Treasure Maps: Cancer New Moon Check In w/ Tracy Cook

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Cancer New Moon

In this Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Tracy Cook and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss “Treasure Maps: Cancer New Moon Check-in”

You'll learn…

  • How to make edits to your Treasure Map
  • About the Cardinal Lunations and how they relate to the development of your intentions
  • Examples from Amanda, Tracy and the audience of what happened after they made their Treasure Map

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:31 Recap of Aries New Moon 2022

13:18 Amanda's Daughter's Treasure Map Story

16:43 Is Manifesting Real?

21:14 Tracy's Treasure Map

26:19 What if it doesn't seem to work?

31:12 Symbolic Items

39:43 Outro

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00:01:24 I can't wait to welcome you on the inside. Well, hello everybody. And welcome to the show. I am so happy to be here today with all of you and also with astrologer Tracy cook. I reached out to Tracy because I remembered when we were doing our Aries new moon, treasure maps. Maybe some of you remember that maybe some of you did it.
00:01:53 I remember her saying that the cancer new moon was a very important point in the whole year for us to revisit our treasure maps and then maybe make a little refinements, which we're going to talk about in a little bit, but that it was a really good time to just kind of check in, see where you're at and, and then move forward. So what we wanted to do is spend a little time recapping what the treasure maps are,
00:02:23 why you would ever want to do them. We're going to do a little progress report. I know I've had some profound results so far, like almost scary, which we'll talk about. I'm happy to share. And Tracy, I'd love to hear from you too. And we'd love to hear from you and the audience as well. So if you did the treasure maps with us at the Aries new moon,
00:02:45 and now you're having an opportunity to check back in and let us know if anything's come true yet or come, come to fruition yet, that'd be really nice to see too. And then we're going to talk about the cancer, new moon specifically, and what, what window of opportunity we have right now, because there's new things happening now. Right? All right.
00:03:06 Well, Tracy, welcome back. It's so great to have you here again, Amanda, thank you for remembering, thank you for reaching out. And I know you, and I've talked a few times since the launch of the treasure maps and I'm happy to be here on this sunny first 24 hours of cancer, new moon. Yeah. You know, Tracy,
00:03:24 I think that you have been the seedling of a tradition that we will probably do every year at Astrology Hub. Well, my, my morning cancer likes that. Good. Okay. So let's, let's just do a brief recap for people that are joining the show that didn't weren't with us during the first phase of doing the treasure maps of what's a treasure map and why did we do it with areas new moon?
00:03:52 You know, just speaking in real organic ways to treasure map is a collage. It's a vision board. Technically, you know, you, you put down pictures and things are words and statements and affirmations of what you want and you put it on your vision board, which I think everybody, I don't think I need to explain a vision board. I'm pretty sure everybody has a good idea about them,
00:04:12 but what makes it a treasure map and what makes it have punch and be a little bit, a little bit more Juju in it than just your regular old vision board is that it's made on the Aries new moon in Aries is when we launched it's the launch of the Zodiac, 12 signs. Aries is the fire. The first fire sign in it is vision.
00:04:35 And you get out there and you do and you want, and you go, and this is areas. It's a flame and ignites things. And when you make your treasure map on that, on, at the launch of that new moon, you're setting the tone for the whole year, for the next whole 12 months. So I started these treasure maps based on my oldest,
00:04:59 Roger buzz Myers, who was so gifted, he was wonderful. And you know, I wish he were still alive today to, I wish he was doing all the treasure maps. So he would be your number one. He would be your guests. But what happened is I did it with him in 1996, or I, he told all his students,
00:05:18 this is what I want you to do. I heard what he said to do. I grabbed two friends. He was in Ohio and I'm in California. And I got my friends. I said, I've listened to buzz. And this is what we're going to do. And then the three of us made treasure maps. And one of the things that buzz said was you will start to see results.
00:05:37 I'm not saying the whole map will be activated, but parts of the map will start to show green shoots by cancer, new moon three months later. And, and that's why we take a moment at the cancer new moon to reflect and to look at our map and see where we have progress. And even if we don't have progress where we wish we did it doesn't matter.
00:06:00 Just so we have a whole rest of this year to go. And we could, I mean, I don't, I'm not saying that you and I, and the group need to do this, but there's another, you reflect again at the Libra new moon because now you're six months out. And then you reflect again at the Capricorn new moon where you're in the final three months of the map,
00:06:18 and maybe you and I could, we could do a little check-in at the Capricorn cause that could get cause then people could learn to launch and do cleaning up their houses and getting rid of stuff. So, yeah. So we, so now's the time where you take a look at your map and you kind of honor, what's working and what's not. And like I said,
00:06:35 and I know I talked to you before we went on live is you can make little, so I should say that we never got this far with us. I mean, he, I started working with people in the nineties and then I, in the early two thousands, I started working with an online group and we just started kind of group group thinking these maps on a certain,
00:06:58 Hey, I have an issue. What do you guys think? And one of the things that came up and like I said, I don't really remember which happened first, but somebody said, I need to get a photo off my map. When do you think I should do it? And the map and the photo was an old boyfriend that by the time we got the cancer was,
00:07:17 it was over and she didn't want that photo on our map anymore. And so I said, well, I would do it on cancer because that's when you're taking a moment, you're reflecting, it's Cardinal, it's a doorway, it's a hinge, just, you know, make a few little edits. And a few other people said, I need to make an edit to so some so we've noticed.
00:07:38 And then I noted that if the areas then we would happen on a mercury retrograde or work pre retrograde was occurring during the Aries new moon. Sometimes I felt like I noticed people need to do a little bit more edits on their map, but I would never advise redoing your map or throwing your map out because in it's D it's not honoring whatever areas was in areas was something important,
00:08:06 even if you're frustrated. And even if you think your map isn't working, whatever happened at Arie still needs to be honored. So that's why it's just the little edit. And so my recommendation is to do it during the cancer new cycle, which we're in now. And then it'll, and it wraps on July 2nd at 10, 11:00 PM Pacific time. And then that's when Crescent moon began.
00:08:28 So we're just doing it only in this little three-day window, four day window of the cancer, new moon to do the little edits, but more important. We, first thing we gotta do is we gotta just take a look at our map and now some people may be already know, oh, knows it's already happened. I've already can start seeing the results.
00:08:43 And I know Amanda, that was you right away. Yes, Tracy, you know, what's so funny is, is I did the treasure maps with my daughters. So my 13 year old daughter and my ten-year-old daughter, and in many ways, at this point, I feel like I'm living in their maps. Their visions have come through very quickly and very powerfully and minor,
00:09:10 definitely showing. And there's, there's been some really amazing things. I mean, I know I, I told you, and I've told our inner circle members, I, on my treasure map, I had a picture of my daughters with baby goats because I love baby goats. And I, and I had this moment of like, I'd like to always be surrounded by baby goats.
00:09:30 So I put a picture of my daughter's holding this baby goat and within I wouldn't, was it, I mean, it was, we're even done with the area. I think you called me maybe the first week of may. I mean, I, I, I don't think we've even moved into Taurus. It was fast that my neighbor called and was like,
00:09:48 and sent me a picture of these baby goats and was like, I just got these baby goats. They're going to be here in a week. And it was like, oh, figures. It's amazing. So that was one of the first things that happened. And before I go any deeper, what I want to say to anybody joining who didn't do the treasure map with us at Aries new moon that just like,
00:10:11 listen now. And when we get to January, when we get to that Capricorn, well, I guess it's ended December That's yeah. That's When we're going to start preparing for the next Aries new moon. So Tracy alluded to this a little bit, where from the Capricorn new moon to the Aries new moon, we're going to be clearing and simplifying and decluttering and making space for the next treasure map that we're going to make at the next.
00:10:42 So you, you, you kind of missed the wave a little bit in terms of doing the treasure map for this year. I mean, Tracy, what do you say to people who are like, can I, And I always feel bad, like, oh yeah. Oh, we went, we all went to this great party where we're, you know,
00:10:56 I, I hate that. Right. But I actually think there's some value in people going back and taking a look at where they were at the Aries new moon, what was going on in their life and reflecting on that. And were you doing stuff like, oh my God, why am I doing this? Then maybe take a moment and maybe write some affirmations based on that experience.
00:11:21 I think I'd rather do this instead. I'm not saying make a map, but just reflect on that period, because you did launch some stuff, areas of launching whether we're doing it or not. So just go back and see what was going on for you in that, you know, from the new up until the full moon. So two weeks. Right.
00:11:39 And that was March. When did we know we were areas was, this is so sad. I mean, I have to, these days are you're right. It was the 28th, right? March 28. Yes. No, that's not right. That's a no, no. The 31st of March. Right? So between March 31st and April 16th, if you had,
00:12:04 if you weren't, if you didn't make a map and you're like, I don't know what you guys are doing. Just go back to your calendar, go back to your date book, go take a look and see what was going on at that time. And then take note of it. And if you still got some debris of that, still hunt hanging around you,
00:12:20 you know, why don't you just reflect on that, write some affirmations that you think would improve the situation and see if you can shift the energy a little bit between now and the rest of this map year, but then come back to us in January so that you can start prepping. Exactly. Yeah. I've already talked to the inner circle members and asked,
00:12:39 Hey, like, would you like Tracy to come? And we can like really dig in and do it together. And everybody's really excited about that. Tracy Likes to give her the clutter. Yeah. Yeah. Well, if there's something so beautiful about very mindfully, intentionally aligning with that cosmic rhythm, the annual cosmic rhythm, and really just making this a ritual that you do every single year.
00:13:06 And I know you've been doing this with people for 25 years or more. And so it must be like a process that you refine. I know, even just from doing it once that I already have a note saved on my phone for ideas for next year's treasure map, but I'm making notes like, Ooh, I forgot about this. And I should probably include this,
00:13:30 you know? So I'm sure you just, you're, you're probably a pro and all your friends that you do this with every year are pros, but Yeah, I think we're used to how to swim in this pool. So we kind of know how the strokes work. So we have that, but it's different every time because of the energy of the new moon.
00:13:47 And I really have to figure out where I'm at. I got to do a little research because next year is the year we have two areas, new booms. Right. So I got to figure that out a little bit. I got to, I'm going to have Pluto in Aquarius and the other one's going to have Pluto in Capricorn. So yeah, I,
00:14:06 we, I got to give that some thought. Okay. All right. Well, we have some time. Okay. I want to show you that one of the treasure maps that I'm living in right now, hold on one sec. I have permission to share this. I have permission to share both. Okay. This is my daughter. Sophia's treasure map.
00:14:25 This treasure map. Yeah. The kitten with the puppy, Baby animals of all kinds like good vibes and have fun and Yeah. And then we'd, we'd glammed it all up with the sequence and there's space. So we're going to put another kitty right there and we got the llamas. Exactly. So the, the big thing that's happened for me in my life.
00:14:54 So I looked at Sophia's treasure map when she made it, I was like, are we moving to a farm? Like, what is this? I don't really know. We didn't, we don't have, we had zero animals. Well, we have our dog. So we had our dog at the time. And basically what happened is we ended up with a surprise litter of puppies,
00:15:14 like an unplanned. I know everyone's going, how can that happen? How did you it's we did everything we thought correctly. And it still happens. So I was like, okay, you make your plans. The universe laughs. And Sophia made her treasure map. And that's why this is all happening Puppies. Well, they're not here because I'm at a different house right now because they've been so noisy on the podcasts lately are complaining.
00:15:43 They're like, I just hear puppies. And, and it makes me stressed. And I'm like, oh my God, I can't do the podcast there anymore. So essentially I had to come here and do it cause it's quiet, but they are so adorable. They are golden retriever, black lab mix. And they're like the most precious thing in the world.
00:16:02 But it's, but I, I can't believe it. I had never had plans to have a litter. Never imagined myself ever doing this. And here we are with a litter of puppies and Sophia, He didn't really run Sophia's treasure map past your dog. Did she weigh in on that? Exactly. I don't know. My dog, obviously didn't have a say in this.
00:16:27 So this is what happened there. I've had my other daughter. Can I show her as to again, I have permission. So this is my other daughter's. Can you see traveler freedom? There's like live Outdoors. Extraordinary, really nice. Oh God, she's a Libra. And everything's always beautiful. I mean, it's just me. So it's like,
00:16:55 so, you know, everything's perfectly met. So she is on, she keeps saying, mama, I feel like I'm on such an adventure. She's in Tennessee for three weeks. They're like in mud, they're out there looking at birds and they're sending me pictures of all this adventure. And this came up after the treasure map creation too. So I'm just,
00:17:20 She knew something. Cause that map has got a lot of adventure on there. Oh yeah. And that's what we were saying before. Is it that we're having like, because it really is no time. Are we sort of reaching out into the future and pulling it in to the present moment because there's some part of us that already knows that these are the things that are going to be happening or are we actually creating it from that moment?
00:17:48 And always think it's both. I think that we're tapping in and it's telling us at the same time, it's that instinct it's I think turn left or I think I'll turn right or I'll go up or I'll go down. And it changes the course of everything. And then we in the window of the map time, you like are willing to suspend belief.
00:18:11 You know, it's your, whatever, our things that we put up so that we don't go to, we don't allow ourselves to think this way. We bring them all down and we go, okay, well what do I want? I mean, people don't give themselves that time to just think about what about me? What do I want? Because it areas is about I,
00:18:31 and even if you're a parent or, you know, you have your spouse and you've got a ton of responsibilities and you're a daughter or a son and you're busy. You, you can, you can do all that. I mean, I'm still a mother and I'm still a daughter and I'm still taking care of a lot of people's lives. But I took that area's time to make my nap and just think about what about me?
00:18:52 And then I think that's where we kind of get this information. That's my takeaway. I love what you just said about suspending belief for a moment. Is that Yeah. So then I think I should say suspending disbelief. Yeah. Right? Yes. Suspending disbelief. Because there's some things that I look at on my map that I'm like, I mean,
00:19:16 like is that, that just is so far out there or that just feels so big. Like how could that ever happen within a year? You know, in that, in that I remember in that treasure map time in, at this particular year, we also had the Jupiter Neptune conjunction Pisces. So it was really expansive. It was part of the reason why I wanted you to do the math.
00:19:42 I wanted to come talk to you about the maps. As I saw the Aries new moon, it was a really nice chart for the most part. And the areas new wounds charts for, since Pluto went into Capricorn, had been a mixed bag for the last 10 years, but it was a good, was a decent chart. And it had the Neptune Jupiter approaching Neptune that happened,
00:20:00 you know, what, two weeks later or 12 days or something like that. Yeah, it was, it was, the radar was on. Yes. Okay. Well, I would love to hear from anybody in the audience, anybody out there in our community, do you have any shoots showing up through the ground? And if you're willing, can you please share?
00:20:20 And then Danny, while people are writing in Danny, Marie is saying hello and do virtual vision boards like Pinterest work, as well as physical vision boards. And I remember this question coming up a lot, Tracy, and you said yes, that they do. It's really, some people are just cyber drawn and it's easier for them and their screens are always on.
00:20:39 And so it, it has significance for them. I mean, I'm a concrete person. I need the board, I need the glue. I need that, but not everybody does. Yeah. You know what I liked about the glue process and the all that w which, by the way, I didn't just use magazines. I actually went out online and found images that I wanted and then printed them because that the magazines were limited.
00:21:03 I was like, eh, I'm not really getting the vibe that I want. So I went and found images and then I printed them and then I put them. But for me, so much of my world is virtual already. I mean, like all the work we do at Astrology Hub, it's all online. So to actually do something physical felt even more potent and powerful,
00:21:22 you know, I agree. Yeah. It took a little more energy. It took a little more time. It took a little bit more thought, which, And it's kind of a little sloppy. It's like, you know, I think there's creativity that comes into let some of that sloppiness True. True. Yes. And it was just a really fun activity to do with my daughters.
00:21:41 It was really fun. Tracy, what about you? Anything coming from your map yet? It's interesting because I knew I was doing this broadcast with you and I was taking a look at my map and I actually have now, you know, I'm at a little different stage in my life than a lot of the people who probably made maps. I said,
00:21:58 this last time, as you know, I'm married, I've been a bit around for a while. I've got my, my kid is launched. He's in college. I have a lot of things, but so like the concrete stuff, I need to have this and need to have that. Maybe I don't have as much as that on my map, but I did have a few areas that I felt like I had some progress.
00:22:17 And let me, let's see. Okay. So this one was kind of interesting and it was just, I have, our money is always increasing and our savings is strong and I will come and tap the abundance of the universe with ease. So what happened first? Well, I guess maybe what happened, I guess I did. Oh, I had something happened from last year's map just before this map that was financially helpful for me.
00:22:51 And so that came through, but in this one a week ago, I got a phone call from that was going to impact my, what was going to him. Was he an impact? My income. Let's just put it that way. And it was something that's been sitting around out there for about two and a half years, not getting fixed, not getting dealt with.
00:23:12 And last week I got told, yes, it's now fixed. And there will be an income at my income will raise every month because of it. Yeah. So, I mean, it's not a ton of money, but it's enough to make, oh, that's really nice. And it was something that was out there that just wasn't getting fixed and I'm like,
00:23:29 and I kind of gave up, but it got fixed. So that part was really good. There is still this other thing that happened just before this map that I'm waiting. We'll see if that happens. I have a feeling, if that happens, it'll be around Libra. So I'm kind of about that, but you know, you don't count your chickens before the eighth session.
00:23:49 I can do that. Those little things all day long. But then the other thing that was really interesting for me is this is, this is about flexibility, which is definitely already happened this year. I've had to really pivot really fast. I can talk about that in a second. But anyway, I strengthened my body every day through mindful diet, exercise and practices.
00:24:10 And this is something that has been bugging me for awhile. I just, you know, and I don't like to talk too much about diet because I want everybody to be happy with their own body and they can figure that out. But I felt that I had needed to lose some weight for a while. And I guess in a Gemini, Gemini new moon,
00:24:30 I was walking, I was, I walked pretty regularly and I wanted to listen to a podcast and all my usual podcasts, some of them Astrology, some of them more activism kind of stuff. And they weren't, nobody sounded interesting to me. And I said, I wonder if there's any kind of diet podcast or something about that. And I found this one and I really liked what the gal had to say.
00:24:54 And then she had this program of lose, you know, do this mindfulness with her for 30 days. And I'm in the middle of it right now. But one of the, one of the things, and I decided, okay, I'll pay this fee and do this. But one of the things you have to do is you have to take note of when you're eating,
00:25:12 when you're hungry, which sounds so like what's new, but mine was eating is often done when you're not hungry. And so I have to put these little balls and I put one for each meal that I know that I I'm hungry and I'm eating. And that after I started doing this with her, I said, oh my treasure map. Because I said,
00:25:35 I strengthened my body every day through mindful diet, exercise and practices. I've been around this earth for a long time. And I've never known that even do something like this, That is so great. I love it. Oh my God. That's a mindful practice. I'm sure other people do to that. That's all that matters. Okay. We do have some stories in here.
00:26:06 Okay. Mary says, I put deepening my relationship with my adult daughter on my map with an image of a plant shoot. This is happening in a beautiful way, which is awesome to hear Mary. Yeah, that's amazing. And then Kimberly says I am more at ease and content that was in my board. I had fun making the boards. So did my friends and clients.
00:26:30 Nice, good. Awesome. Okay. So Kimberly says nothing happens yet happened yet. Right then that's okay. Because this is just the beginning. See, I'm trying to look and see if there's anything else. Yes. Isabel Aries moon cycle was the board made into as a sole work. Yes. So we essentially did that as a soul work thing for,
00:26:54 in the inner circle as well, trying to see, I think those are the only ones that I have as testimonies. And if you're watching this recording later, please do put it in the comments because other people will read it. And it's just, it's really confirming to see like, okay, look, we're doing this thing and it's fun to celebrate the miracle.
00:27:14 I really appreciated both people who shared what's going on. I like the fact that, you know, when strengthening the relationship with an adult daughter, you know, sometimes that's where we all feel like we're stuck. Well, how can anything changed? She's 30 years old or riding and I'm 65, you know, whatever our limited thinking is. And to have some that they have things shift and change.
00:27:41 Boy, that's great. And then also, and then I liked the second one about feeling more content and ease. That's really actually big people are agitated in ways that people don't even know they are. And so to start getting some ease in your life, that's, that's really, that's really great. Yes, for sure. You know, I put,
00:28:05 I put a picture of Marilyn Monroe on my treasure map, but not the like super glam Marilyn Monroe she's sitting in her bed just looks like she's having a luxurious morning. And she has her little like drink and she looks very natural and beautiful. And the reason why I put it in is because she has inspired what I like to call my fluffed day, which is one day a week where I just don't have a plan.
00:28:35 You know, it's just kinda ever, I feel like doing, and what's been amazing to me is how many times Marilyn Monroe has come up, either in conversation or my, my man actually sent, got me these sunglasses that are Marilyn Monroe inspired. And there's been little things like that where it's like, it's just like, I kind of called it in. I just called it into my awareness.
00:29:03 And so now That's really interesting because yeah, there was one of her, one of the Andy Warhol paintings sold that hap that sold like right around, maybe just after treasure map. Wow. It's because I read this article when she was talking about her mornings and her workouts and her food. And she was just like, I just wake up when I feel like it.
00:29:28 And I just, you know, kind of like luxuriate in bed until I feel like getting out of bed and then any areas of my body that I want to keep from, I just kind of do a few little exercises for them. It was the cutest thing, just reading how she approached a day. And it was like, God, I could use a little Maryland.
00:29:50 And then the other thing about her is Kim Kardashian wore her dress, Mr. President dress. And I have seen that dress in person and everybody, it is so much smaller than what you think because, you know, she kind of looked the left. She was and all that. It is a tiny dress And she, and, and Kardashian literally wore the dress.
00:30:15 I know I saw that too. I was like, what? Marilyn? Monroe's everywhere. Oh, then, okay. This is from Jennifer Pope. This is nice. I had some Lily of the valley blooms on my board and for the first time ever, my four year old Lily of the valley plant bloomed this spring. Oh, that's weird. That's good.
00:30:32 That's really? Yeah. Is there, how does this work? Do plants have stories attached to them? Do they, you know, like a, like a Roma therapy or maybe like a homeopathy? I mean, is there a, I wonder what Lily or the valley, if there's something bigger and that you see an animal and deer medicine or like a medicine attached to Lillian,
00:30:56 I be curious what that is. That's great. That it bloomed. Okay. So Kimberly says, yes, they do. And Jennifer, if you know what, like Lily of the valley represents, that would be really, oh, I put them on there for the spiritual connection. What is this? Do we, is what's the spiritual I'd like to know?
00:31:14 I don't know. Maybe it's a spiritual connection. That's personal for her or maybe it is universal, but okay. So this is, this is fascinating. Let me see, hold on. There's been a few other things that have been really interesting. Oh, well this was where I don't know if my treasure map pulled it in or if I already was like,
00:31:33 you know, if I did it because making my treasure map made me more aware of it, but I put, make music on my treasure map. Oh. And there is a woman in the inner circle who shared a song that she wrote called Venus rising. Her name's Sibyl. She's awesome. In her sixties just decided that she wanted to sing and she wanted to write songs.
00:32:00 And so she joined this songwriters journey and she learned how to tap into her personal story and then write a song and then record a song like kind of professionally like it. She actually has a music video. It's amazing. She posted it in the inner circle and I went, oh my God, civil how'd you do that? That's amazing. And she introduced me to the brothers Korn,
00:32:25 who are the ones who started the songwriter's journey. And so I've signed up for their next songwriter's journey and I'm going to quote unquote, make music with them. And it's terrifying, but exhilarating the exciting at the same time, you know, again, I don't know if my treasure cause, cause one of the things that Tracy had us do is use Bagua to actually make sure that we covered air every area of life.
00:32:56 So it wasn't like a map all about money or a map, all about love or a map, all about health. Like we had all the areas of life covered and there were different places on the map where we put different categories. That's kind of the nine, the nine squares and each one represents a different part of life. Yes, exactly. You're not just having everything to do about work on your map or just everything about a relationship,
00:33:23 Which was great because what it did was it helped, helped us all really focused like, oh, what do I want in my, in my health? What do I want in my relationships? What do I want with my career? What do I want with my family and my home? Like, it was all hovered. And so doing that was like,
00:33:43 God, I, I really agree. You had to tap. You had to consider your creativity. Yeah. It was like, I have always wanted to sing. Like I don't even know if I can, I don't even care. I don't even know if anybody ever hears it, but I'd like to do it. Like I, I always said if I were going to come back in another lifetime,
00:34:03 I'd want to sing. Like, that'd be the super power that I'd want. I was like, well, maybe I should try in this lifetime. I don't know. Yeah. So Anyway, Okay. So Kimberly says, I just looked at my board again and I have a beach house in my family section of the Bhagwat and my family and I,
00:34:21 including the dogs are all going on a beach house vacation this summer for the first time in 10 years. That is so fantastic. That is great. Kimberly, the one that I just read and said, you said nothing happened. I can't remember. But sometimes it takes the process of actually, oh no, no, no. You did say things were happening.
00:34:41 Okay. It's sometimes it takes the, the, no, you said it's not, you said I did my vision board to the T nothing happened yet. And then you've added that you're more at ease and content and now you're, you're going and hanging out in the beach house. You put on your map. Okay. Sometimes you just have to take a moment and breathe.
00:34:58 That's what we do right now. We take a look and we look at our map and goes, wait a minute. That Yes. And one of the events, And it's just the beginning. This is just a little green shoot period. I mean, what else is going to start manifesting? Imagine where it will be this time, next Aries, new moon.
00:35:17 Right? So Tracy, anything else you want to share with us as we like embark on the rest of the year and you know, with these sort of treasure maps as are well you device or something, I don't know what it is. I mean, I think this group is pretty good about understanding the 29 29 date lunar cycles at right, because you always have your guests on the,
00:35:43 we'll be talking about cancer, new moon and Leo, new moon in Virgo and Libra. You know, I always love, that's kind of where I like to hang out is on the new moons is getting, getting right with the universe. You just having divine timing. So, you know, cancer is when we're looking at our home, we're looking at our family,
00:36:02 we're looking at our history. We're looking at our roots, cause remember Aries, new moon, you're launching the whole 12 month cycles we're launching. So now during this time where take a moment and kind of, you know, be connected, connected to the Zodiac on a, in a real concrete way. And then, you know, the next one,
00:36:24 Leo, you, everybody gets a little bit big and loud and creative and boisterous and passionate and all sloppy Leo like in this good. I'm a sad. So I can say that I love all that about Leo and then a Virgo. We tighten it up and then we get back to the, whatever the creativity that we activated during Leo now in Virgo,
00:36:42 we put it to use, we start working on it. And then when aunt Libra, we start to reflect and we come, when we look at the person that's on the other side of the breakfast table, or if we don't have somebody where we start thinking about what would well, even if you don't have somebody in your life like a spouse or something,
00:37:00 you're already in relationships with people, you will har and never, you know, don't marginalize that relationship you have with that really good friend or that coworker that you're important in everybody's life. You know, so I to say, and we can do this all 12 signs and I won't, but I think this being in sync with the 12 signs is really good and very supportive of the goals of the map.
00:37:26 Tracy, it's the way that I started learning Astrology, I would go and we would have these new moon and new moon and full moon fire circles. And this amazing wise woman's home on her grassy lawn. And we would talk about the energy of that lunar cycle. And then we would go off into our lives and live it, and then we'd come back at the full moon and share.
00:37:53 And it is so rhythmic and so beautiful in such a way to really embody the energies. And instead of like memorizing them, you know, literally the basis of the inner circle, it's literally why we lined it with the lunar cycle. It's why we even spend time on the forecast each month, understanding the energies of that lunar cycle. It's why we have things like soul work assignments,
00:38:18 which are like practices that align with the energy of the cycle. So it's all, it was all based in exactly what you're saying, like powerful. I mean, just the fact that a woman's menstrual cycle is the same days of, of a lunar isn't that just seem extraordinary. Yes, it does having that aha moment. It's why everyone here, we all say,
00:38:44 ah, instead of a period, we call it our moon and that's always like a way to connect it with the actual rhythm of the lunar cycle and our connection to that, you know? And just like a period, I was like, what's a period. I mean, that doesn't sound very fun, but I like my moon. That just sounds,
00:38:59 there's so much more in, you know, All the things in the world. That's what we it's like. It's so obvious that we're supposed to be that we're in a 29 days cycle that we just, I mean, I get it. Let's just say I am all about the lunar cycle, the new and the full and beautiful houses and everything. Yeah.
00:39:22 Yeah. Well Tracy, thank you for coming back and being with us here today has been such a pleasure to see your face and hear your voice and hear your stories. And I will certainly stay in touch with you. I've been sending her audios whenever things for my vision board. You won't believe this. This is what happened today. Yeah. Mark.
00:39:40 And I go, Hey, what's this? Oh my God. So I'll keep doing that. And then we'll probably bring you back for another checkpoint. So what we can check back in and hear more stories. And then for sure, like we need to make a big deal out of this next year. We need to start in January. Yeah. We will start in January.
00:39:56 We'll start decluttering and getting rid of steps and it will be really ready for the areas new wounds. Yeah. All right. For those of you who would like to join us in that rhythmic ritual and dance with the cosmos, the inner circle is a great place. Enrollment closes tomorrow, June 30th, 2022. If you're watching this recording later, then you could get on the wait list for the next time enrollment opens,
00:40:27 but we would love to have you come check it out. There's no contract when you join. So you could be, you could just test the water. Like, is this for me? Is this the place for me? But it's an incredible star family. And we really do some amazing things that help you connect and commune with the cosmos, but even more importantly,
00:40:44 connecting commune with yourself. So many times we're drawn to this Astrology study because we really want to go into deeper communion with who we are. And then from that place, we can love the people in our lives differently. We can really live more fully. And so that's, to me, one of the, those intangible gifts of the inner circle, you also get very tangible things as well.
00:41:08 You can check it out. You can go to Astrology Hub dot com slash inner circle 22. We would love to embrace you into the community. That's there. And either way, I love connecting with you all here on the podcast. Tracy. It's super fun to have you here. Yeah. You're now you're a part of the Ohana Now. Awesome.
00:41:32 Okay. Take care everybody. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for making Astrology a part of your life and we'll catch you on the next episode. All right. Bye-bye this podcast is presented by Astrology Hub. You can learn more and find all of our shows at Astrology Hub dot com slash podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
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