[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] July 4th – July 10th, 2022 w/ Judith Hill

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Astrology Medicine for your week

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Judith Hill and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • About the different physical influences of the planets this week
  • The shift of Mercury and Mars into new signs and its significance
  • Judith’s view on why Astrology works

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:05 Planets changing signs

8:14 How to work with astrology energy

11:48 Moon in Scorpio meaning

15:47 Mercury square Jupiter meaning

19:33 South Node Astrology

24:55 Mars in Taurus vs Mars in Aries

32:17 Moon in Sagittarius meaning

38:13 Medical Astrology for haircuts

47:01 Why does astrology work

49:02 Summary

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00:00:07 Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides. Well, hello everybody. And welcome it is so, so great to be here with all of you for our weekly weather. And today we have a very, very special guests, medical and vocational astrologer. Judith Hill. Judith is a legend in the astrological field,
00:00:47 and we’re just so honored and grateful to have you here with us. Judith. She’s the founder of the academy for astrological medicine. So any of you that are interested in the body and how Astrology can help us make those connections between Astrology and how the planets are impacting your body and your health and your wellbeing. Judith is pretty much the single most experienced,
00:01:19 renowned and prolific astrologers alive today. I mean, Jody, I am, I am my exaggerating or I’m that to me seems like absolutely true. So we’re just grateful to have you here, Judith. Thank you for joining us. Well, I’m, I’m very appreciative of being able to be here as well. And thank you so much for having me.
00:01:39 Yeah. All right. So I know that there is one big transit of the week that you want us to be paying attention to or one big astrological event. So can we start there and would you say that whatever that event is, is actually encompassing the theme for the whole week? You know, if we were going to boil it down to a theme,
00:02:02 Well, it could, we’re building up to it and then it happens. Okay. So what, so what you have to understand the concept of an ingress and egress is when a planet changes signs and when Mars changes signs, it’s the most noticeable of all. People always notice that immediately mercury changing signs is pretty noticeable too, but not as dramatic. They are changing signs within half an hour of each other on July 3rd,
00:02:29 late in the evening, Pacific coast. So July influencing the big holiday in America, of course, July 4th. Now they’re moving together. First thing they’re doing on July 3rd is they’re on the outer degree, which is kind of a wild degree. It does the sign it’s into the hilt and gets ready. And it’s sort of trying to get into the other side to those both extremes.
00:02:53 And, but when Mars particularly is at the very end of the fire sign, it kind of goes crazy. So Mars is in the AST degree of Aries. Mars makes is hot and dry. It makes energy rise up toward the brain. So we have hot heads where people will go in, says your muscles and your adrenal glands. It raises to start strong.
00:03:10 It’s been in dairies for a few weeks now. So it makes all this intense energy. Now mercury is in the end of juveni, which roles your nerves. So they’re, they’re very speedy. People are very awake, wanting to do things, wanting to chat, wanting to connect like mad and a little bit explosive to and wild. And then all of a sudden,
00:03:32 boom, they suddenly go into quiet, focused what we call female signs or the inside, if you don’t like gender, but we have our traditions, our language tradition. And so all of a sudden Mars goes pits the earth plane Torres back to business. Why is this so difficult for Mars, Mars rules, energy coming up and out, rules, excretions getting toxins out of your body.
00:04:00 It also rules your metabolism and suddenly goes into a sign that hoards toxins. It doesn’t want to release them. That’s the meaning medically of the, the detriment of Mars is in Taurus. Mars is very strong in tourists. His own north node is there Mars and Taurus. People have no problem with their Mars, but they do tend to get things like boils and tonsillitis and you know,
00:04:24 ear, nose, throat, all kinds of stuff. But this is also going to influence people in a very good way. Mercury goes into cancer at the same time. These are medical plans. This is great. They love all small focus is the opposite of Gemini and areas like small focus. This is great for canning, baking, fixing the garden property,
00:04:49 doing your accounting, looking at slides and you know, for a little tiny needle work. You know, people who may close people who do tattoos though, the skin may be very sensitive on that day. First few days a bit. It makes the hearing more sensitive. People will go from wanting all those far crackers to wanting absolute peace. Now, folks be careful of your pets because as planets,
00:05:13 especially Marshall’s dogs, mercury rules, small dogs, birds, and little cats is also cats as they are in these signs, changing signs. And even a few days before animals will tend to be more likely to get lost. So, you know, this is such an important thing that related to hoarding Mars and Taurus will produce more hormones. And we often see a change in the stock market the day March Mars changes signs.
00:05:42 I don’t know if this will work from areas to tourists. I notice it more than when Moore’s enters far signs. It always works. So you want to be alert to this potential. And also what’s in, is about to business and your people metabolism slows down a little bit. So it’s not as good for losing weight as was Mars and Aries can tilt.
00:06:04 So, but there is, there are some other aspects earlier in the week that are quite interesting. May I ask you a few questions about everything that you just said? Sure. Okay. So we basically have two planets moving a changing signs at essentially the same time. I mean, I know there’s a bit of a stagger. Yeah. And this is unique,
00:06:28 correct? Yes. You rarely see two of the smaller planets like this go having their increases literally within, oh, it’s within 20 minutes of each other, 20. Wow. 11:04 PM. Pacific time for Mars, 11:25 PM for mercury. At the same time, they’re at anorectic degrees, which is the last degree of the sign that they were in. And they’re going to be moving into a new sign at the same time.
00:06:57 You said that when they’re at that final degree, they’re kind of like a foot in both worlds. And that, that, that it, but it’s extreme. There’s like an extreme energy around this right. Two extremes. They will go to extremes and or they want just complete freedom where they want to do something intense. And at the same time they’re feeling the other sign coming.
00:07:19 So the double, so the Ingress has a double effect. Why first of all, Mars and mercury together stimulate each other. Both they work together, they stimulate. So the first day we’re in highly stimulating signs that are more physical and outgoing, then all of a sudden they just go thud. We together go into calmer focused, let’s get practical science all of a sudden.
00:07:47 So this will be very interesting to watch in the news. We will feel it. I bet every one of you out there will feel a change in yourself by the morning or afternoon of July 4th. Definitely depending on where you live. Okay. So Judith, I often have this question when the energy is like, you’re saying it’s kind of a hot headed extreme,
00:08:10 there may be like this desire for freedom. It kind of reminds me of like the bachelor or bachelorette party before a wedding. It’s like, no, you’re getting married the next day. So like, things are going to be changing, but then people can go to extremes at that party. Right. So my question is, are we, is it wise to flow with the energy to kind of like indulge it or is it better to restrain it or is it just the awareness of the tendency to,
00:08:40 you know, maybe push it too far? Well, I, I wouldn’t wake up in bed next to a stranger on her wife work and wonder what happened. Okay. So that, that is a possibility and be careful Or, or proposed somebody and then go, oh my God, I don’t feel it anymore. What you’re going to, you’re going to have a very strong sh most people shift in their minds and their bodies and their adrenal glands.
00:09:05 And they’ll go from very high to suddenly lower, very quickly. And it’s doubled. So most of us will feel this in some way. And so I wouldn’t make any major decisions or big purchases on the, on the, you know, between the second, third, fourth, because you may regret it. There may be some, you know, fire sales selling off stuff.
00:09:26 Now, should you go with the energy? You can enjoy it completely. As long as you, you don’t get wildly drunk and lose your common sense because the next morning you’re going to have a Mars. Suddenly like if you drink a lot, while Mars is in areas, which can handle it and all of a sudden and get yourself to hydrated, and all of a sudden Mars goes into Taurus where you don’t excrete very quickly.
00:09:53 You could have the most worst hangover of your life. So you need to monitor this carefully. You’re going to big spending spree and the very next day, there’s a stock adjustment. Whoops. Let’s hope there’ll be a good stock adjustment. I have funny stories about that. Okay. This is really, really helpful. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure that I was understanding the energy and the shift and how that’s going to feel and kind of things that are encouraged and a good idea,
00:10:20 but then also things to be aware of. So that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. You know, dance party and then be prepared to settle down on the fourth and get back to business. It also could be good for anybody that it seems like it because it’s such a passing tide, you know, it’s going to be sort of an extreme passing tide,
00:10:38 but anybody that’s in such an extreme situation, maybe an argument with someone, or maybe, you know, some sort of tense situations like, okay, this too shall pass. This is temporary. We’re at like the height of this, the peak of this energy and things are going to calm down. So can I just like breathe my way through it?
00:10:55 And we’ll be in a different place tomorrow. Yeah. Yeah. Somebody, if somebody gets very angry on the energetic degree, they’ll usually cool off by the next day or two rather suddenly, or things will change. So it’s a big change plant and it’s double normal because of the double Ingress in the stimulus of Mars and mercury. So I know that’s the one that the biggest thing of the week is,
00:11:18 is that double Ingress, but there’s also some other things to be aware of. Right? So let’s, let’s talk about some of those things as well. Yes. The Ingress is bringing in Mars and Taurus. And so we have some other things. We have our quarter moon. We’ll be talking about Mars and Taurus again, but we have our quarter moon coming up on Wednesday,
00:11:38 the sixth at six 13, excuse me, 7:14 PM. Pacific time. Now this particular, this, this is a quarter moon that happens every year often. So between Munez and Libra, sun is in cancer. And these two signs together stimulate the pituitary gland and they make people more hormonal and they make things swell a little bit and they make people have more,
00:12:10 do women have more difficult time with their menstrual flow? Sometimes relationships can get touchy or needy. These are very active, equally effective. Cardinal meaning energy is happening. People are more wanting to decide things, discuss things, process things, but it’s much better to wait until the evening of Wednesday, the sixth. Why is that people are touchy and hormonal.
00:12:35 And the first part of the day, the moon will be in lovely Libra training Venus in the evening at 10:54 PM Pacific time. This is perfect for diplomacy. Having a lovely tea with people. People will feel like sitting together and having dinner or cuddling in front of the TV, or just talking with a neighbor or walking in the evening. It’s a very lovely aspect,
00:13:00 much better time to have your hair done, but it’s in the way too late at night for most people, that’s something to remember. And so we have a lot of little aspects, but I, we can go back over them. But one of the more important ones was coming up on the eighth and ninth. The moon will go into Scorpio when she’s a Scorpio,
00:13:21 she’s opposing Scorpio’s ruler Mars. So now I have a Scorpio Taurus emphasis. And so the moon will oppose Mars 2 0 6 in the morning, Pacific time. And luckily you’ll be sleeping That Well, this one, this one, it can produce problems with excretions in the body. If you have them like boils or acne. So this one or men can have their prostrates act up.
00:13:54 This is one. When you want to, you want to gently assist the excretory system. Laxatives will work double strong on Scorpio moons. This is a fact. And see, you want to be a little careful with things like that. This one also puts a big influence on of course the economy, because we already have the knowns in these sites. We have Saturn squaring.
00:14:21 So when Mars and, and Saturny both malefics and the nose and the eclipse is going through, and now the moon is joining. So we have, you know, w we went to see, you know, eighth and ninth are a days. We could see some economic adjustments in the world. There’s a big emphasis on money. The Scorpio moon, that was wonderful for cooking and her biology loves to do chemistry experiments with the herbs and tinctures.
00:14:49 And, and I teach all about that on my, at my academy. And there’ll be some tendency for mental expansion and extremes around the evening of Friday, the eighth, 11, 14:00 PM. Of course, this is also the eighth. Eighth is a very Scorpio number. And so, but when mercury squares, Jupiter, it’s great for ideas. If you’re a creator,
00:15:17 you need a really good idea. It’s very motivated with ideas. It’s also a rather emotional thinking aspect. It’s not particularly good for common sense. It’s better for creations. Good for speakers, but it’s, but it’s, again enough, the best common sense. Now on the nights we have all kinds of aspects. We have the moon and sun training and water salt,
00:15:43 very nice water ASP. And so what are aspects are good for staying home, watching movies they’re sexy. Now also the moon will be near the shelf note. This is very, very important. They never put it into these guides. I do not know why the south node is the do nothing day. Remember that song turned down day. It’s a turndown day.
00:16:07 Nothing on my mind, almost anything you try to do when the moon’s on the south node, it doesn’t come to much fruition unless you want to sleep or rest or do spiritual work. I often take that day just to relax. These are sexy Scorpio in the sun, in water signs. They’re good for hydrating. They’re usually a little bit wetter in the summer for what a day.
00:16:33 And, but I would not. If you do not have to start any major projects or have any, any, any voluntary medical procedures or hormonal programs or anything begun on that day, it’s not usually very good. And the moon will also be opposing Uranus. Now Uranus influences our thyroid gland, which influences our metabolism. It produces extreme. So this is a very emotional time.
00:17:02 People are emotional and they’re Scorpio loves those intense political issues. So that aspect is at five 30, 4:00 AM on the ninth. Now moon squares shattered at 4:04 PM on the night. So, you know, this is very fraught, politically, no time to try to convince the family to your viewpoint, ain’t going to happen. Do you remember that? Yeah.
00:17:30 He has convinced people who are irrational. What, what was that strange statement? I know both sides can use that, but the moon squares shattered often makes a frustration. So not only is it right on itself, node within hours of that, but it’s squaring, Saturn, good time to do pensive thinking research, but not try to do anything. That’s going to be.
00:17:52 You think you’re gonna make a lot of money out of, you can do things to help your society or further south. Not always means you aren’t going to gain, but you can do for the good of others energies going out, not in spirits, inward, spiritual, not worldly. If you meet any particular frustrations that afternoon, they’re usually pretty fixed.
00:18:16 In other words, don’t, don’t keep pulling and try to get, you know, try to get your hand out of cookie jar better to let the muddy water clear on its own rate. You know, if you stir it with a stick, you know, you’re just going to meet a very obdurate forces. If you get in a issue with an authority or the city over something just you’d have to wait it out.
00:18:39 So that is not my favorite day later in the evening. Are we still on the ninth today? We’re still on the ninth. Okay. Still on the ninth. So I would say the eighth and the ninth for good for taking it, easy, doing things around your home, sleeping, resting, playing with herbal products on the eighth, not the night,
00:19:00 don’t want that south node for making herbal products, you know, deep thinking, spirituality transformation, but nothing worldly, productive, particularly, especially coming into the night. So kind of more of the yen things you were saying before, a little more yin energy, not so much young, like forward pushing outward energy. Yeah. Yes, yes. Very much so.
00:19:23 And normally, normally the eighth and ninth to be some of our best healing dates, because Scorpio is the great healer of the Zodiac is a revision. We have the aura burrows to number eight related to the sign Scorpio, the eighth sign, Scorpio rules, compost, heaps, it rules regeneration. It actually rules all the excretions that leave your body and then go back into the earth to regenerate.
00:19:50 Because right now this year, the shelf note is in Scorpio. This isn’t as useful for doing medical treatments. Except if you want to get rid of something, if you want to eradicate insects, this is your perfect time. The eighth and ninth Grade, the ninth. If you want to get rid of something and never see it again, take all the old photographs and burn them,
00:20:13 you know, cut off south node is where you is the toilet bowl of the Zodiac. It’s one of the uses, you know, everything has a use and the shelf node has a use to, and that’s where things go out. So that’s why you don’t start something that you want to take. Hold like a bit. You don’t start a business on these days,
00:20:32 right? I don’t get married on the stage, but you do it there. Okay. For helping the body get rid of it by excretions. But it’ll work over time. Again. You want to have your high colada on this day. Take it a little easy. Wow. These are good for getting rid of parasites. Getting rid of psychic parasites,
00:20:53 do not fool around with psychic entities at this time. If you Are, why would you say that? Because the south node is the most vulnerable point. So the moon is there for everybody. Now, if you happen to be a person that this is landing right on your Neptune or your mercury or your moon, you might be way too open to a psychic mistake.
00:21:18 Getting in, getting to open just on these days, particularly the nights though, I’m including the eight because of the moon, Because of the moon opposing Mars. Yeah. Which is a little in the morning or at 7:06 AM. So I’d be a little careful. Now, if you are a powerful triple C, you know, like a really powerful person who did exorcisms and you really weren’t a very vulnerable person,
00:21:45 but these are days you’re going to probably be asked to do such things. And they’ll probably be extra effective because things can leave, but you’d have to really know what you were doing. I tend to like, to not to mess with the shouts note, but I found it absolutely wonderful for just you close the blinds, you lie down in bed and you stay there all day with your favorite music.
00:22:06 You can have complete convalescence from the world and your life and their wonderful pays for that. If the world allows it, which it usually doesn’t, but you’re in Hawaii. I want to tell everybody I wore my Hawaii shell necklace just for Amanda here. It’s so cute. Judith. Thank you. I love that you think, Oh, this is, this is already just a wealth of information.
00:22:36 I don’t know about all of you, but any time Judy is speaking, I’m like, wow, how do you know that? And how do we know this? And why are you saying that? I mean, it’s, it’s incredible the wealth of information and just all the correlations and the correspondences and the interpretations. It’s, it’s really fascinating to listen to it applied to our body.
00:22:58 And you know, some of the things that we often talk about from a little bit more of a, I want to say like a psychological perspective, a lot of the times in astrology, or at least with the astrologists we have on the show to hear it applied to the body with the same qualities, you know, it’s, it’s releasing it’s, it’s inflamed it’s,
00:23:20 but then apply it to the body itself. And in, in the functions of the body is just fascinating. I mean, I just, I love it. And every time you’re speaking to him, like how, how could we not all just want to study with you forever? Like, it’s just fascinating. And I know you’ve been doing this a very,
00:23:36 very long time, but it’s, it’s really amazing that you’re teaching people that it seems like an ancient it’s ancient understanding that has been lost that could alleviate so much suffering and sort of like pushing against the energy versus really you realizing Yes. Mental, emotional benefit. Yeah. That’s so true, Amanda and every single aspect has a positive and negative use something it’s even the worst aspects that we think are so bad.
00:24:11 You can find a good use for them. And of course, today we’re talking about general everybody’s charts, so particular, but you brought up something very important. This way, the way of viewing the aspects is temperature, moisture, and speed or tense, and relaxed is the most ancient way of viewing them. And the medical Astrology was one of the very first usage ever of astrology,
00:24:39 but the cosmic rays have these temperatures and moisture level and they come down, they influence us. They come in through the chakras in the body and they influence us our glands, testosterone, and our thyroid and our pituitary. And so the influences psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and also physically, sometimes very subtly and sometimes not so very subtly depending on your day,
00:25:11 your chart. So I always see the whole thing. And this provides any astrologer, normous acid. It’s like, it’s like having the key to the kingdom. All of a sudden you can use it. I also use it vocationally, but you can use it in any way and you can then help mitigate if a person is getting an excess or deficiency or you getting too much Mars,
00:25:37 too little Mars, we’ve all been getting too much Mars. And we still are until it goes into Taurus on the third. And, And everybody could, it can feel that like there’s been an over excess of Mars. It’s like, yay for Mars and poorest. But definitely. Well, what, what’s so funny on my last program that I had Mars was about to go into Aries,
00:25:58 The last program On my, on my, on my little medical forecast. Oh, got it. Yep. And I put my hands over my eyes and I said, Martin is about to have an ingress into Aries. And I said, I hate to see what this will do because it’s going to raise male as his testosterone levels and adrenaline, I said,
00:26:17 just be careful. And I went like this within two hours of that, the great American shootings freebie. And then of course our weather has been getting so hot and the world’s gone crazy. So, you know, not that Taurus Taurus has its other sides, but you know, the wild, crazy stuff we really saw and you see it in drivers and people’s frustration levels,
00:26:41 the, the heat rising to the brain, increasingly adrenal reactions having has your own temper been a little shorter, have you felt more dehydrated because it dehydrates you need more water has a testosterone seeming a little high lately. I’ve noticed people more tense and a little more rude or just in the neighborhood ever since Mars went into areas. Now it could have worked out that they all became more creative and athletic and great leaders.
00:27:12 And it’s a fantastic for inventing. It’s wonderful for speakers. It’s great for dancers and musicians. That probably happened too. But you know, we are not in the news, always sees the negative. You know What I love about what you just said though, Judith is that there’s always, especially for those of us who are aware of the spectrum of a particular energy,
00:27:33 we can choose, you know, we can say, all right, I can either go this way or I can go that way. Here’s the, here’s all the different ways that this energy can express. And I have a choice point, and that’s just one of the most beautiful things about astrology and working with people like you, who can really give us that spectrum of possibility.
00:27:53 Well, why else do Astrology? If you do something about it, that’s why, why I find your program so beneficial because you know, you know, like when I did the, was it the monthly, the whole month, the guide is The inner circle. Yes. Certain people, how it works and move and you know, what you can do with it.
00:28:12 What is this good for? What are pieces of music that will augment this? Or, you know, everything is related by vibration. So, you know, I, I made full use of the margin areas. I actually had a great time, even though I wasn’t feeling so well, I had a bug, but I did some of my most creative work because it stimulates the brain.
00:28:35 Many of our greatest thinkers and speakers and pioneers are areas, but now it’s going to go into tourists and you know, so it’s good for digging in the garden, getting your finances more tight. It’s, it’s more retentive. And it wants to now build, do something in the physical world with all this creative. I love it. And how long,
00:28:55 how long does Maurice stay and assign? Well, it varies. It’s normally about two and a half months, but it’s when it gets in Gemini. It’s going to be there, I think six or nine months. And I was going to say the most important, you know, I wish, I wish I wish that Amanda had given me the first week of August.
00:29:13 Cause that’s the one where I feel, oh, we’re going to Mars. I’ll just give you a tip off Mars on, Give us a little foreshadowing. I call Marcy him. Cause I like it better than it. Mars is going to be on his own north node and the lunar north node the same time. So the north node is where he received.
00:29:36 We are all going to receive a double, triple dollop of Mars at that time. What are we going to do with it? So if you want to build your muscles, it’s fantastic. But that is a very, very, very marshy aspect. But you know, I’m just going to give you a little heads up about it. Double node, Mars,
00:29:55 maybe one of your other speakers can handle that. When is that actually happening? What are the dates? It looks like it’s probably going to be right. Oh my God. Look at that. Come in a little on the 31st through the third, but then the moon in Scorpio will continue. I’d say the 31st of July through the fifth, 6th of August. We’re going to feel that real good,
00:30:20 but it may continue another two weeks past that. Oh wait another two weeks past it. Okay. You muscle builders out there. We’ll we’ll really like that one. Cause it builds muscles like crazy Torres does build it’s the builder. So it’s very good for building and yeah, but I’m not gonna tip us off further on now. That’s when I really wanted to talk about,
00:30:43 I thought, darn it got the wrong week. This is a perfectly Perfect Judith. Okay. So we’ve done the eighth to ninth we’ve we spent a little bit of time. We haven’t really talked too much about the 10th, which is going to be Yeah. Okay. So the technical or how interesting the 10th. It’s not, it doesn’t seem that we have an odd,
00:31:05 a really sort of an odd aspect. Cause looking here, I hadn’t, I hadn’t worked it up for us, but what we do have is a moon in Sagittarius and moon in Sagittarius will be training Jupiter. So that is nice. Okay. The best part of the day. Okay. What’s happening in the early morning moon we’ll quincunx Mars at 7:44 AM that when murders and shadow people want to go running just for that,
00:31:35 they want to have fun. Their energy is moving out or do they want to, they also have knowledge. They love knowledge. They love, they want to travel. You know, they, they, they want some freedom and, but a quincunx to Mars means, whoops, they’ve got something they must do in the practical world. Or I can’t do that.
00:31:51 I don’t have enough money. I don’t have gas or you know, I can’t afford the gas. So that goes on in the morning. So it’s better to you have this wonderful. Why moan and sash, trine, Jupiter and airy. So good at 3:02 PM Pacific time because Jupiter rules Savage and they’re both in fire signs and Jupiter is, does also very,
00:32:15 very well. It’s one of the rulers of the fire. Triplicity nighttime roar the city, interestingly. So this is a opportunistic little wave that goes through. So if you want to ask somebody for a favor, if you want to go get some exercise, now it’s in fire shine. So as far as signs in live-in and saddles, the arterial system,
00:32:38 so enlivens the blood pressure. So Jupiter is an area’s Jupiter. Again has been an area. It remain emphasizing the head. That’s why when Mars and Jupiter and Aries together as they are right now until the third it’s super areas. But this is nice for expansiveness joy. Laughter. This is a very funny one. Sandra loves to laugh. Jupiter loves to laugh,
00:33:03 going to a comedy club. This is nice for publishing for publicity, for promotion of all kinds, advertising, really good, bringing out something that’s like something with color, color, and movement, a new video. This will grab people a little more than on an average day. The results will be a little more successful for you. If you’re putting out a product on the web or you want to launch any kind of visual products,
00:33:32 new TV series, of course we have to look at the larger picture. Saturn is still retrograde and we can’t talk about that on a weekly thing, but Saturn will keep the whole everything a little slower and held back, especially with real estate for, until Saturn goes direct. And when the Saturn go Direct, think it’s late October, let’s take a look.
00:33:53 That’s right, October 22nd, 23rd stationary for Saturn and begins to slowly forward. And Jupiter is still retrograde. So we have a period folks, both Saturn and Jupiter retrograde that will start at the end of this month. And that will go several months when they’re both retrograde, meaning large projects better go into review or you know, the real estate market, the economy may be very slowed down at this point.
00:34:26 So in both our chronic Kratz our keepers of time, our bureaucrats of the sky, Jupiter and Saturn are rich are together. We have to keep our eye on yet, but so these things are going on, but still we have this rather nice brief aspect you can make use of on Sunday the 10th. And we also have a stimulus going on same day.
00:34:48 The sun is sextile Uranus way early in the morning. That day, just minutes after the moon enter Savage Sunday, the 10th at 1:34 AM. So, so the day of the sun, which is fiery and the sun will sextile Uranus at 1:39 AM. So that’s a little stimulating for people, you know, new ideas let’s do something, but there’s still that problem with Mars in the morning.
00:35:12 So if you’re thinking of a big drive to the beach and you’re worried about traffic, wait until that about an hour or two, at least past that moon sash quincunx Mars and tourist at 7:44 AM because it means some kind of little log jammer, or you really do have to take care of business for you. Leave the afternoons nice and clear should be, you know,
00:35:34 for most people. And it’s a mentally weird evening, right? Because they, one more thing, a moon in sag, quincunx mercury and cancer at 9:29 PM, then books are filing including quincunx is that means the emotional nature is stimulated and wants to move or go outside and have some fun. And the mental nature is sensitive and reticent and the hearing is sensitive mercury and canceling and would rather journal.
00:36:03 So there are a little bit at cross purposes and it could work out something like you really want to go walking and your spouse wants to journal. You know, it could work out or your dog is pestering you and really wants to go and you have to do the accounting. So that’s in the, the late night there probably not much of a problem if you’re in bed.
00:36:26 So can I ask you a couple more questions? Students? My pleasure man. ’cause I don’t know that everybody realizes that Astrology can help with certain things that you’ve brought up. I mean, obviously you brought up a lot about the body. At one point you made like a very passing comment about hair. So you said, this is like a good day to get your hair done or a good day to get your,
00:36:47 I can’t remember exactly what it was. It was moon Libra, trine, Venus, and then something about our hair. But the reason why I’m bringing it up is because I remember when I was first learning Astrology and I would hear things like that. Like this is a good day to get your hair cut or not a good day. It was like,
00:37:03 whoa, you can actually, you can actually study the planets and learn such minute practical, things like that. That’s incredible. Oh my Newt, in fact, this is what we, when we’re doing elections for people, people come to me for everything. You know, they want, they want to find out the data by a dog and you have to know all your rulers.
00:37:21 And once you do everything in university’s connected, like if those who are musicians know that the low sheet is the same as the high Sianna, different optimally<inaudible> so DOE and DOE they’re all related. And so a strawberry, a sweet little fruit has a connection with Venus diamonds connect with Venus. Copper is ruled by Venus. Pretty little girls and boys are ruled by Venus singing.
00:37:53 And you know, the, the gentle arts and courtly love is under Venus. So whereas Mars rules, sharp weapons, thorns on trees, things that projectiles men, young men in, you know, sports Eagles, you know, all things are related through a series of vibrations. Now, when you’re talking about hair, now this is interesting. Hair is an antenna and it picks up the reason why cats have whiskers.
00:38:24 It picks up astrology is astrological vibrations. Now you can test this yourself, try to have a haircut on for the moons in Aquarius. The hair will go really? You won’t like usually like the result. It won’t mind. It’ll get kind of crazy moon in Aries. If you want that, you know, hedgehog type of haircut, you know, Harris’ going straight up,
00:38:45 militant looking perfect. It’ll work. Fix. Leo gives a nice head of hair. Areas gives a nice head of hair. You’ll notice these. And you’ll notice you, you yourself will respond very differently on certain signs for haircuts. Especially if you have real reactive hair, I have never found this to fail. And so I always get my hair done on the same.
00:39:08 I’m very unruly hair. I never do the Aquarius moon. I’ll look like Kramer for the rest of the month. Not that I don’t already, but I try to. So which moon do you choose? I love and I find an Aries and Leo moons always give me the haircut on mine. Always. And Aquarius will be terrible. No. Now someone had Venus in Aquarius and liked a certain look at my work.
00:39:39 I’m talking general for most people. And then you have your natal chart, which is ever so important as we know. So this is an amazing, amazing science, and you can get his mind into my new HSA. It’s amazing, Judith. I, this is a little off topic for the weekly weather, but I always loved to take advantage of opportunities when I have legends like you on the show.
00:40:02 And so I would love to ask you why you think Astrology works? Like how does it work? Why does it work? Ah, there’s lots of reasons for this. And there’s been actually a lot of research. We can say that. And we can also say, nobody knows for sure, but there’s several ideas that the Jyotish have an idea that the planets emit cosmic color,
00:40:31 rays, you a very fine matter, which we don’t really see. And that these color rays have temperature and moisture and speed and that they enter. So either the back of the head, there’s different views and they come into our shockers and noughties and they influence our glands and our body. So if you get a little like a radio signal, that’s very continuously say,
00:40:54 you know, hitting you in a certain spot, things happen. That’s one theory, rural pain, the great physicist had another theory. He said that the, the protons in the center of hydrogen atoms are free to wiggle around in any direction. And we are made out of mostly hydrogen atoms. It’s the most abundant outcome. And it’s one of the components of water.
00:41:24 We are about, you know, 70, 80% water. And that the, he felt that he felt that the planets influenced us through the water droplets on the planet. He studied astrology and he did some remarkable experiments with this. So what we’re breathing in, we breathe in a lot of water and we drink water every day. We’re made out of water.
00:41:48 And this changes day to day because of the cosmic currents affecting. So that the, the little, if things are allowed to proton is allowed to twist around in any direction. It might fixate and produce a permanent planetary residence pattern. The moment you’re born, so that the resonance of the planets all around you at the moment you’re born, or somehow imprinted somehow in us and form a starting point for all other cycles,
00:42:18 evermore in our lives. And that’s our natal chart, which I always, I’m a great believer in the primacy of the natal chart in every use of astrology, including medical. Now I believe there’s something to do with resonance and that the entire universe is really one. I’ll give you one more. One more. The entire universe is really one. Now I’m looking at you.
00:42:40 And I think you’re a separate being. And I think the chair is separate. And I think that, but when you, if you could actually see into atomic structure, there’s really not much. We’re all one thing. So the universe is just all alive, producing all these forms. So if you look at, you know, someone’s ear or tongue in Chinese medicine,
00:43:05 you can tell all about their body because everything is reflecting. Everything we could look up, we could figure out how to look at the bottom of someone’s shoe and tell all about everything’s reflecting everything. So if everything is really one, then we are, when we’re born, we are a tiny fractal of the whole universe. At the moment we were born at somehow freezes in time,
00:43:33 and then we just respond to everything. But we still have been given a guiding mind because we are individuals and we are able to assess and make use of, or reduce deficiency and excess of incoming planetary rays. Most of the time, there are times the social engulfing or the earthquake or something are too big for us, but humans are given a tremendous amount of directed power.
00:44:02 And I’ll end this little rant I’m on with a quote by Edgar Casey, Edgar, Casey, the probably greatest psychic ever lived in the great you did astrology readings psychically. He did past life. He did history. He did medical. And when asked if it was good to study Astrology, when he was in trance, he said, it is very,
00:44:27 very, very good to study. But in the light that you have decision power over your urges and over your emotions and over your own thoughts that the planets are somehow instigate. I don’t have the I’m paraphrasing him, but that you must study. You said he must study it rightly it’s very, very, very good. As long as you study it the right way,
00:44:54 he loved old English. And he said that as in the light that you and your will have power over these plants do not let them control you. Oh, wow. That is so powerful. I am so glad I asked you that question Because I mean, at the end of the day, like we can, we can look at the weekly weather.
00:45:15 We can look at the monthly forecast. We can look at the year ahead. We can do all these things. And all of it is so helpful to have the information we need in order to work with astrology, rightly right. To, to allow it, to actually empower us even more to have agency and choice and authority in our own lives. And to really work with those energies in the best way that we can.
00:45:40 Judith, I love the three different perspectives. You just laid out for us on why it works. Because so often we get in the weeds and we, we all are experiencing it in our lives. It’s like, this is, there’s a reason why you all took tune in. It’s like, there’s something to this. I see it a lot in my life.
00:45:55 I see it being helpful, you know, as I understand myself and others, but how, and what, you know, sometimes just stepping back and really asking that big question of like, why does this even work? And, and, and what what’s the, and I don’t even want to say mechanism. I made that mistake when speaking with Richard Tarnas,
00:46:13 I said, what’s the mechanism by which Astrology work works. And he corrected me and said, you know, I don’t think it’s mechanistic in that way. You know, it’s, it’s much more holistic than like a machine, like a, you know, mechanistic thing. But anyways, I I’m grateful for your answer. Thank you so much. You’re welcome.
00:46:33 And I would say it’s both, there’s a mechanism behind it and it’s also holistic and there’s different. It’s something for everybody, but it is, you know, I, I’m a scientific, somewhat skeptical tendency person. And I spent 10 years in the statistics of studying astrology and, and I, I made my living at this for my entire life at a time when you didn’t make much money whatsoever.
00:46:57 And I did it because it worked and it was so helpful for people. It was incredible. Exactly. Oh my goodness. Thank you, Judith. Well, and also thank you for giving us the lay of the land of the week ahead. I don’t think we ever came up with like a summary statement. If you had to choose one summary statement or word to describe the week,
00:47:17 what would you say it is? I would say have your fun until, until a Maurice goes into Taurus, then the night of the fourth, and then be prepared to, you know, get your house in order and, and your accounting in order. And you can and bake and get your garden nice and, and pay more attention to what’s going on in your family and home and more practical focus again,
00:47:45 but make sure that toxins aren’t building in the system after that point, Move the energy. Yeah. Keep it moving to me at one point, you said help the adrenals and the glands to actually, you know, release energy. And I love that. What’s it called? Is it Bagua? What, what the, you know, with the stones?
00:48:09 I can’t remember what it’s called. You don’t know what I’m talking about either. Okay. Anyways, there’s, there’s these stones that you can use to actually like stimulate the lymph nodes and move, move the fluids through your body. Yes. It’s a very bad cloggy time astrologically after the fourth for a very strong from probably definitely about two weeks, but it could go on throughout Mars and Taurus cause cancers club to,
00:48:36 Yeah. If any of you are interested in deep diving with Judith, definitely check out her academy for astrological medicine. We also are running a special right this minute on the mastery class that Judith did with us when she was an inner circle astrologer it’s the mastery class was transits from a medical perspective by Judith. And so that is available. Now we’re doing a little 4th of July promotion.
00:49:02 So you can get that. We sent you an email and we sent it on Saturday the second. So look for an email from us. And in there you’ll get discount codes and more information about Judith’s class. If you do want to take it, the promotion only runs through July 5th. So make sure you jump on that right away. And Judith, I hope people check you out.
00:49:26 We need more people who understand medical Astrology. So I love when I hear about our students jumping into your school, or just really diving deep with it, because I think the world needs a lot more people who understand these in this interconnectivity. Well, thank you. And I can remind people. I have several books on this subject on medical astrology and lunar nodes and vocational Astrology Hub got many,
00:49:50 many books, and you can see those at my private website, Judith Hill Astrology dot com. Perfect. Thank you. All right. Thank you everybody so much for being here. I mean, I could do a little summary, but I feel like we got it. Like there. Let me just see if there’s a few things that like really that I feel,
00:50:10 I mean, basically this Ingress is, is a big deal that the double Ingress, we have the quarter moon on July 6th, which may bring out swelling, hormonal difficulty with menstrual cycle. We also have the eighth and ninth situation. So allowing to gently assist excretion, you’re saying, oh, I also want to ask you why is a Scorpio number? ’cause it’s the eighth sign.
00:50:44 And, and then eight is the aura borrows, the snake that, that eats its own tail and that Scorpio. So it’s death and rebirth death and rebirth. Yeah. And does every number have symbology that also relates to Astrology like that? It can, if you look at it that way, I’d say though, the absolutely obvious one is Scorpio though.
00:51:08 Okay, nice. Okay. We have moon square Saturn. This has happening on the ninth as well. I believe Donald try and convince family about political things. We have enough political anx happening. We don’t need to like stir the pot. They’re doing good for others. The energy is going out, not in. So this isn’t a great time to start big,
00:51:30 huge projects, or like try to make some big outward push. It’s really more about giving it’s more internal, take it, easy, sleep, rest budget. That’s another thing that I wrote down as a good thing to do this week. It’s definitely a good time to just kind of do some internal housekeeping and getting on top of things that need to be corralled is where I was hearing you.
00:51:53 One, I missed the fourth and the fifth are your best days for budgeting. Yoga. The fifth is really good for yoga buying clothes, taking care of everything practical or doing any home craft, crafty stuff, even, you know, just, you know, counting vegetables fourth and fifth. Those are your hyper practical days, but really good for yoga.
00:52:13 Tai-Chi to Nice to see how specific is that. It’s amazing. It, it just, it blows my mind all the time. Judith, thank you so much for dedicating your life to this study. And especially during times where people were getting thrown into jail for studying astrology, people were totally on the outcast of society for, for being astrologers and it’s people like you who have enabled us to now be able to come together and community online,
00:52:45 have these very open discussions about astrology. And you’ve also been a part of the, the group of people who are really reconnecting us to the, the roots of astrology and helping us to bring that into modern times and apply it in our lives. And I’m, I am for one very, very, very grateful for you and just the wealth of information that you bring to all of us.
00:53:12 So thank you. And I’m so honored that you’re here on our platform for them. So thank you for coming for sharing. We always love having you, you are the doors open for any time that you want to come back and we just love you, Judah. Thank you. I love being here and thank you. Thank you so much for inviting me,
00:53:27 Amanda. I mean, this, this has been really lovely and it always worked so smooth between us too. We always do. It really does. I think we must be just trying to do to each other or sex that we’re just trying or sex or whatever that is. They were harmonious. Yes. And thanks to all of you for being here.
00:53:46 Thank you for your curiosity. Thank you for being interested. Thank you for wondering about these things. Like how is my life connected to the cosmos? How can I apply these things in my life? I think these kinds of questions is what, at least for me personally, it has enriched my life and on such such deep levels because you see how deep it goes.
00:54:06 It’s like when, when Judith is talking about how this works, I mean, this is extraordinarily metaphysical, spiritual, you know, it just goes far beyond the mundane application. And it also includes the mundane application, which is, which is amazing. So it’s all of it. And just thank you for being here. We love having you in our community and thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life.
00:54:30 We’ll catch you on the next episode. Take care. This podcast is presented by Astrology Hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at Astrology Hub dot com slash podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. So you can stay up to date on the latest episodes and help more people find the wisdom of astrology.
00:54:55 Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life.