[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] September 26th – Oct 2nd w/ Andrea Michelle Kennedy

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The Super Galactic Centre in Astrology

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Andrea Michelle Kennedy and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • What is the super galactic centre and why it affects the Equinox energies
  • Why this week can trigger even faster chance than we’ve had so far in 2022
  • How to get comfortable with change

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

3:34 Week Overview

4:57 What is an Ingress in Astrology?

8:25 New Moon in Libra

12:08 The Super Galactic Centre in Astrology

16:35 How to Get Comfortable with Change?

22:28 Venus Conjunct Mercury Retrograde

24:59 Moon T-Square Pluto & Chiron

39:09 Mercury Retrograde Trine Pluto

44:38 The Weekend and the Saturn Uranus Square

56:06 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:08
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:30
Well, hello, everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy to be here with all of you. Thank you for tuning in. Thank you for joining. And I’m thrilled to be here with Andrea, Michelle Kennedy. Andrea, Michelle is an astrologer, she has been a previous inner circle, astrologer So a teacher and a guide for us in the inner circle. She also currently is working on our astrologer connect reading platform, which is in beta, so only the inner circle members even know about it yet. And then one of the things that Andrea Michelle likes to focus in, in her work. And what she’s going to be doing here with all of us today is helping people prepare for the challenges of the unknown. And I love how you say this, Andrea, Michelle, and I know that this has been a theme of the last few years, so many of us have felt probably all of us feel there is still so much unknown. And that every day we’re kind of navigating unknown and new territory. And so focusing on that, and helping people with that is really quite valuable and noble of you to be doing. And so what how did you get to this in your work? How did you decide this is where you’d like

Andrea Michelle 1:51
to focus? Because it’s something that I focus in my daily life, I do it for me, and I figure if it’s something that I’m struggling with working with, then it must be something useful for other people. And it’s something that I then have a stake in the game, you could say it’s not just something that oh, this sounds interesting. And it’d be good to apply here. It’s like no, where can whatever I’m alkalizing in my life, for me be of benefit and other people in the way that’s unique to their wiring based on their chart, their potentials, habits, all that good stuff. I love it. I love it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:28
All right. So before we dive in, I just wanted to read a really sweet testimonial that came in about the podcast, the name I cannot even try to repeat. It’s a bunch of letters. But the subject is love it all. And this person said What incredible and mind blowing insights. I love all the guests. Christopher Renstrom is my favorite. I feel like cuddling up with a pillow and blanket by a fireplace and listening to him every single night. And yes, I think many people agree Christopher Renstrom is an amazing storyteller. If you don’t tune into our Sunday horoscope highlights with Christopher, it would be a great time to check that out. It’s another free offering here on the astrology hub podcast. And thank you so much for that review. Alright, So Andrea, Michelle, we are coming off the equinox, the New Moon and looking ahead at an kind of like a new beginning sort of energy. What would you say is the overarching theme for this week?

Andrea Michelle 3:34
Ah, well, I had a hard time summarizing this one took me awhile, but I finally came up with preparing for timeless change. Okay, because I, I cannot. So I’m looking at this week from the perspective of the equinox ingress chart. And this New Moon that just took place on the Super Galactic Center, which is huge for the super Galactic Center is a massive black hole. It is larger than the black hole at the center of our galaxy, our galactic center. And so because seasonal ingress Well, before I get there, the ingress chart where Mercury was with the sun Kazumi, they’re like little snapshots of time that I find are really, really helpful. To put a perspective on a certain three month period, they help us break up the year in a way that’s more bite size and tangible. So it lays out the terrain, and it’s up to us to create the map, which is just our way of walking the terrain. So I can’t ignore that. And I wanted to say a few words about the ingress chart to bring in where I’m coming from in this whole week from this brand newness with the ingress and the New Moon. Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:57
so Andrea, I don’t want to make The assumption that everyone knows what the word ingress is, because I think it was probably like four years into my studying before I finally figured out what you all meant by Ingress.

Andrea Michelle 5:09
Right? Perfect. So it’s basically the chart that maps when it can be anything. But in this case, it’s when the sun entered Libra, zero Libra to mark the the equinox, right? So it’s sets the stage for the whole fall or spring season, depending on what hemisphere we’re in. So it’s the whole flavor of what the season encapsulating themes of the season are for us, basically, an ingress

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:39
can It’s basically when any planet shifts into a new zodiac

Andrea Michelle 5:43
sign. Yes, correct. Yeah, you can use an ingress chart even for I did it with my Venus group, we did an ingress chart for when Venus went to the underworld. So it can be anything like a portal, it acts as something of a portal to encapsulate a specific time. And the significance of that time and what we can we can use the energies.

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:06
Oh, I’m so glad I asked. See, you just added another dimension to even my understanding, I thought it was when it shifted into a new sign. But you’re saying an ingress is a new sort of delineation? Like any delineation between where one was and where the next

Andrea Michelle 6:24
day? Yeah, I mean, it’s maybe it’s not traditionally used that way. But I use it because I find it very, very helpful in my work. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:31
Okay. Perfect. All right. So we have this ingress of the Sun moving from Virgo into Libra, also marking the equinox. And then we have also the New Moon that happened yesterday. So you’re saying preparing for timeless change? Why do you say timing,

Andrea Michelle 6:50
because there’s so much happening in this next three months. And again, we’re talking about the three weeks but or the next week, but we have this is the beginning of you know, we’re gonna have Venus with the sun. And her superior conjunction coming up at the end of October, Mars in his opposition to the sun at the also at the end of October. And there’s just this hole. And then we have mercury right here in the ingress chart. With the sun, he’s moving the fastest that he moves in his cycle, close to the Earth. But there’s this balance, there’s a sense of balance. So for me, this whole preparing for timeless change, is to discover where and to prepare ourselves for where we can be the eye of the storm. Basically, when things are moving really, really fast. Where can we find our balance? Where can we find what keeps us stable? Where things are still happening? We don’t have to, you know, be completely in witness conscious consciousness Zen out or anything. It’s still we’re still in the thick of it. But where in us? Can we stabilize, so that we can be the space in which this stuff can happen? We don’t take it personally. But we make use of it in the best way to go forward.

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:10
So you’re anticipating a almost like an acceleration of Chase. Exactly. Wow. Okay. Well, let’s start talking about the astrology then well, how are you getting here? And if you want to walk us through the days,

Andrea Michelle 8:25
yeah, one of the things that I wanted to first start off with is even though we’re in Libra season now, there’s still we have mercury retrograding back into Virgo his sign. And we have Venus still in Virgo. So there’s a wrapping up element here. And the way I wrote it or is before we can get to the task of reconciling polarity outside of ourselves, Libra, we need to really reconcile it within Virgo, and get accurate about what it looks like for us uniquely. So it’s like, we really want to remember that developing a relationship starts inwardly, before it can really manifest outwardly. And we’ve been so outward balanced in our culture, that we really, really forget to take the time to really, really tend to our own relationship with ourselves or in a relationship.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:19
We’ve been, we talked about that a lot at the inner circle. New Moon forecast is this idea of the sacred mirror in relationship and how often we’re projecting outside of ourselves the things that we really need to see inside ourselves. Do you feel like and would it be a good practice right now? Because there’s so much of this like, okay, pay attention to what’s what? Outside of you, you need to see within you. Anytime we’re feeling like, oh gosh, I hate when so and so does this or I’m so frustrated with this or I’m really disappointed in this. It’s like almost every time we come to that thought Learn to turn it around and say How am I doing that to myself? How am I disappointing myself? Where am I not showing up for myself? Is that is that a type of practice we can be doing right now that gets us ready?

Andrea Michelle 10:13
Yes. And the thing with Virgo because it’s Virgo energy we’re talking about, especially with mercury retrograde and Venus there, there could be a self Abnegation or a shaming that can be prominent. So how do we stay in this place of where does this reference where is this, come back to me, but with love Venus with heart with being able to hold up the vessel, that container where we can be accurate Virgo without shaming or making ourselves wrong. And so this is the fine balance that we’re learning is the inner relationship of where can I be honest with myself, and hold kindness? Balance of the Virgo and Pisces polarity? Yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:59
it’s so good. I find one of the ways to do that, for myself, at least is to find a little bit of humor in it. And also, there’s times where when I see it, it’s like, oh, Kay, that’s really cute, that you’re doing that that’s really cute and funny. And it’s time to time to be done with it. I mean, one of one example recently that’s feels really present is I have noticed someone very significant my life over extends themselves for other people. And in is putting themselves last on the priority list. And it’s very easy for me to see, right. But then a few days ago, I totally threw out my back. And I was like, basically in mobile. And it was this moment of like, oh my God, I am doing the same thing. I am completely doing the same thing. And I haven’t been seeing it myself. It’s so easy to see in that other person. But I’ve been sitting in this chair for the last three years that I’ve known is horrible for my back. But it has been the last priority. And finally, it’s like my back gives out like, are you going to pay attention to taking care of yourself. So you can continue showing up?

Andrea Michelle 12:08
Yes, because otherwise it perpetuates this whole martyrdom complex. This serve I need to and then there’s a self Abnegation piece there. That doesn’t help anybody. It’s just foments resentment. And, you know, I love what Michelle Dench had said, I don’t know a month or so ago about Virgo, which is so underrated and so underappreciated the sign of virgo. But she’s like talk, she says she talks about attending to what we can attend to in the moment. And we’re so outward focused about achieving and getting, and Chiron in Aries is really for me, showing us how we’ve exhausted that going out to do rather than the coming in and consolidating with what’s already here. Because we can’t really go forward with any kind of assurance that we’re heading in the right direction, if we haven’t come up with wherever, let ourselves catch up to ourselves, but to me is what retrograde planets do. So we still have Saturn, retrograde, squaring the nodes. And we have of course, Mercury retrograde. So there’s this very, very strong, you know, again, invitation to let ourselves catch up with our thought hat, our thought patterns, how we want to where we’re veering off into choosing the past Scorpio South Node and staying hidden or entrenched in I don’t want to change versus moving into the unknown Uranus north node, right? where change is a constant. The unknown and the uncomfortable is actually going to be the new norm. And here’s the thing, that’s the beautiful thing is, well, not so beautiful or comfortable necessarily, but this is just the law of life. This is natural law. That change is inevitable. eaching is all about it’s the book of change. So everything in this period still with this wrapping up this this Cardinal agency of Libra can’t really be taken and moved ahead with until really we internalize and not make personal but just make intimate Venus what is still ours to to attend to. And again to get back to the New Moon that just happened on the Super Galactic Center. The astrologer Philip Sedgwick wrote a beautiful article on this if anybody wants to look this up, but because it’s a super black massive black hole and it’s in Libra. longitudinally, there is this tendency of like this drawing out to extremes our will our reliance on other to serve our needs to be everything for us everything that we don’t want Do everything that we need to other both the projections of what we don’t like. And the projections of what we feel we need. And this whole period of the next few months, is going to stretch us into some really, really strong polarizations in order to help us come back to center to snap back to center in a way. And so again, hence the Preparing for timeless changed, things are moving fast things are going to be increasingly polarized in the world. So how do we work with the energy and create the allow the tension to show us where we’re still gripping and holding on because Virgo can very much be about where I don’t want to be what I want to control change, mutable, right? So it can again, Mercury going retrograde, how am I still in control and using my thoughts to control my environment, and my thoughts can’t take me where I really need to go, they are limited. And as long as we stay in our in our heads and not go into our bodies, which Mercury Retrograde closest to you earth. You know, Virgo is also an earth sign, we tend to most of us default to the air portion of the Virgo, it’s so important to come back into our bodies, and allow that to to be our way forward Taurus north node, listening to the new information that’s coming in through our bodies. Andrea how to you? So so

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:35
the change thing, and getting used to change and being in that flow of change? And in some ways welcoming it, right? When when there’s things in your life that you love, when there’s things in your life that you cherish, and there’s things in your life that you’re like God, I really don’t want this to change. This is perfect. I love this. Yeah. How do you manage that like, tension?

Andrea Michelle 17:03
Awesome. Well, what I have to do is I remind myself that if I’m gripping on something, that means that it’s not in the ultimate best interest of what my true authentic, wants, needs, desires are, because the desire of life is to continually discover itself anew in its own expression unique to us. And so when we’re grasping on something, it’s an indication that we’re playing small, that we’re not really making room for something else to come in which the change is really mirroring for us. So if we can take a breath, allow the dissolution of the mutable elements to go and work with the natural cycles of life. Ceres is also this week coming into, she’s moving into Virgo, and she’s so much about where we can really be attached to not wanting change. But at the same time, she’s the Initiate tricks, she’s really about going deeply into where we haven’t wanted to go have our human initiations in order to become more of the vessel Virgo, to receive the love and light and truth of Pisces. So, and we have both Mercury and Venus, coming into opposition with Neptune retrograde during the course of this week. So it’s really kind of like where are we still controlling on our version of the truth, to reify a self image. And it can be even to continue to make myself wrong, because somehow I am I’m identifying with being the one who’s always got to prove myself to work really, really hard. That’s a Virgo trait to overworking, really, really not getting allowing ourselves any rest. So where are we able to dissolve Neptune, some of the gripping so that we can remember that while the discomfort is happening. If we are presencing to it, we are much more able to allow the wisdom of our bodies to transmute to engender a new flow of lifeforce in us, when we get out of our heads to explain what’s happening, and deep into our direct experience, because that’s where we let go of our heads and and trust our wisdom, which we cannot know. And so hence a lot of the unknown is we don’t really know how to trust ourselves, Scorpio South Node. Were really, you know, it’s, there’s suspicion. There’s, I don’t know if I can trust you, which is another way of saying I don’t trust myself in the places where I I’m not trusting you that mirror thing again. Right? So where can we go into the unknown of maybe the discomfort is my teacher. And the more that we actually consciously venture they’re consciously choose to work with the discomfort rather than trying to find panaceas or ways to get out of it. We are in emboldening ourselves and empowering ourselves in the change, change doesn’t go away. But we become now more able to again, find our center. And it becomes easier over time. It just, it just is habit, which is another vertical thing, developing strong habits that helped to center us and keep us stable in and trusting in our bodies, that we have the unique capacity to have everything we need to build relationship from there.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:59
It’s so good, Andre, thank you. Great answer to my question. And I think that the more often we do it, like, the more we make the habit of trusting our bodies, and trusting that we’ll know, we’ll have what we need. And we’ll know what we need to know when we need it. The more we we exercise that those muscles and actually do it, the more confident we can get in our ability to navigate the unknown and to navigate the different changes that are inevitably going to be coming up in our lives forever.

Andrea Michelle 21:32
Yes. One thing to just put a fine point on, it’s like, we don’t have to like any of it. There’s no rule that says, I have to go through these really hard times with a smile on my face and pretend like I’m all good with it. No, the very, very human element of us is to be honest with myself, but I don’t have to like it. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not still going to be kind with myself and go through it anyway. It’s the self honoring that is part of the self honesty. That is part of the empowerment, that actually is the doorway to more truth. But

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:11
you’re speaking poetry. It’s so beautiful. Okay, so but we’ve we’ve sort of, I feel like we’ve gotten a good smattering of what’s happening this week. And I if we can go through systematically all have days, that I think we can start to track.

Andrea Michelle 22:28
Perfect. So we have on Monday, we have let’s see Venus and Mercury, retrograde meet up at 26. Virgo. And they’re actually even though they’re conjunct they’re on opposite sides of the sun. In the sense Mercury is closest to Earth, Venus is getting farthest from Earth. So that’s an interesting thing to consider to Mercury is literally transmitting to us directly from the Sun to the Earth. He’s the intermediary. So there’s like these new codes coming in on Monday to help us with if we know how to attune ourselves and listen in our bodies, to what’s uniquely ours to move forward with in these in these times. So, Mercury is transmitting new rules of engagement and polarity, to Venus. And with the Jupiter Sun opposition, which also happens today. There is a shift in a maturation from Morningstar to Eveningstar, with Jupiter, so we can choose to trade in belief for faith. Because belief requires an investment in something outside of ourselves. Faith implies that we already have what it takes to achieve something. And we’re developing that faith. So whatever energy we’ve been devoting to finding a belief in something and holding on to that maybe too tightly, the more we can let go of that the mutable energy, the more we are able to allow for faith to be developed for that same energy to be worked in, and grounded in a faith in ourselves. So Jupiter is very high and bright in the sky, illuminating that when we have faith and trust in ourselves in the new unknown territory of our other yet to be, we discover we have everything we need, in every blessing to free ourselves from limiting conceptualizations of what an AI is. I also see it as this Jupiter, opposition to the sun as a remembering that fulfillment of our individual purpose often requires partnering partnering with others. Because Chiron is also an Aries can present a subconscious belief structure that we need to go it alone. It can also be that we are

Amanda Pua Walsh 24:49
alone. Like just that belief that no matter who’s around us, no matter how many people around us, no matter how many people love us and are there to support us. We still feel it.

Andrea Michelle 24:59
Yes and That’s a complex that is for safety. It’s still there. And that’s something to tend very, very lovingly around Chiron. There’s, I mean, we won’t go into Chiron here. But there’s such a whole lot holographic intelligence in the wound of Chiron. That’s for a whole other topic. But it needs to be tread very, very lovingly with a devotion and an honoring. It’s not something that’s a quick fix by any means. Does it ever get No, exactly. That’s, that’s, it shouldn’t because then we lose the we’re losing the opportunity for the wisdom that it holds. Yeah, to even to even. It’s like it’s creating the it’s perpetuating the root wound to believe that anything needs to be fixed in the first place. Okay, great question. Yes, good. So it’s a good day on Monday to take some deep breaths, watch out for anything personally, and engage spiritual practices that align with support have seen and unseen to find balance in the rapid change that’s coming. So we have on Tuesday, the 27th Pallas Athena is with Black Moon Lilith retrograde on our henna, which is a fixed star, which is the foot of Pollux in the Twin constellation. So it’s heightening a moon applying to will a T square with Pluto and opposing Eris. So the moon is moving quickly. So we might not feel this as much unless we’re super sensitive because it’s the moon with these two outer planets. And again, with this quick, quick moving of moving to the moon, it could be just a blip on the screen, right? But there’s a subtle energy or undercurrent of where we might be perpetuating divisiveness as a means to continue subtle blaming of others where we aren’t ready or willing to take accountability for ourselves yet. So with Pallas thean with Black Moon Lilith retrograde here, there’s a heightening of this energy. Oh, Hannah is about a choice point. It’s about getting off the fence. And with Pallas and Black Moon Lilith retrograde there I see it as an opportunity to address where we’ve precluded vulnerability. From warriorship Pallas Athena was the goddess of strategizing in battle. She wasn’t a warrior herself in terms of fighting, but she’s an ultimate strategist. So how do we strategically manipulate to avoid vulnerability, which again, is very much a moon, cancer and Chiron type of energy. warriorship I love this quote. warriorship refers to realizing the power, dignity and wakefulness that are inherent in all of us as human beings. It’s a quote from one of my favorite teachers. Okay, so then we have Wednesday, the 28th Mars training Saturn retrograde, garnering support and strength for the journey ahead because as we remember, Mars is going to station retrograde on October 30. And that’s going to be a whole whole period of again increased potential polarization but also so much of the learning Gemini potential. So Saturn retrograde supports an individuating quality any planet retrograde supports a real so the discomfort of the turning inward. If we use that to remember it’s a self initiation potential here, we can really orient to the energy so much differently. So with the trine hear of Mars and Saturn retrograde, we may receive glimpses or premonitions of the future role of the individual as cultural change agent. So instead of needing to fight against, we stand for so this is again Mars, not in his Aries energy but Mars more in his Scorpio energy, using that vitality to stand in to allow transformation to happen.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:03
That’s like that Mother Teresa quote, I think it is where she was invited to an anti war protests. And she said that she won’t attend an anti war protest. But she will attend a peace of protest or a peace, a peace stand or you know something. She was not going to go to an anti war. She wanted to be for something which was for beautiful

Andrea Michelle 29:26
because all we’re doing then even if our cause is noble or good, we’re still perpetuating the same against anti dynamic. I’m glad you brought it in. Exactly. So instead of perpetuating an anti something, it’s a just standing in what I believe standing in what is true, and then seeing being willing to see if it’s actually still true. That’s the thing that’s the difficult part right. So later in the day the waxing crescent Moon will pass the south node and Scorpio so opposing Taurus north and node in training Blackland millat. So we’re still in an intermediate space and susceptible to falling backward to the past. As our journey to individuation is really still new or at the very beginning of the lunation. Still. So this is what the caveat on what I wrote about Mars, especially as the ruler of the South Node like Mars, if we use that Saturn retrograde energy training Mars for seeing where we’ve been to tell us where we potentially need to make adjustments and empower ourselves for the change agent of the future, or where we might get even more succumbs to remembering or going back to the past Saturn retrograde. And using that as the springboard for where we’re going. It’s all in how we’re using the energy and what we’re how we’re discernment comes into play on Wednesday. So I wrote it’s a good day to watch our thinking and catch up, where we really giving up in any way on changes we previously were enthusiastic, or looking to make. were we giving up too soon.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:03
I was just thinking about what you said about where are we giving up too soon. And and thinking about times where I’ve done that. And usually it’s because I’m, I had an expectation that was unrealistic. And because I didn’t meet that expectation, I dubbed the whole thing as a failure. And so then I gave up. But there’s some times time gives us this perspective, looking back at some of the things I’ve given up on because I didn’t think it was good enough. And I didn’t think I was accomplishing things fast enough or wasn’t hitting some very unrealistic threshold. I can look back now and say, wow, it actually was doing really well. I just didn’t have context, I didn’t realize that it takes a lot of time to do the kind of thing I was trying to do. So I think just remembering that, that we often give up on ourselves because we’re comparing ourselves to other people and holding ourselves to some sort of bar that may or may not be worthy of existing, you know that that

Andrea Michelle 32:06
is beautiful. And then that perpetuates this dualistic it’s either or, it has to be this or that. And we there’s no, there’s no, in between them, right? Because it’s like, oh, this didn’t work out as I wanted to. I’m wrong. I did it bad rather than Oh, well, what if it’s just a slight adjustment? It’s like we have so this time again, beautiful because this polarization is something to notice is where do I go? Do I go into the opposite? Oh, my God, I did so bad. No, I need to really just like not ever do this again. Because that’s perpetuating this polarity this dualistic thinking, Where Where can I soften and rethink Mercury retrograde? Wow, how am I adjusting? Or how am I approaching this? Maybe it doesn’t have to be like 100% and give up on this but whereas a minor adjustment all that’s needed. Try it again. Yeah. Yes. So Thursday, as Aries enters Virgo, she’s on the heart of the lion. Regulus which is in the constellation of the lion. And she’s considered in modern times, a co ruler of Virgo, one of them. And she’s also I find her an initiator very much like mercury and Chiron, both of which also have a resonance with Virgo. In some way. Some people view Chiron as a potential or the ruler of Virgo, but I love I consider Virgo the sign of the initiate. And for each deck and I have a different perspective of what each of the decades do. But for me, the very first one that theory is entering is about relinquishing relinquishing what, relinquishing expectations, relinquishing where we might be perseverating on change and anxiety producing self abnegate ing potential realities that haven’t even manifested yet to stay present, to really really tend to the moment so relinquishing, laying down the burden that Virgo often so often carries, right. And the word relinquish conveys the notion of undoing or backward and here we have mercury retrograding, backwards in Virgo. So it means again, back a new against. So a new view of initiation. And it might not be as bad as we think it is, it might actually be for our own good. All these changes, all these things that are happening to we work and review to see these challenges and obstacles as potentials for initiation. Andrea,

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:48
I use the word initiation to a friend the other day, and she didn’t know what I meant by it. So I just again, I don’t want to assume that everybody knows what you mean by that. term initiation, what is that

Andrea Michelle 35:02
an initiation is any kind of threshold where, in order to achieve or gain something, we need to let something go. That’s just the rule of life, right? In order for any kind of lasting change to take place, we need to willingly be be available to say, I’m giving up this in order to gain that. It’s like, it sounds. It’s just, and what we’re giving up really is just a belief system, a self identity structure, a clinging to something which again, like I mentioned earlier, might just be what’s keeping us small. And we don’t know, again, we don’t like to let go of something until we are assured of something in the future. But there are no guarantees. So the trusting in the letting go, even if it’s a little bit of a time of our strong grip on what we’ve known, we start to develop that faith. And again, everything this week is really, really supporting us into letting go of the need to know to strengthen faith. And that is part of it, that is a really good tool on the initiation journey. So the initiation is like, like the hero’s journey is initiation, initiation into more of our fullness of our beingness. Okay, thank you for that. So, Venus is also moving into Libra on Thursday, which is one of her domains, right. So she’s going to be where Mercury was with the sun at the Libra Equinox. So we’re still surrendering into the unknown before meeting before her meeting with the sun on the 22nd at the last degree of Libra, so she’s the the beginning of Libra. And she’s gonna have her meeting with the sun at the last degree. So there’s this whole thing to in this week, around or this whole next three month period around beginnings and endings, polarities. We have that with mercury at the end of the week, which I’m going to get to in a little bit. So I like to think of the word refinement when I think of Libra, right, and to refine is to bring or reduce to a pure state or condition as full as possible. So it’s bringing to a condition of purity, refinement. So again, we have this kind of like, leaving Virgo to refine we refine ourselves internally, before we can refine our exterior environment. Libra is Libra is often associated with aesthetics, and beautifying our environment, this type of thing, right? So I know that there’s, we’re we’re looking at a time but so coming into an opposition with Jupiter retrograde, Venus is coming into an opposition, we have an opportunity to see clearly where our beliefs have been polarizing us, and what beliefs we are ready to drop. asking us to refine our ability to receive what has seemed other are foreign to us may just give us the most direct access to our true path. And I wanted to just make a point here that receptivity is an active participatory choice. It’s not passive. So it’s a good day to be aware of and question our assumptions around others. Always a good day for them. Yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:21
I recently had someone, we I was in a conversation with them. And to me, I said, I said, Well, what I just said is the truth. And the person said, Well, that’s your truth. But it’s not my truth. And I went oh yeah. And it sent me on this whole cascade of asking different questions. Instead of assuming that the the way I was seeing it was the only way to see it. And those other questions revealed an opening or receptivity to actually hear and receive what the other person’s truth was. But as long as I was dancin, and like no, this is the truth. I couldn’t even receive what the other person’s truth

Andrea Michelle 39:09
was at all. There was no harm it’s so good and and this brings about the whole Virgo Sagittarius Pisces. It’s because you know, we have to be willing to move outside of ourselves, Jupiter sad. Before we can really achieve ultimate truth. We have to be able to have the willingness to surrender within ourselves to God, not something outside of ourselves, God goddess, whatever we want to say, is beyond our capacity to know. Just through our limited personality self before we can get to the ultimate truth. Yes. Yes, willingness to move outside of what we thought we knew. So Friday is Mercury Retrograde trying Pluto retrograde. And Mercury is opposite Neptune retrograde and Queen conchs Eris retrograde. So this whole constellation of aspects to me spells. There’s a beautiful has a word that I like it’s called Schaden, Freud, which is a German word. And it basically means I don’t like the thing that it means. But it’s, it means to get some sort of pleasure out of other person’s misery. And we all have that, and it’s not comfortable. But if there’s a word for it, that means it exists, right? So the thing is, if we’re keeping in mind the theme of this whole nation, which for me is the polarizing from that the New Moon being on the Super Galactic Center, and this whole like, we’re we’re literally going to be drawing in potentially these very polarizing scenarios with other that there is if we don’t get what we want from others, when they are not fulfilling our needs, the way we expect or want, and seeing their misfortune gives us pleasure. Now, again, I’m speaking to something that’s like a shadow element of the human condition. But the beauty of the self honesty piece that I’ve been talking about in the beginning is where can we own that we all have a shadow, and not make it personal. And just let it be there, oh, I don’t have to make this. A stamp of this is what I am or who I am. But this is just a part and parcel of what it means to be human. Part of the initiation is the loving self acceptance, Virgo of the fact that this exists, I don’t have to identify with it, it exists, that drops me into a deeper capacity to hold that aspect of my shadow that before I wasn’t able to hold, that’s the potential here. And each time we do that, in incremental pieces, we are strengthening our capacity to hold more of ourselves, there’s a quote from young that I absolutely love. Heroes, I would rather be whole than good. That’s a good thing for this whole liberal nation to write, I would rather know myself and all my shadow elements, and bring them back to me and love them, then continue this. False Libra Oh, everything has to be perfect and harmonious. And we all have to get along at their at the risk of not being in integrity with what’s actually here. This all it needs is presencing and dropping a story around it and where can I just be with it. And not make it wrong? Not easy. But this is not necessarily an easy, complex, but this could bring bring come up. And again, I say this in relationship to where the New Moon happened. So open eyed wonder,

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:05
what’s what’s what’s good about what you’re bringing up, though, is recognizing that it is a human tendency can make it a lot less personal. Because when you make it personal about yourself, then that’s when I feel the shaming can come in, where it’s like, jeez, I shouldn’t I shouldn’t even have this part of me. I shouldn’t even ever think that thought or then what you just described those like, this is part of the human shadow, this is part of the collective shadow, can you just be aware of it and and on that level, embrace that aspect of you. And while you’re doing that you’re embracing the aspect of everyone that’s

Andrea Michelle 43:44
the missing piece that Virgo is. So that’s the beauty and what gets misconstrued in the Virgo consciousness. Where can I make it intimate with me, as me, but not take it personal? Because the more intimate I make it and the more I do my part and transmuting it in where it lives in me, like you said beautifully, that’s my gift to the collective. And I can be doing this in my practice going about my life. No one has to know about it. It’s perfection of I know that I’m doing this for me, which then is my active service and it changes the whole definition of what service can be. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:27
Okay, so does that bring us to the reasons for the weekend?

Andrea Michelle 44:29
Yeah, I mean, there’s Yeah. There’s always more but yes, we can.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:34
There’s always a lot going on. And

Andrea Michelle 44:38
so Saturday is Phoenix waxing SESQUI square with Uranus and a waning SESQUI square with Vesta. See that three times. So assess per square case is might not be an aspect a lot of people work with it’s the evolutionary intention of the Cisco square is to shut off any hubris that comes from the trine because we’re coming right from the trine before we hit the quincunx, we’re at the sesco square. So it’s meant to curb any excesses of ego from the trine. Especially when it’s waxing, okay. So Cisco squares are uncomfortable, they can produce embarrassment, or embarrassing situations. And Venus at this time, when this happens is now on the Super galactic center herself. Okay. So, for me, this may manifest or I’m seeing it as this may manifest as encounters with others, where we are compelled seemingly beyond our control, to say or act in such a way that we will regret it afterward. Okay, so stemming from the past traumas and social circumstances, or we could find ourselves in social or interpersonal situations that cause deep traumas to resurface social traumas, right? So the potential available to us in such situations is the opportunity to re experience this constantly eating experience, in a way so that we can objectively recognize Aquarius, that although it is uncomfortable, and our head is telling us all sorts of things about how this is a dangerous situation, and how awful it is, we actually have, and we’ll survive it. So just to give a really quick example, hopefully, it’s quick, I took an acting class for a long time, recently, I showed up, my Libra south node was horrified because one of the exercises that we had to do was the repetition exercise, which is where you, you’re in front of somebody, and you speak the truth of whatever you’re seeing in that person. And it’s not always necessarily nice. And the point is, you’re just broadening your range of how you can read off of somebody what’s going on. And the first few times I showed up, I was miserable. Because I would freeze. And I would be like, I don’t want to say this, or whatever. And people would say you’re frozen, on board, whatever. And my social trauma was so heightened. But I gotta tell you, a man that every time I got off the class, I was like, When can I do that? Again, it was the most intense because at that point, it seemed like I was at the point in my own personal becoming where as challenging as it was, and is scary and anxious. And my heart was beating really fast as it was, my heart was like this is my way through. The only way through is to have an experience of it recognize a somatically. I’ve survived this. And I’m okay. And so what I’m saying about this situation is the more we can stay in the not knowing of what could happen, as a result of staying in an openness around when this happens, and not trying to go back to making meaning too quickly around it. We’re allowing a space for something potentially to different constantly in us around where this wound trauma, particularly was holding space in our psyche that no longer necessarily needs to take up space the way it used to. And this is going to be an ongoing stretching and contracting and opening. It’s not going to go away right away. But the more we allow for these experiences to happen and not go right back into the the making meaning of the trauma response, the more we’re going to have an opportunity to just like, reopen to the new to new opportunities around it. So did it ever get easy? Yes, it did. Yeah, I started to really, really be good at the whole exercise. I loved it. And it was never it never stopped being scary. I never stopped, like, dreading it the moment I started do it. But fear. The fear didn’t take me out anymore. I was more confident in me and finding my center to be in the experience and not listen to the fear. So this is the both and thing that this whole polarizing thing is helping us to really, really initiate us into. Both things can be there. I can be terrified of making a choice. I can hate change, and have developed the courage to do it anyway. It’s not an either or thing. And we are so fixated on duality, either or.

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:38
Thank you for sharing that example. That’s like a really palpable one gets really good. Okay.

Andrea Michelle 49:42
So, on Sunday, this whole week, Saturn is closing in on a tighter square to Uranus, right. So the past and the future are morphing and malleable. And it’s the decisions that we make each moment that have a ripple effect on what opportunities show up in the future. There’s so much more to be said about this. But that’s all I’m gonna leave it with that Mercury stations Direct in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday. The sun is one degree on this day from our Mercury station retrograde on September 9, at eight Libra. So highlighting the beginning and the red and the end of the retrograde. So here we have the Alpha and Omega point two, just like we had with the premier Natori like Venus when she enters Libra this week at zero Libra and her ultimate meeting with the sun. At the end of October on the 29th degree of Libra. There’s beginning and endings again, the polarizing This is everywhere in the whole universe, the cosmic forces are forcing a recognition of polarity to an extreme to find again, where we come into where we need to come into our center in order to find the place of balance between the two. Not the either or but the both and

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:07
it’s a highly effective technique is exposing us to I remember when moving from New York, I couldn’t have chosen a more polar opposite landing place than Pune on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was literally if New York was night, this is day or whatever polar polar opposite you want to describe it Manhattan to Pune, Hawaii was as extreme as as I could have chosen, although I didn’t realize I was chosen choosing that at the time. But it was this it was that extreme that enabled me to see where my center is. And that for me, like is, is symbol symbolized in Maui, because it is a little bit more of a central

Andrea Michelle 51:57
kind of

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:59
energy experience. But that is like I couldn’t have ever found a more center place had I not gone to the total opposite of man. It had to happen that way. Even though I didn’t plan it seems like the universe is doing that for all of us right now. It’s like, okay, here’s the extreme of this experience, so that you can find that center place like what is actually

Andrea Michelle 52:23
who actually are you perfectly said absolutely. Great example. So the whole Mercury Retrograde period has been a great time to consciously probe and gently question our perceptions of relationships, and to practice being present with our projections onto others, and heartfully explore Virgo inaccuracies and our version of reality, opposite Neptune, Mercury stations, opposite Neptune retrograde. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to devote ourselves to attuning our body minds to the pulse of life. And so, and there’s other things, but I know that we’ve got a lot to cover. But basically the out of bounds Moon is in South declination, asking us to shore up our resilience by routing in our own soil, and heartfully because this is the Moon in Capricorn, and heartfully practice returning to our sovereignty over and over in the face of rapid changes in course corrections. So it’s a good day for contemplative or spiritual practices that align spirit and matter. Grounding practices and lots of time to slow down mercury will be stationed, which could allow us more time to get out of our monkey minds, or it can be a consolidation of, you know, where when we’re, if we’re meditating, oh my god, this is how active My mind is because it’s like, so obvious. But either way, it’s a good practice to just allow it is and not participate in it. Just allow, wow,

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:53
what an amazing weakness. And I just love the way you walk us through it. I just every day has its own flavor. I feel there’s there’s the through line, again is this change and being comfortable with it, but there’s a lot of different ebbs and flows throughout the week. So I’ll just do the quick summary of of the things that we talked about, which I love this emphasis on the galactic center and the New Moon on the Super Galactic Center, which is not just our galactic center, but its galactic center even beyond

Andrea Michelle 54:31
where our galaxy is being drawn to. Yes, it’s

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:36
this is one thing I love about Andre as astrology is that she is what one might call a living sky astrologer. So she’s actually taking the placements of the stars and planets beyond just what you might see in the chart. Or what you might be able to see on the sort of flat chart when you’re running the aspects and actually making it alive with the with the placements of the planets in the stars. And that may not be the best way to describe it. But that’s the way I’m thinking about it. But it brings in another dimension of what’s happening. Astrologically Yeah. Okay, so

Andrea Michelle 55:13
you I love the

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:14
way you describe Retrogrades as letting ourselves catch up with ourselves. So this is where we’re having this opportunity to kind of re see where our past our thought patterns, and some of these things about us are stuck in the past. And where that needs to be refined and revised to catch up with where we’re at now, which we’ve changed. But we could still have some thought forms and habits and patterns that are old. And so retrograde is this opportunity to see those more clearly. Yeah. Okay. So this is a time where we’re seeing how we project out of ourselves, where we need to be able to stretch into polarization, so we can come back into center. This is a time to allow ourselves the transition, the tension, allow tension to show up

Andrea Michelle 56:04
where work ribbon.

Amanda Pua Walsh 56:06
So we’re going to start to see where we’re gripping on to things that we don’t want to change. And like you said several times, we don’t have to like it. But being aware of it and allowing it and doing it anyways is part of the invitation of right now. You also said to presence gripping, I liked this terminology presence gripping, meaning become aware of it, bring ourselves into it, feel it, so we can transmute it and find a new lifeforce from it. So if we can presence it, if we can feel it, then we can actually unlock more of our own energy. And then you said to remember that maybe the discomfort is your teacher. So maybe this discomfort is here, just like like my back, it’s definitely a very loud, powerful teacher right now. So paying attention to the discomfort and recognizing that it is your teacher. Okay. On Monday, this is an opportunity to turn some of the things that maybe we believed into faith. And and would you also say, sort of a level of knowing

Andrea Michelle 57:17
it can be so there’s knowing and then there’s Gnosis so we can get more insights around things. But it’s still too premature at that point, because we’re literally trying it’s the transition period of of Jupiter from Morningstar to Eveningstar. So we’re still in this very liminal space. And so that’s Yeah, yeah. All right. So

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:38
we’re not quite at no nemesis. We’re really we’re in the transition plus, yes, yes. And we’re getting close. We’re okay. On Tuesday, that we may, we may, we may see the perpetuation of divisiveness where we don’t want to take responsibility. So you may find yourself blaming someone outside of yourself or blaming a situation or, or seeing something as separate because you’re not willing yet to take responsibility for that thing fully and completely. And also, there may be a tendency to manipulate in order to avoid vulnerability. Where are you trying to control and strategize and manipulate a situation because you don’t want to expose yourself to a potential risk or you feel afraid that, you know, you, you might be exposed to risk on Wednesday. This is an opportunity to stand in truth versus pushing against something. It’s just standing in truth, and being very discerning about how we use our energy. Where are you giving up too soon? On something on third, oh, and then there’s slight adjustments that need to be made. And maybe there’s just a softening and a rethinking instead of a total? throw the baby out with the bathwater right moment on Thursday. I love that you brought in that series is the CO ruler of Virgo. I had not heard that before. Or if I heard it, I forgot. So it’s an interesting perspective. And this is an opportunity to relinquish expectations. Where are you worrying about the future? And and it’s an initiatory moment. So where are those things that you need to let go of in order to step into something new? Where are you holding on to something small, and where can letting that go in order or enable you to step into something bigger? Friday, beginnings and endings receptivity is an act of choice. So remembering that you might need to actually choose to receive versus feeling like you know already and there’s nothing else to receive on Saturday. This is an opportunity Ready to curb the excesses of ego that may result from a trine? I’d love that to the SESQUI square. Is that what you said? Square? Yeah. So good. This could result in things that feel embarrassing. I had there’s something in my life that I’m like, Are you ever embarrassed? I don’t think you’re ever I’ve never seen you embarrassed. This seems like some people are more inclined towards embarrassment. But I like what you pulled out about this, that it’s from an hubris and hubris or like, you know, feeling really big on oneself that may come from things being easy, or seeming like they just flow. You also said to we were to watch reactions that you may regret later in social situations. So things that again, are these like perpetuation of the past in social situations. So just be aware of that. And then on Sunday, the past and the future are morphing. And there’s an opportunity to consciously probe your perception of relationships. Where do you have inaccurate perceptions? And this invitation to return to sovereignty over and over? Yes. Okay, so that’s my like, super, in a nutshell, so much else. So many other things were said, Is there anything that you’d want to add or anything that I didn’t say? Quite right, you said

Andrea Michelle 1:01:22
everything beautifully, it’s just, I was struggling with putting this together, because I am. So it’s hard for me to piece out day to day. He’s like such a big picture person. I mean, I also have a lot of like, going into any of these things could be good on any good any given day to work on. But mostly, it’s the theme of, and again, I apologize, but I can’t help but see this as the beginning of this whole new three month period. So it’s like this whole work really, really undergoing these initiations, you said back perfectly what I what I said. And, again, I was struggling as someone who works with people from the perspective of wanting to hold them in places where it’s not comfortable. That’s my juice. That’s my mojo, because I work on that myself in my daily practice, so that I can be someone who can be in a space for somebody to go into these transformational processes. So I, if my over emphasis is on that. It’s because I want to empower people to find their, their power in staying in whatever’s happening no matter what. That’s what ultimately, I would say, life is showing us generally now, but this week, specifically, these little things. Again, your recap was perfect, Amanda, thank you. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:02:46
But I like the synthesis that you’re bringing us back to because you started here in the beginning. And this is the idea of the eye of the storm, the idea of accelerated change, the idea of using this week to explore where is your center? Where is your power, even in the in the face of discomfort. So bringing back to your acting example, you were able to find your center by actually facing that fear, by like feeling all the things that happened in your body, when you were in that really uncomfortable situation? That’s where you were able to find an even deeper sense of who you are. My guess is, you’re even more confident and more empowered as a result of that experience. So this week, yeah. So this week, we may find ourselves in situations where it’s like, okay, oh, whoa, I feel my heart beating. I want to run away. I don’t want to face this. I don’t want to be here. But how can I stay here? And insane here. Find more of my strength, more of my lifeforce, more of my authenticity, and then

Andrea Michelle 1:03:50
move Yes. And it’s going to take time and it’s incremental. It’s not going to be immediately we get our mojo back. It’s like, but we have to keep risking, and that’s the faith piece, risking in the dark until we until it becomes a habit until it’s just something that’s more natural. Yeah. Incremental, though,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:09
you know what I’m saying that every time we do it, it gets easier and easier and easier. So I think, yeah, really great reminders for us all. And I know a lot of astrologers are talking about this acceleration of the energy right now, the acceleration of the change. So yes, thank you for bringing that in. If you love Andrea, Michelle, as much as we do at astrology hub, then I highly recommend that you get on our waitlist for astrologer Connect, which is our new reading platform, which is where you can find Andrea, Michelle and many other astrologers that you love that you meet here on this platform, and either scheduled booked readings with them, or if there’s questions that come up in your life, you can actually reach out to them for instant readings. This is in beta or in pilot right now. With our inner circle members only, so it’s not available to everybody yet, but it will be available in December. So if you want to get on the waitlist now, you can do that it’s astrology hub.com/connect. And it’s just making it really easy for you to find some of the best astrologers in the world and making it easy for you to book with them and get your personal questions answered. So this is very exciting for all of us who’ve been working so hard on it, and you can access the waitlist right now and inner circle members you have about actually, this is the last week of the September beta test. So if you want to jump in and experience that, you still can. And you would find all that information in an email from us and or in mighty networks in our private community. Andrea, thank you so much for being here with us. It’s been such a good I’ve heard love this every single time with you. Thank you. And thanks all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. And thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody, bye bye. This podcast is presented by astrology hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at astrology hub.com/podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. So you can stay up to date on the latest episodes and help more people find the wisdom of astrology. Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life