[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “A New & Unexpected Beginning” April 25th – May 1st w/ Divine Harmony

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Taurus Solar Eclipse

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Divine Harmony and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • About Pluto stationing retrograde and what that allows you to transform in your life
  • The powerful potential of the Venus, Jupiter, Neptune triple conjunction
  • What the Ceres aspects can do to your relationship with love and sacrifice
  • What is a Solar Gateway, and how you can use them in your manifestations


0:00 Intro

2:00 Uranian Surprises

4:22 The Taurus Solar Eclipse

10:00 How does Pluto Retrograde affect the Eclipse

15:15 Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

18:00 Ceres through the Week

23:00 Beltane & Solar Gateways

26:40 Northern & Southern Hemisphere in Contrast

31:00 Mercury & The Pleadies

35:00 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:02
Welcome, everybody. It is so great to be here with you for our weekly astrological weather. And today we have a very special guest that we love here at astrology hub. Divine harmony is joining us today and will be our weekly weather woman. And harmony. I know we have a big week ahead, right? I mean, there’s an eclipse that’s always big energy. But let’s start with the overarching theme. What would you if you had to look at all the energies and kind of synthesize it into something simple for us? What would you say is that theme?

Divine Harmony 0:35
Well, when I was feeling into this, the thing that just kept coming was surprise. Surprise. Yeah. Because well, the eclipse is conjunct Uranus. And it’s really massively kicking off the Uranus north node conjunction that’s coming end of July. And it’s there’s this energy of the new coming in, but Uranus, is, you know, he’s a planet of unpredictability, he’s actually one of the hardest ones to predict in astrology, you never know what you’re gonna get with him, it could be the most amazing thing that you didn’t see coming, and it changes your life, you know, in the most phenomenal way. Or it could be disruptive, you know, breakdowns that precede breakthroughs, especially with Uranus, and Taurus. It’s like really asking us to see what is holding us back from change. And so it has that element of surprise and kind of the winds of change picking up.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:37
And could those surprises be both? I mean, last week, it’s funny, because last week, we had Rick Levine on and we talked about surprises last week, as well. It’s very experience a lot of surprises, both challenging and delightful, like did totally different things happening. And I’d be like, Okay, that’s a surprise. And that’s like that one. Isn’t that fun. But this is also a surprise. And this one is really fun. So can we be experiencing all facets of that?

Divine Harmony 2:08
Yes, most definitely. And often, I mean, at least in my experience, I see that they do come at the same time, it’s almost like your higher self knows like something in your life, you’re resisting, changing needs to change. So a little chaos happens there. But then at the same time gives you like, you know, the golden gift or the silver lining, you know, so that they’re both happening. And really actually a lot of it has to do with what are you going to pay attention to? What are you going to give the most of your focus to, and I always remind myself to stay in gratitude for what is like, a gift. When I’m in the midst of maybe a lot of chaos. It’s like, okay, reminds me of that quote by Mr. Rogers, you know, where he would say in any kind of intense thing, heartbreaking situation, look for the helpers. Like when there’s war, or environmental catastrophes. And he says, look for the helpers, because it brings out the people who care and so when you look for the goodness, when you look for the blessings, it amplifies, you know, your consciousness expands, whatever you’re paying attention to.

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:23
Okay, that’s so great. And this is exactly what I was reminding my daughter of, we were going through a challenging surprise last week. And as she’s crying in the backseat of the cars, you know, really life is happening for us. I know, it doesn’t seem like it, but it is and just pay attention. We’re going to be better friends, at the end of this we’re going to be we’re going to be more trustworthy, we’re going to be, you know, things things will come from this, that will be a really, really good outcome. So it’s hard in the moment though. Okay, so what what are you basing this on? What are the major things that are making you say that that’s,

Divine Harmony 4:01
first of all, we’re heading into the Eclipse portal. So on Saturday, April 30, we have the partial solar eclipse, New Moon and Taurus conjunct Uranus. And then mid May we’ll have a total lunar eclipse, so we have two eclipses we’re heading into eclipses, of course are like amplified New Moons influence so they’re like, you know, I mean Moon times 10, or a New Moon on steroids. Sometimes people say or whatever. And so it’s extra potent energy that’s very much connected to changes, endings and new beginnings. Often I noticed they’re usually happening simultaneously. It’s like kind of like we just talked about with the, the gift the you know, more positive thing and then the more intense thing, the eclipses will magnify that. So with the New Moon eclipse there can be significant new beginnings especially because this is a north node, New Moon so Lunar Eclipse. So it’s orienting us to the path of growth, and evolution and destiny. But I always like to say like with the nodes, you know, the North Node is not the easy path. It’s not what’s familiar, it’s not the point of comfort, that’s the south node. So often, in order to orient towards the north node, we got to get pushed out of the nest by the universe. And then we have to kind of figure out how to fly or we’re falling down. And so the this eclipse is a north node Eclipse, and then the next one in May, will be a South Node Eclipse. So just that alone is like a lot. And the North Node is conjunct or rather sorry, the eclipse is conjunct Uranus, and then we’re actually going to have Uranus and the North Node align end of July. So this is like kicking that off. And I will tell you, we’ve been building to that. From the moment we got out of the gate of the first day of this new year. It was a sun trine Uranus day, and then the next day was a New Moon trine Uranus. And it’s just I think it’s like a Uranian year

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:08
how many would you say to pay attention to a storyline in your life that is, is accentuated right now with this New Moon eclipse that is conjunct Uranus, right? And that the continuation of this story will be unfolding late July? Is that what you’re saying? And is there chapter one chapter two chapter three? Or how is this story working?

Divine Harmony 6:39
Well, for me last year, 2021 was like, I don’t know if I call it chapter one. But it was like the previous chapter because that was all Saturn square. Uranus, right? You know, immovable force against, you know, intense forest, and it was just like a clash of energies. Whereas this year, they’re now separated. So we’re not having exact squares anymore. But because Uranus, is heading to the North Node. Uranus is winning the conversation. And so last year was like a confrontation between old and new and resistance to change. To me this year is all about like, okay, change is common. And are you going to orient to it? Are you going to, you know, it’s like when a big like, wind comes, you can get let’s say you have a kite. What are you going to do with your kite with the wind, you’re not going to try and make it go opposite the direction of the wind, or you’re going to have big problems. And so you just want to like orient to where you’re seeing the universe is wanting to like, take you. And so this eclipse will be a huge time to get more clear on what that is. Of course, you know, wherever Taurus is in your chart, the house it’s in is going to be an important piece to the picture if you have anything around 1011 degrees of Taurus, the eclipse is like right smack on your whatever. But for all of us, it’s very powerful. And the day before the Eclipse Pluto stations retrograde. And so we have a standstill Pluto and he’s literally standstill the whole week at the same decree and same minute, I think it’s like 2020 35 I wrote it down 2035 And he actually makes three aspects at standstill with mercury the mind Venus, the heart and Pallas Athena the wisdom and warrior goddess. And so it’s not just him at standstill he’s interacting with planets in his in a very powerful position. Michael Luton says the slowest planet wins. And the slowest planet is always you know, the furthest out and Pluto is other than Eris. But then also the slowest planet is the one that’s at stake. So so we’ve got the one of the furthest out at standstill. And you’ll feel it like I always feel Pluto stations. I mean, they can be deep and intense. It can be great for therapy that can be great for inner inner work and, you know, exploration of what’s hidden in the unconscious. But it can also be like bringing up stuff that you’ve kind of like been keeping a lid on, maybe not wanting to look at. It’s essentially the lord of the underworld going in deeper into the underworld, because he’s going retrograde.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:31
And so what does it mean that he’s making these aspects to so Mercury Venus, Athena?

Divine Harmony 9:37
Yeah, so Venus and Mercury are actually harmonious aspects. He’ll trine Mercury the day before he goes exactly retrograde. Which is interesting because in mythology, Mercury is one of the few beings that actually could go into the underworld and come back out. So when he was going down, he was seen as the psychopomp. He could guide the souls back down and He could still come back out not get stuck down there. So mercury and Pluto are excellent. When they align with each other harmoniously, it’s like the, the depth is there the capacity to find the truth to to do deep research to get to the bottom of things to really deeply understand something about yourself or a situation you’re dealing with, or, you know, something in the world. So that’s harmonious, Venus is harmonious, that’s at the very end of the week on May 1. And so that can be great for just deepening relationships, compassion, taking the beautiful Pisces energy of Venus, but then doing something with it, you know, tangibly that can transform you know, yourself or situations in your life. The one that’s tense is Pallas Athena, which, you know, will be interesting. She’s the wisdom and warrior goddess. And so of course, one of the first things I think of is, you know, the war that’s happening in in Eastern Europe. And she’s about strategy. And she’s about seeing, you know, kind of being able to rise above and see how everything’s interconnected. But it’s a tense aspect. So there can be like some power struggles, there can be, you know, confrontation. So that’s happening throughout the week.

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:25
We also, it doesn’t matter. I mean, is it just what’s the actual date? And does the actual date matter? Is it coloring the whole week,

Divine Harmony 11:32
it’s coloring the whole week, the actual station is on the 29th, the day before the Eclipse. So having Pluto station, you know, one day before the eclipse is, is kind of amps up the energy. But then Pluto is at standstill at the same degree in minute all week. And all the aspects he makes are at the same degree in minutes. So he’s like, you know, digging his feet in.

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:03
Degree of my Venus by the way, Oh,

Divine Harmony 12:06
great. 35 Or just

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:08
25 piece, but 28.

Divine Harmony 12:11
Oh, I’m gonna have to look at your chart after I’ll send you a

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:17
report and how this actually plays out.

Divine Harmony 12:24
And then we also have this beautiful alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, the 27th through the 30th. So we have Venus conjunct Neptune on the 27th Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 30th. And actually, on the 27th if you get up early before the sun rises, you can see Moon Venus, Jupiter all together. Because they’re, you know, Neptune and is like three degrees from Yeah, three degrees from Jupiter and then the moon will be there. Moon Moon, Venus Jupiter, and you can’t see Neptune you need a microscope or better microscope. But that’ll eautiful I’m setting my alarm for 4am I’m gonna go outside and, and see. So that’s

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:18
on the 27th 28th 29th and 30th, we’ll be able to see that. It’s well, the 27th

Divine Harmony 13:23
is when you’ll see the moon with Jupiter. And then Venus and Neptune is there but you won’t see him. The 28th The 30th is actually the Venus Jupiter conjunction the 27th is the Venus Neptune conjunction. Okay, so the portal, those you know, and this harkens back to the Jupiter Neptune conjunction and the panel event that we did together the talk as well as the meditation. Actually, anybody who has that it can be wonderful to go back to that meditation and that you know, the ritual or work with the altar that you made or whatever, because those energies from the 12th on that exact conjunction are energized by Venus in the moon during these days, so, yeah, it’s really beautiful. Actually, I’ve been looking forward to it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:15
If you miss that event, you can still actually access it, you can go to astrology, hub.com/jubilee and jubilees J U B I L E E. It’s a give as you wish event so you can donate to the event if you want or not. But it’s you’ll be able to access that the ceremony we did, which included several guided meditations, as well as the unveiling of the community musical talisman that Joe G on our team created, which was amazing. But you would be so then you’d have that music. You’d have the meditation and it sounds like that would be a really powerful thing to do all week long. Are you saying harmony?

Divine Harmony 14:59
This seven In a seventh, sorry, the 27th is when we actually have Venus conjunct Neptune. And that morning if you get up early, you’ll see the moon with Jupiter and Venus and Neptune will be invisible. You also see Mars and Saturn. But the close conjunction of the benefics and Venus and Jupiter are the two benefits the lesser and the greater. Jupiter and Neptune are the two spiritual planets. And then Venus and Neptune are the lower heart and the higher heart. So it’s this alignment of like the heart Love, mysticism, spirituality, beneficial energy, you know, they call them the benefits because both Venus and Jupiter are the brightest planets outside of the sun and the moon, which aren’t really planets, you know, as a star and a satellite. And so they were seen as translating a lot of light like that, because they’re so bright that light came to us on Earth. And so that’s why actually going out to see the stars, it’s wonderful to, you know, study them and talk about them and, but to look at them, to gaze at them, to breathe them into your heart, to breathe them into your crown to feel the energy come into your body and your being can be a very profound experience. Yeah, yes. So last,

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:22
last week, we did a podcast episode with Cayelin Castell. And I love Star magic and alchemy, and a lot of the conversation was around this, if you missed that episode, it was really powerful. But just the energy and the magic that’s available to us when we actually work with the stars in the sky, with our visual eye, you know, with our eyes instead of just on the computer and on the screen.

Divine Harmony 16:50
Yes, yeah, yeah, you let it into your eyes, but I also really love to like do a visualization of it, like coming into my crown, filling up my heart. You know, this is the beautiful, like imaginative energy of Pisces is like, I mean, the magic is all around us. But, you know, you want to have eyes to see and ears to hear. And so it can be beautiful to work with this alignment in that way.

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:19
Okay, so we have this, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune Moon thing happening, which is very uplifting and access to spiritual information and so that dreams, okay,

Divine Harmony 17:35
yeah. Okay. It’s your dreams that can be full of symbolism and imagery and messages from your unconscious. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:45
Beautiful. Okay, what else are we looking at this week.

Divine Harmony 17:48
We also have a lot going on with Ceres. Ceres is one of the asteroid goddesses. She’s the great mother. She’s the mother of Persephone, she’s, you know has to do with nurturing and nourishment, especially food but also birth. She’s actually a goddess of lumen tomb. She’s the goddess of birth and death you know, the the Great Mother who births us and then we all go back to her when it’s time to die and start a friggin recycle. And so we have a ton of series aspects this week. At the start of the week, Venus squares her and the very end of the week, Neptune squares her so essentially the Venus Neptune conjunction is squaring series. And the positive side of this can be really infusing even more love and altruism and a desire to sacrifice for others, you know, to put others first Neptune Pisces energy does that you know a lot. The shadow side of that is we need to have boundaries and not over give so that we’re like depleted. Neptune particularly though with series can bring in some nebulous situations maybe in family dynamics, because it is series mother energy, the environment, I mean series is very tied into the earth, the environment, our precious natural resources or soil, water air. And so there can be you know, some kind of nebulous energy that could be playing out there. We do have Saturn and Eris linking with series from the 30th through May 1, and we’re actually going to have Saturn eras happen in June, June 23. I think it is, which is a positive Eris aspect harmonious, helping us to harness the activism of Eros, you know, she’s ready to take a stand for truth. She’s, she’s not the passive like feminine, that’s just kind of surrendering and allowing. She’s like the I’m going to take action and take a stand. I’m going to protect the, you know, those that can’t protect themselves. She’s like a she’s a fierce warrior energy, she’s not all bad. Sometimes people seem to want to just say she’s chaos. But she’s got a very powerful positive side. So there’s a lot of series and series is in Gemini. So this can make for interesting communication information. You know, being really aware of how we communicate and how we, how we hear things, you know, like, you could say something to me, but I will hear it a certain way, because of my own stuff because of my own unconscious. So it’s actually really quite weak to be tuning in at that level. Hugely. And then the other thing, which I forgot to mention, but the eclipses, Uranus can definitely make for wonky things happening with technology. And like, you know, technology communication. It’s dirtiness, you know, so it’s just like, stuff like happening that you didn’t see coming, or I’ve been feeling this buildup this whole week. You know, like, if, for example, I got on Facebook and pictures, you know, people’s pictures should show and I saw like a blue question mark. Like, things weren’t loading. And and it wasn’t just me, other people were saying they were seeing funny things. Anyhow, that kind of stuff can happen.

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:27
Okay, so technology, communication, things happening that you see coming. Being aware of how you hear things, one of the things that we’ve talked about on the show before is when people say something to you asking the question, you know, this is what I heard. Is this what you meant. And that’s the most eye opening things to do. Because most of the time, what we’re hearing is not what they meant, especially if it’s in like a tense sort of triggered emotional exchange, it can get very distorted. So it’s really amazing practice to say, Okay, here’s what I heard you say, Is this what you said? And is this what you meant? Yeah.

Divine Harmony 22:10
Yeah. It’s a beautiful practice, you know, and it’s like building a muscle to cultivate, remembering to do that. Because when we are triggered, it is so easy to just jump right into that, like, Oh, this is my default. This is what I always do. And it’s like that moment that a roller coaster starts going down and you feel like you can’t stop it. So there’s a point before that, that you actually can stop it and go, oh, let’s ask that question. You know, before it’s like, turning.

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:44
Exactly. Okay. So we have those things happening, what else this week, anything else who wants to pay attention. One

Divine Harmony 22:49
last thing is it’s we’re heading into the built in a portal. It’s Beltane is how it looks like and Belton is actually the Celtic word. But this is one of the High Holy Days, the gates of the sun. So it’s, the alternate is actually the midpoint between spring equinox and summer solstice, in the northern hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere, they’re going to be heading into salan, which is the opposite gate. But anyhow, there are these two gates of the sun. And literally, they alternate is mid spring. And it is the time at which we start seeing, you know, because when spring first comes, you’re like, oh, spring is coming, you might see a few flowers, but you might still be cold or whatever. But at this point, you really are starting to see the days are longer, the days are warmer, it’s it’s clear that we’re in the light half of the year. Whereas on the other side, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, you’re tipping into the dark half. So they alternate is the gate of union and fertility. And this is because we’re seeing like, the flowers exploding and the bees and the, you know, the bunnies are, you know, having babies and so are other animals and the nests in the trees and stuff. Whereas in the southern hemisphere, it’s actually the gate of death and death meaning metaphoric, meaning the end of the solar year, the last gate before the sun rebirths itself at winter solstice, which will be our summer solstice up here. So we actually the very end of this week, on the 30th and the evening till May 1 is calendar belt now which is when it’s conventionally celebrate on the calendar, but solar is actually may 5, and then lunar will be the Full Moon in Scorpio total lunar eclipse. So we’re heading into a powerful solar gateway portal that actually is aligned with the eclipses, which makes me see that this period of time we’re moving into is going to be very even more significant, because there’s not just eclipses aligning, there’s like gates of the sun that are also aligning as well, when it comes to the eight high holy days of the year.

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:08
Harmony, what is a solar gateway? Like, oh, what do you mean by that? Yeah. So

Divine Harmony 25:15
this is the four solar gates that people usually know, are the solstices and the equinoxes. They are like the four points where the sun makes a turning point. And that’s because it’s the beginning of the seasons. You know, tropical astrology is seasonal based. It’s all about like zero Aries is the first day of spring, zero cancer, highest point of the sun. So those are the four gates, but each of them there’s, there’s actually eight, and the other four are the midpoints of the season. So for us in the northern hemisphere, Belton is like the midpoint of spring, it’s the fullness of spring, and it’s fixed energy. All the midpoint seasons are the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo Scorpio, Aquarius, so it’s like maintaining like the most power of the season. It’s not building, it’s not waning, but it’s like, full potency.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:13
And what does that mean for us? Like, I know, these are holy days, and people have been celebrating these days for centuries. available to us what? What does it mean?

Divine Harmony 26:23
Yeah, so for this us in the north, this is it’s a gate of union infertility. So it’s about a time full of life full of creativity. It’s actually can be highly romantic time to, but it’s like, the life force of the Earth is just overflowing, and you see it in the flowers and the birds and then the, you know, baby birds in the nest, like you just see life, you know, creating itself even more, if you’re in the south, it’s a descent, it’s about going in like the bear. You know, this is actually the time that bears soon will start heading into their caves or whatever, depending on where you live. And if you have bears and how snowy it is, it’s that time of pulling your energy in, whereas Belton as I bring your energy out, yeah, it’s like a inward and an outward. And yeah, they’ve been celebrating it for not just hundreds of years, like 1000s I mean, millennia. Astrology is deeply connected to this. People, the ancient people would pay attention to the stars, but also the sun, and the seasons, and the moon. And these are celebrations of the sun and the moon in our seasons and how they represent phases in our lives. Like actually, one of the thing I can say is the arc from Winter Solstice up to summer solstice is the arc of like, the light and the life building. It’s like reaching for the highest point of light. And then the arc coming back down, you bring it down and in. And we cycle the same way that the Earth cycles with the sun. I mean, it is literally the archetypal mythos of all of life.

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:16
So this is an opportunity to really focus on bringing the light in. And it’s almost like storing lights for the hibernation that will come in the winter.

Divine Harmony 28:29
In the south. Well, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:33
In the south, it would be the opposite, right? They’re actually tending to the heart, the flame in their hearts. Yeah, that is more of an internal thing, right? Yeah, yeah. Okay, interesting. I just love it. I mean, we talk about it a lot. And then it’s kind of like, what does that actually what do we do with it? You know, how do we live with it?

Divine Harmony 28:54
Well, there’s one other thing I want to say. So where we’re at with Bail tonight, it’s like just before the Full Moon. So it’s the waning moon, it’s about to reach fullness, that’s Bay Alterna with the sun, whereas people in the South that are heading to south and they’re heading into the Darkman. Right. So that’s also how you can understand it is it’s the same cycle of the moon is just overlaid with the sun,

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:19
who in as you were speaking harmonies from Hawaii, and it is Hawaiian as percentage of Hawaiian in her as well. So you’ll appreciate this, the word my hand money, which is a name that a lot of people have it but it’s it’s Full Moon, but it actually is more one who gathers lights and shares it with the world. And so what you’re describing is that we’re in that like gathering light phase. And eventually we’ll reach that Full Moon just summer solstice, high capacity light, and then it’s about disseminating that light Do we actually go into a darker place? And regroup and come back out again?

Divine Harmony 30:05
Right? Yes, yes. When you have these beautiful moons behind your head to like?

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:14
Yes. I love to think about it. It’s heaven and earth. That’s why I always have my flowers. Having. Okay, so what else? I mean, that’s a lot. That’s a lot in one week. But is there anything else?

Divine Harmony 30:26
Oh, we come. I mean, there’s, there’s some other little minor things, but I think that’s enough. I mean, unless you want me to say anything else.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:33
Well, only the minor things are worth noting that we should be aware of,

Divine Harmony 30:37
well, we have a bunch of semi squares this week, which are like eighth harmonic aspects. So on the 27th, Mars makes the semi square to Eris, and on the 28th Mercury to Chiron and both of those are in Aries. So you know, a semi squares half a square, and so it has that square tension, but it’s not as in your face. And with with, you know, planets in Aries and Mars being you know, one of them making a semi square, there can definitely be this like, edgy kind of energy, where again, like, working with that Aries energy in a conscious way can be, you know, helpful. So, like, you know, if you’re feeling angry, expressing release it, go scream into a pillow, or, you know, let it out, like, don’t not let it out, you know, on skillfully and exploding on people, but, like, give it give it a space for expression. So it can be let go of and it doesn’t have to build up like a volcano. You know, for each of us, it’s going to be different. Some of us tend to internalize that kind of fiery energy and try and stuff it. Others of us we might over express it. So then for us, it’s like, okay, how do we, how do we rein that in, not in a repression way, but in a in a masterful way. So there are, you know, a fair amount of semi squares. And actually, one of the thing I can say is on the 29th Mercury moves into Gemini, and this whole week leading up to the movement into Gemini and then you know, the first few days in Gemini Mercury is transiting the Pleiades. So and you know, their sacred in Hawaiian too.

Amanda Pua Walsh 32:24
In a lot of cultures, right? Oh, yeah. What what would that mean to you, mercury, transiting the Pleiades like

Divine Harmony 32:33
Well, here’s the thing. When I was feeling into like an archetypal energy, we’ve got Uranus on the Eclipse, you know, north, north node New Moon eclipse, we’ve got Pluto stationing retrograde on a particular Sabian symbol that actually has to do with a woman reading tea leaves. And it’s all about clairvoyance and being able to see in everything the signature of deeper realities, according to Dane read yard, and then we’ve got this Pisces Venus, Jupiter Neptune energy, and and then we’ve got Mercury transiting the Pleiades. And so for me, I’m just like, whoa, like, open up to the information coming in to the downloads to the dreams to your own direct connection to the stars. Like, it kind of feels like off the charts, amazing energy for intuition and dreams and channeling and psychic stuff and messages from, you know, star family. Like all of these put together, I’m just like, Oh, interesting.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:39
Wow, that’s kind of exciting. I really recommend now now that you’ve said that really recommend all of you listening to last week’s episode with Kailyn Castel. We also talked about making medicine wheels, and that, you know, the circle and the cross on the earth, aligning that with the directions and even aligning that with specific constellations, or maybe the Pleiades and bringing in essences of those constellations or specific stars that you want to bring more of into your life. Yes. Sounds to me like there could be some incredible magic happening. This Pleiades movement.

Divine Harmony 34:20
Yep. And they’re, they’re the Seven Sisters. So they have a very, like divine feminine energy. Very, you know, sacred dance and beauty and art and love like these kinds of energies can be and those are already going to be quite amplified with Venus conjunct Jupiter Neptune. So then it’s just like, and this eclipse is in Taurus, which is the sign of Venus. So you know, it’s kind of like, it’s always interesting when the universe aligns it so there’s like so many signals pointing in the same direction. It’s like, kind of can’t miss that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:59
Hey, Attention, right? Pay attention. Yeah. Okay. For the week, we have the theme of surprise. There’s going to be the winds of change, there’s there’s things that can happen surprises, both pleasant and challenging, potentially, can be happening through it all remembering to ask these questions. What is the gift? And who are the helpers, look for the goodness and the blessings as these things are happening. And that will help you to actually take advantage of the energies and allow them to usher in something new, and potentially an upgrade in your life. Because there can be aspects of releasing here.

Divine Harmony 35:45
We have the

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:47
this is it’s on the north node. So this is emphasizing growth. This is a destiny point, a destiny moment. So pay attention to the storylines pay attention to what’s being put in front of you. Because it it’s meaningful, it matters. It’s worth actually paying attention to its big stuff, essentially. Yeah. This is at 10 to 11 degrees of Taurus. So look at your chart and anything that you have around those degrees, but also there’s other ones that could be making aspects to it right. Also.

Divine Harmony 36:20
Yeah, I mean, you kind of need to know your chart to be able to ascertain that but yes, okay, so you look for like 10 to 11 fixed signs. So 10 to 11, Taurus, Scorpio, Leo Aquarius, you’ll either have it conjunct opposite or square. And usually tight aspects you pay attention to, I mean, you can also look at wider but when you keep it tight, you get more clear on like, boom, this is where, where the energy is

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:48
tight in this situation, would you say 10 or 11 degrees? Or would you give it a bigger orb than that?

Divine Harmony 36:54
No, I mean, 1010, I would go when I’m looking at like luminaries, Sun and Moon, I tend to go with tighter orbs, because when you widen them up, like 1010 is actually kind of wide depending on whether

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:08
10 to 11 degrees, because that’s where you’re

Divine Harmony 37:12
at a 10 degree or both. Yes, 10 to 11 It would be quite very tight.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:20
Right? Okay. So we also have Pluto stationing retrograde at 28 degrees and 35

Divine Harmony 37:27

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:28
minutes of Capricorn. It’s not only is it stationing so it’s not moving literally all week, which I always there’s this like sound I hear when when planets are station, it’s like this. There’s just like, it’s like, it’s almost like an oil drill. Drilling into the earth. It’s like this planet is just like, drilling down, you know, and there’s this this intensity of the energy, so we feel it more when it’s stationed. Right? You said it’s also making aspects with Mercury, Venus, and Athena, harmonious aspects with mercury, and Venus, a more tense aspect with Athena. And so this can be really beautiful things that it’s like kind of mining, with this Mercury and Venus, but some challenging things, intense things that could be bringing up with Athena, which can sometimes have to do with war and conflict. So just paying attention to that as it’s playing out on the world stage, but also how it’s playing out in your own life. Where are you at war in your own life? And those areas could be aggravated? What would you say Athena’s higher invitation is if people are experiencing situations like that in their lives,

Divine Harmony 38:47
her higher invitation is to be able to get the bigger picture. Because you know, we’re always seeing from are like, Oh, this is what this means for me. And this, you know, this is why we do the communication thing that you’re you were talking about is like I heard this, because when we hear this we’re hearing from what’s our default, what’s our, you know, way, but when we can open up and see the bigger picture and understand maybe other viewpoints and other perspectives, which could help make some sense about why maybe somebody did or said something or whatever. So she, you know, in her highest expression, she can see all of that, and then in seeing pieces outside of our own personal piece, it actually can help us access a greater understanding, and it can help us find a bridge, you know, especially if there’s like, one to one personal conflict. It’s like, okay, how are they seeing this? How are they seeing this? What would it take for us to meet in the middle?

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:52
Look for the bridges, look for the bridges in those situations? Great. All right. We also have this Venus Jupiter Neptune moon. own situation happening, which is re invigorating the Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction that we just had on the 12. This is an opportunity to back into that energy that you were feeling, then the visions that you were catching them, the dreams that you were having them, and really reinvigorating them. If you made a treasure map with us at the Aries New Moon, it’d be a great time to look at it again, like feel that energy again, play our musical talisman while you look at it again. So allow it to really infuse, you know, energize it, but give it some give it some energy, okay? Go outside and look at them and see what happens. Open yourself up to whatever energies they have to offer you

Divine Harmony 40:46
this typically the morning of the 27th. If you want to see the moon, perfect.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:51
The 27th Mark that down. Pay attention to your dreams, there are messages coming in, that could be very powerful for you. So pay attention to those. This is also a great time because of what’s happening with Ceres. Any of you that have causes or are activists or there’s innocent life that you are wanting to protect, there’s going to be an infusion of energy for you to actually do those things and make some action or have some action in those areas. You of course, be aware of how you’re hearing things that be aware with your technology and communication. Things may be wonky. What I find is that just knowing that can make it a little bit less frustrating as it’s happening, right? It doesn’t make it not happen necessarily. But it makes it like oh, okay, I kind of knew these things would be happening. It’s okay. Just take a deep breath. Go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee while things are being frustrating and come back to it later. Okay. I can’t say it right. We have belting say it right.

Divine Harmony 42:01
Valle tuna. But I just want you to know, it’s only been recently that I’ve been pronouncing it correctly, even though I’m Irish. So they

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:10
know to nap. Yes. May alternate. That’s going to be a tough one to remember. But thank you for giving us the correct pronunciation. This is a portal. And this is a portal associated with the sons we have a portal associated with the moon with the eclipses, right. And we have a portal associated with the sun. So we have several portals opening. And we have opportunity. Again, more information, more things coming through from other realms. There. This is a lot to do with Union and fertility, romance, life celebration, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, this is going into the dark phase. And so the integrating the real inward

Divine Harmony 42:57
phase of like the bear.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:01
Okay, you’re getting ready for for your long nap.

Divine Harmony 43:04
Yes, exactly. metaphoric. Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:08
Yes, of course. So the life force of the Earth is overflowing again, northern hemisphere. We also have some energy, some semi squares, semi squares. Yeah, that makes squares with Mars and Eris, Mercury and Chiron. So these aren’t full squares. But there could be minor tensions in your life kind of edgy. We’re working with Aries energy with these things. So be mindful of places where you might be bottling up your anger or your frustration and allowing yourself like, I always think of it as like a valve that allows the steam to come out like slowly instead of the explosion. So open the valve allow it to come out as it’s coming up. I love the car for things like this. It’s great to go in the car and just yell, nobody can hear you. It’s amazing. It’s do open up to information downloads and dreams. Oh, we have the Pleiades energy happening. This is the Seven Sisters. There’s some divine feminine energy there. So lots of amazing things happening. Anything up or is there anything you’d want to say differently?

Divine Harmony 44:17
No, no, you said it amazing. It’s there’s a lot going on this week. I remember when I when I you know when we were like, Oh, this is the week you’ll do. I looked at it. I was like whoa, there’s a lot going on.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:29
Well, you’re the perfect person to give us this information. We just a couple of announcements. We well why don’t you tell them about your new website?

Divine Harmony 44:37
Oh yeah, thank you. I redid my website and launched it with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction on April 12 which actually was making an exact aspect to my progress Jupiter and my progress midheaven and I just go check it out. It’s divine harmony.com and his

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:55
gorgeous gorgeous harmony I looked at I was like Oh, wow. And it’s such a beautiful reflection of you. And I know how big those projects are. It’s like, oh, I’m going to new website in a couple months. It’s like a year later, and just tears. And you know all

Divine Harmony 45:11
there’s lots of edits, I’ve learned how to do Divi so I can make my own edits.

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:18
So congratulations on that. And we have the chart reading extravaganza live with Rick Levine, which is happening, it’s starting on May 5, it’s every Thursday in May, where Rick Levine will be doing live chart demonstrations and readings, all around timing and transits. So the first chart reading extravaganza we did was was mainly looking at the natal chart, and you got to watch him decoding and reading students charts live and teaching you while he does it. This time, it’s going to be all about timing and transits. Essentially, what we do here on the weekly weather every week is we’re looking at transits. We’re looking at timing that the astrologers are using different astrological techniques to actually interpret the movement of the sky. So you’ll get to see how Rick Levine does that. If you love him as a teacher, this would be a great opportunity for you. It’s astrology hub.com/timing. You can go there and learn more and join us today. Okay, harmony. Thank you so much. This has been so fun. I’m so grateful that you’re here with us. And I’d love to have you back on the weekly weather if you’d like to join us sometime. Yeah. All right. And thanks to all of you. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for sharing these episodes with your friends. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always, for making astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody