[WEEKLY ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER] “Commit to Your Code” Mar 28th- April 3rd w/ Cameron Allen

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Aries New Moon and Chiron

In this Weekly Astrological Weather from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Cameron Allen and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss the energies coming our way as described by astrology.

You’ll learn…

  • Techniques to help you embody this week’s Astrology
  • About the Aries New Moon and how Chiron is influencing it
  • How to work with Saturn and Mars in an empowering way through the week

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

2:21 Week Overview

4:48 Planets in Aquarius

7:59 Saturn, Venus and Juno conjunction

9:38 Juno in Aquarius

12:49 Working with Saturn Square the Nodes

19:42 Working with the Moon for Holistic Health

22:02 Moon in Pisces

22:55 Sun and Neptune Contra-Antiscia

24:13 Moon conjunct Jupiter

28:41 Mars and Uranus Contra-Antiscia

30:44 New Moon in Aquarius Conjunct Chiron

37:56 April Fool’s Astrological Origin

39:03 Chiron Cazimi

46:08 Mercury Cazimi

48:05 Moon ingress into Taurus

54:42 Moon and Uranus conjunction in Taurus

1:01:08 The Saturn and Mars Cycle

1:05:38 Closing Thoughts

1:07:00 Outro

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:04
Welcome to your weekly astrological weapon. This is your place to get practical guidance for not only surviving but thriving with the cosmic tide

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:27
All right, well hello everybody and welcome to your weekly astrological weather. My name is Amanda Poole, Walsh and the founder of astrology hub. And this week, I am so happy to be here with astrologer, herbalist and so many other things like a true Renaissance man, Cameron Allen, Cameron has been featured on the astrology hub platform many, many times. If you’re interested in hearing a little bit about his backstory and how he came to be practicing Astrology and herbalism and so many of the other things that he does, you can go back to Episode 138. Go into his story and you’ll get to get to learn more about Cameron there. But for today, we’re gonna dive into the week ahead, Cameron. Last week we had Mychal Bryan on and he said, I know we love him, he’s wanting to teachers for horror area, astrology, astrology, right?

Cameron Allen 1:20
Yeah, he’s my teacher for horror area, astrology. He’s taught me some different stuff with Renaissance astrology overall, he’s also like, reminded me to be even more holistic than I already like, had it in my mind to be as well, you know? So he’s just like, inspiration. I always tell him, he’s a genius, myself personally. And also, he’s my younger yoga teacher.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:42
Amazing. Well, it’s really nice to have you guys on back to back. So last week, what Michael said, the theme was was honoring your personal contracts. So I don’t know if this came up for all of you, if you were mindful of the kind of different contracts you had with people in your life, even your word as a contract, maybe some of you were paying attention to your name, and the contract that is coded into your actual name itself. So those are some of the themes we were exploring. Cameron, how does the cosmic curriculum unfold this week to complement that and bring us forward?

Cameron Allen 2:21
Yeah, so this week, I was calling it commitment to your codes, but not even just commitment to your code is moving into commitment of your codes, because essentially, this week doesn’t necessarily feel like as far as the cycle that we’re in right now. It’s not like it has as if it has all landed quite yet. So it’s like moving into it. And so it’s like, it’s really important to add that moving into it. So that, you know, it’s like, we don’t feel the experience of like, it’s here now, or it’s supposed to be happening right now. So we’re still transitioning into the commitment of the codes and the landing of the energetic frequency that there actually is.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:58
Okay, so for people who are like, What do you mean codes? What are you even talking about? What do you mean by codes?

Cameron Allen 3:04
Yeah, so codes, essentially, to me are like the law of your energy and the law of your energy is, and let’s take a step back and talk about law for a second. Because, you know, we talk about how we have laws here, like in my, in the society I live in, right, I’m in the United States. So it’s like we have laws, but these to me aren’t actually laws, but there are rules. And the difference between laws and rules that are law is like a compilation of energetic frequencies that are laid down that are actually just the truth.

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:35
Hmm. It’s like, do you mean like, exactly,

Cameron Allen 3:38
exactly a Natural Law, right? It’s like, gravity is going to be gravity, no matter what is going to happen. And there’s not somebody who can just be like, let’s change this thing. Well, let’s rethink, let’s rethink this. There is no rethinking law, law is just laid down. And it is what it is, right? So whatever somebody’s code is, is what they’re naturally actually just are in, that can change, depending on where you’re at in time. But it’s like whatever it is, you have to be in accordance with it, because it is what it is. Like that’s what the commitments the code is.

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:15
So when you’re saying that we’re this is a week of moving toward our commitment to our code, you’re saying, I mean, could that be basically like what’s laid out in your astrological code? Is that something that we could see in our birth chart? and And why are you saying that like, based on the astrology Why are you saying

Cameron Allen 4:36
gotcha Yeah, well, there’s multiple layers so yes, your birth chart Yes, the transits Yes, a bunch of other techniques I’m sure that can be used there you know astrological techniques. However, this week is just I’m looking at Saturn being square the nodes and Saturn square the nodes and it’s in the moon like the first day of the week. Moon comes with it. In Juno is the with Saturn, squaring the nodes and so Juno has a lot to do with commitment. And Saturn has a lot to do with yeah being, like having discipline but also have been like feeling into Saturn as being a disciple, you know, and also Saturn’s about like things crystallizing. Right and so you got Juno as the commitment and then you kind of have like Saturn as the code, the energetic code in this energetic because it’s, it’s in Aquarius and Aquarius is about the energy or the blueprint and Saturn’s about crystallizing that, right. So it’s like bringing that code in. And so the square the nodes is just something that’s in an evolutionary astrology, when something square the nodes is this back and forth energy, or, you know, they say it’s a skip step. And in other people formulated as well, you’ve done a lot of things moving forward. But you forgot a few things back here. So you have to go back and like, retrieve that, and bring it with you. So we have to be aware that we have to like be in this present moment to crystallize the codes. Yeah. So it’s moving into it again. And also, as well, Mars is in a balsamic phase with Saturn. And so since it’s the balsamic phase, it’s the ending phase, and it’s about to start a new phase. That’s why I still about moving into it. And then Jupiter is in a balsamic phase with Neptune. And so these plays a part these play a part as well, while I’m saying moving into, I’m still moving into the commitment. Okay, things have to be let go of because the ending of a cycle

Amanda Pua Walsh 6:30
thing? And would you say because it’s a square to the nodes that we’re going to be feeling some sort of tension around this as well. Like, it’s going to be something where we’re feeling pulled in several different directions.

Cameron Allen 6:41
Yes, I always call it like a dynamic tension that’s creating landings or change. Right. It’s like, whenever you come around a corner, you can feel it. Like I used to. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, here. I used to, like run and like feel like different aspects. Like what does it feel like to just run a trine? It’s like, you just kind of just running there, right? It’s not really difficult. But when you’re like running a square, like there’s this dynamic tension, things have to change. And so that could be perceived as subjectively negative or subjectively positive, but things are changing, and you can feel it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:17
Oh, I love that. And that’s one of the things I love about the way that you practice astrology is it is so embodied. It’s so like tangible. And I know we’ll get to some of those things, and different practices we can do with our bodies this week, based on the energy which is really exciting. I have other questions about Mars being in an balsalmic. What does that actually mean? bosonic with Saturn and Jupiter balsalmic Neptune, but let’s go into the weekly, let’s go into the aspects of the week. And then if we have time to come back to some of those questions, where you’re telling us a little bit more about what those actually mean, then we can do that, then. That’s not good.

Cameron Allen 7:51
Yeah, absolutely. Because I was actually more focused on those then, like each day, so I’m excited to get back to those two as well. Okay. Um, but march to 28th is where I started in. And this is the biggest aspect to me personally, because you have Saturn, Venus, Juno and the moon are all going to be at 21 degrees Aquarius, and that’s going to be squaring the nodes. And that’s what’s the biggest thing of the week overall, you know, just setting that up. The context for the content is just the fact that the nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio. And so with the nodes being in Taurus and Scorpio, a lot of things are going to be bring brought up around what has been deeply disempowering for us in the past. And then moving forward into the future with the North Node in Taurus. It’s about what values are recreating, or how we grounding into how we relate to life moving forward. And Venus. Venus has for a while been what they call in traditional astrology besieged or enclosed. So she’s stuck in between the to malefic planets of Mars and Saturn. And so that means moving forward, we’ve been actually having like, some difficult tension, and we’ve been like being pressed on, or put into the fire, you know, any type of trans transformational process you can think of, that’s what that’s what’s been happening to all of us moving forward with, who we’re trying to become or our identity. And so now that’s coming up to Saturn. And so there’s more tension, more restriction, potentially, or, you know, depending on what you’ve been doing, it might just have been a container that’s been being created. That takes discipline, and you have to become a disciple of who you really are trying to be, who do you how do you want to relate to yourself in the world moving forward? And then Juno being there as well as just bringing a commitment to that? Right. And I always think about Juno as outside of the archetype, right of just being like some wife or like some marriage commitment, because I feel like that’s so limiting energetically speaking, right? And it’s like, what are you actually committed to? And with Juno being in Aquarius, what you, what I would invite people to be committed to is your unique electrical blueprint? Like what is that like electrical signature that is actually you, outside of when people see your face, it’s like, if you came to someone in a dream, and you were just a ball of energy, would they be able to taste that? Would they be able to feel that? Right? That unique electrical imprint? Have you? Are you committed to that? Have you been creating a container and boundaries around that, so that the way you relate to yourself can upgrade and move more in that direction. So that’s what I would say about the 20th. And the moons coming by it. So the moon coming by is literally like, all these things are happening in the moon is just like drawing it down to where like you can like really, really, like feel it in your body moving through you. So I’ll stop there for a second. And that’s what I would say the 28th is about. And that’s really, to me what this like week is about, but really, I would even take it beyond the week, but this is my week. So I’m just gonna say that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:03
Okay, this is fascinating. So you’re saying this, on a Monday today, today is the biggest day of the week? And that we’re having this square of the notes? That basically the question is, what is your what are you committed to? What is your unique electrical blueprint? And have you committed to that fully? And have you created a container? Or have you created structures in your life, so that you can actually live that fully? Would you also say that? Where is fear? holding you back? Might be a good question, or where is some of those more Saturnian words where you are Saturn type things like fear? holding you back? Or limitations that you place on yourself?

Cameron Allen 11:57
Absolutely, yeah, absolutely. And limitations that groupthink brings in because even with the Aquarius energies, like a lot of times groupthink does that to you, for you, with you, depending on how you want to orient towards it. You know, that’s one thing I’ve been like really mindful about is like, how is it happening to you? Because some people think it’s happening to them, how is it happening for you, because some people think it’s happening for you, or how are you being with it? Right. And so we can say all three of those things. So you have the invitation to Feel into that for yourself, rather than me say one thing and you be electrically triggered or emotionally triggered by like how you might think you should receive that, which has been something that I’ve been feeling into as far as like, a commitment to my code, right. It’s like the law of saying what feels the truest for me and giving perspective so that people can feel into what shocks them into that code for themselves as well. But yes, that Saturn is going to bring it since astrology is multi valence. So it’s just like has multiple applications, the application of Saturn, when you press the button, if the application is working in a way that doesn’t probably feel the greatest, it’s going to restrict you. In the application where it feels like it’s helping you press the button, and it just contained you, in it hold you, you’re creating space. And when you’re creating space, in defining your own reality, you have good boundaries. And when you’re not, you’re being enclosed upon. Right. And so anytime anyone says anything about settling, they have to be both end. Because the way I experience is always going to be container. And the way that someone else might experience it may always make them feel repressed opress depressed, feeling like pressed in on. So what do

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:34
you say if people are feeling that in their life, that they can identify the places where they are feeling sort of like some sort of external structure is Oh, pressing them, and limiting them? And to, to look at that and see how that could be re oriented? How do you actually work with that? Because I know there’s there’s a lot of time and a lot of people comparing us for the last couple years of feeling like really? Limb like there’s external limitations placed upon us. How do you work with that various attorney and feeling to bring it into the light, like you just described a bit more being a container, and more being like a space in which you’re meant to create or, or live?

Cameron Allen 14:15
Yeah, the first thing to do is, like, when you feel that pressure or things pressing down on you understand that your life is being defined right now. And so since your life is being defined, is being defined externally for you. And so what I invite people into first is awareness. Oh, I feel this thing pressing down on me, because sometimes people were being pressed down on and they’re not even aware of it. So the awareness is the first thing because also set on corresponds to mastery and ignorance at the same time. Right? And so if you’re ignorant to it, then you can’t master it. And if you’re ignorant to it, then you’re being the reality’s defining things for you. So you find the awareness and once you find the awareness, you become the off door AT T. You start writing your own authority, right. So as the author, you become an author, it’s like that’s what authority is, you’re actually being the author of the reality. So you begin to define it yourself. And when you begin begin to define the reality for yourself, then you’re creating the space. And you’re like actually allowing yourself to not feel repressed and closed in on as much, because sometimes just the definition of in itself is was creating the containment, because you’re not creating a container. So that’s what I would say,

Amanda Pua Walsh 15:34
Okay, well, as you’re speaking to, I’m thinking about diamonds, and the process that by which they’re created, the diamond is a piece of coal, that receives enough heat and pressure from the earth, that it transforms itself into a very precious gem. Yeah. And that’s essentially that’s taking that external pressure and actually transforming it into something very, very beautiful. As you’re saying, your life is being defined when you’re feeling pressed on. So are you going to stay in coal? Or are you going to turn into a diamond? Right, exactly. The other thing I was thinking to as when you’re talking about this electrical blueprint, and this question of, are you living your unique blueprint, and I was at dinner with a friend last night, and it was so powerful, to have her reflect to me what she sees in me, sometimes it’s hard for us to even know like, well, I don’t know. Are you experiencing? You know, am I living my unique electrical blueprint? I don’t know. Because it’s almost sometimes like a fish trying to describe water, right. But to have someone outside of you that you trust and love and who sees you. Describe you to you could be a really interesting thing to do this week. Because then it’s like, okay, I can actually own more of that in myself that that thing that they see, it’s like, oh, yeah, that’s that is true. I kind of take it for granted. I didn’t even know that was unique. But awesome. And now I can own that even more fully.

Cameron Allen 17:14
Yeah, yeah. And yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s the commitment piece. You know, once you find out what it is, then you’re like, actually, like grounding down into the commitment of it. And when you get down into the commitment of it, you also start to see how things in the past have made you feel disempowered, and how you will move away from that, you know, you’ll move away from you’ll fragment yourself from the codes that you know, you’re needing to bring in, so you’ll just like leave a coat over here, leave a coat over there. You know, and that’s also the same energy as of Aquarius, because Aquarius is about fragmentation or coherence. Wow. You know, so is that’s pretty spot on, you know, especially with Aquarius, also being like opposite of Leo, you know, somebody else being the the seer or the person who’s like, I see you. And you’re like, Wow, I’m unique, and I can see it in this way. And then also on since it’s multi veiling, again, on the other side, when somebody is like, I can’t see you, or I don’t see you, and maybe I’m just giving you a little bit of attention, then you’re like, Well, let me put this part of myself over here in this part of myself over here in this part of myself over here. So that maybe, oh, can you see me now? Oh, you know, and you’re not committed to your codes when you’re doing that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:21
Right? It says, You said we’re in the process of committing to our codes, maybe this week, we can think of it almost like a treasure hunt for those fragmented parts of ourselves that we have put on the shelf or hidden in the corners of the universe, because we’re afraid to actually be them. Or they weren’t, they weren’t accepted, or they weren’t seen. And so we sort of put them away. It’s like his process. I love this visual that you gave of the fragmentation. But then, like, we can actually pull those back in.

Cameron Allen 18:51
Exactly, yeah. And this always happens, like, after you go through the fire, or after something intense happens was last week was kind of intense, you know, it’s like, there was like this Saturn Uranus thing going on. And so that’s intense, and it’s volatile. And whenever things are intense and volatile, there’s always a step or phase after where there’s either water being cleansing and washing it off. Or like a crushing of it to bring like the material nature of it like the full form. I’m literally speaking about like the alchemical process right now, with plants and stuff. Like that’s literally what goes yeah, it’s like literally what happens. You just have to like, Yeah, and you just knowing that process makes things easier, you know. And so the balsamic phase things I was talking about have to do with washing away and then all these other things are more like crystallizing, like bringing it to like, concrete committed, coating.

Amanda Pua Walsh 19:42
Wow. Alright, so this is Monday and you’re saying this is the coloring the whole week? Are there any other aspects of the week, though, that you want to highlight and pull out for us to pay attention to?

Cameron Allen 19:54
Yeah, definitely. And also, I want to say just from a holistic health perspective every single day The moon is somewhere, right? And so just like inviting people into a new process. So the moon on the 28th is is in Aquarius, and there’s also a lot of planets in Aquarius on that day. So how do your calves feel because Aquarius rules the calves. So the emotion or the energy in motion that is the moon is going through the calf region. And so check in with your calves have your calves feel stretched them out, literally just pointing your toes hard as you can put him as hard as you can, and then flexing them as hard as you can flexing them as hard as you can write and the pointing of the toes. I mean, even though Pisces rules the feet, the pointing of the toes, it’s a feeling to the calves, right, the focus is actually the calf muscles. You want him to just check in with them. Right if the moon represents nourishment and nurturing what would happen if every single day you just whatever the moon was flowing, you just nurtured that part of your body do that for a year, and I guarantee your whole body feels immaculately different. So that could be literally exercise like that. Or it could just be Oh yeah, it’s the moons in Aquarius, oiling my calves and my shins. You know, and if you did that every single day, for a year, your whole body would just be like immaculately juicy and amazing and lit. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:19
Wow. That is what you just laid out is is brilliant. I mean that alone that could be a practice that someone commits to to experience vitality and health with astrology and the movement of the moon as the focal point for that.

Cameron Allen 21:34
Yeah, literally. Yeah. Yeah. If like once people hit like level four of like mentoring mentee process with me they, yeah, become Saturn. They have to do it for at least

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:45
amazing. And I bet they end up loving it and carrying it on long after you’re making them do it.

Cameron Allen 21:51
Yeah, cuz it crystallizes. Right,

Amanda Pua Walsh 21:55
right. Okay, so we have the moon and Aquarius on Monday paste, give some love to your calves. What else do we have throughout the week?

Cameron Allen 22:02
Yeah, and then so the 29th The moon is the moon is in Pisces. And I didn’t really highlight anything too much with the 29th. Because the 28th was so potent that I’m just like, okay, the moons in Pisces, like kinda, maybe go relax somewhere, or let yourself flow, or let go of as much as you can from whatever happened on the 28th. And also, like, either get a foot rub, or rub your own feet, also making sure that you like put your feet on the actual ground that day. So that the energy whatever’s happening in all these integrated parts that are trying to come back online can like actually land in reality, right as reality as your body but also as your feet being on the ground, and they’ve given us something to like actually land into. So that’s the biggest thing that I have going on the 29th is just like a rest and relax or integration day, from the 28th. There was also something that happened on the 28th that I noticed that I forgot to talk about. And it was there’s so in astrology this thing called and Tisha and Contra and Tisha. And so on the 28th the sun and Neptune are Contra and Tisha. And so really what I would say is just think about it as the sun being opposed Neptune and the sun being oppose Neptune. I was just feeling to it as in for me, I’m feeling it. Yeah, the sun being like the light of awareness. And then in the Neptune either being illusions or disillusionment, and just allowing yourself to like, feel the relationship between those two things. How am I being lit up? Or what is being illuminated through? How I’m dissolving how I had this illusion in my life? And how am I just like letting that move? Or what is my relationship with it? And that’s just a question. It’s not even something that I would go further into. It’s just like, ask yourself that question, how is this illusion illuminating my reality. And so then, like I was saying, 29th, the moon is going through Pisces have it there. And then, so then, on March the 30th, I specifically wrote down a time I’m on Pacific time right now. So just letting people know that, but the moon is going to be like rising with Jupiter. And then Saturn is going to be in the 12th House on March 30, at 550 5:50am here in Los Angeles, California. And that’s just the time that I was just like bringing the meditation I already had it. Like I have a schedule where I just do like Electional Astrology and I just elect times to meditate to see how they feel. So that when I do like magic later on, I just like know exactly what these experiences are going to bring me or my relationship, just building relationship with the energy. And so I’m just inviting everybody into that process with me know, the Moon and Jupiter rising, like what does that feel like? And to have Saturn in the 12th house and Saturn being in the 12th house means that it’s in his joy, where it likes to be, like have isolation retreat, and it’s a Good time to like do a meditation. And so I’m just inviting everyone into their process and even inviting them to come back. And like in the comments below, like, share with me, how did it feel so that we can like interface and interact on on that experience? So also in saying that time

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:17
that you would that you would invite people to do this meditation? Is there a specific time of the day or just anytime on the 30th?

Cameron Allen 25:24
Yeah, it’s 5:50am in where I’m at in Los Angeles, California, but it’s gonna be different. Yeah, it’s gonna be different for everybody, depending on where they live. Right? We’re just like, whenever the Moon and Jupiter, it’s going to be a few hours before sunrise, essentially, because right now the sun is in Aries. So that means it’s going to be a house below. And then like Jupiter and the moon are going to be in Pisces, so it’s a little bit above it. So it’s going to be right before sunrise, right? It’s gonna be like, a little bit before sunrise. So just feeling

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:58
like you no matter no matter where you are. Okay, yeah, yeah, exactly. And if you’re, if you’re in Europe, or Australia, or, I mean, is there any, any has to

Cameron Allen 26:12
be a little bit before sunrise? on that? Because this, the relationship between the Moon and Jupiter in the sun will still be the same? Okay. Yeah. And, and, you know, if everybody if someone was to tune into it, then we’re actually gonna have to just do the work to like, figure out exactly what the time is if they want to. Um, but other than that, so I can say, you know, just being mindful that the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, which is a sign right before where the sun is in Aries. So it’s not that far before sunrise, wherever you are on the whole planet.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:43
And we’re meditating on we’re just, it’s a simple meditation on how the Moon and Jupiter rising together feels, and how it feels when Saturn is in the exalted position of the 12th house. And just just feeling what those feel like, is that right?

Cameron Allen 27:03
Exactly. It’s just an invitation to meditate on that and then to experience it directly. Instead of it being like me telling somebody what it is, it’s like, well go taste it. Because I can tell you what pizza tastes like. But have you tasted pizza? Yeah, so there’s a difference between like, me telling somebody what pizza tastes like, and them actually like tasting pizza. So this is one of those experiences where I’m like, Hey, go taste the pizza. And like, see what it feels like? And like, get your hands, obviously, like, get your hands dirty with it. So you like No, it’s the difference between like, this is the molecular structure of the bacteria and the ground, it’s like, okay, like, let me just go pick up the soil and like, feel it, you know, you know, that’s how we used to do it. And it’s actually like a real thing, you can tell the difference, because you’re actually in relationship with it instead of intellectualizing it. And also in saying that the moon Jupiter energy, especially since it’s going to be close to Neptune, as well, would definitely be like an uplifting feeling. You’ll definitely be uplifting quality that feels like, like, it has some levity to it. And it could have even like an imaginable dreamy, kind of feel to it. Love it. So I love it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 28:11
Like when you were earlier talking about running the aspects, and seeing how they actually feel. And using that as the way that you describe it, because you’ve actually felt it in your body. It’s an entirely different experience. Perfect. Okay, so we have, we’re on the 30th now, and we’re doing this group meditation, if you do remember to come back and leave a little chat about your experience with that, that’d be great. If you’re in the inner circle, go ahead and post it in mighty networks. And we can talk about it there to Cameron, what else do we have this week?

Cameron Allen 28:41
Yeah, also on the 30th, I just want to say that there’s going to be another contract Tisha, and these are the this is the last contract tissue that I found that was highlighted, for me, at least, it’s Mars, Uranus contract tissue. So it’s like the opposition of Mars and Uranus when we just had some Mars Uranus stuff going last week. So that stuff didn’t actually go away. But the shadow of a can come up for you. So whatever happened last week with the Mars Uranus piece, it’s not done and over with yet. So I just want you to reflect on last week, what happened when that occurred, and then come back into that day and then feel into it again.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:18
Cameron, what day last week was that?

Cameron Allen 29:20
I forget to be honest, because I don’t really keep up with dates and digital. Like,

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:24
I try to remember if it was the beginning, the middle or the end of the week, at least

Cameron Allen 29:28
I think I think was the beginning.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:30
Okay, like that. That just might help people remember what was happening for them.

Cameron Allen 29:34
Gotcha. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. To be honest, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:41
I love hearing that because there’s so many different ways to practice astrology. And there’s so many different ways to move with astrology and not everybody does it the same way and all of you astrologers have your own way that you’re working with it. And it’s important for us to hear that because I think sometimes people think there’s just one way and then it’s like, well, that way doesn’t really work. For me, are there any other ways? Absolutely. Absolutely. exposed to a lot of different methods? Oh, yeah.

Cameron Allen 30:07
1,000% Yeah, cuz I mean, there’s, there’s literally Well, there’s others, like, things that I use as far as like, systems of understanding self. And so literally just sometimes there’s just these people who needs to, like be more broad and feel and experience versus people who need to, like, get them to, like, analyze have the data, like actually, it was at 357. Last week on Wednesday, you know, it’s like, some people that’s their jam, and I’m like, Hey, like, no, just No, if that’s your jam, yeah. And if it’s not your jam, then don’t like try to fit yourself into that. But like, you can still lean into it. So yeah. 1,000%

Amanda Pua Walsh 30:40
love it. Okay, so now we’re on to the 31st.

Cameron Allen 30:44
Right, first, yeah. And the New Moon on March 31. is in Aries and is conjunct Chiron. I mean, it’s conjunct Chiron. That’s what a highlight. But it’s also conjunct Mercury, Mercury’s conjunct as well. And there’s a few pieces there for sure. So even just the moon is, I mean, the sun is blocking out not only the light of the moon, but it’s also blocking out the light of mercury. And it’s also blocking out the light of Chiron. So that’s something to be mindful of. Because when you’re trying to commit to your codes, and like your energetic sensitivity could, it could be blinded you can be you can like not see it. Or it could just be something that you experienced internally, right, there’s two different manifestations that I’ve observed. And the same thing is happening with the moon, the same things happen with mercury, right, you can’t see how these words are making you feel sensitive inside, and how that’s actually making you feel. So this also could bring like a potential of people projecting out like way easier. Because the sun, the light of the sun is blocking the words, and like how we’re mentally organizing things, and it’s blocking our energetic sensitivities, and is blocking our emotions and how the energy is moving. And so all those things might be experienced as being in the background. And since I’m saying it right now, you can be more aware of it. And you can be aware of it in the way of other people’s experience of it. And it also can teach you more about how to sunblinds things or like, keeps things covered as well. And since it’s an Aries, again, it’s something new that starting. So again, we’re talking about moving into. And since we’re talking about moving into that means we’re going somewhere in a new direction, inherently. And going somewhere in a new direction means that we have to sever ties from the old in every season is always always always about that. It’s always about severing ties from the old and moving towards the new. And when we’re moving towards the new, we don’t know what the new. And that’s always going to be the case. However, you know, to the awareness of astrology, I’ve come to realize like actually, sometimes we do know what to do. But it’s still difficult sometimes, because we actually have to be there in the present moment to experience it. Right. And so when you’re moving forward, just be really, really mindful that there might be things still pulling at you. And you have to sever ties from those things, because we’re moving away from them. Sometimes moving forward has more to do with making sure that we cut off the old ties than it does like actually going somewhere forward. Because you’ve got a bunch of baggage, you ain’t going nowhere fast, you got to let go of that severed ties with it. And be able to attune yourself to what’s going on.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:24
It sounds like when you say, when we’re going somewhere new, we don’t know what to do. But then actually, you’re seeing that with the help of astrology. A lot of times we do know what to do. Like, we just have to trust that we know what to do that those things that we’re like, I feel like this is where I’m supposed to go. Or it seems like this is what’s happening or, you know, I don’t know why but I, I need I know I just need to do this, whatever it is let something go or take some sort of action, just trusting that that those feelings in you are guiding you in the right direction.

Cameron Allen 34:00
Exactly, exactly. And even sometimes not knowing what to do is knowing exactly what to do. And what I mean by that is when people feel like they don’t know what to do, then they hesitate and they think and they get lost or caught up in you know, things like that, where it’s like sometimes I don’t know what I’m doing and I do it. That didn’t mean I knew what to do. But I knew exactly what to do. Right. It’s like I didn’t like intellectualize it or like oh, I should Oh yeah, that’s right, I should do this thing. It’s like oh, we ain’t doing that no more like something can come up in this like I could have a pattern and I’ve been doing that and I’ve been doing that and then something happens and I’m like that’s a hell no for me not doing that no more in like oh dang I didn’t even know there was time for me to do that. It’s a happening that’s what happens when we’re moving in that new direction that could just happened like that, you know, so it’s, you know, I have my Gemini Moon mind does this thing where I’m like, we don’t know what to do, but we do know what to do even though we know we’re doing and we’re doing it It’s like, it’s like, that’s actually how like the reality is working, you know?

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:04
Yes. It’s I don’t think about that with astrology hub. You know, people will say, Well, how did you know how to build the company? And I’m like, Well, I didn’t know I love to say I had this like, perfectly plan business plan that we’ve just executed over the last seven years. And not that’s just not true. We have literally felt our way through. Hey, what’s the right next step? What’s, what is the thing that and sometimes you make mistakes, but that mistake was actually also knowing what to do because you needed to learn from that mistake. Exactly. Oh, my Gemini Moon is absolutely tracking with you. Okay, so we have this New Moon and Aries and Chiron. Watch for, for projections. This is something new starting and I love what you said about sometimes when something new starting that just means even more than anything, we’re letting go of old things. So that there’s space and new direction. And I when you were saying that I imagined a hot air balloon, and how the way that you go up and the hot air balloon? Yes, there’s the hot air, but you also have to let go of the weights. Exactly. And when you let go the weights then you go up in the air. So that’s it sounds like that’s when that kind of a process here around this New Moon and Aries. I just also want to clarify. It’s March 31. And or April 1, correct depending on where you are in the world.

Cameron Allen 36:24
Right. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, cuz I had that little thing I had to figure out because I’ve been writing monthly forecast. So yes, it’s either or, on those days.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:33
Okay. All right. All right. So then that brings us into April 1, April Fool’s Day.

Cameron Allen 36:39
Yeah. And before we go to April Fool’s Day on March 31. With the moon in Aries, just being mindful to maybe give yourself a head massage in the head massage is going to be more close to the top of the head. Rather than just the head in general was like more like from the crown probably to like the hairline, region on just because it’s, it’s closer to the beginning of Aries. And so just like giving yourself a head massage, or even like sometimes I like, there’s one of my like Moon, Moon Aries things, I just like, lay my head off the edge of the bed and let the blood rush there, right, like with the energy and move there. And then I like pick it up. And I get that like kind of like, that woozy feeling kind of I just like to play with that. Sometimes. That could be like a nice feel to it. Or do you know shampoo your hair that day or you know something where you’re just like, more consciously bringing some like motherly energy towards that region of the body. And watch out for like losing your head and when the moon’s in areas as well, right, like you don’t want to lose your head. So even when you’re like rubbing it like it brings you back in, and it doesn’t let the energy become too volatile as well.

Amanda Pua Walsh 37:49
Very good. I love these body practices. This is also good. Yeah, so good. Okay, and April Fool’s Day even has an astrological history do you? Are you aware of though?

Cameron Allen 38:03
No, I didn’t know. Tell me more.

Amanda Pua Walsh 38:05
Yes. Because yeah, okay, wait, I’m gonna I’m not going to get all the places right and everything. But I’m just going to give the broad view of what he said that the New Year used to be celebrated around the Aries New Moon after the equinox. And then one of the kings King Gregory, or poker, it was one of them, changed it to January. And, but not everybody got the memo. So if you were still, if you were still celebrating New Years, on April 1, you were a fool. So they called you it. That’s where April Fool’s comes from. And then there was something about tricks that they would play on those people too. But this is it also has an astrological history. And Christopher would tell the story so much better, Christopher, I’m sorry, if you’re listening to this. And maybe we could do a little video on it because it’s actually fascinating to hear about that. So alright, so we’re on April 1. Tell us about that.

Cameron Allen 39:04
Yeah, April 1, you know, there’s there’s the sun I mean, Chiron Kazemi is on that day. And so that means Chiron goes into the heart of the Sun, which is like a really interesting thing to feel into. It has been for me is what I really would say. And I’m so I can only talk about my experience with Chiron Cassini, rather than what a collective experience would be. Because that’s all I know, currently, and nobody has really taught me about what Chiron Kazemi should mean and so Chiron being about energetic sensitivity, but also being like a coach, a mentor, and like also tools coming into like the heart of the Sun, which the heart is represented by the sun. So it’s like you’re in the heart of the heart of the, you know, you’re always in the inner chamber. And so like being mindful of that and like feeling into what is compassion, what is compassion, and what does it feel like to be compassionate and when you’re just like in your Enter chambers of your heart. And what is that? What does that call forth from you? You know, and if you feel into what that calls for from you, then that also will be assisting in like the weekly thing about the codes. You know, because whatever is calling, whatever that calls for from you, you’ll be attuned to it in a way where no one can tell you anything outside of the law that you exist within. So that’s, that’s what I’m feeling into for that day. And that’s what I’ve consistently over the past three years experience when the sun has been Cassini Chiron. And so that’s my invitation for people to fill into the

Amanda Pua Walsh 40:39
in Cassini means perfectly aligned, right. Like Chiron is like, behind the Sun perfectly.

Cameron Allen 40:46
It there’s different definitions. So usually I try to work I when I’m trying to learn what it feels like, for me, I try to stay within the rule that is 17 minutes away from Oh, okay, like, literally 17 minutes, you know, um, as far as like astrologically, which is going to be more than actually 17 minutes, because the sun and Chiron but so 17 minutes away from each other. And there’s other definitions, that’s that it’s one degree away from it. So that if there’s, if we used the one degree rule, then it would have been Kazemi, at some point the day before a little bit. And it would just been like a more intensification period, right? Where there’s like one degree on each side, but then like, you get to the 17 minutes, and then you hit like this other experience of it. And then the exact point is just like another like, it’s like, essentially, those two things are one thing, they’re fused together so much. And then you like move into a new experience of it. Hmm,

Amanda Pua Walsh 41:39
interesting. Yeah. Anybody practices on this day,

Cameron Allen 41:44
I’m going to do a bunch of heart openers, and I’m going to be probably really a radical and furious about it personally. So I’m not really inviting other people to do this. But I’m going to be doing like a lot in a lot of spinal flexes as well, because the sun represents the spine. And I’m trying to let the divine energy come into my spine a lot more on that day and feel into like, these other energetic attunements that have nothing, almost anything to do with astrology that I’ve been working with. And so just a lot of working with your spine. So, yeah, that’s what I would say. And also, how energetically sensitive is your spine? You know, that’s a question that I would ask with Chiron in the sun. Because he me too. And you can find out really quickly how sensitive your spine is just by, okay, Cameron, do it. Okay, cool. So you just all you have to do, and I’m pretty sure I’ve shown this talk this in class. And of course, before here, astrology hub, but it’s just a spinal wave, you know, it’s like really simple, where you go up against the wall, in my hand is the wall, if that’s not obvious, and you just put your nose to the wall, then you put your chin to the wall, then you put your chest to the wall, then you put your stomach to the wall, then you put your pelvis to the wall. And by the time you do that, you see my head is back, and then you go again. And then nose, chin, chest, stomach, pelvis, and then you go again, and then you start doing it. And then sooner or later, you’ll just be like, out here in the streets, you know, like, and your spine or like, you’ll feel like how sensitive your spine is, and now allow energy to move through you with more fluidity. And you’ll be more attuned to like what’s going on in your body, in your experience, but also like outside of you. And that’s something that I’ve used as a gateway to, like, have more empathy and compassion, but also not like be overloaded or flooded. Because a lot of times people are like, Oh, I feel all this energy. And it’s like, well, they can’t even move their spine, so the energy is not flowing correctly. So that could be problematic. But if the, the divine spine is like moving in this align, then like, everything is going to be flowing good. You’re going to be attuned to what’s going on around you. And yeah, that’ll be what’s up. Yeah, that’s, that’s overgeneralize. But like, that’s what I would say about it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:57
Thank you for doing that. That was such an awesome visual, and I can see why it’s so powerful. I mean, our I always think of the spine is almost like a it’s like our tuning fork or like are they the place where we like can receive the messages and transmissions and downloads and you’re right when we’re blocked in when it’s rigid, and we were less able to actually receive intelligence and wisdom. And so I love that and, and when you said heart heart openers to some people might not know what that is. But one of my favorites is with just with a bolster or like a pretty firm pillow. You know, putting a mat down, putting a bolster or a pillow down and just opening up your heart and allowing your arms to, you know, go out on either side of you. And just feel that heart open feeling and make sure that you’re in a place where you You feel safe enough to do that. And that’s true in life in general, right? We open our hearts when we’re in a place or in situations where we feel like we can do that safely.

Cameron Allen 45:12
Exactly. Yeah. Like when a cat rolls over and like shows it so you its belly, you know? Yes. Yeah, exactly. Okay. Yeah, another heart opener can be just like going to Venus locked behind your back. So you just take your hands and then go on and on your back. And you just press down and lift up and then just breathe into your chest. That could be a really simple one to do.

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:33
Did you just call that Venus lock? Oh, yeah, this is Venus lock right there. Yes, they call? Yeah. Why? Why do they call this Venus lock?

Cameron Allen 45:42
Um, actually, I don’t even know we do that in kundalini yoga. They call it the Venus lock. I actually haven’t even explored that I have actually have like a have like this list of things that I need to learn but like how the astrology and the Kundalini yoga and yoga practices in general go together, but I haven’t gotten a

Amanda Pua Walsh 45:58
lot. If anybody knows in the audience, please write in that’s that’s really interesting. Yeah. So that would bring us then to April 2.

Cameron Allen 46:08
Yeah, April 2 is the day that mercury actually goes Kazemi. And so Mercury Kazemi is, yeah, this, this one feels really, really good. There’s even a specific time that I found on this day as well. But Mercury Kazemi, I just think of it as bringing the mind back into the heart, where it belongs, or even like thinking of his thoughts, rather than just the mind bringing our thoughts in alignment with our heart, right that the mercury in the sun come in together. Because mercury can never go too far from the sun, because that’s how it actually works. Like our thoughts can never run too far astray from our heart. You know, it’s not even really possible. So every time that comes back, we’re infusing our thoughts back into our heart center. And so even though I didn’t talk about it before, also in saying that, that means Mercury has been combust for a while, too. Well, I did talk about that with the blinding, you know, Mercury being blinded by the sun. And so just knowing that that’s the thing. And so the Kazimi is just a point where it’s like at the Stillpoint, or the eye of the storm, where it’s like, oh, my thoughts are like finally fully censored in my heart, and I can experience this. And then after that he like goes combust again, to be purified. So the sort of the thought process can become a new

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:27
I think, a few weeks ago, we talked about how thoughts centered in the heart is the definition of wisdom.

Cameron Allen 47:35
Beautiful, I love that

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:38
wisdom available.

Cameron Allen 47:39
Yeah. Yeah, I feel that deeply.

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:43
Any practices for that particular day.

Cameron Allen 47:47
Um, I do like a specific like combination of Kundalini and pranayama practice when it comes to Mercury Kazemi and I’m not going to share that one. That one’s mine.

Amanda Pua Walsh 47:58
Again, when you’ve been so generous with everything, alright. Okay, so what do we have on April 3, then

Cameron Allen 48:05
on April, well, to go back, so April 2, the moon will be in Aries and then it’ll be like moving to Taurus. So it’ll be in both places. And so on. Whenever the moon transit goes from one to another, I always just like incorporate, like some, because So Aries is ruling like from the upper teeth up. And then from there down to like, the neck region is Taurus. So usually I just do a do like some exercises of like, poking in, like between my my upper teeth and my lower teeth. I might do like guasha that day, a lot like extra washing. I don’t know if people know and guasha is but yeah, take a spoon. Oh, a spoon

Amanda Pua Walsh 48:48
works. Yeah,

Cameron Allen 48:50
cold spoon is really nice. There, you just do the back of the spoon, you just kind of like, go back and then get in there. Yeah, it can be really nice for that because the mood, the energy will be there and you’ll be able to feel it more tangibly because the moon is transiting that area. And then you also do it on the neck. You know, we used to probably be like the upper neck because the moon isn’t going too far and guitars. So just kind of like in the underneath part of the neck. Like around here is what I would do. Like kind of like I mean everybody have Adam’s apple but I would say from my Adam’s apple up is kind of where I would do that. So just working like this whole area. Beautiful. Yeah. And you could just massage it to you know even the first few cycles you do have the moon cycles with the body you can just literally you could pick it the first go round could just literally be an assessment or like a as we say an introduction or like a yeah, just introducing yourself hey, I haven’t talked to you and I have not been conscious about this like almost ever like what’s up you know like tell me tell me something you know cuz sometimes do when we come to like new practices when people bodied people were like, Am I doing this? Right? And I’m like, What? What did you feel? Like? Do does it feel right? Does it feel wrong? And like, just start there, please start there, everybody, because if not, then you will lose autonomy over your body and your choices with your body sooner or later. And so just you need to know that, it’s important to know that

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:22
it’s so loving what you’re describing. It’s really, it’s it’s like love in motion, and directed towards our own bodies. And, and so many times, I think of love as awareness and attention. It’s like, if, if we’re not paying attention, and we’re not aware of, then it’s how are we loving that person or this part of ourselves. So I just love this, this is so much fun. And I hope that everybody, I hope that you all, experiment with it, and play with it and see how it feels. And like Cameron said, don’t worry too much about doing it right or wrong, just experience it and see how it feels. Just for the fun of that just for the play of that.

Cameron Allen 51:04
Yeah, and you know, when you do this, this is also coming, this is all coming back to the coach too. Because when you know how that feels like, you know, what’s the energy would start moving through your body, and you’ll be like, Oh, this didn’t feel like that yesterday, or like, you’ll have so much space in your body, you will be caring for yourself so much. Somebody says something, that’s a hell no, I already know it. Because the energy moving through me, I take care of it, I nurture it so much that it’s like, no, something’s going on here. You know, I could walk into a room and leave and be like, oh, like, I cough. And I’m like, oh, what’s going on here, like, This feels weird, I don’t feel nourished. It didn’t bring like this, like juicy divine nectar into my reality. And I can feel the like leaking of my Soma, you know, and it’s just like, not a good thing. So,

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:50
it also sounds to me like a practice of cultivating intuition, and inner knowing, and how valuable that is, because that is only you can know what’s right for you in any given moment. And having that real, deep level of awareness with how things feel in your body is such an important compass for that.

Cameron Allen 52:18
Yeah, it’s so important, especially in the space and time reality that we’re in, especially when we we’ve been taught not to feel we’ve been taught not to trust our intuition. And, and people are like, very, very intuitive people and people who know what they know. But then they doubt it, or they like even the amount of the amount of intuitive people that I’ve met in my life that have said something about like feeling or being crazy. It’s like, it’s, it’s just very clear that we haven’t been validated or taught that it’s okay to just feel we feel and know, we know. Because it doesn’t have to be it, it doesn’t even have to be something that’s concrete for the rest of your life. If you know something in this moment, and you feel that energy moving through you, that’s just what it is. You don’t even have to rationalize it, you can, if you’re trying to, if there’s something that’s coming through and you’re supposed to create a business out of it, then yeah, you have to sooner or later, but you can just be with how the energy feels and like how it’s moving. You don’t have to go outside of yourself, you actually would do better probably to go inside of yourself and tune into that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 53:23
I love this so much Cameron, I think part of what I love so much is that you’re modeling it with your life, and, and helping other people feel free to just be that in their own way. It’s like, you know, here you are this beautiful man who’s like so in yourself just being it unapologetically and encouraging everyone to just to do that. And it’s, it’s really powerful. So thank you for committing to your unique electrical coding. Because I think when any of us do that, we really it’s like keys that unlock locks for other people. Because it’s like, you and we don’t have a lot of models, especially a lot of men. Like you just really owning this very, you know, quote unquote, feminine aspect of yourself is like feeling knowing intuiting sensing, receiving not needing to rationalize or or or make logic out of it just being Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. That That alone is so valuable for this this hour that we spent together. So thank you for that. Plus everything else we’ve shared. Yeah, okay. April 3.

Cameron Allen 54:43
Cool. April 3. I’m just feeling into the moon Uranus conjunction in tours. And with that, I just tours Yeah, just makes me feel like I’m in my body. And you know, I do correspond like Have this you know the relationship of Uranus with with Aquarius and how it’s a co ruler of it. So this is also gonna have something to do with like, your unique energetic blueprint as well. And just like really getting into your body and feeling what is that in? Like, what is it a value that it brings in also like in this present moment of as in when the moon comes to the Uranus and Taurus, what is it about your personal genius, or the electrical blueprint that you need to like feel into to like put actual effort towards? You know, just thinking about Taurus being the slowest sign pretty much in the Zodiac, essentially is like it’s slow for a reason, because it’s taking his time. And it’s putting consistent effort into things. And it’s the energy of perseverance. And also being mindful since the moons come in, there’s like, where are you feeling like you’re being lazy, because a lot of people like try to push against towards being corresponding to laziness. But I don’t understand why people dislike that, because it’s the slowest energy. So if something’s really, really slow, and not going at the speed that might be ideally going out, and it’s being lazy it is. And I just invite people to like, know that that’s fine, it’s fine. For something to be lazy, it’s fine for something to feel lazy. And also be able to look at that in the face. Because if you can look at it in the face, and you can actually tell yourself, hey, I’m being lazy. Or you can say, oh, no, I’m actually just lounging and relaxing in my bliss. And this feels really good. And it feels really yummy. And actually, I don’t even want to go get the remote. Hey, baby, come get the remote. It’s like, you’re like you’re right by them remote. But hey, you might just feel that way sometimes. And that is what it is. But if you can’t acknowledge the difference between being lazy, and like actually just feeling like luxurious and wanting to lounge, you’ll never know what’s really true. And that’s also a part of the codes like being able to like what is the law here? What is like actually occurring here. So,

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:06
you know, Karen, I’m laughing because my man my partner, is a Taurus Sun Taurus rising Mars and Taurus. And he has recently helped me implement what we’re calling a quote unquote, fluff day. Yeah, it’s based off this interview that we read from Marilyn Monroe. And she, in this interview described her day, and how she wakes up. And it’s so inspiring, because she’s just like, you know, I just wake up when I feel like it. And I just roll around in bed for a while, might do some stretches. And then eventually, I’ll have my milk in my egg. And it makes me laugh so much, because it’s so adorable. And it was just so like, I just move through my day, the way you know, obviously, she’s a very accomplished person, a lot. But she also knew and appreciated what it’s like to just luxuriate. And so this is now I have my fluff day, on Saturdays were my only job in life is to luxuriate. And it’s amazing. It’s like, it’s, I’ve probably had four of them so far. And it’s just like, Oh my God, why haven’t I been doing this my whole life? Exactly. You know, I’m a mom with two children and I’m running a business and I’m, you know, it’s a million excuses. But finally, he helped me like, how your ties it and make it happen, but I’m laughing because it’s the Taurus energy that knows how to do that. So well. And it’s teaching the Capricorn who’s you know, working really hard. Like, stop for a moment and just be and yeah,

Cameron Allen 58:54
yeah, absolutely. Yeah, it’s so important, you know, especially in the space and time where like, productivity and then even Cameron should you do Okay, cool. Okay, so also like productivity and then also like, what people would like call I don’t know if I’ve said this on here before but like people call it toxic masculinity. You know, it’s like it’s literally just overdoing, you know, it’s literally because, you know, and when I say masculine energy is like, not about actually men, even though it’s reflected in corresponded to men, oftentimes, it’s just actually the principle of masculine energy, which is up and out, do do do work, make a picture, like, seem like cohesive and one and like, figure it out, you know, it’s like when you do that so much that you actually aren’t feeling the best. That’s when you’re like leaning towards toxic masculinity. And so that also would, that type of energy being exalted or people like praising it would also dam the Taurus energy of being able to relax and rest and be luxurious and be fed and just like relax and chill, you know? So it’s important for us to like be able to acknowledge all those things, the whole spectrum you know, which is something I’m it’s part of me like coming into my codes of like, being able to say, look at this, look at this, look at this and this and this and that. Can you not confront all these things? Can you not even consider them? Because if you can’t, then like, you’re, you’re you’re living from a place of being like a reflex. You’re not really living in your codes. No. So yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:00:19
so good. Okay, any any sort of thing that we need to be doing for this moon and Taurus? I mean, aside from luxuriating?

Cameron Allen 1:00:26
Yeah, I would do something luxurious. And if you have the financial resources to buy yourself something extra luxurious too, huh? Yeah, do it. You know,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:00:35
do it on that day Sunday. Yeah, yeah.

Cameron Allen 1:00:37
Even if even if it’s something super simple, like, you usually don’t get the extra bougie version of the coconut water sometimes. That’s like my thing. You know, it’s like, the coconut was usually like, vert, the extra bougie version of the coconut water, like the pink coconut water. That’s like, $10. Like, why does this coconut worth $10? I don’t understand, you know, versus like, the coconut water that’s the same size. And it’s like $4 or $3. It’s like, but just do it. You know, it could be that simple. Or it could be something way bigger. You know, it’s, that’s all like on the context of the content of everybody else’s lives.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:01:09
I love it. Cameron. Thank you so much. Is there anything else about the week that you want us to know about? Or anything we should be aware of?

Cameron Allen 1:01:17
Yeah, I want to go back to those balsalmic phases in the letting go stuff, you know, because, yeah, cuz Mars is always you know, I’m always thinking about Mars and like, what are we cutting away from this, like releasing us, like you were saying with the hot air balloon. And so since that’s, and also just Saturn, and Mars are in Aquarius, everybody, so just be mindful of those two malefic energies. And if you have any issues with your heart, or your circulation, you want to pay closer attention to that. So just yeah, be mindful of those things. Because the opposite is Leo. And then since Saturn and Mars are in Aquarius is going to affect that through like a reflex, you know, the Stein’s being together so that I just have to say that period. But yeah, so So Mars, coming into a new phase with Saturn, even though it’s not gonna come into the new phase of my week. So it’s gonna be in a balsalmic phase. So in what ways have you been feeling like you can’t create boundaries around things and like, you need to get rid of that, like, you just need to stop not creating the boundaries? What do you need to let go to? What do you need to let go of to do that? You know, just think of all the things you need to let go of to do that. Super simple, because the balsamic phase, so it’s like coming into a new phase, when you think of the new phase, usually, we’re talking about the New Moon, oh, it’s the New Moon. It’s like, we’ve released everything. And we need to set a new intention, boom, set a new intention, or get ready to set a new intention of your relationship between Mars and Saturn, the structure of your life, how are you? Like, what are you a disciple? Of what how have you been disciplined or lack thereof? And like, how are you going to start asserting your energy towards that. So right now, you just asserted your energy towards getting rid of what needs to go away before you start a new cycle with that. And so it’s really important, and also be mindful, since they are to mill ethics, and ethics are destructive. And destruction isn’t a problem, we destroy whatever we need to we’re eating food, you destroy it. So you could break it down, you can get rid of it. You know, when you when you graduate from high school, you destroy your high school relationship, even though you don’t you’re not really like, oh, gosh, I’m destroying my relationship with high school, you’re destroying it, you’re changing, you’re making a difference. So just also be mindful of the mill ethics, not having to be older malefic. Yeah, they are. They want to get rid of stuff, and they want to create boundaries, and it doesn’t feel good for people. And that’s,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:03:37
I think it’s I think it’s the conditioning, we have that when we let something go. And when we make space for something new, and we quote unquote, destroy it, like you’re saying, there’s some program that tells us we need to make that thing wrong or bad. And we need to like, I don’t know, if it’s a it’s a protective mechanism to sort of, you know, justify it by focusing on all the things that were wrong about it, or that didn’t work about that person, or instead of just a healthy like, it is time to move on. It’s sometimes you don’t even know why. It’s just I’m being called in this direction. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong or bad, or anything. It just means this is where I need to go. And I think that that’s something that we can really do. Are you frozen? Or were you froze? Okay. I just I just think that’s something that that we can be aware of that in this severing and quote unquote, destruction. We don’t have to make the thing we’re leaving that.

Cameron Allen 1:04:40
Yeah. Yeah. Doesn’t make it bad or wrong. Yeah, I agree. 1,000%, you know, and, you know, ethics. They just are extreme. They just create extreme conditions, whereas, Venus and Jupiter, like, they’re warm and moist, and they’re like, that’s what creates life in general, you know, but out in the desert, there’s not that many things because it’s like extreme and then In the or Antarctica is super cold. And that creates an extreme. So there’s also like people have issues with like going to these extremes. So when you’re cutting something off, you’re like having a temporary heat. So you can like, release it, you know, and sometimes that doesn’t feel the greatest, so people make it bad or wrong or blah, blah quackquack. You know, it’s like, but you know, that’s just people’s relationship with the malefic energy of reality in life. And that’s not my business, but it is my in my code to name it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:05:28
Right. I love it. That’s not my business. But it’s in my code to name it. Erin, thank you so much for any of you who just fell in love with Cameron in the last hour. And you want to learn more from him. And you want to learn more of his approach. And this really holistic approach that incorporates the body incorporates health, and really is very integrated. If you’re interested in studying more with him, we do have two classes that we produce with Cameron, there’s astrology hub, there’s the health secrets of the planets. And there’s health secrets of the zodiac. Both of them are awesome. One of them is a mastery class and one is an actual course. So if you want to check those out, you go to astrology hub, comm slash planets, and that’s the mastery class. So that’s a shorter like two hour experience, that could be a great place to start. And then if you love that, then going to astrology hub.com/zodiac is where you’re then going to go into health secrets of all the zodiac signs and learning about those. And that is a five week course correct? Cameron?

Cameron Allen 1:06:36
It I think it’s a self paced. Yeah, self paced is about this each each zodiac sign gets approximately like an hour hour 15 minutes. Yeah, of just like going through all the correspondences and like learning it from not just the perspective of personality traits, but nature, plants, extras, embodiment exercises, crystals, the psychology, the spirituality, the physiology, etc, etc. So it’s, it’s amazing, honestly, I really love that one.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:07:06
Yeah, there’s, they’re, they’re both amazing. And we have incredible feedback from all the students who have taken those classes. So check it out. Okay, so just a reminder again, that’s astrology hub, comm slash planets or astrology hub, comm slash Zodiac. Cameron, this has been so much fun. Thank you so much, you just brought in like a very different energy to the weekly weather. And it’s so fun to experience. So thank you for that. Thank you for, like I said before, for really owning and embracing and modeling what it means to, to live, the theme of this week was to really commit to our unique code. So thank you for that. Thanks to all of you for tuning in. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We’re so grateful for you. You enable us to do this work. You enable us to to immerse ourselves in astrology and then get to share that with all of you and we love it. So thank you for being here. Thank you for loving it as much as we do. And I can’t wait to connect with you again on the next episode. Take care everybody