Mercury in Capricorn: How to Plant Seeds for a Healthy Future w/ Henry Seltzer

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What does it mean when Mercury enters Capricorn?

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Henry Seltzer and Amanda โ€˜Puaโ€™ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ How Eris square Pluto invites you to find “what you cannot not do,” and what that has to do with Mars retrograde.
๐ŸŒ’ How Mercury in Capricorn will support you in planting seeds for your future.
๐ŸŒ“ What Jupiter’s movement through the last degrees of Pisces means for the fruition of your goals.

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2:20 Theme of the Week

5:12 Eris & Inner Knowing

10:41 Day by Day & into the Future

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Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides. Well, hello everyone, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you’ve decided to join us here for this week’s weather, and I’m also very excited to be here with astrologer, author, and so much more.

I mean, Henry has been a game changer in the field of Astrology, and he is here with us today. I would love to introduce you all to Henry Seltzer, and we are going to be looking at the week of December 5th through Eleventh. And Henry, welcome to the weekly weather. This is your first weekly weather debut, correct? Yes. Thank you.

Nice to be here. Yeah. All right. So before we dive in very quickly, December Tenth, that’s this Saturday, we will be doing our 2023 forecast event. It is totally free. You are invited. This is gonna give you an opportunity to look into 2023 and see some of the major astrological transits and what that means for you, what to actually do with these energies as this is especially important as you’re looking forward to the next year and starting to do some planning,

thinking about some of your intentions for the next year, what you’d like to accomplish, knowing the astrological energies is so, so helpful in your consideration of the year to come. So you can join us at Astrology Hub dot com slash 2023. Again, that’s free. You’re gonna be hearing from six different Astrologers at the panel event on Saturday. Then for the six days following the panel event,

you’re gonna have in a video in your inbox every day that goes through all 12 of the signs. So you’re gonna get the, the buy sign breakdown for the year ahead as well. Would love to have you join us again, this Astrology Hub dot com slash 2023. All right, Henry, so let’s look ahead at this week. If you had to give us Athene for the week,

what would you say it is? Well, there’s a lot to do with articulation thought process, and there’s a lot to do with the fact that Mars is retrograde now and will be opposing the Sun in timing of the full Moon is quite an interesting and dramatic configuration on the seventh. That will be on the evening of the seventh. So articulating ideas, is that,

is that what you said first? Well, I, I, I did say mental process because we also have the week begins with Mercury in square to Jupiter, which is giving it a boost, and then Mercury immediately after that enters the sign of Capricorn. And this is a little bit different energy for Mercury leaving Sage and entering Capricorn like that. We’ll,

we’ll be probably in a, in a thought process that shifts around a little bit. And I think that is a big factor for our times right now. Mercury and Venus have been together. It’s just a, a very strong time of, I think reassessing everything that’s going on for us, entering kind of a new phase since the eclipses of the Scorpio eclipse season of November.

I’m hearing that really consistently from all of you, amazing Astrologers I get to speak with regularly that we are, there’s, there’s, it’s almost like a chapter has ended, a big chapter in history has come to a culminating moment and, and a bit of a closure. Not that we’re not dealing with any of the repercussions of things that happen, but that we’re,

we’re really looking forward into a new, a new chapter of the book, I believe so. I mean, it was a pretty strong eclipse, and it did signal the end of that Uranus Saturn Square, which was so prominent for I, I think the beginning and the whole year of 2021, and then the beginning of the year of 2022. And so,

and we’ve been seeing it in the headlines, you know, with the chasm between the conservative and the progressive voices in our country. And I think in all of us, you know, we’d like to kind of cut the tethers, jump the tracks, get away from what we’ve been doing in some way, make a brand new fresh start. And then we also get pulled back into,

well, for one thing, fears, can we do this? And then also, practical considerations is a time, maybe some of the, the old way has to be kept, you know, so you have that conflict between the old and the noon. All right, so let’s, this Is a stage, as you were saying, then. Yes.

This is a new stage that we’re entering into since that eclipse, I think, where we, we see a new possibility, New possibilities. So I know that certain things are happening on the world stage and for things that people can control in their own lives, you know, I know we have, we have a little bit of control over the things happening on the world stage,

but not as much. When we are considering our own lives and we’re considering this new chapter. What kinds of invitations are we getting from the new configuration of energies that are happening astrologically? Well, in speaking to that, I think I’d like to mention Iris, because Iris has been square to Pluto ever since 2020. And you know, we, we’ve been realizing that this is a kind of a cultural reset,

that we’ve been engaged in a big shift in the whole structure of things. And because Iris is involved in Iris, you know, I pioneered the research in Iris as a feminine warrior energy, and therefore what that means is a warrior for deep purpose. So what I consider Iris to be is feminine warrior in support of soul intention with Iris. It’s just so important to tune into those deeper,

deeper parts of yourself to what you really fundamentally believe. I always say it as what you cannot not do. And when you turn into that to, I’m sorry, tune into that, when you tune into that, it becomes such a foundation for the rest of your life. And, you know, it gives meaning to your life. And it’s exactly about taking your own power,

being able to, no matter what things are going on, no matter how you might feel about the, the powers that be and so on, you are still your own, the, the master of your own fate in, in, in a certain way. I mean, you could say what you believe, what you deeply believe, you can articulate that you can act upon,

that you can do whatever seems appropriate to you to further that. And it gives you freedom, really, that is the freedom to be who you are authentically who you are. And that means not the same as what consensus thought, the distractions of all the internet, social media platforms, the mainstream, mainstream medium itself does to us, you know, in independent of all those,

and in our early conditioning, we can kind of strive to be our own self, and it does give you that freedom. I love this thought of what you cannot not do that thing that you’re compelled to do, that you must do. And I, I mean, what about, what about for people that don’t know what that is yet? You know,

I feel Very much so. Yeah. There’s so many people that don’t know what it is, and people that find it, I think, really have found the secret of life. You know, just being yourself, be being, figuring out who that is down there and tuning into it and, and just having the faith that you’re gonna be able to do what you feel motivated to do.

Yeah, I I feel very blessed that this creation of Astrology Hub creates me. It creates for me this what I cannot not do. It’s, it’s, you know, people say, how do you stay motivated and how do you stay inspired? It’s like, I can’t not do it. Like it, it has to happen. It, it’s happening through me.

I don’t even really, I don’t have to stay motivated. There is none of that because it just, it’s just constantly moving through. So I agree with you that this is, this is such a, a liberating place to be, but I am also very sensitive of the fact that not everybody feels like they’re there, because I can remember not feeling like I was there and,

and really wanting to have something like that. Would you say that different transiting, astrological transits bring that up more for us or, or help us get closer to that throughout our life? I, I do think that Iris is a big factor there. I mean, that’s what I was able to identify, and it’s been proven out so much over and over again.

Ever since I wrote the book, you know, Iris, the Tenth Planet, I have seen evidence, evidence just keep piling in along those same lines, piling in every, every day more, more evidence comes to me because it really is the, the fundamental of that archetype. And, you know, Eris very interestingly is just as prominent as Pluto in the copper belt,

which got me going in the first place. That, you know, this logically would be an important astrological archetype. Mm, yes. And for any of you who are unfamiliar with Eris, Eris is, is one of the newer planetary bodies that has been discovered. And Henry is absolutely the pioneer on how do we interpret the energies of Eris. And he is done a bunch of research on it.

So I would definitely recommend his book. You said Eris, the, It’s called the Tenth Planet Revelations from the astrological Iris. Wow. Amazing. Okay. Thank you for that little sneak peek into that. I know we sort of diverted a little bit from the week, but not really. I mean, if this, if, if what we’re doing this week is having this opportunity to explore these themes of,

of becoming more free, to be our authentic self, of course Astrology helps us with that so much to, to discover who auth authentic self is and give us the permission to live that authentic self so, so unapologetically, you know, and so fully. And then now we have another key into that, which is Eris. And so looking at your Eris placement and your Chart,

if none of that makes any sense, it’s okay. These are the kinds of things that you’ll, you continue to learn as you continue tuning in. But, okay, Henry, let’s go to the week by the day by day breakdown, let’s starting with today, Monday, December 5th, Just to continue your thought there. I do think that the Mars retrograde has a lot to do with kind of discovering more about our own personal agency,

what we can accomplish, and it does tie right into the years placement, And that’s going through Mars, right? That really, that really triggers well, Mar Mars has been retrograde for a while now, ever since October 30th, and it stationed and turns direct in January and on the Twelfth of January. So this whole retrograde period of Mars is quite significant.

And it does take us to an inner level. We’re thinking more along the lines of, is it that we do, and how is what we do really in, in, in line with what we deeply believe? You know, it really, it really does kind of make a chime with that whole notion of what are we trying to accomplish? What are we really about?

You know, what are, what is their, the most authentic sense of ourselves? That’s really triggered, you know, Monday is not as significant to me as, as the seventh, which is Wednesday, which is the day that it’s in the evening, the day that, you know, it’s always a very interesting time when Mars becomes in its retrograded position,

becomes opposite the Sun precisely opposite the Sun. And in this particular week, on this particular day, the seventh in the evening, it would be eight o’clock in the Pacific timeframe, couple of hours earlier, I guess, right? For Hawaii. And then three hours later would be not till late, more like 11:00 PM on the, on the East Coast.

But at this particular timing, not only is Mars precisely opposite the Sun, but it’s the full Moon. So the Sun and the Moon are quite exactly opposite at the full Moon time, which is the timing I was quoting you about 8:00 PM on the, on the Pacific time. And that’s when Mars is in precisely that opposition as well, within just a few minutes of a degree.

It’s the same degree, 16 degrees. Oh, and not only that, it’s 16 degrees of Gemini when this happens with the, the Moon being at 16 degrees of Gemini, Mars being at 16 degrees of Gemini, 16 degrees of Taurus was that Eclipse degree a month ago in the full Moon preceding this full Moon. So it’s really quite a magical time,

and I think it is a time when we will feel more tuned in when there is that capability to feel more tuned in. And as I say, with Mercury changing signs also, and that happens on Tuesday in the afternoon, but, but Mercury is already squared to Jupiter right at the beginning of the week on the, on the fifth. So we’re starting to feel this,

and we’re starting to be able to think about these things. We’re, we’re feeling some thoughts coming up. And the recipe is to, to encourage yourself to meditate on these things. And what’s up for you, Henry? What did you say was happening on Tuesday that’s already culminating today? Well, Tuesday is when Mercury changes signs, it goes into Capricorn.

Okay. And then before that though, Jupiter’s in the very last degrees of Pisces and is now moving direct towards zero degree mark of, of areas which it will reach at some point, not until December, some later, later in December. But Mercury entering Capricorn, I think is a time, just a shift in the mental energy. You know, it’s a chance to really get practical with it,

with what you’re about, you know, to start thinking in terms of practicalities what you’re up to, why, why you’re up to that, you know, what, what, what, how does this, how does what you’re doing really blend in with what you’d like to see in the future in your best dream for yourself? You know? Hmm. It’s,

I was on a walk today and I was having this contemplation of how taking care of myself in this moment is planting the seeds for my future self to be able to dance and sing and create and all the things I wanna do. So it was an acknowledgement of, okay, this action I’m taking right now is actually an investment in the future for all the things that I know I wanna continue doing in my life.

And it sounds like that’s the kind of the kind of contemplation that we can be having this week in terms of, okay, is this action, is this place where I’m investing my time and energy and resources, is that in alignment with who I am and who and where I, where I see myself wanting to go? Oh, that’s a great realization.

I think it’s true in every moment, but we, we so, so often just forget, don’t we, we, we get caught up in our details, and we really are in every moment and every of every day planting a seed for the future. Exactly. It’s like we’re, we’re gardeners of our own garden, and so we’re needing to tend to the garden and make sure that it has flowers and fruit and everything in the future.

Okay. And so I’d love to ask you, what’s that, Henry? Yes. The tending is important. Yes, yes, exactly. A couple more things that I’d love to ask you, because we, we’ve basically, we’ve gone through Monday, Monday and Tuesday seem to be kind of dominated by this Mercury and a Capricorn and Jupiter in the last degrees of Pisces.

And then Wednesday we have the full Moon that is Mars and, and the full Moon are lined up together, right? They’re conjunct and they’re opposite the Sun And also 30 degrees away from the eclipse degree, which you always talk about Mars and the eclipse degree usually by conjunction or square are opposition. But in this case, it’s a 30 degree aspect. I think it still has some power.

In other words, this is almost like a new stage of our lives since that eclipse in some sense. And I think we’re gonna be tuning into that this week, this very week. Wow. Amazing. Okay. Tell us a little bit more about the full Moon energy itself too. What would you, what what’s gonna be illuminated for us? Or,

or what, I guess you’re saying it’s basically a culminating point of the eclipse season that we just had. Yeah. Well, 30 days after the last eclipse, the full Moon eclipse. And because of Mars making that 30 degree angle, that semi sextile to the eclipse degree, I think it does bring it back in for us, you know, in terms of reflecting on where we’re headed,

where, what we’re up to, how is this kind of a departure to some extent from, from the 2022 year in general. You know, we’re kind of starting to think about new stages, which is appropriate for this time of the year with 2023 looming. So I think that’s very true. And then interestingly, Mercury is also the ruler of that full Moon,

the Moon, well, the Sun and sage, you know, is opposite the Moon at 16 degrees of Gemini. And, and that’s ruled by Mercury. So Mercury being the ruler of the Moon itself in this eclipse is also bringing in that Mercury end of end of things. I don’t know about you Henry, but for me, revisiting the eclipse brings up a little bit of trepidation because I,

I mentioned on the podcast that I had the very Uranian lightning bolt hit my lower back right before the eclipse. And so it was just, it was a challenging time. And yet what I hear you saying is that we’re having an opportunity to revisit the lessons or the realizations or the things that were brought up for us during that time, and potentially this is a chance to really integrate some of that even more deeply.

Am I hearing that correctly? Absolutely. That’s a great way to put it. And I would say this goes right back to your, your feeling that you had, that you mentioned about planting a seed, Right? Yes. Okay. All right. Well, it’s already happening then. Good. Okay. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we have essentially this full Moon energy,

again, Mercury into Capricorn, which is a little more of our mental energy becoming more practical, more tangible, you know, being able to actually put things into a practical form with that movement. What, what’s the Jupiter and Pisces at the last degrees of Pisces? What does that, what does that flavor, what does that feel like? The interesting thing about that to me is we’re talking about the very last two degrees of the entire Zodiac,

the 28th and the 20 Ninth degree. The way we, I’m sorry, it’s actually the 20 Ninth and the 30th degree, if you want to talk, talk about cardinal numbers, the way they measure the saving symbols. And I did look at the Sabian symbols for those two degrees because I was kind of interested, what’s this like now that Jupiter has just turned around,

you know? And with the 23rd of November, which was the new Moon, you know, at that point, the sage new Moon, you know, at that point, Jupiter ruler of sage turned around in the last two degrees of the zodiac, and they got curious about those Sabian symbols. So this goes for the time until it really enters Aries, which is not until the 20th of,

of December. So this period of time when it’s reentering, you know, turned around in Pisces reentering, heading towards the, the, the first sign of the Zodiac Aries, you know, zero degrees Aries. And it is very interesting. It’s a prism, the Sabian symbol for the 20 Ninth degree, and then the 30th degree, the symbol is the great stone face.

And what you have to translate that the great stone face is actually what’s what we’ve been talking about. It’s, there’s a, a story, I think it might be by Hawthorne, about how a young man saw this vision of a great stone face on a mountainside. And that was his vision of his future life. So it was, how could I do what I’m supposed to do in order to actualize this image that I have of my future?

So that, that, and to me, that’s part of this whole Jupiter placement and the Jupiter transition into, into the beginning of areas, which is of course gonna be another shift. And not, not until the 20th Wow. When Jupiter was in Pisces earlier this year, many of us created what, what Tracy Cook an astrologer calls treasure maps, which is essentially vision boards.

But you know, it was this very expansive moment in time, Jupiter and Pisces. It was very dreamy. It was very big, like, oh, we could do anything, you know? And then we, from that place, well, it was, it was aligned also with the s new Moon. We, we made these, these treasure maps,

which were essentially, again, vision boards and Well, that’s perfect. That’s perfect with the savings symbol, Right? Well, that’s exactly what I thought about, because the process of going through this year with that treasure map top of mind has been a process of aligning with that vision. Who does one need to become in order to live that vision? And like I said about the beach,

one of my visions for myself is to be able to dance more. I have some ideas of, of, of the types of dance I would like to do, and I would like to dance more, but my body’s saying, you need to tend to the foundations, the back, the knees, you know, like get the foundations in place before you can be spinning around gloriously and,

you know, doing your dancing. So it’s, it’s really fascinating to see how, how the energies work to, and sometimes it feels like such a crisis. Like it feels like a, it feels like something’s getting taken away from you, or at least I’ll speak of my own experience. It’s like, geez, not only am I not dancing, but I’m not even walking like this is like,

feel like I’m going backwards, but it’s the thing that uncovered some of the imbalances or weaknesses in the, in my body that I need to tend to, in order to be able to dance the way I would love To. Well, Amanda, that’s not just your story, that’s everybody’s story. Because when we detect that disconnection between where we, where we are and where we’d like to be,

we feel that same pain of I’m not ready. And we feel that same impulse, you know, in the most positive way of looking at it, which is what you’re talking about, of planting the seed for the way we wanna be dancing with their life in the future. Hmm. My God, I love it. I have chills. Thank you,

Henry. Okay, so let’s go to the rest of the week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. What else is happening this week? Well, by interestingly, on Friday, you know, we talked about how at the beginning of the week, Mercury was just entering Capricorn for the first time recently, you know, for the first time in this season.

And then Venus, which is very close, follows suit. And on the Ninth, which is Friday at 7:54 PM and that’s Pacific time, it does go ahead and enter Capricorn along with Mercury. And as we head to the end of December, because Mercury usually stays ahead of, of Venus moving faster than Venus being closer to the Sun, moving faster a couple of days for a degree versus Venus one about one day for a degree.

But as the, as Mercury starts to slow down, Venus begins to catch up. And the reason I say Mercury slowing down is because Mercury does turn retrograde on the 20 Ninth of December. And where, where does it turn retrograde on the 20 Ninth of December, but at exactly the same degree in minute, as Venus Venus manages to catch up with Mercury slowing down,

and then Mercury retrogrades and then moves backward away from. So it’s unusual and it’s profound. What, what do you think the significance is? Well, so we have Venus entering Capricorn, you can just just say that’s a different kind of energy. That’s a different kind of artistic vision. It may reflect also in relationships where they have more of that practical earth,

earth oriented, grounded kind of quality to them. There, there could be, you know, and the worst way of looking at maybe a transactional kind of feeling to the relationship energy. But in any case, it’s a practicality. It’s like, not only the ideal relationship for my life, but what is actually practically possible. It’s how can we make this work in terms of an existing partnership in terms of looking ahead to a future partnership and maybe taking more of those ideas of practicality.

How does this help me advance my own purposes, my own evolution that I’m involved in? You know, so there’s a practical quality to the Venus energy, which could refer to either art or relationships or notions of beauty, you know, becomes more grounded. And so we’re gonna be seeing that with Venus and with Mercury as well, having that practicality. And there’s basically a sort of a Capricorn stallion coming up here for the new Moon,

which is the Capricorn new Moon coming up around the 23rd for the Solstice energy for the 21st as well. There’s a lot of Capricorn energy, because not only the Sun entering Capricorn on the 21st, but we do have, you know, Venus and Mercury both there. And as well, of course, Capricorn is still, I mean, Pluto is still in Capricorn as well.

So, you know, we have all that Capricorn energy coming up, and this is the beginning taste of that. And we’re gonna start feeling that practicality kind of come, come in, which by the way, is another chime what we’ve been talking about, about having that practical and grounded sense of what our future might hold for us. If you have Venus and Capricorn,

Mercury Capricorn, when, and, and I’m asking this in general, for all transits, where your natal chart matches what’s happening in the sky, what does that mean? Like, how, how do you interpret it that? Well, it’s a Venus return, and it would, it would depend on the degree of Venus. Like, and if you have Venus at the right,

at the early degrees of Capricorn would be happening right away this month, then Venus gets to the 24 degree mark by the end of December. So pretty much if you have Venus and Capricorn, you’re gonna have a Venus return sometime during this time. And that would be just an amplification of, of the kind of transiting energy we’ve been talking about, because it reflects back on your own natal position.

Anytime you have a Venus return, you’re really tuning into where that relationship energy in your own Chart, it, it really illuminates, you know, you, you can kind of figure out what you get. Another hit, like the Saturn return, you know, when the Saturn return happens, age 29 and a half. At that point, you’re actually tuning into your maturity,

your Saturn, your understanding of the grounded nature of your life, how you can kind of really do and make, make things happen. You, they say your, your, your appearance could even change to become like a more mature appearance. Well, similarly with Venus. So when you’re having, or, or Mercury, if you’re having a Mercury return because you have Mercury in Capricorn,

so that this month really brings out that Mercury placement and you start to think about everything Mercury, you know, your mental process, your communication, how you think, how you relate, how you connect things, connect the dots. And Venus similarly would be the relationship stuff. Amazing. And that’s, and that’s true again, with anything happening in the sky that is mirroring your natal chart,

especially when it hits the exact degree, it’s an amplification of that energy. It’s even more pronounced in your life at that moment. It’s correct. Absolutely. Yeah. Okay. All right. So anything else that you wanna tell us about, about this week in particular? Well, I do think the week really focuses on that Wednesday night beforehand, we’ll still be feeling the energy of it.

You know, it’s like Mars and retrograde can be, because it’s underground, because it goes to the depths of interiority. It can bring up things that are, we’re not quite ready to process. And that moment of the full Moon is a time when that all of a sudden might dawn on us. You know, there may be kind of a release of tension at that point that had been building up.

And so you could say the week has two parts before and after Wednesday night. Okay. And to, and I feel like I have a good handle on the, the, the way that the before feels, but not as much of a good handle on the way that the after feels. Well, it’s like after anything, you know, there’s that party you’re anticipating and then it goes off great,

then everything’s cool, and then you’re in the aftermath of that and you’re a little changed by what happened. You know, you’re a little more, I would say in the case of Mars retrograde becoming, entering into that opposition with the Sun, you’re a little bit more aware of the depths of what you are all about in terms of activation, in terms of what you are to accomplish,

in terms of what you do, is what you’re doing in the world, a complete match for what you believe. You know, you, you talked about that, Amanda, when you managed to find, as we all have, I mean, that was my story too. I found Astrology and it turned everything around for me, and it was suddenly at a meaningful life because this is what I wanted to do,

what I could not, not do. So when you turn that around, it’s all of a sudden beautiful. And you find meaning in your life and little taste of that might come after the full Moon this, this week. Mm. Okay. Henry, since we’re about to go in this Saturday, have our 2023 forecast event, we’re gonna be hearing from lots of different Astrologers,

but I’d love to hear from you what you have your eye on as one of the biggest transits of 2023 and what you think it means. Definitely Pluto shifting and going into Aquarius is pretty, is pretty huge. I mean, Pluto and Capricorn started in 2008, and that was when we had this dip in the economy, you know, and then everybody was saying,

oh my gosh, Pluto’s and Capricorn, you know, the reason that made sense was because Capricorn representing kind of the business world, the way things work in terms of practicalities the structure of our nor normal lives, and then Pluto coming in as a, a transformational factor and things did change. And then we were talking about ahead of the event, the Pluto and Saturn convergence in 2020,

which was when it really got intense because not only was Pluto and Capricorn, but now Saturn, ruler of Capricorn was in that conjunction, big old conjunction that’s every 37 years or something. I was participating in a event in 2017 where we talked about what is the societal reset of 2020 going to be like, you know, and before we knew about the pandemic and the real change that was so very evident at that time.

So now that’s a reflection. Of course, we have the Pluto return of the United States, which completes in December for the third hit Pluto in the United States. Chart is a 27 of Capricorn, so it’s getting close. Pluto at 26 now is getting very close to that 27 degree mark. So later in towards the end of December, that will take place.

Then we get on the other side of that, we get into 2023. It’s a different year, not anymore than 20 20, 20, 21, 20, 22 years of the pandemic. We’re kind of beyond, and Pluto gets into Aquarius, which is a whole different energy and could, you know, be thought of as maybe a taste of the age of Aquarius that we, we do see coming along where it will be a humanistic kind of philosophy of life.

You know, this is a 2000 year cycle, the the age. So getting out of the age of Pisces, because it moves backwards going into the age of Aquarius and blend Pluto and Aquarius is, is kind of a bit of a shame for that. So yes, I think it will be different. I think we’ll be starting to see, you know,

what we are already starting to see is there’s a move toward a more humanistic way of looking at things that here we are and we have to help each other. We have to have a culture of kindness to come in. So maybe we’ll have a little bit of that more. What, what about the shadow side of Pluto and Aquarius? What would you say would be,

you know, the, the humanistic and, and community and all those amazing things are definitely possible. What would you say is something we need to look out for as we, I think, I think you make a very good point that, you know, we also wanna look at the, especially with Pluto, we wanna look at also what’s the shadow side of it.

And you know, I’ve, I’ve never thought of this before, but you make a point. It’s, you know, you could say, what is the shadow side of the humanistic philosophy? Which, which might be, well, gosh, we’ve got this population, you know, we want everybody to have enough money, enough food, and yet we have this population issue.

So there, there is kind of a shadow of how can we take care of everybody, you know, becomes sort of more of an issue now than maybe it has been because now we’re starting to realize we need to, it’s been for a while. Well, no, we’ll just take care of the people at the top. That’s the only people we’re gonna care about.

Right? And that was the way all through the Middle Ages, you know, to, to some extent. I mean, the peasants were in a different category, but now, lately we’ve been getting this idea that everybody’s equal. The f the country was founded on that, the American experiment they call it. And maybe we’re, we’re gonna see, well there are,

there are problems, you know, to to, to actually make that happen. Ah, it’s so interesting because I, and I, I spoke about this on the Cosmic connection a few weeks ago, but I, I watched that one of the Woodstock movies, I think it was on, it was on Netflix or Amazon Prime, but, and it was three days that changed a generation,

but one of the things that we’re talking about is how there’s, you know, 400,000 kids there essentially, and they ran out of food. And, and so it was like, oh my gosh, how are we gonna, there’s 400,000 people here, and it’s not like anybody could really leave because of all the traffic jams and everything, and they couldn’t get food in because of the traffic jams.

So then the neighbors, and you probably, this is probably totally old news for many people, but this was all really amazing for me to get to watch in, in a documentary. But all the neighbors started making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and, and emptying out their cupboards of their canned foods. And they were helicopter, they were bringing helicopters in to feed all these kids.

And it was, it was so interesting because it was like this experiment of how do we take care of each other? And as I was watching it, I was going, wow, that’s, it’s really beautiful. And how would that happen sustainably, you know, that was three days. Like how would we actually do something like that where it would,

it would really work. And I think there’s a promise in this Aquarian idea of it, of it being possible. And then like you’re bringing up, then there’s the reality of, you know, how does it work actually, and can we actually do it? And can we be unified enough to have that be even the intention or goal? And, you know,

so there’s a lot of things I think that we’ll be exploring in this Pluto and Aquarius time, You know? That’s so beautiful. I, I love, I love that, I love that about the problem. You got all these people, how you’re gonna feed ’em. And I love that about the solution that came about just organically for the people around them to say,

well, we can’t let these kids start, but we gotta give ’em some food. Here. Reminds me also of the distillation of the experience of Woodstock that was enabled to come out of the mouth of poet and singer Joni Mitchell. Do you remember the song that she wrote about Woodstock? No, called Woodstock. And she talks about how people were gathering and they were going together to Ya’s farm,

gonna join in a rock and roll band, gonna get back to the land, try to get my soul free, things like that. And then the chorus is, we are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong,

and everywhere was a sound and a, a celebration. And I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes flying shotgun in the sky, turning into butterflies above our nation. We are stardust, we are golden. We’re a billion year old carbon. We are caught in a devil’s bargain, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden. Oh my God.

I, I mean, second time I’ve had chills on this call today, Henry, that is so profound. Thank you for bringing that in, because I actually feel like it encapsulates so much of what we’ve been talking about here today, especially bringing in the stardust element, you know, the, as the astrological element to who we are and what’s possible.

And then feeling though, like we’re stuck in the, in the devil’s bargain, but that the power of the imagination, she’s imagining these bombers transform into butterflies and just holding that vision. And there was a sense, a little bit of a sense of sadness for me when I was watching this documentary because, because I saw these faces of these kids and they were so innocent and fresh faced and,

and, and optimistic in this moment of what’s possible and really alive with what’s possible, right? And then I’m, I’m reflecting on the last, you know, the years since that happened and that that promise or that idea or that dream has yet to be fulfilled. And maybe we’re at a point where we can start to actually, we can actualize it.

I don’t know. But astrologically, it, it’s so interesting cuz there was one quote at the end where this woman said something like, you know, it was, it was a moment in cosmic time where anything was possible and peace was possible and perfect strangers sharing food was possible. And it was just like, oh my gosh. I I just, it was beautiful.

It was beautiful. And then to, to just like feel the reality of how hard it is to sustain that and then, you know, maybe that’s what we’re here To do. Well, you know, Woodstock was an epic moment in time, and what you just said about that quote reflects exactly what Joni was saying also. Yeah. And then right,

right after that they had, at the speedway, you know, they had Altima and Altima was an attempt to have another Woodstock, and there was, there was a death, there was a problem, there was rioting, there was fighting. And it was amazing how that almost represented the shadow side of, of what we were gonna accomplish. It is,

it is. And that’s the thing, I, I think the beauty and innocence of that ideal in the dream was present. What I think wasn’t present then, and perhaps we’re more aware of now is, is our own shadow, our own, you know, what is it in me that makes that vision un you know, unsustainable and how can I address that in myself?

And then if we can do that in ourselves, then potentially we can do that together. But I, that’s, that’s the one thought I had is like, there’s all these beautiful words and these beautiful ideas and, but where’s the, like dealing with the, with the shadow, more shadow side of human nature. And, and I think that we’ve had a lot of time to play that out as well,

you know? Yes. And that gets right back to individual agency because when each one of us works with our own shadow, we’re working on the human problem. Yeah, exactly. Woo. Okay. Thank you, Astrology. Thank you Henry. Thank you. Woodstock, thank you. All of it. Just, wow, this is really, really an amazing time.

I feel for the first time in these weekly weathers, we are in a different conversation. You know, the conversation the last few years has very much been about dealing with what we’re in, you know, and dealing with the chaos, the confusion, the conflict, the crisis, the, you know, how do we just get through this time and how do we do it in the best way we can,

right? But like, it’s been a lot about getting through it and it really does in these recent conversations feel like we’re in this place now where it’s like, okay, that part of the story is over on some level and we’re now able to look, it’s almost like after the hurricane, it’s like, okay, we’re rebuilding now. Like this is a different phase.

We’re we’re going to like rebuild mode. And I’ve been waiting for this Henry, I’ve been like, when do we get to the point where we get to like move forward? Because this part is, is, is long and hard and you know, it’s been great though, obviously it’s brought up a lot of shadow that we needed to see And, and we don’t wanna say that that was then it’s completely gone.

We’re still dealing with the chaos, we’re still dealing with the confusion, the fighting, everything back and forth and the untruths and all that. And we’re dealing with maybe a vision of the possible future. Yeah, both. And I love it. Henry, thank you for all of you that are Inner Circle members are considering becoming Inner Circle members. Henry is gonna be one of our inner circle Astrologers in 2023.

So we’re super grateful to have him coming on as an astrologer guide to be doing our, our very instructional forecasts and also mastery class teaching. Henry, do you know what your mastery class is gonna be about yet? No. Nope. Not yet. Okay. Probably something on Eris Eris Ma or some of the, the more recently discovered It would be working with Shadow to some extent.

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. Those come in. Thank you all for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of this conversation that we have every week. Thank you for your interest in Astrology. Thank you for your interests and your own purpose here on this planet and your connection to the universe and the stars and all of it.

It’s such a blessing. Henry, thank you for being here and for giving us such a great lay of the land as we look forward to this week and into 2023. And please remember to register for the forecast. If you haven’t already Inner circle members, you don’t need to, but anyone else, please make sure you register so that we can see you on Saturday and hang out with you and six other Astrologers on that day.

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