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What is a Full Moon Epiphany?

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Master Astrologer Taylor Shuler Levine and Amanda โ€˜Puaโ€™ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ How the Full Moon in Cancer is asking you to think differently.
๐ŸŒ’ How this week’s astrology will help you to process and integrate everything that’s changed in your life since 2019.
๐ŸŒ“ How emotional honesty and vulnerability can support the work of this week.

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Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tides. This podcast is brought to you by the Inner Circle, your place to learn Astrology in community with the masters, and transform your life in the process. Well, hello everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy that you’ve decided to tune in to this week’s broadcast.

Happy New Year to everybody. I know it’s not the astrological new year, which will happen in March, but we’re all celebrating a new year, a new beginning. So happy new Year to all of you. I’m very, very pleased to be here today with AstrologerConnect Astrologer, Taylor Schuler, and this is Taylor’s Astrology Hub debut. So I’d like to just tell you a little bit about Taylor,

and then I’m also gonna let Taylor tell a little bit about her story. But she’s an astrologer, a YouTuber and host. I love that. That’s a new like title for us, like YouTuber. I love it. And host of the podcast on Thriving Astrology and more with Taylor Schuler connection, curiosity, compassion, and joy are her foundational values and client work,

especially with those who are facing a crossroads in life, love or career. Taylor enjoys supporting her clients on their journey towards thriving, embracing a greater sense of clarity about their natural gifts and talent, and understanding how their impact is connected to our greater purpose here on Earth. She takes a liberal arts approach to Astrology blending evolutionary traditional hellistic and modern lineages. And Taylor,

I would just love if you could tell a little bit about your story, because I know that this is a full circle moment for you and that it ties in with the Astrology for the week ahead. So can you tell us just a little bit about how you got to be an astrologer and how you’re sitting here with all of us today? Absolutely. And thank you so much for that lovely introduction and for inviting me to be with you here today.

So Astrology Hub is actually a really big part of my story. And so I, I share that in the hopes that if there are listeners out there or inner circle members out there hoping to become Astrologers, Astrology, Hub can certainly be a part of your story on and part of your journey on that path. But for me, my story really started as a child and I was interested in Astrology,

read the Sun horoscopes, things like that, and then stepped away from it when the other kids in school or my peers were like, yo, you’re so gullible and that’s silly and you shouldn’t do Astrology. But then, and my journey went like all the way across the spectrum with being interested in Astrology and going, you know, in alignment with the faith that I grew up with,

which was I grew up Catholic and then going totally to the other end of the spectrum and being interested in atheism to then having my Saturn return and coming back to Astrology. And that was in my Saturn Returns started in 2016 and just slowly getting back into Astrology, slowly learning things. And I had some, we all had eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn in 2019 and 2020.

And those eclipses really started to change the world. And we started to see some shifts at that point in time. And by the time we had the eclipses in January of 2020, we also had that Saturn Pluto conjunction. And that happened to be on my solar return. It happened to be when the Astrology Hub was running its 2020 forecast. And I remember sitting at a dining table watching the forecast and saying,

that’s, that’s where I wanna be, is I wanna be amongst these folks. I, you know, and that’s kind of one of those days where I declared myself an astrologer. Like I knew I was one, but I was able to finally see folks who do it professionally and realize that there were many opportunities out there to actually do it. And once you can see it,

then it’s more like, Hey, I, I can see myself and maybe I won’t do it exactly like that, but there’s a path, there’s a road, there’s an opportunity. And it just opened up a whole world for me. So I have so much gratitude for the Astrology Hub and for you and, and the A team. That’s amazing. I love hearing stories like that.

It has always been part of our vision to inspire new Astrologers to pursue the path and to show that there’s opportunity that there you can actually have a career in the field of Astrology and that you can take your passion and help a lot of people with it. So I love it that we’ve been a part of your journey, Taylor, I, I’m sure a lot of other teachers have as well,

which is great. And I’m so happy that you’re here with us right now. Taylor’s also one of the Astrologers that’s featured on AstrologerConnect, which is our new reading platform. It is only available to Inner Circle members right now, and anyone who attended the 2023 forecast event, it will be opening up to the public here soon. So if you would like to get on the wait list for that and be the first to know when that happens,

you can go to Astrology Hub dot com slash connect. Okay, Taylor, so let’s take a look at the Astrology for the week ahead. What would you say is the main overarching theme? I think the main overarching theme for the week, if I had to put maybe a word or a phrase on it, it would be the epiphany for a number of reasons.

And also the song, the Sam Cook song, A Change is Gonna Come, just came to me because it’s just got those emotional swells. And when you’re in an epiphany, it’s a revelation, it’s a realization, and it’s all about, once you have that realization, you know, it’s time for a change, things are gonna happen. And this full Moon,

it’s, it’s bringing it. So the full Moon is on which day and and what time? Yes, so the full Moon is going to be on January 6th. And depending on your time zone, I think I’ve got this in, in G m T time. So that would be at 11:07 PM G M T. So that would be about 5:00 PM Eastern, which is about 2:00 PM Pacific.

Hmm. Okay. So why are you saying that change is, is happening and, and, and it sounds like there’s a realization and then there’s also a change. So what’s that all about? Yeah, so we start off the week, it’s, we start off the week on January 2nd, and there’s a number of things happening on January 2nd in the US it’s a bank holiday because we have New Year’s Day,

the day before. So the second is a Monday. And if you have the kind of job where you’re getting the day off, great. Those who don’t have the day off, take it easy, take it slowly, relax. There’s a ton going on. And I think that all of the changes that we’re going to experience are going to bring us back to the past,

back to even 2019. And they’re also gonna bring us ahead to the future to March. And I’ll explain why, but all of those changes happening so close to the full Moon, once the full Moon comes around, it’s gonna trigger, it’s gonna trigger some feelings. You know, the full Moon always brings our emotions to the surface. This full Moon in,

in cancer, it’s at 16 degrees of cancer and 16 degrees of Capricorn. It’s asking us to think differently. It’s asking us to really deal with our feelings and deal with how we communicate with other people. And that is just going to, it’s gonna bring a lot to the surface. So, and the reason that I say Epiphany is for a number of reasons.

So the first reason is that it is the Feast of the Epiphany. And so the Feast of the Epiphany was when the three kings went and they found the, the baby Jesus and the manger. And this was a, a revelation. It’s the Twelfth Day of Christmas too. So, and this ties into a number of traditions. It’s not just Christian or Catholic,

it’s really about the stars. This is grounded in the stars. And so we also had the Feast of Saturny Nalia happen in Roman times. And we’re also coming off of the December solstice. So the December solstice was on December 21st of this year. It’s when the Sun hit zero degrees of Capricorn. And on that day, later that day, we had the Sun Square Jupiter,

and we’re going to have the Moon Square off with Jupiter right before this full Moon. And it’s going to remind us of some of the things that happened on December 21st. Now the 16 degrees of Capricorn and cancer, it’s a really important degree because it brings us actually back very close to the degrees of some of the eclipses that were happening in Cancer in Capricorn in 2019 and 2020.

And also the Sun and the Moon are going to make aspects to the nodes of fate. The nodes of fate are what bring us the eclipses. And so it’s this whole remembering of where we’ve been and where we’re going. I think Rick, on the last Weekly Weather podcast was saying, you know, this is the beginning of the end. And I absolutely agree it’s the beginning of the end.

It’s also like the beginning of the beginning in many ways. And so we’re having to think about where were we before the pandemic? Where were we in 2019? What was going on? What was coming up for us? And where, where are we now? Because we’re at the beginning of the end of that pandemic chapter. And this eclipse is really making us come up with the thoughts,

the feelings, the things that we have to say, we see this because the Moon is going to be opposite Mercury retrograde. So the Sun is with Mercury and Mercury’s retrograde. And when we have the Moon in the sign of cancer, it love, it loves to feel, it’s in its emotions. It does emotions really well, really big. It needs to feel nurtured.

It knows what it wants, it knows how to feel comfortable. And we’ve got Mercury in the Sun opposing saying, Hey, I have needs, I have wants and Mercury’s in this place where it’s at 17 degrees of Capricorn. And I like to look at the Sabian symbols, I like to look at the deckhands, I like to look at the duos of it as well and try to get a fuller story.

And the story is just, it’s about what are my needs? Are they being met? What’s gonna make me feel comfortable? And how am I leaning into change now? So basically, I mean, there’s a little part of me cringing on some level because we’re, what it sounds to me like is some of the, the points that were very activated during that 2020 sort of period are gonna be reactivated or re retouched,

right? But what you’re saying is that we’re gonna be visiting them from a different perspective. Obviously we’re years later and it’s never the same exact thing over and over. And that having, we may be having some epiphanies about our life that has unfolded since that time. So both integrating where we were at before it and then what happened during it, and then assessing right now,

like where are we at now and what does that look like moving forward? And what changes need to to be implemented in order for us to get our needs met and feel like we’re getting our needs met. Is that a correct, like assessment of everything that you just said? Pretty much. Exactly. It’s what are my needs? How have they changed and what do I need differently?

How do I need to express it to other people? And making sure that when we express our needs, we’re saying it in a way that it can be heard and it can be met. And we’re coming from a place of expressing our needs and our boundaries instead of expressing demands or having emotional outbursts or things like that, right? So on a personal level,

we may go from extremes of, I’m having really big feelings and I just need to say it, and it, it’s gonna be really sudden. It’s gonna come out, I, I didn’t mean it, sort of thing. And the other person has to reckon with it because when we see the Moon and Mercury opposed to one another, it’s sort of like we’re in this conversation with another person.

One person is the feeling person, one person’s the thinking person, or it can be within ourselves that we’re having thoughts that we’re not wanting to express or we’re having feelings that we’re not wanting to express. So it’s really this two ends of the spectrum, right? And so we’re gonna wanna watch how our thoughts and feelings align and also wanna watch out for Mercury being retrograde,

it’s pulling our focus to our thoughts, it being in Capricorn in an earth sign, it’s making us wanna plan and collect all of those details so that we can feel secure. So that’s how I think we’re gonna feel it on an individual level, on a collective level, that Mercury opposite the Moon is going to feel more like, I sort of get this picture of,

you know, there’s the, the, the head of a company and then there’s the accountant. The accountant is Mercury, the head of the company is the Sun, cuz the Sun and Mercury are together. And the head of the company has come out now the ju is in Aries, and it’s like ready to be out there and be bold and he is like,

Hey, I’ve got this new thing that I wanna do and comes and announces it to, to his whole company. And the Moon, the people, the employees of the company are like, I’m not so sure about that. Could you maybe, could you maybe change your, your mind on that? And then the accountant Mercury is like, retrograde is going in and,

and redoing the numbers and really thinking and planning is like, wait, was this a mistake? Do we need to rethink this somehow? Do we need to redo this somehow? So on a collective level, we may see that kind of a story play out. I also think it’s about emotional vulnerability and emotional just honesty. And so saying that truth, like saying,

Hey, who was I back in 2019? Who did I know in 2020 there was a change that needed to come Now in 2023, can you believe we’re saying this, I have a truth and I just can’t bear the weight of the costume of the clothes anymore. I can’t hide it anymore, I just have to say it. And so I think some feelings may come up about that.

And because it’s connected to the nodes, that story is part of our destiny. It’s part of where we’re supposed to go. And so whatever comes up, it’s sextile and trying the nodes, which is a really easy flowing aspect. So I think it’s gonna come up more as hopefully as, as smoother and easier than something kind of more full of tension.

Like some of our past slow nations have had a lot of tension. Yeah. So if these things come up, if there’s something that you have been feeling like is a little bit of a, of a mask or a costume or something that just doesn’t fit anymore, that this energy is encouraging you to actually speak it, speak to it and communicate it.

And it might not be perfectly executed, but that’s okay because it, it is part of your unfolding destiny. There is a purpose and you actually starting to voice these things. Absolutely. I think, you know, and especially just going back to Monday the second, we have a number of aspects. We’ve got Mercury, sextile, Neptune, we’ve got Venus going into Aquarius.

So we have this change in how we relate to people, right? When a planet changes signs, we’re talking about a change in the, in the quality of it. And so all of these aspects on Monday, I think are, are bringing that kind of an energy where it’s, we’ve come from, hopefully we’ve had a break over the holiday, it’s been a little bit quieter we had in New Year’s where maybe we didn’t wanna go out,

like Rick was saying. And, and we’ve gotta go back to work and we kind of get shaken up. It’s like it, you know, the blindfold taking our, our sleeping mask off and being like, wait, what just happened today? And that kind of sets the tone for this full Moon where we’ve had this shakeup at the beginning of the week that feels maybe like a lot just in comparison to where we’ve been.

It’s not necessarily a lot on its own, but after a holiday, I think the first Monday back to have a whole lot of aspects in the sky is gonna feel like a lot. And that kind of just builds over the next couple days to this full Moon where finally it’s a release and it’s like, Hey, I’ve had some thoughts. We need to have a chat.

Because if we don’t, the next aspect of the Moon is going to be, it’s gonna make aspects to Uranus and also to Neptune, which tells this story of, I’m gonna have a conversation with someone else, or something’s gonna come to the surface. I need to talk about it. I need to let it out because if I don’t, I’m outta here.

And, and I gotta think about what would I like to do? What, what does need to change? And can I lean into that dream of what needs to change because I’m ready for it. The other aspect that comes up this week that speaks to this story is the Sun squaring off with Chiron. And this is a big deal because in March we’re going to have a Jupiter Chiron conjunction in Aries,

which we have never knowingly experienced before. So Chiron was discovered at three degrees of Taurus in the early seventies, which means that we’ve never, we’ve had Chiron around, we just weren’t aware that Chiron was around. And Chiron and Jupiter meet up about every 13 years or so. And so we’ve had Chiron Jupiter conjunctions before. We’ve never been aware that we’re experiencing a Chiron Jupiter conjunction in Aries before.

So this is new. And I think it’s big too, because on the same day or just a few hours later, Venus meets up with Eris, who is the goddess of destruction. She took the golden apple and threw it into the wedding and started the Trojan War. You know, she, she wanted to shake things up. And so Jupiter expands.

What it touches Aries is about our identity, our sense of self, our desire to take action. And Chiron is, you know, where does it hurt? What does the wound, what do I need to heal? What do I need to teach? What do I need to speak? And so every time we have these Sun squares to Chiron, we’re getting a hint of what that Jupiter Chiron conjunction might look like.

Mm. So I think that whatever comes up that kind of feels sensitive, that kind of feels a little tender. We can look back at other times when the Sun and Chiron have made a difficult aspect, and then we can look ahead and see on an individual level or on a collective level, what does that look like and how can I use the energy?

Hmm. Okay. So is this, so Monday is a big day, lots of activity, lots of like setting the stage for the story. Is this Chiron aspect happening on Tuesday? So the Sun is squaring Chiron on Monday. It’s usually a news day. It’s usually a continuation of a story that we’ve seen before. And also a foreshadowing of what’s to come on March Eleventh of 2023 when,

when Jupiter and Chiron meet up, and then shortly after Venus and Eris will meet up. So I would say look at the news and take note of what’s coming up for healing for yourself, but also for your community or for your country or your company or whatever your community groups look like. And then the last thing that will happen, I believe on the second,

no, it’s not the last thing that’s happening, but it’s almost the last thing that’s happening, is that Venus is entering Aquarius and Venus is going to be an Aquarius until January 26th when it enters Pisces. And as all of our personal planets start going into Aquarius, they’re, we’re getting hints about two things. Some of them are in the past and one is in the future.

And I think that’s very appropriate about Aquarius. And I’ll tell you why and then I’ll tell you what the two transits are. So Aquarius is known as being a bit eccentric, right? And the reason for that is because Aquarius, the water bearer contains its knowledge, right? The water that the water bear is pouring in its knowledge, Aquarius is an air sign.

It’s all about information. And who uses this knowledge, right? It’s what’s the, what’s the stereotypical archetype of Aquarius? It’s the scientists, the engineers, the systems thinkers, the future focused folks. And these types of people design not for the present moment. They actually designed for the future. And when you’re designing for the future, it seems anachronistic,

it seems out of time, right? So if I were to take my iPhone and go back 200 years ago, people would look at me like I’m crazy. Well, the the same is true for the future. If I take my iPhone as the future, people would be like, what are you doing? But if I do the reverse and say,

Hey, I’m in the future, how do I design for like 2023 or 2024? They’re gonna look kind of out of it. Also, you look at them funny and you think they’re a little eccentric and it doesn’t make it wrong, it just means it’s kind of misunderstood in the current context. And so we have this out of time thing that happens with Aquarius often,

but when some, when a planet is hitting that zero degrees of Aquarius, what it’s doing is reminding us of the past, which is the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that happened on December 21st, 2020. And it’s also reminding us of the future when Pluto is going to go into Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023. And so I think what this Venus transiting is inviting us to do is we’re being asked to practice non-attachment in our personal relationships and to our current social norms in order to form bonds and to heal our current existing relationships.

And we might be asked to do that in a non-traditional way, in an eccentric way, in a way that doesn’t currently exist today. It might not make sense to other people, but if it makes sense to us and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then who cares? You know, we can think about how that non-attachment and that space and freedom can help us breathe new life into our relationships and this and how information,

so with the full Moon, we’re being asked to have a conversation. So what’s the information that we’re getting from this? Or what’s the information air sign Aquarius that needs to be shared? Right? So this is literally all on Monday. This is, this is like so much happening on Monday. I mean, everyone, I mean you’re probably listening to this on Monday and or you’re tuning in in retrospect,

you know, you’re tuning in Tuesday or Wednesday, but just think about what has happened on Monday or what’s happening today. And this is really a date to note. I mean, this is a date that obviously has implications both, like you said, going back and going forward. So I love this what you’re saying. Yeah. And you know, the,

the other thing I, I forgot to mention, just to tie this into the eclipse cycle that I was talking about on January 21st, 2019, we had a lunar eclipse, which is a full Moon eclipse at zero degrees of Leo and Aquarius. So that’s the other way that this, as the planet’s all cross zero Aquarius, it’s being triggered, it’s tying into that story of those eclipses that having in 2019 and 2020,

bringing us from pre pandemic 20 19, 20 20 Saturn Jupiter conjunction Pandemic to the Future, which is Pluto moving into Aquarius at that zero degrees mark. So the, the Sun will move into Aquarius on January 20th. The Moon’s next gonna move into Aquarius on January 21st. Mercury is gonna move into Aquarius February Eleventh. So those are just some more dates to look for clues about the future.

And this Pluto Ingress into Aquarius, it’s gonna happen in March. And then finally, the last thing I promised is going to happen on Monday is going to be the Moon going void, of course. And this is like rest, like just, it’s time to stop doing because a whole lot happened. And so for a lot of people, some of this may be happening in the morning,

it may be happening in the afternoon. And then I, I think Monday afternoon and evening we’re all just gonna be like, nah, I’m good. I’m, I’m checked out for the rest of the day. And then Tuesday the Moon is going to enter Gemini. It’s gonna slowly start creeping into what we call out of bounds. So it’s going out of the,

the range of the ecliptic out of the sun’s sort of hold on it and hold on us and hold on all of the planets. It’s nice that we don’t have a lot of aspects on Tuesday because this is back to work for most people where there is gonna be a lot of talking. That’s what we get with Gemini, a lot of emails to answer.

And this is sort of like, remember or remember your password or reset your password when you go back and try it twice before you get locked out cuz it’s Gemini. So it’s like, try and try again. But besides the talking and things like that, I think it, it’ll be a, a pretty pleasant day. But as the day goes on,

we may feel our emotions start to heighten a little bit, especially as we’re leading towards that full Moon. And then on Wednesday we have Venus, sextile, Jupiter. And this is really pleasant because a sextile, it’s, it’s just a pleasant aspect. This is about enjoying yourself, treating yourself. Don’t over-indulge with it there. I mean, a sextile is not,

it’s, it’s sort of a minor flowing aspect of trying is bigger. So Venus talking to the Moon might wanna over-indulge, but Jupiter being sextile to the Moon, it, it’s not as expansive, but it’s still like, don’t overspend. And also think about what good feels like. You know, what can good look like and how can you live with that vision of what feels good and what looks good and brings you comfort now while being within your means,

you know, what can you shift? And I would also say definitely pay attention to the people that you meet and new things that cross your path as well as what gets you fired up or gets you talking on this day. And then we’ve got January 5th, the Moon is gonna be void, of course, most of the day. And then we have the Sun trying Uranus.

And when the Sun is in Capricorn and forms this really generous aspect to Uranus and Taurus with the Moon void, of course we get an opportunity to channel this capricious energy of Capricorn because Uranus is this sort of like sudden unexpected energy. I love how Rick Levine says it’s the, it’s the resolution of irresolvable opposites is what he says. And, and so it’s just that instantaneous download,

sort of like the unexpected thing that you can’t plan for. And that’s where you get this word capricious that’s related to Capricorn. You know, before we had Capricorn, we had Sagittarius, right? Sagittarius explores the world. It’s done a lot. It’s taught, you know, and maybe not even traveled the world, but maybe it went to other galaxies too.

It’s taken risks, it’s learned new things and it had a good time. And then by the time we get to Capricorn, it has to resolve some of that Sagittarian energy and say, okay, I know how to have a good time. I wanna have a good time, right? Capricorn is young when it’s old, it’s old when it’s young, it likes to have a good time.

It works hard and plays hard, but it knows how to take calculated risks. And so I think that the Sun trying Uranus is about these calculated risks. Capricorn wants to get its money and its material security so that it can goof off like a kid. You know, like a goat is a kid, it wants to jump around. And it does have this energy from Sagittarius of knowing when it might fall off a cliff so that it can take those calculated risks that Uranus presents,

right? Uranus is the risk. It’s that unexpected opportunity perhaps in the midst of boredom or in the midst of like, hey, there was a whole lot going on earlier this week. And the Moon being void, of course it’s also kind of like that boredom or lack of productivity. And within that we have this like sudden like, hey wanna play hooky?

Or something like that. That’s like, well I guess nothing’s getting done, we might as well. And then later on the fifth we’ve got the Moon ending, its void and moving into cancer. And so we’re starting this full Moon, it’s not exact yet, but when the Moon is in cancer, we feel our feels, we wanna eat, we wanna cuddle,

we wanna go home. We get a little nostalgic for the past, you know, maybe it was fun, whatever we were doing, or maybe it was a bit too much and now we’re tired and we’ve gotta take some time to nurture and take care of ourselves, tend to our home, tend to our family. Like put our lunchbox together kind of a thing.

And we start to think about like, hey, that was fun, but what really makes me feel good? What makes me feel safe? And what makes me feel loved? And that then leads into the next day January 6th, which is that Twelfth night, well actually the fifth is the Twelfth night where we normally saw parties, right? Like back when the Twelfth night was a celebration,

the Twelfth night was the party. So it’s kind of perfect energy with that Sun trying your honest, and then the move moving into cancer. And then on the sixth, this is the 13th day. The 13th day is the feast of the epiphany. That’s when that realization comes in. So that sunshine, you’re honest, is that epiphany that we get from this whole day,

from the whole week that we’ve had, from everything that happened Monday and then having sort of a lull, and then the excitement that happens on the fifth by the full Moon. There’s this epiphany, this release, because that’s what we do at a full Moon. We release, we let go, we put things out into the world. And so finally,

I think we’re ready to say what we need to say, we’re ready to maybe like make some plans. And that’s gonna be super helpful because the next day on the seventh, we have something called a Cazimi. So the Sun is conjunct Mercury, and it’s gonna be so close to Mercury when it’s 17 minutes from the Sun. We call that the heart of the Sun.

That’s when we make magic. That’s when we are able to speak to what will light our solar, what will, what needs to be said so that we can get to where we wanna go. What is the wish that we have? What is, what is that emotional honesty that the full Moon brought that we now need to say something about? We wanna write it down.

We got that vision board going, what are we tearing off the vision board? What are we putting on the vision board this day? How are we just sitting quietly and meditating before, during, and after this Cazimi because it happens like before 17 minutes approaching the Sun. And then there’s this moment of sort of stillness and quietness. And then as Mercury moves away from the Sun 17 minutes away from the Sun,

then we’ve got the Moon being void again on the seventh around 4:20 PM Eastern time, the Moon is gonna be void of course. And then about four hours later on the, depending on your time zone, it’s gonna be the seventh or the eighth, the Moon is gonna enter Leo where maybe we’re feeling a little more fun or maybe we’re feeling a little more courageous,

able to really stand in that honesty that the full Moon brought up for us and say, yeah, you know, it’s my truth. And hopefully we can kind of pat ourselves on the back or give ourselves a round of applause or like someone else for saying what needed to be said. Then on the eighth, around 12:00 PM Eastern time, we’re gonna have Mercury trying Uranus.

So another, another epiphany, another opportunity to say, Hey, I, I, I thought this is what I wanted. When, when we had the Sun Cazimi and when we had the Sunshine Uranus, I’ve just gotten a sudden jolt of inspiration. I like because I said it now I, you know, I attracted the thing. Synchronicities are lining up things that were unexpected.

It’s just like downloads. This is more information. I think that you might even put more words to the experiences that you’ve been having, getting even more clear about it. We’re just taking another opportunity to, to meditate and bring it into your consciousness. And I think it’s a great time for ideas and inspiration. And then also think back to the weekend of December 17th,

because that was the last time that we had Mercury trying Uranus and see is there something that was happening then that’s coming up again now. And so yeah, it’s a, it’s a week, Amanda. It’s a, it’s a pretty full week. It sounds like it. And I, I hear what you’re saying about coming off of the holidays, which were like I’ve mentioned on a few of the podcasts for the first time in a few years,

it was actually the holiday energy that you, you kind of expect or or hope for for the first time, you know, because the other holidays have been so challenging, so intense, 20 20, 20 21. So I can see that it sounds like we’re sort of jumping right in to the new year. Like it’s like, okay, let’s go. And there’s a lot of energy,

there’s a lot of movement, there’s a lot of of change kind of spurring inside of us and yeah. And that’s in contrast to, to the previous few weeks or even month it seems like. Yeah, I mean, I think we’ve all kind of like felt that something’s gonna change or something’s gonna come. But after Eclipse season, which was super intense,

I do think that the holiday season felt a lit a little bit more like a lull. And now we’ve also, the one thing I didn’t mention, Amanda, is that, because I don’t wanna get too much into it, I’ll, I don’t wanna steal anyone’s thunder for from next week, but Mars is stationary, so it is at the eight degree mark where it’s,

it’s really just stopping, it’s starting to stop so that it can turn around and go direct and move forward again. But the Sabian symbol for this eight degree mark is a medieval archer who stands with the ease of one holy sure of himself, beau in his hand. And it’s all about the ability to take aim at something and achieving a bullseye. The sort of like low side of it can be like overconfidence or being unprepared,

typical Aries stuff. But I think that this really is like, Hey, I got it now I have my, my sole focus, I’ve got my bullseye, I’ve got my target, I’m just refining it and I’m moving forward. And that’s what the opportunity is for this week. That’s why we’re getting all these aspects that, that’s what the full Moon is trying to bring us towards is what is our mission,

what’s our goal? Where are we going? God, I love that. I love that. What is our mission question? It’s one that I’ve recently, I was reading chop wood carry water, and this is one of my, my like go-to revisit over and over, so, so Saturnian of me, right? So tap recorded me to love a book called Chop wood carry water.

But essentially one of the stories in it is about the difference between goals and a mission and how goals we can like set goals, but if we don’t hit them, we can easily like, make excuses for why that didn’t happen. Or they’re, they’re almost, it’s almost set up for failure from the beginning, you know, it’s like we have this goal,

but like we barely attain or we don’t attain it. And, and there’s always a reason for that, right? But a mission is something that you can really live into and sink into, and it’s a process. I mean, it’s, and it, and it’s something that you can bounce everything off. Like, is this helping me get closer to my mission or not?

Like, is this part of my mission or not? And it’s just a bigger question that can be asked. So it’s, it’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot. And then I’m also passing it along to my daughters because I feel like if, if they from an early age have a sense of what their mission in life is, it’s much different than goals.

You know, I wanna go to college or I wanna get a good job. It’s like I’m, I’m here with a mission. It was funny, I asked one of my daughters what she thinks her mission is, and it was instantaneous. Like it came out of her mouth, it seemed like she didn’t even think about it. She’s like, I wanna help people.

Like I’m here to help people. And I was like, wow, that’s awesome. Hello. And there’s a lot of different ways you can do that. Yeah. But just that it came out so clearly and my other one, it’s to help animals. So there you go. All right. So Taylor, this is exciting. We have a huge week coming off a,

the holiday season, but I love how this, this actually illustrates how like the holiday season actually is supposed to be longer than what we actually allow. It is. Yeah. It, it’s absolutely supposed to be longer. And just what you said about chop wood carry water, I think is so interesting because we had this, these eclipses and Taurus and Scorpio and Stephen Forest actually uses that chop wood carry water as an example of the Scorpio and Taurus dynamic.

And I think a lot of that story which is tying into the Sun square Chiron, echoing the foreshadowing of the, of what’s happening in March, what’s gonna happen with eclipses next year, it’s how do we slow down? How do we take a break? How do we care for ourselves? How do we take the time we need? How do we know that rest is productive and,

and keep it simple so that we can realign to our mission and then move forward. And Capricorn is that like, hey, one step at a time, like going towards that mission. And once we have those eclipses in, in April and May, we’re gonna be revisiting that story again of how do we keep it simple? How are we getting too deep about things?

And who am I and who are we in relationship with one another so that we can support each other to get the radical rest that we need. And maybe that is part of the future that we’re writing together. I think it is. I mean, I really, I see a lot more businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs taking more time and, and really like baking it into their schedules and,

and baking it into their calendars that like, this is a rest period. And I continue to be inspired by it, although it continues to be something that I am definitely challenged with. You know, how do you, how do you do that and continue to move things forward and continue to, you know, especially serve when, when people are depending on you or when there’s things that are depending on you.

So it’s an interesting dance, but I can definitely see it being more in the forefront of more people’s awareness and, and people really making efforts in that direction, which I think is already positive. Yeah, I I really hope that by the end of this week with this full Moon, that is the question that people are asking themselves. How can we live differently?

How can we work differently? How can we meet and achieve our mission without having to do business as usual work 40 or more hours a week? It’s just unnecessary. I mean, there’s so many studies about it. I get on my soapbox, I won’t, but it’s just unnecessary. Well, especially I think as we’re moving into more of these, into more air,

into more of the Aquarian time where it’s, it is more about the power of your mind, of your thoughts, and you can have the idea that changes everything in a, in an instant. It has nothing to do with how much time you have toiled or labored. Whereas where we’re coming from, it does seem like it was more, I mean,

it was, it was mathematical. Like if you have this many workers creating this many products in this amount of time, this is your productivity. But things are changing, like the, it’s, it’s way more about innovation, it’s way more about creativity. And creativity actually needs space. It actually needs downtime, you know, it actually, in order for it to be as productive as it can be,

so yeah, I, I absolutely, I think it’s, it’s a combination of the desire that is, is brewing in everybody to have a different way of doing work and also the work itself changing in a way where it’s actually makes sense, you know, it’s actually better to do it that way. Yeah. And I think that, you know, we have Mercury going retrograde in different elements over the years,

and this year Mercury’s gonna be retrograde in earth science, which is really asking us to plan. It’s to revisit the numbers, go back to the books, go back to the drawing board, and really put our thoughts on paper and outline how we can do it differently. And then we’re gonna have a couple Cazimi, I believe in water signs, which are gonna ask us to feel into our emotions,

what feels like the right thing to do. And so even with this major air energy with the outer planets, we’re going to have this earth that will support us in, in plotting what that looks like and actually creating a physical container to say, I’m going to take my dreams, those illusions, disillusions, and make them daydreams and make them reality. Hmm.

Yeah. It’s so funny. Where is that line sometimes I think I, I think about whoever started FedEx, I don’t know who it is, but I, I imagine that idea that came and then pitching that idea like, hey, we’re gonna be able to deliver things basically overnight, anywhere in the world, all kinds of products, you know, and how crazy it would’ve sounded like literally if that person,

do you know the name of the, the, i, I Don’t know who it is. That’s so weird. Yeah, I can’t think of it either, but just how radical that would’ve seemed to anyone listening to that. It’s like, wow, how are you gonna pull that off? Like, good luck with that vision, you know, or good luck with that dream.

But, but the fact that so many things that seem unattainable, they are, and they can be, and it’s really that, you know, whatever that process of, of making that container for that dream and then chop would carry water. Like, you know, just stay with it, stay with it. Persistence and yeah. Okay, so the theme of this week is the epiphany and or a change is gonna come.

We can, we can listen to that song and that’s definitely encapsulating the energy as well. And this is a lot around what’s happening on Monday, but then also this full Moon that’s happening on Friday, right On the sixth. So The sixth, I know, I, I get confused which days are which days? Friday. Yeah. So a lot of,

a lot of change because of everything happening on Monday, and then also this full Moon that’s happening on Friday the sixth. So we’re being asked to think differently, but it sounds like this is gonna be sort of spontaneously happening. It’s not like we’re gonna have to try to think differently. It’s like there’s yeah, an energy of think differently this week. There is an energy around questions like,

what are my needs? Are they being met? How am I leaning into change now versus how I was in 2019 or how I was in 2020 or 2021 now that we’re here, how am I actually leaning into change? We have, Monday is like the day of all days. It’s like a huge day of a lot of different kinds of energies all coming together there.

There’s an opportunity to put words to our dream. This is a good day to do some vision boarding. We have an opportunity to connect to our destiny or our path we have, but, but remember to tie that destiny or path into how can I make the world a better place in the process? So what is my destiny and how is my destiny contributing to the greater good?

We have this Sun square Chiron, which is foreshadowing to march Eleventh, and this is bringing up some individual wounding, but also collective wounding. And we’re gonna revisit some of the themes from today on March Eleventh Venus going into Aquarius, which is giving us, we’re getting hints from the past, which was that December of 2020, right? And then there’s foreshadowing into the future,

which is around March 23rd, 2023, which is when Pluto moves into Aquarius, which is another really interesting, huge transiting for this year that’s gonna last at least 20 years. So Pluto moving out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, and it’s been interesting to ask Astrologers about this energy. And nobody’s lived through it. Nobody who’s alive has lived through it. So there’s a lot of like,

conjecture about what this will mean and what this will bring. But we’re gonna get some clues about that on the, the, this Monday we also have the, the void, of course, Moon at the end of the day. So again, a day, if you are jumping back into work, take it easy, take it slow, and you’re gonna,

you’re gonna need your rest in the evening anyways, and you’re gonna be able to get it with that void. Of course, Moon Tuesday we have the Moon and Gemini creeping out of bounds. This is kind of a lull in the energy is the way that you described this day. Wednesday is an, a good opportunity to enjoy yourself and treat yourself, but within your means.

So don’t, don’t go like racking up credit card bills on this day, but if there’s certain little things I love who says it ca I think Cameron Allen is the one who goes, you’ll treat yourself, you know, get, get the coconut water this day, get, you know, get the real coconut water, not the one in the box.

Like, that’s, that’s the kind of treat you can do for yourself on this day. Yes. This is also another destiny day. There could be some pay attention to who you meet. There could be some destiny lines crossing on this day we have Thursday, which is the void of void, of course, Moon most of the day. But then there’s an opportunity to channel some of the capricious energy of Capricorn taking calculated risks.

I love the way you just described Capricorn as a Capricorn. I always feel like this, like we, we get a really bad rap and there’s, there’s a lot of misunderstanding. It’s like, but what you described, and, and even when Rick does, when he describes goats, I mean, I live surrounded by goats, and so I get to,

I get to actually watch them and they are so playful and they are so joyful and they’re so, they’re like pr you know, they know, they just like bounce around, but Capricorn normally isn’t described that way. No, but I love what you said. You know, it’s the hard work and the, and the, and the planning and all that is so that life can be enjoyed.

And so that Li, there’s that kid, you know, that playful energy, but it’s the, the understanding that the work has to come first. I always tell my my daughters, you know, especially in the morning getting ready for school, do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do. Exactly. Do it in that order because,

And the work can be fun too. Yeah. Oh yeah. Right. You can make your work a lot of fun. Who’s, who says it can’t be fun. Where, where’s the rule on that? Right? As Capricorn, we’re checking the rules. I don’t see that in the rule book. I love my work. I mean, there,

this is fun. It’s, this is the reason why I have to actually create boundaries to do other things because my work is so much fun. It’s like, yeah, yeah, I would do it all the time. Okay, so we have also on Friday, this is again the full Moon release epiphany and make some plans. So like these epiphanies that you’re having,

make some plans around it. Saturday we have the Mercury Cazimi. This is a day to make magic light your anything that lights your soul up. Anything that speaks to you and, and you feel enthusiasm around it, this is an opportunity to speak to those things and actually voice them. And then Sunday, another jolt of inspiration. So it, it actually feels sort of electric to me.

It absolutely is. And I do just wanna qualify one thing about me saying making magic, because I’m not a magic practitioner formally, so I’m not suggesting that people go make magic things, but I, I think of it like in, in a figurative way where you can really put your mind and, and maybe like do some magical things with your thinking and your,

and your mind in that sense. So I’m not qualifying that this is time to like literally make things, talk to some other folks who are, who are good at that. I know maybe Bear and Bear River and not sure if Joe’s one of those people, but Yeah. Yeah. Jen Zart. Yeah. I mean, I, I agree. Thank you for that caveat.

And we don’t have to like limit magic. Right? To me, every pretty much everything’s magical. And I understand what you’re saying this, you’re not necessarily choosing an electional date to create callous mans or do some sort of ritual. You’re just saying that the there is magic with Mercury Cazimi. Cazimi, Yes. Okay. Beautiful. And to use, utilize the power of your thoughts,

especially Absolutely. On a day like today. Yeah. And channel because that electricity that Uranus is coming through giving us that inspiration and, and it’s, it is gonna feel magical. It’s gonna feel like electricity. Amazing. Tey, thank you so much. This has been so much fun. I’ve loved every minute of it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your perspective.

It’s so amazing to continue to meet incredible Astrologers. And I love that this was alive in you as a child, that it was, and, but then it makes me sad that the world kind of beat it out of you, but it’s all perfect. It’s like exactly where it needs to be. You came, came back to it. And it’s not like those seeds weren’t still there.

You were able to really just like jump in and really without abandon now go towards this dream and this love that you have. Yeah. So I love, I love it so much. Thank you so much, Amanda. It’s been so much fun being here with you today. So much fun. So if you love Taylor and her approach, if you are an Inner Circle member,

she is available on AstrologerConnect. If you were a 2023 forecast attendee, she is available on AstrologerConnect. And I know that Taylor’s making herself available for instant readings sometimes too, right? Yeah, Absolutely. Are you available this week at all? I may, I will be available in the, in the evenings of this week for for instant readings. Yes.

And more so on the weekend as well, which, and I love to, I am on Mountain Time, so it will be the afternoons and evenings mountain time. So starting after 3:30 PM Mountain Time, I’ll be on. Okay. And I love talking with people about career and about their mission like we talked about and their passion and profections. So Yes,

beautiful career, passion, mission. If you have any questions about those things, you can connect with Taylor in two different ways. One is to book a reading for the future. The other one is to just connect with her instantly. If you happen to be online, you’re like, Hey, I have a question. I’d love to bounce this off astrologer.

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And Taylor, thank you so much for being a part of this new endeavor that we have embarked upon, and thank you for being here for the weekly by this week. Thank you. It’s so exciting. I, I just, I love everything that you’re doing and the innovations and inroads that you’re making for Astrology and astrologer. So thank you. Oh my gosh,

it’s our pleasure. Our pleasure. All right everybody, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being a part of our community. And thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode. My first Astrology reading literally changed my life. I was in the midst of a significant dark night of the soul,

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