[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Integrating the Eclipse” May 16th – 22nd w/ Ari Moshe Wolfe

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Working with Saturn

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Ari Moshe and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • How to integrate the energies of the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse
  • Ways to distinguish a desire from a craving
  • About the Mars and Neptune conjunction and how to work with it


0:00 Intro

1:55 Mars and Neptune Conjunction

16:44 Amanda on Surrendering to Divine Timing

29:12 How to Integrate the Eclipse Energies

38:59 Working with Saturn

42:14 Living in the Present

46:28 Additional Transits

51:41 Week Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:09
Welcome to your weekly astrological webinar. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriviwng with the cosmic tide.

Well, hello, everybody and welcome. It is so great to be here with you. I am very, very excited to have our guests today. Who is Ari Moshe Wolf. He is an evolutionary astrologer, and so much more. I mean, it’s hard to like put little qualifiers around the astrology that you practice already. But I am so happy to have you here. You are definitely in astrology hub favorite. But this is your first time on the weekly whether you’ve been in our circle guide with us. You have been on the podcast several times, but this is your first weekly weather debut. So welcome to the weekly weather.

Ari Moshe Wolfe 1:11
Thank you for having me.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:13
Yeah. All right. Well, let’s dive into the theme. I know last week, a lot of what we covered was with Nadia, which was also so much fun, was about Jupiter in Aries. So we went really deep in that Jupiter moving into Aries and also Mercury retrograde. So what would you say is the major theme for this week? And what should we be paying attention to?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 1:36
Integrating the clips? All right, the potency of that I think the the the main theme is really what’s happening with Mars.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:47
Okay, so what’s happening with Mars? Like, tell us a little bit more about that, before we go into like, each of the specific transits? What do you mean by that?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 1:55
Yeah. So just just at the heels of following this eclipse, we have Mars, moving into a conjunction with Neptune. And then with for the rest of this week, staying pretty close to Neptune just a couple of degrees or so this is significant for a couple of reasons. One, this Mars, Neptune very, very tightly trines, this eclipse, trines and sextiles. Its sextile to Pluto, which is the ruler of the south node right now. And also Mars is the ruler of Aries and Jupiter just moved into Aries. So it really speaks to there’s a very particularly strong emphasis on what’s going on with that Mars. Anything that involves Neptune is always going to speak to where right now we are in relationship to the truth. And where we are in relationship to the truth will always bring up where we’re trying to make something that’s unreal to be real. So there was often a lot of confusion, a lot of suffering with strong Neptunian trend. And this is this is a very strong Neptunian week. And this eclipse also a very strong Neptune, because of how tightly it’s aspecting Neptune. And this maybe isn’t given adequate attention, because there’s a lot of Uranium Energy going on right now, which is very true. But when Neptune is so emphasize, there is a focus here on One essential thing, which is the truth is true. And it’s not conflicted, it’s not complicated, it’s not ambiguous. However, all of the judgments and the constructs and the conditions that we’re holding that we’re affirming and asserting have to be so make the truth feel like this very complicated thing. And I think one thing that can really emerge this week, is the seeming duality between following the will of of life like what spirit would have us the idea of serenity versus sacrifice, and serve, you know, sacrifice and loss, where it can feel like this following is either this beautiful sense of trusting and letting go and allowing it everything works out, according to a greater plan. And we can feel the peace that comes in that. Or we can associate the idea of following and listening to some idea of I have to let go, I have to sacrifice I have to lose something. So I’ll drop more into these particular qualities as we as we speak to this movement with Mars and Neptune and the importance that I see with that as we go along.

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:42
Yeah, I’d love to hear some examples of how that might be showing up for people. I think that would really make it come to life. But what I’m hearing from you is that it’s there’s a little bit of a reality check, that that might that might be required or for us to consider After, where we really want something to be true, like where we really, we will it, we wish it, we want it, but it’s actually not. And so when I say reality check, it’s like just that acceptance of like, okay, here is where we actually are. And can I surrender to the truth of where this actually is? Versus wishing it was something different?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 5:27
Yes, absolutely. So let’s Yeah, let’s delve into this. Now. Let me just state maybe the days of these transits so that it feels a little grounded, and we can drop into the energy. So as soon as over here on the West Coast looks like you know, Tuesday night, the 17th, for many people have Wednesday, the 18th is when Mars and Neptune join. And again, like for the rest of this week, there are going to be within two, two and a half degrees. And what’s interesting too, is, once Mars passes Neptune, by the end of this week, Mars will be approaching the midpoint between Neptune and Jupiter. So it’s very useful to think of what’s happening with Mars, in context to where it’s going as well, okay. I was listening to this talk by this guy who used to be a comedian, his name is not in my mind right now. But he sort of got turned on to spirituality. And he said, this really beautiful thing. For for, for as much of his life he was willing to, you know, become famous, or make more money or do the next thing or, you know, the next big gig. And he came to this realization that we we all have in different ways, which is there’s really no end to it, we can we can create these goals and these ambitions for what we want to accomplish and the great things we want to do, or the money we want to earn. But we actually realize that doesn’t do anything for us, there’s then the next obstacle or the next big goal. And the teaching that we’re all waiting to realize is that the only thing that really will bring us fulfillment is our living in the present moments. And our internal sense of enoughness our internal sense of I’m good, who I am, where I am with what I have with whom I’m with, with what I’m which then itself speaks to an underlying trust. Number This man was speaking to Kyle Cece, so I’m not sure if I’m saying the last name, right? This that his name. He was speaking to, instead of asserting our will and our ambitions, we’re all finding more peace, we ultimately learn to find much more peace in asking now and asking life and acting reality. What do you want me to do? What would you have me do? And this is where it gets very confusing because to truly begin to think of ourselves in our life and our life direction, from the point of view of, we’re being guided according to a goodwill greater than our own making that knows more than us that holds it all together. In this ineffably beautiful way to truly conceive of that often leads us to think we have to lose something or let go of something or suffering, there’s a subtle introduction of sacrifice and loss, and I can’t get what I can’t get what I want, right. And that’s not the correct attitude. So with Mars, Neptune. And this is particularly strongly Great. Now as they’re about to come into a conjunction, we can really feel it’s almost like the tension or the pressure. of there being a sense of something wants to give something wants to open up. I need to make new choices. And yet I’m bound by the sense of limitation obstacles. If you think of Neptune as all that is, and Mars as like the freewill and the agency needed to make choices. There can be a feeling that is like, on a deep existential level, reality isn’t allowing me to be me realities and allowing me to have the freedom to do it. I’m just stuck. And so we need to bring forgiveness into this. And when we bring forgiveness into this, we’re willing to acknowledge that we just don’t know enough. We’re willing to acknowledge as much as we’ve learned as strong of a vision, we think we have as hard as we’ve tried to make things work the certain way that we think we’ve done or as much as we’ve sacrificed to be where we are. We don’t understand we don’t grasp the full scope of things. So the forgiveness is forgiving our ideas, our beliefs, our convictions that would otherwise keep us in a defensive stance that believes either One,

I need to will myself through all experiences, I want it to go this way. You know, this is my dream for happiness and success and peace. Beautiful has to happen this way. No, make Tim forgive ourselves and realize our relationship to the present moment is all we need to practice. And I’m constantly constantly learning like less this morning, I woke up to thinking about several things I did and said yesterday, that didn’t feel good. And I didn’t realize they didn’t feel good until I woke up. And they were just like, in the spaciousness of waking up and realizing oh, it didn’t, oh, I didn’t like that. And the realization was, Oh, I was rushing into action. I didn’t really take the time to come back to quiet and, you know, quiet and listening and remembering and overturning. Which is not a concept. It’s like, the actual doing of it as a direct experience. Where we actually come back, not just telling ourselves to come back, you let a little meditation before we started to bring us into the moment of the thought I had is like, oh, that’s how you do it. Right? Not just like closing your eyes and telling yourself, Okay, God, I surrender to your will, like really remembering that this is an actual thing, actually, a way to live. It’s an actual way to be, where we can meet as a practice. The challenges are the decisions, the questions in our life, which is Neptune, Mars, like, where am I going? If feeling stuck, or like there’s no direction, there’s no clarity, or we don’t have enough strain that meeting those very places, we have the opportunity, in fact, the right to meet that as the very opportunity, the very moment to not stray from the Divine, not straight from now not straight from the source of all things. But to actually bring that to the source. It’s the temptation for most of us in those moments is to feel lost, or distract ourselves, what do we do when we feel that we don’t have the permission or the space or the freedom to do what we want to do? We’ll give up like, I’ll just find I’ll do whatever, or I Oh, we’ll just rush and do things that we don’t end up moving and living with a sense of certainty and peace. So meeting these moments, we’re really willing to slow down and remind ourselves, it’s possible to live in relationship to guidance in every moment in every experience. And one of the biggest teachings and of course, in miracles that I just so appreciate. Is is this one idea. That emphasizes we seem to believe that certain problems are worthwhile to just keep secret and ignore and live with this stressful relationship or this obstacle or this confusing thing. And other things we can turn to God for we can turn to spirit, we can ask for healing, we can ask for clarity and correction, and other things. We just accept it. And we we become entrained to live in a way where we just compartmentalize these feelings of helplessness. And expect that’s what life is. And in compartmentalizing it, we have to appreciate what that really means. Like we compartmentalize it, we create a space for it in our minds that justifies its reality as reality. Like this is just how it is like so many people speak about spirituality, as being like to surrender to God is like, like, yeah, sometimes you don’t get what you want. It’s like, well, that’s not the best person because yes, sometimes we don’t get what we’re demanding what the egos wanting. But like we don’t, it’s not the final step. Beyond that not getting what we want is a true humility to acknowledge maybe I don’t really know what I need, maybe what I want, or the trajectory or the pathway there is just not what I what I think is is not really the best way. And maybe I’m just missing it all. Like maybe I have a little picture of it, but I’m not seeing it all. And so there’s deep healing for us to recognize

in these very places where we’re called into action into movement, forgiveness, which really means coming back to a realignment with the truth, not with our own thinking in regards to any specific circumstance or relationship. as far off as we seem. As much Mars as much more we have reached as much battling as much strife intention we have just had. Right especially with the incredible portal of this eclipse energy which, in my view is bringing up a lot of deeper unconscious psychological content, squaring that Saturn very, very tightly. Which by the way, this is a great time to review that Saturn podcast we did on Saturn squaring the nodes, because this is this eclipse time is really emphasizing that like what’s playing out right now. It’s really speaking to this essential restructuring. And Saturn in Aquarius is pointing us to, there’s a level of self responsibility to live in an authentic way in a way that is reflective of our individuality to create something new that we haven’t seen. That is possible right now. But we have to meet all of the places where we feel suppressed, where we feel stuck, where we feel entangled, where we’re having issues with trust, with opening up with letting go like, these are the things that are coming up very strongly right now. So if we’re coming from a warzone, Miss Mars, Neptune says it even now we’re bloody, were exhausted, whatever is going on, there’s no moment that doesn’t deserve our choice to forgive. There’s no experience, there’s no battle after which we don’t have the total right to come back to start over again. And so meeting where that seems like loss and sacrifice, and I can get in my way, it’s just an a deeper invitation to acknowledge, maybe I don’t understand enough about where I’m going, maybe I don’t understand, heck, if we’re not feeling peaceful, maybe that’s enough for us to appreciate, I must not understand at all. It’s really as simple as that. So

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:44
there is so much there. Alright, this feels entirely irrelevant. I don’t know about all of you. But this is feeling so relevant to me right now. And that’s isn’t the beauty of astrology, like, wow, it’s like you have a magic window into our souls. But I can give a couple examples. So many of you have heard me talk about the book that I was writing, prior to COVID. It’s, it’s, it’s an astrology hub. Offering that essentially, is bringing together many of the highlights of the incredible interviews that I’ve had the pleasure of doing over the last seven years. So I was in this publisher purpose group, because I’ve never written a book. So I was like, Okay, I’ll, like take a class, and I’ll learn how to do this. And so every Wednesday was my writing day. And I was doing this for I don’t know, about a year. And then COVID happened. And we were in quarantine. And I had children full time, and I was facilitating zoom school and all these things. And so my Wednesday writing Day, which I was loving, just was gone. And I felt so disappointed about this, like, oh, like I was making so much progress, like I was I was there was a momentum and like this, just like screeching halt. So I put it on the shelf, and just said, Okay, it’s not meant to happen right now. Recently, there has been this reinvigoration of the energy around it. And we’re going to bring it back as a project that we’re going to work on. And now I feel renewed energy, instead of trying to do it alone. I’m working with more members of my team to get it done. And I’m realizing that where we are as an as a, as an organization, we’re in a much better position to actually bring this to life in a very new way than I ever imagined before. So I am having these moments of marveling of like, wow, I was so disappointed then that I had to put this on the shelf. And it felt like a sacrifice, right. It was like, Oh, this sucks, you know, but this is what’s happening, and I just need to go with it. But now I’m looking at the beauty of the divine timing. And like, God, it’s a much better time. And he I had it in my head. I’m gonna have this published in 2020. Like this needs to be published in 22. I don’t even know why it was just like some arbitrary. This needs to be published in 2020. And then all that just blew up. And now I’m just like, wow, the divine time, the divine intelligence behind that getting put on the shelf, and us being able to bring this out. I don’t I’m not even going to tell you when it’s gonna happen, because I don’t know. But just the trusting of that process. And the reminder that I don’t know, I don’t always know, I have my little plans. I have my ideas. It’s great that I’m meeting those with energy, but I don’t really know. So I think what I’m hearing as you’re speaking is that this is what we’re being reminded of that there are these things that we think we want that we think we need especially many of us just to the our treasure maps for the Aries New Moon. So there’s this like, level of attachment behind some of the things we were envisioning. And it’s not that we have to let them go. Like this is what I’m hearing you say. It’s not that we have to let them go. It’s just that we have to trust In the process, trust in the timing, trust in the way that it’ll come through, it might be totally different than what we think. One more thing as I’m re orienting myself with the book. I have this interview with Thomas Moore, the the man who wrote God so many books about the soul like the untethered sorry, Untethered Soul. Yes. Oh, so many books, I can’t remember the book names right now. But this interview with him is just gold. I mean, it is there are so many things. He says in there, I’m like, I can’t wait to share this with all of you. But one of the things he does is define the difference between desire and craving. And he, he argues that the Buddhist idea of desire being like the source of our suffering, it’s actually craving. And that desire is something very divine Lee, orchestrated and that the true desires of your soul are not the things that are going to bring you suffering, but that craving those like, you know, flip momentary things that we just need to have this and like you said, it’s, it’s, it’s insatiable, you know, there’s never enough, we’re never gonna, like, reach the end of that craving.

That, but desire is, you know, Desi dairy of the stars, like that is actually something within us. But then what I heard you say, again, is that there’s this trusting of the process. The last thing I’ll say, in this piece, looking at the treasure map, my partner, my love, you know, I went through the whole treasure map process. And then he reminded me, he said, you know, the thing to remember is that we will be no happier when we when you when we get there, like there is no, you know, there’s no, like, oh, when we have this will be happier, Oh, didn’t know, finally have a ride. It’s like, he’d never get there. And so enjoy and appreciate and be happy for where you’re at, in the process of creation. Because, because creating is also fun and joyful, right? Like, we love doing it. And there’s this gratitude for where we’re at right now as well, that’s so important to remember to just continually tap into, and remember that even that treasure map, I look at those things that I have on my treasure map, and like, oh, yeah, that’d be so fun. And it’s not gonna make me any happier. It’s not going to, it’s not going to be like this place of arrival. And that’s just like a constant reminder I’m doing to myself. You know,

Ari Moshe Wolfe 22:32
that’s such a wonderful point. I mean, we get, we get confused. And we think that it’s the fulfillment of our desires that will bring us sense, a sense of fulfillment. But it’s actually being in alignment with our nature. That’s the fulfillment. So, you know, having is a beautiful Jeffrey Wolfe, green quote, which is every desire a soul has that is relevant to their ongoing evolutionary needs is bound to manifest when we couldn’t authentically desire something that isn’t that that isn’t going to manifest. Right. And that that differentiates then between what you’re speaking to as desire versus craving, we can direct our craving towards all kinds of things. And the moment we introduce, I need this. That’s not true. There’s no truth in that. Because any desire that actually takes us away from the moment is, is stating something that isn’t true about ourselves. It says, I’m not whole now. It means my wholeness and happiness can’t be fulfilled, right, which is not true. It’s not who we are. So it’s a contradiction to reality. And it’ll, it’ll never get us there. And we’ll never find fulfillment. And that’s like the big cosmic haha, around all of this stuff. It’s like surrendering to the path itself. It’s not about letting go of what we want. It’s about realizing that what we want, there’s a way to be with it that feels rested. And it’s almost like all the beautiful abraham hicks teachings, I really appreciate how it how they often speak to you, you let go of it, you don’t attach, you don’t get to fix on on specifics. either. You acknowledge a desire, but then you let life play it out. And it’s the enjoyment of the process, the enjoyment of getting there, because the fulfillment is being ourselves. Our fulfillment is our connection with the divine, and a process that’s actually carrying us it’s not something that we’re doing, and it doesn’t qualify our own wholeness. So there’s a teaching in the Course in Miracles, which says forgiveness gives me everything that I want. Forgiveness offers everything I want. And I’m really, really thinking about that these days. Because when I tune into what’s keeping me from peace right now, and from everything happening, according to Divine Will, which is obviously the best for all the things that I’m holding on to like, the grievances, the assertions, the regrets, the perceptions of conflict, and will be I need things to go this way. All of those elements that we hold on to are the only things that keeps us from this group. race that is natural to life. And I see these people in life that exemplify this moment to moment graceful living, the teaching is we don’t have to do something, to experience that we don’t have to achieve something in this world, on any level, it’s not about the right route, you know, we get so stuck, especially with Saturn, big teaching for us don’t look at the form and be like, oh, I want my life to look like those people. This much money or this kind of relationship, or this many cars, or this much of a following? Like, do we not allow ourselves to get stuck in that these are all superficial values. There’s a resonance that offered to us and feeling like oh, the quality of contentment and joy and fulfillment that I’m perceiving. That’s what I want. And the only way to get there is by honestly looking at the very places where we tighten up and not keeping it secret, not keeping it secure, not holding it back not compartmentalizing it, putting it there, and then saying, Yes, but I want to be happy, like, Okay, let’s look at where we’ve accepted these very unhappy thoughts as real and we’re unwilling to question it. And it’s hard because we don’t have to have the answer to it. That’s the whole point. We don’t have the answer to it. That’s the humility of this. And to actually meet those places, I think this is a big part of this eclipse window, meeting those places where it’s like, ooh, such psychological content, it’s so uncomfortable, I can see the emotional content that’s emerging, I don’t have an answer for it, other than maybe the ways in which I want to go into control. So great, can we just let that be, this is what teaches me over and over again, to come back into alignment. Just like simple simple things, like, do good grooming, make sure I’m creating adequate space for meditation and practice and, um, you know, working out things that I go in and out of really grounding on, you know, it’s I keep on coming back to those simple things, but not just doing them. Right. It’s like doing them because we have a devotional understanding for why creating space for return is so important.

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:28
Who creating space for return. That’s an amazing phrase. And it’s, it’s basically when you say, the grounding that we did before we went live. That is all we’re doing is we’re returning, you know, you they all, you all know that we do a grounding before we go live on the weekly weather. And, and so it’s always a return to why are we even doing this? Like, what is the point like? Why don’t we schedule the time meet together? commune with this audience? Study astrology? Why are we even doing it? And I think that that that question, in all the different areas of our life like, why, why am I even showing up here at this job? Why? Why am I even? Why am I even taking the time to nourish my children in a certain way? Why am I eating all of those? It just connects you into that deeper soul level desire? Why did you decide to do it in the first place? Why did you decide to have children in the first place? Why did you decide to get married in the first place? Why did you decide to do any of what you do? And reconnecting to that is so powerful, and it’s something that we can do over and over? It’s amazing how quickly we forget, it’s like, then we start going through the motions, you know, it’s like, now I’m just on autopilot, you know, in my marriage in my, with my children, you know, whatever it is. Alright, can I pull us back to a little bit to the Eclipse? So you said, one of the major themes. So we have this Mars Neptune happening, which is obviously a theme of the whole week. And we’ve really dug into the energies of that. How, and what does it mean to integrate the energies from this eclipse that we just experienced?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 29:12
So we can think of the seat Eclipse as bringing us very face to face with it’s one of the most powerful eclipses I mean, it just so much is activated very tightly involving Vesta in Saturn square and the nodal axis, even this Mercury Retrograde, which again, is like there are some perspectives and ways of thinking that perhaps we have not yet considered is involved in this particular Eclipse. And you’re of course your rawness is right there on the north node. So there’s a whole lot of like, okay, I don’t know where this is going. Like that’s, that’s it’s like, quote, I don’t know where, okay, comma, I don’t know where this is going dot dot, dot shrug. Like that’s what it is. Then what do we do with that? There can be a deep sense of Meeting the very places that actually feel quite dysfunctional, that don’t feel in alignment, where we haven’t developed a sort of mastery. And I think the teaching is, again, the mastery that we’re cultivating isn’t the mastery of fill in the blank. The mastery of all things, is really the mastery of one thing, the mastery of living in the moment, the mastery of how to be in relationship to one another to ourselves to the moment, and learning how to follow the directive of our own soul. This eclipse teaches us what I strongly believe and keep on learning. What’s meant to be will be, we can try our hardest to prevent it, it will be what’s not meant to be will not be, we can try our hardest to make it so this is like a Ramana Maharshi paraphrasing that I often quote, this is I find to be very so and with Uranus and Aquarius so involved in this particular time, it says there is a program set already that pertains to our larger collective evolution, our greater quote unquote, destiny for thinking of it in terms of time unfolding, but it is, and the events and circumstances that seem to be emerging are just a part of the program, things happening and loosening up and opening up. So we can move forward in greater alignment, where we’re holding on to our attachments to our possessiveness to our fear of loss or gain, our cravings and our aversions. These are things that we absolutely need to face and maybe in some other paradigm, we can have the successful fill in the blank, live a quote unquote happy life, while also not looking at these greater dis ease places within our own mind, our jadedness our hurt, our fears, our control, our victimization, these are places that exist inside, we’re seeing it in the world, it’s inside the collective and the individual. And this is a time where we are strongly encouraged. It’s the era that we’re in to really face these things as far and as deeply as you want to go.

So I think it just like, Okay, now what, like, where are we going with all of this? At best, I feel this is a time where we can feel humility, and feel that we are actually disciplining ourselves, Saturn, we are a disciple, to alignment, we are discipled, to learning a new way of health and clarity. By way of meeting all of the dark places, and realizing there’s no way forward without composting that without meeting it, working through the content and all deeper psychological Scorpianas content that we haven’t met, means we don’t know it’s there. We see the effects of it, if we follow the breadcrumbs of our emotions, and it’s but it’s there and we have to meet it, we have to engage it. And if we can really understand that there’s no way out. But through, we will minimize the amount of drama and conflict and stress that’s unnecessary along this journey, we just have to continue to see it through. At best we’re honoring and recognizing that we are disciples. And that’s like the best situation because we learn that we can just trust in the learning. We don’t have to be accomplished yet. We don’t have to be there yet. And we can learn how to build the next brick, the next Foundation, right? Really, really, really well. And it might feel like we’re letting go of some other goals or aspirations. But the question we have to ask ourselves, like, Did we really want those things? Like, all these ideas that we’ve had? Is that what we really want? Or is there another way, how much of this is our conditioning speaking? That’s where I feel we are now. And seeing this Mars and Neptune in relation to this. If the thought came to mind, you know, we can be one of those people that goes to the gym every day, has a really strong workout routine is any when you’re speaking about, we have to ask ourselves, why am I doing this? Like what’s the point that thought go in, I see this all the time. No, build your coaching practice and charge more, and get a big following and make this much money in the next. Like, that’s, by the way, there’s a lot of power and potency and beauty in that. And I would even say people like myself might benefit from like, learning such things because there’s there’s power in how it brings up our own sense of undeserving and all that kind of stuff, which is a big lesson for me. But I could also say, what if we’re just in that mind zone of whatever it is, you know, I’m going to lift weight and then it’s I’m going to make mistakes, we come to the point and it’s like why am I doing this? Right and so like so that that we have to be willing to ask ourselves Am I really happy? Is this really working is that Mars Neptune is like dissolving our sense of will and ambition and important and whatever we thought was really important. And realigning back to what is Mars relative to whatever is happening in the chart at any moment in time, is sort of you can think of it as the soldier that executive orders of greater meaning and purpose, if we’re in touch with what’s valuable and important that Mars function will reflect, and express by way of the choices that we’re making that serves what’s useful and important. If we’re in relationship to the greater evolutionary content of our lives, and we’re in resistance or fear, it’s always going to reflect in Mars, the the choices that we’re making, which will naturally be a little more reactive, like we never want to see Mars in a vacuum, where it’s like, Mars experience and a Pluto experience or Neptune experience. They’re all contextual, Mars, the choices and decisions we’re making, how we respond to things are always always going to point us back to the deeper question, which is, what’s my purpose? What’s my intention, which points back down to how we are in relationship to the very reasons for being here. So when we actually have strong Mars transits it even though it’s Mars, it’s an inner planet, it’s not super fat, it’s not super slow. It points us to the end. So in with Neptune with this eclipse energy Saturn involved sudo really involved right now. The choices we’re making right now, the way that we move through them really does point us back to what we actually think is most important about our lives. And let me just say one more thing about this, you know, just as much as it can be like, Why am I working out? Why am I trying to make more money, the opposite can be true. If spirits wanting to use us, this is probably what I’m saying, for myself, the spirits wanting to use us

as an instrument, we will have to let go of all the ways you’ve been hiding and avoiding maybe internalized sense of not good enough or not worthy enough. And be willing to enter into areas that may be uncomfortable because that Neptune Mars can also be a sense of oh, I don’t want to take up space. And then God’s like Mars Neptune in Pisces act like be an agent use that Mars for spirit. And relative to Saturn and Aquarius, that can be another dimension as well, with Saturn, so So act and by the way, this eclipse time, Saturn is also about to station retrograde. So there is for the next month or so a very strong internalization happening. Where we’re inverting, we’re going within and we’re needing to deeply reflect and reflect, introspect. Come back to what are we building? What are we creating, and have clear thinking there’s a lot of going within right now. And this, the energy of the coming months are just going to be so much not what we could have imagined for that reason. You know, so we can be on this path of being trained as a disciple, to become stronger and more capable to hold more space to hold a greater ground build a bigger structure than we ever thought possible. You know, we’re used to playing in a smaller playground. So it can be the things falling apart, and the disarray and the confusion. And this thing’s not working out. It might also be because we’ve been keeping ourselves small and not willing to step into greater alignment according to God’s plan for us. Important to see that as well.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:21
Oh, my goodness. Okay. I have a question. A follow up question on the Eclipse. By the way, I have like five pages of notes already. Amazing. Okay, so what you said that the eclipse is asking us to meet dysfunction, like, potentially meet where we have dysfunction in our lives? I think I might know the answer to this question. But is that is the way to do that. To meet it with presents? Like how are we supposed to meet this function? Like what does that mean?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 38:59
I think the Saturn yes presents and what arises for me as the Saturn issue is, we we tend to fall into a state of mind where we expect and allow the existing conditions of our life to define us and to be solidified. So we will have the same structural issues over and over never enough time or money or space, or the different areas of our life are always going to represent the same struggles, the same boundary issues, manifesting recurring over and over and over again, it’s easy to just fall into a state of to allow the misalignments to become their own crystallization. And then actually even paint that is normal, because misalignment and crisis and totally non functional realities are normalized. And society is cool with that. Right like this fun Shouldn’t It’s okay? It’s normal. And here’s how you cope with it. It’s very easy to just not do the work because there’s a lot of social acceptance around dysfunction. But this function doesn’t feel good. And it’s actually depressing and stressful, and it takes our lifeforce away. And we can repress it. But that doesn’t feel good either. So there are things to be aware of. So the work here is becoming aware of where things feel, I think there can be an immense, immense amount, not, I think, I believe there is an immense amount of stress, relative to the state of dysfunction, and where it feels like there’s a lot. And the analogy would be a young person entering a new school, where they are learning some kind of new martial arts or new skill. And they have and they’re just like, jumped, they’re just brought in to the environment, they don’t know how to do any of this stuff. And they just feel sick, they feel dysfunctional, they’re trying, they’re hurting themselves. They’re doing the postures, the practices, their alignment, and the feel like it’s Forget it, I’m never going to be good, I’m never going to be well trained, I’m never going to become masterful in this art in this practice. So I’m just going to learn how to create a crystallization around the stress, and not try very hard. So this person stays in school for 10 years, goes on, you know, gets a job. Like there’s a way of settling where we never really apply the right kind of effort, and do the work to learn how to meet the very places that are wanting correction, healing. So bringing presence and slowness and attentiveness to the very places that feel dysfunctional. And here’s what I would say, it’s like, there are YouTube videos, there are elders that are spiritual teachers and teachings that are old, that we can draw upon, for every area of our life that really says the same thing, but will help us see that one same thing in the specific areas that we’re working with. There are people that have come before us that can help us with where we are metaphorically, still young. And we have a lot to learn.

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:14
As you’re speaking, I’m thinking of the normalization of like, overscheduling busy lives that never stopped. There’s no space people, we’re not taking care of ourselves. And that’s normalized because you’re a busy mom, or you’re a busy business owner, or you’re busy, whatever. Yeah, and, and how normalized that becomes and how it’s a crystallization, sometimes of the thought that prioritizing yourself or your needs, or taking care of yourself is selfish, or that you’re undeserving of, of that time and space, or that you’re only valuable if you’re productive. And that if you’re not producing something, you are not valuable. Like there’s all these these ideas that are normalized in our culture, that get crystallized as truth, but really, the dysfunction is there. There’s such a clear misalignment with truth, like you’ve been talking about like truth, and they create all this kinds of dysfunction and disease, physically and metaphorically. And then we just try to treat we just try to treat it, like, Oh, I’ll have a spa day or Oh, all like, you know, like, Oh, I’ll have a stress ball at my desk. He does like what like, like, can we just acknowledge the fact that like, none of this is natural, and we don’t have to subscribe to it. But the thought that we do have to subscribe to it is where the misalignment is or where the dysfunction is. So it just it sounds so rich, Ari, like there’s so much deep, kind of like deep psychological content that we’re going to be given the opportunity to look at. And if we ask these questions really deeply, and meet it with awareness, and presence, like you’re saying that there’s a lot of opportunity to course correct, get into alignment, so that we can experience more joy in the process of creating and in the process of being aligned with our souls purpose and our desire, our deepest desire, and have the fulfillment come from actually being on the journey of discovery of that versus like, I need to get it you know, I need to get there. Right.

Ari Moshe Wolfe 44:30
I love what you’re saying about just the the implied shame or guilt around being in alignment to every assumed dysfunction. We just also build a structure in our mind that says, yeah, these pains or these issues or these struggles are, you know, just like the example of a person doing some kind of training in a school. Yeah, feeling pain or discomfort in my body when I do these things that just and it’s almost like this deeply integrated, patriarchal conditioning that says to move forward in life means accepting some kind of assumed pain and difficulty. And I’d have to bear it and go with. And that’s just how it is. And there’s so much healing, when we at least recognize it doesn’t have to be that way. Like, I used to take this yoga class for many years, and I did not have the self respect to really listen to my own intuition. So I’ve injured myself and I would persist, doing these practices, following the guidance of a very, very strong practice. And I really hurt myself over a long period of time doing that work, which, which taught me that lesson, it’s like, don’t focus on the accomplishment on the form on this idea that this other person sharing but really the the deeper Saturn work is, am I practicing in a way that is actually sustainable, and it’s going to bring growth over time long term, and they can actually meet that means I have to face the guilt. I’m not deserving to listen to myself. So this is a big piece that’s up for us right now. Where we have these assumed states of, of challenge of strife of struggle of root chakra struggles, it does point to like, where do we just have this unchecked assumption that we don’t deserve any better?

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:18
Yeah, okay. There’s so much here. Is there anything else astrologically that you you think is important for us to pay attention to this week?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 46:28
Great. Let’s take a look. So as we move through the week, I think some of the, you know, towards mid week or so when we have the Moon in Capricorn it’s going to be squaring the Aries conjunction of Venus so you know Venus and Chiron they just past each other. So that’s going to be activating and of course that Venus Chiron ruled by Mars, just think of that in context, right, like, bring peace into the conflicted areas. Otherwise, it can feel like there’s a lot of strong conflict of wills or not seeing eye to eye. So I think that moon and Capricorn midweek will be speaking to, you know, where can there be constructive, mature, clear, thoughtful choices that, that bring clarity, and I think a lot of the confrontation and conflicts come from, again, asserting our will, within relationships, Venus, I need you to see it my way or think this way, I need Aries to be right to come first, I need my view, to be the stronger one. So to bring a sense of harmony and acceptance into our lives means we have to be willing, and this is another dimension of all that Aries net margin, we have to be willing to be alone in ways we may have otherwise been avoiding. Where we don’t want to be alone is where we’re going to try to force our will onto life or onto other people that will say I need things to be this way. Because if it’s not, I’m gonna have to face myself. And that Venus Chiron separating says, What if it is just yourself, and everything is harmonizing with it. But you won’t know that unless you’re comfortable unless you’re willing to be comfortable with the discomfort comfortable with the tenderness, the vulnerability of walking the path you haven’t walked before. What if you can’t get things the way you want it to in the timeframe that you wanted it. And then Venus Chiron is a really big opening into tenderness. So that moon squaring that, again, really does speak to bringing softness and tenderness into places that might otherwise feel harsh or stressful, or confrontational. At that same time, you know, Mars will have literally just past Neptune, it’s going to be within a degree and then the moon will be sextiles that Mars Neptune the next day. So again, it’s like the we’re learning a more peaceful way that is not conflicted. So I just stressed the importance of Yeah, bringing a lot of peace and thoughtfulness into our, into our reactions. Another meaningful transit would be just towards the end of the week, we had the mercury Cassini, Mercury conjunct the Sun on Saturday, later in the day here in the in the Pacific coast. So that’s a good one, I feel like that might actually symbolizes some, like new threshold of clear thinking, like, okay, here are the specific choices and here’s the content that we’re working with the decisions we can start to move towards, whereas it might feel otherwise like there’s a lot of unknowns that are really excited right now really, like really present to the unknowns and that mercury because even in mercury moving into Taurus moving towards the North Node, I think there’s potential for grounding from getting out of the heaviness of way too many options and thoughts which can be a lot I have right now for sure. And starting to bring some sense of synthesis. Alright, what

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:05
day is that happening?

Ari Moshe Wolfe 50:06
Mercury connects the 21st. Okay,

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:09
the 21st. Week is that Saturday? Saturday? Great. Yeah. Okay, anything else? I mean, that’s plenty to work with.

Ari Moshe Wolfe 50:19
But on that same day, we have the moon in Aquarius, like very late in the day for the 22nd of may, for most people in this planet. The moon will be actually no, it’s Yeah, on the 22nd, which everyone, I think the moon will be a Saturn, just as having. So yeah, from the 21st to the 22nd moon squares and o’s and munjoy Saturn. So that’s going to simultaneously re re emphasizing an bringing light into the very work that this eclipse has brought forward. So the end the end of this week, actually with that, and with the mercury Cassini, I think there’s a lot more. Okay, here is what we’re working with. Here are the thoughts that are actually relevant. All the other stuff was noise simplification, sort of focusing, that’s what I see happening more towards the end of this week.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:12
Okay, that is, that’s hopeful. I mean, there’s that sounds like a lot of content that’s going to be up that isn’t as like, clear, you know, so to have an end, the weekend where we can get some clarity around these things is really, again, hopeful.

Ari Moshe Wolfe 51:28
Yeah. And then Mars is gearing up to enter areas and join. So it’s like, there’s gonna be like, do it and do it quickly. So we may not know what that means right now. But we’re gearing ourselves towards that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:41
Okay. All right. So I would love to do a little summary of what you just said as the highlights, essentially, this week is mainly about integrating the Eclipse and then working with this Mars conjunct Neptune. So the Mars conjunct Neptune is the 17th 18th. So it’s like Tuesday, Wednesday. And some of the things that you’re reminding us to, to keep in mind as this energy is happening, there is no there, there is no getting there, that it’s we’re always there’s always going to be a new threshold, a new goal, a new thing that we are striving towards. And so the real work is to appreciate the actual journey of going there and not expecting to feel any different when we get there. And so it’s it’s paying attention to where we’re at right now. I love this question of what would you have me do, which is like taking that Mars, at will and action, but then surrendering it to spirit, which is something you said later as well, which is very Mars Neptune. Right? You said that it’s possible to live in guidance in every moment, through remembering that it’s possible to be be guided in every moment, we had lots of reminders about the intelligence of divine timing of surrendering to that of trusting that of having faith in that divine timing and recognizing that there is a perspective that we can’t see, because we’re here in these points in time, but there is a perspective we can’t see. And so trusting in that. You said that, oh, you said that they might want to look at the podcast that we did about Saturn square the nodes. I am going to say right now that we will put that podcast episode in the shownotes. For any of you that want to revisit that it’s an amazing episode, where are a talks about Saturn square the nodes. It’s a very relevant energy all year. But there’s like peak moments throughout the year. And we’re in one of those moments right now. So it’d be a great idea to go revisit that content. You said that we may feel bloody and exhausted from this eclipse portal and all the different emotional content that’s been up. But that in all moments they deserve, all moments deserve forgiveness, and that we have this opportunity to start over again. I saw this one real on Instagram. And it was this woman that I wish I remember her name. She’s probably in her 70s or 80s. But basically what she was saying over and over was like it is not too late to begin. It is not too late to begin my 30s Were you know, I did this my 40s I did this my 50s I failed here. I accomplished this. My six you know she was going through the decades of her life and she just kept saying it’s not it’s never too late to start again. So we’re being reminded of that if the Eclipse portal has felt stressful, overwhelming, emotional, you know all those things. If you’ve ever had to let go of things or people or events that it’s it’s never too late to start again. You said to do to be with what we want. And another question you came, you said later was, do we actually want what we want? What we think we want? Do we actually want it is it actually aligned? You said, to come back to the simple things. So this is an opportunity to come back to those things that really nourish you and nurture you bring you back into a place where you can even ask these questions. And if so many times we get so busy and so many things happening, that we don’t even have the space to ask ourselves these deeper questions and to really question those seeming desires or cravings. Maybe you could ask the question like, is this a craving? Or is this a true desire? In me? There’s this sense of I don’t know where this is going. I don’t know where it’s going. And this can feel really uncomfortable. But can I just be okay, with not totally knowing where things are going? You invited us to meet the places that are dysfunctional, how to explore how to be in relationship with the moment. And you reminded us that’s what is meant to be will be? What is not meant to be won’t be. So there is so much surrender, that it’s like, okay, well, if it’s meant to be, it’s going to happen. I don’t know when but it will. And it’s not meant to be it won’t.

You said there’s a sense of now what, like, okay, all this stuff came up, and all these things have happened. Now what, and you said to meet this with humility, you remind us to be a disciple to alignment. That is just awesome. I just love that, like, be a disciple, like, be a student of alignment. You don’t have to get it right. Every time. You’re absolutely not gonna write it, we get it right every time. But being a student and disciple to that process of aligning with that with yourself, you’re going to be meeting dark places we need to trust in the learning, and that we’re building the next foundation. So we’re actually building a foundation right now. Okay, choices, we’re making points. We’re making choices. And we’re asserting what’s important to us with those choices. So being aware of that, let go of hiding, let go of those places where that where you hide, and go and allow yourself to be uncomfortable, if that’s what you’re being called to do. To face those places within you. That’s like, oh, no, I can’t be that. I can’t do that. For whatever reason, that self talk, just embracing that. Okay, well, like if I’m being called in or called up or called to do this certain thing. I need to face that and move forward. And even if I’m afraid there’s still that sense of of moving forward. Eight with the Saturn retrograde that’s starting clear thinking there’s a lot of time to go within maybe we’re being asked to build a bigger structure. And let’s see one more thing, tenderness. Venus square Chiron bringing tenderness, tenderness into places. Yeah, well, I’m sorry, say that again. Yeah, Moon square Chiron, Venus, Moon square, Chiron, Venus, thank you. Tenderness into places that seem harsh peace and thoughtfulness into our reactions is of bringing peace. And this is later in the week, bringing peace and thoughtfulness into the way that we’re reacting and meeting the moment. And that by the end of the week, there’s this opportunity to bring let’s bring light into the Eclipse highlights. So into the things that came up for us, there’s light that will be illuminating these things. And, and, oh, here’s what’s important, this opportunity to get like that clear thing of like, Oh, here’s the sort of that breakthrough moment through all that clutter. Here’s what’s important. So that we get to look forward to that. All of us as we’re going through the content of this week, which sounds like it’s just going to be bringing up a lot, which is great. It’s great. All right. Thank you so much for helping us navigate this week. You’re like the perfect weekly weather guide for this kind of a week. I mean, you’re you’re an amazing weekly weather guide for any week. But I love that you were here for this specific Mars and Neptune and Eclipse kind of wrapping up energy. It’s really kind of thing. Yeah, you’re exactly. And thank you for sharing your unique perspective, your unique lens. I you know, at astrology hub, it is very much about that, that there is no one way to interpret the astrological energies and we all get so much from being open to receiving the different ways that the energies come through. And it’s not that everyone resonates with every single astrologer the same. But there are always gifts if we’re open to receive those from each each perspective of you know, just in general in life, but you know the of the different astrologers that come here on the platform, so thank you for sharing your light with all of us. Your perspective with all of us. It’s always such a pleasure. Thank you, Amanda. Yeah. All right, everybody. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. If you love this show, share it with your friends. Leave us a comment, leave us a review. We’d love to hear from you. And thank you for being a part of this community. We’re so grateful to be able to share astrology with you and share all of these amazing astrologers and and the guidance that they have to share with all of you as well. Take care everybody. Enjoy your week and we will see you same time, same place next week.

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