Your Second House: Money Resources & Values w/ Astrologer Georgia Stathis

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The Second House Explained by Business Astrologer, Georgia Stathis

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh and Vedic Astrologer Georgia Stathis talk about what the 2ndt House represents in Astrology and how to use it when interpreting a birth chart.

You'll learn …

🌑 How the second house reveals your core values — whether you have planets there or not!
🌒 What the sign on your second house says about your relationship with money and your earning potential.
🌓 All about the lessons the 2nd House can teach you over time about making, saving and spending money.

Chapters 📽️

0:00 Intro

1:48 What Does the 2nd House Mean

2:30 What if I Have No Planets in the 2nd House

6:53 Transits in the 2nd House

13:44 How to Find the 2nd House

16:29 Types of 2nd House by Sign

19:14 How Can the 2nd House Help You Find Money

20:21 Chiron in the 2nd House

23:40 Day Trading and Investments

29:14 The Meaning of a 2nd House Stellium

34:18 Summary

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I'm Amanda P. Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub, and your host For our flagship show, we explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in.

[00:00:23] This podcast episode is brought to you by the Inner Circle, your place to learn astrology and community with the masters and transform your life in the process. Hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I am so excited to be here with all of you and very excited. I always, always love connecting with business and financial Astrologer, Georgia Status. Georgia is just one of the most amazing living legends of astrology that we have available to us today, and I love her so much.

[00:00:57] I always love connecting with you. Georgia, thank you for [00:01:00] joining the show. Thank you for inviting. All right. Well, George is also an upcoming Inner Circle astrologer next year, 2023. But what we wanted to do is introduce a topic that comes up a lot. There's a lot of questions around the houses, and so we're doing this series with our inner circle astrologers for 2023 to really go through each of the houses in a lot of details so that you can get a deeper understanding of what.

[00:01:29] Each house represents and what it means when you have no, no plants in a house, or a lot of planets in a house. All the different areas of, of life that the house represents. So Georgia is here to talk to us today about the second house and, uh, Georgia. Let's just start with the big picture overview. What is the second house all.

[00:01:51] Well, you know, the second house is part of the first three in the horoscope, which is, you know, right when we're born. I mean, the first three houses, [00:02:00] first house will be spoken about in another um, group, but that's the physical body when it comes in. The second house is about, you know, what is it that has to do with your value for yourself?

[00:02:12] The second we're gonna talk a lot about that today is what do you value? I mean, a lot of people think the second house is about money, which it is, but it's bigger than that. It's about, it's actually on what I would term, actually, Carol Rushman term, this, the axis of desire, the second in the eighth house are the axis of desire, and in the natural zodiac, of course, Venus.

[00:02:35] Is a natural ruler of the second house and Venus and Taurus. Taurus is a natural Second House is a very organic, very seductive, very, um, or, uh, feeling very uh, earthy, very sensual kind of energy. And so the second house has quite a bit to do. Especially with the sign that's on the second house and the planet that rules it will tell you a lot about your chart in [00:03:00] terms of, first of all, what you value.

[00:03:03] Even if you don't have any planets in the second house. You know, if you have Gemini, for example, on the second house, your value is you value information and knowledge, and so that's your currency. And you always wanna look to see what planets rule these houses and where they're placed in your horoscope, because that's a clue as to how you can.

[00:03:27] Receive those kinds of things in your life, how you can use your currency or where you best are suited. And of course, you want to look at the aspects to those rulers as well, because if it's, say a Saturn hard aspect, say Mercury, it doesn't mean that you're never going to have any money. What it means is that you may be very focused.

[00:03:48] You know, you have to remember all the planets, whatever, whatever sign is on the second house, whether it's a happy sign, , or not, such a happy sign as some people call 'em. Everything has its positive and [00:04:00] negative. And the other key thing we wanna look at too is it's our attitude. This is very important.

[00:04:06] Our attitudes towards money or resource in general. You know, the thing that's interesting about the second house, What we value is what we make money on. What we value is what we spend money on. So for example, if you have, say, this is general, if you have the sign of Sagittarius on the second house, even if you don't have any planets in there, what do you value?

[00:04:28] You love freedom. Okay? And where's Jupiter? Which rules sad in your chart? That's where you find your freedom. You know, if you have Libra, the second house rule by Venus, that's about what you value is beauty and symmetry and balance and, and relationships. Even though there may no be, no, no planets in there whatsoever.

[00:04:52] And so that's. And you have to find out what that's about. That's why I say the first three, Ray Merriman always called the first three, uh, [00:05:00] houses in the horoscope, the rogue quadrant, which I kind of agree with him because this is where you establish your independence in the first, second, and third house of who you're gonna be in the world.

[00:05:11] And these are fairly primitive lessons that we have to learn, but they're the functional lessons so that we can move forward in our lives. So that's one, uh, comment I wanted to make. I also wanted to mention that, and this is how I work. Um, even if you don't have any planets in the, in the second house, is there a planet in your horoscope that is squaring, say that house.

[00:05:37] And that's gonna give you more information about how you spend your money or how you spend your time. Time, especially cuz Saturn has to do with time. If you don't have any planets in the hor in the second house, don't believe that. That doesn't mean you can't make money because it's, you know, it doesn't.

[00:05:53] And sometimes when you have a lot of planets in there, which a lot of people do sometimes, there's a lot of conversations going on with [00:06:00] the archetypes of the planet as to exactly what your values are, you know? The second house also shows the gifts that we have or the skills that we have, that we've have not necessarily cultivated in our lives that can help us make money.

[00:06:16] It's our earning potential. Second house is your earning potential. The eighth house is literally how you, uh, by working with other people's resources, you gain your own, but the second house shows your earning potential. And you know, for example, if somebody has Saturn in the second house, they might, if they're not, Well trained, say, oh, that's a terrible planet to have in the second house.

[00:06:40] But what it might mean since Saturn has to do with real estate or organizational work or bones or chiropractic, is that maybe your skills are good at real estate or organizational work, or bones or teeth. All the Saturn rulerships, it's the same thing. It goes with the planet that rules the house. [00:07:00] And the other thing that happens, even if you don't have any house planets in the second house, It is quite possible that over time, if you live long enough, which most of us are doing these days, um, that a planet will perhaps progress into your second house, which will be almost like that.

[00:07:19] It's kind of like a stage. That's kind of what it's like. It's like the, the, the doorway to each house is the curtain. When a by transit, first of all, when a transit goes into a house, especially a slow transit like Saturn, okay, it takes two and a half to three years. When Saturn walks onto the stage through the, through the curtains of the second house, that means for the next two and a half years doesn't mean you're gonna be broke.

[00:07:44] But since Saturn has to do with responsibility, and I see this all the time, people will feel they're not having enough money coming in. But the reality is if they're smart, which most people are, they're not really having enough extra because they're putting it in something for the future,[00:08:00]

[00:08:02] you know? And that's how I look at it. I look at the second house as being the stage, you know, of who you, what you value, who you value, what you feel about your. And you have to really know that before you're able to work with other people. That's the key thing too. It also shows how it, it also shows a capacity since it is in the natural zodiac, um, a fixed house.

[00:08:25] It shows your capacity to hold onto things and your capacity or wisdom perhaps, to be able to know when it's time to let go of things. And that's key, especially what's happening now in the world. Because right now, For everybody on the planet. Uranus, which wakes us up, is in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, which is values.

[00:08:51] So the entire world is being chaotic about their values. Entire world. Along with the eclipses, and so [00:09:00] it's not a surprise that we have this chaos going on in the world as far as value and money and extremes. You know, you're, for example, I had a great teacher, I don't know if Jim Shears around anymore, but in Berkeley, back in the early seventies, he used to teach courses and he had some really key phrases, and I do remember he said if a person, this is for Uranus.

[00:09:19] He said, if you have Uranus in your natal chart in the second house, he said, and this is funny because Uranus is kind of quirk. The way he put it was you, you drive a Mercedes-Benz, but you live in a cold water flat because it's quirky. Uh, Uranus in the second house can also indicate a person or Aquarius on the second house to indicate a person who works on commission.

[00:09:46] Cause Uranus isn't regular, it's. Jobs, it's groups. It's, it's one day here, the here and the next day it's gone. Uh, Aries or Mars, you know, on the second house is a person who [00:10:00] very pioneering in terms of their ideas to make money, but they have to really learn how to control their spending. They can be impulsive when they're younger.

[00:10:09] So, you know, all these different signs that are on these houses and the, the planets that rule them and the planets that. Square them or trying them. They help you give more information about where you can find your niche, if you will. And that's what the second house is really about. I love the second house.

[00:10:26] I think it's also about how you put down roots. It also shows what gives you security. You know, just because a lot of people think, well, security's having a home and a family, and that's not true for a lot of people. Maybe security is where you just have enough to have adventure. That could be s sad on the second.

[00:10:45] You know, it all depends on the person. And of course as you grow up and you grow on and you, you know, move along, what'll happen if you work with secondary progressions? Uh, the house cus do sometimes change to the next sign. [00:11:00] And when that happens, it's really important to look at the planet that's now ruling the new progressed second house, because that'll give you added information.

[00:11:14] What you consider to be valuable and. I mean, it's amazing how we can just say, okay, second house, what was it about? And there's so much, there's so many layers. So let's, let's break it down a little bit. I love the way you break things down. We're really good at that. You're good at this. This is a grill still.

[00:11:30] You have, what is your second house? ? It's PI's, Pisces, my second house. So, okay, so I'm trying to figure out, as you're talking music, music, which is, that's, you're just talking about that. Yes. So I would. So I look at Pisces ruling my second house, and that it's the, it's the sign. It's the sign on your second house?

[00:11:52] Yeah, it's the, oh, it doesn't rule. It's the sign on my second house. Right. But the planet that rules Pisces is two. Jupiter [00:12:00] and Neptune. Okay. So where are they placed in your ho, SOPI and Neptune? Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the classical ruler before they discovered planets outside of Saturn and Neptune.

[00:12:12] After they discover. Planets outside of Saturn, uh, which happened around late 18 hundreds. Um, so yes, where those are placed in your chart is where you will find inspiration. So if I have Jupiter and Gemini, but what house is it in? The fifth house. So you like to play, you love children, you like to take chances, you like to be creative.

[00:12:37] Mm-hmm. , you know, you're specul. You know, maybe even a little gambler. Not in a bad, not in a bad way, but you know, kind of a gambler on ideas. If I believe in it, like astrology believe in a lot of ways was a gamble. I mean, come on. It's the weirdest idea ever. And it is, you know, and then Neptune in Sagittarius, but where is, what house is it in?

[00:12:58] It's in the 11th. [00:13:00] Oh, so your resources come from the community. Okay. The 11th house is the House of Groups community, the cosmic globe, you know, people know you. You've got a pretty big name right now, you know? And so you have to look to see over time because we're, we keep evolving. What is moving through the sky and how is it aspecting the planets that rule the second house over.

[00:13:25] Mm. You know, if Jupiter's aspecting your Neptune in a really positive way, lots of new earnings and earning potential comes in. If Saturn might be coming through, or let's say Saturn, just to keep it simple, hitting your Neptune in some way, which it will be in the next two and a half years when it goes into devices, um, and Saturn will be going through your second house, you're gonna get rid of some things that you've been doing that no longer work.

[00:13:50] Hmm. Cause Saturn has a lot to do with, you know, distilling, you know, clearing things out to get minimally to the bare bones of what's valuable. But you're not interested in making [00:14:00] any money that doesn't inspire you. Oh, that's Pisces on the second house. If it's not inspiring, you're not even gonna give it the time of day.

[00:14:07] Nope. You know, you have to be inspired. I tried that and it was horrible. It always works poorly when you don't listen. . Yeah, exactly. Ok, so everybody looks at the, the sign. That. And if you're looking at the little wheel and you haven't looked at your wheel. Yeah. Your circle. Yeah. Yeah. The circle. Uh, it's the one that happens before the house.

[00:14:28] So that's, that's the sign, right on the cusp is is the sign. It's right on the line. It's right on the line. The sign is right on the line. Right. It's right on the line. And then the house happens. I, I used to look at it and be like, wait, is it the one before or the one after? Like, no, no, it's the one before.

[00:14:43] Think of it as the stage with the curtain closed. Mm-hmm. , because each house is a. Yes. And when you walk into a room, you know, sometimes by transit, a planet will walk into your house, any house, second house in this discussion. [00:15:00] But like, it might be, you know, maybe it's, here's a good example. Maybe you have, uh, zero Aquarius.

[00:15:08] This is an example. Zero Aquarius on your second house in your natal chart. All right, well, transit, Pluto. That's moving through. The sky is going to go into Aquarius in January, which means it's gonna put its toes outside of the curtain and walk into your second house. Okay? But it's not gonna stay there for very long.

[00:15:34] Then it's gonna back out and go retrograde. And then it's gonna go back in over the next two years, and then it's gonna go retro. So Pluto trying to get into the second house, but leaving, trying it, leaving it is like, I'm not sure if I wanna start this show. I don't know if I wanna make a choice. Uh, where, where do I need to clean up my finances?

[00:15:52] This is a two year process. If you have zero Aquarius on your second house, it's not gonna happen the first time. Pluto enters there [00:16:00] because planets walk in, then they retrograde out. And then they walk in except for the moon. Moon just moves. Uh, and that's how it works for each house. But when you're looking at the second house, that's very important because it's going to be a moment.

[00:16:18] Every year, especially when there's a new moon, say in your second house where you've gotta Reva reevaluate your earnings and your, your value, or what are you valuing? Where are you not valuing, where do you find support? Where do you not find support and make a clean break of the old year and make a new start for the new year?

[00:16:35] That's what a new moon is all about. And, um, um, what we value equals how we spend our resources. You know, that's, that's. Yeah, that's, I I love the second house because it really shows, if you wanna think about a baby and then a teenager, and then an adult, and then an old person. Okay. A [00:17:00] baby, well, you have children.

[00:17:03] I had, I had, they were little. Um, when they're first starting to walk, they're not exactly steady on their feet. That's what the first, second, and third house are about. It's. Learning to walk in the shoes that are most comfortable for you in terms of your values, you know, and it doesn't happen right away.

[00:17:25] It takes years and years and years and years to do that. You know, we have to all go through our lessons. The second house will show how we spend our money, you know? Um, some people will spend money on, I don't know, uh, invest. You know, you might have Scorpio on the second house. Okay? Scorpio's ruled by Pluto.

[00:17:47] Pluto rules. The eighth house investments might be what you spend your money on, but if you are a, say Virgo on the second house, you might not spend your money on investments. You might, you, you [00:18:00] might spend your money on a house cleaner, or you might spend your money on getting your place organized. Um, or you might spend your money on improving your database, you know, because that's very Virgo and that's what you.

[00:18:12] You know, some people could give a darn about how organized their computers are. They're definitely not gonna be a Virgo on the second house. You know, Virgo on the second house is gonna make sure they're organized and they're gonna value health because Virgo is about health and being having systems that are clean.

[00:18:29] Okay? Uh uh, one of their skills that they might have with Virgo on the second house would be that they have an amazing ability to edit. Or to see where there's something wrong. You know, like a, oh, that fabric is not the fabric I ordered. You know, it's got a fly in it. We need to return it, you know, uh, know how to budget.

[00:18:49] They might be really good at that, you know. But somebody who has maybe Leo on the second house and I'm being general, may not really care because they just wanna have fun and [00:19:00] they're gonna spend their money on fun or creative pursuits, you know, and none of it's wrong. This is what's cool. None of it is wrong.

[00:19:12] It's all right. But you have to fi figure out over time and you know, as you mature, you figure that out, especially after you go through midlife crisis between 38 and 43. Um, what works for you and what doesn't. So I don't know if that answers your questions, but. I know I'm going off a little bit on tangents here.

[00:19:33] Keep going on tangents. I have tangents, , I'm gonna ask you some questions. Sure. All right. So Georgia, the first thing that most people think about when they think of the second house is money. Mm-hmm. . And so is the second house a place in your chart that can help you in finding money. Like if you're someone who's.

[00:19:52] Yeah. Has had a hard time making money. Can the second house point you in the direction of where you're gonna actually be able to make? Yeah, because the, the, the sign [00:20:00] that's on the house, cusp, even if you don't have any planets in there, will give you an indicator where you can find money. The planet that rules that house.

[00:20:07] Cus you know, uh, mercury ruled second house. You can find money in all the mercury ruled occupations. Writing, traveling, selling commerce, sales. Okay? Uh, if you have Libra on the second house, maybe the way you make your money is through, believe it or not. Um, the law, which is legal, you know, the scales, but it's also, which is a little oddball, tangent, but it works.

[00:20:31] It's also interior. And textiles. Yeah, and textile fabrics. That's Libra. Okay. Mm-hmm. , um, uh, or consulting, you know, because athe. I don't wanna get off on too much of an archetypal thing. That's another course I'm teaching. Um, but, uh, consulting people to show them the best way to make their, uh, work possible.

[00:20:53] I know there was a question about Kyron, but Kyron doesn't, we don't know exactly what it rules, but I, but one of the things that is [00:21:00] important, if you do have Chiron, like in the second house, natally, you might be very good at holistic work or healing work. Or um, uh, chiropractic, which is interesting cuz Chiron is chiropractic.

[00:21:16] Uh, or you may also be very good. Taking old technologies and looking at new technologies and, and working in a situation where you coach people to create a bridge between old ways of doing things and new ways of doing things. That's Chiron in the second house. Many times I see people who do work in the, um, in the healing industry, whether it's traditional or non-traditional medicine, because that's Chiron, you know, or herbal work too.

[00:21:44] That's another. Okay, so if Chiron's in the second house, then these are the kinds of occupations you can have success with. Yes. And what may happen, I'm gonna to go a little further with Kyron because we Kyron, you know, Joyce Mason [00:22:00] was a good friend of mine she used to say Kyron is like Pluto, except he leads you more gently to get to the other side of what it is you're gonna make your money on.

[00:22:08] You have to have had the experience of some sort of a loss related to. And the way I, the way I, I know this is a terrible, it's another tangent, but it works. Um, like for example, weight Watchers, okay? You're not gonna listen to somebody who's never had a weight problem in their life who's telling you how to lose weight, right?

[00:22:29] Right. But you are gonna listen to somebody who was 200 pounds overweight and who worked through the program and has kept it off for many years. That's gonna be the right coach to talk to. But they had their. Uh, they had their own experience of wounding that got them to that. Okay. So that's part of Chiron in the second house.

[00:22:49] There may be, I'm not being negative here, I'm just saying it's the way it is. Um, you may have to go through some sort of tripping up of something before you are able to make [00:23:00] money in the holistic field or the coaching field or the hybrid field, or, you know, whatever it's related to. But it makes you that much more believable and authentic, and people are much more willing to listen to you.

[00:23:09] I mean, you're not gonna, you're not gonna, you're not gonna, well, maybe you will, I don't think it's real smart, but you're not gonna listen to people who haven't had the experience that are trying to sell you something. Right. You know? I mean, maybe you will, but I, I don't work that way. I've done it though.

[00:23:25] I've been sold several times. Yeah. I've been sold when I was younger on a lot of things I shouldn't have been sold on. But now it's different. You know, when you get. You learn a few things, so, but the little wisdom there, huh? Well, not, not much , but a little bit . Ok. Tiny bit. Ok. All right. I know that financial astrology trading has been getting more and more popular lately, like this idea that you can use astrology in.

[00:23:52] To help you with trades and does the second house have anything to do with that? If you have a lot of fixed energy on the second house, [00:24:00] like TAUs or Leo, uh, you may not trading trade. Are you talking about day traders? You're not talking about long term investors, right? You're talking about day traders.

[00:24:09] Day traders day traders are associated with mercury, which rules gem. Or Virgo, which are the analysts, right? They're the ones that have the, uh, anxiety level that they're okay with to go in and, and make these trades, you know, in and out day in, day in and day out. But, or if you have mercury, say in your second house, but you have to look at the whole chart.

[00:24:30] I would never ever say, oh, anybody who has this is gonna be a trader, because it is a very dangerous, uh, unless you, Unless you really have some experience it, but it's more mercurial. Trading is more mercurial. Long-term investment is very different. It's more plutonian, you know, where you hold onto things are Saturn.

[00:24:51] But um, but you know, if you have Gemini on the second house, you might do several different things, one of which is trading. Or you [00:25:00] might have three different occupations because you get bored. You know, uh, air, air signs on the second house are really, your currency has to do with idea. Air signs. Yeah. Um, uh, uh, fire signs on the, any fire signs on the second house cus the currency might be inspiring people, you know, like, like, let's go do this, or let's do something physically.

[00:25:25] Let's, let's start something, let's make something happen. Earth signs on any earth of signs on the second house, they're gonna wanna be a little, usually slower, you know, carefully. Plotting, you know, it's kind of the tortoise in the hair, although they have the potential to reach wealth, you know, because of that.

[00:25:43] And then the last one is, uh, water. Water has to be inspired, I think. And uh, water has to water any water signs on the second house, Pisces or Scorpio, or cancer. It has to have [00:26:00] something to do with, I think, melding with other. You know, where there's somehow there's some sort of a merging of sorts with other people, and that's how you, um, make your living, you know, more sensitive.

[00:26:16] I think water signs on the second house are very, very sensitive. Um, not as, not always as sure about their finances as maybe some of the others. You know, you might take a little longer, like an earth sign to decide. Hm. Okay. So we looked at the top questions that people have about the second house, and one thing that came in was very interesting.

[00:26:40] A lot of people asking about the second house and sensuality. Do these have anything in common? I, I absolutely believe so, because Venus is the natural ruler of the second house, and Venus and Taurus is very sensual and, uh, it's your comforts, it's your possess. [00:27:00] That's what the second house, what, what planets are in there or what houses, what, what sign is on the second house will tell you about what, what you consider to be comfortable, you know, like a Libra or Taurus on the second house.

[00:27:12] They want soft fabrics, you know? Yeah. They do not want harsh fabrics. Right. And it is very sens and it's, it's, it's what you value too. So, you know, maybe somebody, their idea of sensuality, if it's like say an air sign on the second house like Aquarius or Gemini or, um, li uh, Libra, it could also be their sensuality is the mind.

[00:27:40] It may not be so much the body, but is that mind drawing me in? You know, earth might be a massage draws me in cuz it's earth, you know, it's tangible, it's connected. Okay. Fire might be, oh the adventure. That's central to me. You know, going camping and having a lot of sex, that's definitely [00:28:00] sage on the second house, right?

[00:28:01] Um, or any fire sign on the second house. So it is a central house and I think it has, but more than that it has to do with what possess. What do we buy? You know, what do what will make our environment feel comfortable, you know? Um, and that can change over the years. You know, people do change, but that can change over the years as progressions happen.

[00:28:26] Okay? So I don't have any planets in my second house. A lot of people don't. A lot of people don't. Okay? Why is that? Because there's 12 houses and there's only 10 planet. Aha. , but, okay, so a lot of people don't have, that's, that's, that's about as simplistic as I can make it. A lot of people, a lot of people don't have any plants in any house.

[00:28:47] It's not, it's not to the second house? No. They can have other houses that have no planets. Okay. Okay. That's, that's very feasible. Right, exactly. So we all have, we all have houses where there's no planets. Yes. Right. There's, the [00:29:00] chart changes every 26,000 years, you know, and, you know, even if you're born three or four minutes later, you're, you could have a different distribution in the houses.

[00:29:08] So, you know, just because you don't have planets and houses doesn't mean anything. It's still the sign that's on the. The curtain, the stage and the planet that rules it, and where that's placed, which will give you the room or the arena in which you can make your money or you can, uh, express your talents.

[00:29:29] And then of course, are there any aspects if people don't understand aspects, I'm gonna keep it simple. Squares, conjunction sex tiles. I mean, there's a million aspects. I'm keeping the tomatic aspects, the simple ones. What are the aspects to the ruler of the chart? Because that'll also tell you. More about your where, how you can make money.

[00:29:48] So it doesn't, I've heard before that if you don't have planets, if you do have a lot of planets in a certain house, that it means you have a lot more assignments there, like you have more work to [00:30:00] do there. Could that be a correct interpretation? That's one. It could be one good interpretation. I think the other one is that that's a big focus of your yours and your life too.

[00:30:09] Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . I mean, It's a room. Okay. Think of the house, A house as a room. Okay. Lot of planets in the house. It's like there's a bunch of jar jars with that archetype in the pantry, in that room. Which one is gonna come off the shelf today? There's a big focus, uh, on that area of your life.

[00:30:30] Um, and then of course, I know this is maybe complicated for some of your people, but maybe some of your people will get this. So say you have a couple, three planets in your second house, okay? What are the planets and what houses or signs do those planets rule? Hmm. So, for example, let me just, I'm just gonna pull one outta my hat.

[00:30:54] Let's say you have the sun sign in the second house, and let's say, um, the [00:31:00] Sun rules Leo, like it does, and let's say, uh, Leo in your chart is on your eighth house, which is other people's money partners. So the sun though, in your natal chart is in your second house, but it rules your eighth of other people's money and partnerships and philanthropy.

[00:31:17] Your earning power or your earning ability might include collaborating with other people, working in philanthropy or working in estate planning, anything that's associated with the eighth house that gives you so many more things in your bag of trick. It's not just the planets, it's what houses do. Those planets rule because they have little goodies that they're carrying with them, that they're bringing into your second house, you know?

[00:31:42] Now there was a school of thought years ago, the hub's, Lillian and Bruno Huber, I don't know if you know who they were. They were a European couple who did a lot of work on um, what we call siams or lots of planets in a house. And I remember about 35 years ago, they were so alive they were doing a [00:32:00] workshop at.

[00:32:01] One of the ux I think, and this always struck me, she, it was Lillian, I think that said it, when there's a whole lot of planets in a house, like lots, say four or five, you know, it's so packed in sometimes that what it, this is what they said in their research had shown that it'll spill out into the opposite house.

[00:32:19] Wow. You know, cuz it can't, the house can't contain it, so it spills out. And I always remember that because when I have seen. How, because you'll see certain years you'll have a whole bunch of planets that are together. Yeah. And they're placed in a second, in a, in a house. You'll see how it really ex expresses itself in the opposite point.

[00:32:39] You know, it's so interesting, Georgia, I was looking at one of my daughters, one of her little friends, she had six planets in Capricorn in the second house, and there were so many planets in there that in my little app, the line had to like expand itself. Expand itself. Yeah. So that's exactly what you're saying.

[00:32:56] It literally couldn't fit in the house, in the graphic. And so they had [00:33:00] to spill into the third and the first just to contain. Capricorn energy. That's fascinating. So the question about that is with your little girl or your daughter. Correct? This is my daughter's friend. Your daughter's friend, okay. Maybe you don't know anything about her, but does she collaborate with other people?

[00:33:16] Does she, does she do better when she's working with other people? I would say yes. Okay. That's because it's so, a lot of Capricorn in the second house might be very fearful about doing it on your own, but squeeze all that into the eighth house, which is other people that are there to help you. She might do very well, by the way, in, um, volunteer work or philanthropy or helping people raise money in their organizations.

[00:33:39] Yeah. Cuz it spills out into the eighth. Wow. Fascinating. Yeah, that was, that was, that was not my work. That was Bruno and, uh, Lilian Hoer who wrote, fills into the opposite, the opposing house of it. Not on either side. Not the first and the third. No, the opposite. It's like, it's like a pastry. Nobody cooks, but, uh, a funnel.

[00:33:58] Okay. Yeah. You [00:34:00] put all this stuff in a funnel, sometimes a funnel overfills, so it has to come out through the funnel. It'll, the energy will often flow into the opposite house opposite. Yes. You know? Ah, okay. So the second would go into the eighth or the first would go into the seventh, you know, on the, on that axis.

[00:34:18] Oh, that makes a lot of sense. That's a pretty trippy thing. I, I thought that was a fascinating thing, and I've looked at that for years. I think they're right. I think they were right in their research. But you've seen that with, with client work and you've seen that? Yes. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. Well, so this has been immensely helpful.

[00:34:35] The, the second house is one of the things you said is the house of what you desire. Mm-hmm. , it's earthy, sensual, what you value, it's your currency. It's how you can use your currency. Mm-hmm. , uh, it's your attitude towards money and resources. Uh, it's part of what you call the rogue quadrant. Yes. I didn't call it That's Ray Merriman's.

[00:34:57] That's right. Yeah. That's his term. I wanna make sure another super, super [00:35:00] cool Cat Ray Merriman. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. So, uh, this is where you're, when you're establishing your independence, it's one of those first three houses. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Um, you're getting foundational lessons here. Mm-hmm. , uh, and. A lot of your earning potential is encapsulated in this house, so understanding what sign is on the house.

[00:35:21] Cuss, yes. Understanding what planet or planets rule that sign and where they are in your child, right? Right. We'll give you all these clues into these places in your life where you have a natural wiring to create value. It's what you value and it's your currency. Yes, it's your currency and it's fur. It's it's un, it's it's unlimited fertility.

[00:35:49] Unlimited fertility. It's unlimited fertility if people just pay attention to it. And uh, if you look at the planets that are ruling that house, you know, say [00:36:00] say you have a great Jupiter transit coming over the planet rules your second house when whatever house it's in. You know, make hay, well, the sun shines and use it, you know, there'll be opportunities showing up.

[00:36:10] Or if it's a harder transit, maybe it's time to learn something new to get better at it. You know, so it, it does, you don't, you, you, you don't have to have planets in the houses to know what's going on with your house. Okay. Well this has been immensely helpful. I can see so many of our community members right now just digging into their charts and I'm sure focusing on the second house and trying to figure it out.

[00:36:33] So if you loved this episode, if you loved Georgia as a teacher, which we all do so much, that's why we were. So excited when she said yes. To be an inner circle astrologer with us in 2023. Uh, enrollment is not open yet, but it will be open in the next few months. Good. So you can go to astrology

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[00:37:06] Thank you so much. Thank you. That was you. I learned so much. It was fun. Yes. It's always fun to be with you guys. Same. Thank you everybody for tuning in. Thank you for being a part of our community, and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We'll catch you on the next episode.

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