[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “A Watershed Moment” May 23rd – 29th w/ Bronwyn Simons

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What is an Anaretic Degree in Astrology?

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Bronwyn Simons and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • How to finalize the Eclipse Integration process
  • What it means for planets to be at 29 degrees of a sign
  •  About the new 2 year long Mars & Jupiter Cycle


0:00 Intro

2:57 A Watershed Moment

3:59 Anaretic Degrees in Astrology

7:53 Mars & Venus Changing Signs

13:39 Mars-Jupiter Cycle

17:01 How to deal with limitations

19:47 Recap of Jupiter in Pisces

22:41 Bamboo Parable

28:31 Jupiter in Aries

30:51 How to stay grounded

35:10 Moon & Venus conjunction

41:02 Aries and being humble

45:57 Week Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:05
Welcome to your weekly astrological whether this is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tide

okay welcome everybody it is so great to be here with you. We are now going to be covering the weekly astrological weather of May 23 to the 29th and we have a very special astrologer whether woman with us today and that is Intuitive Astrologer Bronwyn Simons. Bronwyn has been an inner circle guide with us. She’s been on the podcast several times. She is definitely actually she was on the podcast for the first time because we put a little survey out on social media and asked for people to vote for an astrologer that they would like to see on our podcast. And Bronwyn was overwhelmingly voted for. And so we got to have her on the podcast we found out she has been an inner circle member for years and then she ended up being an inner circle guide and astrologer in the inner circle which was such a pleasure to to do. So Bronwyn. It’s great to have you back. Thank you for being here.

Bronwyn Simons 1:27
It’s great to be back. I love that origin story. I love my community. And I love that I’ve been able to pull my community into this bigger astrology hub community. It’s great to see you, Amanda,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:37
you too. All right. So for anybody that wants a little more background on Bronwyn, there are two episodes, I would point you to Episode 67, which was working with the moon, and it’s phases for manifesting your desires. This was a really amazing episode, I highly recommend it. And then also Episode 177, which was basically a precursor to 2022. Correct. I mean, I’m a precursor to

Bronwyn Simons 2:03
2020 Yeah. 2020. Now,

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:06
yes. And it was about working with the moon and going from grounded to airborne. So that was another amazing episode, you all can check out. Okay, so Bronwyn last week, we had Ari Wolf on. And he was he said the theme of last week was around integrating the Eclipse energy. So we talked a lot about how to do that. What would you say that the theme for this week ahead is for us?

Bronwyn Simons 2:34
Yeah, I think we are continuing that integration and distilling down to what is essential, because we’re at that watershed moment of changing into a new energetic cycle. So continuing and completing that integration that already talked about last week, and really focusing on psychological stability as we go into this next cycle.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:57
Okay, so you say, a watershed moment? Yeah. What do you mean by that? I’ve never heard that phrase before. I feel like I should know what it means. But what what what do you mean by it?

Bronwyn Simons 3:08
What I mean by it is when two currents come together. And we’re at that time of completion, when the current that we’ve been flowing with for the last two years, two and a half years even, and then for the last six months, and just for this last lunar month, we are coming to the end of those energetic cycles, and we’re just so many planets at the 29th degree this week, it just has that feeling of the one current entering into the greater current. So we have that moment, that magical moment when things are still kind of shifting from the eclipses. But we’re entering into that larger sea of the next energetic cycle. So these are times to really pay attention to hold on to what’s essential. It’s like a balsamic moment in so many ways.

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:59
Hmm. Okay. When you say we have a lot of planets at 29 degrees, one pack that a little bit what? Who cares? What does that mean?

Bronwyn Simons 4:09
Yeah, so so we know the planets move from zero to 29 of each sign, each sign takes up 30 degrees. So that’s their, their developmental journey from zero degrees to 29. And when they get to that last degree of a 29th degree, it’s called the an erratic degree and it holds the essence it’s like a seed moment, the zero degrees is the seed and the 29 degrees is a seed. It’s, it packs all of the energy of that sign into that one degree. It’s like the, the maturing seed. So again, that idea of distilling the essence. And we find often like in Natal charts when people have a lot of 29 degree placements, there’s a lot of wisdom and a lot of energy of being present at the end of things. and carrying the seed on into the next cycle. There’s just a really beautiful wisdom of endings with the 29th degree but it’s more than that because it’s about carrying the seed over. So it’s full of potential, but also full of the wisdom of endings really potent.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:17
So Bronwyn this a little bit of a sidebar question before we go into the why you’re saying this and starting to go into the astrology of it Gemini

Bronwyn Simons 5:25
times it’s all about the sidebars. Yeah, I got a sidebar

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:28
on this. Because people asked this all the time when they’re born on the cusp. Yeah. So like, for me, I was born on the very last day of Capricorn. So I’m 29. And so a lot of people I hear go, well, then I’m kind of Aquarius, or I’m, you know, because I’m on the cusp. But what I’ve heard and I don’t know, if you agree with this is that, that just means you’re even more that sign like you’re you’re the if you’re at 29 degrees of any sign, you’re like the epitome of that sign. Yeah, the

Bronwyn Simons 5:57
zero degree and the 29 degree hold the greatest intensity of that sign with different qualities. But the CUSP is like a matter of seconds. There is such a thing as a cusp, but it’s just you have to be born during you know, certain 10 seconds of the month to really be on that. Otherwise you’re you’re right. It’s the intensity. And then everybody born the next day is into that zero degrees the intensity of the next sign. So yeah, it’s not a blending of energies. But it is in a way because there there’s the job of the anaesthetic degree is this holding of the essence, distilling down, this is where that word balsamic comes in, right? Like we think of the vinegar, and what does that have to do with a phase of a planet or moon. But it’s important because what happens with that distillation process is it gets more and more intensely, what it is right, the flavor becomes richer and deeper, the color becomes richer and deeper, it gets kind of thick. That’s it, that’s the anorectic degree. It’s like the thick, distilled, pungent, potent essence of that energy. And the job of that energetic degree period of time. Or person, if you have that natively, is to be the one who carries that essence over into what is new. So it’s a potent placement to have in your chart. It’s often the people who carry a lot of energy, and open us up into new times and new ways, and are comfortable with endings.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:33
Mm hmm. Okay, so we’re having this kind of energy this week of the lonely essence. Yeah. distilling the essence, taking what’s actually important, so that we can carry that forward into the next phase? Yes. And so tell us that, let’s start to talk about the astrology a little bit. Why are you saying this?

Bronwyn Simons 7:53
So we have both Mars and Venus changing signs moving into their signs of rulership this week. So those are our personal planets, right? Mars being our drive, Venus being our values, and our desire and our balance. Mars likes to separate things. Venus likes to bring things together. These are the voices that are really close to us. So when we see that kind of activity with the personal planets, we know we’re really going to be feeling things in our immediate life and our relationships. And it’s not it’s not the astrology of out there this week, although there is some of that too. It’s it’s in here, rich inner conversations and rich conversations around us. So both Venus and Mars are at their anorectic degree 29th degree this week, and then moving to zero degrees of their rulership signs. So they’re both ending these long journeys through places where they aren’t as comfortable and powerful, and stepping finally, through that door into the places where they feel at home and in power. So there is that feeling of, can I share just a small story from this morning, because I think it’s the daily symbolism. So as I’m preparing for this podcast, my daughter, who has been visiting for a few weeks, is preparing to head home to Los Angeles. And she’s negotiating about her luggage, she has to take the small plane from where we are on the island, to be able to catch her plane to LA. And there’s a lot of back and forth just within our family and with the airline to think about is her luggage and things that she’s accumulated since she’s been with us. Is it all going to fit? Or is she going to be able to get onto this little plane to go home to her home space? And I thought, that’s perfect. That’s exactly what it is. It’s it’s a little microcosm of the psychological work that we’re going to be doing this week, which is gathering together all of the things that we’ve learned over eclipse season, over the last six months since the last eclipse season and over the last two years, and we’ll talk about that in a minute. But we’re gathering all this stuff, packing up what we really need and then we have to get the lid It just sticks together, how am I going to squeeze this onto the little plane to take me into that next space? So Venus is doing this with our values. Mars is doing this with our action. And the moon is doing this as she does every month moving through her balsamic phase and saying, Hey, what is your emotional journey been this month? And what’s the essence of it? And what you do want to bring forward and what do you want to leave behind? So there’s lots of that question, what am I bringing forward? What do I want to leave behind from a month, six months and two years. Three to mercury two is at an energetic degree. But he’s moving backwards. So that’s kind of funny one, he has just gone back into Taurus. And as just before the week begins to sitting at that energetic degree. So all three of our personal planets sitting at 29. Big.

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:51
Okay, so we’re looking at our values, our actions, our emotions, we’re distilling those down to the most essential things that we’ve picked up over the last, just last like two, three week period, the six month cycle that we’ve been in between these two eclipses, and then also the last two years, and we’re asking these questions, what do I bring forward? And what do I leave behind? And how do I? How do I squeeze these things into a format that will enable me to bring them to the next place that I’m going? So how do I fit it all? In? You know, this new these new aspects of me? How do I fit it all in? And, and bring it where I’m going next? I love that story that you told of your daughter. It’s so perfect. Yeah. Yeah. So So let’s pick up from there.

Bronwyn Simons 11:50
Yeah, and if if you want to do some self work with it to just sit in journal on the question of what is essential, and it’ll bring up all kinds of things it can be what is it the essential lesson? What is essential to me around my values? Venus, what is essential for me to take action on right now Mars? What are my essential beliefs coming out of you know, this retrograde? So there’s lots of work you can do that actually do with that question, I actually recommend that you do that every balsamic moon just do a little bit of Moon journaling, what is essential, and it really helps you to clear the slate for the next cycle. And I’m really emphasizing that new cycle piece because this is the last week of our current Mars Jupiter cycle, we had a Mars Jupiter cycle back in March of 2020, which of course, we all remember as being a really important moment. And they’re meeting up again at the end of this week to initiate a new two year cycle. So, you know, sometimes I just look at the transits. And there’s such an elegance and beauty to the way the planet seemed to be preparing us for what’s next. And this beautiful movement of the personal planets into their homes, asking us to take stock. And mercury in his magical backwards moment, kind of confusing us, but also bringing us magic. Is is such a perfect climate for doing the psychological integration work that’s going to set us up for this next really exciting cycle of expansion in our lives, which is what Mars Jupiter cycle is all about. So it never ceases to amaze me the benevolence and elegance of the way the cosmos prepares us.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:39
So when you say that we’re at the last week of this Mars Jupiter cycle, what are the themes that we’ve been working? Like? What What has that Mars Jupiter cycle brought up? And what will the new phase be about?

Bronwyn Simons 13:54
Yeah, so if we, if we remember our key words, we know that Mars is action and Jupiter is expansion. So they’re their mutual dance together. When they begin a new cycle, it initiates for us a new cycle of how do we want to expand? How are we going to take action, on the ways that we want to grow our lives, our dreams, our spirituality, our life path? And their conjunction sets the tone for that whole cycle? What is our growth and expansion going to look like? What is the quality of the action we’re going to be able to take around our expansion going to look like? So the last time they met up was in Capricorn it was actually at that potent degree of 22 Capricorn, which some of you might remember, was where Saturn Pluto met up initiating this really challenging cycle that we’ve been working with, for the last couple of years, the pandemic and other world events that we’ve seen, and our own internal limitations that we’ve been coming up against. So that was a really interesting one to have. have them meet up and Capricorn, that sign of hard work and limitation. And we have all experienced that that the ways that we have grown and expanded, we’ve really had a Saturnian flavor to that. And by that, I mean, there, we have had to be really mature, we have had to work hard, we have had to confront difficulties and limitations. But for many of us, because of those limitations, we’ve grown in unexpected ways. So the good news is, now we’re moving out into a much more expansive cycle of expansion out of that time of, of trial really, and hard work that brought us face to face with, you know, what Capricorn does is it brings down to the bones of things. So we looked at or the bare bones of our lives, and we began to rebuild. And now here comes this beautiful cardinal sign of Aries, the spark of life, the beginning of everything. And that’s the flavor of our new two year cycle of expansion. So it’s a lot, it’s beginning to put ourselves first, again, in the best of ways, prioritizing our own psychological well being and our own psychological needs, thinking about all of the ways that we haven’t been able to take action over the last couple of years. And how are we going to do that, we’re going to want to do it all at once. So one of the challenges of this new cycle is going to be putting things in order always a challenge for the cardinal signs, right? Because Cardinal wants everything to happen at once. So it’s gonna be this balance of letting Mars push us to take action, but not so letting Jupiter temper that so that we’re not just trying to do everything at once. It’s a really different mood. And I’m so curious about how it’s going to feel for people. Because that limitation that that intensity of the limitation that we’ve been under, with these two planets for the last couple of years is just done. On to the next. Wow.

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:01
I mean, so does that apply to all the different areas of life that we have felt limited? I mean, because because that it covers a lot of different areas. I mean, obviously, travel. Yeah, financial limitations, social limitations and boundaries that were, you know, made, and all kinds of things.

Bronwyn Simons 17:24
So we still have Saturn and Pluto that are holding us back, right? Yes. But the the dance is that happened between the personal planets, Mars being a personal planet and a social planet. So that’s Jupiter, and Saturn, really do bring us back and forth across that line. So a lot of this is really about our personal cycles of growth and expansion. But because it’s that personal planet, talking to Jupiter, the social planet, we definitely will see it. I think that as far as the geopolitical stuff, we’re still, those are waters that I’m not going to wait into right now. But there’s still a lot of Capricorn at work, because we still are Pluto in Capricorn. And there’s still a lot of work for us to do, just as a human family. And we’re still going to be feeling those Capricornian limitations for a few years with that. But this is the this is the beginning for us of starting to feel what a new sense of inner expansion can feel like after the lessons of the last couple of years. So I would say in answer to your question, it’s more personal, but we will see it, we will definitely see it in I would say like news in popular culture, those other places where we expect to see that social aspect of Jupiter show up. Yeah, so it’s that interesting bridge between the personal and the social. While still with the big picture. outer planet stuff. We’re definitely still working with some, some structural limitations.

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:55
Yes. Okay. So so basically, for on the, on the collective scale, we’re still working through a lot of the themes we’ve been working through for the last few years, that’s not going away, like magically overnight. But personally, personally, we are starting to feel this new sense of freedom and expansion and less of that sort of confinement that maybe people have felt and even even confinement in what you’re allowed to vision not allowed allowing yourself to vision for your life, which I know for a couple years, it was like God, it’s hard to even see the future because there’s so much turmoil. So it’s it’s hard to even put myself out like two years, four years, five years because because there’s so much unrest Yeah, but maybe we’re having this opportunity to start to sense it a little bit more now.

Bronwyn Simons 19:47
Yeah, yeah. It’s been so interesting watching everything that’s happened over the last six months because I I’m sure I’m not alone in this I had really high hopes for the Jupiter and Pisces transit. And and of course, we We know that one of the things that can happen with the Immutables and with any kind of Neptune influence is that there’s a big dream that doesn’t come too much. And I do feel like that transit so much had its purpose talking about the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces and the fact that we’ve had the last six months of Jupiter in Pisces really expanding our dreams. But it all didn’t have the, it was more of the Neptunian fog and less of the dreaminess. So I think again, this is it’s been so clarifying, as Jupiter has moved into Aries and I think as Jupiter progresses in areas, and now that Mars is kind of kicking him in the butt, we’ll have a chance to really clarify some of the things that did happen for us during that Jupiter in Pisces time. And with that Jupiter Neptune conjunction, it really is. Sometimes that Pisces stuff is on such a deep level. It’s, it’s in our unconscious, it’s in the collective unconscious, it’s in our dream world and in the energetic realms. And we’re doing hard work there. I’m sure all of you are experiencing this intensity of dreams lately, and even before the eclipse season. So I think this is i My hope is this is going to be the best of Aries is that clarifying, purifying fire, that galvanizing influence that brings mental clarity and allows us to take action, and to begin to see more clearly in the outer world exactly what that deep, unconscious transformation of those Pisces transits was about for us that it isn’t just a wash or a loss, we didn’t just spend a few months in the fog for nothing, that there was something happening gestating working in us on a really deep level. And, you know, that’s the job of Aries in northern hemisphere spring to bring the plant up above the surface of the earth. And let us see that you know what Dylan Thomas call the the force that through the green fuse drives the flower, it’s, we see the results in the fruit of everything that’s been happening beneath the surface. That’s Pisces Aries. So that is my hope, that this Jupiter Mars conjunction will be a turning point where we begin, we get galvanized, we know what we need to take action on. And there’s a caution there too. But for those of us who have been doing that deep inner work and attending to self and soul, during the Pisces and Capricorn times, we’ll start to see how we can take action in the world on that. And we’ll start to get some mental and even embodied clarity about what those lessons were for us.

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:41
I love it. I think it was you and me Bronwyn who talked about the bamboo. And on one of our podcast episodes, we talked about? Well, and I think but bamboo might have been my example or your example. But there’s that there’s that kind of bamboo that you have to water for five years. Before it rolls. Yeah, before it shoots up above the soil. And then when it does, it grows so fast. But can you imagine the level of trust that you have to have that eventually, all this that you’re doing tending to every single day is eventually you’re going to see the fruits of that? Yes. And to me, what I’m hearing in what you’re saying is that there is this level of trust that even if we can’t see the results of it, that the seed planting that the visioning that the dreaming that all the things that we’ve been doing that eventually and maybe relatively soon, we’re going to start to see what those things are, we’re going to start to get clear. And then maybe just like the bamboo, the action that will happen will be fast, because those foundations are so deep, those roots are so deep in the ground, you know,

Bronwyn Simons 23:57
it’s what a perfect and perfectly beautiful analogy for this. And I love to actually wrote trust on my notes for this episode, really big letters at the top. It’s absolutely key for the next two years, how are we going to grow into this cycle? And how are we going to take action is that trust in the growth that has already happened, and it’s so beautifully articulated by that story of the bamboo that we wait for, and my I’m a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, and one of the things that an analogy that our teacher often draws Is that is that analogy of the bamboo and that it’s like the limitation in that study that hollow stock of bamboo and you really can either go up or down, you don’t have much choice, like the growth is an upward growth. And that’s analogous to the spiritual pathway. Just keep forcefully moving upward with that, and sometimes it’s really challenging. And this again, brings in that idea of flexibility within that limitation. We’ve had that constructive limitation for the last couple of years. And now here we’re We’re gonna see where we’re gonna see the fruits of that. Yeah, I love that. Beautiful.

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:04
Yeah, I have another example recently, we got a puppy, a black lab. And she the best way to describe her as a puppy was like Marley from the from the movie. She was just, wow, I mean a lot where I was like, I was looking at going, oh my god, how am I going to like manage my life and this dog like

Bronwyn Simons 25:27
this? It’s like Aries, Aries energy embodied, right? Oh, my

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:31
God completely. And I loved her. And it was like, This is really hard. Like, did we make a huge mistake, you know what I’m saying. And then there was a series of events that happen, we went away, she went to it to a little puppy retreat, I like to call it anyways, we came back and it was like, a light switch went off. And now she’s like this angel dog. And the thing that’s amazing about it is like all the work we were doing, we were working really hard to train her. We were, you know, waking up in the night and taking her out and doing all this, we were really diligently doing everything we felt was right to train her. But like you couldn’t see the fruits of it. It was like God is any of us working. But then it was like, all of a sudden, we come back from this trip. It was like, Who is this doc? Like? Did they swap our dog out with another dog? But again, it sounds like that’s kind of happening. There’s all these things we’re doing where it seems like maybe nothing’s happening, maybe nothing’s working. Maybe we have to scrap the whole plan altogether. But trusting that there is that moment where you’re like, Oh, my God, yes. Finally, it’s coming together.

Bronwyn Simons 26:33
Yeah, yeah, it really requires like, as ares does, requires profound self trust, like really radical self trust. And that’s why this preparatory moment is really, I was gonna say, a very essence is, this preparatory moment is so important, because we are going to find ourselves really wanting to go go go. And if we’ve taken that time to pack our bags carefully, and to leave out what we don’t want to take with us, it’s going to be so much clearer what to do, because here we are off on this two year path. And the taking a little bit of time to get clear now. Not that we know everything. Now we’re going to evolve over the next two years. But just getting clear where we are in this moment, is going to save us from the one thing that I want to caution about with this with this Jupiter in Aries and Mars coming along is the potential of dispersal of energy. So we want to carry a little bit of that tension and that containment with us. Just to keep that dynamic tension going right? We need the tension for the dynamism. Otherwise, it’s a dispersal and that can even be explosive. And let me be really clear that I’m speaking on a psychological level when I use these words and never want to instill fear. Speaking mythically and psychologically there’s this rapid dispersal of energies. So let’s be ready for it. So that we’re not doing the you know, what is it? ready fire aim, but we’re doing ready in

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:16
fire. Yeah, Bronwyn I’d love to ask you what you mean by that are given example. So what what would dispersed energy look like? And what do you what do you cautioning us against and with maybe an example.

Bronwyn Simons 28:31
So if we think of that naturally expansive energy of Jupiter, it’s, it’s really like just the chemical nature of an explosion, right? It takes something to ignite. And something that has been contained goes flying off in every direction. And our minds are going to feel a little bit like that. And I’m not saying that’s always a bad thing. It’s part of the creative process. You know, it’s sometimes the mess that you have to make before you put things back together. Some things, sometimes things just do fly apart like that. It’s okay, but we want it to be kind of a contained a contained explosion, you know, like they do when they destroy buildings like that, like, It’s okay explosive energy can be positive, it can, it can help to clear the ground. But we want to do it in a very mindful way. We want to do it mindfully. So really, what I want to offer is that this is potent. Aries is a potent initiatory fire sign. Mars is so happy at home in Aries and wants to like like the fuses on stuff for us. And Jupiter is all about you know, big expansiveness. So this is beautiful. It means like a idea can take off like wildfire. It means we can move rapidly towards what we want to create. But it also means just even on a physical level with I always relate Mars to our nervous system and then her fight and flight response. So even just taking care of ourselves physically carrying over from Taurus season and using Venus in Taurus, this is where she can be a real ally, to make sure that our bodies are grounded and calm so that we can contain that vigorous mental energy that’s happening with the mercury retrograde. And when he gets back into Gemini, and the really explosive, dynamic, let’s say dynamic energy of Mars and Aries. And here comes Venus coming into Taurus saying, but let’s remember that our body is our primary vehicle. And we want to stay grounded in the body and we want to move these energies mindfully through our body before we really make a decision about how to use them.

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:51
I love that. Yeah. Okay. So taking care of ourselves physically staying grounded in the body, our ideas can be moving forward. How does that like combined with a lot of the retrograde energy?

Bronwyn Simons 31:03
Yeah, I was just telling, even before Yeah, it really does feel like push pull. And this is where we really like do your Mercury remediation. And by that, I mean, even just talk to Mercury, Mercury is so present for us as an archetype within our minds, Mercury, the magical messenger. And in many ways, he’s at his best when he’s retrograde. Because his trickster energy is really alive. And the synchronicities that we find in our lives there are so vivid during this time, it’s, in many ways, I feel like it’s one of his favorite places to be is in retrograde. And, you know, not to say that we don’t take commonsense precautions and not taking contracts and not by our like, by electronics. And not to say that we won’t experience moments of frustration and delay because that’s real too. But always remember that, that when Mercury is erasing meetings from our calendar, or delaying or travel, he’s reminding us to look at the magic to take a kind of backward, sideways look at how we’re moving. So I think again, it’s that it’s, it’s a little bit of a nice edge to us and a nice Mars analogy, where there can be confusion, but grounding into the Taurus energy that we still have left now, grounding into our own bodies, trusting through and finding the clarity, I think on a level that’s a little bit deeper than the mental level. Because I think we will be seeing a lot of talk mental confusion, delays, and there may even be like, I’m thinking it’s a good time to take a media fast, because things might be coming at us really quickly, different information about this. And that, don’t, it’s not a it’s not a week to be following that ticker tape, just like turn it off. Come back to it. Maybe this time next week, once we get past the New Moon. And seek that mental calm, Mercury will keep prodding you and keep your mind really busy, but he has moved back into Taurus. So taking advantage of magical mercury, to bring us back into the body, listen to the wisdom of the body. And know that this will be a time when our anxiety might be a little bit heightened when we feel like we have to do everything at once. And we don’t. And that’s again, where Venus in Taurus can help us. Because Taurus is all about doing things methodically. And slowly. And Aries is all about let’s get it done. Now. Let’s do it. So we are going to be feeling like he said that push pull. And if we can really lean into the wisdom of Venus and Taurus and remember to take it slow, and only act on the things that we value the most. That’s why we’re taking this week to assess what those are. So we have our little cheat sheet as we get to next week, like what is it that I really want? Because it might get confusing.

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:00
Oh, gosh, this is such this is so good Bronwyn. And I’ve had moments in this last few days of like, whoa, I’m not even in my body right now. Like, I can feel that I’m actually not in my body. And I love what you’re saying. So essentially, as we’re getting clear on what are our essential values, then we can use that shortlist to prioritize the actions that we do take. And then we can trust that the outcome of those actions will be in alignment with who we are and what we’re trying to build. Yeah, so it’s like this. It’s almost like a three step process that you’ve outlined for us. Yes, that enables the trust to come from a place of of you know, it’s not just like a hopeful thinking. It’s actually trusting in the process itself that when we are actually in alignment with our values, that the outcome It will also be in alignment with our values. So really, really helpful. What other astrology do we need to be paying attention to this week?

Bronwyn Simons 35:10
Yeah, there’s one more thing that I want to highlight, which is the conjunction of the Moon and Venus. And that happens again in late Aries. It’s really interesting how the moon is actually conjunct Mars right before Mars changes signs and then the Moon is conjunct Venus right before she changes science. So we’re really going to be feeling those changes in our bodies coming down to the sort of the micro Astrology of this week. But that moon Venus conjunction is important because it’s part of a series of balsamic Moon Morningstar Venus conjunction. So that happens in the months following any Venus retrograde, and it’s part of that myth cycle of Venus where she spends her her time in the underworld during her retrograde which if we remember was back in December, she was retrograde in Capricorn, she goes retrograde every two years in a different sign. So we were doing that deep work and those Capricorns and those poor worn out Capricorn placements in our charts, had that last final integrative push during the Venus retrograde in December in January. And we’re getting a little echo of that this week. As that moon balsamic moon again, that moon reminding us to bring things down to the essence, meeting up with beautiful morning star Venus who has started her descent in the morning sky, but it’s still up there. And if you’ve I know some of you have been getting up at dawn to watch some of these beautiful placements, it’s been consistently cloudy here on the west coast of Canada. But this week is a cool time to do that too, because you’ll be able to see that balsamic moon with Venus in the sky. And this is on Thursday, Thursday night, May 26. And this will be a little reminder, an emotional reminder of what we went through in the winter with our Venus in Capricorn journey. And if that does come up, and if it’s if it’s difficult, just remember, it’s just a shadow. It’s just an echo. And it’s it’s coming up now with a purpose. And again, it’s to add to that list to add to your cheat sheet for going forward. Just to give you a little review of how you refined your values over the winter. And yeah, so I’m just encouraging. It’s always beautiful to witness those conjunctions. When they happen. They’re really sacred moments that were part of that myth cycle and visualized by the ancients as the moment when the goddess is at the gates ascending from the underworld, the when she meets with the moon. So especially for those of you that are Venus ruled, the Taurus is in Libras, these are really potent moments. So it take that time to be with Venus, as a reminder, to sink down into our most important values and into our compassion, and into our ability to harmonize and bring things together even during a time when things feel like they’re, we do need to sometimes separate them from things and things might be really flying fast. That balsamic Moon Venus conjunction on the 26th is a beautiful soul reminder of how far we’ve come in our journey because she’s high in the sky. Almost, you know, set the final gates, how far we’ve come in our journey, what we truly value. And because she’s still in Aries, it’s and just about to go home to Taurus. It’s thinking about as we’re coming into Aries time, how do we want to compassionately fight for ourselves and for our values. So even if you can’t get up early and see that conjunction, maybe set an intention to dream that night with Venus in the moon, and dream about how you can be a compassionate warrior for yourself, and for what you value the most, and have that be part of what you bring into the Mars Jupiter in Aries cycle. So that was one other thing that I wanted to highlight. There’s there’s actually a lot of astrology this week. But I think that we’ve I think that we’ve talked about the things that are most again, I want to say that word of essence, the things that people really need to enter into this next two years. Strong and aligned.

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:21
Bronwyn when you’re talking about that moon Venus conjunction and you’re talking about her, emerging from the underworld, and taking her seat like high in the sky on her throne, right? Yeah, the other word that keeps coming to me. So you said how do we want to compassionately fight for our values? Yeah. Would you also use the word humble? Like how do we want to humbly fight for our values? Because one of the things I think about with that Venus myth is that when she’s stripped of all of her like armor, you know, all of her her jewels and her Her robes and all the things that probably made her feel beautiful. And then she goes into the underworld and she’s naked and having to fight right and having to like go through this massive transformation. When she comes up. And and she’s transformed. There, to me seems like there would be a humility in her stance, she’s super bright and shiny, but it’s less of that sort of immature, like, look at me how beautiful I am and much more of a, like, embodied. You know, again, humble, I’m gonna use the word again, beauty that is still even and maybe even more radiant, because it’s coming from such a deep place within.

Bronwyn Simons 40:42
So there’s I love that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:44
Yeah, I mean, I felt I needed to say it because it just the word humble just kept coming. But so we’re compassionately. And we’re also humbly standing behind what it is that we value and feel. feel passionate about. Right?

Bronwyn Simons 41:02
It is so interesting, because Aries isn’t a word that we instantly associate with humble. No, but I think what what you’ve just described and I also think that this is such a poignant moment in her midcycle this idea of her coming back up through the gates, and, and looking I always imagined her like looking at the regalia that she abandoned and was stripped away from her and thinking about putting it back on and what does that feel like after you’ve literally been through hell and fought for your life and faced death and face your shadow and coming back and being confronted by these, you know, the staff, the jewelry, the robes, that you in your, in your vital innocence were wearing as you entered. And it is humility, that with what she’s she’s re, she’s re adorning herself, but it’s all gonna look so different. Oh, it brings to mind like the warrior who has been in many battles. And who still has to have that ego strength to push ahead and fight. But there’s a there’s a humility and sort of chastened wisdom that comes with that when you’ve really faced life and death. And you aren’t just gonna grab up that sword, you’re really going to take it on and understand. So I think she understands the power then of those, those symbols of power that she really adorns herself with. That’s just beautiful to highlight that part of the story. Because it’s so easy to say, oh, Morningstar Venus in Aries. She’s the warrior. She’s bright. There’s so much underneath that she’s also battle weary. Yeah, and and wise and chastened. And humility, Aries, humility. It’s very, very interesting. The the soldier who has seen so much, you know, if you’ve ever known somebody in your life, who’s come back from literal wars, there’s even things that are unspoken, right? Because some things are so difficult to witness. And there’s a particular kind of wisdom that comes with that. That makes me think of the Mars ruled signs, right. It’s Scorpio Aries wisdom.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:12
Yes, I actually met a war here on a plane one time, a man who, who flew some of the anyways, I don’t remember exact details, but he was a very seasoned, you know, military person. And I had a lot of questions for him. I was very curious. And he was very kind and his willingness to share with me, and there were things that he said, You know what, I don’t even want to tell you about that. Yeah, I love that you don’t know. That makes me happy that I don’t have to tell you you know, and I think everyone at this point after the last few years can relate with feeling a little battle weary and a little beat up and a little, maybe a lot maybe not just a little but you know, as you’re taking up whatever it is you feel passionate about there is a different stance it’s not like that bulldozing kind of like I need you to see the things the way I see them and I need you to do things the way I want you to it’s like there is a maturity in like hey, you know, everybody’s on their path everybody’s in different places with with with how they’re living their lives. And that’s okay. And you know, we’re not all here to save everybody else in whatever way we felt that might have been and and so it just it just seems like a lot of of potent reflection and if you’re listening to this and you’re like what are they even talking about? Like in this like Venus myth and the taking off of the robes and the naked in the underworld and all that. Look up the the anonymous I N A N N A and the anonymous are essentially Venus. It’s mythology Ji that personifies Venus’s movement in the sky, meaning there’s a goddess in honor that goes through the actual movement that Venus does in the sky, which is like she starts in the sky, she goes under, where we can’t see her for a while. And that’s when she’s in the underworld. And then she emerges back from the underworld and takes her her throne. Again, her receipt. And so it’s actually a physical movement you can observe in the sky, which is amazing to do. And it’s and then there’s mythology around it, which is very ancient, very ancient mythology. Okay, Bronwyn, you’ve given us so much. Is there anything before I do my little summary? Is there anything else you’d want to add to this?

Bronwyn Simons 45:42
I think, you know, as a Gemini ascendant, I could always go into more detail, but I think, I think we can leave it there, I think it’s, um, I’d be happy to talk to you about whatever. I love that whatever.

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:57
Yeah, and as I go through the summary, if there’s anything you want to add to, but what you’re doing is demonstrating for us what it looks like to distill to the essence, you’ve just distilled the essence of the week, so that we have the most important aspects, we can carry those with us that are going to fit in our bag, and we can bring them with us throughout this week. So thank you for that. You’re demonstrating that. Okay. So this is a watershed moment where two different tides are merging together, we have the cycles that were ending, blending with the cycles that were beginning. And so there’s this movement of like, okay, what is it that we’re taking as we go into this new cycle, which is essentially a two year cycle? Yeah.

Bronwyn Simons 46:44
Okay. Yeah, in fact, I can give you the end date the next. Mars Jupiter, conjunction will be on August 14 2024.

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:54
Wow. And 2024 stands out as a year in my mind, because I know a lot of astrologers who have said, this time period that we’re in collectively this like, real feeling of breakdown and chaos and all that, then it’ll go till about 2024 20. I don’t know if you agree with that.

Bronwyn Simons 47:12
Yeah. I’m trying to remember exactly when Pluto will ingress Aquarius, but

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:18
Well, Ingress is Aquarius, but then goes back into Capricorn. And then

Bronwyn Simons 47:22
hey, that’s going to be really interesting. Like a macrocosm of what we’re experiencing this week, just that the watershed and combining of energies and yeah, I do. Yeah. 2025 As a final Ingress,

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:34
yes. Right. Okay, so So we’re in this long extended period, that this is an opportunity right now to be holding on to what’s essential. So this essential wisdom, it’s full of potential, this this week is full of potential. So being very mindful about how you’re directing your energy, I love the suggestion of a media fast. I’m in Are you all in and, and, you know, when I think of media fast, too, I used to think that would only mean a fast from, like, mainstream media. But that can also mean a fast from any kind of media that you are kind of constantly tuning into, and getting your grounding about what’s going on in the world. So I think that that any sort of media fast this week, like let’s we can do it together, you guys, I know can I

Bronwyn Simons 48:26
add to that as well as kind of fasting from the the uppermost level of your own mind, which is like that ticker on the TV, that’s just like, always going, going going and sinking down into that more magical Mercury mind, which is really good medicine for Mercury Retrograde anyway. So kind of count that as part of what’s what’s the, the, the rapid cycling that you want to ground down. Very good to take a little break from,

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:52
I can feel your four planets in Taurus. When you say things like that. It’s like you it’s like, just ground down into your body be in your bodies like okay, Bronwyn, we can do that. Okay, so we’re going to be having rich inner conversations this week. So give yourself the space to do that. And what do you want to bring forward? And what do you want to leave behind, especially around the areas of your values, and your emotions? And then this question of how do you want to take action? How do you want to take action really allowing yourself some space to think about those things? And also, what are your essential beliefs? So if you distill down to two, maybe not the surfacey kind of things that that people might be able to see? But what are the essential beliefs behind those things that people might see? Right? Yes. Okay. So we have this last week of the Mars Jupiter cycle, meaning we’re ending a Mars Jupiter cycle, and we’re beginning a new Mars Jupiter cycle. And this is a lot of action expansion. How do we want to expand your You’re also inviting us to put ourselves first and prioritize our own needs. This is an opportunity to put things in order and prioritize them. So again, it’s like looking at all the different things you could be doing. And there could be this sense of like, oh my gosh, I can do at all, but really taking the time to prioritize what actually needs to get done. First, second, and third, or what’s phase one, and then what can be phase two, and what can be phase three, and not trying to do everything all at the same time, you said this energy this week is we’re going to start to be tuning into a different mood. And there’s going to be a new sense of inner expansion. He said, along with that there is a purifying fire, we’re going to be able to see more clearly in the outer world, something that there’s been something happening on deeper levels, but we’re going to start to see the fruits of that are the results of that, like the bamboo coming up out of the soil. This is a turning point. So see how we can take action, take time to get clear now don’t disperse the energy too much. The ideas could be moving at rapid fire, you again reminded us to take care of ourselves physically. So maybe when you’re looking at your work week, you’re planning your week, have you made space for the things that make you feel grounded, whatever those are for you, maybe that’s taking walks in nature, maybe that’s meditation, maybe that’s yoga, maybe that’s dance, maybe that’s taking a bath, you know, whatever it is, making sure that you you’re you’re making space for it, and you’re prioritizing it. If you’re like me, it’s gotta be on the calendar, or it’s not happening

Bronwyn Simons 51:38
on the calendar. Important right now. Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:41
Okay. Because what you’re saying is, while there could be some mind movement, and a lot of information potentially coming in, that keeping your body calm, and your nervous system calm is really important.

Bronwyn Simons 51:52
Yeah, it’s really that Aries tourists conversation, where Aries can be like the the heightened nervous system and lot of cortisol flowing and you can use that and channel that really effectively in turn fear into excitement. If your grounding it back into that, that settled Torian body that is just centrally aware. So using that, letting your nervous system settle into that to that central body. And then it can be fun, then we can get to some of the good Taurus Aries stuff. So yeah, okay, there, I’m reminded there was one more quick kind of esoteric framing that I wanted to give this week, which is that we have three of our goddess asteroids in the early degrees of water signs, Hajia, Ceres and Vesta. So our healing capacity, our our that deep warrior wisdom series holds that in she also is familiar with the ways of the underworld. So she holds that for us, and Vesta, which is what we hold a flame for how we carry our beliefs in the world. All three of those Goddesses are in early degrees of the three water signs. So they’re forming a grand trine in water, it kind of fades in and out over the course of this week. And when I looked at it visually in the chart, just the way that chart is laid out this week, that grand trine kind of fading in and out it’s like they’re dancing around the main action that’s happening in Taurus Aries and just lending this nurturing, poignant sacred energy the way that those Goddesses can. And I think that that’s on a more esoteric level, that’s an energy that we can tap into that dance of compassion that’s happening in the sky that’s just kind of holding that trine and holding that bigger, compassionate watery shape around all this fire and earth businesses happening here. So I really loved the vision of that dance with the Goddesses kind of holding us you know, like the the the Matisse painting of the dance of life. Yes. Just picturing ourselves in the center of that as we go through this tumultuous but ultimately, I think clarifying energy of the next couple of weeks.

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:14
Thank you for bringing in the asteroid. Goddesses is always welcome. So yes, I can see that too. That that painting that you just brought in Okay, perfect. Do Mercury remediation. You said take a backwards and sideways look at how we’re moving. Huh? seek mental calm and look at the magic. I love that so much.

Bronwyn Simons 54:38
Yeah, look out for synchronicities.

Amanda Pua Walsh 54:40
synchronicities, okay. You said that our anxiety might be heightened and again the medicine you gave for that is getting into our bodies. Yeah, you said to again, lean into the wisdom of Venus and Taurus. Take action on what we really, really value. Then the conjunction of Moon Venus Venus is bringing in an emotional reminder of December, January, which goddess gotta admit makes me my palms sweat a little bit

Bronwyn Simons 55:09
like, Oh, that’d be really fast little shadow pack crossover. Alright, for the day and it’ll be clarifying really clarified. Okay. Yeah. Okay, not a repetition. Just a reminder an echo.

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:19
And and you said that it’s going to help us understand the purpose to have some of that time. out what what values? Did you refine during that time? Yes, you said to go outside in the morning. So go outside in the morning and actually see this, this Venus and the moon together. And there is a different level of connection that you will get with your astrology and with your week and with the planets when you start to look at them. Oh, my gosh, it changes everything. It’s one of those things. It’s hard to describe, because it’s like, once you experienced it, you’re gonna go Oh, yeah, I know what they’re talking about. But if you can, if it’s not, you know, there’s some sometimes It’s so disappointing because it’s like I wanted to, but I couldn’t because it was, it was cloudy, or you know, whatever. But if you can go out and do it, it’s worth it. And especially at Thursday, May 26. Yes. And,

Bronwyn Simons 56:09
and also on Sunday, because that Jupiter Mars conjunction that that we’ve been talking about is also going to be visible. You might have to, to Google the astronomy sites to find out exactly when but that’s also in the pre dawn sky. On Sunday, Monday. Yeah. Whoo.

Amanda Pua Walsh 56:25
Exciting. Okay. You said let’s see, be with Venus. And this is a reminder of how far you’ve come and what you truly value. And how do you want to compassionately fight for your values? Yeah. Beautiful. Thank you so much Bronwyn, this has been so much fun. Yes. And thanks for being here. All of you. Thanks for being with us. We do have something cool. We have a new free report that is a Sun Moon and rising reports. So you probably hear a lot about the big three and astrology and in the sun, moon and rising. If you don’t know anything else about your chart, just knowing your sun, moon and rising can be an amazing place to start. And even if you know what your Sun Moon and rising is, you still may love to get this report because it’s always described a little bit differently. Like how how different astrologers interpret the energies. And it’s always fun to see the different angles that you can interpret yourself by. Or you could get this free Sun Moon rising report for someone in your life. You can go to astrology hub.com/free report and pick that up today. And Bronwyn again. Thank you so much. You’re on Instagram still on? Oh,

Bronwyn Simons 57:44
yeah. find you there. Yeah, Moon dot wisdom on Instagram. And I’m there a lot.

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:48
Fantastic. Fantastic. All right. Thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you for sharing the show. Thank you for talking to your friends about the show. I love when we get testimonials that come in and say you’re my friend recommended that I listened to the weekly weather and I’ve been listening for months and I love it. Thank you. We love hearing your stories. We love connecting you with connecting with you this way every week and we’re so grateful that you’re part of this community at astrology hub. Thank you. And thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Thanks again Bronwyn.

Bronwyn Simons 58:25
Thank you so much.

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