, I do this because I think I should. But is this actually aligned with who I

[00:23:21] am right now? Right on. That's so that can be, so Saturn in Capricorn, I should, it's the right thing to do. It's also, it can be, a Libra thing, but basically it's, yes.

[00:23:32] And there is some questions that, I know that you all sent to me before about things that people might wanna know about how to work with the energy specifically for this week. Yes. Mercury and Mars are both personal planets, right? They're in arine, so there can be more conversation.

[00:23:49] It could be constructive criticism rather than harsh criticism. Right? Again, the rine energy is more fluid. It's, it opens, it opens dialogue. It's more spacious. So constructive criticism as opposed to just straight up criticism is one way it can manifest either through our choice in how to engage with others or what we receive from others, and again, because their personal.

[00:24:13] We can also pay attention to our inner dialogue. Has our inner dialogue changed? Are we still shoulding ourselves like you said, or are we, do we have more space to allow for something new to arise to, to have a new relationship with our minds that's more open and more spacious and not insistent on it being a certain way?

[00:24:33] Mm-hmm. or insistent upon certain conversations going a particular. Okay.

[00:24:38] All right. And so criticism in this week, I mean, what basically what I'm hearing too is that we may have the opportunity to offer. Constructive criticism. Just being aware of, of criticism that is intended to it. It's even hard to use the word criticism when it, when it's in a, yeah.

[00:24:58] Criticism to me. Just like, pretty much is not a positive. Right? Yeah. There's, there's feedback, there's, there's input. But criticism is, is usually pretty biting.

[00:25:10] Right. And constructive criticism is kind of like, A lefthand compliment kinda thing. Right? Same kinda energy. Yes.

[00:25:17] And, and just being mindful of doing it in a way that is with the intention to uplift or improve or find solutions or, and also making sure it's invited, right? That's the other piece.

[00:25:30] Exactly. Exactly. And, and if it's not reciprocated, are we okay with. Because this is the mature aspect of if we're really being generous with our wisdom, then there's no expectation that people are gonna take Ah, we literally are just offering it from our hearts. And if they don't take it, we're not offended. If we are offended, then it, we might have some agenda It's not gonna be so clean.

[00:25:57] Interesting. Love that. So Monday and Wednesday, feel both of them feel pretty big.

[00:26:03] Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So Thursday, we have a concentrated immediacy while the moon moves through Aries. So the moon is left Pisces and is now going through Aries and there's so many planets and asteroids. We have Venus, Vesta, Jupiter, Chiron, Juno, and Aris and the Moon. Also during her travels there squares Palace in Cancer and opposes series in Libra.

[00:26:35] So again, these cardinal feminine energies, there's an initiating . Quality of the feminine that's different. It's just a. What do you mean by that? Okay, so one of the things that I'm getting juice about Amanda, that's too much to talk about here, but I'll just introduce is the, what excites me is the fact the asteroid goddesses, sir Juno, anything past Mars in the asteroid belt.

[00:26:59] They have an agency that Venus herself doesn't have. In other words, because Venus is so close to the sun and between the sun and us, she can only get as far as about 48 degrees from the. Right, which is a, which is a semi square. Whereas the asteroid goddesses, because they're outer planets, they can perform an opposition with the sun.

[00:27:23] So they have a particular agency that Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the big boys out there have, but they have it as well. Mm. So they, they're their bridges between the feminine and the masculine, and the personal and the social, the societal. But there's just a, there's a level of agency that the feminine is bringing now that it's not an either or thing where the, the masculine is simply, action and the feminine is simply receptivity.

[00:27:56] There's more of a balance and an interweaving of the two that's coming.

[00:28:01] So when you say initiatory energy of the feminine, and you say the feminine has more agency you're, you're referring to basically a feminine approach to. Maybe for example, getting things done or starting a project or getting something off the ground, but from the very beginning, the energy or essence of it has more of the feminine qualities versus the way that we would think about it maybe in the past where kind of anything starting or initiating would, by virtue of the fact that it's starting or initiating, would be more masculine in.

[00:28:47] Well, it's, yes, there's something around where are we starting from? That's the key. Are we starting from our heads? Are we initiating something from our habits? Are we initiating something from our upper chakras but we're not connected to our lower chakras? Hmm. Where are we initiating from? If we're initiating from that potential, that place of potential Pisces.

[00:29:10] This is the from in the Pisces Lu Nation, and we're initiating from the deep feminine waters of PIs. Then we're aligned with both our feminine and our masculine energies. So I either or, this is, I love that this a huge invitation for us in this states. Yes. Not

[00:29:28] just, wow. And you're saying that because those asteroid goddesses that do carry a lot of the atypically feminine energy and astrology that they, they're further away from the sun.

[00:29:42] And they're, they can have an opposition to the sun. Explain that a little bit more.

[00:29:47] They can hold attention that Venus doesn't hold. Mm. They can hold, they can meet the sun.

[00:29:54] They can go where the boys Hmm. But they're not excluding the boys. It's just they're stepping up to the plate of, we have equal footing here. And I'm not talking just about, you know, women getting equal pay or whatever. I'm not talking about women and men.

[00:30:10] I'm talking about the masculine and feminine principles in all of us. Like we're just up-leveling. So much is in preparation for this Venus and Leo cycle that's coming, but we have to be able to receive. The dynamism and the creative juice that we have within us before we can actually start to own what Venus and Leo will manifest and be for us, the receptivity, the fu, the agency to choose to stay, to be solitary when necessary.

[00:30:39] Coming back to that theme, .

[00:30:41] Well, and it, it reminds me too, you're saying, you know, where is it initiated from and if it's res, if it's initiated from that more solitary inner agent receptivity, then it is already, it is already initiated from more of the unseen realm, more of the more of that divine nature.

[00:31:04] And then that's the place from which we take.

[00:31:07] Yes. Which is very challenging to do. It's not impossible, but it, it takes commitment. Yeah, absolutely. Okay. Yeah. I had this quote from, um, the Little Prince. Everybody probably knows this one, but it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

[00:31:28] Mm. Chiron in Aries. To me, there's so much about Chiron in Aries. One of the things, Aries rules the head and the eyes, so the wounding to our eyes, to our sight, Chiron and Aries. One of the beauty, the grace of beauty of, of Chiron and Aries is to discover where are we looking Rather than seeing, cuz looking has this, I'm moving out.

[00:31:56] It's an outward directed action. Whereas seeing has a more receptive a receptivity. So we need to find a balance before we can really look at something. We know. We have to be able to know how to see it first, and there's an internal seeing that has to happen to really, really see rightly with the heart.

[00:32:17] What is invisible. Seeing from that place of that depth, it,

[00:32:22] it seems like there's an equivalent with receiv. Because, or, or listening. Yeah, because we can hear, or we can actually listen and receive, which requires just a whole different level of presence.

[00:32:36] Hmm. Okay. Totally, so I'll just go on to Friday, so I'm gonna go into series a little bit here. And again, I know not a lot of people work with series. She's coming on so strong, so strong. Venus is opposing series who is retrograde and Venus is at five. Aries series.

[00:32:54] Retrograde is at five. Libra one. The initiatory qualities of series, and I use the word initiation and initiatory very, very specifically for series. She initiates us through loss. And you had mentioned something early on in this, Amanda, about it's like we think that we're losing something when we pull away.

[00:33:19] But it's really our attachments. We're really just starting to get honest when we pull away or pull our energy back, inwardly, we're getting honest with where we're attached to relationship, right? She initiates us into where we are still falsely attached, especially in Libra to relationships.

[00:33:39] So where may we be ready to cut our losses when relationships are no longer working, are we relating from a more superficial level rather than from a more heart attuned one? Right. So, especially since the moon on this day is also gonna conjunct the North node and square Black Moon Milth, which is retrograde in Leo.

[00:34:01] It's asking us to meet aspects of our feminine shadow. So where has it kind of been the relationship where there's an implied we have to do it together, or we can't do it, or I can't do it. Where, where and where is that? Can series can be really super codependency. Like in other words, where am I making you responsible for something I don't wanna be responsible for?

[00:34:24] And when you don't take responsibility, where am I resent?

[00:34:27] And the more that we can address things like this and when, when we work with the energies this week, the way I'm describing them, Amanda, it's really more of how we set the intention for the day within ourselves.

[00:34:37] It's less about what we can expect from the outside coming in, although it's, it always invariably there's an outside. Experience that will reflect something internally. But if we orient at the beginning of the day to where is this living in me and where can I develop more of a, a loving honesty around this, or a loving understanding or appreciation of this, I'm already in a much better position than just simply waiting for something to happen. Where are we nearly performing a role in relationships or within ourselves? It's a good thing to look at on this day.

[00:35:14] And again, series is a very, very powerful facet of, feminine wisdom, intelligence emerging in this time. And any of you who see me, on that podcast we did on Aris a year or so ago, knows I'm a big fan of Aris and series is huge in the Aris discovery chart series is with Iris's Moon. And it feels to me that the energies of Aris are.

[00:35:37] Our step down more through series, series is sort of a, an intermediary for the very powerful energies of Aris. They're coming online as the nodes later on this year move into Aries and Libra.

[00:35:50] Saturday the day begins with moon and tourist. Conjuncting Uranus and then squaring Mercury later on so we can observe where we get attached to visions or insights for their own sake yet may not add up to anything tangible in our lives. Again, this sort of theme of getting some really, really great downloads or great ideas, if they're not practical and they're not really applicable, it doesn't mean we should discard them right away.

[00:36:18] It just means let them sit, receive them. Receiving and letting them jest date, we don't give ourselves a lot of time to receive and jest date and something else that series is a big component of is, is cycles understanding the nation of cycles that we have to lay fallow and receive. And then there's a time to act.

[00:36:39] But we're such a culture that's all about acting and doing all the where do we give ourselves the opportunity to receive and let the seeds fall? And Percolate and Gest eight.

[00:36:49] And then Sunday the 26th, the moon will still be in Taurus and squares Saturn, and shortly thereafter, TRAs Pluto before it enters Gemini on its way to the first quarter So the last Lunation in Aquarius was close to Pluto and Capricorn. This Pisces Lu Nation is close to Saturn in Aquarius. So we've got these heavy hitters that are still kind of an undercurrent in both of these Lu Nation, So the reminders that whatever new things we initiate, we can't outrun the past. What we initiate will only have legs once we've reconciled with the past, however much we have, we don't have to reconcile with all of it, but to make an honest assessment of where am I just wanting to get something new or have something exciting happen and I'm really just running away from something, or there's something I really don't wanna So this configuration of moon squaring Saturn, trining, Pluto. Can also invite us to look at any unconscious attachments that we have to where we are shutting ourselves down prematurely. So where are we holding unconscious beliefs that we're not good enough, we're not smart, creative, fill in the blank enough where we're looking for the other shoe to drop, where we should ourselves, as you said, where we cut off our own creative flow because we start to get scared because we're starting to get out of our comfort zone.

[00:38:15] And then the, the inner voices that come in and say, oh, you can't do this. Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are? That's something that on Saturday is really, really important to look out for because if we really have genuine excitement in our hearts, that will lead us, that will show us the way, regardless of the naysayers in our own minds, regardless of anybody else that we share our excitement with.

[00:38:39] Who doesn't get it?

[00:38:41] and by virtue of the fact that it is invisible, if we are really receiving insights and visions and, and if we're really in that receptive place, then it's natural that people won't see it, that they won't get it the way that we do. Because in that moment, you're the one receiving the information the way you're receiving it.

[00:39:05] Yes. And so it's, it's by virtue of the fact that it is coming from the unseen and. It's not in reality yet that people won't get it. And I think just sort of counting on that is

[00:39:17] a good idea.


The Gift of Stillness & Receptivity

[00:39:18] So essentially if, if there was one thing that we could really focus on this week, it's like you said, starting the day in that place of relationship to self. Relationship to self's own voice and inner agency. And from that place going out into the world. And then as much as possible, reconnecting with that throughout the day and reconnecting with that inner wisdom.

[00:39:48] And if things feel off, taking the time and space to kind of,

[00:39:53] regroup with oneself. And often that requires that solitary moment. And I know as a mother of. Uh, young girls, lots of driving, uh, you know, running the company and all the different things that we're doing that it can be really hard Yes. To get that moment.

[00:40:13] And so I'm having to sort of, it feels like steel moments throughout the day. Like sometimes it is just in the drive. To pick them up from school or it is in the 10 minutes before I start my day, just taking a moment to be quiet before I embark upon, you know, all the million things that need to be, need to be done.

[00:40:33] Yes. And how different the day is when I allow myself those, those times. And so that sounds like just, it just needs to be top of mind, priority to. Listen, and that's the other thing I I, we aren't really taught in our culture

[00:40:50] How

[00:40:50] to receive. How to actually like, take information in and, and allow it to really permeate into us, and live there for a while before we even feel like we have to take action on it.

[00:41:03] There's so many things with just the, the, the concept of receiving that. It feels like we have so much to learn and I'll speak for myself. You know, it's not a thing that was, was highly cultivated in me growing up and I've had to really focus on cultivating it as an aspect of myself, which I, and I continue to focus on it.

[00:41:24] But yeah, I mean, how, what's your, what's your experience with that?

[00:41:28] It's because what you say, our whole culture is really kind of, On this trajectory to keep doing and not stopping it is very challenging. It doesn't feel comfortable.

[00:41:40] We're not accustomed to it. It feels like an affront. Emotionally. This is my experience too, like I move very, very fast most of the time, so for me to really still, I find I've had to work work, but just keep showing up. Keep showing up. Even if I don't feel like it on a given day, just keep showing up, slowing down, okay, I don't wanna slow down today, tomorrow, new day. And what I love, what you were just sharing about that is stealing those moments away.

[00:42:10] That's true creativity. It really is within the limitations. Of life to find ways to make things happen anyway, that is true creative power. That is personal agency in service to creative power. Mm. The other thing I was

[00:42:28] thinking as you were speaking, Andrea, is how we can practice receiving. So notice the times when maybe someone's even paying you a compliment or acknowledging something about you and, and, and if there's discomfort or, or if the natural reaction is a sort of like, Explain it away, or Oh, you know, and not really take it in, not really acknowledge the spirit or the essence of what the person is offering to you.

[00:42:55] Yeah, I, I've been talking to my daughters about this quite a bit because I've just noticed, you know, they're, A teenager and pre-teen, and sometimes, you know, someone will say something to them that they kind of like, oh, okay, thanks. And sort of like toss aside, it's like, wait, stop for a second. Receive what that person just said.

[00:43:15] Receive the spirit of what that person just offered to you. And it seems like if we can practice that in our relationships that then we. even better at doing that with ourselves and with our inner guidance and with the, you know, the information that we can receive from that internal place.

[00:43:33] Even sometimes describe it like, wow, thank you for that. That made me feel blank. That was such a, an, an amazing observation that you made of me. You know, whatever it is, and, and, and I, and I cherish that,

[00:43:48] yeah. Again, that's an external reflection of our ability to receive wi the wisdom and intelligence that's available to us all the time

[00:43:57] from, from source. Yes. And depending on our own unique wiring, we're all wired to receive differently, right? Mm-hmm. . So it might be challenging for us to acknowledge verbally what we just received from somebody.

[00:44:11] It might take a while, so we might shut down initially because we don't know how to receive it. But if we give ourselves some time, we might discover a few hours later, oh, now I have the space to. What was just said, and then I can go back to that person and say, wow, that really touched me. Thank you so much.

[00:44:27] So to discover our own receiving qualities, which is unique to us and our personal wiring through our charts, that's how we develop a relationship with receiving as it's. Wired through and as us our wisdom. I love that.

[00:44:42] Yes. Yes.

[00:44:43] Okay. I love this.

Andrea's Astrologer Connect Experience

[00:44:44] Thank you, Andrea. Michelle, you are amazing. I wanna ask you a question about your experience so far on the Astrologer Connect platform as an astrologer providing readings. How does it feel to be engaging with this community and, offering your wisdom through the platform?

[00:44:59] It is one of the most, if not the most, support. Environment for people of all levels of creativity, all levels of, of understanding, of astrology to heartfully bring themselves and risk learning from others. Risk sharing what they're learning, risk, what they're not understanding. It's such a beautiful, supportive space.

[00:45:25] And the way that they receive the, the guides is, It's literally like getting a lay put over, over and over again. It's just such a beautiful community. I love it. It's, and the Astrologer Connect platform. I've met some amazing, truly grateful and, fun people the platform. What's the

[00:45:50] biggest question that people are coming to you with right now?

[00:45:53] There isn't a specific question. Everybody has a different ask, but because I work with the soul's evolution, lot of people wanna know, am I doing what I should be doing, which in and of itself is like, . It's so, it's so hard to get away from the shoulds in our culture and what we do to ourselves.

[00:46:14] So one of the things that I do is I help people put down gently the shoulds, recognizing that they are doing themselves perfectly in any moment, and they're still more room to become more intimate with what I'm doing, maybe why I'm doing it, so that I have other choices. And that is what I do. No matter who comes to me, no matter what questions it's.

[00:46:36] where are we situated now? And what does that do for you when you sit with where you're at it potentiates the move into something greater, bigger, deeper. More, best .

[00:46:49] Beautiful. Beautiful. And like I said in the beginning, I've loved how you've helped me become aware of these, the more feminine archetypes within me, especially Aris and you know, some of the other asteroid goddesses, which.

[00:47:03] It's, it's a unique specialty and it really adds another dimension and flavor to your astrology chart to understand where these archetypes are showing up for you, what they're saying to you, what they're saying about you, what aspects of them you can bring into your life more consciously. Mm-hmm. , and I love learning about these different aspects of ourselves because then you can, you can call upon the energetic essence of them when you.

[00:47:29] You know when you need different, different capacities within yourself to meet life. Yes, we have all this available to us, and often we limit, we limit ourselves to what is obvious and what we know. Yeah. And again, by branching, by, by expanding the astrological chart and the astrological conversation, there's more and more aspects of yourself that you can sort of bring online, you know, and integrate

[00:47:55] into who you.

[00:47:57] Exactly. And I don't just pick new asteroids just cuz they sound cool. I wait and see what is activated in me and really coming alive and then I, then I use that as my cauldron of. Investigation. That's really

[00:48:11] obvious in the astrology that when that you embody and you've had a deep, you've had a deep conversation and communion with that energy.

[00:48:20] So you can speak about it in a way that's not from, oh, I read it this in a book, or this is, you know, my understanding of the energy. It's truly, this has lived experience of this energy and, and, and offering that to the other, to the person that you're, you're in

[00:48:36] the reading. To whatever availability I have so far.

[00:48:39] Thank

[00:48:40] you.

[00:48:40] Yes, yes. Okay. I wanted to actually just read one testimonial about your, your readings this came in through the survey that we send after people have a reading on the, the platform says, my reading by Andrea and Michelle was one of the most profound experiences of my life. So much of what I learned from her insights about my natal chart resonated with where I find myself now and I see more clearly how I can move forward in my life to grow, know, and meet the the call of my soul's.

[00:49:11] Great desire. I am still processing this experience, but I feel so full of gratitude, readiness, and love for this journey and for the grace of Andrea Michelle's presence and gift of insight in this reading. Yeah, receive that Andrea, Michelle

[00:49:27] about receiving. Yeah. Wow. That is, I, I just show up and do what I love, what's in my heart to share, and it's a gift.

[00:49:37] To share it with


[00:49:38] thank you. Well, we're lucky to have you on the platform. If anybody's interested in having a reading with Andrea Michelle, she is available on the platform. You can go to

[00:49:47] astrology, find Andrea Michelle, look at her calendar book something that works for you.

[00:49:57] Have an amazing experience with Andrea and Michelle as a guide, especially if you have questions about your soul's evolution. If you have questions about how these different, goddess archetypes are showing up in your chart, these are great questions to bring to Andrea and Michelle. So I wanna thank you for your guidance here this week.

[00:50:15] Thank you for helping us have some real juicy things to hold onto as we're navigating the energies and. Just thank you for being a part of our community, Andrea, Michelle, we're so

[00:50:25] grateful to have you. Always, always fun and a pleasure. Thanks, All

[00:50:31] right, and thanks to all of you for being here, for making astrology a part of your life.

[00:50:35] Cannot wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care everybody.

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