Top 5 Mindset Tips for Astrology Students

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Amanda asks the Inner Circle Members, What Makes a Great Astrology Student?

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🌑 What are the qualities of a great astrology student.
🌒 Why feeling overwhelmed when getting started doesn’t mean you’re doomed.
🌓 How to navigate the process of learning astrology without losing faith in yourself or giving up.

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1:56 Defining a Great Astrology Student

4:09 Curiosity

6:04 Awe & Wonder

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[00:00:00] Today's episode was designed for those of you who do want to learn how to do astrology. You want to be an astrology student, or maybe you already are an astrology student, but you're finding yourself. Feeling intimidated, or maybe you've just started learning and you're feeling frustrated. Maybe you find yourself totally lost and overwhelmed.

[00:00:24] Maybe even you listen to our podcast and there's times where you're feeling shameful or embarrassed because you're not totally understanding what the astrologers are saying. If you find yourself in any of those categories, this episode is for you.

[00:00:40] There are definitely differences between those who end up going the mile. They go the distance in their astrology studies, and they end up with a certain level of mastery and astrology. There's a difference between those students and the people that come in with lots of enthusiasm wanting to learn, but end up leaving in discouragement and so I need to start here. I want to acknowledge that it really can be challenging to enter this world of learning astrology and just to feel crushed and discouraged at the complexity.

[00:01:16] Of the language itself, there is so much to learn. I say this all the time, but it's the study of an ever expanding universe. There is no end destination, and at every level, there's gonna be more to learn. Now with that said, there is a way to enjoy the process.

[00:01:38] So first of all, for those of you who don't know me, my name's Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh. I am the founder and c e O of Astrology Hub. Welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I'm so happy that you're here. I have three things that I've identified to qualify as what I see as a great student. I wanna start by defining a little bit what I mean by great student.

[00:02:01] Now, this is not a judgment. This is not, oh, all of our a plus students. It's something different. Number one, someone who sticks with. And doesn't give into that sense of overwhelm that, like I said, we all experience from time to time.

[00:02:16] Number two, someone who gains wisdom and knowledge over time and is able to apply that wisdom and knowledge in their life for their own benefit and for the benefit of those around them. And number three, someone who enjoys the process. All right, before I go into the qualities, I want to thank my friends in the Inner Circle.

[00:02:43] The Inner Circle is our monthly membership community dedicated to studying astrology with the masters, and I'm thanking them because I asked them for their opinion on this question. What are the qualities that you've had to cultivate in yourself in order to become a great student? And so lots of their feedback is woven into the qualities that I'm gonna be sharing here today.

[00:03:07] Another thing before I go in.

[00:03:09] I've identified these five qualities, but if as I'm going through them, you go, oh, shoot, I'm not that, or I don't really have that, or I'm the opposite of that. That's okay. These are just qualities that I believe all of us have the potential to cultivate within ourselves, that these qualities are in us somewhere, and if we focus on them and.

[00:03:32] Focus on cultivating them in our lives, not only in our studies of astrology, but also in our relationships and just in our approach to life. That you'll be able to bring these parts of yourself out and just having awareness of what they are is one of the first steps in doing that. All right, so what are the qualities and the mindsets that I've seen that the Inner Circle members have said that our astrologer teachers have said are the most important for you to cultivate within yourself?

[00:04:02] The number one quality is curiosity. So maybe you are already naturally curious. Maybe you sometimes find yourself close-minded about things. Either way, curiosity is one of the most important things to cultivate in yourself in order to be a student of astrology that really benefits from its wisdom. I wanna add a couple words here.

[00:04:26] I would add. Playful curiosity. I would also add sincere curiosity and earnest curiosity. These are qualities of curiosity, or these are qualifiers of curiosity that really add and or enhance to your studies. Now, this one I want you to remember, if you ever find yourself getting really serious, Really bogged down by the vast amount of information that you feel like you're having to integrate into yourself.

[00:05:05] Remember to stay curious. Remember to stay playful. Remember to stay sincere and earnest, and hopefully when you do that, there is a lightness that will come to your studies. Now remember, astrology is literally the study of light. The language of light. So bringing lightness to your study of astrology is always a good idea.

[00:05:36] So curious. Just that, open-mindedness, asking questions, staying curious. Okay? Number two. Astrologer and astronomer Gemini Brett, one that we feature here on this platform all the time. A brilliant astrologer has said many, many times, and I've experienced this in myself and then I've seen it in our community.

[00:05:58] That awe and wonder, I'm making those one quality. I know that's kind of cheating, but awe and wonder is another quality that really opens up the mysteries of astrology for you. This is that childlike wonder that maybe you experienced as a child. So many people that I talked to, they had this wonder about the night sky when they were a child.

[00:06:25] They allowed life and all these other things that are supposedly more important. To get in the way or water down that awe and wonder. But the more you can get into that stance as you're studying astrology, the more you can get out under the night sky and just look at the stars.

[00:06:44] Look at the moon, look at the sky, and allow your heart to open and have that feeling and that sense of, Wow. That is amazing. The more you can do that, the more you open yourself up to direct transmission of the knowledge, direct relationship with the sky. An opening that allows you to move beyond whatever you're learning in your books, whatever you're learning from teachers, whatever you're learning in courses or podcasts or whatever you're doing, to allow yourself to open up to that direct receptivity of the wisdom.

[00:07:24] And this one, if you haven't done it yet, you're just gonna have to take my word for it because it's something that will surprise you and hopefully delight you as you are going deeper and deeper in your. . Okay, so curiosity and awe and wonder, which I'm counting as one. The third one is patience. You are learning an entirely new symbolic language.

[00:07:53] It is ancient, it has been developed over centuries, and it is very rich and multi-layered and complex. With that said, at every step of the journey, you're gonna get more and more of it, but you need to be patient with yourself in the process. I often think what it be, what it would be like as a native English speaker to move to Japan, for example, and try to l learn Japanese, the new characters, the.

[00:08:28] Annunciation all of it and how overwhelming that would feel at first. But if I allow myself to be submerged in that language, to listen to it often, to even attempt to speak it, that in time it would become easier, but it would be silly of me to move to Japan and then. That I should know how to speak it and understand it and read it.

[00:08:54] It just doesn't make sense. So astrology is a language and it takes time to learn that language. Now, There are some amazing exceptions to this rule. There are some people who say, when they started learning astrology, it was like remembering a language that they already knew. I would say that is a tiny percentage of the students and practitioners and teachers of astrology.

[00:09:24] Most people have had to approach it like they're learning a new language and have had to really be patient with the entire process. So if you find yourself getting frustrated with yourself, Remember, it's a whole new language, and the harder you are on yourself, the longer it's gonna take you to learn.

[00:09:42] So again, bringing that lightness in, bringing in patience, understanding that it's gonna take time, but that it can be, again, joyful every step of the way. It's not like, , it's gonna take time, it's gonna be grueling, and you're gonna hate the process, and then you're gonna get somewhere where you actually know how to speak it.

[00:09:59] It's gonna be that throughout the entire process, you are gaining insights and you're benefiting from it as you go. Along with this, I wanna bring in this idea of the beginner's mind. What I've seen is that in studying astrology, a lot of people. Student wounding or school wounding is activated where they have this feeling of, oh my God, I'm not smart enough.

[00:10:23] I'm never gonna get it. Maybe they remember the time in school where math was really hard whatever it is, and maybe even they had a teacher who said, you'll never be good at this. Or Why is this so hard for you? Or whatever it is. There's a lot of wounding around school that a lot of us carried, and so when we go into something new, a lot of times that can be really activated and it can really stop our progress because it can be.

[00:10:50] overwhelming. So if you notice any of that in yourself, like man, like everybody else gets it, why don't I get it? Or how come I don't know this already? I should know this already. Any of those thoughts, those are evidence of something earlier that you might have experienced. What I love to do when things like that come up is to thank it, thank my awareness of it, and.

[00:11:16] Know that it's coming up because it's time for me to transform it. It's time for me to move beyond that old pattern. And also, I'm not that child anymore. I don't need to be stuck in that place. I can love that child. I can totally have compassion for that child, but I don't need to stay there anymore. So again, if you notice, I should be, I'm not good enough.

[00:11:39] I'll never get this. I'm not smart enough. Look how smart that person is. I'm not like that. If that's happening for you, acknowledge it. Thank it, and know that you wouldn't be drawn to it if there weren't gifts in it for you, and just trust in that. The fourth quality that I highly encourage you to cultivate as you are studying astrology is non-attachment.

[00:12:03] This one's gonna be really hard, and I can attest to this because I've been in this situation as well. are gonna be things about learning your chart, learning about. That as you go deeper into studying astrology, you will have to either question or totally rethink. I know many people who thought their birth time was X and then they realized their birth time was a different time and it changed their chart.

[00:12:34] Or they started astrology, maybe tropical. And then they got a reading from a vedic astrologer who told them that the signs are totally different in sidereal astrology. And they were completely just thrown, like they, it was too much for them to handle. or when you start to play around with house systems, you may think, for example, your north node is in the eighth house, but then you switch the house systems and, oh my gosh, wait, my north node's in the ninth house.

[00:13:06] What does that mean? How do I integrate these paradoxes? How do I integrate these different systems or different approaches? Okay, So here's what I've noticed and here's what I've confirmed with the different astrologers that I get to work with here at the Astrology Hub. It seems as though. You know what you need to know about yourself, when you need to know it, and when there's another layer of yourself that you're ready to learn, you might be exposed to a different system or a different way or a different approach.

[00:13:36] And that doesn't mean that the things that you thought about yourself are untrue. It just means. There's more. We are complex. We want to be able to put things in a neat, tidy little box so that we can understand it and we can have some sort of, peace about knowing . But one of the things that you'll learn and experience the more you learn astrology is that there's so much we don't know.

[00:14:03] And the more we know, The more we realize that we don't know. So this idea of non-attachment, it doesn't mean that you can't explore the topics and really feel like, oh my gosh, that resonates, that feels true about me. Yes, and just be open to the possibility that there will be more to learn about you.

[00:14:24] That there will be things that seem to contradict themselves about you, and that's okay. And that is just the beauty of being human. I've seen people get so attached to the one way that they learned astrology, that they will fight and defend it to its death. They will become so attached to it that they end up attacking and putting other ways of doing astrology down.

[00:14:53] I've seen that that's not entirely useful, that that can actually get you very stuck in a perspective I had to go through this with, my birth time.

[00:15:02] At first I thought my birth time was 8:10 AM and then I looked at my birth certificate and it's 8:15 AM Now one might think that probably didn't change my chart too. But it did change a few key elements of my chart. And so what I did when I got that information was like, Ooh, there's that. That moment of like, I'm embarrassed because I thought it was this, but it's actually this.

[00:15:25] And then I realized that there were gifts from me thinking it was that, and there are gifts from me now knowing it is this. And so again, I just highly encourage you to have that sense of non-attachment as you approach your studies. Number five is non comparison. Comparing yourself to others, especially some of the astrologers that we have on this channel, for example, and or that you might find online at any place.

[00:15:56] Astrologers like Rick Merlin Levine or Christopher Renstrom or, Georgia Stathis, some of the legends in the field thinking. You are not a good astrologer because you are not them and you don't know as much as them and or having the thought. I will never know as much as them. None of that is gonna really help you.

[00:16:21] Comparing yourself to them and expecting yourself again to be where they're at. It just doesn't make any sense and it's not gonna help you. So many of the astrologers that we feature on this platform have literally been studying, practicing, and dedicated their entire life to astrology for decades.

[00:16:41] It'd be. Listening to Beethoven and expecting to be like Beethoven I'm seven years in and I'm like, I, I, I still am so much to learn. So me thinking, geez, I, I can never be like Rick Levine or I could never be like Georgia Stathis

[00:16:58] it doesn't do any good. It's first of all, trusting that as time goes on, I will continue to learn, but also that I will have my own way. Of doing astrology, you will have your own way of doing astrology, so you don't need to try to be like anybody else except for you who you are, and just trust that you're gonna have your unique way that you translate the language, that you filter the language, that you apply the language.

[00:17:29] If there's one thing that Astrology teaches us, it is that we are all completely unique. That we come in with our own design, that we are perceiving the world from that viewpoint, from that design point, and that our way of seeing the world, interpreting the world, experiencing the world is extraordinarily unique.

[00:17:52] I've also experienced, especially as astrology hub, where we. So many different astrologers that we, introduce you to. I've noticed that different astrologers and their approach and their resonance, their, the way they speak, they appeal to different people and not everyone appeals to everyone. Even the ones that you might consider the greatest, we will get people saying, I don't love that person's as approach to astrology.

[00:18:22] I don't like how they say this. So no matter what, there is gonna be a way that you do. and there are people out there that will benefit from the way that you do it uniquely. So comparison is not helpful, and really just trusting, again, in your own process and your own way that you're. In interpreting the information and in receiving the information and teaching the information and sharing the information, all of that, it's valuable and it has a place.

[00:18:56] Okay, so to recap, the five qualities that I have seen that astrologers have confirmed that our inner circle members have confirmed, are extraordinarily important to cultivate as a student of astrology, our curiosity, A and wonder patience, non-attachment and non comparison. If you have others that you have seen are really important for yourself, or if you've been study a while and you've been in a community and you've witnessed it in others, I invite you to put them in the chat.

[00:19:34] If you're listening on the podcast, we always love to hear from you too. You can, go over to our YouTube channel or you can access our podcast on our. Leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you. So thank you for adding to this list and maybe someday we'll do a second episode. If you found this helpful, we could do another episode that talks about additional qualities that are really helpful when you are starting to learn astrology.

[00:20:01] If nothing else, I just want to encourage you to be kind to yourself, to be gentle with yourself and just sit back and relax and enjoy and celebrate every win that you have. If you listen to a podcast and you get one thing from that podcast, celebrate that as a win. Acknowledge it. If you read an astrology book two years ago and you pick it up and when you read it two years ago, you've only received 10% of it.

[00:20:32] A lot of it went over your head, but you open that same book two years later, five years later, 10 years later, and you can get more of that book, celebrate that as a win. I know I used to sit on interviews with astrologers in the very beginning. , I think I, I got five to 10% of what they were saying.

[00:20:52] I knew that it was speaking to me somewhere very deep inside. I knew that I loved it. I knew that I wanted to be around it, but I didn't really understand it. So over time, I have been celebrating, wow, like I got 20% of that. I got 50% of that. Oh my gosh, I got a hundred percent of what that person said. I might not be able to say it.

[00:21:15] But I understood it. And so at every step of the way, celebrate your wins. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with yourself and above all else, enjoy the process. We would love to make that easy for you. Our Inner Circle membership is a great place to do that. We are not open for enrollment right now, but you can get on the wait list so that you're the first to know when we're open.

[00:21:38] You can go to astrology 23 to get on the wait list now, and in the meantime, enjoy. I hope you love the content that we have here at Astrology Hub. Thank you for joining and tuning into this episode. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. I hope it stays a part of your life and I can't wait to catch you on the next episode.

[00:21:58] Take.