The Power of Self-Reflection: What Lies Within? w/ Astrologer Henry Seltzer

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Going beneath the obvious

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Henry Seltzer and Amanda β€˜Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

πŸŒ‘ How the energy will shift as Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow.
πŸŒ’ How to find the wisdom that may be hiding inside your deepest wounds.
πŸŒ“ When to expect major revelations during this week.

Chapters πŸ“Ί

0:00 Intro

2:12 Theme of the Week

6:53 Week and Transit Breakdown

10:02 Mercury’s Shadow Period

12:29 What is a Shamanic Planet

20:06 A Look at Septiles & Quintiles

31:30 Summary

33:28 Henry’s Mastery Class

40:47 Closing

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[00:00:00] It’s important to, you know, when you have these clues come, we have a tendency to throw them away. You know, if, if something comes up and it doesn’t seem to match your preconceptions, um, sometimes we can make the leap and. I’m gonna take a second look at this.


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[00:00:30] Configuration to be looking at in terms of how are these last two weeks gonna unfold? You know, the, not, not exactly two weeks.

[00:00:36] Well, yeah, it is about two

[00:00:37] our channel. Welcome. We’re so happy you’re here. You have just

[00:00:40] after the, To our channel. Welcome. We’re so happy you’re here. You have just joined a worldwide astrological conversation that’s happening here every week. Thank you to all of you also who have already subscribed to our channel.

[00:00:50] Those of you who hang out with us every week, leave your comments, share episodes with your friends and family. We are so grateful for you. Because you are instrumental in helping us get the wisdom of astrology out to the world. So thank you for that. Right now we are talking about the astrology of February 6th to February 12th with astrologer and Future Inner Circle astrologer guide Henry Seltzer.

[00:01:15] I just loved the episode we did with Henry a few months ago, and from all of your comments, you loved it as well, so we were very excited to bring him back into the conversation. This. A little bit about Henry. He is one of the legends in the field. He has a graduate degree in linguistics. Studied computer science at M I T.

[00:01:32] He has been practicing astrology since 1975. He created the time passages, astrology software that I’m sure many of you have on your phones or have on your computers, and he has written. On the 10th planet, revelations from the astrological Aris, and he wrote the ephemeris of Trans Neptunian, K v o planets.

[00:01:55] So we are so lucky to have you here, Henry. And just, I, I just love the wealth of experience and wisdom that you get to share here with as a astrology hub.

[00:02:05] Oh, well, thank you so much. All right. Being

[00:02:07] here as well. Yeah. Okay.

Theme of the Week

[00:02:09] So let’s look ahead at this week. What would you say is the overarching theme?

[00:02:15] Well, I would say it’s like a multiple theme in a way because, as the week goes on, I think it changes. , just at the very beginning of the week, we’re coming out of the February 5th Full Moon, which is a big one, and which also emphasized Uranus. That was at 16 degrees of, of Leo, the full moon, 16 degrees of Aquarius, the Sun.

[00:02:35] And here we have, Uranus at 15 degrees of tourists. So that’s the T-Square to both. So it’s pretty prominent. Uranus, and we might even remember back to November 8th with this, this full moon happened just before the week begins. Of course, it’s on Sunday. But I wanted to say that thinking about Uranus, you know, that was actually really the theme of that November 8th lunar eclipse, right on election day where Uranus was really kind of emphasized and there were some progressive.

[00:03:06] Factors. You know, Uranus was there, it was square Saturn at that time back then, and U Uranus really kind of won out over Saturn in a way, if you look at the election results. So it’s kind of interesting to think back to then and to realize that Uranus is still an important factor, even in these current skies.

[00:03:23] So

[00:03:23] you’re saying that we’re having a certain energy at the beginning of the week that shifts a little bit towards the end of the week, and the beginning of the week is still in the aftermath of the full moon energy that we just experienced? Well, absolutely.

[00:03:37] And so really the whole week is colored with that Uranus flavor.

[00:03:40] But then as the personal planet’s, Change aspects. I think we got into a little bit of a darker place. Hmm. Not, not necessarily in a bad way, we’re going to depth within us. You know, I’m not so sure at the very beginning with all that Uranus emphasis, there’s much of depth, you know, but it gets, to me, it gets deeper and deeper as we go through the week

[00:04:00] And for people that don’t understand what Uranus energy feels like, what, what’s emphasized. Right now. Right. Well,

[00:04:08] I just was thinking, of course that’s our shorthand to say Uranus, but you know, Uranus, we, we always say surprising things, surprising events, unexpected events, unexpected outcomes. And then of course, surprising revelations.

[00:04:22] And what I, what I love, uh, when I characterize Uranus is I love the line from the Grateful Dead. Once in a while, you can get shown the light and the strangest of places. If you look at it, .

[00:04:34] Uh, I love that. Okay, so surprises, surprising events, revelations. It’s like the light gets turned on in new areas for us and we

[00:04:44] have to be open to it.

[00:04:45] That’s the thing. I mean, sometimes we get so caught up in our logic of consensus thinking and where everybody seems to be going. Quote unquote normal that we forget to look when these things come up, you know? So it’s important to try to be open in this timing. Okay. As open as we can.

[00:05:02] And, and are you saying that this surprising type energy that people may have already experienced because we just came off the full moon, are you saying that we couldn’t anticipate more of this type of revelation energy throughout, like we.

[00:05:19] Well, throughout the week, I, I would say, you know, to me, um, the nation cycle is a 30 day cycle, starting with the New Moon, and then the full Moon is that halfway point. And also is an important configuration to be looking at in terms of how are these last two weeks gonna unfold? You know, the, not, not exactly two weeks.

[00:05:36] Well, yeah, it is about two weeks. Sure. The 30 day cycle, and then the last 15 days is after the, Henry,

[00:05:43] if you had to give a phrase for, to encapsulate then this, this weekly energy, what would you say it is? What’s, what’s like the overarching theme change or surprise or, or

[00:05:55] what is it? Well, revelation more, I mean, I, I think there’s a lot of in-depth, um, because of outer planet configurations, it seems, seems to me there’s a lot of looking inside our.

[00:06:08] And, and trying to understand what we find there. It’s, it’s not, it’s not evident. You know, it’s maybe the best keyword for the whole week is lack of, uh, obvious and, and more what’s underneath the obvious, you know, what, what do we have going on inside ourselves, which really colors our behavior. Now, the unconscious underneath the.

[00:06:29] Yeah, so we’re gonna have an opportunity for the light to be shown on some subconscious, maybe thoughts or habits or patterns or or things, issues in our life, and have some deeper contemplation about these things. And potentially transform with them. I think that’s really good. Okay. All right. Great.

Week & Transit Breakdown

[00:06:53] So let’s, let’s take a walk through the week.

[00:06:55] Can you walk us through the transits of each of the days and things that we need to pay attention to on a daily basis this week? Well, the

[00:07:03] thing that I think is quite interesting is the Mercury Transits, because Mercury in that full moon is at 22 degrees of Capricorn, but then of course, mercury is now moving forward.

[00:07:13] You know, the other thing is Mercury actually doesn’t escape its retrograde shadow completely until. Around the middle of the week, well, not the middle, but the seventh is the day that Mercury reaches the 24 degree mark. So it starts with a full moon on the Sunday, which is before, before Monday, but, and then, that’s a 22 and a half, but then it reaches the 24 degree mark, which is important because that’s the degree it started the retrograde, you know, the retrograde began, uh, back, um, you know, about five weeks ago.

[00:07:44] And then the three week time is when it, you know, did turn direct on the 18th of January. But, uh, since it started that 24 degree mark until it catches up to the 24 degree mark, we consider it the retrograde shadow. And to me it’s still a little wildly, you know, until we get to that point that it’s, and so, to me, this is a very big week because after, you know, nearly five weeks of the retrograde cycle, from the very start of it, On the 29th of December, we are now finally getting to the end of the retrograde shadow.

[00:08:13] So it’s really kind of a, a time of launching forward in that sense. You know, we’re, we’re kind of, we’ve been thinking about things, we’ve been reviewing, rehearsing, you know, all the things beginning with re and that is finally, drifting away this week. So it’s, it’s been getting gradually a little bit simpler and more straightforward.

[00:08:30] But now that Mercury is sitting the 24 degree mark, it’s important. But then the funny thing about that 24 degree mark, you see, Saturn is a little bit further now. It was right there, but Neptune is still at 23 degrees of Pisces. And then I believe that Eris is very important at 23 degrees of Aries.

[00:08:47] So as it gets past 22, right, even at the very beginning, it’s aspecting both of those. So we have a little bit of an neptunian flavor with the. Mercury being sextile to Neptune as the week begins, and also though it’s square to ear, Eris, which is about taking action now. Eris and Aries, has been all all about it to the extent that it participated in everything.

[00:09:10] A sense of we need to take action. Individually from our own individual perspective, it’s a feminine warrior energy and supportive sole intention. So it goes to depth. It’s what you have to find out what’s deep inside you, what it is that you really cannot not do, and that consciousness is part of this week’s.

[00:09:27] Transits with Mercury kind of, uh, interacting with that, even though it moves pretty quickly and goes beyond it. Um, it’s still interacting with that and then finally interacting with Pluto at the end of the week on the 10th. So I think that transition from Mercury with Neptune , and then, also there’s aspects to Chiron , which is another depth planet of Shaman Planet.

[00:09:49] And then when it gets to, Pluto, you know, that’s, it’s all these, these are all kind of brief touches because it. Buy pretty fast, but I think it does take us to a consciousness of some of these depth processes deep within.

[00:10:01] I have

Mercury Shadow Period


[00:10:02] a couple questions for you. Go for it. I know that the shadow period as a concept for any retrogrades is somewhat debated in the field of astrology.

[00:10:13] There are some astrologers who say, yes, that shadow period where the planet is getting back to the degree where started the retrograde, right? Is that it’s, it’s the degree where it Yes, absolutely.

[00:10:25] It’s recovering a slow dal.

[00:10:28] Yeah. Oh, it’s recovering. It’s lost zoia ground. I love that. What’s your opinion on that?

[00:10:33] I mean, obviously you, you use it in your astrology. Why do you use the shadow period

[00:10:38] and, you know, I tend to use it very deliberately with the, the Mercury retrograde. I mean, it just seems to me that that’s just what I’ve experienced. We know that Mercury retro has a certain feel to it. You know, we, we have misconnections.

[00:10:50] Uh, sometimes mechanical breakdowns, things that we didn’t have any idea was gonna do that. And it does that , you know, and we go, whoa. . And, those things have been happening and they, they, for me anyway, and I think for a lot of people, and they seem to keep happening. If you think about it, the moment of the actual station, which was the 18th, and some astrologers are kind of content with that.

[00:11:09] Well now Mercury’s going direct again, you know, it was retrograde motion. Now it’s direct motion. Well, that’s true to an extent, but I think it’s a fal shift or an energy shift without it being the end of. Thing that we are associating with the Mercury retrograde experience, because you think about it at that moment of the direct station on the 18th of January, it was Mercury is is still, it’s Jed’s still in the sky.

[00:11:32] It’s not really moving. And that’s the whole thing with Mercury moving backward or moving forward and finally getting to move it, it’s normal speedy direction. You know the messenger of the gods, you have those little wings on the feet of, of Mercury in the in. Mythology, you know, the Greek mythology and, to me, until it’s moving faster again, it, our, our thoughts are just kind of, they don’t always connect

[00:11:53] Hmm. I would love to take this opportunity to invite any of you in the chat to share your experience. Did you feel the shift in mercury retrograde energy on the 18th when it went direct? Or have you continued to feel some of that mercury retrograde type energy up until now?

[00:12:14] I think it’d be really interesting to see if people are having the shadow experience quote unquote or not. And um, part of it is just paying attention to, to what’s happening. And obviously you’ve been paying attention to it for a long time, so I, I’m curious to see what people have to say.

What is a Shamonic Planet?

[00:12:29] Also, another question, you, you quickly mentioned that Chiron is another quote unquote Shamonic planet.

[00:12:37] What’s a

[00:12:38] shamonic planet? I kind of go with Daniel Giamario on this, who, calls himself a Shamonic astrologer and he, he likes to talk about the actual physical experience of watching the night sky and things like that.

[00:12:49] And, you know, Kyron is so important, you know, it really gets to our inner wounding, which is another way of looking at the same thing really. What is shamanic except for, going to another dimensionality, which includes more the unconscious. I believe the unconscious is just so important and what’s buried there.

[00:13:08] You know, the funny thing is we don’t really understand it all that well. We have glimpses or sometimes dreams. You know, dreams can be very revealing about life-changing events that are going on in our, that we don’t even completely. Tune into until maybe later we look back on it and we see the, the movement there.

[00:13:26] So I think just tuning into the unconscious is so important and really kind of a recipe for health. You know, if you can get a little bit more synced up with your unconscious and feel in it, you know, feel friendly toward it. And they say, especially with Chiron, especially with inner wounding, the trauma, that there’s an early childhood.

[00:13:45] and the tendency is to avoid thinking about it, especially when we’re young. Many times, you know, we, we don’t have the facilities for handling it when it comes at that time. And so it becomes a sort of a trapped, complex. It can kind of take us over from below, as it were. And, so becoming more friendly toward it.

[00:14:06] It’s one thing just accepting your. You know, I think as we grow, a lot of us, don’t wanna look at that when we’re younger and then we gradually recognize, oh, that’s what humans come with. Flaws. You know? I mean, it’s just like, that’s the way we have it. You know what, uh, the famous line from Leonard Cohen is Kraken.

[00:14:25] Everything. That’s how the light gets in. You know, that there’s a way that we can see that as almost. And with Kyron, you say also that it’s a treasure, a talent. It gives you compassion toward others. And once you get past that, avoidance stage where you’re really trying to be more aware of your.

[00:14:43] Trauma, whatever that might have been, and make friends with it and say, oh, there’s that coming up again. When you see it as a habit pattern, you gradually, with Kyron, it’s always changing. You gradually get past it, so it’s not like it’s a prescription that is gonna be, that’s it for your life, whatever that might be.

[00:14:59] It could be Kyron with Venus, which is usually relationship issues. It could be kyron with Mercury, which is not feeling confident in your speech patterns or that you can articulate well or. Say your, your truth. Kyron with the son is always a father wound. Kyron with the moon is always a mother wound.

[00:15:14] It’s really characteristic these, these things and so, and Kyron with Jupiter is very interesting. It really is the. Difficulty with your own belief system, different from your parents’ belief system. And if they tried to push theirs, that becomes kind of a wounded place. You know, it’s like, I’m sorry, but I have to go a different way.

[00:15:32] I’m so sorry. It’s so painful for me. I can’t recognize where you’re coming from. And, and that be my, my beliefs. I have my worldview is different than that. So that’s a kind of a thing too. So anyway, all these different chi wounds, we grow out of them only by paying attention to them, only by being with them.

[00:15:49] And then, uh, moving beyond them. So it’s important so that when you say shamanic, there’s a healing principle involved to it. To go back to the beginning, what I said, when Daniel talks about the shamonic, planets, he refers to both Chiron and to Pluto, and then also to Iris. Now, because Iris is also out in the Kiper belt, along with Pluto, that, you know what I came up with, which a lot of astrologers have said they really like this.

[00:16:14] Not only do we have as above, so. We have as farthest out in the solar system, so deepest within the psyche.

[00:16:25] I love that. I love that. Wow. You just said a lot of amazing things right there. So it’s, it’s incredible to me that the Chiron wound is somewhat. Predictable and almost prescribed in our chart.

[00:16:40] You know, it’s like you’re gonna come and work on this core wound. One of the things that it seems to me is that these Chiron wounds, they feel really personal and they may have a personal story attached to them, and yet they’re very collective as well. So those like deep feelings of like. Fear of abandonment, for example, or fear of rejection or.

[00:17:06] Yeah, that, that sense that you’re ultimately alone or you know, these, some of these things that, uh, it seems like Chiron is associated with. It’s like, I think universally we share those as human, as humans. And from what I’m hearing from you, each one of us has these like little flavors of it that come through different storylines in our life.

[00:17:28] Maybe it’s with the mother, maybe it was with the father, maybe it’s with our. Right.

[00:17:34] And peers. Yeah. Siblings. Could be peers. Siblings,

[00:17:36] exactly. In the Venus one, and what you were saying earlier about how certain things happen in our lives when we’re younger and we don’t have the capacity to deal with them, then, so we avoid them and we don’t.

[00:17:49] Speak to them. It, it’s really interesting having children and watching as certain things happen in their lives, and it can be totally unintentional. Maybe some kid at school said something or maybe some teachers said, made an offhand comment and how deeply the children feel it. But then you can see that, that, that like they, they don’t, they don’t know how to deal.

[00:18:14] So it would, you know, go ahead. Go

[00:18:16] ahead. Well, I was gonna say, that reminds me of, I, I, I, I’m close friends with a guy that used to work with teenagers quite a bit, and he said something very, very interesting to me that there’s also what we bring to it. In other words, you’re talking about the experience of children, right?

[00:18:29] So they have a potentially traumatic situation could be that their mother had to leave or something like that, or, or the death of a parent. You know, these things can absolutely drive us into the ground and we may not never recover as a kid or. There’s a way we can rise above. And he says it really completely depends on the kid.

[00:18:48] You know, there are children that can kind of absorb it and move on and integrate it and so on. And it depends a lot on the strength of character or you might say, um, the resilience of that, of that person, that child. Wow.

[00:19:02] Yeah. Okay. So much there. And it sounds to me like this is a week where we may be becoming more aware of our own inner wo, those inner wounds, and there’s light being shown on those so that we can.

[00:19:16] Revisit them as adults with different perspective and different tools and new awareness, and like you said, potentially with the shamanic experience, shaman type experiences of really feeling these things transform through them.

[00:19:33] Yes. I mean, I’m thinking more of the end of the week on the 10th, or it’s, I don’t know if it’s the fullest end, but, at that point, there’s a brief, sun, subtile to Chiron.

[00:19:43] Mm. And at the same time, mercury is also quintile to Chiron on the same day, on the 10th, and then Mercury, as at the same time as it’s becoming. Connected with Chiron briefly through that quintile. It’s also conjunct Pluto . So that’s why I say we’re heading into this kind of place where we, we may have a chance to look into our darkness and get some, some help with that, some revelations.

A Look at Septiles & Quintiles

[00:20:06] So, Henry, clearly you, you use subtitles and quintiles in your astrology, and I know. For some people do and a lot of people don’t because they just don’t know about them. .


[00:20:25] Have you

[00:20:25] heard of this? Oh, I, I know that Rick is so beautiful about that. He, he, he makes the statement I would no longer, I’m sure he is gonna say it when you, he has his class. I, I, I know more would work with a client without Quintiles and Peptiles than it would without, squares and oppositions.

[00:20:39] Exactly. So, yeah. Exactly. So he’s gonna be teaching that class. If any of you are interested in, in going to that level, in your own chart interpretation, looking at yourself, and looking at other people’s charts, you can still join us at

[00:20:51] astrology Three, the number that’s astrology three.

[00:20:59] Rick merlin Levine is gonna be teaching that, and it’s gonna be an amazing class. And you don’t have to have taken Astrology Foundations one and two in order to be ready for it. If you know how to look at charts now and, you know, squares in oppositions and, and, uh, conjunctions and, you know, the, the, the basic aspects, this will just be taking it to.

[00:21:20] Another layer of chart interpretation. So when you, when

[00:21:24] there they really are accurate. You know, I, I found in my work with the, new planets, you know, with the iris and now, now with Hal Machi Machi that I’m doing this research, they absolutely count and parallels. I would’ve to say parallels and contra parallels.

[00:21:36] You know, all those ways that the planets interact, have been shown to me through, through here, what I’m expecting to find Iris. Sometimes I find it through a quintile or a Quin. And that’s the way it shows up. But I knew that it was gonna be there somewhere, you know?

[00:21:50] Wow. Yeah. And, and, and if you’re listening to this going, what the heck are they talking about?

[00:21:55] This is way over my head. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get there. Like, it’s okay.

[00:21:59] It’s not like that complicated. It’s, it’s a fifth. I mean, you know, we, we talk about squares and we know no squares are important. It’s a 90 degree thing, and it really is a very, it really stands out, you know, it’s certain number of signs, three signs, but um, it’s just by dividing the 360 degree circle by four.

[00:22:15] you divide it by five, you get 72, and you look at that 72 degree angle, which is a quintile, and it really does come to a meaningful, um, connection.

[00:22:24] It’s one of the things I love about astrology is it, it, it, it continues to reveal itself and its wisdom in layers. So I, I feel like people just, when you’re ready for one thing and, and it’ll, it’ll be there.

[00:22:36] And then when you’re ready to take it to the next level and the next level and the next, and it seems endless. I dunno if

[00:22:42] ending, I was just gonna say that. No, no, no. Stopping of the levels. .

[00:22:46] There’s no stopping, which is amazing. I mean, I think it can feel overwhelming to people, uh, especially when you’re first starting out, but then there’s a certain just, okay, I’m gonna relax into this journey and enjoy it.

[00:22:55] You’ve been doing this for a very long time and I know that you still enjoy it, which, It’s, it’s brilliant. It’s brilliant to see.

[00:23:03] Okay, so I think we’ve really only specifically talked about Monday so far, . So if we can go through the rest, that would be great.

[00:23:11] Mercury does, um, make a sextile to Neptune, exact sextile on the sixth. And, you know, it’s interesting because I do think that the influence is a little bit more like a day before or day after.

[00:23:23] Especially with a planet like the Sun or Venus. Mercury’s a little faster than that, but it still hasn’t quite recovered yet. So it may be, , a day or two on either side or a day on either side. And then, um, Venus is sextile to Uranus on the seventh. And that’s very interesting because that is the same day that we say that Mercury finally gets to 24 degrees Capricorn escaping its retrograde shadow.

[00:23:47] And at the same time, we have this kind of revelation that comes to us with. Venus Ru, which rules Taurus, which, uh, U is in Taurus being sextile to, to Uranus also. I think it, and then remembering that kind of Uranus is almost a theme of these this whole week because of the Full Moon really emphasizing Uranus.

[00:24:06] I think it gives us a chance to tune in to that Iranian energy, which can be. Deep intuition. You know, it can be a way of also, since that’s our little theme that we’ve been talking about, tuning into your unconscious side, uh, I think Uranus can help with that. You know, as long as you can stay open to it.

[00:24:24] It’s important to, you know, when you have these clues come, we have a tendency to throw them away. You know, if, if something comes up and it doesn’t seem to match your preconceptions, um, sometimes we can make the leap and. I’m gonna take a second look at this. You know, famously, uh, Carl Young has a story because he was totally into synchronicity and he invented that concept.

[00:24:44] He called it the Principle of synchronicity. He published it in 1951. So his story is that, a young man was approaching him about a publication and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to do it, and he kept demurring and saying, I don’t think so. I don’t think I’m gonna do that. And then he glanced at his watch.

[00:25:02] And he said, our conversation started at five o’clock and my watch still says five o’clock. I’m not sure what’s going on with that. And the young man said, no, it’s 5 45. And so young proceeded to say, well, you know, my watch has just been repaired and obviously it’s not working right. I guess the repair didn’t completely take on this watch.

[00:25:21] I’m gonna take that as a synchronistic moment, and I’m gonna say, maybe you’re right. My watch was wrong. Your watch was right. I’m gonna listen to you. And the idea being that, you know, when some of these revelations come to us, we, we may, we may not have the immediate, um, response like that of, maybe I should look at this again.

[00:25:41] This, this thing that comes up and seems startling. Maybe it’s telling the truth.

[00:25:45] Hmm. Fascinating. I love that story. Yeah. And

[00:25:49] that is kind of what we have with Uranus. You know, Uranus can be, in these secret places or this strange, these strange places, you know, and, but it can be very, and that, and intuition also, sometimes our logic tells us one thing, but we have this real intuition hit and go with it.

[00:26:03] You know, think about, uh, going with it.

[00:26:05] Henry, I’ve had experiences lately, where my intuition is, is, is feel like the, my internal feeling is calm and peaceful about something that logically I should be terrified about. You know, what I like, like logically and all the people around me are saying, no, this is scary.

[00:26:22] This is serious. You should be afraid. And when I close my eyes and tune in, it’s like, but I’m not. I, I don’t feel that, you know, so it’s really interesting to, to then see how I second guess myself. Well, should I be afraid? Should I be responding the way that they’re expecting me, me to respond? And I just think it’s fascinating to, to explore our intuition and play with it and be aware of it, and, and experiment with letting it be the guide and see what happens.

[00:26:51] I know sometimes we, we do the opposite. You know, we have an intuition feeling. We say, well, that’s just a feeling, but we, we really should pay attention. I

[00:26:58] agree. Right. Totally. Okay, so that’s Tuesday.

[00:27:02] All right. And then, uh, the next major thing I have is on the 10th, which was, as I was saying, Mercury’s getting really close to Pluto at that time.

[00:27:10] Uh, not only that, we have a brief, son. Uh, subtile to Chiron on that day. At the same time, speaking of Chiron, mercury is quintile. So to me that’s a very, and those are subtle, you know, quintile is a little more subtle of a feeling that, that has that, uh, characteristic. Subtile is also subtle and has a bit of a quirk to it, a bit of a, a twist, you know, it.

[00:27:37] Almost like a film noir kind of a thing. You know, it’s, it’s a little bit of a dark side to it, so I think it’s very appropriate considering it’s also Chiron these, twin things that both Sun and Mercury reflect awareness or consciousness. So I’m thinking that we will be tuning in as the week gets closer to the end of the week.

[00:27:54] And then, uh, actually Mercury after Conjuncting, Pluto moves into Aquarius on Saturday. So that’s kind of the final movement, and that’s kind of more sunshine, right? They’re moved into Aquarius and leaving Pluto behind. But you know, this, this period of time right around the ninth or 10th, I think is a period, for which is, Thursday and Friday is a period I think when we’ll be feeling, really a, a chance to, to get a glimpse of some of the, uh, darkness under underlying things and.

[00:28:22] Should try not to shy away from it. We should try to welcome, welcome that darkness as perhaps informative of what’s going on with us.

[00:28:29] So Sunday is sounding like you, you were, referring to it is a little bit more of a bright day, but do you wanna talk to us about the energy on Sunday?

[00:28:37] Yeah, so I, I think that things change, , okay. On Saturday is when Mercury enters into aqua.

[00:28:43] And things do have a shift at that point, a consciousness would shift. It has more of an aquarium and energy to it. And then Sunday is very interesting because Jupiter is getting closer and closer to being exactly opposite. And this is a new planet, Machi Machi , which is one of these new ones beyond Pluto.

[00:29:00] But the F, the funny thing is all these four Kiper bell planets, and we include Pluto in that and we include Iris and now how Howe and Machi Machi named after indigenous gods and goddesses are the other two of these. New planets that, uh, really have a lot of meaning as it turns out, as we would expect planets to have, you know, every time they say there’s a new planet, like when they said, okay, Uranus is a new planet.

[00:29:24] When they said that Pluto was a new planet, it was in the Kiper belt and they didn’t even realize it. But these four are the largest bodies in the Kiper belt, and I think they all have meaning. And you know, when Pluto was first discovered and announced astrologers didn’t wanna work with it, they said, we’ve got.

[00:29:37] Set of tools, you know, we know what to do through Neptune, we understand it. And Pluto is just this mystery at the beginning, obviously, but it became totally accepted, totally important. We consider it a very important factor in, humanistic astrology, especially psychological astrology. And these new ones should have very much, uh, biologic the same kind of impact.

[00:29:57] And churchs once we understand them. And I think that these last two Hal Mak have to do with profound connection to. . So I’ve been working with that and it’s very interesting. It includes concepts of natural law, right action, and right relationship. Truth tellers, they’re always truth tellers with prominent, Machi Machi or Hal Maya.

[00:30:16] They, they both seem to have this quality, but Machi Machi is more the activist. And the reason that I’m sure that it’s important to think about Machi Machi right now is because as we came into the month, right around the 28th, 29th, Of January. It was, Machi. Machi was in a grand Rine with Mars just coming out of its retrograde and with the sun.

[00:30:39] So I, I think it, I think it’s kind of relevant for right now. And now Jupiter at the time we’re talking about on Sunday, Jupiter is getting closer and closer to being exact opposition to Machi, Machi, and Kyron isn’t far away being at 13. So Jupiter is eight degrees, Kyron is 13 degrees, and Machi, Machi is at nine degrees.

[00:30:59] And 39 and a half degrees of Libra. So I think it is a PR pretty important thing. And it would, it would, to me, it would imply looking inside ourselves for what we really deeply believe and considering that maybe that should be what we act upon. Not just idle thought, but, but recognizing that maybe this is something I need to actualize in my life.

[00:31:21] Okay, so, so investigating our deep beliefs and then aligning our actions with those beliefs.

[00:31:28] Exactly. Yeah. Okay. Amazing.


[00:31:30] So this, this week essentially is about Revelation, underneath the. Obvious. Yes. Looking underneath the obvious, looking inside, having deeper levels of understanding. You’re talking about taking in action from your individual perspective. What’s inside you that you cannot not do?

[00:31:55] I love that. Finding that thing that’s like I. I cannot not do this. I am compelled to do this. And again, I think we talked about this last time you were here that might not feel super specific right now To you that might be like, I, I just know that I need to be here to help people, or I know I need to be here to add value to people’s lives, or I know I need to be here to spread love.

[00:32:21] You know, it could be. big, and then the specifics of how you’re gonna do that. I think once you commit to that, that that deeper mission start to appear. Would you agree with that, Henry?

[00:32:33] I would agree with that, and I, I think it’s so important because it gives meaning to our lives. Yes. You know, we’re very lucky when we find our purpose because, you know, all of a sudden life makes sense.

[00:32:43] And if we don’t, you know, we. beating around, you

[00:32:46] Yeah. And, and what would you say in the astrology chart gives the biggest indication of what that purpose is?

[00:32:54] I would say hes, hes more more than how, man, Machi Machi. But you know how man, Machi Machi, it’s so beautiful because it really tunes us into this interoral compass, what’s right.

[00:33:04] A sense of what’s. Hmm. And so it’s, it’s also very important. I think all three of them kind of work together in a certain way. They’re all out there with Pluto as well, as far as transforming and being open to change, uh, understanding that there are depths within us, there are compulsions and desires, you know, Pluto within us that we, we need to kind of face up to and, and learn about.

[00:33:23] So it all comes to kind of in depth, depth connection, uh, with their psyches.

Henry’s Mastery Class

[00:33:28] And Henry, when you’re an inner circle astrologer with us as, as our teacher, are you gonna be teaching on. These newer discovered planets?

[00:33:37] Yes. Okay. That’s my, my topic for the master, uh, class is Uhhuh, working with the shamonic planets with Pluto, Chiron, and Iris.

[00:33:45] So all three of those really, and, and some of those are we, we know more about, you know, from traditional astrology or it’s more , more recent traditional astrology, of course humanistic astrology. And then, these new ones, how man, machi, machi are also something I’m gonna discuss when we get. . Amazing.

[00:34:02] So as Inner Circle members, you get a different mastery class every single month taught by astrologers like Henry and the ones that you meet here on the weekly weather, the ones that have been a part of the House series, and you get lifetime access to those.

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[00:34:44] In our community and during the live q and a. And so there’s lots of opportunities to really take your learning to the next level. And I’m super excited about your Mastery Class, Henry. We are gonna be opening enrollment for the Inner Circle in March. If you’re not yet on the wait list, now would be a great time to get on there.

[00:35:01] So you’re first to know when we do open doors. That’s

[00:35:03] astrology I as in inner C as in circle, the number 23, and that’ll just be to get on the wait list and we can learn more and see if it’s right for you when we do open doors in March. Okay. So Henry, couple

[00:35:19] other things I love. I love that IC 23.

[00:35:21] It’s like IC myself in 23. Yeah,

[00:35:23] exactly. Oh, and that’s one of the things when we named it Inner Circle, it was, there were so many layers to that cuz it was ic. Every time you say it, it’s like ic. It’s also the IC in the chart, which is. The, the base of the chart, right, the right. I didn’t even think of that.

[00:35:39] The koi or the IC of the chart, which is like your foundation, your roots and your family and your home. So we always love the inner circle to be our family and home. It’s where astrology lovers come together to talk about astrology and learn astrology and learn about themselves. So, and that does

[00:35:55] reflect depth as, Yes,

[00:35:57] exactly.

[00:35:58] Psyche as well. Exactly. So it’s a multi-layered name. It’s not just our inner circle. It’s like it has a lot of depth. Okay. It does, it does.

[00:36:06] So a couple other things about the week. We have, the SEP and Quintile action happening. That’s mainly Thursday and Friday. That’s bringing in, a glimpse of the darkness that’s underlying things.

[00:36:20] And what you’re advising is that we don’t avoid it, that we kinda lean into it and see what gifts it has for us. Exactly. And. On Saturday, we’re gonna have a pretty big shift in energy with Mercury moving into Aquarius and Sunday. This is again, look inside for your deep beliefs and make sure that’s in alignment with the way that you’re acting with the things that you’re doing in your life.

[00:36:42] I know I’ve said this a million times on the podcast, but one of the ways that I evaluate that is I look at my calendar and I look at the things I spend money on because when my beliefs and my mission, Are in alignment with the way I’m acting that will be reflected in the way I’m spending my time and in the way that I’m spending my money.

[00:37:04] So I, that’s one way that I can like, kind of shortcut to like, am I in alignment here? Am I spending time on money on things that aren’t aligned with my beliefs and my mission? Or am I, you know, consistent there? So it can be a

[00:37:17] good inventory. You know what? It could also be where you’re making your money.

[00:37:22] Ah,

[00:37:23] yes. And you know, many times, um, we have a calling and we have also what’s giving us our income . And they’re right, they’re not always a line like that. And I think it’s better to try to get them to be more aligned. And you can do it in stages. You can, you know, not exactly, totally give up your day job, but somehow work, like a four day week or less hours somehow, and find more time for what you really, truly.

[00:37:47] And what you truly want and gradually transition into that being your money maker, Henry,

[00:37:51] do you think that everybody. Is wired for that though, like do you think some people have actually come in to, infuse their purpose or mission into whatever they’re doing and or to have a little bit more of a segmentation within themselves?

[00:38:08] Like, here’s the work that I do and here is. My purpose and mission, but they’re not necessarily tied together or like you just said. Do you think that fundamentally most of us would’ve experienced the most fulfillment and success if we did align

[00:38:25] completely? Oh, I think everybody has to try to do that. I think that’s our life purpose.

[00:38:29] But you know, you can find, some, some value in what you are doing if you look at it in a different way. Sometimes, you know it. Without shifting jobs at all. There’s a great story, with, Ramdas tells this story that he went to a retreat and there was a guy in the bottom bunk, , you know, they were bunking up.

[00:38:48] Bunking up. And he says, what do you do? And he says, I’m an investment counselor, I’m a vice president of a bank. He says, really? And you’re at this retreat center that’s very interesting. And he says, how did you, um, how do you come to this? And he says, oh, at one point I. My vice president job totally. I was all beads and sandals and you know, really exploring my life.

[00:39:07] And I ran into my old boss when I was in Union Square in San Francisco and he said, you know, I just had that job opening come and you were the best one we ever had. Is there any way I could pri persuade you to come back? And so I decided to come back. Zer Soda says, oh, you came back to that job. He says, yes, I did.

[00:39:24] And he said, and is it different? He says, oh, it’s completely different. It used to be I was really wrapped up in the investment counseling, but now I hang out with people all day and our excuse is investment counseling.

[00:39:36] I love that. That is brilliant. I mean, I know there’s probably people in the audience who are finding a passion in astrology, but they’re working different jobs and I hear stories all the time of people who are like, People in their workplace are coming to them and asking them for insights into what’s happening astrologically.

[00:39:54] And they’re practicing with their coworkers and their, even their boss. I mean, I’ve had some people say that, you know, my boss, who I thought would never be into this, when they found out that I have this passion, they wanted a reading. You know, they wanted me to look at their charts. So I love that story so much.

[00:40:11] And it’s true. I mean, we can. We can bring meaning and purpose into everything we do. It is often a shift in perspective. And as someone who, who worked really hard to get my, career, quote unquote, and my passion and love and my mission aligned, I can also say there’s amazing satisfaction in that too. So, and it doesn’t happen overnight, like the, like you said, Henry, there’s like a, a process that we can go through and.

[00:40:39] and, and why not enjoy every step of the way of that process if possible. Right.

[00:40:44] It’s for so important to find meaning in whatever it is we’re up to.


[00:40:47] Yeah. Yeah. Henry, you are so awesome. I love talking story with you and hanging out and just hearing your perspective and hearing about the week ahead. I hope all of you enjoyed this as much as I have, and, uh, just a couple reminders of some of the, the things that we talked about.

[00:41:03] We will put the links in the description of this show Also, Rick Levine. Septal quintile Harmonic aspect class is starting this week. So if you wanna join us, please go to

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[00:41:31] So looking forward to seeing a, a lot of you in that class. And then also, if you are interested in getting on the wait list for the Inner Circle and studying with the Masters in community with all of us, you can go to

[00:41:44] astrology 23 and get on the wait list. Henry, thank you. I can’t wait to see you again, and thanks to all of you for being here.

[00:41:54] And thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. I’ve had some people recently be like, how are you thanking me for making astrology a part of my life? Thank you for helping me make astrology a part of my life. Like I can’t imagine my life without it. So we’re mutually grateful for each other.

[00:42:10] How about that? All right, everybody, we can’t wait to catch you on the next episode. Take care and enjoy your week.

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