[THE HOUSE SERIES] The 3rd House and the Familiar Parts of Your Life w/ Astrologer Donna Woodwell

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The Third House Explained by Master Astrologer, Donna Woodwell

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Astrologer Donna Woodwell talk about what the 3rd House represents in Astrology and how to use it when interpreting a birth chart.

You’ll learn …

๐ŸŒ‘ About the differences between the traditional and modern house definitions, and how they inform each other.
๐ŸŒ’ An easy way to think about the difference between house rulers and planets that are located in the houses in your chart.
๐ŸŒ“ How astrologers interpret planets in the third house, both in your natal chart and by transit.

Chapters ๐Ÿ“บ

0:00 Intro

2:59 What does the 3rd House Represent?

5:40 Traditional vs. Modern

13:17 Planets/No Planets in 3rd House

18:06 Examples for Deeper Comprehension

26:38 Specific Planets in 3rd House

30:35 Your Astrological Learning Journey

35:10 Multiple Planets in 3rd House

40:36 3rd House Transits

46:40 Continued Learning

48:09 Donnaโ€™s Mastery Class

50:46 Final Thoughts from Donna

52:26 Closing

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Welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. I’m Amanda Pool Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub and your host for our flagship show, we explore the many ways Astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in. This podcast is brought to you by the Inner Circle, your place to learn Astrology in community with the masters and transform your life in the process.

Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub podcast. My name is Amanda Pool Walsh. I’m the founder of Astrology Hub. And today I am so excited to be back here with all of you for the third episode in our new house series. So we are going through all 12 houses in an astrological Chart and exploring what they mean, what it means when you have planets there,

what it means when you don’t have planets there, and just really doing a deep dive into each of the houses. And today I am so excited to be here with astrologer and head mistress of the School of Magic and Mastery, Donna Woodall. And I’m gonna be telling you a little bit more about Donna here in a moment. And we’re gonna be talking about the Third House and focusing on some of the,

the elements, the, the qualities of that Third House. And let me just tell you a little bit about Donna. Some of you may know Donna, because Donna was one of the first Astrologers that we worked with here at Astrology Hub. She introduced us to many of the Astrologers that we continue to work with today. She was a huge force in the beginning of Astrology Hub and really setting the tone for the high quality that many of you are used to with our different,

the different content that we put out there. We’ve done a lot of amazing courses with Donna, but I’m gonna also give you a little bit about her background. Though Donna Wood well attended grad school to become a foreign correspondent, she had no idea how foreign she’d get after exploring ancient and modern magical and mystical practices for more than 20 years. Today she uses Astrology to help folks discover and live their unique genius.

In addition to her private consultations, Donna teaches Astrology and esoteric studies. She’s also written for major astrological websites, including Astrology, Hub, and Kepler College. As I said, she was one of the Astrologers who helped us get Astrology Hub off the ground seven years ago. And she is also one of our upcoming Inner Circle 2023 Astrologer Guides. We’re so excited for this.

And Donna, welcome back to the Astrology Hub podcast. Well, it is my absolute pleasure to be back on the Astrology Hub podcast. All right, so let’s dive in. What does the Third House represent? When someone’s looking at the Third House and they’re wanting to understand what it means, what would you say? Well, the first thing I would ask them or let them know is that there are actually two versions of house systems.

And if you’re going to a deep dive into Astrology, you’re gonna figure out that different people mean slightly different things. There’s a modern version of the houses that overlays the 12 signs of the Zodiac on top of the houses and say the First House is like Aries. The Second House is like tourists. And so the Third House is like Gemini and so on around the list.

But there is a second version of the houses that is far older that the Astrology charts were originally designed for. And each of the houses is associated with one of the seven visible planets and a few left over. So the meanings of the houses come from the planets associated with them, not by laying over the zodiac. So under the first system, we would talk about Gemini being ruled by Mercury and all of the associations that that would bring up into the Third House in the older system.

The Third House is all about the Moon and the Moon goddess. And since I am the Moon goddess, because I have the Moon rising and have Mercury at all over the place, I’ve figured you were doing a great job matching up someone’s personal horoscope with their ability to talk about the house. Oh yes. It has been very intentional, which is followers cover which houses.

So yes. So there you go. The Third House in essence is the house because it was originally the house of the Moon goddess. The Moon is the, the, the Lord, the Lady of the Night. She captures the energy of the Sun and steps it down in a very nurturing and loving way. She’s also taking the light of all the other planets and delivering it down in a way that we can do magic.

And because we see it from night to night, it’s the stuff that’s familiar to us. So the Third House was originally the stuff of all things familiar, the stuff we do day to day, our siblings, the family that we live with, anything that’s a routine that’s, that’s Third House stuff. When the modern Astrologers laid Mercury and Gemini on top of it,

they kept the messenger aspects of the Moon, but they layered it with a little more teaching. And, you know, going to primary school and, you know, short messages like email and stuff that we send back and forth and all of our basic conversations. But the Moon and Mercury have a lot of things in common. So it, it crystallizes the essence of those two planets,

Donna, for people or which that is very confusing, meaning, okay, so is it the old one or is it the modern one? And is it both? And is there a way to work with both and or do you sort of choose which, which one makes the most sense for you and practice with that? That is gonna depend on you.

Okay. And the way your brain works, some people are gonna work better choosing one flavor of Astrology and sticking with it and speaking that until they learn it really well and that will serve them well. Cuz ultimately, Astrology is a tool for opening your intuition. And you can do that in a lot of different ways. Some people are gonna prefer just doing the modern way because it’s what they’ve been learned and they don’t wanna have to relearn something else.

Some people are gonna prefer taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that and pushing it all together and coming up with their own unique perspective. That’s the beauty of Astrology. It is such a powerful set of tools and archetypes that you could even get the details technically wrong and still say something profound. I have met Astrologers who discovered their birth Chart,

their, their birth time on a birth certificate in the basement after having been a professional astrologer for 35 years and realized they had their own birth time wrong and having to like look wholly differently at themselves and yet realizing what they thought was true was just a step on the way and was still powerful, even if it was yeah, technically wrong. So I would tell people to cut themselves some slack and always ask the question is,

is this useful for where I am right now? Is it speaking to my heart for where I am right now? And is this giving me practical tools to work with as I move through my life? Okay, what would you say to someone for whom your answer, the answer you just gave, which it totally makes sense, however, I can also see it bringing up,

well, if it’s this, that all the above or none of the above, then is it even accurate? Like, is it even real? Does it even work? Like how would you answer that? It works if it works for you in your life in this moment. You know, I, I have been around psychic people and psychic experiences for so long now.

I recognize that all of this is one big conscious creation that we’re surrounded by. And what you put out in that conscious creation, you are gonna have reflected back to you. So if you ask a question with the right frame of mind, you can turn on the radio and have the radio announcer reflect back to you the answer to your question. So Astrology is just a,

a richly designed tool for having that conversation with the cosmos and even better of being able to speak back to the cosmos. So when we do Astrology, we’re not just looking and seeing what’s up there in the sky and saying, what does this mean? What that I should do right now? What’s, what’s the divine mind telling me to do? You can take those tools and say,

all right, I get this, I get what you’re saying to me, I’m gonna find the perfect moment to say something back to you and I’m gonna like say, I’m gonna start my business and this is what I’m saying to you about my intentions for my business, and we can turn it on its head. So that’s what makes it so elegant is it’s not just about getting the wisdom from the cosmos,

it’s about learning those same tools and harnessing it for how we live our lives so that we can say something back to the cosmos. Ugh, Donna, every time I get to engage with you, I am reminded about why I love you as an astrologer, why you were so influential in my path in Astrology. So I know we’re off script right now on the Third House and I’m gonna bring us right back.

But I just think this is really important because this is some of that broader perspective that is more of like an understanding that you’re coming to this craft with. And if you can really hear what Donna just said, it’s, it’s super profound and it will enrich your practice of Astrology and your engagement with learning it in such different ways than trying to approach it with that real linear like,

this means, this means this, and this always means this and it has to be this. And I just think so many times people get trapped in that, especially with something like Astrology that is, that can be so overwhelming at times to be trying to learn. But I, I completely agree. And the, the, the real danger with that is the stereotyping that it creates.

Because on the one hand you’re trying to use Astrology to understand yourself better, but if in understanding yourself you’re giving yourself a straight jacket that you’re limiting what you think you’re supposed to be, that I do not think was ever meant to be the purpose of this divine gift of Astrology that we have been, that we have been granted because it’s meant to free us not imprison us.

Hmm. Woo. Okay, Donald, let’s go back to the Third House. So you said a lot of things you said at first the, you know, the traditional meaning being all things familiar, siblings, family day-to-day kind of routines. Yes. I think Things, it was the, it was originally called the House of the Moon Goddess. So it’s original sentiment is all things Moon.

It’s, it’s what gives us rhythm, what feels familiar, what, who do we see every day, you know, it also includes what, what we make a habit out of what nurtures us. All that stuff goes into the house. When the modern system came along and we layered Mercury on top of it and Gemini it got tweaked a little bit and moved in the direction of messages,

communication, primary school, elementary school, those kinds of things got layered on top. So when people ask me why is the Moon related to siblings, which is a great question because people, people learning modern Astrology see the First, House equals Aries, Second House equals tourists, Third House equals Gemini. And they get the messages part, but they’re like Gemini siblings maybe because they’re twins.

And you go, no, it’s the reason it has s siblings in there. And what’s familiar is because that belongs to the older system of the Moon. So as you go through all the other houses in this series, you will hear some of them saying it’s related to this, this, and this, but where does this other thing fit in? And if they don’t know the answer,

there’s a really good chance it’s coming from the older system that’s hiding underneath the modern system because both systems have their own internal logic and often they support one another. And sometimes they’re like, what? So you just have to, once you unthread it all, you can begin to see the commonalities. Hmm. That’s really helpful. Yes. Okay. What does it mean to have planets in the Third House?

Does that mean you have more assignments in the area of Third House things this time around? Or I mean, what does it mean to have planets there and or to not have planets there? Also a question that comes up all the time with beginning Astrologers. I think for people who are new to who haven’t seen me around Astrology Hub, I think Amanda and I probably did one of the largest online Astrology classes ever.

When we did that first collection of Deko Brooklyn, we had 800 students in it. It was phenomenal. So when I say I heard students say over and over again, I really mean I’ve had literally thousands of students, many of which through Astrology Hub. So when they ask the question of what happens if I have planets in this house and what happens if I don’t have planets in this house and if I don’t have planets,

does that mean I don’t have purpose there? That’s the wrong question. Again, it’s the wrong question because that’s not the way Astrology was originally designed. When you look at what every house has a sign on the cusp, the entryway, the door of the house, whatever planet rules, the sign on the door of that house has the responsibility for that house.

They’re the landlord of the house. The landlord, just like the landlord of your apartment or wherever else you live is the most important planet because it’s the one that gets desi decide what happens in there. So everyone by definition has someone in charge of their house. So like for me, I have Aquarius on the Third House cusp. So Saturn is in charge of my Third House affairs.

And so I would look at my Chart and see where Saturn is and what it’s doing to get a description of how I go about things in the Third House. So for me, Saturn brings structure and Saturn happens to be in the Seventh House in Gemini teach it. So I give people highly structured answers to help them work through whatever they’re learning in Third House affairs.

Okay, so everybody has someone there and is who’s responsible. Nobody’s out of this conversation. So you can’t just tune out because you think you have no planets there. So planets that are in that house are like house guests. So just imagine you have like a, like a a b Airbnb place, you have a cottage, it’s gonna feel different if you have different kinds of guests in the house than if you have nobody in the house.

And so if you have planets there, yes, that means there’s a lot more activity going on and someone’s challenging the way you do things or someone’s just letting you run your own show. If there’s like nobody there, it just depends. So a Mars in the Third House is gonna be boisterous and and energetic. And guess who has Mars in their Third House.

It’s gonna be hard to sit still while you are going through your daily routines. If someone has, let’s say, Jupiter there, they’re gonna be very optimistic. If someone has Saturn there, they’re gonna be, they’re gonna take that and they’re gonna be more slow and considerate. But that just because you don’t have planets there or not doesn’t mean it’s not important to you.

So always remember first thing to look at is who is the landlord? And use that to go through all of your houses so you’ll get a whole different perspective on who you are and how you’re navigating the world. Hmm. And we have created a free gift for you if you don’t know how to do that, if you don’t know how to figure out who’s the ruler or the landlord and then how to find that,

that planet in your Chart and then synthesize those things together. So you can go to Astrology app.com/ruler and get more information on that and start to work this out for yourself. Again, that’s free Astrology Hub dot com slash ruler. Okay. Donna, can you help me understand this a little bit more? Okay, so the Third House is, well help me and all of us.

Yes. Not just me, it gives us rhythm. It’s, it’s the house of the Moon got, its, so it’s what’s familiar, what we make a habit out, out of what nurtures us. Those are the, some of the things I wrote down. Whatever planet you have on the house, cusp, you find that planet and where it resides in your Chart and where it resides in your Chart tells you what.

And then how does that relate to the Third House? How do you like, okay, Bring those things together. Let me use you another example. Okay, I’m reading your Chart, which I’m doing from memory, and I haven’t looked at it in three years, so please correct me if I’m wrong. I just, You’re so good, Donna. You Know,

it’s sad. You see so many charts, but some peoples, you remember, all right, so you have Aquarius rising. Yes, for sure. Okay. So I do all of my natal readings in whole sign because it’s very archetypal and it’s also so much easier to teach in. We don’t have to worry about things like intercepted houses and all the other are crazy stuff.

So just using a whole sign system, if you have Aquarius rising by definition you have Aries on your Third House. Okay. So Aries on your Third House means Mars is in charge of Third House activities. And I believe your Mars is over there in Leo with the Saturn thing over there. Okay, gotcha. Yes. So you are exactly like me.

You have the ruler of your Third House in your Seventh House. So we have this in common and probably one of the reasons we get along so well is that we’re both energetically passionate about having people to talk to. We fulfill our mission in life by having those ongoing conversations. It’s part of how we learn and engage the world. It can work really well for people who are teaching.

It can be beautiful for people who are interviewing. It can be amazing for consultation work. So you and I would be good at both of those things because of the way our charts are set up. So if you happen to have planets and Aries, those are going to be changing how you express your Third House energies by kind of like adding adjectives to the process.

So if you had, you were always going to have the, the passionate pursuit of communicating with the other regardless of what’s in there. But if you had, let’s say, Saturn in there, you would be more like conservatively and slowly, passionately pursue communication with others. And if you had, let’s say, Venus in there, it would be romantically or erotically or beautifully passionately pursue communication with others.

It would change the style but not the function. Does that help, are You bringing the communication piece in because it is part of the Third House or because It’s part of the Third House Because it’s the Seventh House, for me Specifically, it’s, it’s Third. House is how you communicate with others. Okay. So it is the, it is the modern thing also.

So It’s, yes, they’re both, they, but that’s why they, that’s why the two things stick together because it’s still, I mean, the Moon was originally a messenger too, but she’s an energy messenger more than a verbal messenger. Just like, you know, we intuitively connect to people, we empathically connect to people. And so the, the house now has both connotations.

The moon’s also got a, a messenger category in bringing down the energy of the other planets. It’s tied up into the whole concept of the void Moon, you know, that’s the reason why we have the concept of the void Moon is the same reason that the, that the Third House means what it does, which I know is strange. But once you really get into Astrology,

you’re like, oh my God, all the pieces are fitting together because now I understand what they were thinking when it got designed in the first place. So the, the Third House is how we receive, it’s how we receive and communicate. So we pull energy in and we send it back out. There you go. Okay. That’s helpful. So for,

for anybody looking at this again, for themselves, they’re gonna look at the, the ruler of the house cusp, and then they’re gonna see where that is in their Chart. And then the way that they communicate, nurture, receive information, the way that we, that they make habits out of their day-to-day sort of reality. It’s going to have a flavor of where that planet lives in nurture.

Exactly. Like, so here’s another example for me that ruler is Saturn for you. The ruler is Mercury, I mean at Mars. So I am far more conservative when it comes to my daily activities. And you are probably more likely to just, Hey, that feels good. Let me go, go, just go do it. So that’s something like if we were ever roommates,

it would be great to know those things about each other because it would, it would be involved in how we like kept the house and, and how we navigated things. Another thing that’s really useful for this kind of information is it can help you, It can help you understand, I mean all the relationships that you’ve had in your life, why certain people set up routines and,

and things the way that they do. Like you and I, because Third House ruler is habits, the ruler is someplace else. My life does not function as well if I don’t have a sounding board and accountability from someone else for what I’m gonna do because I’ll have all these ideals, but I’ll just be like, oh, there’s a bird and I’ll go run after that thing.

And it’s only when I have a meeting structure or something or a coach where I have to show up and do this at a certain period of time. That’s because I am kind of outsourcing and projecting that routine energy onto someone else. And it’s, I’m, I know that about myself. So as I’m planning for things, you know, that I will always have a coach or a personal assistant.

It’s gotta be one or the other or somebody who makes me accountable. And you and I are the same way that that’s why, again, why we work so well together, cuz we could be that for each other. Kind of like that that yeah, that Go ahead. And the reason why that’s a particular nuance for you and me is because we both have the house ruler of the Third House in the Seventh House.

Yes. Where we’re projecting it out, where We’re projecting it out. Okay. If you had it in the, let’s say you had it in the Fourth House, you would be far more interested in talking about family. You would be far more likely to do whatever your family members have done because it’s rooted in structure. If you had your ruler in the,

in the Ninth House, the Ninth House is opposite the Third House and all the houses work in pairs. So if the Third House is everything that’s familiar to you, the house of the Moon goddess, the Ninth House is the house of the Sun God. And it’s everything that is outside your comfort zone. So if the ruler of your Third House is in the Ninth House,

you need a lot more variety in your world. You need to like, you need to keep comparing and contrasting stuff that goes on so that you can learn about where you are right now. If you had it in the Eleventh House, that’s the house of things that support you. So, you know, groups and friendships and stuff like that, you would find it easier to do things with a group.

Or like if, like let’s say you wanted to start a new exercise routine, please go find your group of friends because you’re much more likely to go and exercise if you have like a little team that you can go jogging with than if you were all by yourself. If you had the ruler of your Third House in your Twelfth House, you, you might need to be by yourself.

You might be like, I can’t concentrate with all this noise. Please let me just have some space to manage this. So it’s, it’s why it’s really useful to understand the whole energy pattern behind where all the owners of the houses are, because it’s literally given you the wiring diagram of how you have to do things in your own personal style in order to get things accomplished.

So helpful. Okay. So you already said that if you have planets in the Third House, those are like the tenants in your Airbnb. Yeah. Is there, are there any planets that place more emphasis on the Third House? So for example, if you have the Sun in the Third House, does it have more significance to you or something like Pluto in the Third House,

does it have more significance to You? Well, this, I mean, each of the planets has their, brings their own gifts. So I mean, different, different guests are gonna bring different gifts. And so the Sun is about shining and being vital. And that you need to have, you have a certain emphasis on on what if your Sun is in your Third House,

there’s gonna be a certain energy and vitality by, based on whatever’s going on in there. But remember when I look at a Chart, and the traditional way of looking at a Chart would be to ask the Sun rules something. So the landlords are like, they own something, but then they’re somewhere else on the board if they were like going around the monopoly board of an Astrology Chart.

So you can’t completely answer the question of what the planet is doing until you understand which area of the Chart it’s bringing to you. So in your case, Amanda, why your Chart is so very fascinating. It’s because the ruler of your Seventh House is the Sun. And if you had the Sun, in your case, in the Third House, you would kind of have this mutual reception going on between,

I know the fir that’s not where your Sun is, but if it were, you would have this direct hotline between these two houses. And so whenever, whenever messages repeat each other over and over again in our charts, it creates people who are very, very clear about what they’re gonna end up doing. Like you pick up the Chart and you’re like,

okay, now I know what we’re dealing with. So I always tell people when I sit down and do like astro personal astrological readings, a Chart is like, what you packed for this incarnation? And you are the absolute happiness when you use everything in the suitcase that you brought with you. And some people, you open the suitcase and it’s like, Ooh,

you are going skiing. That’s really simple. I know where you’re going and we get to talk about that. Or Hey, this is a beach, this is a beach suitcase deal, we got this. But other people are more like, they’ve packed on the Girl Scout motto, always be prepared for everything. And it’s all shoved into the suitcase and you’re like,

wow, you can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of this. And it makes people feel, I don’t know, some, sometimes I feel like I’m, I’m helping clients recognize that there’s nothing wrong with them because they don’t have a clear sense of purpose. And I’m like, look, you don’t have,

it’s not that you don’t have a clear sense of purpose, it’s you wanted to give yourself a lot of options because some people are learning something that requires them to have lots of options. And it’s, it’s a different experience than if someone’s like me, where it’s like Mercury, Mercury, Mercury all about Mercury. And every job I’ve had has been very mercurial.

You know, that’s me. That’s not necessarily everybody else. And that’s why the beautiful thing about looking at the, one of the great lost things of modern Astrology is the emphasis that traditional Astrologers pa placed on the rulers of the houses because it truly gave people like a key to understanding who had responsibility for what and where, and which ones were stronger, where they were placed in a way that teaches you,

oh, not only these are my gifts, these are the things that I’m working on, and sometimes the things that I’m working on are the things that are actually the most important stuff because you’re getting the biggest evolutionary bump by having to learn it, the, the, the slow painful way, if that makes any sense. I just want to say something here to any of you who are like,

wow, I’m catching about 20% of this, or even 10% of this. Like some of it I’m getting and a lot of it I’m not. What I want to reflect to you is that when I used to listen to Donna four, five years ago, three years ago, I was seven years ago, definitely in the same place seven years ago, I’d be like,

whoa, what is she even talking about? This is like, whoa. I didn’t, I didn’t catch very much at all. And now I do, and this only reason why I wanna bring this up is because that has been my experience of learning Astrology. And I think a lot of people can agree that it’s this, it’s, it’s like you get immersed in the language,

you start to learn, you learn what you, what you need to know at each point in your, in your process and you, and there’s a trusting that has to happen in that. And someday you look back and go, oh my gosh, I’m following, I am finally getting this, like I’m finally speaking the language. So I just want to offer that as a,

as a, as something to hopefully give you some solace and some hope that it’s okay exactly where you’re at and what you’re getting is what you need to get right now and everything else you don’t need to get right now. And As you said, it’s a language. Yeah. If you turned on, you know, Spanish language television and you don’t speak Spanish,

you can’t expect to understand every word that’s said. And if you were to go to Latin America and they’re all speaking Spanish around you, I guarantee you the first things you would learn with the stuff that you absolutely needed to know because someone was in your face telling you, you would go, oh, okay, I get it. And you’ll learn not from there.

So I I, and make it even more complicated is that we come to Astrology because we read a book and, and we or we read our horoscopes and whatever that, or We get our Chart read. Yeah. And whatever that perspective is, we think that is what Astrology is. And if you’re listening to me now, you may or may not realize that the difference between a horoscope online that you read and having a personal reading is a big jump.

And the difference between having a personal reading from someone else to learning how to do it yourself is a big jump. And then a then, and then there’s another jump to realize, wait, I can do a personal reading in one style to realize there’s all this other stuff out there. And there are very few Astrologers, like me, I sat on the boards of two national associations.

I’ve been doing this for like a very, very long time. I speak like four or five different sub languages of Astrology. So communicating to people when it’s brand new, it’s kind of fun because you get to use metaphor and things, but you, you, it’s a language. It takes years to master Astrology in all of its forms in a way that you can fluently speak the language,

Completely agree with everything you just said, Donna. And I just wanna add that at every step of the way, even though you’re not fluent yet, at every step of the way, you are getting more confidence, more reflection back about who you are, about the people in your life. So it’s a joyful process. It’s not like you have to go from here to there and you’re not enjoying it until you get there.

The thing is, you’ll be enjoying the process as you go because it’s delightful at every turn. It’s like every new thing you learn, it’s like, whoa, more light bulbs, more ahas. So that’s The purpose of Astrology is not to be right. The purpose of Astrology is to provide insight into knowing thyself and the people around you and why you’re here.

And ultimately that’s an inside out job. You know, you, you can read a Chart whatever way you want. There’s always room for interpretation. It’s not until you feel it and can internalize it, that it becomes real in the sense that you recognize that you are part of a conscious cosmos having a conversation with you. And Astrology is just an incredibly sophisticated language in which to have that conversation with the cosmos.

Bam. Yes. All about the Third House there. It’s the language of the cosmos that we are speaking. Yes. Topic of the Third House. Okay, let me ask you another question about the Third House, okay. And I know I, I like already anticipate what you’re gonna say, but let me just ask it, Go for it. What does it mean if your Third House is loaded?

Like what if you have a ton of planets there? Like how would you, would that as an astrologer, would that jump out at you? And how would you interpret that? Totally keeping in mind everything you’ve just said about the ruler of the house cusp and everything. Okay. So if you have a bunch of planets in any house, it doesn’t really matter what house they’re in.

That means all of the landlords are in one place and they’re all having this interesting conversation with, with each other. So if the rulers of your seventh Tenth and I don’t know, second are all in your Third House together, that means your relationships from the Seventh House, your career from the Tenth House and your finances from the Second House are all getting together and having a meeting in your Third House.

So I would start asking the person questions about, so what do you think is the relationship between, you know, how you relate to other people and your career path? Do you find most of your friends from your career? Okay. And then I start asking questions, how about, I mean, most people’s financials are associated with their career in this day and age,

but not everybody’s and they’re all having conversations. If it’s, if it’s Third House stuff, Third House businesses tend to be things that focus on the routines. So it could be someone who’s making their income being a business coach for private clients. It could be someone who is, that would be a good one, actually. Financial coaching might be a good one for that constellation of energies,

especially for some system that was setting up routines in someone’s life. Like, you know, you know, when you go to coaches, they’re like, we need you to do this and this and this, and make sure every morning you get up and do this and, and let’s get your, they’re giving you like a meal plan. Yeah. All that.

Your meal. And I, I if, if, if that had, if the Moon was one of those planets that was ruling one of those places, like if you had the First House ruler in the Moon in the, in the Third House, I would say this is someone who’s gonna be a nutritional coach. But you see what I’m doing there?

I’m taking the energies of Seventh House stuff is usually about either relationships or one-on-one partnerships and consulting in some way or interviewing other people. Tenth House is usually career stuff and reputations Second House is usually, you know, the stuff of money, your resources and things, and you put them all in the Third House and you’re gonna wanna use them together in a unified way.

And usually when someone’s trying to use things in a unified way, they’re going, how can I make money off of this because I want to do this and this and this. And poof, a new coaching business of some kind is born. That’s not the only solution, but is a solution. But I w this is where I would be talking to the person in the chair asking,

what are you actually doing with all of this energy? One of the major lessons I ever learned in Astrology was the first Astrology conference I ever went to. I, again, super mercurial and I broke my hand in a car accident. So I had to go to the conference with a cast from like all the way up my arm. So they didn’t disturb all of the bones that they had pinned back together again.

And I had people the whole conference going, so you must have this and this and this going wrong in your Chart to get bad karma of breaking your, your arm. And I get to the point where I hated, I hated all of Astrologers. And this was the first time I’d met them on mask. I’m like, I don’t even like you.

Until one person came up to me and said, what do you think happened? And I was like, thank God. Someone asked me what I thought the problem was and I took that away into my entire Astrology practice. And do not underestimate asking the person in the chair next to you how they’re using the energy. One, it’s more respectful of the person that you’re talking to.

Two, you are gonna learn so much more about a Chart from the person’s experience of it than you are from whatever intellectual, theoretical understanding that you have learned from books or from other teachers, even ones like me. So you are gonna learn more from what you learn from their Chart connecting to their words than you ever will from all the books in the world.

And it makes for a better experience for everyone all around. So there is my Third House advice for you. Simply ask, gather information and don’t assume you know everything. And if you’re looking at it for yourself, it’s, you’re asking yourself those questions. These can be You’re asking yourself Or you know, something that you’re contemplating, how am I integrating or synthesizing right the energy of the these different houses into the Third House.

Okay. Exactly What happens when you are having a planet transiting through the Third House. What, what does that do? Well that gets more complicated for most people. And it also depends on how fast the planet is moving. You are not going to notice a planet moving into a house except when it runs into the sign of the house and it switches signs.

Or you happen to have a planet there and something’s bumping into it because houses are fundamentally how the cosmic Chart of the moment you were born hits the planet. You can’t have houses without a birthplace. They don’t exist. They don’t make any sense whatsoever. They are the physical incarnation of the energies of a Chart. That’s why everything revolves around the physical kickable stuff of life.

But house cuffs, spin things, especially if you’re not using whole sign. whole sign just aligns the house cuffs with the start of the sign. They’re not real. I mean they are abstract points in space and they can have useful things. Some of the house systems can be really good for timing. But for most people whose brains are flooded with information and over stimulus day by day,

if you haven’t sat down and really dialed in what things feel like there’s a good chance, you’re not even gonna notice. And especially you might notice the First House, the Fourth House, the Seventh House and the Tenth House. But you’re probably not gonna notice the Third House, if I’m totally honest with you. People will notice Pluto moving into a sign.

It’s moving into, it’s an interesting question. It’s moving into Aquarius in just a few months in March, that happens to be my Third House. Do I expect my Third House activities to dramatically change because Pluto is moving in there and it’s going to be there for 20 years? No, not really. Will it impact the world? Yes, but it’s gonna impact the world because it’s in Aquarius,

not because it’s in the world’s Third House because the world doesn’t have a Third House, it just doesn’t work that way. So I would not stress over that kind of stuff. People don’t go to Astrologers because planets moved into their Third House. People go to Astrologers because Uranus is on their ascendant or because Pluto is conjuncting their Sun. They don’t, so I wouldn’t stress over those kinds of things.

Okay, so only if you have a planet in the Third House and another planet is hitting that planet. Yes. But it’s more about the two energies combining Yes, necessarily than it is about the house that it’s Happening. It’s more about, unless It’s a house on the angles, Unless it’s a house, the house is on the angles. Turn your life.

You can think of them say it’s, they can say it that way. They change the, they are the physical scaffolding of who you are. You have stuff on one of them you’re gonna notice. But the Third House, it’s Mercury, it’s the Moon. Maybe you get a little busier, but you know the, the Moon. If, if you really wanna know for yourself what this feels like,

the Moon will be in your Third House once a month. Write it down on a calendar. If you ever wanna understand the meaning for the houses yourself, go and write down when the Moon is in that house of your own natal chart and see if you notice the difference. How would you know? How would you notice the difference? Or how would you know?

No, no, no. How would you actually do that? How if you’re someone that’s like, I wanna do that, but I don’t know how to know if the Moon is in my Third House, Okay, you need what’s called an ephemeris or an as specter. It’s just a special astrological calendar. Most apps have, like ephemeris will just have the listing of the Moon where it is every day.

And when it switches signs, the Moon switches signs every two and a half days. So all you need to do is open your app and see what sign the Moon is in. Again, I’m gonna use whole sign here because it’s easier to talk to you about it. If you have whatever’s rising on your as on your, on your ascendant, just count two houses after that and that will be your Third House.

So as I said, I Sagittarius rising, so Sagittarius, you can use your fingers for this. Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius, that’s my Third House. Amanda has Aquarius rising. So Aquarius Pisces Aries, she has Aries on your Third House. If you had Gemini rising Gemini cancer Leo, you would have Leo on your Third House. So you could easily determine which is on your whole sign house cusp.

And then you just can look in your spec and see every day, let’s say you had Leo on the Third House, every, every 30 days when the Moon moves back into Leo, you’re having a Third House Moon. And just ask yourself, do I feel any different today? I honestly, I most people will say not really anything different. I dunno if you find something,

it’s like, am I projecting? So people, again, people don’t come to see Astrologers because of Third House stuff. They come to see Astrologers when it’s tangling up with an ascendant or the Sun probably a really slow moving planet because their life is falling apart. You know that your life doesn’t fall apart when it’s in the Third House. Hmm. Okay.

So helpful. You’re welcome. I feel like I have this whole new understanding and appreciation of the Third House, but then also each astrologer is giving us these, you keep explaining it in different metaphors and different stories in different ways. And the more times we hear it from different perspectives, the the more it’s getting ingrained. And I can feel that process happening in myself.

And I hope that’s happening for all of you. It is one of the reasons why I love that we get to do this in a Hub like fashion where you’re learning from a lot of different perspectives because, and a certain astrologer will language it a way that you’re like, oh, oh, I get it. Or it’s the repetition of hearing it, but hearing it just a little bit different.

And then the third or fourth time, it’s like, oh my gosh, I get it. I finally get it. So we’re on the Third House, wait until we’re at the Twelfth House. You’re all gonna be figuring this out. You’re gonna be answering the questions before the astrologer does, And then you’re gonna wanna watch the whole thing over again because you’re gonna get such an incredibly deeper perspective on what everyone says based on how the,

but that’s how Astrology works, you know? Yes. You get a richer perspective from, we are always moving around the Chart, understanding ourselves by what’s opposite us. And when you learn to do that, you’ll learn how to move and shift with whatever’s happening in your world. So Brava to you for organizing this space, for this magic, this alchemical astrological magic to Happen.

Oh my gosh, it is our pleasure. Oh wow. Okay. Donna, I think we already know what your mastery class is gonna be when you’re an inner circle astrologer. I hope so. You told us, can you Tell I did. That doesn’t mean I saw your title, your Mastery Class title and I was like, yes. Finally, I feel like I know nothing about this.

Can you share what it’s gonna be about? About I I really hope that we are doing the part of Fortune and the part of spirit in Astrology and we Yes. Because it relates to the free gift that’s also began as the loyalty program thing for how you find money in a Chart. Yes. Which is relating to what Georgia Staes is doing about finding money in a Chart,

which you must have just talked about for the Second House stuff, right? Yes, exactly. Okay, so part of fortune and part of spirit, yes. You’re gonna be decoding those for Us. Yes, we are. We’re gonna be learning how to actually, we are gonna learn around where they come from, why they’re important, and how you can use them in your own Chart in a way you might not have considered before.

And I was just talking to Joe a moment ago that my lecture might be longer than we expected. So I can always throw in the other Hellenistic lots, you know, the part of Venus, the part of Mercury and the part of the rest of them. If you guys wanna take it even further in your studies, I promise you, you will never think about these parts the same way again once I get done with them.

And you, That’s so exciting because I, I mean, I see those things in the Chart and I’m like, I, I have no idea what they mean. I I, I can’t even begin to interpret what they might mean for myself or anybody else. So that’s very exciting. And if you are not an Inner Circle member right now, we will be opening up enrollment in March of 2023.

Now we have shifted from the Solstice to the Equinox in terms of our open enrollment periods. And you will get this mastery class as a bonus gift cuz you will have missed Donna’s month. But you will get it as a bonus gift when you join in March. So if you are interested in this and you want to make sure that when we do open enrollment in March that you get to join us for the Inner Circle,

make sure you get on the wait list right now. So you can do that at Astrology Hub dot com slash IC 23. That’s IC as in Cat 23 or, or Season Circle. And what was I gonna say about that? Oh, and Inner Circle members, you get to enjoy this from Donna here in just next month or in a few months from now.

So very exciting. All right, Donna, thank you so much. Is there anything else you wanna add about the Third House as we frolic on our ways? Enjoy all the houses. Aren’t we lucky that we live in a mansion? Each one of these houses represents a part of ourselves, a part of our lives. And wouldn’t life be boring if we only had one of them?

Oh God, we have 12 of them. They’re like, they’re all, think of them all as temples. It’s, it’s the temples that hold all the favorite stuff of the planets and the, and the Third House is just the temple of the Moon goddess and it holds all the moon’s favorite things. So that includes, I says, and if you’re think familiar,

everything that helps you nurture yourself, the systems and routines that you have to use to make sure you feel like you are supported through life. And the Moon has a little bit of a magical edge to it. So it’s also one of the magical houses of how you make magic happen in your life. And all the questions that you have about your life can be answered by one of the houses.

That’s what they’re for. And so any questions on those topics? You look at the Chart ruler, you look at the planets that are in there, you look at, you know, some other configurations that involve the house, and all of a sudden you have an answer to any kind of questions you might ask. So think about that when you go through the other houses as well.

You know, the Fourth House answers questions about your home and family and your ancestry and the Fifth House about how you have fun in the world and so on around all the houses, all the stuff that Astrologers ask us, there is a house that has an answer. Wow. Donna, you are a pleasure as always, and we will be learning about the Fourth House from Caitlin Castell next week,

so looking forward to that too. Thank you everyone for joining us for this series. I hope that you’re getting a lot out of it and that you’re learning a lot. I know I am. And so it’s really fun to be learning right along with you, Donna, thank you for your brilliance and genius. We’re so happy to have you in the inner Pleasure,

pleasure in 2023, and just excited to, to be doing more with you because it’s always so much fun to co-create and everything that you said about our charts and the reasons why we work so well together, I was like, oh gosh, that resonates a hundred percent. So awesome. All right, thanks everybody so much for being here. Make sure you get your free ruler gift if you haven’t already.

We’re breaking down lots of the information so that you can just have it with you and have your Chart with you and start to really figure this out for yourself. Again, that’s at Astrology Hub dot com slash ruler. Make sure you get on the inner circle wait list. That’s Astrology Hub dot com slash IC 23. All right, thanks everybody. Thank you for being a part of our community,

and thank you as always for making Astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode. Take care.