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This is your Horoscope Highlight for the week of February 28 – March 6, 2022 with world-class astrologer, historian, and author of The Cosmic Calendar, Christopher Renstrom.

This week, Venus will form its third and final conjunction to Pluto, bringing a conclusion to a broken tie or pledge that was initiated when the planets first met on December 11th of last year. With Mars also conjoining the differing planets, we are being pressed to review what our choices have cost us, and how we are going to make peace with what we’ve chosen.

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Christopher Renstrom 2:10
Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom And I’m your weekly horoscope columnist here on astrology hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about Venus’s third and final conjunction to Pluto on March 3. Maybe you remember these back and forth Venus Pluto conjunctions. The first Venus Pluto conjunction took place on December 11. Then Venus turned retrograde on December 19 formed a second conjunction to Pluto on December 25. And now after having come back out of retrograde Venus is passing back over Pluto on March 3, though, which is why I’m describing it as Venus’s third and final conjunction to Pluto in this particular passage. Now what do Venus Pluto conjunctions meet Venus Pluto conjunctions are very complicated affairs, because they often attract Venus, as you remember from previous podcasts is the planet of attraction in astrology. Venus Pluto conjunctions often have a tendency to attract darker sorts of romantic or entangled situations that might involve business or money as well. In other words, what a Venus Pluto conjunction will bring about often will occur as something like a love triangle, where you’re in a relationship and then suddenly you feel like you can’t live without someone else that you just met. Or maybe you’re the person in the relationship, and your partner or spouse has met someone that they feel like they can’t possibly live without.

Christopher Renstrom 3:54
So Venus and Pluto conjunctions have a tendency to bring out these sorts of love triangles, which can be very painful and very, very difficult. But Venus Pluto conjunctions also lend themselves to other different types of situations. Remember that in astrology, Venus is the planet of pledges. Okay, it’s the planet of betrothal, and what betrothal means literally is to be true to be true to to all or to be true to you. So Venus is the planet of betrothals, it’s the planet of being true to you being true to a pledge or promise that’s been made. So again, when you have a Venus Pluto conjunction, there can be this feeling of breaking ties in in a business situation. Maybe you’re you’re in a business situation, and suddenly you become enamored of another opportunity or an invite. And so you’re going to break ties with where you are right now, in order to go and pursue something that you become enamored with and and of course, Venus is going to rule over things that we become enamored with. And then what we can also have with Venus Pluto conjunction is a breaking of a pledge, you know that there’s this pledge that’s been made, and now I’m going to break it.

Christopher Renstrom 5:17
Now people’s reactions to these sorts of ideas or are, are really kind of like, really? And that makes a lot of sense. I mean, like, if we pledge ourselves to someone or to something, I mean, is that really a pledge that we make for life? Is it really a pledge that’s never revisited? Isn’t there’s such a thing as making a pledge, and maybe not knowing that the person that we’re pledging ourselves to is a creep, or a situation is exploiting us? Or, you know, there are circumstances that appear that that that change our feelings, and or our financial situation, you know, and so in, in that sense, one might say, Well, isn’t isn’t the breaking of the pledge worthwhile is someone supposed to stay in a relationship that’s bad for them more or a business situation in which they’re being robbed or exploited, I mean, of course, you go ahead and break a pledge. And those sorts of breaks in pledges are indeed, things that that occur and and do take place. But they are things that occur and do take place under different planetary configurations. Whenever we’re dealing with Pluto, the break in the pledge, the break of faith, the break of trust, has a Plutonian side to it. In other words, there’s more that’s going on underneath the surface. It’s much more of a dilemma. It’s much more complicated. And what’s going to be pressed here is really sort of one’s knowledge or one certainty in going ahead and breaking this pledge.

Christopher Renstrom 7:03
So in other words, if your response, for instance, around December 11, was like, Wow, what a hottie, I’m going to like leave this relationship and go after holiday. Okay, that’s not going to turn out well, not with Pluto involved, there’s going to be a moment of reckoning and, and it’s not going to be too great. But chances are that around that December 11, placement, leading to December 19, when Venus turned retrograde, what was brought out was a very powerful compulsion of wanting to be with that person or conviction that, you know, therein lies my destiny. So I’m going to break pledges with everyone I know and pursue it. Or, you know, this this conviction, this almost kind of obsession, because Pluto will always bring in life and death stakes. That’s why it’s never something as simple as like, oh, you know, there’s a hottie I’m gonna go run after them. There’s something much more life or death, about about what’s going on. And, and, and there’s a lot more angst. There’s a lot more agonizing, that takes place whenever we bring in Pluto, and we’re fighting for something that we feel that we cannot live without.

Christopher Renstrom 8:17
Okay, so So when Venus becomes inflamed in this way, by the dark fires of Pluto, there is this feeling of obsession or compulsion, like, like, I have to do this. I can’t live without this. And so I’m going to risk everything that I had. Now, some people might say, Okay, that sounds a little bit more fiery, more reckless, more rash. It’s not, because what I’m trying, what I hope to convey is this, this hunger, the Pluto will bring up this hunger, I can’t possibly live. Without this, I have to have this person, I have to have this situation. What I’m breaking my pledges to you because my future lies elsewhere. And I’m fighting for that life or death situation. So Pluto isn’t going to relinquish anything without a lot of pain. Pluto isn’t going to relinquish anything without a lot of very deep thought as to what the consequences of your actions are going to be. This is one of those moments where I’d like to bring up and remind you that Pluto like his brother, God and the Greek pantheon, Zeus or Jupiter. Pluto is a judge. Okay. And so, Pluto is is a judge of those who have descended down who’s round which is the underworld, and they’re going to be judged as to whether they’re righteous, or whether they’re guilty. If they’re righteous, then they will be released into the Elusyan fields where they will dance and frolic and play panpipes or hang out or whatever. If they have been found bad, they will be thrown into the belching pit Tartarus Okay, so So what we’re dealing with will have a lot of feelings of guilt, or shame, or I have to choose myself over you. I have to choose myself over this situation. I know I’m letting you down I’m shirking responsibility. I’m walking out on an obligation, but I’m choosing myself over this to to break this pledge. Okay, and Venus next to Pluto really does carry that kind of weight. But because we’re dealing with the retrograde you know, this wasn’t just a quick pass over Pluto. Okay, Venus passed over Pluto, turned retrograde, passed back over Pluto again, and is now on March 3, passing over Pluto for a third time. So there has been a lot of time to think about it, there has been a lot of time to roast in the fire, there’s been a lot of time to really contemplate whether this is the right action for you or not. And if this action is something you’ve done, how did you react to it? And if this action was something that was done to you, you were the one who was left? Or you’re the one who was abandoned? Or, or you were the one who’s who’s whose fidelity was was was was broken?

Christopher Renstrom 11:18
Okay, where are you about that, mentally and spiritually, and emotionally, you know, where are you in that space, these are the things that are coming up with this third and final pass of Venus after her retrograde over the place of Pluto. Something that we need to be very aware of, is first of all, sometimes we have to make choices that are not pretty. Okay. And this is a Venus Pluto thing. Sometimes we have to make choices that are not pretty choices where people are going to be hurt choices where we’re going to be hurt, or we’re hurting in the process of making this choice. Okay, so so there’s that. Sometimes the choices just aren’t pretty. Sometimes the choices are desperate. Sometimes the choices are survival. I mean, it’s a Venus Pluto conjunction, there’s a life or death intensity to, to, to what’s being faced here. So so there’s that, okay. But in addition to that, when we’re faced with a choice that makes us feel guilty, or bad, or ashamed, when where, where do we go? Where do we go emotionally? With that? Where do we go intellectually? With that? Do we say, Okay, this isn’t a great choice. I’m sorry, you’re hurt, I’m hurting too. And we leave it like that, and we let things play out. Okay. Or, or do we turn to a dark place? You know,

Christopher Renstrom 12:53
do we blame the person who’s who’s who’s holding us, or keeping us from following something that we want?

Christopher Renstrom 13:01
Do we, you know, if we’re leaving a relationship, do we say this relationship was horrible from the start? It was, it was, it was bad, it was a bad choice, and we’re a bad fit, and you’re a bad person. You know, a lot of times when we’re in a place of guilt, and when we’re in a place of shame, we, we smear the other person, we smear the glass, we smear the looking glass, so that it is dark, okay. And we’d look through a glass darkly, you know, everything about this relationship was wrong, everything about this, this this job was was dreadful. Everything about this contract was, was was was put together in such a way as to exploit me and to hurt me and so I am breaking about this, everything about you or this situation. Awful, you know, and, and so Pluto and Venus together can get like that, it can get very, very dark, and it’s getting dark in such a way as to make the break. Okay? You know, it’s a way of justifying the brake. And it’s very hard to not go there. You know, it’s very hard to not go there, when you know that you’re causing someone else pain, you know, you you, you want to strike out against the pain, you know, and you want to make that pain, stop, stop and you want to, like blame that person, you know, or if you’re being left, it’s, it’s very hard not to go there to, you know, you know, yell at the person, you know, Trader betrayer you know, you’re breaking my heart, you know, a curse upon you and you’re following generations. I mean, they do that all the time of great plays. And it doesn’t turn out well.

Christopher Renstrom 14:51
But but but it’s very hard to not do that. Okay. And Pluto is a fascinating planet. Whenever you see Pluto’s appearance in Greek myths, and he doesn’t show up a lot, okay? He doesn’t show up many times. But when he does show up, there’s always a sort of knowingness to Pluto, that that people often mistake as, um, you know, verboten, you know, forbidden or even cynical, you know, there’s a sort of cynicism, you know, to Pluto. And what it is, is that Pluto is the lord of the underworld, he, he looks at things from the point of view of roots, you know, I mean, like, we’re on the surface world, so we look at trees, and we celebrate their leaves and, and, and, and their branches and their fruit and the things that they give us. But Pluto is in the underworld. So he’s underneath the trees, and he looks at the roots, you know, he sees the roots of trees, and he sees the roots of actions, okay, he sees the roots, and the agendas and the motives that we don’t see, you know, he sees where they’re coming from. It may be from a past moment, or maybe from a past generation, but this is the world that Pluto lives in, he sees how things are going to play out, not in an all knowing way. Okay, not in a in a sky god way, a Jupiter way. Like, I can see how things will play out, you know, sort of way, he sees how things are gonna play out because he sees what the seed of that action was, he sees how the route came out and spread and he sees where it’s going to go much further than than the person who was pleading with him or who was making their case, whether it’s Orpheus pleading for Euridyce, or whether it’s Demeter are pleading for the return of her daughter, Pluto can see how it’s all going to play out. And it’s not from prophecy. It’s not from for knowledge, it’s from an intimate awareness of history, roots and seeds, where things are coming from, and then intimate knowledge of what people aren’t looking at what they’re trying to avoid what they’re trying to, you know, look past as if they’re with whistling past the graveyard late at night. You know, Pluto knows all of these of these things.

Christopher Renstrom 17:22
So what’s very important is that is to also remember astrologically the function of Pluto in astrology, the function of Pluto, and astrology is our is, is the growth of our seed self. And that seed self is that self that that we grow out of, it’s not our unconscious, the seat itself is and it’s not our ego, it’s almost like that the closest way of really sort of translating it is the will to survive over the will to live. But it the seat itself is that part of ourselves that’s going to grow out in all directions, and in ways that we never anticipated. It’s, you know, you know, at the age of seven, you don’t know who you’re going to be at 37 or 52. You know, and, and so it’s that seed self. And then when you’re at 37, or 52, you look back and you say wow, I never knew that I was going to grow in this direction, or that this was going to, you know, capture the focus of my life or anything along those lines. That’s that’s Pluto, what we carry around in our gut, okay, what we carry around inside of ourselves that that that seed self.

Christopher Renstrom 18:31
So it’s Pluto. Astrologically is the planet of ordeals, and the transformations that arise from them. And it’s very important to remember that whole title, it is ordeals and the transformations that arise from them. In other words, it’s not just transformations, you know, everyone wants to skip ahead with Pluto and be like, transformations. You know, like, I used to be, you know, mousy haired and overweight. But I’ve gone through a transformation. I’ve dyed my hair blonde, and now I’ve got a fabulous figure and I’m, it’s a new meet. No, it’s not like that transformation is what arises out of ordeal. Oh, it’s what arises out of that descend down into the underworld, or into hell, which are all things that we have experienced in our lives whenever we’ve dealt with a Pluto transit. Sometimes, sometimes we may not come back from that the heartbreak may be too much or the failure too heavy and but sometimes it’s that dissent that empowers us to be reborn, and to come back in a way that’s different but familiar. And that’s so much more ourselves than we were before. And we we also carry a kind of infernal knowledge, a dark knowledge that comes from having gone through that experience. So that’s where you are with this third pass of Venus over Pluto this this week. You are emerging from, you know, did it end in a breakup? Didn’t not become a breakup? Did you move on to another situation? And are you carrying great regret or fear?

Christopher Renstrom 20:13
Or did you have to? And and you’re carrying that kind of resolve and that feeling of like, you know, having let people down, like how have these broken trusts? How have these broken pledges, how have these scorned agreements played out in your life? Were they things that were necessary? Or were they things that have brought more difficulty, and more turmoil? Because Venus, Venus is the planet of peace. Venus is the planet of treaties of truces, of pledges of those agreements, this is what she stands for. And as I said earlier, sometimes we have to make amendments to those. And sometimes we break them without really understanding what was really at stake. Okay. And this is the question that that Venus is asking. And the question that I would be asking, is, how’s that working for you? Um, you know, I mean, you know, was, was it? Was it a worthwhile break? Was it something that really was important? Or is it something that, you know, you, you’re not sure if that’s right, or is it something that you’re still struggling with? You know, and and if you’re still struggling with the realization that that opportunity, or that time has passed, and that you perhaps are going to have to live with the relationship, you were thinking of leaving the job, you were thinking of leaving or the neighborhood you were thinking of leaving the family? You were thinking of leaving? And how is that going to sit with you? You know, are you going to resent them? You know, or are you going to, in the spirit of Venus, make peace, make peace with that situation? So what you’re being invited to do with this third and final pass of Venus over Pluto, which also is a conjunction to Mars, so, so that’s, that’s tumultuous, you know, this is not an easy passage. This is tumultuous, what was the cost of those treaties, those truces, those pledges, those betrothals, the Mars and Mars and Venus both conjoined Pluto on the same day, before they pass into Aquarius, which is an entirely different zodiac sign on March 6. So So, so how you doing with that, you know, what are these feelings? And for those of you who feel like you had to stay with the situation, how are you going to make peace with that? You know, and how are you going to turn a situation where you were looking through a glass darkly, into a situation where you are looking through a glass clearly