[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Become a Dream Master” April 11th – April 17th w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Jupiter-Neptune & Dream Interpretation

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Christopher Renstrom and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • Why Jupiter & Neptune’s conjunction can emphasize dreams
  • The story of Joseph, the Dream Interpreter
  • About the week’s series of sextiles
  • What the Libra Full Moon square Pluto can bring up to the surface


0:00 Intro

1:08 Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces

7:35 Prophets & Dream Masters

12:34 Joseph, the Dream Interpreter

50:02 Life Speaks in Time

54:33 How long will this energy last?

59:57 Taking the Lead of your Planets

1:05:04 The Week’s Sextiles

1:07:37 Mars in Pisces

1:10:05 Full Moon square Pluto

1:16:23 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:04
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tide.

Christopher Renstrom 0:27
Well, hello, everybody, and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name is Amanda Poole, Walsh and the founder of astrology hub. And I am here with one of astrology hubs favorite astrologers, Christopher Renstrom. And we actually have like a double dose of Christopher this week, which is great. For those of you who subscribe to the horoscope highlights, you probably already received or watched his video for this week. But now we get to have him for the entire like going through all the major aspects of the week, which is just a treat. So thank you, Christopher.

Christopher Renstrom 1:02
Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me on. I always love it. I always enjoy it.

Christopher Renstrom 1:08
So much fun. All right. So if we’re gonna, like, zoom out real quick, and look at the big picture theme, what would you say is the theme for the week?

Christopher Renstrom 1:16
Well, you can’t miss it. It’s the Jupiter Neptune conjunction on April 12. That’s the biggest. That’s that’s the biggest statement. And I think that what we have to keep in mind is that it’s not just like exclusive to the week, it’s when it comes together. And it comes together this week. And when you’re of course, dealing with a slower moving planet like Neptune, you know, you’ve been feeling the build up to this point, you know, so you can almost think of it as a cresting wave. And so it crests this this week.

Christopher Renstrom 1:49
If you had to describe Jupiter Neptune in Pisces, in a few words, would you say that it’s all about like, what’s this energy all about?

Christopher Renstrom 2:00
Dreams. It’s all about dreams, and the power of dream. And, and, and really the interpretation of dreams. You know, we often think of dreams in terms of like hopes and wishes. And, and, and there’s the kind of dream which is I dream of being this one day, or a dream of doing this one day, it can be aspirational types of dreams. But the dream that I sort of wanted to talk about a little bit if I could, is the eye is the power of dream and the power of dream interpretation. And how, in ancient times, the Divinity spoke to you through dreams, you know, nowadays, we think of it more in terms of psychology, you know, like, like, like, like I had this dream last night, I’m going to interpret this and I’m going to understand it either in a psychological context or a psychic context or, or or, or, or spiritual, good, psychological or psychic kind of context. It’s it’s geared towards, like our health and our mental health or psychological health and understanding ourselves. But in ancient times, you spoke, or the divine could speak to you directly through dreams. And so this was a this is actually the first one on one contact with the divine, okay. And particularly in religion. There is this idea that God could speak to you through dream. And it wasn’t going to be through Scripture. It wasn’t going to be through ritual. It wasn’t going to be through doctrine. But it was the idea that God could speak to you, particularly No matter your rank or place in society, through your dreams. And this was seen as being a very special thing. The way that it relates to Pisces on one hand, it’s it’s Neptune in the collective dreaming. I mean, Neptune is the planet of collective dreaming the collective imagination how our entire world dreams is, is Neptune. Okay? But there was also a very curious relationship between the zodiac signs of Pisces and Sagittarius when it came to religion. Sagittarius was always associated with orthodox religion, with the institution of religion, as it appeared in its churches or synagogues or temples or whatever have you, okay? But Pisces was the realm of the mystic. This was the person who was outside the Orthodox religion, okay, and so Pisces really spoke to people who were filled with divine inspiration, you know, to to to speak forward of what their experience was of God. and some people would refer to these people’s Mad People are crazy people. And some people would be like, you know, he or she has experienced God in a vision or an illumination show, we must listen to them, you know, they they have they have a pure connection to God and the divine then Then are you know, then then our church people do you know, we must listen to this mystic. So, so there’s always been this kind of tension between Sagittarius and Pisces, you know, because Sagittarius was really God as God appears in this world. And, you know, like a nature for instance. And then Pisces was God as God appeared in the world beyond this world. You know, the invisible world, the world that was hard to explain that people said was crazy or mad or irrational? Well, that was the realm of Pisces. And so this is where this conjunction, Jupiter rules Sagittarius Jupiter rules Pisces, and it’s conjoining Neptune, which is the modern ruler of Pisces. So this, you know, I mean, at the very least, I’m sure everyone’s having very active during, you know, but that’s at the very least there’s the it’s almost as if the world soul is rolling over in its sleep, you know, is what’s going on this this week. And it’s, you know, it’s in this dream, it’s in this reverie, and it’s almost like it’s sending it out through, you know, our night aren’t our nighttime dreams, our nighttime vision, so so this is the thing that’s very, very important, and really quite lovely about this, this particular conjunction of planets in Pisces this week,

Christopher Renstrom 6:48
I love this distinction you’re making between a more psychological analysis of a dream versus a, like a spiritual download, or like a direct discussion with the divine. And so how can how would we make that switch a little bit? If this time is more about that, you know, actual direct messages and couple questions. How do we that? Can you give us an example of how we might interpret things, the way that a lot of us do now psychologically, versus more spiritually? And then two? Are these always night dreams? Or could they be like waking dreams where you’re feeling like you’re having ideas or visions as you’re going throughout the day?

Christopher Renstrom 7:35
Right, right. Well, what I wanted to do, if I may, is actually share a story where I think we could kind of get some instruction. But it also goes, it also speaks a little bit more to Jupiter and the Jupiterian element. And all of this as well. One of my favorite stories comes from Genesis, okay, in the Bible, the Book of Genesis, and it’s the story of Joseph and his brothers, okay, we all know it pretty much as the musical Joseph had his Technicolor Dreamcoat, or something along these lines. But Joseph is such a curious and remarkable figure. And I think Joseph is also a figure that we can sort of understand. In in, in this story, well, in the Bible itself, you have a division between prophets and dream masters, they’re called Dream masters. Okay. Now a prophet like Ezekiel, you know, and they’re usually kind of, I mean, I don’t want to offend anyone, but they’re usually kind of downer types, okay, the prophet show up, you know, and they, they take up a lot of real estate and in the Old Testament, the prophet Prophet show up and it’s always about, you’re doing this wrong. Okay. Your, your society is Koyaanisqatsi. Its world out of balance, you’ve lost your way with God, you’re heading towards the road of damnation, and you you’ve got to get yourself right with God. And, and so it has this kind of like, almost apocalyptic flavor. And if you look at today’s headlines, there’s a lot of that that’s going on, right? It’s just like, you know, this is what’s happening to the world right now. It’s happening because you’ve lost your faith or you’ve lost your place with God, and you have to get right with God. And so there’s a lot of scare tactics that are being used. And you have prophets showing up in all sorts of circles. They could be New Age circles, they could be religious circles, they could be on television, they could be on the news on a regular basis of like, you know, dreary, horrible times, repent or you’re going to write like, ruin everything. Okay, so that’s kind of its own classification. You know, when you when you look in the Bible, it’s a very, very strong tradition of that. It’s one that even carries to this day. There is another classification that shows up in the Bible. And these are the three investors, okay, these are the people who are given the gift of interpreting dreams that come from God. All right. So it’s not their job to scare you onto the right path or whatever it’s their job to interpret a dream that cannot be interpreted by the person who is in charge. Okay? The most famous one obviously, is going to be Joseph, but someone else who’s almost as famous as Joseph is Daniel, okay, who is again, the only person who can interpret the dream of the king. Okay, and, and we even have showing up with the three wise men, you know, God speaking to them in their dreams. And so, you know, they’re told not to go back the way that they had come when they had first encountered Herod. So these are these kinds of like, extraordinary examples of the Divine speaking to the person speaking directly to the person who’s not particularly, you know, sanctified or whatever, person. And I think that this is very important, just almost like this idea itself, the idea of interpretation, okay, being able to interpret the dream that you have, and it can be a sleeping dream, but it can also be a waking dream. You know, Daniel, literally, I mean, we get the phrase, read the writing on the wall, okay, that literally comes from Daniel, who was a, who was a dream Master, you know, he’s, he’s able to interpret dreams. So, so a lot of what we’re being sort of asked to do these days is to read the writing on the wall, in terms of our own lives, I mean, we have plenty of people who are going to tell us what the writing is on the wall for everyone in the world and things like that. And it’s during times like these, when it’s really important to not get lost in the oceanic dream of Neptune. Okay? Because we can, we can get lost in all of that, and we can be turned upside down in its waves and drawn deeper and down, down down in its currents, you know, so I think it’s very important for all of us to really become our own dream masters in terms of learning how to interpret, at least for ourselves, the signs of the times, you know, of what, of what is going on. And I think the other thing that’s really important about that is to interpret it in a way that

Christopher Renstrom 12:34
you may not know what the answer is, but it’s in service of guiding your life. Okay, it’s in service of guiding your life. Now, you know, Joseph is a very the story of Joseph is a very curious story, you know, and, and it’s a very curious story. Actually, I’ll start with that. But you can hear the Jupiter, you can see the joopa terian motifs immediately. Okay. And in the story, Joseph as a boy, he is the son of Jacob, you might remember Jacob, Jacob is another person who’s had these extraordinary history with dreams, Jacob dreams of Jacob’s Ladder, okay, which is the angels descending up and down from heaven to earth, and to earth to heaven again, okay, so this is Joseph’s father is Jacob, who first has the vision of Jacob’s Ladder and wrestles with the angel. It’s never really quite clear if he actually wrestled with an angel, or if it was a dream of wrestling with an angel, but he wrestles with an angel emerges with a dislocated hip, and he’s renamed Israel and this is the birth of Israel’s and the renaming of, of Jacob. Jacob has a number of songs he’s got like 12 sons, okay. And, and second to the youngest is Joseph. It’s the son that he had in his old age, and it’s the one that he treasures the most. Okay, so Joseph is clearly Jacob’s favorite. And so Joseph as a young boy, which is where we meet him, he’s actually not a young boy, he’s maybe about nine or 10 or 11 ish. Okay, um, he just is like this gifted child that his brothers are very jealous of. And, and what sort of adds to the jealousy is not only do they know that his father Jacob favors him, but Jacob has made him multicolored tunic. It’s actually referred to as an ornament to tunic, which is a robe, which is that he wears and this shows, you know, his brothers are out there working in the fields with with with sheep and things like this, and they’re in like dusty, you know, Bo, you know, tunics or whatever. They don’t smell nice. And, you know, but Joseph has this automated tunic, you know, and Joseph in the innocence of his youth, you know, says to his brothers once, and Annie often sort of like comes and visits while they’re working in the fields. Joseph never working in the fields but his brothers always Are you And once he comes wearing his, his his rope, and he says, You know, I dream to dream. And this is a phrase you’re going to hear on and on and on through this a dream to dream. Everyone begins with the phrase, I dreamed a dream. And Joseph says, I dreamed a dream. And listen to this dream. I dreamed we were binding sheaves in the field, that means we were bundling wheat in the field. He says to his brothers, we are binding sheaves in the field, and look, my sheaf arose and actually stood up, and your sheaves, your sheets drew round and bowed to it. Okay, so he says it really quite innocently. And his brothers are like, Who the hell do you think you are? That’s the reaction. They’re kind of like, you know, the prince. And one of them comes forward and says, Well, what are you saying that you’re meant to reign over us and justice? Like, it’s just a dream I had, you know, he just he hasn’t really put together like, messenger and message, you know, like, not, you know, like, like, how he’s kind of sounding like, which is a bit, you know, privilege. And so, another day, a couple of weeks pass, and Joseph comes to them again, wearing his ornamented tunic. And he says, Look, you know, I dreamed I dreamed a dream again. And in it, someone said, look, look at the sun, look at the moon, and look at the 11 stars in heaven. The Sun and Moon and the 11 stars are vowing to me to Joseph, you know, and his brothers are like, God, you’re, you’re just like this impossible, annoying pest.

Christopher Renstrom 16:40
And so they’re just kind of like, Who the hell do you think you are that you favorite son, and all these sorts of things. And so it gets to a point, I think it’s like on the third or fourth round, you know, Joseph comes tumbling on out to the field again, and he’s wearing his multicolored tunic, you know, and his brother, one of the brothers says, look at him The Dream Master. And that’s the first time the phrase, look at him. The Dream Master is used in the Bible, and they said, Look, here comes the Dream Master. And so they’re like, let’s kill them. Okay, Genesis, the book of Genesis is a long book all about sibling rivalry. It begins with Cain and Abel. And it is resolved in the story of Joseph. But between Cain and Abel and Joseph, there are battling siblings in the fetus. There’s Rebecca, and Leila, you know, there’s nothing but non stop paddling of sibling rivalry until the end, it all comes to a combination with the story of Joseph. So the brothers want to kill him, and actually do make to kill him. And one of the brothers Reuben says, No, don’t kill him. Let’s throw him down at the bottom of this well, and sit on it and really think about what we want to do. And so they do. They, they strip the robe off of Joseph and they throw him down into the bottom of the well. And there you can hear the Piscean imagery, it’s because Pisces with its relationship to the Pope house is the house of slaves. It’s the house of prisons. It’s it’s it’s, it’s, it’s a sign and a house that’s associated with having lost the things that you have. And here they take the rope off of him and they throw him down into the bottom of a dry well to think about what they’re going to do with him. And there’s a caravan of Ishmaelites that are walking past and they decide let’s sell the little o to the Israelites as a slave and get rid of them altogether. Okay, we haven’t killed him. But he’s but he’s out of our life too at the same time. So let’s sell him to the Israelites. And so they do and Joseph bound and naked is taken down into the land of Egypt. And what the brothers do, what the brothers do is that they kill a kid, which is a small lamb, and they take the blood and they spatter it on Josef’s tunic, and they take that tunic back to Jacob and they show Jacob this tunic and Jacob weeps because he has lost his favorite. And so we all think that’s the end of Joseph he is just as naked bound kid being dragged off as a slave. That should be the end of the story.

Christopher Renstrom 19:14
This is not the way that Jupiter works if you have Jupiter in your chart, okay? If you have Jupiter in your chart, let’s say it’s conjunct your midheaven let’s say it’s conjunct your son or your moon or it’s in the Rising Sign position. Okay. Let’s say Jupiter is in the sign that is that it is exalted in which is the zodiac sign of cancer and it’s well aspected well aspected meaning elevated in the chart or on one of the angles. Let’s say let’s say you have Jupiter in its joy in the 11th house, okay, that means Jupiter can be any can be in any zodiac sign, but if it’s in the 11th house Jupiter is Isn’t it a joy it rejoices there, okay, so if you have Jupiter very strong in your chart are very well represented. And certainly, babies born this week are going to have an extraordinary beautiful Jupiter in their charts. So this is a this is this is out to everyone who’s having babies this week, this is a really great time to do it. Jupiter becomes a sponsor, Jupiter becomes a guardian angel. Jupiter is a benefit, it brings good things but Jupiter does more than that it protects the life that it is in charge of. Okay, Jupiter protects the life that is that it is in charge up. When you think of Jupiter in our solar system. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, right? It’s the giant, and it’s Jupiter that draws into its orbit, all the asteroids, the space debris, the Meteor is all these sorts of things and they smash against the surface of Jupiter. If we didn’t have Jupiter, I don’t know. I imagine we would have ceased to exist as a planet a long time ago, we would have been hit by an asteroid or something, you know astray in space, but it’s Jupiter, the giant planet, Jupiter, the Guardian planet. In astrology, it’s Jupiter that fends off anything that’s going to be malefic or hostile. And that’s what it does in a chart when it’s very strong, Jupiter. Jupiter will always show favor, okay. And of course, if they’ve ever shown to you, what can sometimes go hand in hand with that, if you don’t manage it well, is envy. Okay. And clearly Joseph, at this point in his career, was not managing the favoritism well, but what happens is that Jupiter never gives up on those that Jupiter favors, but their rise in the world. You know, if you have strong Jupiter in your chart, or you’re a Sagittarius Pisces, the way that you rise or progress in the world, is not done through to do list. It’s not done through trying to decipher what color your parachute may be. It’s not done through you know, planning out your career and following your ambitions and things like this. People who are Pisces or Sagittarius or have strong Jupiter in their chart, a lot of times your, your journey in the world is a meandering one. Okay. And and for many of them, it first begins with going down. All right, it first begins with going down. And so Joseph is thrown to the bottom of this pit he’s sold as a slave. He’s taken into Egypt. This shouldn’t be the end of that bratty Joseph. But no, it’s only the beginning. Sort of going through the story Joseph is always described or this there is this one section. When he’s bought by the Potiphar. Pharaohs courtier Apocrypha was a courtier a high Chamberlain, okay, sort of think of it as a supervisor in in a corporation, this is who the Potiphar is to Pharaoh. And Joseph is purchased by the Potiphar. And in in Genesis, there’s really only one reference made to his looks. And they describe him as complete and features and commonly to look at what that basically means is Joseph is very beautiful. Okay, there’s almost kind of like a feminine beauty to Joseph. You know, he’s, he’s very, he, he’s, he’s not, you know, her, you know, like, you know, masculine workout or Jim Joseph or anything like that, but he’s very beautiful. You know, his skin is very big. So there’s, there’s this, there’s this seductive flavor to Joseph slug, that, of course, Joseph is totally unaware of. But anyway, the potter for his wife is not unaware of. Okay, so the Potiphar brings the new slave home, you know, throws a tunic on him and puts them in service to his wife, because there are subs, maybe only about 12 or 13. I don’t know, you’ve noticed Justin’s get a little older. But anyway, he’s about 1213 2020. He doesn’t. And and so she finds him attractive. She’s, she’s like, you know, do you want to sleep with me? And he’s like, no, no, I want to sleep with you. And she’s like, come here, slave, you know, and people in positions could do this. And even Ptolemy, in his book of astrology, talks about the charts of people who fall in love with slaves, you know, so So, so that was kind of like a type or I guess it was like, a thing that was going on in the ancient world was doing the slave but anyway, so um, she’s like, you know, come here, you know, obey me and he’s like, no, no. And so he, he racist from her and she grabs his tunic, and he’s naked again. This is the second time we’ve gotten naked Joseph, and he’s running through the house, and and he runs into the outside and she calls out, you know, that he tried to seduce her that he had tried to have his way with I heard this slave the slave capture him capture him. And so Joseph is captured in the pot of hers like I thought I could trust you, obviously I can’t. And he throws Joseph into prison. And this looks like the end of Joseph. And again, if you’re a Sagittarian or Pisces, you’ve done this before. You’ve you’ve like, Okay, that looks like it’s the end of May or bottomed out or, or am I luck has run out and this is going to be it. Okay? People with strong Jupiter are not alien to this experience.

Christopher Renstrom 25:30
But again, but again, Jupiter finds a way for things to work out, okay. It’s a planet that is committed to that, especially to those born under its influence. And so Joseph is imprisoned. And he’s he’s got two cellmates. One is a cup bearer to the pharaoh who’s not doing so well. Pharaoh is thrown into prison, probably out of a fit of pique, or something like that. And another is a baker to the Pharaoh who isn’t doing well. And so they’ve they had elevated positions, and they’ve been thrown, they’ve been thrown into jail because Pharaoh has tired of them the noxious or they can Pharaoh’s nerves or something like that, because Pharaoh is the king of all of Egypt. And both of them are looking kind of melancholic when Joseph shows up, and Josef’s like, you know, what’s up? Like, why are you looking so sad or whatever? And they both say, I’m haunted by a dream. I am haunted by a dream. I dreamed that I dreamed, you know, I dreamed that I dreamed a dream where something happened. And Joseph Joseph is like, well, that’s really interesting. Why don’t you tell me what your what your dream was? And so the cup bearer goes first. He’s like, Can I go first? And Joseph like, Sure. And Baker will listen to you too. And the beggars like, okay, good. Not that sounds good. So, the cup, cup bearer says, I dreamed a dream. I dreamed a dream, where there was a vine with three tendrils. And this bind with three tendrils turned into grapes. And I took these grapes, and I crushed them, I crushed them with my hand. And they turned into this extraordinary juice that filled up this cup that I turned and I handed to Pharaoh, he was suddenly there. And he took the cup from me. I don’t know what it means. All I know is that I’ve offended Him. And He wants nothing to do with me. And Joseph says to him, actually, I can interpret that for you on the cup. He was like, really? What’s it mean? And Joseph says to him, what it means is that in three days, that’s the three grapes that Pharaoh will call to you, and you will be brought back to Him. And He will forgive you for whatever, for whatever it is that you had done, and that you will resume with your station. And he’s like, Do you really think so? I mean, he was SOPs, you know, and Joseph is like, no, no, you believe me? He he is he you will be back in his good graces. I can promise you this. And the cup bearer is like, I hope you’re right. Because because I love the Pharaoh. And so the baker who’s been patiently waiting, says, Can I tell you my dream? And Josef’s like, Sure, tell me your dream. And so the Baker says, I dreamed a dream. I dreamed a dream that there were three open baskets that were on top of my head. And and in the uppermost basket, were all kinds of foods, wonderful food, that that was meant for the Pharaoh. And I was walking, I was striding towards the palace carrying these baskets. But then all of a sudden, there were birds. There were birds that descended and began to eat from from everything in the uppermost basket. And because it was so high up, I couldn’t get to it. And the birds were eating and they ate everything that was there. And and I’m so I’m so disturbed by this what what could it mean? And Joseph said, Well, I can interpret that dream for you. And the Baker’s like, sure what. And Joseph says, well, there are three baskets. So that means there were three days and bakers alike. And he said in three days, the Pharaoh will call for you. And the Baker’s like And Joseph said well in three days the Pharaoh will call for you. And he will chop off your head and he will place it on a steak and birds will pick out your eyes and eat the flesh from it. Now obviously, dream interpretation has come a long way since since this time, we’ve learned to be a little bit more perhaps sensitive in our approach or the way that we put things But what can I say this is Genesis and this is Joseph. And this is Joseph interpreting the dream. And we don’t really spend much time with the baker afterwards, except to know that within three days, they are both released. And within three days, and after three days, they go to their separate and very different fates. It’s the cup bearer, who was restored to the court of Pharaoh

Christopher Renstrom 30:29
who knows that Pharaoh was troubled by dreams, okay, he’s been troubled by dreams for two years, and he’s had his soothsayers come on in and try to interpret them. And none of the interpretation sound right? And Pharaoh dismisses them, and he’s scowls. And he’s like, You cannot help me with these things. You fake phony soothsayers, okay? And so, so the cup bearer says, you know, I met in prison, a master of dreams. And Pharaohs had really who and he’s like, it’s this boy. But He’s extraordinary. I mean, with the way that he can just draw out what the dream is about, and, and not with all the sort of flowery language, it gets right to the point, you know, in Pharaoh’s, like, Bring him to me, bring him to me immediately. And so Joseph is taken from Pharaoh. And he, Joseph is taken from prison, and he’s brought before Pharaoh and he kneels in front of Pharaoh. And Pharaoh says, Well, boy, I’ve been told that you are a Dream Master, that you can interpret dreams. I want you, I want you to interpret my dream, it has troubled me for two years. And Joseph says, Sure, go ahead. Tell me and Pharaoh begins, you know, nobody has been able to interpret stream successfully just like okay, no, I hear you. And so fair begins. I, I am, I have dreamed a dream to dream. I dreamed a dream, where I was standing by the Nile. And the Nile was beautiful. It was a beautiful time of day, and it was just moving along swimmingly through its course. And I dreamed this dream. And from out of the Nile came seven fat cows, seven fat, extraordinary, lovely cows. And so they they came up from the Nile, and they were glorious to look at. Then I dreamed in my dream, I dreamed my dream that they were followed by seven foul cow cows. They were fouled. They smelled fell, they were found to look at they were practically skeletal in their in their appearance. And not only that they were monstrous boy, they were monstrous. Immediately they fell upon the seven fat cows, and they devoured them. Can you imagine such a thing? Oh, devouring a cow. They devoured them and looks greedily at me. And it has haunted me. It has haunted me ever since for two years. And so Joseph said, I can interpret that dream for you. And Pharaoh said interpret it. And Joseph said, there are seven fat cows, there are seven fat cows and these are these represent seven years each year for a cow. And during the the seven years that these seven fat cows represent, they represent a time of plenty of grain, when you will have more than you need when you will when Egypt will enjoy a bumper crop of grain and furs like oh, that sounds lovely. And Joseph said, but then we must remember the seven foul cows that follow Pharaoh and Pharaoh was like, yes, yes. What’s that mean? And he says, they will be followed by seven foul cows. And it’s not just followed the cows eat the cows that came before them? And Pharaoh said yes, yes, it’s a horrible thing to watch. I have to see it every night. These are the these represent seven years, these seven cows and they represent seven years of famine. And not only will Egypt be laid bare by famine, but the cost of that famine will eat up everything that had been gained in the years of plenty, so that Egypt itself is rendered foul and famine struck. And so Pharaoh is like, what what do we do? What do we do? What sacrifices do we make to the gods what rituals do we perform to to to stave this off? Tell me And Joseph said what you do is that you collect the grain during your years of plenty. You directly You collect the grain and you save it, so that when you go through your famine years, you will not be reduced, you will not be struck ill, you will have enough to get you through this time. After all my Pharaoh, it is only seven years.

Christopher Renstrom 35:19
And Pharaoh is so moved by this, seven years of plenty seven years of famine. But, you know, and this is what strikes Pharaoh, but it’s not preordained. I can do something to to remedy that situation. I can collect grain into silos and distort houses. And and I can save for that time. And therefore I can save and preserve my people. And Joseph is like, yes, that’s exactly what you can do. And so, Pharaoh in that moment, does something that no one has ever seen Pharaoh do. He takes off his ring. And he says, Boy, give me your hand and Joseph extends his hand. And Pharaoh puts on Joseph’s finger, his ring. And he turns in he says, get this, get this boy find garments. And they appear with fine garments, greater robes and the robe that Joseph had originally worn the ornamented tunic that his father had given him. And he and Pharaoh says, Take this gold collar and wear it around your neck, because you are beloved to me. And so Pharaoh blesses Joseph. And from that time on, Joseph becomes the king or not the king Joseph is in charge of the storehouses of grain. Okay. And so as Joseph predicted, there are seven years of bumper crops and seven years of starvation, but it doesn’t affect Egypt, because Because measures have been taken. And so it is at the age of 30. It is at the age of 30. And this is where our story comes full circle. It is at the age of 30 that Joseph’s brothers who lived in Canaan, come down to Egypt because they are starving. Okay, their flocks are dying, and they they are in need. And so they come down to Egypt, they are not Egyptians, they come down to Egypt, and they ask the Egyptians to take them to the reagent to take them to the governor of the land so that they can beg so that they can beg this governor for some kind of food because they are dying. They are starving. And so the brothers all but the youngest Benjamin, the brothers are led to to the regent, the Regent who recognizes his brothers instantly, okay. They do not recognize Joseph. Joseph is Joseph is in full in full Egyptian fabulousness. Okay, Joseph is like wearing everything Egyptian fabulousness. Okay. And and his brothers don’t recognize him, but he recognizes his brothers. And, and what results from this interchange. And it’s an extraordinary moment. And it’s one that again, is so connected to pisces,

Christopher Renstrom 38:25
is Joseph going to exact vengeance on his brothers who wanted to kill him and sold him into slavery? Or is Joseph going to show mercy? We don’t know, at this point in the story. I’m gonna speed through there are several motifs where Joseph tests his brothers, the fidelity of his brothers, where he gives them you know, as the region, he plays a real, you know, kind of cruel, almost cold type of person he puts on this act, we see it in films all the time, or whatever, where they’re, where they’re testing people. And he gives a brother’s grain and the brothers take the grain, but then he sends soldiers after the brothers, and they discovered that there’s silver in the grain, and he accuses them of thievery. So every time Joseph gives the brothers things, he also sneaks in silver, or cups or rings, or whatever, and accuses them of thievery, and they’re like, he basically torments them, but what he’s doing is that he’s testing them, you know, have they become better people since he knew them before. And the object of his test is really Benjamin who’s now the youngest. And he was the youngest when Joseph was still a boy. But you know, did they do to Benjamin, what they did to him and all these sorts of things. Anyway, the brothers are fumbling in the tests, but they kind of, they’re always coming back saying, why, what, why is this silver showing up in our wheat bags, and we don’t mean to be crimes and all we need to do, you know, they become more so. And it’s Benjamin, who’s finally brought in front of Joseph, and Benjamin has in his sack, a silver cup, which is, you know, and this shows the worst thing and And this, this is the greatest of all the fifths, Benjamin having this silver cup in his sack. And the reason Joseph sets this up like this is that he wants to see whether his brothers would have abandoned Benjamin to his fate, you know, to a cool justice, or whether his brothers would stick up for Benjamin, you know, have they grown? Have they changed in all this time? Joseph hasn’t seen them in years. And the brothers come to Benjamin’s defense, you know, they protect Benjamin, they don’t want anything bad to happen to Benjamin. And so Joseph Hart is moved, Joseph Hart is moved towards mercy and towards forgiveness, his brothers have become better people in the time that he has not seen them. And so he’s like, you know, do you have a father? Is he still alive? Yes, he’s a very old, he’s a very old man. And they bring Jacob down into Egypt. And Jacob says, you know, Governor, I’m an old man, I can hardly see. What is it you want from my family? Why, why do you? Why do you pursue us like this? And Joseph says, I pursue you like this, because I’m your son. It’s really one of the most beautiful moments on you really one of the most beautiful moments in Genesis, where Jacob who thought his son was dead now sees his son, transformed into this extraordinary figure. transformed by his dreams, his ability to interpret dreams transformed, by His wisdom transformed by all the best, that resided in Jacobs heart, and in his soul, he is transformed into someone who is wise, and who is merciful. And who is forgiving.

Christopher Renstrom 42:18
And you have to remember, it’s gone on since Adam and Eve, the sibling rivalries, the disappointments to the Father, the you know, not getting it right, in terms of God’s plan or whatever. And here, here, at the end of the book of Genesis, comes this beautiful reconciliation between father and son, between family, you know, with with nations, with nations, there’s the there’s the there’s Israel, and there’s Egypt, and there is this beautiful reunion, there is this beautiful reconciliation, against impossible odds, you know, but can only be found through dreams through the interpretation of dreams through. And it’s not just dreams, it’s actions, it’s people’s behaviors, it’s, it’s the tests, it can only be found by traveling that meandering course, that Jupiter sets up, but that Jupiter sets up to make you a better person. Okay, not a more successful person, not a richer person, not um, you know, my ambition made me this or you know, whatever, but to make you a better person, Jupiter is the planet of paying it forward. In astrology, whatever good is done to you, you pay it forward to someone else. And that is how Jupiter extends the influence of his benevolence. In this world. You know, you don’t do good to get a reward for it. You don’t do good to get something back for it. You do good. It’s recognized, and you pay it on forward. And here in the figure of Joseph, someone who had every reason to want to forswear his family, to imprison his family, to to take vengeance. Instead, shows mercy but it’s not just from a bleeding heart, He tests his brothers and Jupiter. Jupiter is as much a tester and astrology as Saturn. Saturn, we’re always told tests by withholding or placing trials or tribulations, things like that within our path. Jupiter tests us through faith. Have we held our faith or have we lost it? You know, do we believe or did we turn our back on belief and did we embrace being jaded or bitter or cynical? You know, Jupiter holds out that belief, but belief means the most, in when times are darkest. When times are most difficult, that’s when it means the most, it doesn’t mean the most, when you’re a fat cow. It means the most when you’re dealing with the seven shriveled ones, that’s when it is, is tested. And the beautiful thing about belief is that belief is like a fire. It’s like a flame. Okay? You, you, you, you Kindle it, okay, you care for it, and you Kindle it. And if you do that, if you stoke that belief, the flame grows bigger, it grows larger, you know, and so Jupiter is a planet that will always hold enshrined within its constellation, it will always hold that optimistic belief in humanity, and that humanity can find the means within itself, to make the world a better place.

Christopher Renstrom 46:15
Wow, Christopher. I mean, first of all, in my entire life, 13 years of Catholic school, lots of Sunday Bible study classes, nobody has ever brought a story to life, from the Bible, like the way you just did. I mean, it was captivating. And, and I can like feel every twist and turn in the plot and actually feel these characters, which I’ve never been able to do from the stories. So first of all, thank you for that. Thank you. Wow, oh, my god, the second of all, what an incredible encapsulation of this opportunity right now, for all of us. And would you say, you know, one of the questions I had, as you were speaking is, you know, Jupiter protects the life that’s that it’s in charge of, and you went through some of the Chart positions where Jupiter would be very present in your chart and in your life? What would you say that because of this particular configuration right now, like, collectively, we have this opportunity to I love this. Are we jaded or cynical? Are we compassionate? Because we’re just a bleeding heart? Or are we is there a wisdom in our compassion, because that’s what Joseph showed is a wisdom and His compassion. He wasn’t just going to compassionately let his brothers off the hook, because because he felt bad for them or whatever, or because he could, he wanted to make sure that they were worthy of that gesture that he provided. And not to me, it is a wisdom that he learned through his life. And he demonstrated in that moment. And so it’s like, he’s all these themes. And with so many, like you said, and I said this on our Jupiter panel event in my opening last week is there is so much evidence right now, to the contrary, there’s so many reasons to doubt humanity to, to think we’re doomed. And to and to think that we will have no chance. But in this, in this story, what it demonstrates is that against all out against all odds, at the darkest moments, at the moment where you think there’s no possible like, save saving grace for Joseph. Right, he continues to show up who he is, he never shriveled or shrink from his gifts. He continued to give his gifts even though those gifts are the thing that landed him in prison and as a slave. You would think you’d be like, maybe I shouldn’t go around doing this dream thing.

Christopher Renstrom 49:10
Maybe I should just keep that under wraps. But instead, he continues to show up who he is, and shine his light. And in the end, that is the thing that saves him. So I just feel like the undertone messages for us are just like tenfold 100 Fold a million fold, that this is the time to show up in your heart to to bring your gifts forward to have faith that those gifts and those dreams that you have are placed within you for a reason. And that even though it doesn’t look clear, and you don’t know how or where or why, that this is the time to really proceed forward in that faith. Yeah.

Christopher Renstrom 50:02
And there’s another, you know, as struck listening to you just now. You know, there’s that I Dreamed a Dream, there’s that first dream that he has where the sheeps bow to him. You know, his stands up and the others bow to him. And it’s the exact number of brothers or with the constellations, which is the exact number of brothers bowtie him. And what’s and it looks like he’s cocky, right? Like going on about it. But the other thing, and this is something that we really learn through astrology is, is our lives speaking to us through time. You know, at that moment when it was a 12 year old boy say, and you’re all battling me, you know, what they call an asshat. Like an obnoxious brat. But what happens is that he’s glimpsing a time when they will bow to him. But it’s because he’s fulfilled who he is, and the best in who he is something that he could never have comprehended at 12. But he can understand at 30 and this is one of the most beautiful gifts of astrology is that it’s not just That’s my dog barking sorry.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:27
What’s your dog’s name? Again,

Christopher Renstrom 51:28
Juno, Juno, Juno after the Queen of Heaven.

Christopher Renstrom 51:33
Okay, perfect. Thank

Christopher Renstrom 51:34
you, you know, your Juno. But, but the thing is, what I love and I wanted to astrology speaks through us through time, prediction or forecast, right? Isn’t something like, Did it come true or not? You know, on this day, there was supposed No, it’s It’s this, you’re projecting into the future, this arrangement of planets and this person that you are not yet living in a world that you can’t really understand? How much could we understand of our future lives at 12 right now. So he gets this vision at 12, which actually causes you know, he’s sold into slavery, but it takes him on this meandering Pinocchio like adventure, which is what Jupiter lives are like, so that at the end, they are bowing, but it’s not out of arrogance, or egotism or anything, they’re bowing to acknowledge what this person has grown into, you know, and it’s not just, you know, Joseph about Joseph, but but someone who is a wise judge, an interpreter of dreams and of people, someone who, you know, is benevolent. Okay. But that’s not who we was at 12. But it is who he is. When the what was interpreted the dream comes to pass. Oh,

Christopher Renstrom 52:55
such an amazing point, too, because I feel so many of us have ideas or ideals, or dreams or visions are things that we always imagined our life to be when we were younger, or like things that things that we’ve glimpse and like, but how could that I mean, like, how would I ever get from here to there, but But it’s trusting that dream or vision, and knowing that life’s gonna take you on a meandering path, all of which leading to that, that culmination of that vision. But when you’re when you’re ready to own it, when you’re when you’re actually in that genuine place to be that thing that you saw or that vision that you had,

Christopher Renstrom 53:39
right. When you’ve arrived when you’ve

Christopher Renstrom 53:42
arrived? Oh, my gosh, Christopher, thank you. So beautiful and brilliant. How long are we in this energy? I mean, I know we have a whole week. And there’s probably some other transits you want to tell us about but I know this is not only the biggest deal of this week, but pretty much one of the biggest deals of this year, arguably one of the bigger deals of our lifetime. So it’s good that we’re taking this time on it. And we had a whole panel on it last week that anybody who’s interested in viewing can still do so. At astrology.hub.com/jubilee

Christopher Renstrom 54:14
It’s a wonderful panel by the

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:15
Oh, you watched it? Yay.

Christopher Renstrom 54:17
Okay. Astrology. hub.com/jubilee. Yeah, okay. Yes. Name. Like, what are we gonna do this? Like, do you really? Yes. Okay. Christopher, how long do you see as being in this energy?

Christopher Renstrom 54:33
We are in a sort of concentrated form of this energy, you know, and and I kind of liked the image I brought up it’s almost like the collective dreaming is rolling over and it’s is really what this is about right now. And, and if you’ve slept next to someone and you watch them do that, you know, you know that they’re in a very special place and, you know, they’re asleep and it’s a it’s a gentle, beautiful moment. The thing is, it’s not just exclusive to this week. And it’s not even just exclusive to this time when when we have a stellium traveling through Pisces, I dare say it’s the stellium. And this conjunction is really about planting the seeds. Remember that even though Neptune doesn’t really perfect a sextile to Pluto, per se, it’s still within very close proximity to Pluto. So we actually have this throughout the rest of Pluto’s tenure in Capricorn, want to do is look for your water months, and your earth months, the times of year that will mimic the sextile to sort of access that in terms of your chart, it may not be as strong, powerful and concentrated as it is right now. But you know, sometimes when things are too concentrated, they’re indigestible, it can be too much we need them, you know, filtered or, or something, we all have different abilities to digest, you know, and so so we’re actually going to be enjoying this through through the end of Pluto sextile Pluto’s tenure and Capricorn. I think it’s really lovely. Whoever plans all of this upstairs I think it’s really lovely that they planned it in such a way that for instance, there’s been all this talk of Pluto return in America and you know, oh, but but that it’s then followed by this really lovely Jupiter Neptune conjunction and then, you know, extended sextile, with Neptune in proximity to to the Pluto. So, so So I think that that’s a really, really beautiful thing, that they gave us a very nice way to emerge from that, you know, that wasn’t going to be too hard. I mean, we all see the that we all see what Zico and Jeremiah would be going on about the world right now, you know, and we are encountering these profit figures, you know, and yes, we do need to listen to them. Okay, but how nice that we also have our collective dreaming, you know, our way of being that’s moving towards that dream of a better world. And it’s moving in a place where it’s not going to be shamed or more or made fun of or, or, or, you know, terrorized, you know, that it’s just moving gently through through each of our lives, because we’re all part of this gorgeous human chain, you know, and we can, you know, Pisces always makes me think of the school of fish going in one direction. And all it takes is one fish going in a different direction. And then the school would turn around and move in that different direction. This is one of the beautiful things about Pisces, and that can that doesn’t have to just be done by people barking from puppets that can be done through our dreams and through the way that we interpret the dreams or read the writing on the wall in our own lives.

Christopher Renstrom 58:19
I mean, we can wrap it up right now, but I know you have a few other things to tell us about that. It’s just perfect. And yes, it has felt like Jupiter’s mercy or grace on all of us. Yeah. On all of us,

Christopher Renstrom 58:35
mercy and grace, Amanda, those are gorgeous words. Those are perfect mercy and grace. Those are perfect words.

Christopher Renstrom 58:44
Definitely feeling it and also feeling that you have to have faith and have to have faith that it’s actually possible. Like you just said, with the fish going around in a circle, it’s like just takes one fish. And now they’re in a whole different direction. It just takes Joseph saying hey, look, we can we can like harvest that abundance and we can store it away for later. So then when that famine comes that we know is going to come we have some we have some stores of of grain to feed everybody. Like there are ideas like that, that already exist about all the situations we’re in right now. And it’s it’s the people having those dreams or visions or ideas, giving voice to them, bringing them forward, saying hey guys, like there’s a I Dreamed a Dream. There’s a way out of this.

Christopher Renstrom 59:31
You know, I was used to that from you know, like, think of 70 SOC or something. I didn’t know that it actually comes from the Bible or a dream. They always begin with a dream to dream.

Christopher Renstrom 59:42
Wow. Okay. When you said water and earth months, you said to look at the water and earth months and that you’ll know when those are happening that you’ll kind of tune back into this energy again. Were you talking about personal based on our cosmic calendar?

Christopher Renstrom 59:57
Yes, but I want to underline thing that oh Okay, I will now what you want to do in your cosmic calendar is that you want to look for when the sun is traveling through earth and water signs, again, you have to apply isn’t an earth or water sign that’s opposite you, you know, sort of that but but when it’s traveling through an earth and a water sign and when it’s forming those trines or sextiles it, I mean, it’s great if it’s to your son, and I taught cosmic calendar based on the sun, but for instance, you might have a clump of planets that have nothing to do with your sun that might be picking up that energy through a trine or a sextile. You know, it’s Marsilio Ficcino Who says that? I’m paraphrasing, but he says that by getting to know your planets, your planets can follow your lead. If you lead them. Yeah, this is way before Jung Yeon. Before Jung and astrology become fused, like in the in the late 70s, and 80s, it’s for Ficcino, who talks about actually teach it like he talks, this dual relationship honoring the planet. You know, you honor Saturn, you honor Mars, okay, he makes a point of pointing them out, because they’re malefics you honor the planet, but then you can teach the planet to go in the direction that you want it to go. This has become popular right now through like astrological magic and things like that. But fatigue and fatigue, you know, does talk about, you know, badges and colors and things like that. But what he was really talking about was a conversation with your horoscope in which you are leading the planet in the direction that you want it to go, if you honor the planet, the planet recognizes you. And then you can lead it in the direction that you would like it to go you. It’s what we would call harnessing and energy right now. And so what you can do is that you can harness that energy, when the sextile of Neptune and Pluto are being stimulated. Okay, that could happen when the sun’s traveling through those months. But I’m sure has been gone over by other people in astrology hub, you can also harness it at times of month with the moon that so so you want to take advantage of the sextile of the Neptune and Pluto and and find ways to tie it into your chart? What’s it aspecting you know, or what area is it aspecting and then you by honoring the planet, you can then direct the planet to where you want it to

Christopher Renstrom 1:02:40
go. Okay, so if you’re interested in more of what Christopher is speaking about, and being able to time things like that, based on your personal chart, and you haven’t yet taken the cosmic calendar course that we did with Christopher, you can go to astrology hub.com/cosmic calendar, it was a phenomenal, brilliant course that we just did recently with Christopher. So you can check that out and get in tune with your own rhythm based on your personal chart and then work directly with these energies that we’re in right now. If you like this, if you like being in this place where where your dreams feel more palpable and tangible, where you’ve feel more faith and hope that in optimism that they could actually manifest in this world in a lifetime, then you could work with the rhythm of your chart for the next I don’t know years because Pluto is going to be in Capricorn for

Christopher Renstrom 1:03:38
2023 It leaves and then it comes back in and then it moves forward. And you know, so go get another year of Dragon just

Christopher Renstrom 1:03:45
very fortunately because it’s right on my Venus and Sun Sign. Okay, and I’m doing what you said I’m I’m entering into relationship with Pluto. And then, and I am not at the point yet where I feel where I can direct Pluto but, but that’s part of working with the astrology, which is exciting.

Christopher Renstrom 1:04:07
People who keep dream journals and work with their dreams know exactly what I’m talking about. You know, when they reenter a dream at night and they want they reenter a dream with an intention, because they become very familiar with the vocabulary of their dreams. And then the dream scape or the dream, the dream characters can shift and change young based a whole thing on you know, this is when they begin to talk to you, or this is when they begin to assist or to guide you the chart and this was always the premise of union astrology what Liz Green was after started by doing the chart can work in that same way, too. But you it’s what Joseph did. You have to recognize you have to honor you know, and then when you when you honor that force, recognize the Pharaoh recognizes you

Christopher Renstrom 1:05:00
Hey Christopher, what else from this week? Anything else that we need to pay attention to

Christopher Renstrom 1:05:04
astrologically anything else that we need to pay attention to astrologically? Well, I think we had some lovely sextiles. I’m a sextile fan, okay, so, so I used to be one of those astrologers like sextiles are such a forgettable. Now it’s just like all about sextile. So we have lovely sextiles, on the 12. And the 17th, there was a sun Saturn sextile that so that’s very good at actually drawing on support in a situation where you didn’t think you had it. And so that might indicate revisiting a situation or someone you thought had something against you, because you might discover that you misunderstood or that they changed their mind. The reason for this, Saturn is in its own sign Aquarius, and it’s forming a sextile to the sun, which is which is exalted most celebrated in the zodiac sign of Aries. So in the spirit of the spring, this is a wonderful time, the sextile is going to aid and abet the beginning of any sort of projects endeavors and, and proposals or actions that you might have been like, is it going anywhere, whatever this this assist from Saturn in Aquarius may be going to a different person, or someone gets back to you. Or the person was like, oh, it’s always for this, I was just trying to, you know, see if you knew your stuff, or, or something like said said that so sort of revisiting and then almost getting sort of a lift, it’s it’s kind of like finding yourself in a circumstance, you know, like Joseph in prison, like, you know, and then all of a sudden two people arriving, you know, and that begins the whole that can be very similar to this sudden Saturn sextile the, I love Mercury, Venus sextiles they’re so newsy. Very Mercury, Venus sextiles are like coffee with your best girlfriend, okay, they’re just sort of like, you know, it’s where you catch up, you come up with all these different ideas. And you’re just like, oh my god, you haven’t talked to so and so let’s like, see what they’re doing. And you bring out your photos and like that. So Mercury, Venus sextiles are always coffee with your with your BFF. Okay, and so it’s a wonderful time to float ideas, socialize, catch up with people, because there’s going to be a nugget of something that’s there, we still have that Saturn Sun thing that’s going on. So it’s chatty, but chatty with a nugget of something like Milan to become something more. Okay. And so that’s a lovely thing there.

Christopher Renstrom 1:07:37
Two other things that are just very quickly wanted to identify is that Mars goes into Pisces. And so Mars in Pisces is a very curious place, it can be a bit of a frustrating place because Mars is so much about, you know, attack and getting what it wants or whatever. And so when Mars is in Pisces, it’s literally on slippery ground, you know, gets no, it doesn’t really get a lot of traction, you know. So that can be, which I think is kind of good. Because in everything that I just described with the Neptune and the Jupiter energy, this isn’t a time of to do lists, this isn’t a time of setting up goals and saying we’re going to reach those, you know, this is a time of really almost going with the flow or going with the undercurrent of events. So you don’t really want to marshal out and basically shut out options and alternatives which, you know, Pisces can be very much a wash, and options and alternatives. But the other thing that you want to be aware of if you’ve got Mars in Pisces in your chart or via transit or something, Mars in Pisces is what I call constant craving. Okay, just like the KD Lang song says, okay, so it’s constant craving so, so Mars in Pisces has this problem where it’s always craving or wanting something. And of course, once it gets it, it is like, what it’s as if it woke from a dream. It’s like, what are you doing? What am I, I’m hired for this job, why I don’t, you know, or I said, I loved you last night. That’s not the way I feel today. So there can be a morning after the fact to Mars and Pisces. So what I like to counsel for Mars, and Pisces is, you know, pursue something, crave something or whatever, that’s great. Don’t make any promises beforehand, because you may find that when you get it, that it’s as if you’ve woken from a dream and you’re like, why am I here? You know, type of thing. So be careful of that. That’s, that’s a problem.

Christopher Renstrom 1:09:42
And that’s a few weeks right like that starts this week, but that’s doesn’t end

Christopher Renstrom 1:09:46
this room to May 24 May 24, but let’s see what it does when it falls under the beams of Jupiter and Neptune at different points. I don’t want to get off into another tangent, but let’s see what it does. So, when Jupiter moves to Aries and Mars and Jupiter are mutual reception, that’s an early, that’s going to be a very different. That’s a different link, click and you go to here. Okay, so that’s going to be a different picture there.

Christopher Renstrom 1:10:15
And finally, we have a Full Moon in Libra. And we have a Full Moon in Libra that squares Pluto. Not exactly, but really close. And so what this could bring up is finding yourself in a situation where you have to make a judgment that that is harsh. You know that that that is severe. And that is tough. It’s not going to be what I’m going to use as an example. But I’m going to use it as an example. I’m sure everyone was like, you know, at that part where Joseph tells interprets the dream of the baker. Okay. Yeah, the one who pulled pulled a relay, you know,

Christopher Renstrom 1:11:05
we had it and then all that, yeah, we’re not

Christopher Renstrom 1:11:09
going to happen with square Pluto, that’s not going to happen. But you know, if you’ve ever been an astrologer, or if you’ve ever been astrologer Yes, once. If you’re an astrologer, if you’re a therapist, if you’re a supervisor, if you’re a counselor. If you’re in a position where you are in charge of other people, you know, maybe it’s a one on one reading, maybe it’s a family, maybe it’s a corporation, you know that there are times in which something has to be said, Okay, or a decision has to be pronounced or judgment exercised. That’s not pleasant, either for the person hearing it, or for you, you know, but it has to be done. It has to be done. Okay. And that’s what you can get with a Full Moon in Libra and Pluto square. Remember, Libra is a sign of judgment. That’s what the scales are about. It’s not about like, Oh, I’m going back and forth. It’s how do I make perfect judgment? How do I make good judgment? Okay, this is the Libra challenge. And at Square Pluto, remember Pluto, like Jupiter, are named after two deities of judgment. Okay, so this square to me is very much about a judgment, you can look at the situation, for instance, that’s going on in Ukraine. I mean, there are a lot of very big questions being asked, and a lot of judgments that haven’t been made before being made. I mean, they have, there have been similar judgments made in the history of the world. But, you know, every time and astrology teaches us, every time this plays out isn’t a repeat, we can go back and reference and learn from that history, but it’s not a repeat. So we’re living in times in which the stakes are high. That’s Pluto. And the judgments being made, aren’t necessarily kind or nice, you know. And so that’s what that can represent. I mean, I’m not going to put you in a political Geo, whatever landscape, but in your own life, you know, you may be facing some of these judgments. You may be facing some of these decisions. You might be on the side of the judge who has to render or you might be undecided the plaintiff who’s looking up and wondering what it’s what it’s going to be, you know, and so there’s that quality to that I would assign to the appearance of the Full Moon and Libra and Pluto square.

Christopher Renstrom 1:13:50
Does it have any I mean, is it a true judgment? Or is it just a harsh judgment that may or may not be accurate?

Christopher Renstrom 1:13:59
I would say it’s a harsh judgment. That is accurate. Okay. Yeah. I would go with that. Right.

Christopher Renstrom 1:14:09
So it feels something like you need to cast a judgment, so to speak, but it feels really true to you. It’s, it needs to be said and it needs to be acted upon. And it’s probably you’re probably tuning into something actual and true.

Christopher Renstrom 1:14:27
Yeah. Let’s, let’s, let’s pick an example. Okay. Let’s say that you’re, you’re the head of a division, you know, and you have an employee who has been who you know, let’s stack it, who you know, means well, who needs the money is going through a very difficult time, financially. Okay. And maybe this is led to bad work performance and being late for work and things like that. And maybe you floated this employee Hmm. For a while, maybe you had several discussions, you know, and maybe it really looks as if this isn’t going to turn around. You know, and no one else can let this employee go, but you, okay, no matter how much you dress yourself in finery, of your position, you know, or the responsibility or things like that, you can’t help but think of what’s going to happen to this person. If this person is let go. But the person isn’t doing their job, the person because of circumstances, and because it’s not your, you know, company or whatever. This has to happen, and it’s not pleasant. That’s what I’m talking about. Okay. Like that.

Christopher Renstrom 1:15:51
Okay, well, so that’s the Full Moon and what’s the date of the Full Moon?

Christopher Renstrom 1:15:55
That would be April 16. April 16. Okay. Okay. So I don’t think I’m describing something to someone that they don’t know.

Christopher Renstrom 1:16:03
Right? The situation they probably know exactly what you’re talking about already. And yes,

Christopher Renstrom 1:16:08
the Full Moon would simply signal times done in half

Christopher Renstrom 1:16:12
the time. Yeah. Okay. Anything else that you would like us to be aware of for this week?

Christopher Renstrom 1:16:20
I think that’s a lot. That’s a lot.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:16:23
We have the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 12th which is tomorrow, Tuesday. Yeah. Which is a very culminating moment. We have Mercury and Venus sex, or we have Mercury and Venus sextile on the 17th. Yeah, we have someone else sextile on the 1212

Christopher Renstrom 1:16:41
is the sun Saturn sextile Saturn sextile Aries and Saturn is in its own sign Aquarius. All right.

Christopher Renstrom 1:16:48
Okay. And then we have Mars moving into Pisces, creating some slippery ground with the throne undercurrent, and then we have slopes. slippery slopes head. Okay. And then we have Full Moon in Libra square Pluto on the 16th. Yeah. Okay, what a stacked week. I’m so happy that you are our astrologer this week. This has been just captivating. And there’s so much so many nuggets of of gold, and many, many gifts that we can carry with us throughout not only this week, but the rest of the year. And then all the way through 2023 2024 It feels very important to actually be very conscious and aware of the gifts that we’re receiving right now. So that we can carry them through any famine that could occur in our lives. And I mean that metaphorically, you know, the it’s like, okay, let’s store the goods and the gifts from now. So we have them as resources later.

Christopher Renstrom 1:17:51
Right? Yeah, so that they’re not depleted. Right. Manda thank you for me. And thank you for from all the astrologers who are just so welcome here at astrology hub. And you give us this platform and this opportunity to talk to this wonderful community and just, you know, I can never thank you enough. And, and I know I speak for myself and all of my fellow astrologers when when I express such gratitude, and thanks for you creating this for for this community. It’s it’s a special gift that you give all of us. Oh, thank you.

Christopher Renstrom 1:18:30
That feels really good to hear. Thank you, Christopher. And I know, part of Jupiter is gratitude and generosity as well. Right. Thank you for that very generous gratitude. I really appreciate it and putting it right into my heart storing it for times where I need it. Right.

Christopher Renstrom 1:18:50
Or house of grain. Amanda. Got it. I got

Christopher Renstrom 1:18:53
it. All right. And thanks to all of you for being here for being a part of this community for sharing all of your encouragement, your support, your enthusiasm for astrology, for the work that we’re doing here at astrology hub for our astrologers, they love coming here to this community because of you, and because of the way that you make them feel. So thank you so much for just supporting all the work that is being done and happens all the time. Here at astrology hub and for astrologers, you know, they really dedicate their lives to this beautiful practice and craft and art and science, whatever you want to call it. And we get to bask in the gifts of that. So thank you, Christopher, and all of you amazing astrologers out there and those of you who are aspiring to become astrologers as well like this is this is what happens you’re after however many years that CRISPR has been studying to be in this position and just to know it so well that you can add story and metaphor and all these things to it that is just brilliant. So

Christopher Renstrom 1:19:59
and were our gifts. Our gift is your stories. Mm hmm. Your your horoscopes that we get to read your, your stories that you get to that you get to tell and that we get to work with. It’s such a, it’s miracle gift. It’s just such a special gift. And so we owe you all so so very, very much.

Christopher Renstrom 1:20:24
Wow, beautiful. This all feels so Jupiter Neptune in Pisces, just this moment it alone. If you missed that panel last week, it’s not too late for you to join us for the ceremony that we’re doing tomorrow, which will be very much in honor of Jupiter. And so that can be it. Maybe if you haven’t done that before you can start to dabble with, Okay, what does it mean to honor a planet? Like, what does it mean to like, show up in a devotional space and start to cultivate that direct relationship with the planet in my life. So we’re going to be doing that tomorrow. And it’s, again, it’s not too late to join. It’s a give as you wish event. So you get to choose what however much you want to gift in exchange for your ticket for the event. And you can go to astrology hub.com/jubilee, you’ll get access to last week’s panel recording, you can tune into that and get all the goodies you need, and then show up for that ceremony tomorrow. On Tuesday, the 12th. All right, Christopher. Thank you again, thanks all of you for being here. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life and we’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care everybody