Venus enters Leo & meets Pluto at the gate! w/ Elodie St-Onge-Aubut

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Epic Romance

Jamie Magee and Elodie St Onge Aubut talk about the upcoming Venus-Pluto opposition, and how to navigate it.

On Today's Episode You'll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ What story begins this week that will last through the summer.
๐ŸŒ’ Why Venus is especially important in the current astrology.
๐ŸŒ“ Which day this week might bring secrets to the surface!

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[00:00:00] Elodie: what isn't that Venus wants? And it's anything but work. Venus has nothing to do with morality and responsibility. Venus. Has to do with pleasure. What? What feels pleasurable?

[00:00:12] And that's really important when we think about Venus.


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[00:00:32] Jamie: Hi there. Welcome to your weekly astrological weather. I'm Jamie McGee, an author and astrologer, and one of the hosts here at the Astrology Hub Podcast platform. I'm so grateful that you have joined this weekly worldwide

[00:00:44] astrological

[00:00:45] conversation. Now, if you're new here to our channel, I definitely wanna send you a warm welcome.

[00:00:49] Please make sure that you remember to hit that like and subscribe button there at the bottom, the notification bell. That'll let you know when we are lives. So we can connect again. All right, so today we will be exploring the

[00:01:02] astrological influences

[00:01:03] for the week of June 5th through the 11th with our very special guest astrologer connect astrologer Elli Saint Abu.

[00:01:13] Now I am a huge fan of Elli. She's absolutely amazing. If you have not met her yet, DY is a French Canadian astrologer residing in Newfoundland. Beautiful home there. She rides a score horoscopes for Mountain astrologer. Her practice focuses on research, Deion teaching astro astronomy and healing modalities.

[00:01:33] I love reading your writings every month. L d. You are simply a brilliant

[00:01:37] writer

[00:01:37] and I'm so excited to do the Weekly weather with you here today. Welcome. Thank

[00:01:42] Elodie: you. Thanks for having me.

[00:01:44] Jamie: Beautiful.

[00:01:45] All right, so this is a, a pretty interesting week. It's one of those ones I've been kind

[00:01:49] of watching

[00:01:50] kind of what, like the tide is gonna turn a little bit.

[00:01:52] What would you say your overall theme is, or what planet has your, the, the most

[00:01:57] focus

[00:01:58] Elodie: for you this week? I got my eyes on

[00:02:00] Venus, so

[00:02:01] yeah, I think there's big

[00:02:03] Venus

[00:02:03] vibes coming through.

[00:02:05] Definitely,

[00:02:06] Jamie: Definitely. I think we've all

[00:02:07] kind

[00:02:07] of waiting for

[00:02:08] her

[00:02:08] transition cuz she's moving into Leo. So how would you summarize Venus and Leo?

[00:02:13] Cause this is gonna be a long stay, right? She's gonna be there for like four months

[00:02:17] Elodie: cuz of her

[00:02:17] rest. Yeah.

[00:02:17] Four and a half

[00:02:18] months,

[00:02:18] 18 weeks. I would say that it's, it's

[00:02:21] very glamorous. Because

[00:02:23] we're talking about the fire signs,

[00:02:25] you know,

[00:02:26] Venus and a fire sign, I think it's Li Liz Green. I don't know if you're familiar with her, but she, she said basically Venus and Leo has trails of mythos behind her.

[00:02:38] There's something bigger than

[00:02:39] life

[00:02:40] with Venus and Leo, and I think we're gonna get,

[00:02:42] we're

[00:02:42] gonna get

[00:02:43] that

[00:02:43] this summer. And so we're getting a little taste of it this week.

[00:02:47] Jamie: Bigger than

[00:02:47] life. You can't beat that with Leo

[00:02:49] cuz

[00:02:49] it's just like the spotlight.

[00:02:51] if you're

[00:02:51] a shy Leo, you cannot hide when you have like a strong Leo energy in Venus, I think is gonna bring out a lot of Leo this summer.

[00:03:00] I love it. Yes.

[00:03:01] All right.

[00:03:02] . So is, um, so the

[00:03:03] overarching

[00:03:04] theme we have this week is Leo Venus Vibes. We're just super excited about what Venus is gonna do. Is there any other transits that we wanna talk about about this week?

[00:03:12] Kind of bring into the overall theme that we have? Yeah,

[00:03:15] Elodie: so well, we're gonna be just on

[00:03:18] other

[00:03:18] side of the full moon. And so we're heading towards the last quarter moon, which

[00:03:23] place

[00:03:24] by the end of the week. And then the other, uh, big theme will be Pluto because

[00:03:29] as

[00:03:30] Venus enters,

[00:03:31] Leo,

[00:03:31] she meets Pluto at the gate. And then, we also have Pluto Stationing retrograde, next weekend

[00:03:39] on,

[00:03:39] Saturday.

[00:03:40] Jamie: Okay. Yeah.

[00:03:41] It's a lot of big energies to work with all at the same time. Yep. Every

[00:03:44] I

[00:03:44] think of like Pluto and Venus together, I always

[00:03:47] of

[00:03:47] like this, maybe this is the writer. To me, I think of this like epic, like

[00:03:50] deep like

[00:03:51] passionate romance thing.

[00:03:53] Something you can't kinda get past. So I feel like

[00:03:55] we're gonna

[00:03:55] have a lot of like heart-based energies

[00:03:58] up up and you know, Pluto Pluto

[00:03:59] likes to put that on the table and say, you know what, what do you wanna do with this?

[00:04:03] How,

[00:04:03] how are you gonna activate this energy? So it's gonna be interesting. Yeah. Do you agree?

[00:04:09] So we, we know that Venus is moving into Leo and, but the thing about this, do you feel like Venus, what are some other signs that Venus will be highlighting when she's in Leo? So there's gonna be a lot of the fire signs, right, that are, it is gonna get this natural flow from Leo Venus, right? Yeah.

[00:04:24] Elodie: I think that, well, Venus will highlight tourists too because Venus will

[00:04:28] Taurus

[00:04:29] and we have Jupiter and Taurus right now, and Jupiter rules Saturn traditionally.

[00:04:35] Saturn, Pisces. So, you know, whatever's happening in Taurus has a lot of say,

[00:04:42] but

[00:04:42] that Venus will be ruling everything that is in Taurus and it's forming a square, a whole sign square. So yes, she's, she accentuates the fire signs, but I, I think she's also gonna accentuate everything that's happening in tourists.

[00:04:57] Jamie: Oh, I love that. So a good thing to do, like if you know what your birth chart is or you know, your chart is to kind of dial into that, is to look at the Torres House, the Leo house, any of your fire signs. Cuz even if you're not one of these signs, you're definitely gonna feel this in an area of your life as you work with this week's energy.

[00:05:14] So

[00:05:14] we have Venus moving

[00:05:15] into

[00:05:15] Leo. We have Venus of one of the first things she does. She has a conversation with Pluto.

[00:05:19] For finishing up this full

[00:05:21] moon. Is there any other highlights that you

[00:05:23] talk about before

[00:05:24] we kind of go day by day and, and

[00:05:25] see where this juicy

[00:05:26] energy is gonna be at? Well,

[00:05:29] Elodie: I wanted to break down a little bit just, uh, what Venus is before we get into the

[00:05:34] because we talk about Venus, we're like,

[00:05:36] I love beauty

[00:05:37] and

[00:05:37] of this, you know, but just

[00:05:39] maybe

[00:05:40] break it down a a little bit more just

[00:05:42] so that

[00:05:43] we can spot what's

[00:05:45] happening,

[00:05:46] because I've seen a lot of conversation.

[00:05:48] Around Venus, not necessarily directly, but people

[00:05:52] can maybe

[00:05:52] recognize it, that it's

[00:05:54] happening

[00:05:54] in their life. And it can be anything from fashion, from self-work, from value, but I think in Leo

[00:06:01] it has a lot to do also

[00:06:03] with the courage. The courage to go into these, into your desire, into what you love, into these.

[00:06:12] And I'm sure, I'm sure

[00:06:13] this

[00:06:14] is gonna get covered more extensively, but I think it's important to kind of just like open up, like what isn't that Venus wants? And it's anything but work. Venus has nothing to do with morality and responsibility. Venus. Has to do with pleasure. What? What feels pleasurable?

[00:06:31] And that's really important when we think about Venus. And I just wanna specify that because we get really prescriptive with astrology. And Venus is not about prescription, it's not about homework. It's about really leaning into what feels good. Yeah, so I just wanna say that

[00:06:49] Jamie: I love that you brought that in because it is something that I think, I think it depends on your culture and where you live and maybe even your age or your

[00:06:55] environment.

[00:06:56] But one thing that I've, I have found personally that gets overlooked, especially when we're busy, is that, you know, I. That

[00:07:04] like what

[00:07:04] I need? And we've gone through a really, it's almost like we've had five years packed in, this is the last six months cuz it's been a really busy beginning of the year. And it's been a lot of outgoing energy. How mu what can I do for others? How do I close this? How do

[00:07:17] bring this? And,

[00:07:18] and we have, it's almost like our cups are completely empty. And this, I love that. Uh, and we talked a little bit backstage and l d was talking about how Venus is really gonna help. Kind of

[00:07:28] bring that

[00:07:29] energy back to you to fill in your cup.

[00:07:32] Like what do you need to take care of you? And I think that's a little different for everybody sometimes taking

[00:07:38] care of

[00:07:38] you is reading a book. Sometimes it's working out, sometimes it's doing absolutely nothing. It's

[00:07:43] like

[00:07:43] you said, anything that makes you feel. Good mentally, physically, and emotionally. So it was very much a, a me time.

[00:07:51] Now, do you think that, I would love to know in the comments if that would make you feel guilty

[00:07:56] or excited,

[00:07:56] because I know sometimes, and maybe it's the mom and me or the, like the dog mom, the human mom, all those moms that feels like super guilty, like, oh no, I'm, I'm taking this time for myself. Is that bad or is that good?

[00:08:07] Um, but I would love to know in the comments if you feel guilty when you take me time or if you're like, no, it's all about it. That like I'm the priority. Would you say that that is a necessary concept as we work with Venus over the next couple of months? Like,

[00:08:20] Elodie: absolutely. But I think it's gonna get easier.

[00:08:23] I think we're maybe this week, you know, we're gonna see

[00:08:26] that

[00:08:26] transition. We're gonna talk about it. But I do think the whole point of Venus being

[00:08:31] Leo for

[00:08:32] so long is this, this ability to lean into pleasure, to lean into joy, because the sign of LEO also relates to joy and the heart. So I do think we're, we're gonna naturally move towards these things, and I think it's, it's just a beautiful opor opor

[00:08:49] opportunity for

[00:08:50] that.

[00:08:51] Jamie: I think

[00:08:52] so too, and I don't know if you've experienced this on the new platform with Astrologer Connect, but I know some of the clients that I've been working with, I've been really watching like this Leo House, because if you think about it, over the last two and a half years that's

[00:09:03] been

[00:09:03] super stressed because the, the access of the eclipses that we just went through and we've been going through have been squaring the Leo House and then Saturn was opposing it.

[00:09:13] So

[00:09:13] this. Self-awareness, like how do I take care of myself? How do I really nourish this

[00:09:18] authentic

[00:09:19] Leo vibe in my chart has been under stress because the past

[00:09:22] Exactly.

[00:09:23] And Saturn was like, don't you dare take a misstep. So one of the things that I've been working on with my clients

[00:09:28] is

[00:09:28] like, okay, this is gonna

[00:09:29] a

[00:09:30] little bit of a release.

[00:09:31] And I'm, I really would I encourage everyone to, you know, take a moment cuz I

[00:09:35] like there

[00:09:35] might be this

[00:09:36] and

[00:09:36] it may not come in right this

[00:09:38] week

[00:09:38] cuz you know, astr is a little bit of a haze, like a

[00:09:41] or

[00:09:41] a sunrise. But it's almost like it's gonna be like, well, if I didn't go through that, I wouldn't be here.

[00:09:47] Like it's that savory treat after, after going through an experience like, man, if I hadn't have climbed that mountain, I wouldn't have had

[00:09:53] this

[00:09:53] view kind of thing. So I do like wherever, like if you know, your chart are, have you been feeling that with your clients? Have you been

[00:09:59] Elodie: working on Absolutely. Yeah.

[00:10:00] But I think that's you, you voiced what Saturn does, and

[00:10:05] Saturn

[00:10:05] was

[00:10:05] in

[00:10:06] the opposite sign of Leo and. That's what Saturn does it, it kind of restricts the flow, but once the flow comes back, it comes full on. And I think, you know, Leo was the missing leg on the table in the last two years. It was the only place that had no transits happening.

[00:10:26] And it was, but it was very confined and that individual self-expression, everything. Leo, in your chart. , was constricted, but Saturn

[00:10:36] brought

[00:10:37] these lesson and clarity and integration, so I, I do think like what you've expressed is, is the lessons of Saturn also.

[00:10:46] Jamie: Yeah, it's the reward and I always watch that you, when Saturn like leaves a certain area, you

[00:10:50] find that treasure in that transit or the trigger in the treasure, because he does, like when you work with Saturn,

[00:10:56] you

[00:10:56] do get the reward. It's like you feel that release like, oh my gosh, like I have accomplished this in, One way or the other. But it is kind of like that, like especially being a fixed sign, you know, like that

[00:11:06] Leo energy.

[00:11:07] Like even if you're not a Leo, you have a fixed area in your chart. And to not know how to self-express or feel like I have to wait for the other shoe to drop to understand, you know, am I leaving? Am I going,

[00:11:17] you

[00:11:17] know, how

[00:11:18] do I

[00:11:18] express myself? What is my reflection in

[00:11:20] the other person?

[00:11:21] Um, well that's one of the things that I've been looking forward to though with this, this transit.

[00:11:25] And there

[00:11:25] will

[00:11:25] be some adjustments cuz you know, we know, I, I'm sure. We'll talk about it in the coming

[00:11:30] but

[00:11:31] Venus will go into a retrograde, so

[00:11:32] we're

[00:11:33] gonna kinda go full onto this and like,

[00:11:34] know, right. When

[00:11:35] you get

[00:11:36] you

[00:11:36] may have to make adjustments, but Venus

[00:11:38] adjusting is

[00:11:39] looking for

[00:11:40] more, more pleasure.

[00:11:41] Right. Venus is gonna say, okay, wait a minute. Like, we

[00:11:44] need to

[00:11:44] recess, or, you know, go more, be more expressive with it. But

[00:11:49] yeah,

[00:11:49] I love it.

[00:11:49] So

[00:11:49] I'm, I'm really excited

[00:11:50] about this

[00:11:51] week. I'm excited

[00:11:51] see how we

[00:11:52] kind of like get into

[00:11:53] each of these

[00:11:53] days too. Is there anything you

[00:11:54] wanna

[00:11:55] add before we go to the days?

[00:11:56] No, I'm

[00:11:57] ready. You ready? All right, if you're ready, I'm ready.

[00:12:00] Okay.

[00:12:00] So today, this is the day, right? On Monday we should be kinda these vibes. Okay. So let's talk about,

[00:12:08] Elodie: so Monday, June 5th. Well, Venus Center is Leon Morning here on the East Coast.

[00:12:14] So,

[00:12:14] I don't know if you, note the times,

[00:12:16] but,

[00:12:17] You know, Venus enters

[00:12:18] here.

[00:12:18] It

[00:12:18] will be 11 in Newfoundland, but I think it's gonna be like 9:30 AM So this the, the week starts with Venus entering Leo and the Moon entering Capricorn. I do think there's a little bit of something about

[00:12:30] status,

[00:12:30] like being status conscious cuz Venus and Leo is, it's aware of its reflection of like, okay,

[00:12:38] where do I

[00:12:38] stand?

[00:12:39] Who am I?

[00:12:40] Am I

[00:12:41] on good ground? Am I special? Are people validating me? Obviously, this is gonna be a long process because Venus is here for a long time, and it's just the first day.

[00:12:50] But with

[00:12:51] the moon and Capricorn, I, I

[00:12:52] the Moon

[00:12:53] and Capricorn is

[00:12:54] willing to work

[00:12:55] for the material world, you know, for, for,

[00:12:59] okay,

[00:12:59] what am I doing?

[00:13:00] What's

[00:13:01] long-term

[00:13:02] plan and all this. So there's a

[00:13:03] bit of

[00:13:03] a sort of, Situating yourself in terms of, okay, okay. Where, what's my status here? And I'm not saying like just status, like in society gen generally, but just like, what, what kind of ground am I standing? Am I being, you know,

[00:13:20] uh,

[00:13:21] rewarded for, for my work?

[00:13:23] Am I being recognized? All

[00:13:24] All of these things,

[00:13:25] I

[00:13:25] find there's a bit of that theme on, on Monday.

[00:13:28] But I do think it's productive overall, because the Moon and Capricorn forms, uh, rine with the planets and tourists

[00:13:35] and

[00:13:36] trines are supportive and there's a lot of things happening in tourists, and it's an earth line too.

[00:13:40] So we

[00:13:41] get

[00:13:41] this excess of earth on mundane. It's just, it's, it's productive. It's the material world. Maybe a little bit of.

[00:13:48] How.

[00:13:49] you appear maybe a little bit self-conscious in

[00:13:52] of

[00:13:52] like,

[00:13:52] okay,

[00:13:53] you know, am I

[00:13:54] standing on good ground?

[00:13:55] Is my image

[00:13:56] good? Something

[00:13:57] like

[00:13:57] Jamie: that. It's a

[00:13:58] really good reality check with that energy too.

[00:14:00] It's almost like you get like the results of something or you see the status and you're like, okay, well where do I go from here? So I think, you know today if you find that you feel like you have a pleasant surprise, like if you're uplifted in some way, kind of nourish that and if you feel like any kinda letdown, cuz sometimes those reality checks

[00:14:16] would be like,

[00:14:16] wow, I really thought that this was.

[00:14:18] This was my dance floor. But then you're gonna figure out, well, no, there's a bitter one over here. So I think every no is gonna lead you to a yes with this Capricorn energy. But I, I like you. I agree. I like, I love how Capricorn helps you, really get motivated, to take

[00:14:32] on material

[00:14:33] matters

[00:14:33] things

[00:14:34] are gonna really build a strong system or structure and, and empire for your little Leo crown that you're gonna need to wear.

[00:14:40] So, yeah. Is there anything

[00:14:42] you wanna talk

[00:14:42] about from Monday too?

[00:14:45] Elodie: Monday. Well,

[00:14:46] um,

[00:14:47] yeah, so Venus, as

[00:14:48] Venus

[00:14:49] enters this is, this is a big one because as Venus enters, Lisia

[00:14:53] opposes

[00:14:53] Pluto right at the gate.

[00:14:56] Pluto's PR is an

[00:14:57] Aquarius, but is

[00:14:58] preparing

[00:14:58] to go back into Capricorn by the end of the week. So we have this, this amazing Venetian vibe, but I do think it's exaggerated because Pluto, whatever aspect Pluto's doing, and this is in a position, it will exaggerate these veian qualities. So again, maybe something around power or something around authenticity.

[00:15:21] And. I do think that this themes, these themes will come again when Venus Stations retrograde in July because the sun will

[00:15:30] be

[00:15:31] opposing Pluto.

[00:15:32] Pluto will be squaring

[00:15:33] the

[00:15:34] nose at that point. So we see these like Vin

[00:15:36] Veian,

[00:15:37] Pluto themes. They're gonna continue playing out what it is. You know, it can be a lot of things I actually have observed in my own practice.

[00:15:49] Venus,

[00:15:50] Pluto people are often,

[00:15:53] midwives.

[00:15:54] Mm. Uh, my mother is a midwife and I did a study and they all have Venus

[00:15:59] Pluto aspect.

[00:16:00] What do they do? They assist people through

[00:16:03] very, very intense experience. so it's

[00:16:06] not necessarily this like obsessive

[00:16:09] Manipulative sort of function that people attribute. Pluto too. I think there can be this, this, just this desire to experience like profound authenticity. Profound truths, you know?

[00:16:24] What do you think? I

[00:16:25] Jamie: totally agree

[00:16:26] and

[00:16:26] I think, and I

[00:16:27] don't

[00:16:27] know if it's just a Scorpio in me, but like I, and I would never say I don't fear a planet. I like to work with planets, but that plutonian energy that takes you like really deep down into something, I think it's healthy. And one of the things that I would look for with this kind of energy is one foresight is better, is amazing.

[00:16:43] So knowing that you're gonna kind of come into this and you may have to touch back on it again, is a good note to kinda. Put in your calendar. But where Pluto is in in Aquarius right

[00:16:52] now

[00:16:53] is like, that's an air sign. It's fixed and it's mental. So I think even you may have some haunting things like haunting ghost or ideas that kind of flutter back into your mind.

[00:17:02] And some of it could resonate as self-doubt. Like, oh, you're not ready. But I think you're more ready than you're given yourself credit for. No matter like where you are in this life right now, you have got a lot of golden lessons that you can use to kind of launch you forward.

[00:17:15] But

[00:17:15] it is very much a, um, If it comes up, like, where are you?

[00:17:19] Are you surrendering your power to it? Because that's what Pluto's gonna ask you.

[00:17:23] He's

[00:17:23] gonna say, where is your power? You know, who are you giving it to? Why are you giving it to them? Are you misusing your power? And, and that balance of it. And I think the l what I love

[00:17:32] about

[00:17:32] Venus coming into this is that you can, and, and being in Leo, it's heart base.

[00:17:37] Like, is your heart really in this? Like, was it, and if it's okay, if it's not in it anymore, you know what I mean? We, we change, everything grows and changes. So maybe your heart was in something at one point, but now you've grown or the situation's changed and your heart is ready for a new chapter. So I love kind of knowing that we're gonna get that good glimpse.

[00:17:56] It's kind of like this like almost addictive rush of like, oh, that's gonna pull me back in. Do I have healthy boundaries

[00:18:02] in

[00:18:02] place? Or

[00:18:03] should I

[00:18:03] surrender to it cuz my boundaries are too thick? Like everyone's story's gonna be different. But I've always kinda that, that Venus Pluto connection, I like watching that in charts too, because

[00:18:13] you really

[00:18:14] see that power.

[00:18:15] That passion and that bridge between endings and beginnings and how sacred and beautiful it can be when you surrender to it. And sometimes you just, you have to, it's like a force of nature, a force of soul within you. But it's scary. But it's scary. It's scary. It's terrifying. No, no way we can, we can paint it my, I can paint it with a lot of pretty

[00:18:35] words.

[00:18:35] Yeah. And make it

[00:18:36] a

[00:18:36] great song or a

[00:18:37] great movie where you get out your little, you know you're crying cuz you feel the emotion. But that's

[00:18:41] what's

[00:18:41] about being alive is. You have to feel

[00:18:44] be

[00:18:44] alive. You have to express yourself. And that's easier for some people

[00:18:48] others.

[00:18:49] it's definitely easier

[00:18:50] certain phases and circumstances than others.

[00:18:52] But whatever comes up today,

[00:18:54] I feel like you just

[00:18:55] kind of dial into the moon, you know, put your feet

[00:18:57] the

[00:18:57] ground, lean into your heart with that Venus

[00:18:59] thing,

[00:18:59] take a really good

[00:19:01] Hard look and

[00:19:01] that that

[00:19:02] whatever's here is, it's not. Everything's changing. It's a flow and you're gonna move with it and following your heart, I think is, would be

[00:19:10] my

[00:19:10] advice.

[00:19:10] I feel like that's what you're trying to say, like that's your impression too. Kind of go

[00:19:14] with the

[00:19:15] Elodie: Yeah. Well, the reason I brought the midwives up, because the midwife have, I've noticed a lot of midwife who have that signature, when we talk about

[00:19:23] about birth, like giving birth, it's, it's a

[00:19:26] very scary

[00:19:27] process, but it's ultimately also a beautiful.

[00:19:30] Thing.

[00:19:31] So there's something where it's, you know, it's scary, but at the same time you're, you're probably also birthing something new through, through those transcending in those fears, you know? Yeah,

[00:19:43] Jamie: it's definitely, and that's something that I, that I think has come up a lot for me too with client works, because I, I always, I remember telling my mom, like, I'm like, are you a mom?

[00:19:50] Do you remember like when you went the day of the baby? Like you really,

[00:19:54] I

[00:19:54] mean, you may have been

[00:19:54] thinking about

[00:19:55] the labor and the pains and everything, but you were

[00:19:57] more so thinking

[00:19:58] about the other side, like you, like it was something bigger than you, something more important and

[00:20:02] the most compelling.

[00:20:03] Yeah. Yeah. And the moment that it was there, like all, like, you forget the pain, which is almost like this weird kind of trick the universe gives you, like you don't remember that you went through hours or da, da, da da. But it's like that with any birthing, any kind of business or you know, like all the stages of your children or your, anything that you're doing, your education, your health, like, there is, there's a,

[00:20:22] a,

[00:20:22] a transition and a growth where you have power and you have to trust yourself.

[00:20:26] And I think that this is a. A beautiful launch, a beautiful darkness.

[00:20:31] I think

[00:20:32] like the, that's a, like,

[00:20:34] it's a

[00:20:34] beautiful swirl wind wind

[00:20:35] of, change

[00:20:37] coming

[00:20:37] in, but. It's gonna redirect your attention to what really matters. And, and

[00:20:42] so, especially if you've been more outwardly focused than inwardly focused, I think this is gonna help

[00:20:47] see

[00:20:48] like,

[00:20:48] Elodie: yeah, I love that.

[00:20:49] I love the point to make. I

[00:20:50] find that

[00:20:51] really useful for myself.

[00:20:54] Jamie: It's like, I like how you said, um, it was gonna talk,

[00:20:57] talk, were gonna have like this, you know, , Awareness of status, because sometimes like the question is why? Why do you care? Not not, and then I'm not saying that in a condescend way, like why do you care?

[00:21:07] But like why does your likes or your notifications or the feedback from this individual, like why does that matter to you? And will it matter in five years like that? That might be some of the reality that comes in. Like if you put

[00:21:20] all of

[00:21:20] your energy and time into, say, like a social media platform that

[00:21:23] disintegrates

[00:21:24] in like.

[00:21:25] Like, imagine like MySpace, I just dated myself like way back, like that was like one of the original ones.

[00:21:30] And

[00:21:30] if you put like your whole life into

[00:21:32] like

[00:21:32] that and then traffic goes somewhere else. But I think if you have that moment of, you know, what is my status? Like why, why like, is your heart in it?

[00:21:40] Why did,

[00:21:40] does it really matter

[00:21:41] if you take a step back But, hmm.

[00:21:44] I feel

[00:21:44] like the whole week, like we, we

[00:21:46] worked

[00:21:46] so Monday.

[00:21:47] Elodie: Yeah. We're going deep. We're going deep. I mean, Pluto, what can, what can we do? Right?

[00:21:55] Yeah. Well,

[00:21:55] I mean, I mean, it's, it's striking to see

[00:21:58] as an astrologer when you

[00:21:59] see this entrance

[00:22:00] of

[00:22:00] Venus glamorous and then she meets Pluto, it's, it's very dramatic. It's,

[00:22:06] Jamie: it's a beautiful darkness. It's like a, the sunset on one side and the. Storm and whirling winds and beautiful gowns. I can see the artistic. I love that. Yeah, so we'll probably definitely be feeling something this powerful as we roll into Tuesday, though on the sixth. Still kind of working with that energy.

[00:22:22] Is there anything else that you

[00:22:23] bring in for

[00:22:24] Tuesday?

[00:22:25] Elodie: Uh, well Tuesday, I, I, I do think, again, I just

[00:22:29] bring

[00:22:29] in, you know, I always look at the moon cuz the moon moves really fast, but she brings in a lot of the mood and, you know, the moon in Capricorn is productive. It's, it's applying to try and

[00:22:41] on Monday.

[00:22:42] Then

[00:22:42] it, what does it do on, on,

[00:22:44] on Tuesday? Trying Uranus. Then it will try Mercury. I really like that. I feel like it's pro the progressive. Implementation of change, but in very tangible ways. So it's, it's like, uh, yeah, it's, it's very flowy. I, I like that.

[00:23:00] Jamie: Implementation

[00:23:01] of change.

[00:23:02] love that.

[00:23:03] Communicating in a very grounded, clear way too. Like you, you feel it, you have to, to name it cuz when you name it, you disempower it or empower yourself. Vice

[00:23:11] Elodie: versa. Yeah. So we're on the other side of the, the full moon, so you know this, this week and the, the moon is waning, but I think there's a natural sort of progression and change are taking place.

[00:23:23] But I don't think it's like excessively dramatic. It's earthy. I like earth. It's pragmatic, you know? Yeah. Love

[00:23:31] Jamie: it. Pragmatic. Love it. Those are great earthy

[00:23:34] words. All

[00:23:34] right. And so we are gonna now,

[00:23:36] like

[00:23:36] then we're midweek, we're on the seventh, which is Wednesday.

[00:23:40] Would

[00:23:40] you have a moon changing that day to, but we're still gonna feel, so Saturn, what, what is your biggest focus for Wednesday?

[00:23:46] Elodie: Well, interestingly, Wednesday is called Hump Day in English, you guys call it Hump

[00:23:51] Day.

[00:23:51] And it is a very dynamic day,

[00:23:54] you

[00:23:54] know,

[00:23:54] in

[00:23:54] general because the moon entering Aquarius

[00:23:57] will

[00:23:57] start

[00:23:58] aspecting

[00:23:59] everything that's in Taurus and Venus and Leo and Mars and Leo. So it

[00:24:03] does

[00:24:03] create a little bit more of dynamic tension, reconciling different

[00:24:07] areas

[00:24:07] of life, things like that.

[00:24:09] And again, you know, in my notes I wrote, who or what are you doing this for? And you, you just mentioned that about status on Monday and things like that. I think that comes true again, because Venus and Mars and Leo are more interested in their personal goals, but the Moon and Aquas is collective. So it brings this, this sort of.

[00:24:30] Tension, confronted to our personal goals against the collective landscape. How does your desire fit into the grand scheme

[00:24:38] things?

[00:24:39] You know, even if this is going

[00:24:41] be

[00:24:41] less and less important as

[00:24:43] we

[00:24:43] progress with Venus and Leo, we might be still kind of like, okay.

[00:24:47] know, know, like, can I I really think

[00:24:49] about myself like that much?

[00:24:52] Like,

[00:24:52] is

[00:24:52] that okay? You know, can

[00:24:53] I state

[00:24:54] my desire? Can I. Ask for what I want. There's a bit of that, that tension there.

[00:25:01] Jamie: I can definitely sense that. It's almost, and, um, I've been, we've, I've been talking about this a lot with Pisces and Saturn. It's like the moment you put, put

[00:25:08] a boundary in

[00:25:09] place, like you, I was like, you feel really good?

[00:25:11] Okay, I'll put that boundary there. And then it's

[00:25:13] the person on

[00:25:14] the other side or the thing on the other side that starts beating down and you're like, like they're knocking on the boundary. Like, why is this there? You never put it there before. And so you start to, yeah. Should it be there? And so it is like you get this like almost authority or this awareness on Monday, you process it, work with it on Tuesday, and then Wednesday someone's knocking on the other side and you're like, man, I kind of

[00:25:32] feel a little guilty.

[00:25:33] But should you though like kind of lean back onto that initial feeling you had? But definitely, um, cuz there, there, I think.

[00:25:40] I think.

[00:25:42] I don't know that it's, I, I doubt that it will ever be easy, but there is a way to have a healthy boundary and still

[00:25:47] be aware of

[00:25:48] others and, and, and caring about them, and sometimes putting that boundary up.

[00:25:53] Is a way to care

[00:25:54] for those

[00:25:54] other people because that gives you the way to like, you know, self-heal and reflect and connect so you can be there for that person. Placer thing, you know, when it is time to be there because there is a season

[00:26:05] and

[00:26:05] time for everything.

[00:26:07] This is

[00:26:07] trying

[00:26:07] Elodie: to, and I think, yeah, and I think with the Leo planets, like we're looking for the most authentic pathways to, and,

[00:26:15] and we're

[00:26:15] gonna.

[00:26:16] Probably care less and less about what other people are thinking. I think a lot of people are moving away from, you know, being overly invested in social media and things like that because we spend so much time on the internet and really returning to this more embodied experience of

[00:26:31] reality and

[00:26:32] be like, okay, I'm in my desire.

[00:26:34] What is it that I want? And it's it's

[00:26:36] out of necessity more so than anything. It's

[00:26:39] out of

[00:26:39] necessity to just be

[00:26:40] alive.

[00:26:41] Feel our desires and that's really that Leo vibe. So, but yeah, Wednesday there's a little bit of tension,

[00:26:47] but

[00:26:48] I'm all for this, this kind of dynamic tension

[00:26:50] cuz it really

[00:26:51] helps

[00:26:51] us

[00:26:52] situate ourselves in our, in our desires and our goals.

[00:26:56] Jamie: . We always get a test right when we put up, why don't we challenge something? It's just like when you're in school, like you learn something and there's a pop quiz and then you go to

[00:27:03] Elodie: the next, next Yeah. You integrate it, you integrate the knowledge that way. Yeah.

[00:27:07] To

[00:27:07] build,

[00:27:08] Jamie: and it's okay if we fail the task.

[00:27:09] Of

[00:27:09] course. Correct. But yeah, I think that I, I agree with you. It's gonna be a pretty dynamic

[00:27:13] tension

[00:27:14] moving into that kind of day. Now, how do you feel Thursday? What is your vibe for Thursday?

[00:27:19] Elodie: Uh,

[00:27:19] well the moon is still in Aquarius on Thursday and it forms Arine with the sun in

[00:27:24] I love

[00:27:25] that. I love the air trying, because it allows for a bit of detachment, a bit of innovation coming through, so, Although everything that's happening in Leo and Taurus is, is very much more like me oriented.

[00:27:39] I think we have a little moment of clear detachment. We're heading the moon is is waning. So it's, I do, there's

[00:27:46] a bit

[00:27:47] of perspective coming true for not taking things too person personally. What are the air sign good at? They're good at conceptualizing, so you know. Taking a bit of step back, maybe not being so involved

[00:28:00] and

[00:28:00] just being like, okay, what's the train here?

[00:28:03] You know,

[00:28:04] Jamie: I see that like a little less emotion and more mental

[00:28:06] approach

[00:28:07] to it. Cuz if you can kind of, cuz it'll be a little saturating. The emotion will be a little saturating as we start the week. But this will be more like a,

[00:28:13] an emotional.

[00:28:15] Process to it. Are there any big transits for that day besides the moon that you wanna talk about?

[00:28:20] Elodie: Uh, so, we're talking about Thursday, um, well, venus squares the nodes. Um, that's the one you were looking for? Yeah. What do you wanna say about it?

[00:28:34] Jamie: I was just in, uh, well, um, of course I'm interested in what you would think about that transit, but Venus is squaring the north node, right?

[00:28:40] So like

[00:28:41] that

[00:28:41] and

[00:28:41] it's,

[00:28:42] we're getting kind of

[00:28:43] close

[00:28:43] to wrapping up that tourist story and there's so much action there. So I just wonder if Venus, now that she's like in Leo, how you feel that she'll be talking to that north node that we've, an area that we've been striving

[00:28:54] for for the

[00:28:55] last, you know, like almost 18 months, like, or a year and a half, we've been kind of going in that direction.

[00:29:00] Um,

[00:29:02] So

[00:29:02] Elodie: what? Well, yeah, I personally, you know, I have Venus rules the the

[00:29:09] North

[00:29:09] Northern tourists. So I do

[00:29:10] think it's

[00:29:11] not as confronting as, let's say, another planet that would square the nodes, cuz in evolutionary astrology, I think they call this a skip

[00:29:18] step.

[00:29:19] When a planet square the nodes, they say, okay, there's something kind of missing, finalizing here.

[00:29:26] Because Venus rolls the northern tourists, and I do see both Leo and tourists as being kind of more sensual and anchored in, in their desire. I, I don't necessarily see this as a, as a square per se. That's my personal opinion. I, I feel like if anything, it's, it's. It's productive for what Venus wants at this point, and it's kind of a natural part of the progression of what's

[00:29:53] been

[00:29:53] happening in tourists,

[00:29:54] Jupiter's and

[00:29:55] tourists still, Uranus, ISN in tourists.

[00:29:57] Venus rolls over this tourist thing. It's very sensual, it's very dis desire and body oriented. That's how I see it.

[00:30:06] Jamie: I agree with you a hundred percent. I just think, and I would see, I know sometimes squares kind of, um, 10, make some people tense up. Look, I'm telling, like, I'm like, I'm okay with Pluto. I'm okay with squares.

[00:30:16] But that I just like, there's a positive, that's, there's a positive to every side, but I, I see it as an activating energy, like a reminder, like, you've been really trying to go this way. And like, what, what's there to last? What, what are you gonna sit here? What's, what Are you ready to nurture?

[00:30:29] And I love

[00:30:29] that Venus is, even if there's some doubt with those boundaries, the day before, it's kind of like a, a, a reminder.

[00:30:35] No,

[00:30:36] this

[00:30:36] is not a new goal that you've had. This is

[00:30:37] boundary

[00:30:38] or a direction you've

[00:30:39] been going

[00:30:39] in for a while. And

[00:30:41] remember it.

[00:30:42] Remember why.

[00:30:42] Remember your

[00:30:43] Elodie: work. I love that. Yeah.

[00:30:45] stuff.

[00:30:45] Jamie: Yeah. You

[00:30:47] that

[00:30:47] in. Skip step or No, it's, it's definitely, it's a step that you can take now to make sure you're doing your Venus and Leo.

[00:30:54] All

[00:30:55] All right, so now we're, we're heading towards the weekend.

[00:30:57] Elodie: So Friday? The moon enters Pisces in the morning here on the East Coast and forms a sex with Jupiter all day, which I like. Um, again, I think we're, we're seeing very progressive, natural, progressive, energy. Mercury is textile Neptune also, so we get this kind

[00:31:15] of

[00:31:15] extra inspired influence, I guess I say inspired because Neptune.

[00:31:23] Neptune can be very creative, and it's a sex style with Mercury. So it, it's like the ability to use just enough information and, and creativity together, but not get lost or, dispersed too, too much. There's, there's something productive. Um, what I did put is a good mixture of earth and water on Friday.

[00:31:48] Because the moons and Pisces, but there's all this storage

[00:31:50] stuff

[00:31:51] I, I repeat. And what does Earth and Water do? Well, it's intuitive qualities. They're both intuitive, very intuitive, body oriented for tourists and emotion for Pisces.

[00:32:04] What

[00:32:04] I compare this to is funk. So FEI is the art of placing objects in your house so that the energy will flow better.

[00:32:13] So tourists is the objects in your house and the energy flowing is the moon and Pisces. On Friday, what

[00:32:20] I see is Friday

[00:32:22] is this access to emotional and our physical reality and make the necessarily tweak an adjustment, but it's happening in a sort of way that. Yeah, it's, it's like, oh, you know, I need to declutter my entrance a little bit, my, the pathway, and then money starts flowing into your life.

[00:32:42] That's a fun shui concept. I see Friday as kind of like

[00:32:47] that

[00:32:47] because the moon, Pisces is supporting all the tourists planet, and there's this, this nice earth and water balance.

[00:32:56] Jamie: Love it. Very nurturing soil. And I love the fonti because for anything that you do, like if you live with intention, like if you're like, you know, if I do declutter this, I'm opening this up in this space.

[00:33:06] Like it's a conscious effort that you're making towards this. And once you start kind of doing that, then you know, natural, , suggestions and ideas, very textile kind of energy will start to flow in. So that's a great way to kind of step into the weekend, like, okay, I'm gonna, little changes big to lead to big results all over the place.

[00:33:23] All right, so Saturday,

[00:33:25] Elodie: so Saturday's the last quarter moon, so what's the last quarter is when the moon squares the sun.

[00:33:31] Um,

[00:33:32] and we're talking about mutable here. So I do think there's two different threads going on because Moon and

[00:33:39] sun

[00:33:39] and Gemini is

[00:33:40] mutable

[00:33:41] flexible going with with the

[00:33:42] change.

[00:33:43] It's. Leaning more towards the Saturn, Pisces

[00:33:47] story

[00:33:47] that's happening. And then we have, again, what's

[00:33:50] happening in

[00:33:50] the

[00:33:50] fix sign,

[00:33:51] which I think is a little bit different. It's not

[00:33:53] necessarily the

[00:33:54] same things. People who have

[00:33:55] a

[00:33:55] lot of mutable planets are experiencing, I've noticed in my practice, are experiencing things differently than people who have

[00:34:05] a

[00:34:05] lot of fixed energy or kernel.

[00:34:09] So the last quarter moon will not be equal for everybody. I do not think. Um, I think, you know, there is integration and flexibility in, in intuitive letting go in general, but for people who are experiencing Saturn, Pisces, people with mutable placement particularly might be a little bit more challenging or a little bit more anxiety inducing.

[00:34:37] Jamie: Now,

[00:34:38] for

[00:34:38] anyone who is new

[00:34:39] or doesn't know

[00:34:40] what

[00:34:41] the

[00:34:41] mutable signs are, what are those

[00:34:43] or

[00:34:43] what areas in our chart would you say is experiencing those? Which signs would those

[00:34:46] those be?

[00:34:49] Elodie: Pisces, SAS,

[00:34:50] Virgo

[00:34:51] and

[00:34:51] Gemini.

[00:34:52] So the last Quarter Moon really triggers the, you know, more of these placement, I would say, and what I say about Mutable sign and Squares.

[00:35:04] And this last quarter Moon, which is mutable Pisces. Moon and Pisces Square, sun and Gemini.

[00:35:11] It's,

[00:35:12] it's kind

[00:35:12] of dispersing and

[00:35:14] maybe a little bit

[00:35:15] scattering or

[00:35:16] anxiety inducing, but more so for people who have, um, mutable placement.

[00:35:22] Jamie: It's, it's like a transition phase. Like, do where do I, what do I take? Like where do I take from this point to that point?

[00:35:28] And sometimes when you are in the states of mind, like escaping altogether, very piy. Yes. In way it's like, okay, I can't, I, I, I don't,

[00:35:35] Elodie: I'm

[00:35:35] overwhelmed. It's over overwhelming. I can't deal.

[00:35:40] Jamie: Hey,

[00:35:40] if

[00:35:40] you feel that way, like on the weekend, if you need to

[00:35:42] a

[00:35:42] step back, like if something is just like, feels so big,

[00:35:45] just kind

[00:35:45] of

[00:35:45] break out

[00:35:46] of the pattern and go do something else.

[00:35:47] Go get

[00:35:48] a

[00:35:48] nice meal, go on a walk, go bathe in the forest. You know, kind of take in all the positive energy. Yeah, that's a good way to, to process that kind of energy. I like that. And then we have Sunday, the last day before our next forecast, so that seems like a pretty active day.

[00:36:04] Elodie: Well, I'm looking at. You know, there's a sequence. So Pluto stations retrograde back into Capricorn after having been in Aquarius for some time. So, you know, that's a big one Pluto will be in Capricorn until, uh, January, so it's retrograding back in Capricorn, finishing up some things

[00:36:26] here,

[00:36:27] almost.

[00:36:28] Immediately after Pluto goes back into Capricorn, we have Mercury entering Gemini, but just before that they form Arine to each other. So there's kind of like a,

[00:36:39] there's,

[00:36:40] there might be a, a secret something.

[00:36:44] I don't

[00:36:44] know how to delineate that. I don't know if you have a, a good idea about this one, but it's, it's really interesting that Mercury just before Mercury leaves tourists, it connects with Pluto and Pluto.

[00:36:58] It gives them something. Yeah,

[00:37:00] Jamie: it's like a, it's another perspective or like a curious mindset or I can just kinda see like, you know, mercury

[00:37:05] walking out and he

[00:37:06] kinda like, kind of ki you know, tilts his head a little bit and looks at Pluto with a smirk on his face

[00:37:11] it's

[00:37:11] like, you know what? And then he gets it.

[00:37:13] He, it looks like when you remember the conversation you have and you remember the expression or why someone did something and there's still like a little bit of an eclipse hint. Too, like when we look at these accesses, um, and everything that happens since Pluto moves into Aquas,

[00:37:27] like back in

[00:37:27] March, was on fast

[00:37:28] forward.

[00:37:29] So

[00:37:29] kind of replaying certain things and seeing it from a different angle. Very likely secrets can come up. Or

[00:37:35] maybe if you have one

[00:37:37] that you haven't shared, maybe someone's gonna kind of, kind of put

[00:37:40] you

[00:37:41] two and what is it saying? Put two and two together to kinda understand what happened. But then.

[00:37:47] You know, like, oh, that's what they meant

[00:37:49] by

[00:37:49] that. Um, but we're, we're wrapping up a pretty big week though. A pretty big week of like, well, now my entire perspective has changed. I'm gonna

[00:37:56] put me

[00:37:57] first, I've put boundaries. Boundaries have been tested, you know,

[00:38:00] all the

[00:38:00] whole, the whole nine yards. And then now you're at this ending point getting into a new story because,

[00:38:06] Elodie: and I was just gonna say,

[00:38:09] um,

[00:38:09] mercury entering Gemini definitely changes things cuz it's gonna start moving. Yeah. Things are gonna start moving in different direction. We love Mercury and Gemini cuz it's very efficient here. So, you know, we might get busier. Yeah.

[00:38:24] Yeah. We

[00:38:25] might literally get busier with Mercury and Gemini because this one is in Gemini also.

[00:38:29] So kind of lining

[00:38:31] up

[00:38:31] our ducks on Sunday and being like, okay, there's all of these new things now I wanna do. Definitely

[00:38:37] Jamie: it. I think busy, playful, youthful, bouncy. Like it's

[00:38:41] like

[00:38:41] if you're, even if you're not good at multitasking,

[00:38:43] suddenly

[00:38:44] you're gonna be good at multitasking. You're gonna be able to kind of juggle some things that you need to, but it's also like not taking it so seriously cuz you're like, mercury and Virgo is like, Barry, you know, like, oh, we have to do this, right?

[00:38:55] If we missed this one thing, we, it's over. It's

[00:38:57] done.

[00:38:58] But Jim and I is like, you know what? If we missed that, there's the next train.

[00:39:01] Like,

[00:39:02] have a good time. And you know what, I might

[00:39:04] a

[00:39:04] new friend over there too. So it's def I like how Mercury kinda. It's kind of a, I can just see him just walking with a grin into the next week, like, let me show you what's up next, kind of thing.

[00:39:15] So I, I like how it ends that way. It begins with a lot of Venus and then Mercury's. Mercury's gonna go tell all the gossip to the next week. Like,

[00:39:22] Elodie: yeah, and the moon

[00:39:23] enters, uh, Aries too on Sunday. So it's definitely, there's definitely a, a shift, a cardinal shift. Cardinal meaning initiating. So although we're seeing the last quarter, moon, last quarter, moon are usually like, oh, things are winding down, not so sure

[00:39:40] we're,

[00:39:41] yeah,

[00:39:42] Jamie: you're definitely ready.

[00:39:43] I think that's the thing is cuz I mean, and everyone I think operates differently with the different moon phases of like, maybe it's reflective of when you were born, but there is like this, you know, notion, oh, it's the dark

[00:39:53] of

[00:39:53] the moon. You know, spend time and reflect. But that's like where, that's the,

[00:39:57] um, The

[00:39:59] mering.

[00:40:00] Yeah. Like that's that,

[00:40:01] really getting

[00:40:02] it to come, like it's the conception of the idea. Like it's getting ready, like the, the curtain comes back with that and we're,

[00:40:08] we're

[00:40:08] ready to go forward. But you, it's just kinda like you have it all and you're

[00:40:11] ready

[00:40:12] to, to launch it, um, very soon. But yeah, it's a big week. It's a lot of Venus and,

[00:40:17] Elodie: yeah.

[00:40:17] I didn't realize it was gonna be

[00:40:18] that

[00:40:18] busy when I looked at it first I

[00:40:20] was

[00:40:20] like, oh, I looks like quiet. And then the more you go into it,

[00:40:23] you're like, oh, oh,

[00:40:24] Jamie: like

[00:40:24] Elodie: wait

[00:40:24] Jamie: a minute. There's a story there. There's a story. Yeah. All right, well let me, I'm gonna go through and summarize all of these great points that you had, which is gonna be a challenge

[00:40:32] cuz

[00:40:32] you're absolutely brilliant.

[00:40:34] But we are gonna move into a very veian week. It's gonna be a lot of reflective like me, time about me, what do I need to be more self-expressive and authentic. But as we kick off today, right, Monday when we're listening to this forecast, We're gonna

[00:40:48] have that idea.

[00:40:49] We're gonna have this cardinal grounded energy to get started, but then we're gonna run into Pluto.

[00:40:53] So we're gonna have some really deep emotions and thoughts and maybe thinking about where we surrender our power and how, um, how we can rebalance that. Like why, why, why do we care about

[00:41:04] the opinions

[00:41:05] that we get and our, what, where do we give ourselves, how do we grade ourselves against other people?

[00:41:10] And should that that

[00:41:11] be more internal than than

[00:41:13] external? Because we'll probably be a lot happier if we focus more inwardly. We'll still be working on that on Tuesday, but Tuesday's also gonna be a very productive, active

[00:41:21] day.

[00:41:21] We still have a

[00:41:21] very.

[00:41:22] um, a moon that wants

[00:41:24] work really

[00:41:24] hard in Capricorn. Now Wednesday, we could feel like we're

[00:41:27] a couple of

[00:41:28] roadblocks cause we put up healthy boundaries.

[00:41:30] We're like, Nope,

[00:41:30] this

[00:41:31] is what I'm gonna do now

[00:41:32] me.

[00:41:32] So we're gonna work as optimistically as

[00:41:34] can with those boundaries and know that there is a

[00:41:37] purpose. Gotta take care of me before I can take care of you. And then on Thursday we might get a reminder of why we're doing this in

[00:41:44] the first place

[00:41:45] with Venus talking to the

[00:41:46] node,

[00:41:46] Cuz

[00:41:46] not like

[00:41:47] it's a new concept that you've been working on. You've just now used your voice or your action or your heart. Take forward.

[00:41:53] Uh, take action. And then Friday we've got, going into the weekend, we have a lot of great nurturing suggestions

[00:41:59] and ideas.

[00:42:00] How do we clear space? How do we open up things into our lives living with intention?

[00:42:04] And you know, if we need, if our intention in that moment needs to escape so we can kind of get clarity

[00:42:10] when

[00:42:10] we escape from the situation, we totally can. And then as we kind of wrap up

[00:42:14] the weekend,

[00:42:15] we could have some secrets that are coming out, a new perspective, a new idea, but we're. We're kind of going into the new week, charged up with a new idea and a new way to communicate to look at everything is, is that how, is there anything you wanna add to that summary?

[00:42:28] Anything you wanna throw in for this

[00:42:29] Elodie: week? I love that you're very masterful, I think. Oh, well also, yeah. I wanna add something. Actually. Venus and Leo loves compliments, so if anything goes

[00:42:39] wrong,

[00:42:40] just. Um,

[00:42:42] you

[00:42:42] just, just pull out the, pull out the compliments.

[00:42:45] Jamie: Yeah.

[00:42:46] I

[00:42:46] love that. Shoot yourself with compliments.

[00:42:48] And I love how like, when you compliment someone, it's almost like

[00:42:51] this

[00:42:51] natural, you know, brief flow. Like, oh, I really like that about you too. Or it kind of, you can really make someone's entire day by just saying one nice thing to people

[00:43:01] that you

[00:43:01] see. And I mean, that's, that's really powerful. Maybe that could be your Absolutely.

[00:43:06] Yeah, let's all compliment

[00:43:07] other. Let's all say something

[00:43:09] beautiful to whoever we see.

[00:43:10] Elodie: Um, it has to be true. It has to be authentic. Yeah.

[00:43:13] Yeah.

[00:43:14] Jamie: But I think you, if you can find something that you like about something that you come across, like it might be some more inner work. You know, it could

[00:43:22] be like,

[00:43:22] I just kinda like

[00:43:23] how you

[00:43:23] presented that or I liked it.

[00:43:24] I don't I, that you did that and I didn't have to do that. Like sometimes it's a

[00:43:27] Elodie: fuel, it's a fuel. Yeah, yeah,

[00:43:30] absolutely.

[00:43:31] Something

[00:43:32] Jamie: like,

[00:43:32] yeah,

[00:43:32] I think

[00:43:33] I, I, I

[00:43:33] wrote this, or

[00:43:34] maybe

[00:43:34] we said this on star science, but Venus, Venus attracts what you like and Jupiter amplifies it. So we're working with a lot

[00:43:42] of Venus,

[00:43:43] Jupiter tourist energy, and we want to attract, we want so this authentic from the heart.

[00:43:48] I really like that

[00:43:50] about

[00:43:50] this. You, it's going to attract

[00:43:52] music and

[00:43:53] be like, well, let me, let me give you some more things

[00:43:55] that

[00:43:55] you like.

[00:43:55] If

[00:43:55] we like this, here

[00:43:56] you

[00:43:56] go.

[00:43:57] Elodie: Yeah, exactly. Yeah,

[00:43:59] I think

[00:43:59] we figured it out.

[00:44:01] We love it. Yeah,

[00:44:02] we're gonna be,

[00:44:04] Jamie: we got it.

[00:44:04] it. This has been so much fun, Elli. Now if Thank you. I Ali, I

[00:44:09] love

[00:44:10] being a colleague with you on the Astrologer Connect platform, and I wanna make sure that everyone knows how to find you.

[00:44:15] I have personally had a reading with Elli

[00:44:17] and I

[00:44:18] mean, she is amazing. All the detail,

[00:44:20] all

[00:44:21] the, you know, perspective that she brings in and she's like very,

[00:44:24] uh,

[00:44:25] you just feel like, no, I, I, I. I love

[00:44:27] that

[00:44:27] you can see that about me without me having to express that. And that says a lot For someone who reads their chart all the time or is always working at charts to have a perspective come in so pure

[00:44:37] and so

[00:44:37] honest and clear, the way that l d does readings, I highly recommend it.

[00:44:41] If you wanna find l d and book with her directly, all you need to do is go to

[00:44:44] Jamie: astrology

[00:44:45] ledd connect. Promise

[00:44:48] you will not regret it. Now you can check out the entire platform, all the as strollers that we

[00:44:52] Jamie: slash connect. And, um, yeah, I'm simpely loving it. I hope that you're like, you're loving it.

[00:44:59] Are you having a blast? I love

[00:45:00] Elodie: it. Absolutely.

[00:45:01] Yeah,

[00:45:01] it's been amazing and the team is great and yeah, it's been a beautiful experience. I met so many cool people.

[00:45:08] Jamie: I know it's, I love

[00:45:09] how you

[00:45:09] kinda attract those clients. Like you're in the perfect space and they're in the perfect space. And, and I, and that's something that I know that you and I both love doing, and I've seen you do, you've been able to do it a little bit more than me recently,

[00:45:19] but

[00:45:19] is the instant, instant Absolutely.

[00:45:22] Yeah. Like they see like you're working

[00:45:24] your light is on.

[00:45:25] Like, if you're like, I have

[00:45:26] question. I'm trying to

[00:45:27] figure out how to get through

[00:45:28] this. It

[00:45:28] could be anything like, work related, whatever. It's like, I need just a little bit of insight. Is this the right timing for me to do that? Like, you're ready to hit

[00:45:34] sin you're like, woo, I'm not sure.

[00:45:36] Um, but that's,

[00:45:37] that's a great way to, to connect with an astrologer instantly. And I love seeing

[00:45:41] Elli on there. Like I'm tempted

[00:45:42] to call her sometimes, but. You could, if you haven't, uh, checked out the instant insights or the book readings, I can't stress enough how fun it is for us and

[00:45:51] for you

[00:45:51] guys and to connect with everyone, and

[00:45:54] share

[00:45:54] the beauty of astrology.

[00:45:55] But thank you so much for all the time you spend on this instance, Elli. I

[00:45:59] Elodie: love

[00:45:59] seeing. Thank you. Thank you for your wisdom too. I love your insight. You're

[00:46:03] brilliant.

[00:46:04] Jamie: Sorry. You love. So are you. And

[00:46:06] I wanna

[00:46:06] thank every one of you for tuning in and being, being part of this

[00:46:09] community. And

[00:46:09] course, as always,

[00:46:11] making

[00:46:11] astrology a part of your life.

[00:46:13] We can't wait to catch you on the next episode. See you then.