Are You Living by Your Core Values? , December 12-15 w/ Astrologer Bear Ryver

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Jupiter in Aries & Mercury in Capricorn

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Award-Winning Astrologer Bear Ryver and Amanda โ€˜Puaโ€™ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ How Jupiter moving into Aries this week is opening a new chapter for all of us.
๐ŸŒ’ The purpose of disillusionment and how to begin turning your dreams into reality!
๐ŸŒ“ How your core values impact what you are envisioning and able to create at this time.

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4:10 Theme & A Look Ahead

7:55 Dreams, Reality & Alignment

13:35 Week Breakdown & Tips

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Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tides. This podcast episode is brought to you by the Inner Circle, your place to learn Astrology and community with the masters and transform your life in the process. Hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I am so happy you’re here.

Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for tuning into the weekly weather. If you did not happen to catch the 2023 forecast panel that we just had on Saturday, don’t worry, it’s not too late to sign up. You can sign up at Astrology Hub dot com slash 2023. It’s entirely free. The event was awesome. We had six different Astrologers as panelists,

all discussing the Astrology of 2023, how you can work with it, where there might be challenging times in the year where there’s gonna be lots of flow and ease, what things to focus on when, and it was a very dynamic event with love to have you there. And also our guest today, bear is delivering one of the free buy sign reads of 2023.

So we’re in addition to the panel that we did Saturday. Every day for the next few, few days, you’re gonna be receiving a breakdown of the 2023 weather for your Sun and your rising sign. So if you also wanna get those, make sure you sign up. Those are also entirely free. And Bear River is one of the Astrologers that’s gonna be sharing by Sign Bear.

Which sign are you covering? Barry is Aries. Very, Very exciting stuff for Aries next year. All right, so make sure you sign up for that again, and you’re gonna be totally prepared to ride the astrological currents of next year after you participate in this event. And I am so happy to be introducing you to bear here today. He is making his Astrology Hub debut in during this weekly weather.

I’m gonna read his bio for you because he has a very impressive background and we’re just so honored to have him here today. Bear is a consulting and lecturing astrologer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s winner of OP a’s most promising Astro Astrologer award in 2018. Bear has taught with the Portland School of Astrology and lectured at Norac in 2020 and 2021,

as well as Isar in 2022. He holds certifications in Hellenistic, electional and horror area, Astrology, and has offered his time as a mentor through afa. He helps his clients hone strategies for grounded growth and embodied empowerment by bringing them back to the basics of bravery, authenticity, sovereignty, courage and stewardship. When he is not talking stars, you can find him climbing rocks and playing guitar bear.

Can you come and play music for us sometime? Yes. Once, once this arm is healed up again and I get this left hand back, I’m happy to play some campfire songs for folks. Nice. Did you do that? Climbing rocks? No. Sadly I did that in in my very last stint of side hustling in restaurants. My arm. Don’t put your arm inside a refrigerator if someone closes the door.

That’s good. Good sage advice. Yes. Yes. If you, if you happen to have Mars transiting through your profected house this year, Bey of Accidents, take a little extra time. Slow down. Learn from my mistake. Don’t repeat it. All right, awesome. There. Well, we are here to talk about the weekly weather. I’m really grateful you’re here.

So let’s dive into it. What would you say is the theme of this week? So, in a nutshell, I, I wrote Deep Breath Go, but I also wrote like this little poem, if I may, it’s, it’s quite short. I think this really kind of captures the, the essence of it. Wake up from the dream. You’ve grabbed the pearl of wisdom.

Wake up from the dream. Remember where you came from. Wake up from the dream. The time for sleep is over. Share what you’ve got to give the world needs. The hope your heart is holding. I almost wanna make you do that again or ask you to do that again. Can you please read that to us again? Yeah, I can do that again.

Wake up from the dream. You’ve grabbed the pearl of wisdom. Wake up from the dream. Remember where you came from. Wake up from the dream. The time for sleep is over. Share what you’ve got to give the world needs the hope your heart is holding Bear. Do you agree that we are in a new chapter? Like we’ve, we’ve sort of officially turned a corner from where we’ve been.

You know, when you’re saying wake up from the dream, wake up from the dream that, that we’re in new territory in, in a certain way. Yeah, absolutely. One of the things, you know, we’ll, we’ll have to, as Astrology always does, we look back a little bit so that we can look forward. You know, during 2022,

we had the exact conjunction of Jupiter in Pisces and with Neptune in Pisces. And I gave a talk at esr. I was actually talking about the Jupiter Neptune cycle. Those two planets only come, come together in Pisces once every 165 years. And if we think about Neptune as these dreams and ideals and Jupiter as hopes or our, maybe not ambition, but our i ideas about expansion,

those daydreaming kind of qualities or visionary qualities, then we’ve all kind of been in this period the last year, and then some where we’ve been, I’ve kind of imagined it like being in this hot springs where we’re so just submerged in our dreams and our hopes and, and all of these little whisperings from the ancestors, from our, from our deepest purpose.

And Jupiter’s about to leave Pisces. That’s it. This is like the last moment of, of gathering those, those visions, those little nuggets of hope and inspiration. And then we’ve gotta tuck ’em away and take, take ’em with us for the future as Jupiter leaves Pisces. You know, I think this week, the reason I say wake up from the dream,

Jupiter’s gonna move into Aries within the next week. So this is the last, the last one. And I’ll talk a bit about Thursday in particular for this week. But this is really setting us up too for, you know, Saturn’s gonna move into Pisces. We’re getting the last little bit of Neptune moving through Pisces before it moves into Aries. That’s a bit far off in the future,

but it’s this moment where by the end of 2023, it is a, an entirely new chapter of like the 21st century. I think folks who are, you know, in their thirties and older might kind of remember the feeling of the ops and the way that 2002 and three still kind of felt like the late nineties were on the precipice of another one of those big shifts where the dreams that we’re nurturing and that we decide to pursue are going to really lay the foundation for how we experience this next new awakening There.

I’ve had the experience in this last year of, of, of catching some of those ideals and those dreams and those visions and then feeling pretty discouraged by reality. You know, it’s like, whoa, that’s what’s possible. And, and here’s what’s happening. And feeling sort of disheartened at times by that, by the vastness of that gap. What do you say to that?

Is, is, is the Astrology pointing us in a direction where we’re gonna be able to start making those dreams and ideals, actual reality here that we’re experiencing on this planet? Or is it gonna stay in those, you know, sort of neptunian dreamy realms? Hmm. I think, you know, the cosmos always presents us with choices. We can absolutely choose to stay in the dreamy realm.

And you know, I think what that would look like is choosing to ignore that gap. Choosing to pretend like you’re already there or it’s not that big a distance traverse escaping into the parts, parts of your life that seem like they’re close but aren’t really there yet. So that could be, you know, I really wanna experience relaxation in my body. And so,

and no judgment on any of these things I throw out except maybe towards myself a little bit here. You know, I really want to feel ease and relaxation in my body. So I turn on the Great British Baking show instead of doing my foam rolling at the end of the night. Well, I feel kind of relaxed, but my body really wished that I had foam rolled.

And so, you know, that’s one small choice where there’s like, we have a lot more agency than some of the other bigger systemic things. But to, to your point, you know, I think that gap, one of the things that I like to remind clients of is that dissatisfaction in moments where we feel angry, like anger is an indication that there’s a boundary that’s been violated or a need that’s going unmet for a long time.

And so that sense of disillusionment, dissatisfaction, discouragement, it’s an indication that the thing, that dream that we have really matters. You know, when we dream about, like I wanna maybe summit to Nally one day or Mount McKinley in the colonizer language, that’s a dream of mine that like, it would be great if I could, but I probably won’t because it doesn’t actually captivate me.

I don’t feel discouraged about the fact that I’m not already pursuing that goal in some real way. But with Astrology, every time I don’t post a post, I feel that sense of discouragement, that gap between the dream I have, you know, and I’m just speaking to me cuz I don’t wanna throw shade at anybody in this, in this podcast. But I think that’s some of the,

the space that we’ve got opportunity to investigate. And I think part of that grabbing those hopes and dreams is going like, ooh, okay, I have a hope and dream of getting to the top of that mountain and there could be an avalanche. So I have to face the gap between my skillset now and what can I do to address that This week is giving us some opportunities to find the specific details where we do have room to make the gap between the dream and reality.

A little bit small. Wow. I love that you’re basically saying if we do feel that disillusionment at where reality is now, that that’s a sign post, that we actually care about that thing and it’s just reinforcing that there is some sort of mastery or work Saturn words, right, that we need to, to do in order to bridge the gap. It,

it would be foolish to look up at the top of the mountain totally out of shape and not like prepared for the climb, right? So there’s, there’s things that need to be done in order for us to get there, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, it just means we need to be aware of the reality of what it’s gonna take in order to do it well.

Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Okay, I like that. That’s reassuring. Yeah, I think, I mean, I, I don’t wanna Pollyanna or to, you know, get clouds in the sky, although I do see lots of silver linings in in many places. But I think, you know, the universe is always inviting us into where we’re supposed to be.

I think that’s the magic of Astrology, at least the way that I understand it and the way I practice it. Astrology is always saying, you’re supposed to be here right now, you’re supposed to have this conversation right now that’s, that’s the book you meant to grab in that bookshop. And if we’re always saying yes to those invitations, including the invitation that is discouragement and disillusionment,

you know, like I won’t go off on the whole story of Buddha’s enlightenment cuz people can find that very easily online. But you know, the story of Buddha’s awakening starts with him being really dissatisfied and then going and trying to figure out like, why do I hate this so much? Why does the, why does life suck? Why is there so much suffering?

So if you’re having that moment where you’re going like, this sucks, I really don’t like this, then congratulations. That means that you, you know, especially with some of the social injustice and environmental injustice that we see in the world, I would especially think that moments, particularly this December and approaching 2023, if you’re going like, man, I really wish I’d been composting more.

I thought we’d be some more different. That’s all indications that, that you are choosing, choosing, healing, choosing awakening. You know, I got some valued projections and judgments in there, so I’ll kind of leave it at that. But I think it, it is a really positive sign, even if it’s a painful, uncomfortable. Mm. Okay,

let’s dive into the Astrology of the week and why you’re saying what you’re saying. Yes. And maybe we can, we can start with Monday and just walk through the week. Yeah. So Monday, Monday’s one of the, the higher intensity days, a little more friction, a little more strife. There’s one kind of overarching or a a, a dynamic that’s going on in the skies that whole week with,

with Venus and Mercury both being out of baton. What does that mean in English? Our communication faculties, the way that we’re articulating things, making our plans, getting strategic and the way that we’re relating to other people is just like, it’s not flipping the script, it’s totally off the script. It forgot where the script is and it’s just making it up.

That can be really fantastic. We’re incredibly volatile. Where Capricorn is in your Chart is gonna kinda give you some more information about where you’ll notice that and what’s happening in your Chart, which parts of your natal chart are activated. It will give you a bit more information about like, is this a wonderful, brilliant improv scene or is this like, oh my goodness,

blooper reels either are possible in the beginning of the week. Part of this like new thing we’re starting has to do with Jupiter and Pluto Jupiter as Jupiter moves into Aries, it’s kind of like the Crescent Moon of the Jupiter Pluto site. So if, if we think about like a new Moon, we we’re like, we don’t know what’s happening yet. The seeds hasn’t emerged,

ideas are still forming. That’s what’s going on between Jupiter, our expansion, our vision, and Pluto that deep transformation faculty. And so starting off this week with this kind of like, all right, you started the process, you had a vision, you committed to it, you said yes to something, you said no to something else, and now your life is being transformed as a result of those actions.

This week we start to see how that plays out. And so Monday, the Twelfth, this is Pacific time zone time here, 10:11 AM time zone, calculate that one. But 10:11 AM for folks on the the west coast we have Sun, Saturn sextile. And that’s that moment I think the man you were speaking about, that disillusionment, Saturn’s the one there that’s like your whole lifetime when you’re on your deathbed,

how will you think about this? Right? And it can get real easy to be like, I will feel very bad about watching great British Bake off, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big a deal. The Saturn’s gotta hold that voice so that we don’t just do it every single day. Now the Sun and Saturn coming together,

the Sun and Sagittarius is gonna sextile Saturn. It’s like the waning crescent Moon of the Sun Saturn cycle. So this whole last two and a half years of Saturn moving through Aquarius, this like impulse to make and concretize our social norms or the social norms that we believe would create the world that we wanna live in. All of those drives and impulses towards the future,

towards creating social structure, being illuminated in a really important way. And so Monday and this Monday starts off with this moment of going, all right, what do I really want? Where am I disillusioned? What are those last little steps like what can I get rid of? What can, where are those places where I’ve been holding onto something and I’m actually ready to say I can let that go.

I can start a new cycle without this coming with me. The Sun and Saturn Sextile brings some of that. And then at the same time we’ve got the Moon opposite Saturn and that’s that heavy kind of depressing bummy feeling that that’s been coming up every time the Moon moves through Leo. But that coming together at the same time as the Sun sextile I think is that moment of us being able to go,

oh, right, I see suffering in the world. I see this thing I don’t like, I know why I don’t like it and I’ve got a couple ideas as to what I can do. And then there’s that, that invitation to step in and do it. We’ve got that Sun Saturn sextile in the beginning of the day and the afternoon the moon’s gonna try and Chiron.

So there’s this moment for heli. So we start off going, what do I really not like and what can I do about it? And then we move into, alright, I’ve got some ideas about some skills, some gifts, some wounds that I have. Here’s how I can help other people not hurt this way. Let me lean into that a little bit.

The Moon squares, the nodes, and this is kind of like wrapping up the big like eclipse for Fluffle that happens at the end of October, beginning of November. And this is kind of that moment of like, okay, you’ve had a month to process it, you’ve done some movement, let’s just like get into the meat of the story, let’s talk about it more doing.

And then we go into the end of the evening and we get the Moon, sextile, Mars. So there’s some maybe some friction, some action. It could be revising our plans, kind of figuring out what we can redo, could be some kind of tense words, arguments maybe with ourself, maybe with someone that we’re close to. And then the Moon squares Uranus.

So that whole day has kind of got this like, oh, oh, I don’t like this. Something’s gotta give, something’s gotta change if I’m gonna feel good about what I’m doing. And that’s, that’s kind of like the vibe for the whole week. I’m get into a few little elaboration, but like that’s, that’s the big one. I think Monday really starts us off and we’re just kinda unraveling the pieces from there.

What I like about what you’re saying is you’re reminding us, or the cosmos is reminding us that we ride a lot of waves and sometimes we ride a lot of waves within one day and not, they’re not isolated from each other, right? Like there’s, there’s this, like you said, this feeling of, of maybe depression or sadness and heaviness, but then that gives way to this,

wow, well I have these gifts, like this is a, I have this wound, but I’ve learned from this wound, maybe I could help others with it. I have these gifts, maybe I could help others with it. And, and that then leads into a, a whole exploration or discovery. But it’s almost like we can only get to those gifts if we allow ourselves to really feel the first part.

You know, instead of, like you said, the great the, the baking show. If you’re gonna distract yourself out of feeling the way you’re feeling, you’re you’re probably not gonna miss that opportunity that comes from the angst, you know, the opportunity that comes from the ugh, the tension. I want something to change. And so that, it sounds to me like again,

that’s sort of the, the drumbeat of the whole entire week that we can take with us. It’s like I’m seeing all these things, well maybe I’m seeing them because there’s something I’m meant to do about them. Yeah. It just, it reminds me of this one story I was studying with a Hawaiian kahuna on the big island right when I moved to Hawaii,

you know, this was 11 years ago and this woman was amazing and she was describing the way that the Hawaiian, how the, basically how the villages worked, that there were all the aunties and uncles, everybody raised the children, that the elders actually were the ones who were the primary caregivers for the children because they were beyond their productive years, they were beyond their working years and they had the wisdom and they had the patience and all the things.

And the parents were the ones working because they were in those prime, they were in the prime working years. And I was like, I was almost in tears for, with this like nostalgic feeling for something I never had, but something that made so much sense to me. It was like, God, I, I missed that thing that I never had and I wish it was like that.

And I remember raising my hand and saying something sort of similar to what I said to you at the beginning of this broadcast of like, it, it’s so sad in some ways to hear about this and to, to recognize it as in, as something that I would love to have, but that I feel is so far from my reality. You know,

I’m like thousands of miles from my family and I live in a house by mys, you know, by myself with these kids. And, and she said, well maybe that’s because you’re here to do something about it. And I was like, oh, okay. It was one of those moments I felt like I got put in my place of like,

instead of just, you know, complaining about where it is, it was like, well maybe that’s why you’re here. Maybe you’re here to start to get us back or create that in a new way at this time. And I was like, okay. Wow. But it sounds to me like that’s basically what you’re saying. Yeah, absolutely. It’s,

it reminds me of hearing, I went to a BS conference many, many years ago before 2012 and heard some mine elders speaking about the prophecies of the changing of the world. And you know, from I think mowa to Spanish to English, you know, multiple times translated, they essentially said, it’s not that the world is gonna end, it’s that we have a choice and there will be the end of our ability to choose between these two different paths.

Like the paths will get too far apart. And what we’re choosing is between like the ways of mother earth and the ways of technology. But it makes me think about the way that hearing you speak to, to what the K has said to you is like, well, you know, gifts are a type of medicine, right? Coming from like my indigenous ancestors,

like medicine is a term that we would use for a lot of different types of hours or abilities or skills or maybe we could even say some talents or medicines. Well, medicine is sacred and if you hold or carry medicine, you have an obligation to share it. And so I hear you speaking to this like, well the, the ability to see the way it used to be to feel what we lost in letting go of those old ways,

that’s a medicine. Mm. So it sounds like yeah, you’ve, you’ve stepped into part of that medicine is being able to taste the bitterness of this memory that this way of living that we’ve lost. And there’s always an opportunity to bring it back In a new way. Wow. Wow. Whew. Okay. I have chills all over my body and we’re just on Monday.

Okay, so what, what about the rest of the Week? Okay, so the rest of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, a lot more mellow than Monday. Really. It’s like Monday, Thursday are a big like boom, lots of stuff days. Saturday gives us a little reprise. Tuesdays a lot more mellow. Honestly, what we’ve got going on is pretty much just the Moon Sun,

a nice little cozy trine, the moon’s moving outta that, having that opposition to Saturn. So it’s this moment of like you are feeling impulses and our awareness working in harmony. It’s the closing trine. So we’re kind of winding down that lunar cycle. So it’s kind of this like, all right, I have the big disillusionment, I’m clear about what needs to change.

I’m clear about the gifts and medicine I’m bringing forward. I’m moving towards some sort of harmony or harmonizing what I feel and how I’m like digesting somatically, digesting experiences and what I think and what I’m choosing deliberately with my consciousness. So let’s go. And then the Moon moves into, into Virgo and we have quite a long time before the Moon makes another aspect.

So Tuesday’s kind of this like, let it sink in, just digest, chew on it, let it marinate, whatever other type of food metaphors you want to use. That’s Tuesday, Wednesday I wrote a little note for myself, creative day or cutting through illusion. The main thing we’ve got going on that day is this like Sun squared to Neptune so that you know the Sun a good key word.

Anytime you want to try to describe what is the Sun doing, well the Sun illuminates stuff or shines a light on things. So you could just say, all right, we’re shining a light on Neptune, we’re shining a light on illusions or deception or fogginess or confusion. Or we could also think about like illusion in the way that actors have to like create and fail a very compelling illusion to get you to suspend disbelief.

So we can see kind of both sides of that energy working. And so I think Wednesday’s this day where like if you’re a creative person, and even if you think you’re not a creative person, like maybe you’ve got some like old magazines cut ’em up, collage, maybe you’ve got some old journals, read through them, see if you can look back on a moment you were very confused about before and see if there’s some more clarity available that kind of just like shining a light on what’s there.

And I think the, that Sun Neptune should be great for people who are engaged in some sort of creative artistic practice, especially, especially folks who are writing or who are kind of like birthing images. So graphic design film, if you’re like a particularly narrative type of writer or if you’re poetry lend, kind of leans in a more descriptive visual sort of direction,

I think any of those things are gonna be really strongly supportive. And if you’re not and you’re like, well how can I use that? Watch things that speak to you visually, like spend some time with your favorite painting and just let it like feel how it moves. You watch something like any sort of media that feels really immersive, even if it’s just like some A S M R on YouTube,

something that’s relaxing. Just like let your, let your visual and creative faculties kind of like work together. Fair. I feel super uncool. What is a S M R? Oh it stands for something. Something something can I even, it basically means really cool soothing sounds. So any of those like YouTube videos where people are like, I’m cutting out fabric for a suit.

And you just hear like the sound of the scissors really polarizing if you have sensory sensitivities or I would be like, this is the worst thing ever. Why would anyone do that? Or like, this is the most amazing thing. I can’t believe someone else loves this. Wow. I should have written down my acronym somewhere, but it’s, it could be pretty,

pretty cool. I think if you type in like asmr, I’m trying to think of one that’s like a sound that’s less likely to be upsetting to people. Maybe like, yeah, cutting fabric or brushing hair or something. There’s like all that type of, yeah, people cutting hair. The sound of like scissors on hair. Some people really like That.

Wow. Fascinating. Okay, love it. Thank you. Okay, so that’s Wednesday, Thursday I think is my favorite day left of this year. And certainly like by the point that people are watching this for sure, but even now we’re not recording. Thursday is gonna be the last day that the Moon can see Jupiter in the sign of Pisces. For those of you who don’t know,

Thursday is Jupiter’s day. So planetary magic in the, the briefest way I can explain it. You can connect with the different planets and one of the ways to access them is through the days of the week. There’s planetary days, planetary hours, I have a class on it, other people have had classes on it. I’m sure there have been classes in Astrology Hub on Planetary Magic.

So check those out any day where at sunrise that planet is in the signed where it has domicile, so like Jupiter and Pisces or Jupiter and Sagittarius. If those planets are in those signs on that right day of the week, that’s a really good time to have a, to like submit a petition or start building a relationship or potentially to do some different types of astrological magic.

And this will be the last Thursday where we can do that with Jupiter until Jupiter moves into cancer when Jupiter’s exalted now that’s like years away. So this is a really, really big deal. And part of why I was like, yeah, we’re getting out of that steamy hot springs of our hopes and dreams, like out into the cold we got a scamper back inside and like gets some stuff done.

So that sunrise moment would be 7 22 Pacific time is also the moment that the Sun is going to be near the fixed star. That has to do with like Keeling Ross leg, which is associated with the Scalia. But there’s like a couple really cool things happening on Thursday that are star and planetary magic related. If you’re not into all that wooo stuff and you like,

I still wanna do something cool to honor Jupiter the last Thursday where Jupiter’s and Pisces could even just like feast. If you drink wine, have a glass of wine and like toast to Jo can be something very, very simple. You could study Jupiter in your word Chart and just say like, Hey Jupiter, what sign are you in? What house are you in?

Let’s have a little chat today. Or you could go a lot deeper. There’s, you know, tons of different ways that you could go about it. But I would say to anybody who’s had an interest or who’s thought maybe I want to do some planetary magic this Thursday is the big invitation to like get to know job a little bit better. Everybody’s favorite cool sky.

I just learned the Hawaiian name for Jupiter. Yeah, it’s<unk> Ika Isn’t that powerful? I almost, I, every time I look up at Jupiter now I address him that way because it feels so powerful to me. Mm. But it’s, and I also, this is amazing Bear, anybody who’s been listening to the podcast for a while knows my journey with the telescope.

The telescope that I got from my birthday in 2020 that was supposed to be an amateur, like beginner telescope that I still have not been able to figure out how to work. Gemini Brett has been here twice to help like, and has helped me. This, he was here a little bit ago and he finally got it to work so that I could see the four moons of<unk> Jupiter.

And it was like, oh my gosh, that it was breathtaking and I can’t get the image out of my head. It’s like, oh my gosh, that’s there all the time. And I can’t see it because my eyes can’t see it, but it’s always there. And now I have, now I have this image. So I, I feel like these,

the planets just continue to reveal themselves layer after layer after layer to us if we’re paying attention, if we want to know them, you know? And, and, and I’ve had to be so patient with this, with this telescope and I can’t now that Brett’s gone, I I can’t use it on my own. But I did get to have that moment with it where Brett’s like,

I got it, I found it and it was like, oh yes. Wow. Amazing. Oh, just keep thinking of the stomach. That sounds like the sound that like thunder would make from the distance. Yeah. Yeah. It’s powerful, isn’t it? Oh, I want to know so much more about, about curriculum and like who this being is like two,

two Hawaiian people. And Like I agree with you. It’s actually so hard. It’s been so hard for me to find ever since I moved here. But now 11 years ago I have been, and maybe close to 12 years, I’ve been wanting to find someone that can translate the astrological language through the indigenous Hawaiian lens. And it’s really, really, really hard to find.

But I am now in this Hawaiian voyaging society, so they’re actually teaching us how to do celestial navigation the way that that it’s been done. And so I’m learning the words, but I still don’t know as much about the mythology or, or the, the understanding of the stories as I would like to. Yeah. But it’s, it’s, this is a thing with Astrology,

it continues to reveal itself in time. And you can’t be super goal-oriented with it. It’s like you just relax into the process of learning. It is a journey from the very beginning. Absolutely. It’s oh, so, so many things coming through and I just wanna like yes, yes. That it resonate with, you know, like I’m, I’m Alaska nativity and that’s one of the things I’ve been pursuing since I was a teenager with Astrology is trying to figure out like,

all right, cool, that’s what people like in ancient Greece said about the sky, but like, what did my people say? And you know, it wasn’t until last year I found this someone’s master’s thesis about Alaskan Ahab Baskin stellar astronomy and came to find out like, oh, it’s the most taboo sacred healing knowledge. And you’d never have been told a single word about it unless you were meant to be a healer and then be a keeper of stars and stories or unless you needed that information for your healing.

And if so, they tell you once and only once. And so I wonder, like, I wonder if, if indigenous Hawaiians had a similar thing where like to get from point A to point B sure, I’ll tell you what to look at and how to do this, but like the sacred wisdom cuz like my people believe that when we die we become stars.

Like not just that like, oh, like, you know, serious star system, I resonate with this star system. Like no, like that the body of your ancestor becomes a celestial body in the sky. And I don’t, I don’t know a ton about Hawaiian culture, but I wonder if there’s something similar there that like, hmm, that’s too sacred,

that’s too taboo. We don’t just, we can’t just share that information. I would not be surprised that it completely resonates. And I mean, I know a lot of the wisdom was lost when most of the Hawaiians died when, when, you know, when the Europeans came over here. Yeah. So 90% of the Hawaiian people died from disease because of that.

So there’s a lot of things lost. But I also really resonate with what you’re saying, like I think it’s absolutely possible. Yeah. And, and I just also think it’s just a reminder of the sacredness of what we get to do in this particular period of time and the, the responsibility that comes with being someone who is tuned into the, the language of the stars and connecting with it on a daily basis or however you have it in your practice.

But yeah. Wow, bear, thank you. We’re going to some like really interesting territory. Thank you. So Thursday’s, this final day to do some serious Jupiter magic with this final Jupiter alignment on Jupiter’s Day. Yeah, Yeah. Okay. And So Jupiter’s gonna be moving out of prices. I think it’s like the 19th or 20th, it’s almost immediately after this week is over.

So like this is the last few days. That’s the last Jupiter’s day for sure. And to your point about it is this last moment of Jupiter being in Pisces, but Jupiter, Ika Mar, whatever name we want to use for, for our our thunder sky daddy, he’s always there. They’re always there. She’s always there. Yeah. All those pronouns are correct.

And it, I think the, if anything I want to just, I implore people or invite people to start building a relationship. You don’t even have to ask for anything or do a petition or make an altar or any of that stuff. You can just say, Hey Jupiter, I know today’s your day. I’m just gonna notice, just gonna be open to receive and notice how you show up today and listen.

I think that’s how we start to understand the way the planet should speak to us, our own specific relationship with those planets. They mean in our lives and in other people. And we start to find like really cool weird things too with the planets. Like I’ve noticed that on Moon days, I always want a lot of cheese. The Moon is kind of associated with dairy,

but like, you know, that’s an odd one. So building your own personal vocabulary with Jupiter, what feels jovial? Do you see lots of eagles? Do you like see lots of thunder lightning? How does ju how does Joe speak to you Friday as this fixed star thing? The tale of the Big Dipper? The Moon is gonna be opposite. I don’t want to get too technical with fixed star stuff,

but I will say that it’s a, it’s a neat opportunity to connect with Big Bear. The tale of the Big Bear is connected with like dreaming and protection during travel, psychic astral travel as well. So the morning of Friday into sunrise, if you wake up before sunrise, it’s a good time to just like peek outside, see if you can see the big bear in the sky,

say hello to mama bear, connect with her a little bit, open up your heart. The day itself is gonna have that very, very last Moon Jupiter opposition that’s exact at 11:12 AM on Friday the 16th. And so that’s that moment of like, okay, Jupiter, here’s like, I grabbed my wish from a lucky star, I’ve got it in my pocket,

I’m ready to go because the next time the Moon sees Jupiter, Jupiter will be an Aries and it’ll be like a whole different feeling, a whole different beat, a whole different 12 year cycle of like working with Jupyter. So it’s that like that last fortification of like, let’s get on this path, let’s do this already Saturday, the 17th, the big aspect of this,

like Mercury trying to uran us. So we’re thinking we’re strategizing, we’re writing stuff down, we’re communicating, and we’re like, it’s sudden, there’s interruptions, there’s surprises. My favorite words for Uranus are innovation and ingenuity. And so when you were talking about your telescope, Amanda, I was like, maybe that would be a good day for her to like look at the instructions.

But the telescope again, maybe it’ll click, maybe they’ll be like, you know, or you’ll think like, you know who I haven’t asked is this random person in my community. Maybe there’s some like young, young person in your community who can’t grow facial hair thinking about like Mercury associated with like maybe faced people. You know, maybe there’s someone like that who’s like,

oh yeah, I totally don’t how this model works and did you try this one setting? Wow. Yes. That would be exciting. You know that Friday has got like the moons squaring Venus and opposite Chiron, trining, Mars, squaring Mercury. So what does all that mean together? It’s like you’re kind of thinking back to Monday and there might be this little reactivation of like the thing that’s a little fraught or a little bit tense or the part,

the sticking point of the relationship, whether it’s your relationship to yourself, relationship to setting boundaries, relationship to disappointing other people and get broad with the way we understand relationship. But we’re like weaving together these pieces that have to do with how we communicate about the way that we feel in relationship with other people. And the reason those communications are happening is to like unstick something,

let something like release and break so that something new can come in. And then that brings us to Saturday. And by Saturday, I mean Sunday the 18th. That’s why I have my notes written this way. So Sunday the 18th, the moon’s like cruising out on moving into Scorpio and we’ve got a couple of, like, we have a trine and a sextile.

So the Moon is gonna try and Saturn. So that, like that bit at the beginning of the week where you’re like, man, this long-term goal I have, I’m not anywhere close and this really sucks and I don’t like it very much. Sunday comes and says like, okay, you’ve like, you’ve connected with the folks in your community who can help you.

You’ve done some of the processing, you’ve taken some time to chew on this and digest on it. Like what, what do you want to say and do next? How do you integrate it inside of you? And the thing that I couldn’t quite figure out how to weave into talking about what transits are happening, cuz it’s kind of this backdrop that’s been going on really since September,

is this drive towards understanding the values that underpin or undergird these visions that we have for the future. And so I think like that beginning of the week, this like wake up, wake up, you’ve grabbed the pearl of wisdom, like you know what matters most to you. And then comes the really challenging, scary, exhilarating, terrifying part where you just commit to it in action and there will be consequences.

You know, if you throw a ball towards a window, it might hit and bounce off, it might smash through, but either way, like the consequence was already already in motion the minute you let go of the ball to begin with, it feels like that’s how this week kind of wraps up. And then like boom, it’ll be solstice and it’ll be 2023,

like as after blinking a couple times. Wow. I love what you just said about the consequence. You know, that there’s this process that’s been happening since September of understanding the values that underpin the dream or the vision, which is awesome because if you understand the values then you can reverse engineer the thing that you’re wanting to create because it comes from those core values.

But then what you said about consequences, because it’s true, like when we, when we say that sacred, yes. Like I am going to go towards this dream. This is something that I want to create and experience. There are things that have to fall away. Either the, maybe that’s people in our lives, maybe that’s behaviors that we have allowed,

you know, maybe it’s a million different things, but there there are cons, there are ripple effects of that sacred Yes. That we need to be at a point where we’re ready for that. Where we’re okay with that. And I’d love to know from you Barrett, like how do you do that in your own life? How do you face something that you know there’s gonna be a consequence from or from you saying yes to?

How do you gear up for that? Or how do you just continue to move towards that even though you know that there’s consequences? Well, I, I literally do a values inventory. So way back in college, back, like before you could use the internet in college, I took this like life values class, the life coach taught this like PE class.

And we basically just went through and like over the course of a couple of weeks, got down to a list of what are your top 10 values? Okay, now make it five, now make it three, now make it one. And for me it really, I, you know, it’s been 15 almost, oh goodness, almost 20 years since that time.

And every few years I’ll go back to the last list that I physically made and I’ll go and look and say like, is this still my number one value right now? What I’m doing is I’m looking at what percentage of my actions, like what percentage of my time, I’m going full just nerdy accountant in a database doing this. I’m actually like doing a,

a budget inventory audit of my time and tracking it back to my values. What percentage of my time am I engaged in enacting my values? And in doing that, it helps me to figure out like which things I’m really terrified of, but matter a lot to me. If I see something that’s high on the list in terms of like I say, that’s a top seven value,

and then I look at my time and I go, I don’t see that showing up in action anywhere. Then I take a step back and I go like, well, where are the times and spaces in my life where I could, because one of the things I guess I really want, like asterisks caveat for everyone listening, there are systemic things at work that oftentimes are the reason that you can’t or it’s really hard or it’s inaccessible to do a thing you value.

And I really want to impress that, that is never a reflection of inadequacy or not being there yet, or it not really mattering. That’s a reflection of systemic oppression, a whole bunch of other stuff. But when it’s something that you can choose like me at home going, Hey, foam roller, hey laptop, who’s getting the hot date tonight? Like,

that’s on me. That’s not a systemic thing. And so if I value my health, I literally just look and I ask myself, you know, I’ve, I’ve gotten Aquarius moves those very like Saturn way of dealing with feelings where I just go, all right self, when you’re dead, when you’re almost dead, how are you gonna feel when you think back to your,

to your life? And you realize that you spent three and a half months watching the great British bake off instead of like giving, giving yourself the gift of the last few months of your life being as comfortable as they could be. And this makes me think, I wanna say it was Sonia Francis astrologer coach who, who gifted me this little kind of way of thinking about things.

The only power that the future has is happening. It exists right now in this moment. So the decisions that you make today, yeah, they’re for you in this moment, but they’re also for future you. And so, you know, it takes a while, it takes some practice. I recommend people journal for this reason because you can, you can like externalize this relationship with you and then I can look back and I can go and be like,

yeah, hey, bear 2018 bear you were terrified of talking to strangers and you promised yourself, you’d say you’d introduce yourself to three people every Astrology that you went to and look at what you did. And so now I can look and, you know, time has passed, like you said, you, you can’t cheat it or rush it, but now that time has passed,

I can look back and go like, wow, past bear, you were really brave. You got over a fear and look what it’s done for you. And makes it a little bit easier to look at the next fear and say like, I can work with this. Like I’m, you know, I’m strong enough to do this scary thing. I’m smart enough to distinguish the difference between fear and danger and I’m wise enough to,

to do the thing for my, that my future self is going to thank me Bear. This is, I, I feel like this is such a drumbeat of this moment. I, I, Rick Levine and I were talking about this not long ago, this, this are your everyday actions aligned with the vision of your life that you’re wanting to create.

And what you just said is so profound and so true every day with every choice. It’s for you in the moment, but it’s for future. You and I, I I think I shared this on a PA podcast recently about when I’m doing my physical daily practice these days, the thing that I start with is, this is a devotion to my future dancing,

singing, and creating self. This is my devotion in this moment to me then. And that’s enough to be like, okay, you know, yeah, I don’t feel like it right now, but it’s so worth it. Like I, I know I wanna be doing all these things until the last day I have on this planet. So I need to do the things now that enable me to do those things later.

And it’s, and we are a sum of all those choices that we’re making every single day. So I love what you’re bringing up and I love that it, the Astrology is consistent with this message right now. I, I love when this happens, when there’s this theme that emerges across Astrologers that’s like, this is, this is really important. Pay attention right now because it,

it’s an opportunity that we all have. It’s like in our collective zeitgeist, you know, it’s in, it’s in the air and we have such an opportunity right now to really catch the wind of this and catch what it’s trying to say. I love your value inventory. That is powerful and it makes, gives me hope about college, which I have felt kind of like,

not that, you know, as my daughters are getting closer to it, I’m like, I don’t know, like it’s a really expensive thing. I’m not totally sure it’s worth the investment. But when I hear things like that, that you’re taking classes like that, that to me is, is amazing. And those are the kinds of things that do carry you through life and give you an edge because you’re,

you’re, you’re coming from a very different place when you’re coming from very clear values. And so no matter what you’re doing, if you’re coming from that place, that’s, there’s power there. So yeah, that’s a sidebar, but thank you for sharing all of that. Thank you for being here. This has been such a pleasure. I have loved every minute and I can,

you’re, you’re just, you’re so aligned with the Astrology Hub, you know, the, with the, with the way that we are enjoying sharing the gifts of Astrology. So I, I really appreciate that about you. Thank you. Thank you so much, man. It really is a, a privilege and an honor. I say that at the end of all my sessions and,

and it feels just as alive here in this space. Like, thank you. The privilege of being able to carry my medicine into this space is one that I’m so grateful for and it is an honor to be able to, to be in sacred service in this moment. And it really is part of my spiritual practice and the way that I honor my ancestors.

So thank you for, for being part of this like, synchronicity dance with the universe that is this moment unfolding. Ah, beautiful. It’s speaking of Sessions Bear is one of the Astrologers on our new AstrologerConnect platform. If you sign up for, it’s only available right now to people who have signed up for the forecast event. So if you haven’t signed up,

but you know, you want a reading and especially if you want a Reading with Bear, you can still sign up for that. So, and this is gonna be a short window. We’re, we’re doing a phased open of AstrologerConnect because we just wanna make sure that it’s totally smooth and a great experience for everybody. So if you go to Astrology Hub dot com slash 23,

sign up for the forecast, you’ll be one of the people that has access to AstrologerConnect for readings and Bear is on the platform. And we’re so grateful for your wisdom and that you’re sharing your medicine on our platform. Thank you so much for that. So I’m, I’m gonna do a quick recap of the different things that you brought up here today. So you talked about waking up from the dream,

that this is a time where we’re waking up from the dream, we’re starting to put the dream into action. We’re seeing where there’s some gaps between where we’re at and where we wanna go, but that’s okay. Those are just signposts. You said that this is one of our last minute mo we’ve been in these last moments of gathering the visions, tucking them away,

and that 2023 is, is truly a new chapter by the end of 2023 will be in very, very different waters. We’re at the precipice of very big shifts. You said that on Monday there’s some friction, there’s a new script. Like we’re, we’re going totally off script and we, we get to decide is this an improv scene or a blooper reel?

A lot of that depends on where it’s happening in your Chart. I’d say go with it, whichever one it is. There’s lessons in, in either way that it’s expressing that we have our drives and our impulses for the future are in, are illuminated. What do I want? What can I get rid of? There could be some, a couple of ID ideas that become crystallized for you on this day and that this is sort of the vibe for the whole week.

It’s setting the tone for the whole week. You said Monday and Thursday are, are the big days this week. Tuesday and Wednesday, more mellow Tuesday. Things are sinking in. We’re marinating Wednesday. This is a great creative day Art, art through illusion that we have this opportunity to illuminate. There’s Illumina illumination happening, shining light on confusion could be a great day for collaging,

journaling, creative artistic writing if you’re birthing something poetry. So all this is very alive on Wednesday, Thursday, your your favorite, favorite day of the rest of the year, the last day. The Moon sees Jupiter and Pisces last day to really harness Jupiter, eka and Pisces energy at the perfect time. This is a great day for star and planetary magic.

And if you wanna just do something simple feast, have a glass of wine, if that’s part of what you do, toast to, to joy, to joviality to the, the, the qualities of Jupiter that you want to acknowledge and bring forth more in your life. Friday you said that this is a great opportunity to connect with the mama bear energy in the sky.

This is the last Moon Jupiter opposition. You’ve grabbed your wish, you’ve put it in your pocket. This is an opportunity to really fortify your path. Saturday thinking, strategizing, communication, innovation, ingenuity, reactive. It could be a reactivation of a sticking point in relationship. I loved all the ways that you defined relationship much more than just you and other you self,

you and you and others. There’s a lot of different ways to look at relationships. So there could be some reactivation of those sticking points on Saturday, Sunday. This is an opportunity to integrate inside of you the values that gerd your vision. We’ve grabbed the pearl of wisdom. This is just a, a really great day to integrate those aspects into who you are.

Maybe make that value inventory that bear does. And maybe you’ve already done that, but maybe revisit that. I did a, a course with Allison Armstrong and it was, gosh, I can’t remember the name of it being extraordinary, I think was the name of it. And she talks about novile qualities and she, it helps you really find your novile qualities,

the novile thing, the things within you that you’re committed to that are part of your, what makes you novile. And I loved it. I loved the practice. And, and a lot of it was she had you recognize what things like hurt you when you see them in the world and take those and sort of flip them and those are what you really stand for.

And I, and I heard you say something like that in the beginning of the broadcast, right? Yes. That’s so if people resonate with that, do that on Monday when the moon’s in Leo, Moon, Leo, novile Leo. Yes. I’m gonna do that. Very nice bear, thank you so much. This has been a very, very special Astrology Hub debut.

I’m really looking forward to more opportunities to create with you and play with you and share your wisdom with our community. So thank you for being here today. And remember everybody sign up for that forecast and connect with Bear at AstrologerConnect and we’ll be seeing a lot more of bear. I already know that. Oh, thank you so much. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Thank you everybody for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community, and thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care.