[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] War & Peace March 14th – 20th, 2022 w/ Scott Tejerian

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How To Manage Your Anger

In this Weekly Astrological Weather from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Scott Tejerian and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • How to embrace your inner anger in a healthy way
  • The ways Venus in Aquarius enables you to broaden your relational horizons
  • The shifting energy of the Sun leaving Pisces and entering Aries
  • How the planets express shame

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

2:26 Week Overview

5:27 Pisces and Heroes

11:38 Astrology Weekly Transits – What to focus on

14:07 Scott Tejerian on Compassion

16:07 How the planets express shame

19:02 Timing the challenges

23:08 Sun & Moon aligning with the Lunar Nodes

27:20 Moon in Virgo

33:55 Venus in Aquarius

36:59 Week Astrological Transits Summary

49:07 Astrology Hub’s 3 million downloads milestone

53:57 The Cosmic Calendar

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:05
Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving, but thriving with the cosmic tides.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:27
Well, hello, everybody and welcome. I am so happy to be here with all of you. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Amanda Pua Walsh, I’m the founder of astrology hub. And I’m so excited to have Scott Tejerian back for the weekly weather. This will be his second debut as our weatherman here on the show. And last time he came, we were flooded with gratitude, and praise and people just love to you, Scott. So we’re so happy to have you back. I want to read one thing from Mary, what she said, from the broadcast last time, this was in the chat underneath the video on YouTube, Mary said, I momentarily lost my words, because I needed to process how powerful and concise this discussion was, is, as I’m still breathing this in, thanks for my heart. And we had so many comments like that. And one of the things that we heard over and over was so clear, and so concise, and so helpful. So I’m happy that you’re here again, Scott and I, what was your experience like being on the show last time?

Scott Tejerian 1:32
Like it was amazing, amazing, Amanda. I mean, first of all, I had so much fun with you. So thank you for having me back. Because I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation together you are, you are such a joy to communicate with you are an incredibly active listener, you make it really easy for me to share the knowledge. I felt like you were lifting me up the whole show. So. So thank you. And I was I was incredibly moved by all the comments and the appreciation. From everyone. I didn’t you said there is comments on Facebook, I’m not really active there. So I didn’t see any of those. But I read all the YouTube ones and just so grateful, so grateful to be here with you and to share the knowledge with you and your community.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:26
Thank you. Same here. This is an incredible community. Thanks to all of you who welcome in some of the newer astrologers as if they’re coming into our home here at astrology hub. There’s such a graciousness, and I’m so grateful for that. Let’s go into the weather if let’s start with the theme. So looking ahead at the week ahead Monday to Sunday, what would you say the theme is for the week?

Scott Tejerian 2:52
The theme is war and peace.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:55

Scott Tejerian 2:55
That’s the theme for the week.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:58
All right, tell us why you’re saying that.

Scott Tejerian 3:00
Well, I’m saying that because at the end of the week, the Sun moves into Aries and Aries is the God of War ruled by Mars, the god of war. And prior to being an Aries it’s in Pisces. So in order to when I think of areas, I think everything Nothing is good or bad. There’s light there shadow, the world is a horrible place the world is a beautiful place, the world there’s war the world there’s peace, it all depends on where you are. And so coming from Pisces, Pisces is about that inner exploration. So what is going on within you? What is going on within you, this is what we’re looking towards for the week. As we move to the Full Moon in Virgo. It’s taking an analytical look at what is going on within your unconscious and the unconscious is where we keep all of our psychological baggage that we don’t want to deal with. And so if you are avoiding your psychosis and the blame the guilt, the shame, the regret the remorse that you’re feeling within yourself, once the planets begin to populate into Aries, as they do this week with the sun, and then next week with mercury. And then later on down the road with Venus and Mars. It’s like pushing a dumpster into the street and lighting it on fire if you haven’t cleared out your psychological baggage. So in order to avoid the war, you must find the peace within yourself. But if you are not feeling peaceful, then it’s you don’t want to hide from it. You don’t want to hide from if you feel rage, explore the rage. What is going on here? That’s the frequency. It’s in this social media driven world where everybody’s living their best life supposedly It feels like you have to be on all the time, like everything’s so great peace and love. I’m so happy all the time. No, that’s not real, that’s not true. So you have to embrace the rage within yourself, you have to face it, rather than rather than escape from it, because if you avoid it, it will come out in an incredibly ugly way. So that’s the work for the week.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:25
Oh, that’s big work

Scott Tejerian 5:27
this week is just sort of a culmination of that. But it’s something that is going to continue as we move forward because Venus and Mars still have yet to arrive into Pisces. So when they do that is going to bring up more of what is going on within ourselves. But right now with Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun, and Mercury all in Pisces at the same time. The last time that happened was March, February, I think is February of, of 1858, or 618 56. I think it was 1856. So it’s this is this is potent, like your your soul is here to heal now. That’s why it came here. So this is a big theme in on the big picture of why you’re here on planet Earth because your soul needs to do some very deep inner healing. Because we’re feeling more than people have felt since the 1850s, late 1850s. When Jupiter and Neptune were both in Pisces, that was the last time they were together and then add the Sun and Mercury that’s 166 years ago. So this is why you see across the world, so many people desperately trying to escape, whether it be through drugs and alcohol, Netflix and Chill, chill, binge watching the endless Instagram scroll, you know, the amount of like Marvel superhero movies, Star War movies that are coming out at they keep on growing and growing and growing. Because this is the time that is ripe for that sort of frequency, which is the dream world, which is calling people to escape the reality. But ultimately, what Neptune and Jupiter are doing is they’re calling you to look within yourself. So the more uncomfortable things get in your surrounding, the more you’re feeling the urge to escape, the more that you need to actually go within and show yourself compassion.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:35
Would you say also Scott, that it’s, you know, the superhero movies and all that is? Is this Piscean desire for a savior? Then that’s someone that you know that the hero always comes and saves the day, right? Well, we all have this internal desire to be saved. And so those stories really resonates like oh, there’s hope because someone might save us. But instead, we’re really being called to do that work ourselves and no longer externalize the Savior.

Scott Tejerian 8:05
Absolutely brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Amanda, that that is. I love that you say that. When you think of us entering into the Piscean age and begin when the Savior arrived, Jesus Christ. And so, so this is that because Pisces is spirituality. So it’s being on that hero’s journey, so to speak through the fantasy realm and, and I was I was just watching this movie the other night Dune, like the latest doom that came out and it’s all about the one you know, like, Are you the one it’s like, the Savior. So speaker, the new matrix just came out and Neos the one it’s, it’s always yes, this is a common theme. Absolutely.

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:53
Okay, so we have this Pisces energy is going to continue though. So So you said that basically the sun’s moving into Aries, but we know but everything else is gonna stay in Pisces for a while.

Scott Tejerian 9:03
Yes, so. So the sun’s moving into Aries on Sunday. And then the following Sunday is when Mercury moves into Pisces and then or the mercury moves into Aries the following Sunday. But once we get to April, early April, April 3, fourth April 4, Fifth is when venus moves into Pisces. After that, then on the 15th 14th 15th is when Mars moves into Pisces so at that point, there will be Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter all in Pisces, beginning on March 14 15th When Mars moves into Pisces So those four planets So when Mars and Venus move into Pisces that is going to reinvigorate everything that we experience or experiencing in this period with mercury and the sun in Pisces. So I always look at the planets is, it’s, it’s like music, you know, you hear the melody and then and then it changes into the bridge and then the melody comes back. Or you have to check your work so to speak is another sort of metaphor that I think of what the planets they, they are not asking you to change instantaneously overnight, there are all these different notes that the planets are hitting. So you have the first lesson with the sun and, and Mercury moving through Pisces and and they’re happening where you have Neptune and Jupiter they’re they’re kind of like the base like the the beat or whatever the tone, that’s like the undertone. And then you come in with the guitar, the flute or whatever that musical instrument is, and then they leave, and then the piano. And something else comes in with Mars and Venus. So they’re, they’re re visiting what we’ve already experienced. And this is what you’re actually experiencing. Because when I think of your chart, like every planet that has been touched by the Sun and Mercury right now in Pisces is then going to be touched by Venus and Mars in Pisces. So that is going to give a similar feel. But it’s going to be its own unique thing because each planet has its own energetic field, its own frequency.

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:38
So if people were wanting to look at this, where it’s hitting their charts, specifically, what would they be looking at?

Scott Tejerian 11:44
Well, you want to look at the water and earth signs because these are two these are the two elements that connect most strongly with water which Pisces is water. And then you want to look at the mutable signs. So the mutable, the water and the earth, the mutable signs because Pisces is mutable water. And so the mutable signs, the water signs and the earth signs are the signs that connect most strongly with Pisces. So this is Taurus, which is fixed earth, Gemini, which is mutable air. So Gemini makes it very hard alignment with Pisces. Then you have after after Gemini is cancer, so cancer is a water sign, that’s Cardinal water. And then after cancer, you’ve got Virgo, which is mutable earth, then Scorpio fixed water, Sagittarius mutable fire, that is going to be challenging. And then Pisces as well. So So Taurus, Gemini cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius Pisces, so you want to look into your astrological code your chart and see what planets are key astrological points, the midheaven, the North Node north and south node, the ascendant. Which one of those signs, which one of those key astrological points or planets are in those six signs if they’re in those six signs, and that means while the planets are moving through Pisces at some point in time, depending on the degree, it’s going to connect directly to whatever is in those signs in your chart. And answer your question.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:34
It does it does in the call to action for us in those areas is what emotions or feelings do we have stuffed under the rug? And how can we pull those out and actually acknowledge them? And what I want to ask you I mean, sometimes it can sound so nebulous, like face your emotions, just like embrace your emotions, like what does that even mean? What? What does that mean to you? And actually do it in your life?

Scott Tejerian 14:07
Yes. So when I find myself in a mundane moment, let’s say I am washing the dishes. And my mind is just wondering, where does it go? Does it my thinking about my day is is my mind reverting back to the past? What is happening in there? Where am I feeling? When thoughts arise? I might just be driving down the road thinking about somebody and all of a sudden I feel guilty, because I didn’t call them or I said something to them. Or maybe I’m feeling shameful about something that I did 15 years ago. It could be anything, whatever is coming up into your mind when you’re just in that place of coherence where you’re still and whatever is coming up is coming up through the dream world whether it’s a day dream, or a night dream Either way, if you are feeling guilt, shame, regret remorse. If you’re feeling any of those feelings, that is a call to action, as you say, to show yourself compassion. It’s about replacing the guilt, with compassion, replacing the shame with forgiveness, replace, replacing the regret with love. This is what we have to do to make peace with ourselves. So that we aren’t because we’re not at peace, if we’re feeling guilty, and shameful. We’re at war with ourselves. And maybe it feels like kind of a benign emotion guilt or shame. Yeah, I’m kind of guilty about that feel, I’m feel a little remorse. But eventually, that’s going to stack up in some way. And you’re going to be attracting more of those instances that reinvigorate where that guilt and shame come from. Because you’re not paying attention to it. And you need to powerful

Amanda Pua Walsh 16:13
You’re also saying it’s coming around, because it’s gonna come around astrologically again, right, and we just described that this is this storyline, or whatever’s happening right, now it’s gonna come back, so we have an opportunity to deal with it. Now.

Scott Tejerian 16:27
I just love the way the planets are stacked up right now with the sun coming first, the sun is moving through the plant the signs first, it’s bringing that light life and vitality. It’s like, oh, wow, I see it. I feel the warmth, it may be uncomfortable to look at what I’m seeing here beneath the unconscious. I don’t want to look at that. But then Mercury comes is well after the sun. And that starts to awaken the mind, it starts to make you think, Well, what can I actually do about this? What can I how can I articulate these thoughts in my mind, I’m seeing them because of the sun. But now I need to articulate it within myself. So maybe I need to communicate something audible audibly to myself or write something down. Then comes Venus. Venus is the senses, and its relationships. And so when Venus touches these areas, it awakens your senses, the five physical senses sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. And so is there any sort of sensory expression that I can connect to the guilt to the shame, that really makes it visceral within myself so that I can find the true healing and compassion for myself. Finally, comes Mars. And if you haven’t dealt with it by then, then you get smashed over the head. With that feeling. If you’re hiding from it, by the time Mars gets there, you can’t hide from it anymore. But if you’ve been working with the energy, then Mars brings the energy to move it to move it out, to trans to transform it in a way to allow you to take action in a new way that is no longer coming from a place of shame or guilt.

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:14
Incredible, I love the way you just mapped that out. And can you add timeframes to it because I know we’ve already talked about timeframes. But it’d be really helpful from that what you just described, we went on to mercury to Venus to Mars. And we had action steps at each one of those sun shining the light mercury, how do I articulate this? Maybe there’s some communication I need to do with myself. Venus, how can I have a sensory experience around this? And bringing us to Mars, where if we haven’t done any of that, we’re likely to be smashed over the head with it and or attract more of that into our life. But if we do these, this process, then we have the opportunity to really transform it, transmute it and move from a different place.

Scott Tejerian 19:04

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:05
Because when we move from different place, we get different results.

Scott Tejerian 19:08

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:09
So this is amazing. And so give us like the timeframe on this.

Scott Tejerian 19:12
Sure. So the sun, as we know moves into Pisces every year, around February 18. That’s when it moved in this year. It’s going to be moving out the end of this week on April 20. Mercury moves into Pisces on March 9. Yeah, March knights mercury will be moving into Aries that happens on on the 27th of March which is next Sunday. We’re still in that we’re still in the orange still in it right now. We’re still in it right now. And then of course venus moves into Pisces right around April 5. And Mars moves into Pisces on around April 15 Venus moves to Aries. That happens on May 2, and Mars joins Venus in Aries for a brief bit, that happens on May 24. May 24.

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:16
We’re in this process. We started it in February and we’re in it until like the end of May.

Scott Tejerian 20:21
Yes, exactly, exactly mid February to February 18, to May 24. Okay, that’s an actually, you know, right around that period on the 24th. Right before the 24th on May 14, is when Jupiter actually it’s a little bit before then it’s on May 10, is when Jupiter which is in Pisces, right now moves into Aries. So, so by the time Mars moves out of Aries on May 24, that is just going to leave Neptune in Pisces. So by the end of May, hopefully you’ve done the work, because there’s a lot of energy coming to help put you out there. And so this when the planets move into Aries, it’s about showing your face, it’s about showing up. It’s about stepping out stepping forward. The light side of Aries is love. It’s self love. And when you have that self love, then you have the courage to step forward. If you do not have that self love that devolves into cockiness and fear and aggression. So in order to clear that out, that’s why Pisces comes before Aries is to clear out the psychological baggage, show yourself compassion, for whatever you’re blaming yourself for whatever you feel guilty about. Show yourself love. Love, you deserve love. And it’s really the one job that we all have on this earth is to learn to love ourselves. That’s why we only have one job, because it’s hard. So,

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:07
right? Oh, jeez. It’s the thing that I love about astrology so much, because I feel like as we explore our chart, and as we go deeper into who we are, as reflected by the stars, it is this process of falling in love with ourselves. It’s like, oh, and being able to show ourselves compassion, because it’s like, okay, you know, I came in with these challenges, I came in with these tendencies. And, and it’s not a problem, it’s there by design is for me to actually see and love as you say, wow. So but can I realize in a little bit, so we’ve really listened, we’ve taken a great broad perspective of this time period that we’re in, which is really, really helpful. I love having that, like, eagle eye perspective, and then honing back in to this week. So we’re talking about some Aries energy coming in with the sun moving into Aries, what other transits or aspects that are happening that we would have us pay attention to.

Scott Tejerian 23:08
Okay, so I would say the first thing. Well, if we want to start in the beginning of the week, some of the big ones that are that are aligning, are the sun aligning with the North Node, the sun in Pisces, the North Node in, in Taurus, and then the moon in leo, also aligning with the North Node in Taurus. So that tells me that early on in the week, one of the big themes is values. What do you value within yourself? And so it reels us back to what we were just talking about the self love the inner peace? What do you value within yourself? And how is that reflected in the material world around you? So if you are showing yourself compassion, then you have the ability to embrace greater value greater value within yourself. If Ah, yes, so the Leo the Leo aspect of that is where it gets a little more complicated because Leo is fixed fire, and Taurus is fixed earth. So this is a hard aspect of square. So how do your values reflect your sovereign nature? With Pisces with the connection to the sun in Pisces? How do your values reflect your compassionate nature? The difficulty of the Leo one is when the moon moves through Leo, it brings that King energy, that Queen energy, that energy of sovereignty, it’s like, well, I want it so I gotta have it. But the Taurus energy is like, well, we have to be practical here. So how can we be practical, while at the same time following our hearts? How can you be practical and follow your heart? I think that it comes through compassion, compassion for yourself that I’m gonna get whatever I want whenever I need it. But it might not happen in the timeline that I want it to happen. And there’s some

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:14
Yeah, it’s one of the best lessons of astrology. It’s the timing element. It’s, you know, there’s these desires in us that are, well desire meaning from the Latin word Desidere. And Adam Gainsbourg is the one who pointed this out to me. And Desidere means of the stars. So the desire in you is of the stars. And I’m not talking about that, you know, frivolous desires that like real soul, soul level desire. And as the chart unfolds, as your life unfolds in the timing that is coded in you in your astrological chart, those desires will come to fruition, probably in ways that you didn’t imagine, usually better. But it’s the timing element that that I feel I personally have to work with a lot. It’s like, gosh, but I see this, I would, I really can see this happening. But it’s just everything doesn’t happen all at once. It needs its own time. If you have a garden, if you plant things, you see that. It’s like it’s gonna ripen in its own time, there is no forcing it. So that that what you’re saying this practically follow your heart, taking time to acknowledge what’s practical, and realistic in terms of timeframe for unfolding of whatever it is that you’re desiring as an expression of your individual nature?

Scott Tejerian 26:39
Yes, yes, yes. And I think we said last time, there’s your timing. And then there’s the divine timing. And this is finding navigating to find the divine timing here. It’s like, if you really want what you say you want, then you have to have this practice, you have to incorporate this practical nature, that is going to give you the foundation to actually receive what it is you desire. Maybe you don’t have the foundation to receive what it is you desire. Maybe there’s something more for you to learn here. So show gratitude to the lesson that you’re receiving, as difficult as it may be.

Scott Tejerian 27:20
Now as we move into the middle part of the week, that’s when the moon moves into Virgo. And as it moves into Virgo, it’s going to this is again, you know the way everything lines up, I just, I just love how it happens though the Moon in Virgo is. So this is the planet of emotions. It’s in the sign symbolized by the Virgin mutable, earth, so adaptable, changeable, but structured. So when the moon moves into Virgo, we all become Virgo moons, and the Virgo people that are Virgo moons if you have any Virgo moon, people in your life, they’re emotionally fulfilled by order and perfection by paying attention to the details. So this is giving us an opportunity to analyze what is going on with ourselves emotionally. So when we go back to the New Moon in Pisces, the the the note for the New Moon in Pisces was set your intention to delve within your unconscious so that you can face your psychological baggage and the demons that carry them with compassion in order to integrate these thought patterns with understanding forgiveness and love. Now as we move towards the Full Moon in Virgo, which is the last note that is going to be a release, but before we get there, the moon opposes mercury, then Jupiter, then Neptune, then the moon. So in a sense, it’s like this full expression. I love that it connects with mercury first because mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo, Mercury’s in Pisces. So it’s bringing our conscious awareness to the unconscious realm. The Moon in Virgo is bringing emotional sensitivity to our unconscious realm and taking a critical analytical look. So how through this awareness, can we show ourselves compassion, then it moves to Jupiter. So if you missed anything when it was opposing mercury, now Jupiter is expanding it. It’s giving that expansion you’re feeling more than maybe you were feeling when it was opposing mercury. So that will hopefully open something up within you that will show you what it is you need to show yourself compassion for then Neptune, which is a great healer Neptune. It’s that intuitive spiritual planet. That is very Healing planets a very compassionate planet. So planetary energy, so this will help facilitate the healing.

Scott Tejerian 30:08
Then when it hits the sun, which is on Friday, at all, yeah, it’s Friday, it’s Thursday night, your time in Hawaii, it’s around 917. But if we’re looking, you know, across the globe, in, in like Sydney, Australia, it will be 617 on Friday in California 12:17am, New York, 3:17am, London 7:17am. This is when the moon will have reached its maximum fullness opposing the sun. So everything that we’ve led up to from Mercury to Jupiter to Neptune, now it’s time to release, it’s time to release, it’s time to forgive, move forward, move on, so that we can clear things for when the moon moves into Libra, which is about relationships. And if you’re stepping into a new relationship, you want to make sure that your own person is in order, your own person, your health, your diet, your daily routine. That is the frequency that you’re putting out to attract a partner. So if you’re sitting on the couch being lazy all day, and then you’re mad that you’re attracting a partner, that’s the same Well, it’s because that is the mating call that you sent out there. So Virgo is about getting everything into order. And the opposition with the Pisces planets is clearing the psychological baggage so that we can put ourselves into order.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:44
Ooh powerful week and powerful week and it’s culminating from what I’m hearing is it sounds like the culminating moment moment is that Full Moon on Friday for most people, and this is this, this entire process, and we’ve talked about it a lot already. But this process of recognizing what’s in your subconscious, allowing it to allowing compassion for those places in you. And that the culminating moment on Friday helps us release all of that. So doing some sort of ritual or ceremony that is exemplifying a release moment for you. Could be

Scott Tejerian 32:23
Yes, right. Yes, absolutely. It could be Thursday, like for you. It will be Thursday, or no, no, it will be Yeah, it will be Thursday for you. For people on the other side of the globe. It’s Friday, it’s closer to Friday evening. But in like California, West Coast, it’s more Thursday evening, even though it’s midnight Friday. 1217 18 is when it’s actually full. But yes, this is a powerful time to to work your magic, do your release, whatever, whatever that ceremony is for you. Absolutely. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 32:56
So anything else for us to pay attention to after that moment? You said, Hey, Libra,

Scott Tejerian 33:02
the moon’s gonna move into Libra. And so that is about, you know, relationships, harmony, balance, fairness, equanimity, Grace. How can I be graceful? In my relationships? How can I create space for my partner, whether it’s a lover, a friend, a business partner to share what they value going back to the early part of the week, self value, what do I value within myself, okay? Now, this is your opportunity to share what you value within yourself to those that you are in partnership with and give them the space to also share what they value as well, to make sure that it’s balanced that it’s equal. It’s fair, it feels good to both sides.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:49
Would you also say it’s a good time to communicate with people what you value about them?

Scott Tejerian 33:55
Oh, yeah, yes. Absolutely. Great note. Yes, yes, absolutely. Yes. You know, Libras charm. Charming, so you know, yeah, definitely share what you appreciate, appreciate about other people. And as this is going on, Venus is making a couple of alignments as well. Venus is moving through Aquarius right now, along with Mars, but this week, Venus makes a couple of strong alignments with Chiron and with Uranus. So Venus, Lady Luck, the goddess of love and beauty, the planet of relationships, moving through the independent community oriented sign of Aquarius. So this is broadening in our scope in terms of relationships, everything that we were working on, in terms of taking responsibility for our our close personal relationships, holding ourselves accountable. Now with Venus in Aquarius, it’s given you the opportunity to To broaden your scope, if you have a partner, you know, this is an opportunity to step out from them, and engage with your community hang out with your friends, any groups, clubs, organizations, social networks, or causes that you’re a part of, it’s a time to engage in those relationships. And as you do take with you the theme of Aquarius, which is about independence, individuality, innovation, innovation.

Scott Tejerian 35:30
So connecting with Chiron, in Aries, which is the wounded healer, that’s the wound and the ancient wisdom that is unlocked through healing that wound, this is your opportunity to really share any sort of wild outside the box, the idea that you have that you may have been insecure about sharing, this is about facing your insecurities in terms of the group context in those relationships. When it moves closer to Uranus, in Taurus, that’s going to create another heart aspect, a square. So maybe you’re finding that stepping into your power, courageously facing your insecurities and sharing, you’re outside the box innovative ideas, maybe they fall flat, maybe they’re not appreciated, maybe the values that you have, are not matching up with the values of the group. Okay, great. You know, it’s a time to readjust, readjust, and maybe you’re not meant to be a part of this group. Or maybe you need to adjust your values, they need to adjust their values a little bit. That’s where the Libra energy comes in. It’s about really putting everything down on the scales and seeing what balances and if it’s not balanced, what can we adjust.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:57
And that’s Sunday, you said,

Scott Tejerian 36:59
So this is going to be Venus is most strongly connecting with with Chiron on Friday, right around the same time as the Full Moon. And then Saturday is when it most strongly connects with Uranus on Sunday is when the Sun moves into Aries. And so that changes a really big frequency, it’s going to be there as it is every year from from the from the 20th of March until the 19th of April. So this is bringing light, light, invite light life and vitality to yourself to who you are showing up. This is your personality. This is facing your fears, your insecurities. At the same time that this happens, Mercury is going to catch up with Jupiter in Pisces. So it’s expanding the mental awareness of what’s going on within your unconscious. So now you’re putting yourself out there, you’re being courageous, you’re showing your face, you’re hanging around with new people, maybe people you haven’t seen in a while. And it’s going to these new reflections. That’s what people are, they’re reflecting you it’s like these new refractions reflections are all of a sudden going to bring up maybe some of those insecurities, some of that guilt, some of that shame. And it’s time to rework because even once you’ve done it even once you’ve okay, I cleared this thing that I’m guilty about. And I feel shame about I’ve cleared it, I’m good. Okay, that’s like you cleaning your house. And then a year later saying, Why is it dirty? I cleaned it last year. It’s a constant process. You have to constantly be forgiving yourself. And loving yourself. It’s not just a one time thing.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:56
Wow, Scott, thank you so much. There’s so much here on a scale of one to 10 in terms of intensity one being not intense at all. And 10 being the most intense it could be what would you call this week?

Scott Tejerian 39:11
A seven,

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:12
Seven. Okay!

Scott Tejerian 39:13
I know what I like. What do you think it is?

Amanda Pua Walsh 39:17
Well described? You know, I have I have the benefit of comparison to other weeks. Yes. And we went through like a year of 10s are off the charts, not even 10. But like 100 which an orderly would would just put us way off the chart. And it’s true. We were really going through so much intensity, then it sounds Yeah, it sounds like maybe a six seven to me. Okay. Oh, yeah. Cool. Yeah, I mean, sure. We’ll let all of you decide.

Scott Tejerian 39:43
I mean, I honestly I always like I said last time, I feel like it’s all about how you’re working with the energy right? You know, it depends on what what’s going on between the planets in your personal astrological code. But if you’re working with The Energy Yes, maybe it’s more of a six, maybe it’s a four, maybe it’s smooth. You know, if you’re somebody who’s a Sagittarius or a Gemini, or you have key astrological points in those areas, it might be feeling more like eight nine. But yeah, I think seven, seven overall.

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:21
Okay, well, and that’s, that’s kind of the thing we were talking about earlier in terms of, you know, the, we can either look at the astrology and say, Oh, here’s what it’s gonna be. Or we can look at it and say, here’s the energy. And, and I’m choosing how to engage with it. And, and there’s more of a it’s less of like a dictation of like exactly what it’s going to be. And here’s what your experience is going to be. It’s like, here’s the vibe, here’s the energy. And how do you want to respond to that?

Scott Tejerian 40:53
Exactly. I don’t want to be a victim, right to the planets, right? And so often people are asking me like, oh, when’s it gonna get better? That’s up to you. How are you working with the energy? I mean that there’s always going to be squares and opposition’s and conjunctions. They’re always happening in your chart. Sometimes it’s more than others. But how are you dealing with that? If you’re just sitting back thinking that something else is going to fix it for you, then you’re taking that victim mentality? It’s about you working with the energy?

Amanda Pua Walsh 41:29
Very, very good reminder. All right. So we have the theme for the week, I’m going to just do a little summary. Yes, yes. We’ve been summarizing as we’ve gotten. We’re going out. So as we’ve been going along, so I’ll keep this short. But we have the theme of war and peace. And this again, is this choice point thing. Are you at war with yourself? Or are you ready to make peace with these aspects of yourself that you’re still sparring? Over within? Yes, this is a time to look at what is real and true face any rage? I love that you brought up rage, shame, guilt? What there’s a few other emotions, regret,

Scott Tejerian 42:09
Regret remorse

Amanda Pua Walsh 42:11
Right? Yes, look at those places inside of you and see if you can bring compassion to them. This is a time to identify when you’re looking outside of yourself for something or someone to save you? And how can you pull that back in and ask the question, What can I do in this situation to actually bring peace in my little world in my corner of the universe? What can I do? Right? We went through a process that we’ll be going through that started in February, all the way through the end of May. So February 18, I think it was to May 24. Yeah, and the process of the light being shined on certain aspects of your psyche that may or may not, you may or may not want to look at kind of uncomfortable, but really necessary, bringing those to the surface, starting to communicate them, articulate them. And that can be just with yourself, that could be journaling about it that could be just noticing yourself talk, noticing the way that you actually articulate them, and then bringing some sort of sensory experience to that. So that could be like dancing it out, or like painting or taking a bath and allowing it to sort of melt off you like maybe put some Epsom salts in there and allow it to dissolve, but actually making a sensory experience around that. And then, and then the Mars comes in to actually like energize it and bring energy into that emotional world. And And if we’ve done a lot of work that that could end up resulting in some really positive action forward.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:49

Scott Tejerian 43:50

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:50
We have the sun and the moon aligning with the North Node. And this is an opportunity to ask these questions. What do you value within yourself? And how is this reflected in the world around you? How do your values reflect your sovereign nature? And how do your values reflect your compassionate nature? I always when we’re talking about values, I always love to think about looking at your calendar and your bank account. Because your calendar and what you actually prioritize in terms of the way you spend your time reflects your values. And the way that you spend your money reflects your values. So when you look at that, and you go, wow, that’s out of alignment, like I’m spending a lot of time here and I don’t actually value that very much, or spending time with these people that don’t value me or I’m spending my money on these things that like, actually aren’t good for my health and I value my health, or whatever it is. There’s so many insights there in that little exercise. Have a brilliant look at your bank account. You say what you value but that’s actually where you’re putting your energy behind. Yeah, it’s actually what you’re what you’re putting your energy.

Scott Tejerian 44:57
Love that, love that

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:58
Yeah. All right. So then we have in the middle of the week, we have the moon and going into Virgo. So this is

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:07
order and perfection, attention to details, were able to more more clearly analyze our emotional world and bring order to our emotional realm. And then we have the moon opposing Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune and then the sun. So again, we’re in this process of like bringing these things up from those those emotional realms, and that we have our Full Moon on Thursday, Friday, to really release a lot of this stuff, plan something cool, I’m going to be I’ve been telling talking to all of you about this rites of passage thing that I’m doing with a 10 to 13 year old girls in in our little community or homeschool community. And on that night, we’re gonna be going to this labyrinth on the ocean. And we’re going to be doing a labyrinth walk with the young ladies. And having that be a reflection of it’s a very intuitive process. I don’t know if you’ve ever walked in a labyrinth, but it’s like, it’s like sacred geometry on this earth, I think of it as like Earth technology. And one of the ways that I was taught to walk in the labyrinth is to actually bring a value that you want to see on the planet. So a value that you want to see it in yourself and you want to see on the planet, and walk with that value in the labyrinth. And then amazing, magical things happen is is really profound experience. So anyways, we’re gonna be doing that with the girls, and then we’re gonna be doing some drumming and like dancing. And so I think this is gonna be a great release,

Scott Tejerian 46:36

Amanda Pua Walsh 46:39
Alright, and then so, so plan something like with your, with your friends, with your community, or with yourself that can help you with that release process. Saturday, we have this opportunity again, to reflect on what we value, to give space for other people to share what they value, and to value the people in our lives. Friday, Saturday, we also have this Venus in Aquarius, so open your horizons, like reach out beyond your maybe beyond just your intimate relationships, you’re the ones that are really comfortable and, and bring that love out into your community, meet with new people share ideas, you said to share some of those ideas that you like hold close, it may fall flat, that could be a reflection that maybe that’s not the right community for you. Maybe they don’t actually share your values, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your idea isn’t good. It’s mean it’s not the right audience for that, which is totally fine. Sunday, and at that point, not shaming yourself for like not being right. If you’re not in the right environment, right? Yes, Sunday, the sun goes into Aries, bringing a big change of frequency, light life, vitality, facing fears and insecurities, expanding mental awareness and reflections. And we’re giving this chance to constantly forgive ourselves, constantly bring compassion to ourselves. And that is one very tangible practical thing you can do if you’re worried worried about the things happening in the world that appear to be out of your control? One thing you can control is this exploration of where am I at war with myself? Where can I bring more self into my world into my reality? I truly believe and I know some people may think this is naive. But this is truly what I believe that when we do that work individually, because of the holographic nature of the universe, that there is this ripple effect that when each one of us is doing this work, we’re bringing it out into the world. And eventually maybe this realm will change. I don’t know. You know, maybe this dimension is always meant to be this way, but maybe not. And we can only start where we can start which is in our little corner of the universe.

Scott Tejerian 49:02

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:03
Anything you want to add to that?

Scott Tejerian 49:05
I love that. I love that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:07
Thank you so much for your time and your energy and your wisdom and bringing that to us here at astrology hub. We’re so grateful. And you are here today on a special day because we’re actually celebrating for the next two weeks. 3 million downloads downloads of this podcast.

Scott Tejerian 49:24

Amanda Pua Walsh 49:24
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So thank you so much for being here for allowing us enabling us to do this work that we love so much. It’s like it’s hard to call it work. And it’s because of you showing up in wanting to hear from us and wanting to hear about the astrology and loving the astrologers that we have on this platform. And so just so many thanks to all of you for being here, you are as much a part of this celebration as we are celebrating internally. And thank you for your energy for all the different ways that you contribute, whether or not you’re a student in our classes, an inner circle member or you show up here on the podcast, you share the podcast with your friends, however you do it. We’re so very grateful. So you have until March 25 I believe to turn just do it right now. Just go ahead and do it right now while you’re thinking of it. And then we’ll be announcing the winners on March 28, I believe the week of March 28. All right, Scott again, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You’re awesome. I hope to have you back again soon. Would you come back?

Scott Tejerian 53:01
Are you kidding me? Yes. back as much as you want to have me back. It’s a right to be here. Amanda, I’m so grateful for you for your platform for sharing the space with me. For you listening and in reflecting. It’s so beautiful. I’m so grateful to you. And congratulations on 3 million downloads. It’s incredible. What an accomplishment. It’s so much for astrology and for people. It’s really, really amazing. Thank you,

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:32
Scott. Is it a pleasure is ours. I have the best team on the planet. I do not do this alone. And we get to do this. So it’s so much fun. All right, everybody. Thank you so much. Have a beautiful week. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode.

Christopher Renstrom 53:57
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