[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] August 1st – 7th, 2022 w/ Cameron Allen

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Mars, Uranus and North Node Conjunction

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Cameron Allen and Amanda β€˜Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You'll learn…

πŸŒ“ Helpful tips to stay grounded during difficult transits

πŸŒ’ How to work with Mercury in Virgo from a Medical Astrology perspective

πŸŒ‘ About the bigger picture of the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction

Chapters πŸ“½οΈ

0:00 Intro

2:57 Saturn Retrograde square the Nodes

10:30 Mars, Uranus North Node Conjunction

15:29 Moon in Libra

19:16 Mercury in Virgo

23:32 Improving Circulation & Longevity

27:48 Moon Conjunct South Node

29:48 Grand Fire Trine

37:01 Achieving Balance

40:42 The Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio

46:27 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:01
Welcome to your weekly astrological, whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Well, hello, everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so thrilled to be here with all of you. And to be here with Cameron Allen, who is an evolutionary astrologer and also a medical astrologer, also a practicing herbalist. So we're gonna get a lot of very rounded perspective on the energy this week and some very practical tools for working with it. And I couldn't be happier to have you here this week. Cameron, thank you for joining us.

Cameron Allen 0:56
Hey, Amanda, I'm glad to be here. As always, I'm always just excited to tune in and connect with astrology hub community, it's always a joy.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:05
They're special. Yeah, no doubt. All right. So before we dive in, I wanted to let you know about a very exciting opportunity we have right now to attend a financial awareness webinar, taught by financial astrologer Mitch Scott Lewis. And this is available right now for instant access, if you are having questions about what the astrology has to say about things like inflation, and gas prices, and the housing market, and how we can look back at historical trends, to understand where we're at now, you are going to love this webinar. It's amazing. It's a two hour webinar that you can do at your own pace. And Mitchell has also agreed to offer a live q&a exclusive to the astrology hub community. So any of you who sign up for the webinar, you're gonna get to submit questions for the live q&a. I know this is a very relevant topic for so many of us right now. And all of us really, and financial astrology is one area that we haven't explored as much here in astrology hub. So I'm really excited to be featuring Mitchell's work. He's been doing this for over 30 years, he worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange. He's a market and a financial advisor for years and years. So we're very grateful to have his expertise in this very kind of niche area of astrology. So check that out at astrology. hub.com/finances as astrology hub.com/finances. All right. So Cameron, tell us about this week, if you had to choose a theme, where would you start?

Cameron Allen 2:47
Yeah, so the thing I would start with is, the quote that I had this week is determined during disruption. And so being determined during disruption, it kind of goes back all the way to when I last was here for the weekly weather. And I talked about Saturn square the nodes. And so I'm just going to invite everyone to go check that out. There's like a specific area that is talking about Saturn square the nodes in the last episode that I didn't know that episode, Episode Six force 64. And so checking that out, but for people who weren't there, it's just talking about, like being committed to our codes and being able to learn how, how is our unique authenticity trying to express itself, and how there's an arc of time from now until like, approximately, like the middle of October, I'm pretty sure it's like when, when, when that score, the note is going to be happening. And so also highlighting the importance of when you're listening to weekly weather when people talk about long range. Transits, like being sure that you really anchor down to those things, really making sure you take notes on those things. Because if what we talked about back then you were working on that up until now, then you would feel more contained and held if you were doing it with like a concerted effort. And so also in that whole episode was it was called time to commit. And so I'm just like reflecting everyone, like if it was time to commit, then then now you would have more resources to like, Hold yourself. And I think that's really important with astrology, because we can come into like every week and check in with every week, but sometimes, like the longer transits is like what we're really needing to, like anchor into. So without further ado, this week, I guess now so yeah, so

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:31
hold on, hold on real quick. Yeah. So you said determined through the disruption, which is really clear. I mean, like so staying committed, you just brought up these things like what are we committed to? And brought in also our unique code? Yeah. So being committed to the unique code which essentially I interpret when you say that to me, like our unique expression, the thing that we came here to do and be in experience as kind of like, laid out by our astrological chart, right?

Cameron Allen 5:05
Yeah, totally by your astrological chart and just like, your inner gold, you know, it's like, I use the example of, if someone came, if you came to someone in a dream, and you weren't in your physical form, would they still be able to know that it's you? Because it's like, that's your code? Or like, just your unique electrical blueprint that you have? That is you that is not even the physical, tangible version of you necessarily so and so like, are you in commitment to that, which is like a really deep thing to think about and feeling to, you know, it's like, it's really, it can be really profound practice to like, really reflect on and, and so my invitation would be, yeah, reflect on that the rest of your life for sure. But, like from now until October, it's like that's highlighted for us. And so really feeling into that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:53
And, Cameron, can you remind us of the timing of when this started? So if people are trying to, to anchor into a specific timeframe, was it like February or January of this year?

Cameron Allen 6:05
I can't remember the exact time but I know, I started with it personally around my birthday, which is February 4. So like, yeah, that's what I would say. That's when I started tuning into this kind of thing more, you know, because I mean, sometimes the transit for me, like stuff comes through from my meditations and stuff. So it's not always so clean with the transit exactly when it starts and stuff like that. So

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:26
yeah, well, I know a lot of people in this community, they start to feel the transits before they're even here. You know, once you're, you're sensitized to the energy. It's, you're feeling it? You're okay. All right. So, so determined through the disruption. Now, let's go into more of the week.

Cameron Allen 6:44
Yeah, yeah. And before, before we go into the week, I want to talk a little bit about the determined during disruption. From the perspective of if you were already doing something, you determined that you were going to do it. And so you just stay determined through the disruption. And even if it tries to throw you off, you just keep going. But also, that can also mean and on a more micro cosmic scale of this week, it's like, determined, right, like choosing something like choosing right now during this disruption, that you will be determined through it, you know, and so like making that choice, that that's what's going to be happening and an anchoring yourself in allowing disruption to teach you as well. It's like, yeah, it might make me go to and fro a bit there. But I've already determined, right, I made that choice, that I'm going to be with that experience. And if I can really be with that experience, the next time there's a Mars, Uranus north node, I will be able to be more with that experience, or more with the next disruptive thing that occurs in my life, in general. And so using these times is like something I've built us up.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:54
I was speaking to someone who is hasn't been through their their first Saturn Return yet. And I said it and they were somewhat concerned about what that might mean for them. When they do get to the Saturn Return. I said, Well, as far as most of the astrologers, when I ask them this question, they say that if you work with the energy, the firt, if you've been working with the energy, and then the transit comes, it's usually not as shocking, not as, like dramatic, like you've already been working with the content. So what I'm hearing you say now is that this is very similar. That it I've been working with this since February ish. And if we work with it now, then the next time something this type of transit happens, we will already have that fortification of experience behind us, and we'll be able to experience it very differently next time.

Cameron Allen 8:48
Yeah, definitely. Definitely big time. Yeah. So I think that's really important for people to fill into this week and fill into for a lifetime, you know, it's like we can get so much gold out of filling into that. Also, something today that was really highlighted for me is not only that this Uranus, Mars and north node conjunction, but even if we look towards the moon and see where the moon is that it's not just in relationship with moving away from that, that conjunction, but it's also about to go into opposition with Neptune. And then after the opposition with Neptune is going into a trine with Pluto. And so we can see here that there's all these large forces that are at play today. And so knowing that when we're all these large forces are at play, it's best to get with it, you know, because it's like, one of my teachers, Michael O'Brien, he always talks about how these are Titanic forces, right? There's no way you're going to like just choose a different thing than if you're trying to ride a 30 foot wave. There's no way you're going to just choose what you want to do within a tornado. There's no way you're going to choose what you want to do if there's a volcano erupting, but what You can do is know that that thing is happening and get with it. Right you can get with it and make, it may be choice for around how you're going to interface with that Titanic force. So I think that's really important for us to feel into and think about for the day.

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:14
I love that. I love that it's, we don't our choices either to work with it or get with it, like you said, or not, but the force is happening either way. Right?

Cameron Allen 10:27
Yeah. Good god.

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:30
Yeah. Okay. All right. So what else are we looking at? That's the Mars, Uranus conjunction with the North Node today. And then you just bought a New Moon and Neptune as well. Anything else for today? Or do you want to start unpacking the rest of the week?

Cameron Allen 10:47
Yeah, for today, I think it's really important for people to because so just following the moon, you know, just to keep it really, really simple. Um, Virgo rules, like kind of like the abdomen portion of the body of the digestive tract as a whole, and the rules a bunch of other stuff, but I will go there another time together, I'm sure. Um, so I would just tell invite everybody to like, put their hands on their stomach throughout the day. And just make sure you're like taking really deep breaths with it, and even having an audible sigh.

And just letting whatever's happening occur, you know, it's like, not necessarily just letting occur, but being with it, you know, and allowing yourself to be with it. And just Yeah, thinking about, like, how can you nourish how you're organizing your day today? Right, because Virgo oftentimes has a lot to do about organization. And so if there's a lot of things going on, what you can focus on in a really practical way is how you're digesting and how you're internalizing the experience of the day. And what better way to put your hands on your digestive tract, your religious feeling to that. Maybe also be mindful with Virgo that, like the Virgo energy can be really sensitive about how it's internalizing or digesting things. So maybe you might want to eat lighter today, you know, maybe you want to have some soup or something like that. It makes sure if you if you're feeling ungrounded, this, the soup is something that's easy to digest, but it can be hearty and grounding in something that is like a resource to you. So those things are what I would say, overall for today. And, and also there's been so many astrologers talking about what today is all about. So be mindful of all that wisdom that you've received, in apply these principles that I'm talking about today. And then also, for the next week or so be mindful of those things as well.

Amanda Pua Walsh 12:41
Because this is such a big transit, that it's not like, it's not today, we've been building up to it. And it's going to be with us for what would you say a couple of weeks, couple days? How long do you feel the effects of this will last?

Cameron Allen 12:53
Yeah. So I would say, Everybody be mindful, if you have a, if you have a lot of energy or placements in your homes, a dial chart in eight, around 18 degrees of fixed signs. And that will be that will be the thing that's telling you, hey, this is going to last kind of long. And if you have the if you have degrees, that those fixed signs, those, get those fixed signs, then you would already be feeling it. It's already happening. And it's going to continue to be happening for a while. And if you don't have a lot of placements there, if you have maybe sextiles and trines. And like nice aspects to it. Maybe it's like, oh, this is a lot right now. But it's like actually helping me move forward in a more graceful easeful way. So just be mindful those things always when there's collective things occurring. How it influences us specifically is going to be different.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:44
Cameron, it for people that don't know what the fixed signs are off the top of their head, which sign would you say,

Cameron Allen 13:50
yeah, so you have Taurus, you have Leo, you have Scorpio, you have Aquarius, and so 18 degrees, and then maybe looking at three degrees on each side. Just being mindful of that. And also knowing like whatever's happening in the collective right now, you can be mindful, whenever you're honest, is involved, to make sure that it's not like you detach from anything, necessarily, but just be mindful of what you're digesting as far as like technology goes and information from the collective. Because if you really think about it, I don't think humans were necessarily set up this way. We're actually evolving into being able to experience technology in this way. We weren't we weren't we haven't evolved into let me find out what's happening in Bangkok right now. Like the trauma that's popping off in Bangkok. Like, it's like, am I really supposed to be digesting this just because I think I'm supposed to be a good person. Like, those are things we have to be really mindful of in this era that we're moving through and into.

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:50
It's such a good point. I mean, we take it for granted that that we do have access to that type of information all the time at our fingertips. But is our nervous system really designed to be Taking that amount of input, like every single day, right? Yeah, yes. Okay, so be careful of like paying attention to digestion, both physically with your food, but also with the kind of information you're ingesting and trying to keep it light light as light as possible. But hearty and grounding is what I heard.

Cameron Allen 15:21
Yeah, light in nourishing. Light light. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:26
Okay. What else for the week?

Cameron Allen 15:29
Yeah, so tomorrow, the moon is going to move into Libra. And so when the moon leaves moves into Libra, especially if there's something as large as the forces that are occurring today, you know, maybe you want to focus on just like, where is my balance? Or like today? Did you go to some type of extreme, because if you did go to that, if you did go to an extreme, that you want to kind of center yourself back to where you desire to be. That's really important, like remembering that Libra isn't necessarily about balance, but it's sometimes it's about extremes that assist us and finding balance in the moon is going to be opposing Jupiter tomorrow. And it's also going to get close to opposing Chiron in Aries. And so just feeling into those things as well. How, how can you balance yourself in a way that allows you to keep expanding towards what you were putting your effort towards from before. And then also knowing that if you if you get really raw and sensitive today, then that's going to be highlighted tomorrow, that you're trying to balance yourself, but you're still feeling kind of energetically sensitive with that Chiron being opposed the moon, right, which is can create like a very dynamic tension. So being mindful of those things on the second, can be really helpful. On the third, I didn't really see that much going on, but more about the leat, the moon being in Libra as well, so that that will still apply. But one thing I did notice from a medical astrology perspective, was that the moon will end up being inconjunct, these the same placements that we're talking about today. And so sometimes, when there's an in conjunction, there could just like a blind spot, it's like something you don't see. So whatever is happening right now, being very mindful in two days, how was today influencing you on the third, what happened today that's influencing you, on the third, be very mindful of that, especially if it has something to do with feeling grounded or lack thereof, grounding in? Yeah, that's what I would say in general. Also, for that day, I have in my own notebook to do like a practice where I just imagine a specific color coming out of my hands, and and putting it on my kidneys, and just rubbing my kidneys.

And that's because the moon is in Libra, and Libra rules the kidneys. And so just that easy, simple practice of just like giving nourishment and love to the kidney region overall, can be really helpful on that day. On the fourth, we have, oh, on the fourth, there was something that I was going to invite everyone into as a practice, Mercury is going to be rising, Mercury is going to be mercury rising with with the Moon in Scorpio. And so the so Mercury is going to be going into Virgo. And so when Scorpios rising, that means that mercury is going to be finally in a good place, right, it's going to be in a in a place that it likes to be. And so when Scorpio is rising, just inviting people to find what time that is, wherever you're located, and just do a mini meditation to kind of welcome in, of mercury into Virgo. And also so on that day, that means Mercury is going to be ingressing into Virgo. And being mindful again, like we were talking about today with the stomach and what's going on with the stomach. Not necessarily the stomach, the digestive tract as a whole and how we're internalizing things like we might feel the nerves in that area of our body be a little more active. So being more particular about what you're eating during Mercury in Virgo is something that's starting this week, but it's going to be happening during the transit as a whole, which we'll go further into this month.

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:16
So Cameron, can you explain that a little bit more? You said, Mercury's going to be rising with

Cameron Allen 19:22
mercury, right? I meant to say mercury rising with the Moon in Scorpio is what I really liked.

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:27
You said Yeah, you said that Moon in Scorpio and then how do we find out what time that is where we are?

Cameron Allen 19:36
I use if you have Astro gold, or if you have Hmm? Only use Astro gold, so I'm not really I'm not really working on this. You could go on I see. You could go on ASTRO seek.com And then look at the transit for the for the fourth and then just click until you see Mercury on the ascendant.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:03
Okay, Voodoo. Yeah, that's helpful. And then at that time we do a mini meditation welcoming mercury into Virgo.

Cameron Allen 20:11
Yeah, yeah. Mercury would greatly appreciate it

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:16
okay bring in this embodied like actually communing

Cameron Allen 20:23
with the planets. Yeah, totally incense the incense the moon is going to be in Scorpio is going to mean it's going to probably be in like the region of what we're calling the third house or the third place. And that's where the moon has his joy. And so what I what I'm going to particularly be doing is like, I'm gonna be like dancing and like, also giving like reverence to the Goddess because you know, the moon is joy in the third house is Yeah, where the goddess is. Okay, Scorpio. Oh, yeah. Okay, so as these should be around midday. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. Appreciate it. Yeah. And also, I say also on that day is like, I'm thinking about, like, what is the crisis cleanup. You know, cleaning up any crisis is that like happened from the lab last few days. Also, something that happens, there's like a more subtle thing going on. But we have the moon is going to hit a trine with Vesta. And it's going to be conjunct the Astro E. And most of the time people call this Astro Hajia. But it's really pronounced Iya. And so she's been wanting me to, like, bring that forth into the world is it's you say Iya. And so with the moon being in trying to Vesta, and then conjunct II, it's like asking for a moment of being in devotion to being energetically clean are cleaning things up energetically. And so this could look very simple or more elaborate. And so for me, the my invitation would be to just like something that like, feels like it's cleansing the air, and then re evaluating what you're devoted to, in that present moment, or what you're what you're devoted to, for this week. Or you can even like, think of like, if you like put essential oils and a diffuser. And just like run that through your like space, you know, whether that's like your, your, your psyche, and your consciousness do like, like smelling good, and like inviting that in for like energetic cleansing. But that's something that's going to be happening on the fourth as well. So I highlighted that, because, yeah, those would be really powerful things when the moon is in relationship with these asteroid goddesses. Yep. And on August the fifth, we have Venus in cancer in conjunct Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. And so from a medical astrology perspective, that's really big. If you specifically have some type of issue going on, like with your veins, or if you have tend to have issues with like circulation, that could be something that you really want to like focus on and highlight. And also, it's going to from a more like, emotional psychological perspective, it would be like, because whenever I'm thinking about the veins, I'm thinking about, what am I giving with my heart? And how is how is it or is it not circulating back to me, from the community from the people that I'm actually helping in my life. And so if you have something going on with your veins, that's something you want to look out for and maybe give yourself a nice oil massage on your lower extremities would be nice there.

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:32
Cameron, when you say if you have issues with circulation, that's something to focus on and highlight. So you just gave us a practice of of actually like rubbing oil and then helping it circulate any other things we can do to focus on and highlight it, if it is something that we feel is a issue for us.

Cameron Allen 23:52
Yeah, a lot of like, something that I like to do to keep it really simple for now is like just like hold my hands up in the air for like 30 seconds and just reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, and then drop them down and let my blood just start to circulate. And then also like stand on my tippy toes stand on my tippy toes down on my tippy toes, press press, press press drop down. And just like allowing that to like let the circulation just move, you know, people talking about Cameron, she, okay, cool. So okay, so it's like people talk about the cardiovascular system. And a lot of times when people talk about working that system out, we call it cardio, but we forget the vascular part of it. And so there's ways that we can move the vasculature in our body without having to do this like very stressful running and stuff like that. I'll teach you this more. Another time for astrology hub. But yeah, so just be mindful that you can work the venous system through just getting the blood pumping or putting your arms up putting your arms down, standing on tippy toes dropping back down to your heels and just like letting that reverberate through your body, so they can stay in motion. Yeah. And also

Amanda Pua Walsh 24:59
Thank you for bringing some of these more simple practices, I agree with you, I think sometimes we, we make it a lot more complicated than it necessarily needs to be. And we also make it harder than it necessarily needs to be. I mean, I know I've been doing something for Gary, my love. At the end of the day, he's on his feet, working with clients all day. And we have that long stick thing. You know what I'm saying that stick that you roll out? Yeah. And it's amazing how much that just keeps the circulation going and gets like the blood flowing again. And instead of it all, you know, being stagnant in the body. So it's very simple. I mean, it's like literally a plastic stick thing with rollers on it. But just putting it on the body and rolling out the legs and getting the blood flowing. It does wonders. So, you know, I agree, I think sometimes we think we have to do like this huge, strenuous workout in order to see any sort of health benefits. And it's not always true.

Cameron Allen 25:58
Yeah, it's actually usually very untrue. If we're like longevity purposes, like, things that we do for longevity should always be like the most simple easeful things for the most part. Especially if you have a deeper understanding of what's going on. It's like, it really actually is like, the most simple things that just keeps things moving in, we keep things moving, we can be less stressed, and we're less stressed, we can keep our movement throughout the rest of our life, rather than getting stagnant or putting in all this strenuous effort. You know, and that's the thing too, like when it comes to like, even being determined, I'm like, think about that, you know, it's like, when people like clench their whole body, and they think that's being determined in this, like, it's really not, you know, and it actually creates more issues with when disruptions come up. Because if I'm really tense, and something like hits me, it's like, much easier that I can fall over. But if I'm like, moving through it, and I'm determined, but like, I'm just like holding the space that I'm in right, then when something comes in hits me, I just fall down a little bit, but I can bounce back in life overall. So yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:05
you know, Cameron, I love hearing this, especially from you, because I know that you're a former college football player, you are in excellent physical shape. So to hear you, you encouraging us to do the lighter things in order to achieve our health goals. And that circulation and it for longevity is really reassuring, because I mean, I know you were an elite athlete, and in many ways you still are, but I'm sure you have a very different approach to how you do it.

Cameron Allen 27:39
Oh, yeah, way different approach. Yeah. I was not approaching things like this back then. For sure. So yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:45
Okay. All right. So let's keep going through the week.

Cameron Allen 27:48
Yeah, okay. Well, also on the fifth, the moon is going to be conjunct the south node. So you have to be mindful of that, because that's still going to be opposing that Uranus and that Mars and then it's also going to be square squaring Saturn. So on that day, I already have it written down and like my note, my personal notebook that I'm going to really eat like that day. And I'm really going to be mindful to like reflect on my past and just reflect on this week and already think about like what what has been empowering or disempowering for me. And also, since the is going to be the south node is with Scorpio, then always think about the pelvic floor during that time. So even right now just in inviting everybody to just take a moment and close their eyes and like really just take a long breath, focus on the breath being long rather than just deep and just like breathing and seeing if you can feel your pelvic floor relax

maybe even using your hands and pressing into your lower abdomen or feeling into your thighs and creating more space and

and just throughout that day, I'm just inviting everybody to think about this moment and come back to that practice. And if you feel a lot of tension in your pelvic floor then just like stick with that practice in general overall really will be like a really helpful thing to do. And and really simple and you can pretty you can pretty quickly there acknowledge if you feel your pelvic floor being tight, and the moon going by on that day will give you more awareness around it because the energy will be yeah more highlighted there'll be flowing through there or will not be flowing through there so it'll give it more emphasis on the fifth

Yeah, so on the sixth we have a Grand fire trine between Jupiter retrograde in Aries series and Black Moon Lilith and Leo and then the Moon in Sagittarius. And so The way I was feeling into this was just like allowing the mood of like your personal truth. And like giving internal space for reflection for it, right? And allowing this to be cultivated within you, so that you can put forth the energy to actualize yourself. Even if you feel like things are kind of you like you're a little unhinged, or you're a little untamed about it, that's okay. Just continue to cultivate even if you're feeling like you're not the most stable on that day, like so just like being with it, you know, again, being with it, and there might be disruptions, but allowing yourself to still cultivate what you're looking for. And just like knowing that that's okay. And enlightened it being a fire trine also, you might feel extra inspiration around it as well. So that's what I have for that day. But the six really is in two highlighted for me this week, it didn't feel like he like brought too much aliveness to it. So I'm saying all those things, as invitations and suggestions, but I'm also saying it lightly. On the seventh, we have Mars in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius. So this is going to be more of a continuation of what we're feeling right now. It'll just be more exact. Also, what's been going on over the last few years when Saturn has been with Mars, like things with COVID have just like, seem to like escalate or get big or seem like they're more in the news, or just like influencing people more strongly. So just be mindful of that. And if you have any vitamins that you're taking, just making sure you're staying on that and make sure you're like on your regimen and like stay strong in that. And stay determined in that and stay committed in that practice as well. Also, for the last few years, every single time that there's been Saturn in Mars in opposition, in conjunction and in square, I personally have been myself and then also some people that I work with, I've been having them just do contrasts of hot and cold showers. Because Saturn is like the extreme cold. And then Mars is the extreme heat. And whenever those things come together and friction points is like a strong, stop, and then go fast and stop and then go fast. And it's and it's like it keeps doing that. And so learning adaptability through doing that, like feeling that sensation in our body, going to the cold and then stop and then go into the warm to hot, and then stop and then go into the cold. And then also be mindful, like everybody's range is different. So don't like freak your body out too much. But just like feeling to those things, while you're breathing deeply. That's always like really, really helpful during during these types of transits. For me from like a medical astrology perspective, I found those are like really important also on that day, on that day, and then also like two days, one or two days before and after it. Also being mindful of like what your real NOI is. Because sometimes when it comes to like malefics people try to people try to demonize or make the malefic seem like they're bad. But it's like, we all need to know how to say no, we all need to know how to cut things off. We all know how to, we all need to know how to create boundaries. And so really just emphasizing saying no, and like, what is your no. So yeah, that's what I would say for the seventh overall. And that will be my general synopsis of the week. I would definitely keep everything as simple as possible, though, to be honest, when when there's a lot of stuff going on. That's when I actually tend to do less. So a lot of these things I'm talking about, they're relevant. And also it's like Uranus, Mars, North Node square to Saturn. If you can just focus in on that, like you'll, you'll be good for the week, even if there's like a lot of disruption.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:55
Yeah, so that's what I'm hearing in general. It's it's a simple diet. It's simple exercises. It's simple. What you're ingesting like just keeping it simple. I love that as a guiding force for the week. I'm sorry for any disruption. I still have three puppies left. And I attempted to do this at the place where the puppies are today. So if you've heard any, like background noise or anything like that, it's it's the three puppies that are waiting for their new home. And they've been Cameron they've been on a journey with me through this whole puppy thing we started with. So, yes, okay. So can I do so that that brings us through Sunday? Right? Yeah. All right. So let's do a little bit of a recap. Basically, we have the overarching theme of determined through the disruption and there's this overarching bigger transit outer transit that we have been working with since about February that we will be working with throughout Tobor and this is reminding us to stay committed to our code through all of it. So your code being that thing that is unique to you that essence, that intangible, in many ways, thing that people can sense about you, that you can sense about you. So staying committed to, to that part of you, through all the different types of turbulence that we've been experiencing this year that we will continue to experience through October. Okay, so choosing right now that you will be determined through it all. So just choosing no matter what happens, I'm going to stay committed to that, that commitment that I've already made, I'm going to stay with it. I love that you keep saying, Stay with it, get with it be with it, just moving with these energies as they as they move throughout our lives, allowing the energies to teach you, I love this to like allow it to teach you. You reminded us to focus on our abdomen and our breathing. And you said that these are Titanic forces. And again, it's like being with the Titanic forces, you said to have an audible sight deep breathe deep into our abdomen. And then you gave an audible sigh and just like really focusing on that breathing, you said to also focus on how we're organizing our day, that this is about eating lighter, but also more but also focusing on actually being very nutritious. You said that 18 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, within three degrees on either side are going to be the ones most highlighted by this specific transit the Mars Uranus at the North note. You also reminded us to focus on what we're digesting in general. So this could be conversations, this could be media, this could be you know, just the environment that you're in.

You said that on the second is going to be about finding balance from whatever's happening today. So there's your finding that balance point. And how can you balance your point in a way that helps you stay expansive, towards your, towards your commitments, and that we also may feel energetically sensitive? Yeah, on the third, you said that the that what's happening today will sort of be highlighted again. So it's important for you to reflect on on what's whatever these themes are, that are coming up for you. And you talked about the kidneys being especially highlighted. And you gave us a practice of imagining colors coming out of our hands, and then placing that those colors on our kidney. Because Libra rules the kidneys. Yeah. On the fourth. We have this mercury rising with the moon Scorpio. This is the day to do many meditation, you said to also focus on the goddess or the divine feminine. And you You helped us all pronounce the asteroid II Yeah. Am I doing it? Right? Yeah, yeah. Most of us do hygiene. Right? Okay. So I'm just focusing on you said dance, dancing, reverence to the Goddess. Again, being mindful of our digestive tract. And also cleaning up whatever crisis that might be happening. So focusing on that sort of those cleanup activities. You also said, devotion, lights, something that's cleansing for the air, or use it diffuser, to put oils into the air? And to focus on the question, what are you devoted to this week? What are you devoted to this week? And then on the fifth, again, focusing on circulation? And are you I like this question are the things that you're giving from your heart coming back to you, and where that's not happening to focus on how you can actually create more circulation in that area of your life. So that's sort of like the metaphysical circulation, but then the physical circulation, you gave us some great exercises that we can do for that as well. And then again, we're eating life. So I guess eat light this week is pretty much hearing over and over. And you talked about taking long breaths on this day. So instead of the breathing is a little bit different. You said not just deep, but also long breaths. And on the sixth, this is you said it's not a huge day astrologically but this is a great day to focus on your internal truth and to continue being with it. And that there could be also extra inspiration this week. I mean, I mean on that day, but you could be receiving because of The grandfather trine? Yeah, okay. And then on the seventh, focus on your vitamins. Make sure you're actually taking whatever vitamins and supplements and probably you would say that's true all week. But on the seventh, maybe it's a time to recommit to that the contrasting cold and hot showers and feeling the sensations in our body. Be mindful of your know. So what is your know? What are the places where you need to express those boundaries? Or even recommit to your own boundaries? And this is Mars and Taurus and square Saturn in Aquarius, right? Is there anything I didn't highlight that you would want to emphasize?

Cameron Allen 40:42
Yeah, something that I was like pretty much waiting to say after all of those things. Because it's like, those are things that we can like apply to ourselves specifically that but more on a collective level, just being mindful with Taurus and Scorpio access, and how it oftentimes can bring a sense of scarcity. Just like even like with, like food shortages and things like that. And if you happen to be a type of person who feels experiences fear around that, like really starting to, like make a plan. You know, sometimes people are like, Oh, my gosh, these food shortages, what is happening? It's like, well, if somebody told you that three months ago, five months ago, six months ago, it's like, well, you should most likely feel less scarcity around that, because you would have been preparing for what is to come. And so that's really important for us to think about and feeling too, because, yeah, there have been food shortages in different places around the planet. And that's just kind of what happens when the nodes go into Taurus and Scorpio. And also being mindful of if you're responding to things as if your survival needs are being threatened even when they're not. And so that can even be like when you're in relationship to people. If you're not rooted enough in your body, when something happens, that creates like crisis between two people, you can feel like oh my gosh, like, Oh, like this thing that happened me when I was a child is coming back up again. And now I'm out of my body. And now I'm you know, so So just being mindful of those things, as well, with Uranus, north node, and Mars all being in Taurus, because in evolutionary astrology, Taurus represents our survival needs, and it takes us back to like the root of things, you know, and if you're not rooted in your body, then you'll be rooted in, potentially your subtle mental trauma. Or you'll be rooted in how you have a tendency to fragment yourself from your authentic expression, because you want somebody to come and take care of your needs. So I'm not going to fully be myself so that you can come take care of me. Right? And knowing that, we don't have to do that. And also acknowledging, when you do do that, yeah, you did it. Okay. Don't even like, don't even put your hands all over that either. Just being mindful of those things. So you can like move forward in a way that feels like you can incarnate more. And you're not getting like all frazzled all the time, when, when you have these experiences. So those things are just things in the collective that we should be tuning into, overall, for sure, because people and their values and like how that makes people get freaked out these days is like, it's really strong, you know, so inviting people to be determined to not be disrupted even by other people's values in what they think is true in their body, because what's true in my body is not the same as was true in your body.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:24
Okay, so I heard two things there. One, that the food shortages and that scarcity sort of experience, is something that is somewhat typical of a Taurus Scorpio nodal axis being highlighted, I have a question right now, I just want to like pin it. And then that so so to be to have a plan and be prepared, because it is potentially part of the reality of what's happening for all of us collectively. However, be mindful of where you are responding in a way that is, is unhinged from the current reality. So it's more rooted in something from the past, or something, some other trauma, but it's not actually coming. It's not actually rooted in what is now and what is here and what it's true for you in this moment. So being aware of those two potential tendencies. And so my question is, if if scarcity and food shortages and things are part of like a Taurus Scorpio axis, what is the invitation? What do you what do you feel is the reason why we're experiencing these things collectively, and what is it sort of asking us to graduate or evolve into?

Cameron Allen 44:46
Yeah, so that's a thank you for this question. This is a great question. The first thing I would say is to be for me in people that are listening here and just when people that are into understanding the cycles. I think that it's important because whenever the cycle comes around next time, you know, like, people are like, this is the cycle and it keeps happening. It's like, okay, cool, how many astrologers have been like giving a checklist of like, Hey, this is coming, these are things that might be helpful to know. So that we won't feel scarcity. And we can continue to be the people who have mindfulness and awareness in route the reality and stronger as humans period. That will be like one of the biggest things that because I've been doing that myself, like, I don't have the answers, right now, these are for me, like, in my age, like these, some of these are the first cycles that I've been aware through. So next time this cycle comes around, I'm gonna have like, a whole like list for people, or things to be mindful of like, Do you know how to make like, a little thing outside? Or like, it's like, Do you know where the closest freshwater is, you know, simple things like this. If we can just invite people into solutions, then the energy of anxiety and worry can be put forth towards things that are more effective and helpful for yourself. And you'll feel stable in that. And then you can each one teach one is what we used to say all the time. So the people who aren't into astrology who don't know the cycles, we don't have to be like, Oh, I told you that blah, blah, blah, was coming. You know, it's like, just like, here's the practical tools that you can use to be prepared for what's coming up next. So that would be my answer. There, that would be my answer overall. Yeah. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:27
So for those of you who are interested in more of Cameron's work, and more of like the the medical astrology approach, where you're, you're using these transits to then translate into the body and experience greater health, we actually have a really fun free quiz that you can do, it's a very simple quiz. But it's basically helps to find your ruling planet, and then gives you a free planetary wellness guide, based on your ruling planet. So that is available at astrology hub.com/stay, healthy, and this is the the planetary wellness guide is based on Cameron's work, and then you'll be given the opportunity to participate in several of the classes that he's done with us. He's done health secrets of the Zodiac, and health secrets of the planet. And both of those are available in our academy. You can go to astrology, hub.com/planets, to learn more about that, but essentially, you can start with the free quiz, if you want to just just start applying some of this medical astrology approach to the way that you take care of your body. And I love Cameron hearing about the way that you like plan out your week. I mean, you actually look at the transits. And then you plan out your practices. And that, to me is such an embodied, healthy, beautiful way to work with these energies. And when it's so tangible. So I love that you do this, and you come here and you model this for us. And then we have opportunities to learn how to do it ourselves. Again, that's astrology.com/stay healthy, it's totally free, you'll get the planetary wellness guide that will help to help to guide you on simple practices that you can start doing based on your ruling planet, to connect with that planet even more clearly. And then also use those practices to experience greater health. So and I think that health is, in addition to financial reality, I would say that our health is really highlighted as well. And it has been for the last few years. And so people are having those empowering practices they can use feel more connected to the body. And ultimately, Cameron, would you say that being more connected to the body and then being able to receive guidance in the moment about what's right for your body is somewhat of the ultimate goal there with our health.

Cameron Allen 48:57
Yeah, I would say is the ultimate goal. And also it allows us to incarnate more fully to be be actually present. And when I can actually be present, then I can be more clear in how I want my finances to change. I can be more clear in what transits are coming in how that might be positive and or negative, but I'm still in my body right now. And I don't have my energies, like scattered out into three months from now of what potentially might happen. And being able to do that is like something that's been Yeah, we've it's been lost on us. And I remember back in 2021, I had my astrology hub debut, and I was telling people Yeah, it was like, some it was like, the question was like, what is what are we what are we not looking for? Right? Are they it was something about that, like it was, but what are the what I was saying was, we're like, we can't look towards safety in general, like outside of ourselves. And that was only back in 2020. And that still hasn't changed to this day. You know, and so being able to come back to your body and then move forward. Even when I say moving forward. I'm like feeling the norm node in Taurus and like identifying more with like Earth in the body. That is what can bring us a more strong sense of safety and comfortability. Because when you have relationship with the Earth, if something happens, you know, then it's like, well, I'm in communion. And I'm rooted right here where I'm at already. My safety isn't in these ideas or what of what might happen out in the future scattered out. And so coming back to sensor can help us do all those things and be more present. So yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:31
I love what Sean says, Thank you, just now learning to actually be quote, unquote, present in my body, hoping to be present and listen with my whole body, and not moving on to what I will say. Which is interesting, because then you actually really can say, Shawn, thank you for that comment. You actually can be more present with what you communicate, when you take that moment to, to be in your body and feel what you're feeling versus just, you know, kind of spelt, the first thing that comes through, which is normally our reaction, and it's normally habitual. It's normally the thing that we always do. So taking that moment, Shawn, I think it's brilliant that you're, you're practicing that, and learning what it feels like, because it's one of those things that I remember hearing people talk about, it was like, what you present in your body, like, what does that even mean? But what do you start doing? It's like, okay, that's present in my body. And oh, wait, that's not present in my body. And I can actually feel the difference between those two things.

Cameron Allen 51:30
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the presence in the body is like, there's also this thing that it's like, I can feel right now when I talk about presence in the body, and it sounds good. And it feels good to, like, hear me say it, especially because, well, my own projection is that I feel good in my body. So it feels good to like hear it. But also something that comes with that of the South Node being in Scorpio, it's like, when you're in your body, like those things from the past will also come up. And so that also is like inviting deep vulnerability, you know, and like being able to feel where you feel vulnerable. Because if you're feeling into your body, it's like, your stomach might be like, No, or like, you know, like, you might feel it in your, in your, in your shoulders, just like I'm caring too much, or, you know, so just, I don't want to just romanticize it, even though like, I'm super romantic with it right now, especially. But it's not all just romanticized. So I just want everybody to be mindful of that, too. And when those things come up, knowing that if you can work through those things, they will be the those painful experiences will be the things that are also bringing you pleasure. And so they also can give you the opportunity to determine that this present moment, pain is going to turn into future pleasure. And so that disruption that you're experiencing, will not create a sense of wavering, but can potentially create a sense of deepening, and more witness in it. And so yeah, making sure that you can stay determined during the disruption in that way too.

Amanda Pua Walsh 52:58
So that it kehrmann That reminds me of that, how you can you can feel the spectrum of what you feel is dependent on what you allow kind of on either edge. So if you're sort of, if you're staying in a narrow band of feeling or sensation, and every time something uncomfortable comes up, you distract yourself from it, or you get in your head about it, you are also limiting the other end of joy or pleasure, like you just brought up. So allowing yourself to feel that more deeply. I know, I always feel like my throat, like my throat will start to clench up. It's like, I feel like I can't talk, you know, but being awareness like wow, I really feel this right here, or I'll feel it in my heart. It's like, oh, God, that hurts, you know, but being able to feel that, like you said, it opens up the equal opposite of, of positive sensations that you're you allow yourself to feel I used to live in a very narrow band of feelings. And mainly I was basically numb, you know, with greater levels of feeling comes more opportunity to feel alive and to feel what it is a human and to be open to that, you know. Yeah, yeah, that was a percent. Cameron, thank you so much for being here with us today. It is always such a pleasure to be here with you to get your very unique and beautiful perspective and to share that with our community. So thank you so much for being here for the weekly weather. If you're interested in that planetary wellness guide, make sure you go to astrology hub.com/stay healthy. And then if you're interested in the financial discussion and what astrology has to say, especially the stork, a historical astrological perspective, what that has to say about where we're at now, and where we're going, then make sure you check out the financial astrology webinar that is available at astrology. hub.com/finances. Okay, everybody have a seat. Beautiful beautiful week thank you so much for joining us here today thank you for being a part of our community and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life we will catch you on the next episode Take care everybody