[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] Breaking Point September 19th – 25th w / Becca Tarnas

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[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] Breaking Point September 19th – 25th w / Becca Tarnas

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Venus Opposite Neptune

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Becca Tarnas and Amanda โ€˜Puaโ€™ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ About the energies surrounding the Libra Equinox

๐ŸŒ’ How the Sun trine to Pluto can illuminate secrets and mysteries

๐ŸŒ“ All of the major aspects the Moon makes throughout the week and how it can affect your day

๐ŸŒ” Why this week is such a great opportunity to get artistic

Chapters ๐Ÿ“บ

0:00 Intro

11:44 Week Overview

14:11 Libra Equinox

16:51 Sun trine Pluto

20:57 The Meaning of a Balsamic Moon

27:50 Mercury Opposite Jupiter

32:48 Saturn Uranus Square

47:41 Mercury Ingress Virgo

50:42 Venus opposite Neptune

59:09 Summary

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Hey there Astrology lover. I recently asked Astrology author and professor Richard tar, why he’s so inspired to teach his upcoming workshop, your astrological initiation with his daughter, Becca. And this is what he said. I just saw this as did Becca a great opportunity to try to provide a way of understanding what the astrological mystery is about. We’re hoping to give those who are in the workshop,

a sense of, of grounding of foundations, of a larger framework of understanding within which their adventure and Astrology can unfold with greater fruitfulness. It’s a powerful tool. We want to give a sense for the, the great privilege and therefore also responsibility that comes with Astrology to see its nobility and to, and to recognize how to present the information that we get from our astrological study to do that in a way that is true to its highest potential.

If you’re interested in getting the perspective and wisdom, you need to ensure that you’re always using Astrology for good and minimizing its potential for harm, then this workshop is for you. You can learn more and join us now at Astrology Hub dot com slash initiation class starts soon. So make sure and check it out now at Astrology Hub dot com slash initiation, Rick and Becca.

Can’t wait to see you in class. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides. Okay. Welcome everybody. It is so, so wonderful to be here with all of you. And I’m thrilled to be here again with Becca tar this time for the weekly weather.

We did have Becca on the podcast last week, and it was an incredible episode. I told Becca, I think it was my favorite episode that she and I have had the pleasure of doing. And it’s just, it’s definitely worth tuning into, if you wanna check that out. It’s at Astrology Hub dot com slash Becca episode. And so we’re here today for the weekly weather for the week of September 19th through the 25th.

And this is also the week that we will be hosting Becca and her father Richard tar for the workshop, your astrological initiation, and Becca. I’d love to just take a moment to ask you a couple questions about that, cuz I know you and your dad are busy with your preparations for the workshop. And I’d love to ask you why the word initiation We,

we wanted to bring forward the in quality of what happens when we encounter Astrology. And it, it was in our conversations together when we were figuring out what we wanted to offer for the workshop that this, this FRA or this term kept coming up of initiation. And it’s one that I’ve heard. My dad use a lot over the years, he will reference like,

oh, those who are initiated into the astrological mystery or those who’ve had their initiation into Astrology. And, and it felt fitting for really what we were wanting to offer, which is in some ways, how do you live within an astrological worldview? And so that context of the worldview is what’s really important here because so many of us were raised in a modern postmodern worldview that,

that sees the cosmos as disenchanted as you know, meaningless purposeless, not intelligent. And when individuals encounter astrological correlations and, you know, feel seen by, by the cosmos, that is a radical shift in worldview, it, it kind of breaks your old paradigm. And so there is a kind of death of the old self, the old way of being,

and that’s very much what an initiation is. It is a kind of death rebirth mystery. And so that’s why we, we chose that term and also really what we’re gonna be speaking about kind of the larger context that we’re holding in throughout the workshop. So for those who have been studying Astrology for a long time already, can they become initiates again? I mean,

is this something for brand new students to Astrology or can we be initiated kind of over and over again? I mean, I always find that when, whenever I’m doing new research into Astrology, whether that’s preparing for a class or writing an article or even, you know, preparing for a counseling session, when I was doing that regularly, I would continue to have moments of kind of revelation where I don’t know if,

if others of you experience this, but you can be so steeped in Astrology where you reach a moment of like, is this really working? Like, is this real? And then something happens this kind of perfect alignment or synchronicity of what’s going on in someone’s life and you know, what was happening during their transits at that time, or, you know,

countless other examples where I do think we keep getting a kind of, reation maybe not as shocking as the first time that there is this continuous unfolding and sense of revelation because with each new correlation that we see the cosmos reveals itself more fully to us. So yeah, I do think that we keep being initiated and we keep being awakened to the astrological mystery,

So beautiful. Okay. So for, for new students to Astrology, this is going to like be the most amazing setting, the tone for your astrological journey and for seasoned initiates already, this will be an opportunity for a, a re initiation, a reawakening, a rejuvenation. So we would love to have you all in class. One more question, Becca.

Yeah. What has it been like kind of behind the scenes between you and your dad in the preparations for this class? It’s been, it hasn’t been very like rigidly structured. If that makes sense. It’s been like conversations that burst up all over the place because we do so much work together and you know, our, our fields are completely overlapping. We’re often in communication.

And so like, I sometimes I feel like I want to just mine, my text messages for deep kind of astrological and philosophical insights of like, God, I really should get this out of my phone and like into a document it’s it blows me away how much goes on in there probably cuz we both text from our computers. So it’s like these long texts come through.

So it’s funny like the planning takes place sometimes on the phone sometimes over text sometimes on zoom. Oh I had this idea and you know, one of the ways actually like when we were creating the curriculum, we were talking on the phone, he was kind of having more of a stream of consciousness flow and I was typing and then we were taking turns with that document where after that conversation I went in and I added more material and sent it to him and collaborating is a really interesting process because it doesn’t take place in the same way that when you’re creating a course,

you’re like, okay, I’m gonna sit down and think these things through. And it’s like, you have to check every little detail and is that okay? And my way of phrasing, it’s maybe a little different and you know, anyone who’s read cosmos and psyche knows that choosing just the right words in just the right order is really important to my father.

And I, and I completely agree with that. So that that’s, that kind of gives a, a picture of what our processes, but It’s so heartwarming. I can’t even tell you just that to imagine you two texting back and forth and having these aha moments and transcribing brilliant ideas for each other. It’s so inspiring as a mother, you know, to think that that,

that kind of bond and relationship is possible with your adult children. And it’s just so Beau it’s like, I love imagining this, if you ever feel inspired. And if it was something that wasn’t divulging, obviously anything too private, if you ever felt inspired to take a screenshot of a text message between you two and it would be so fun to share it in our mighty networks for the inner circle,

just so we can get a taste of like, this is, this is how these two are talking and preparing for this class. So yes. All right, well let’s, let’s get onto the weekly weather. Oh, before we do that, it’s Astrology Hub dot com slash initiation. That’s Astrology Hub dot com slash initiation. It’s happening this Wednesday. If you cannot make it live,

do not worry at all. The recording will be in your online learning library within 24 hours. So you’ll be able to catch up and then either join us live for the live Q and a, the following week or same thing, just tune into the recording. And even if you can’t join the live Q and a, you’re still gonna have an opportunity to get your question answered because we G we gather all the questions beforehand,

and then we give those to Rick and Becca, and then they’re gonna be answering the questions that come in before the live Q and a, when we have time, we also take live questions. So that is a possibility as well, but yes, as many of you as can join, we’d love to have you, this is an incredible opportunity to be in the presence of this like super powerhouse,

intergenerational duo of Richard and Becca Tarus. So again, Becca, thank you for trusting us with your work and with your father’s work and being a part of our community in this way. Oh, it’s absolutely a pleasure. And we both feel like we’re being just very, very well treated. I have to say. So thank you. Yay. Well,

yes, that’s good. Okay. And you’ll be well treated by our community too. There. This is the best group of students ever. You’re just there. It’s yes. Okay. Let’s talk about the week ahead. What would you say is the overarching theme that we’re working with this week? Well, I love that you asked me for this particular week because the,

one of the things that we’re looking at is the upcoming Equinox. So in the Northern hemisphere, it’s the, the auto Equinox and the Southern it’s, the, the spring Equinox, and then that’s marked astrologically by the ingression of the Sun into Libra. And so I would see that shift as maybe the overarching theme for the week. And, you know,

there’s a number of really beautiful transits that are happening at the same time around this because the new Moon follows not too long after the, the shift into Libra season. And so there is a, a sense in these few days where, you know, it’s September 22nd, that the Sun Ingress into Libra that we have the Equinox. And then the, the new Moon is kind of right between 24th,

25th. So that sense of a new cycle is coming through at multiple levels. It’s a new season, it’s a new lunar cycle. And of course that’s being colored as, as we’ll look into in more detail by a number of different planetary aspects by transits. But that sense of a, it’s a turning over of a, a new leaf. And of course,

here in the, the Northern hemisphere, I live in the forest. So I, I think I see this really distinctly the, the leaves falling that shift into fall and a, a kind of palpable sense of something ending something new coming in at these multiple, multiple levels and, and doing it under, I have to say some really beautiful conditions, especially as we,

we get into the latter part of that week. Okay, we’ll go there next, but can you spend a little more time on the significance of the Equinox? You know, cuz I know cultures have been celebrating the Equinox and the solstice forever. Why like what is the significance of it? Hmm, well just speaking astronomically first and geologically the Equinox is when the earth is at the point in its orbital path around the Sun,

that the light coming in from the Sun hits the earth at such an angle that we have an equal day and equal night. So the, the word Equinox means equal night, equi Knox. And so that there is this sense of kind of balance that’s present there a balance between day and night, the shift into the Sun being in Libra as well. That sign is all about balance.

It’s the scales, the weighing of the scales and kind of holding things in a balance and inequality. And with Venus being the ruler of Libra, there is that quality as well of balance in a harmonious way and kind of holding things in, in a beautiful or ordered sort of equilibrium with each other. And so that, that significance really marking the shift of the seasons,

the equal, the time of equal light and equal dark. I think we feel it very palpably at a, at a somatic and maybe emotional level as well. And it’s that the marking of the seasons, you know, the Astrologers talk so much about what’s the difference between like the tropical Zodiac Andal and so on. And I think part of why I was so eager to be focusing on this week,

is this transition into fall or into spring depending which hemisphere you’re living in there’s no, that is an earthly experience. And there’s no question about that being a very significant marker, whatever Zodiac you’re working with. Okay. Beautiful. All right. So let’s you, you alluded to some other transits that are happening this week that are, is really adding to this kind of balanced and harmony and this beautiful energy of the Equinox.

Do you wanna take it from today Monday though? Do you wanna just walk us through the days? Yes, let’s do that. That sounds good. When we start off and I’ll just say what I usually focus on when I’m looking at the transits, coming ahead, I tend to focus more on planetary aspects than planets and signs so I can bring in the planets and the signs,

but what really stands out to me qualitatively are the alignments the planets are making with each other. And so on, on Monday, September 19th, we have two exact alignments of planets with each other. I’m gonna bracket the Moon for a second, cuz it moves so quickly, but we have the Sun coming into an exact Rine to Pluto Pluto, and we have Venus Venus coming into an exact trine with Uranus.

So what we, what we see there is looking first at the Sun, trying Pluto, Pluto, they’re both harmonious. Interestingly being TRIBErs, they’re both kind of more confluent harmonious soft aspects, but there’s a mutual activation of these archetypal energies. And the Sun tends to in world transits tends to highlight and illuminate and bring, focus onto what it touches. So with Pluto,

it has more to do with the depth with what’s hidden. What is below the surface of things, maybe illuminating things that we don’t always see clearly or illuminating. You know, it may be more transformational or evolutionary processes. I wouldn’t necessarily see the Sun trying Pluto coming through in the way we might see like Sun opposite Pluto or Sun square Pluto, where it could be like an illumination of really shadowing material,

but it could be some of that. Or it could be more of an integration of things of like, oh, I really needed to look at that, but it’s easier to handle at this point, like looking into the dark, the hidden things, the underbelly, but more of an opportunity to integrate that in a, a healthier way. And then with Venus forming a,

trying to Uranus this too, being a more confluent aspect, Uranus awakens, whatever it touches, liberates that. And so in this case, it’s that liberation of the veian of Aphrodite of the, the beautiful, the exquisite, the loving, and I find that Venus Venus Uran and the world transits will come through where there’s more of a draw to be like socially open and in a playful,

eccentric kind of excited way. It can be a more socially active alignment. And that, that sense of like an opening of the heart that can be present to, or an awareness of aesthetics or of the arts or beauty that feels more unusual or unique or quirky or curious or eccentric those qualities that Joran brings in. So I think having those simultaneously, the Sun Pluto,

Pluto Pluto on the one hand, which kind of brings us into the depths, but it’s illuminating those depths. And then the Venus Uran, which is a bit more light, playful, social loving, you know, sensual and sexy as well. Like Venus Venus you’re honor can have that quality to it. So that’s peaking on, on Monday the 19th.

That was my next question. I know it’s it it’s exact on that day, but how long do we feel these types of energies before and After? So for a trying, I would look, I mean, honestly I would look 10 degrees out, so I would start noticing this come in in the week before, but as they, they tighten in with each other,

you would really be feeling this in, you know, the three, four days prior and then same afterwards as well. I would often see it like a, it’s like a slow fade in more and more correlations and then it peaks and, and then kind of coming down on the other side. Brilliant, okay. Tuesday we have definitely will have a carryover of the Sun Pluto and the,

the Venus Venus you’re onus Tuesday, the 20th is full of the Moon making many different aspects. And that’s kind of the main feature in terms of exact alignments that’s happening on Tuesday. The, the Moon shifts over the course of the day from an opposition to Pluto, Pluto into a sextile with the Sun. So I’ll loop back to that because that’s the balsamic Moon,

the, the closing phase of the, the Sun Moon dance, and then the Moon Ingress into Leo. So it’s moved out of cancer into Leo. It was in cancer the day before, and as it enters into Leo, then it forms a sextile to Mercury, which is retrograde. And then finally finishing up with this, trying to Jupiter. So that’s quite a story for,

for Tuesday in terms of the Moon touching on, you know, half, almost half the planets, is that unusual, Becca, it’s not that unusual. It depends on really where the other planets are. I’ll notice that there are some days where you just see the Moon sweeping through a bunch of aspects. And I, I like to track these days because the Moon,

you know, the Moon connects to our emotions, our feelings, our, our bodies, our somatic, the sensibility. And when we pay attention to what the Moon is doing over the course of the day, cuz the Moon moves very quickly. It can move 12 to 15 degrees a day. And when it makes a whole series of aspects like this,

we literally feel it. We feel it in our bodies. We feel it in our emotions because it moves so quickly. It’s often hard to track. I mean, you could be a full-time lunar transiting tracker and that would be a full-time job. How am I feeling now? How am I feeling now? And I think it’s a great exercise for students to take on like take a week where you’re just tracking the moons transits and notice your emotional and somatic response to that.

So it’s not terribly rare. I would say the Moon is constantly moving through aspects, but I do find it interesting to notice those days where like in this case there’s a changing of signs right in the middle of it. And there are no other planetary aspects that are moving into exact alignment that day, obviously they’re they’re going on. And so I think it tells a story,

right? It, the day begins with the Moon opposite Pluto, Pluto, which can bring in more or intense feelings. We may feel kind of more emotionally raw. So check how you’re feeling that morning. And then we’re, we’re coming into, you know, the Moon sextile, the Sun, which is that closing present in the lunar cycle, the balsamic Moon.

And that too has a feeling of, oh, I’m, I’m moving toward the end of a cycle. I’m moving toward the new Moon. The energy is waning. The Moon is literally waning and there’s a kind of harmonious, but subtle balance between the solar kind of energetic principle and the lunar more intimate side of ourselves. So both of those indicate a more of an inward emotion.

I would say as the cycle WANs, as one may be feeling or dealing with deeper, more in intense emotional experiences. But then the Moon moves into Leo, which is an interesting place for the Moon. It leaves its its home sign of cancer and enters into the sun’s realm where, you know, traditionally it wouldn’t be seen as in, in fall or in detriment there.

But the Moon in Leo, Leo is still answering to the Sun and as the Moon is answering to the Sun in that sign and we think of the Moon being in a balsamic phase, I do get the sense of how the Moon is doing is little more the Moon isn’t in full kind of expression of self. It’s more like, oh, it’s time to tuck in time to tuck inward.

Right. And this is just, you know, two days before that shift of the seasons we’re talking about. And I do think there’s that sense of like, summer’s ending like this is everyone’s going back to school, everyone’s going back to, you know, more maybe mental or intellectual way of being. I know for me personally, I always find it easier to like read and study and so on as the weather gets cooler.

So that going inward feeling, but then what happens the last two aspects that the Moon makes on that day on, on Tuesday is it starts to highlight by soft aspect, the Mercury Jupiter opposition that’s in the sky and has been in the sky for some time and will continue to be the reason we’re getting this long Mercury Jupiter opposition is because Mercury Mercury stationed retrograde opposite Jupiter,

and then has just been coming back in closer in that opposition to Jupiter. So they’re really, they’re hanging out with each other, Mercury, Mercury and Jupiter are looking at each other and I’m even noticing it right now as I’m Mercury, Jupiter likes to talk a lot long sentences, big ideas, loquacious LA and so on. And so the end of Tuesday,

the Moon lights that up by soft aspect, sextile, Mercury, trying Jupiter. And I think brings that more veracious and you know, very long conversational quality, particularly into the emotional sphere, the relational domain, the home, the family. I could imagine this playing out Tuesday evening as long conversations at home. Or if you think about it in a participatory sense,

maybe a good time to have long conversations at home or with family members. I’m just realizing I’ll probably be having long conversations with one of my family members cuz we have a workshop the next day. So thing, things like that is what I would see with that kind of lunar story over the course of Tuesday. Hmm. Fun. I love that tracking of that storyline.

That’s that’s a really cool thing to do. Okay. And then that brings us to Wednesday, your workshop day. Yes, it does. Definitely the, the Mercury Jupiter will be present and you’ll be experiencing the, the long sentences. And So maybe play that it’s gonna be longer than, than what we think potentially If I, I do have the direct experience and my dad’s course,

he would, the closer you get to the end, the more there is to say, and we know we have four hours, which is a, a full amount of time and we’re certainly gonna be filling it. But it’s my, my commitment to Saturn that will, will end on time. But hopefully in a positive sense that will come through as like really rich material and big ideas and a kind of grandeur to what we can inspire in others thinking.

I mean, these are the really positive sides of Mercury Jupiter, where an abundance of intellectual stimulation and ideas and, you know, engaging with higher thought and higher education and broadening your scope of, of intellect and so on. That’s all Mercury Mercury Jupiter. So that’s very much gonna be a, a dominant factor throughout that day as well. The one exact alignment that comes through on the 21st is the Moon forming a sextile to Mars.

And it’s a nice, subtle connection between the two of the 60 degree sextile. And I find this combination can be quite activating and like physically activating emotionally activating both the Moon and Mars relate in different ways to the body, the Moon, more in like a fully somatic sense, Mars, more like our, our energy and the fire in our blood and our,

you know, desire to move. That’s why it’s connected to athleticism for example. And so that Moon Mars, even though it’s just the, the soft sextile, it can inject some like restlessness or higher energy into, into the day. Probably not to the degree, again, as we might see with an opposition conjunction or square where it might be like really emotionally irritable,

a recommendation, I often give to people from Moon, Mars, alignments in the world, transits, it’s a great time to clean your house. Like you get moving you’re in the home, you’re taking action and it’s, you can put it to use in a way that feels fruitful and you get something done again, this is, it’s just a, a sextile here not to downplay the sextile,

but I don’t think it’ll have that same push as other Moon Mars, alignments, but still, if you are coming to the workshop and you’re gonna be sitting for four hours, maybe work out beforehand or, you know, also have certain, you know, this is the advantage of being able to take classes on, on zoom is that you can move around and still watch and participate.

And so that’s reminded of my days in graduate school, where there would be students in the back doing yoga and stretching as they’re taking in the lecture. Nice. Yeah. So that kind of, that kind of energy. Okay, fabulous. Let’s see. Thursday the 22nd. So what we have coming in here and this, this definitely starts to come in at this starts to come in on Wednesday evening,

but it’s really coming through Thursday morning as well. Is the Moon then moves into a T square with the Saturn Uranus square and Saturn and Uranus, which have been in a square since early 2020, they’re coming back in for their last, very, very close alignment this fall. And the they’re so close at this point. They’re within one degree and the Moon coming into a T square with both can definitely have some tension that’s present there.

The Moon is gonna be putting a felt emphasis on that Saturn Uranus. Of course we could spend the entire time talking about Saturn. You’re honest, but I won’t, I won’t do that. But that the tension between Saturn you’re honest, where they really are, it really is a tension of opposites between, you know, freedom on the one hand responsibility on the other,

between the rules and the desire to be independent. And the Moon, when it comes into a hard alignment like that with Saturn and Uran, it really can bring about the feeling of something’s gotta give emotionally or relationally. And, you know, the Moon is making hard aspects to the Saturn. You’re on four times a month, especially as they’re so tight right now.

So this is kind of our, our weekly push on that. But there’s something about the T square in particular, where there, there is so much of a feeling of tension of opposites in the T square, the opposition with that, that square between them that reflects the nature of Saturn neuro anyway. And so this is a, a mourning in particular that I would suggest being really emotionally,

careful, sensitive, attuned, aware where your breaking points might be aware, what might feel stressed, what wants to give. It’s not the only moment like this. That’s gonna unfold under the Saturn. You’re honest, but it’s, this is a good opportunity to really pay attention to it. And I think we’re seeing that on a larger scale with the Saturn Uranus in general,

people are reaching a breaking point. People are reaching, whether it’s with a job or a relationship or the, the economic situation in general of this, can’t keep going. This isn’t sustainable. Something has to change. Something has to, to give. And that’s a much larger theme well beyond this week, but I think we may really feel it or feel attuned to that coming in Wednesday night,

Thursday morning, Becca, are we at the point in that process where, where the best strategy might be to surrender to the change that wants to happen? Are we still in the sort of push pull of figuring out what the change needs to be like, where are we at? Cause I we’ve been in this process of, of, you know, being almost on a breaking point of,

of new horizons and, and new directions for a while. Yeah. And so just where are we at in that storyline? You know, I think that that is really gonna for everyone listening. It’s really gonna depend whatever your breaking point situation is. So to hold it in that context, but Saturn your is about making the hard changes, the consequential changes and it Saturn neuro changes can come through in two kind of major categories or forms cuz on the one hand it can be the sudden break,

the sudden collapse of old structures. And that often feels like it’s beyond our choice of like, you know, something has to give and then you see it give and it’s almost, it does feel like, wow, that’s beyond me. And then we’re having to just learn to deal with the consequences. The other is where you are better able to participate in that.

And here’s where I think, you know, you really have to sit down with your more mature, responsible self and say, can I take on the hard work Saturn that it’s going to take to implement these changes in a lasting way. And that’s really trying to hold the two archetypes together in a way that’s mutually supportive, which is a very hard thing to do.

But I think that’s ultimately one of the big tasks or lessons of Saturn, your honest alignments in general, it’s simultaneously looking to the past at our own personal past our historical collective past, seeing what worked, what didn’t work and then discerning from that what to bring forward into the future. And in some cases that’ll be a hard break with the past and in others,

it’s this complex blending of tradition and innovation, right? Saturn you’re honest tradition, innovation, the old and the new working to bring change within the system so that the system does not collapse from under us. And again, that’s really gonna depend what your personal situation is that you’re dealing with. Are you in a position where you want to maintain a system,

but recognize that changes need to be made within that? Or are you in a position where you’re like this whole thing has to come down to the foundations cause either way there’s cracks in the system. Does that make sense? How I’m speaking to that Completely completely. And, and I see what you’re saying too about why this can be so challenging because staying in the old structures,

at least the perception is that it takes less energy. That it’s, it’s not as hard because you, you can kind of just keep doing things while you’ve been doing them. But the truth is because those structures are being asked to break anyways, it’s like, is it, is it actually easier to stay in the old structures or would it be better on all levels?

Yes. It takes energy. Yes. It takes innovation. Yes. You have to meet it. You have to meet the thing and breathe new life into it in order to reimagine it and to bring a new structure into form. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, I, I, I, there’s like several different areas of my life where I’m in that.

And one is the, the, you know, the homeschool community we are in with my children. It’s like, here’s the way school has been done. Is that really serving? Does that really work? And how do we do it differently? And can we sustain that, that, that question that you ask can do we actually have the energy to,

to sustain something new? And what’s the honest answer to that. I mean, I think that this is, it is complex. You know, it is usually not just like a really, oh, you know, we’re just gonna stop doing that and now we’re gonna do this and it’s all just gonna work. It’s like, this is what we’re here to work out at this time.

And I think Athene that we often see with Saturn, your honest, that that can be quite challenging with it is when, when things break that there are mistakes, that there are accidents sometimes very literally accidents, but sometimes more just in, you know, mistake and interactions and so forth and having to be flexible with the mistakes and the miscommunications and the accidents.

And, and that’s usually where we see what the cracks in the system even are that need to change. And then that’s where you weigh out the decision. Am I patching this up? Like, am I, am I bringing in, I see a crack in the foundation. Am I bringing in new mortar to fortify that? Or do we need to root this whole foundation out and start over?

And each one of us could probably identify multiple things in our personal lives where like you’re holding that tension with your, your children’s schooling. Where is it a question of, should they be educated at all? That’s probably not on the chopping block, but how that happens. And that’s where you can see you’re still staying in this attorney and framework. You’re not questioning.

I mean, maybe you’re not questioning the validity of education as a whole. Right. But how it’s been done, what’s being taught. Yes. Why we do it this way? Yes. So you can really, it’s not overall change, but it’s, it’s still a major rehaul and rethinking of whatever the particular problems are that face us. I think the underlying current for all of us or the underlying threat is that at this point we need to be meeting life where it’s at and where it’s wanting to take us.

And there’s a certain amount of, I, I wanna use the word aliveness, but you know, it’s like, it’s not a time to be on autopilot and just kind of let things go the way that they’ve always gone, gone and not think about that. I mean, maybe that is the way it needs to go, but, but to really be having a little bit of a critical process around the things that are happening in our lives and meet it with,

with that fresh energy of, of like, is this, is this really serving? And if it’s not what needs to happen. And I love what you just said about being flexible enough to, to make mistakes and to receive mistakes being made towards you, you know, the both ways it’s, it seems really important that that kind of softness with the process itself because it is not established.

It is not a road traveled before. And again, I think so many of us are here this time to revision a way forward. And there isn’t a, here’s how you do it manual. We’re having to figure it out. Absolutely. Yeah. It’s so much what the Saturn, your honor era is about. And we’re still gonna be in this world,

transiting partway into 2023, but it’s this last part of 20, 22. That’s really, we’re deep in it right now. And a lot of the themes that have come up in the last few years, this is, this is kind of the last moment to address them before, you know, the, the next big Saturn you’re on alignment will be the conjunction in the early 2030s.

So we, we can get our fill in, in both a positive and negative sense of the Saturn you’re on us right now and all the, the lessons hard and liberating that it has to teach us. Okay. So it’s the Moon in a T square to Saturn and Uranus. That’s really adding tension to the already existing tension around these Topics. Exactly.

Yeah. Okay. Moon moves into that T square. And that happens to be the same day, September 22nd, that the Sun Ingress into Libra. So that marks the Equinox and just as the Sun crosses into tropical Li Libra, it conjoins Mercury Mercury retrograde at the same degree. So they meet at that moment, which I think is quite significant because Mercury Mercury retrograde,

which we have through the end of the month. Also, I didn’t notice this as an astrologer until the Saturn you’re honor came into the sky, but Saturn you’re honor, in some ways is like a really big version of what happens in Mercury Mercury retrograde periods. Like I’m trying to push forward. Nope. That’s not gonna work. I’m trying to do,

Nope. That’s not gonna work like a lot of the ha having to go back and revise and redo and rethink that comes with Mercury retrograde. So we’ve got this almost like holographic quality between them where they’re all really mirroring each other. And so the Sun can join Mercury Mercury, which is retrograde at that moment further emphasizes and highlights how Mercury is doing at this time,

which Mercury Mercury may not be operating according to its normal, its normal programming where the communications are flowing and, you know, moving smoothly in terms of all the domains that Mercury rules in terms of ideas and thinking and learning and speaking and writing and education and commerce and travel and exchange. But what is good about that is it gives us an opportunity to slow down and reflect and rethink and review and revise,

right? All these rewords that come with retrograde. And I just love that that happens right at that Equinox point because what, speaking of someone in the Northern hemisphere, the feeling of fall, when autumn comes in, it’s also a time to slow down the world is starting to cool off go inward, get cozy. And, and that just feels so fitting to me that it would especially be happening at that Mercury in that Mercury domain.

I love it. And I have to say, this is the, the, to inside of me, September 22nd is known as Hobbit day amongst those who love the Lord of the rings. And because it’s when the, the great journey starts off for those characters. So I think it’s not insignificant that Toki set that date when the adventure begins on September 22nd. So I just have to throw that in there.

Was that also the Equinox or did it fall on the Equinox in the story? It falls on the Equinox. Yeah. So it’s carrying that whole OT feeling. Yeah, beautiful. So then we, when we moved to the 23rd, Friday, Mercury Mercury, continuing to move retrograde Ingress back into Virgo. So out of Libra, back into Virgo, so the Sun and Mercury have switched places.

And I think Mercury Mercury will be a little happier coming back into its sign of rulership and exaltation. And so even though Mercury Mercury is continuing to move retrograde through that time, it, I think it’ll might be a little bit more comfortable and perhaps even some of the challenges or the problems that have come up earlier in the retrograde period may have the opportunity to be addressed or solved or fixed still using Mercury retrograde methods of review and revise.

But yeah, maybe not quite as challenging. That would be my, yeah, my kind of view on that and then beautiful alignment that we have coming in the same day that reaches exactitude on this day is Venus Venus opposing Neptune and Venus with Neptune is the it’s the combination that brings forward like beauty, divine love the sacred expressed through the beautiful it’s this union of the,

the heavenly, the celestial, the, the sacred with, with the heart, with love, with our expressions of devotion. So it can be a very idealistic time, very romantic time, very dreamy. It can be, I mean, Venus Venus Neptune is so wonderful to spend enjoying the arts, like the exquisiteness of the arts of, you know,

beautiful music or a beautiful and environment or making art yourself. It is such a romantic aspect. Although there can’t, you know, the warning we often have to bring in with Venus Neptune is it can be a little bit delusional at times. And so to, if things feel so magical and too good to be true, sometimes it’s good to look through the veil,

especially if something new is beginning then in a romantic liaison, but yeah, Venus, Venus Neptune, it’s just that absolutely exquisite ethereal, fairytale, romance kind of Alignment. Fun. Yeah. Nice Venus day energy. Exactly. Yeah. Coming, reaching exact alignment on Friday. And then as we move to September 24th, really there’s this whole alignment that starts coming together.

The Moon moves first. It touches in, in a square to Mars, again, that more kind of fiery or energetic energy and are trying to Uran. And so earlier in the day may feel a little bit more agitated, active needing to, to get something moving, get out of the house, change something in one’s environment that restlessness, but then the Moon by the end of the day,

and this spills over into Sunday, the 25th, the Moon starts moving through this. Telium where it’s the Moon Venus Mercury Mercury, and then the Sun. So if you can just picture that lineup, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mercury, Mercury Sun, beautiful Telium and it’s opposite Neptune and Jupiter. So even though Neptune and Jupiter are further apart, now,

they are, you know, they made that exact conjunction in April of this year and they’re coming back together again, they won’t be exact, but they are moving back towards each other and they’ll be lit up by this big Telium opposing it. So we have Jupiter Neptune on the one side, the Moon Venus Mercury, and the Sun on the other side.

I mean, that’s a, that’s a big moment. And the, the Moon, as it moves through that, Telium conjoining, Venus, conjoining, Mercury. And then finally on, on Sunday, the 25th conjoining the Sun at the new Moon and that new Moon happens, right. Opposite Jupiter while Mercury and Venus are right opposite Neptune. And so to,

to break down the qualities of that energy, and I already described Venus with Neptune, Mercury is coming into that as well, which brings in the poetic, which brings in the, like the expressions of love. Mercury Venus is like the classic. I love you aspect. And so opposite Neptune, it’s gonna really bring in a very dreamy and, and magical quality think of someone like John KES,

the Roman young, romantic poet, and this beautiful poetry that he, he was born with Sun Mercury, Mercury, Venus Neptune. So we’re getting that kind of poetic quality, this romantic, poetic quality coming in at a world transiting level. And then with the new Moon opposing Jupiter that can often bring in a sense of growth expansion, joy joviality, a a kind of,

I mean, very, very simply put like a happiness, like there’s this Jupiter sense of joy and optimism and positivity that infuses the, the new Moon that infuses the beginning of this next cycle. And so there’s an interesting transition through the whole week where there is a, a shifting a shifting of the seasons, a shifting from one, you know, the Sun being in one sign to another,

a kind of closing down, but then this opening out into a really kind of beautiful exquisite idealistic, joyful quality. So that, that alignment, these, this Telium opposite, the Jupiter Neptune, which is coming back in, I think will give us certainly a, a welcome relief and opportunity for an appreciation of the beautiful things in life that I, I can imagine,

you know, considering the world conditions, many of us can feel disconnected from. And even if it comes in just for a few days to be able to, to lean into that and, and participate in it. Hmm. I love all of that. Like what an amazing weekend. It just sounds like incredible weekend weather that we haven’t had for early long time.

Yeah. And it’s funny that you mentioned the Jupiter Neptune energy coming back in because somebody after the Jupiter Neptune Pisces conjunction that we had in April, somebody amazing, awesome from the audience sent me this Jupiter candle like this, this beautiful handmade yellow BR you know, gold Jupiter candle. And I just felt inspired to pull it out and light it the other night.

And I was remembering the expansiveness of that energy at that time, like where we’re dreaming into big dreams and possibilities. And at that time I made some commitments that now I’m looking at going, oh my God, what was I thinking? Like, I don’t have time for this. This is not where I need to be doing, but there’s some of the things that are feeding my soul the most,

even though I like I resist them because I don’t feel like they’re very practical. So it’s interesting to hear that, that energy’s kind of coming back that we’re gonna get to experience it again on some level. And so people may be remembering the threads of some of the dreams or the, or the ideas or the visions that you planted in the ground in the spring or fall,

if you’re Southern hemisphere when Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Pisces. Yeah. Cause that, that was a real big, big astrological moment this year. And it seemed to like, come and go. At least that was my experience of it. I don’t know how you felt Becca or if it’s felt like it lasted all year for you, but, or did it feel like it peaked and then it sort of went away?

It definitely felt like it, it peaked like when it was exact in April and March, April, may in particular, it just felt like this was the, the rainbow bubble that many of us were, were living within. And it has felt like it’s kind of faded into the background. I still notice it in some correlations here and there, especially for individuals where that alignment is touching a very personal part of their Chart.

Hmm. But this is coming back in Jupiter will Ingress back into Pisces once more in the later part of this year. And I think that this new Moon with Mercury Mercury and Venus opposite, the Jupiter Neptune will in itself be a reminder like faster moving inner planets, they, they trigger or they set off bigger, outer planetary alignments, and they bring a focus onto it where we,

it kind of reignites whatever the archetypal qualities are of that particular outer planetary alignment. So I do think the end of this upcoming week, especially over the weekend, the 24th, 25th will really carry that energy. Hmm. So it is a good time to remember those dreams and, and to keep dreaming into them and then look at, well, what do I need to do so that the dream isn’t just a dream.

It becomes a reality. Ooh. Yes. All right. You did such an amazing job illustrating and walking us through the storyline of the week and showing us how it is this sort of going in that I felt like there was a, there was a going in process, a little bit of a reevaluation process and review process happening. And then how we’re ending with this real going out energy,

very heart based, very beautiful and veian and Neptune and all of those amazing qualities. So there’s, there’s a, a full spectrum this week. And I’ll, are you ready for the summary of summarizing the whole week? Yeah. Oh, it’s this is what I get to do. Oh, yes. You’re like, oh, that’s so much better.

You just go, okay. I guess I’ll do that. Yes. I can’t wait. Yes. All so essentially the biggest theme for the week though, is this Equinox, this, this closing down and going into something new, and this is shifting into Libra, we’re beginning multiple levels of new cycles and where the energy is really gonna come into a new kind of balance.

And on Monday, the major themes is this Venus, Venus, trine, ness, and Sun trine Pluto. So there’s an integration of things that we need to look at. There’s a liberation of, of veian energy. There’s maybe a social energy. There’s an opening of the heart awareness of aesthetics. It seems like a great day to do art as well.

There’s a lot of good days to do art this week, but this definitely seems like one of those. And on Tuesday we have the Moon making many aspects and you walked us through that storyline of the Moon, which is basically starting emotionally raw going inside, having this opportunity to maybe talk things out and be verbal and especially at home. So those are gonna be some of the,

the themes for Tuesday, Wednesday. We have this Mercury Jupiter energy, which is bringing rich material, big ideas, grandeur, abundance of ideas, broadening of the scope of intellect. Perfect timing. And I know that you selected the date for your astrological initiation, you and your, your dad looked at the Astrology and made sure that the energy was good for the workshop.

And so then we also have this Moon. Moon is activating as well. So Moon sextile, Mars, that there could be a little bit of a restlessness in the day, this great day to clean your house. You might wanna work out before the workshop, get some energy out, set your day up so that you can actually release some of that energy that might be coming up Thursday.

This is this Moon in the T square to Saturn and Uranus. Something’s got to give this be aware of your own emotional sensitivity, others, emotional sensitivity, be attuned to that, and also be attuned to this question. What wants to give what is no longer sustainable and what needs to shift that you may be at a breaking point, where are the places in your life that you are at a breaking point?

Can I take on the hard work of what this change entails? So taking a real Saturnian perspective, like, can I actually take this on right now? This big change, then also you, you highlighted that there could be this complex blending, that it might not be a hard break, that there is this complex blending of old energies and new energies in new ways,

be flexible with mistakes. You said, this is also the day that Sun moves into Libra and it conjoins Mercury retrograde. This is again, an opportunity for this revision review revised thing we’ve been doing since Mercury went into a retrograde for it to be highlighted. And this is an opportunity and invitation to slow down on Friday, Mercury moves into Virgo. So you’re saying that this might not,

it might not be as challenging to do these review processes. Venus Venus is also opposing Neptune. So this is exquisite beauty, the union of the celestial with the heart and love and devotion. It’s idealistic, it’s romantic, it’s dreamy, enjoy the arts, make art and be careful of delusions. So you’re falling in love on this day. Maybe take a little bit of the rose colored glasses.

Just, just know that you probably are wearing rose colored glasses. And so be as discerning as you can, maybe just experience it today, but don’t make any, don’t go to Vegas and get married today to the person that you met today. Right? Okay. You Known them long time. It’s a different story. Enjoy the magic, right? Enjoy the magic.

Yes. Okay. On Saturday the 24th, we have Moon square Mars. Trius we have this amazing Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mercury Sun, opposite Neptune and Jupiter. So I love just the visual of that. It’s so beautiful to imagine it. And so what is that illuminating? What is that highlighting this again? Poetic expressions of love, enchanted magical.

These words. I just love, I love the word enchanted. It’s such an amazing word and it’s not used enough. So this, this is a day for that growth expansion, joy, joviality, and happiness. Again, this idea of closing things down and opening up to something very new something very, I mean, this lunar cycle is starting off with this beautiful energy.

Not only is the lunar cycle starting off with that, but like you said, the, the Equinox is setting that kind of energy into effect. And then we also have this Jupiter Neptune re ignited. So yeah, absolutely. Anything that I did not say correctly or that you would want to add. Well, just when you brought up the word enchanted,

which is, it’s such an Neptunian word in general, but when combined with Venus or combined with Mercury Mercury, we particularly it come through in language or in artistic expression or in like the enchantment of love or how we observe under Venus Neptune alignments, the world itself can look more beautiful. Hmm. And the word enchanted comes from the, the Latin income tie to mean,

meaning like to be in a song. And so to be enchanted is to be within kind of the music of, of magic of the music of the spheres. Like you’re fully immersed in that. So I just love that root of the word enchanted. Okay. And the only thing I would bring in specifically is that when we were talking about the Mercury Mercury Jupiter opposition,

that’s here through the whole week and it has been even longer because of Mercury, Mercury moving so slowly in opposition to Jupiter. So just, I was particularly noting its potential presence on Wednesday, but that that’s an undercurrent throughout not to, not for us to tie it to a particular day, which I think the way I brought it up could make it seem that way.

Perfect. Thank you. I need to share a magical moment with all of you, because what you just said about the word enchanted and how it comes from encanta, which means to be in a song, it relates to one of the commitments that I made in April in the Jupiter Neptune in Pisces expansive moment. It is one of those commitments that I’m looking at going,

oh my God, what was I thinking? And that was joining the song writer’s journey, which is something I’m in right now. And I’m actually having to like start to write music. And I’m like, oh my God, what am I even doing? So I love that you just brought that up as a totally magical synchronicity for me right now, cuz it’s like I was saying,

how much I love the word enchanted? And you’re like, well it means to be in a song it’s like, oh God, that’s the one thing that I committed to that I’m going, oh my gosh, I was, I nuts. And so it’s, it’s having this opportunity to be back in that energy to be back in that dreamy, what is possible poetic,

all of that. And so I’m grateful for it and I’m very grateful for you Reen it for all of us, you know, breathing new life and awareness for all of us. And I’m grateful for the universe for continuing to do this and to help us stay in this place of magic over and over again, which again brings us to your workshop and this opportunity we have to be reinitiated into the magic,

into the mystery, into the beauty that Astrology can really infuse into our daily reality. This can be a lived experience every single day, Rick Levine. And I had the cosmic connection on last Thursday, we were talking about invoking planetary energies. And one of the books that he recommended is by Carolyn Casey. And it’s called making the gods work for you, which is kind of a tongue in cheek title.

She even says in the book, but it is. It’s also on this theme of how do we bring these planetary energies, these archetypes, these gods into our life on a daily basis and dance and play and live with them all the time. So I’m so grateful that you and your dad are gonna be doing this this week for any of you who wanna join it’s Astrology Hub dot com slash initiation.

We’d love to have you, and it’s gonna be quite an experience. Oh, we’re so much looking forward to it as well. And, and thank you so much for the opportunity for, for us to present this material. Yeah. All right. Well, thank you very much, Becca. It’s been such a pleasure to have the weekly weather with you.

It’s been such a pleasure to share this time with all of you. Thank you so much for tuning into this episode. Thank you for being a part of our community and thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode. Take care. Everybody. This podcast is presented by Astrology Hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at Astrology Hub dot com slash podcasts.

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