The Science of Love: Astrology & Relationships

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Astrologer Jaime Goldstein and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh talk about Love in Astrology.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the Jupiter and Venus conjunction and how it affects our relationships. We discuss the meanings of Jupiter and Venus in astrology, how their positions in our birth charts affect our relational lives, and practical ways to incorporate knowledge about these planets into our relationships. We also delve into the benefits of astrology love readings, how astrology can identify areas of growth and development in our relationships, and how it can help us to better understand our own needs and desires in relationships.

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0:00 Intro

2:25 Energy of Venus-Jupiter Conjunction

7:06 Falling into Alignment

9:35 Common Misconceptions of Venus & Jupiter

12:21 Tips for Void Moon

13:15 Unfolding Your Sacred Mission

15:32 Finances & Relationship Separation

16:27 Degree of Conjunction

16:37 Placements & Marriage Potential

18:53 Ideal Partners

24:58 Composite or Synastry Charts?

26:18 Chiron Conjunct Moon

27:50 Using Astrology For Betterment of Self/Others

29:43 Finding Your Venus Signature

31:24 Venus Retrograde Cycles

32:55 Shadow Side of Venus

35:44 Upcoming Romance & Love in the Chart

37:23 More on Relationships

41:10 Uncovering Relationship Patterns

45:47 Closing

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I’m Amanda Pool Walsh, founder of Astrology Hub and your host For our flagship show, we explore the many ways astrology can support you and your relationships, career, health, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in.

[00:00:24] /All right. Hello everybody. Welcome. I am so happy to be here with all of you. We’ll just enjoy exploring today.

[00:00:32] With Jamie Goldstein, intuitive astrologer, also a five year school psychologist and an astrologer that’s focused on relationships in her readings and in her practice. So today we’re talking about Venus. and Jupiter conjunct in Aries. It’s happening now in the sky, and if you have not yet had a chance to go out and see it visually, oh my God, it’s so breathtaking.

[00:01:02] I highly recommend if you have clear skies and the ability to look in the sky. It’s unmistakable the, the two brightest stars in the sky, like looking like they’re almost on top of each. That is Venus and Jupiter. So this the focus of this broadcast right now. We decided to go live just to cover this event and to talk about the energies, the energies of Venus and Jupiter, the energies of Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries, what this means for our relationships.

[00:01:33] I’ve also gathered some questions from our inner circle members. So I said, Hey, Jamie’s gonna be on. What do you wanna know about relationships? What do you wanna know about Venus and Jupiter? I got some great questions for that too.

[00:01:48] Jamie, welcome. It’s great to have you here. Thank you for doing this. It was kind of spur of the moment and I’m really grateful that you have made yourself available, and I know this is a very special conjunction for you personally.

[00:01:59] Do you wanna tell them why?

[00:02:02] Yeah, I thought the timing was so perfect because this Venus, Jupiter conjunction is conjunct my airy sun. So I was like, what a perfect, what a perfect invitation to be here and share what I love. Amazing.

[00:02:16] And is it like exact

[00:02:18] Within like a few degrees, but it’s super close.

[00:02:21] So I was like, this is perfect.

[00:02:23] Amazing.

Energy of Venus-Jupiter Conjunction in Aries

[00:02:24] And how has your, like, how has your experience of Venus, how has your experience of this day been? And I’d love to ask all of you too, because it’s been. Kind of wonky for me, like it hasn’t felt like I, uh, Rachel Lang on our weekly weather set, it’s not gonna be all roses and honey.

[00:02:40] And I’ve definitely had that experience. I don’t know about you though, Jamie. How,

[00:02:43] how’s that? Yeah. You know, the energy’s felt a little chaotic for me, but I, I feel that Aries is like excitement and. Stoking of the creative fires and you know, the way Aries works is it is that spontaneous creative energy and sometimes it can happen in a little frenetic type of way.

[00:03:04] All right, so let’s start with the big picture. Venus. and, Jupiter conjunct Aries, like, give us the signature of that energy. Yeah,

[00:03:14] so for me, you know, the intuitive message is Venus is our heart’s desires. I mean, she’s so, she rep every planet represents so much, but she’s the values of our heart, our heart’s desires, our heart essence, and Jupyter is the expansion principle.

[00:03:31] Jupyter is our quest to live with higher meaning and purpose and inspiration to live a life that’s really meaningful. And Aries is a sign of like our sacred mission, our sacred purpose. Mm-hmm. . And so I feel the big intuitive message is this transit is like, , expanding our heart’s highest desires to support our sacred mission.

[00:03:56] I feel like Aries is a trailblazer sign. You know, it opens up new pathways going where no one’s gone before, so I feel like. Through really honoring our sacred desires, new pathways are gonna open up that we weren’t seeing there before and there’s so much heart healing available. We have Chiron with this conjunction.

[00:04:18] We have Vesta, the, the keeper of the sacred flame. She’s like stoking our creative fires. There’s all of this creative energy here with this transit and I see it as, and I think it’s is really important to remember. Conjunctions. We have Venus and Jupiter meeting. They, they, they seed new cycles. So whatever is being seeded now, we’ll, we’ll go for about a year until the next time Venus and Jupiter meat.

[00:04:45] And so whatever’s seeding now is rippling out. So Venus and Jupiter coming together is typically known to bring. Blessings, you know, in the realm of relationship, finances, these new opportunities, but we may not see them today. And I think that’s important to remember because nothing’s wrong. You’re not missing out on the opportunity if you’re not seeing any big blessing coming into your life today.

[00:05:11] It’s rippling something. And if you look. You’ll probably see how about this time sets something into, into motion. So I always like to preface it cuz sometimes it can feel like, wait, did I do something wrong? Did I, like, how did I miss out on, on the energy? Now a few things I really intuitively feel, you know, this is bringing a lot of new energy.

[00:05:33] With relationships. Aries the first sign of the zodiac. It’s the cardinal spark of life. It’s where new energy sprouts. Venus is very much about relationships and Jupiter brings in, you know, expansion. These opportunities for expansion. So new expansive opportunities starting to come through and relationships, and they’re emerging through all this heart healing we have available with Chiron also playing

[00:06:01] into this conjunction and ju you know, when Jupyter and Venus interact together, it tends to bring in relationships and connections that, that, that really, um, inspire us to live a life of meaning and purpose. Jupi can represent our guys, our mentors, our teachers, or where we represent a guide and a mentor and teacher.

[00:06:25] So, Conjunction could also seed something to bring in a very profound connection or relationship experience. It could be with a stranger, it could be with someone already in your life. It could be a new relationship coming in that’s really going to profoundly inspire you on your path forward and living with more meaning and purpose, um, to just like trail blaze off in a new, in a new pathway.

Falling into Alignment

[00:06:51] Jamie, could it also be a time where maybe people are exiting from your life mm-hmm. , but they’re exiting from your life for the purpose of what you just said. They’re actually making the space that you need. Yeah. For the new person to come in who will be able to really inspire your path or,

[00:07:09] yeah, absolutely.

[00:07:10] Because Aries, you know, rule by Mars and Mars is that sword that that can cut, that separates, and so Aries is this decisive. Yes, I want this. No, I don’t want that. And so it could be about getting clear what’s not in alignment with our heart’s desires and what is in alignment with our heart’s desires.

[00:07:31] Absolutely. So we could be the initiator of that, but we also could be the receiver of that, right? Yeah. Like if somebody else is deciding, this is not aligned with my path, but there’s then also the, still the, the overarching big picture of probably for both of. This is making space for the next thing to come in, right?

[00:07:51] Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So I have a question from Allie. Allie has a relationship from the past and this person will not give up and belongs that they believes that they belong together and they were only together for a month. The person called last night. Is there some of that energy too, like that kind of hanging on or like really wanting something to work even though

[00:08:15] it’s.

[00:08:16] Yeah. You know, so the S energy is bold, it’s assertive, it’s courageous. And when it’s, you know, outta balance or like unconscious Aries expression can be being pushy and not really honoring of other people’s needs. Mm-hmm. . And so I can maybe see how that could play in. And then also, This conjunction, you know, Jupiter’s a plan of optimism, but again, outta balance, it can be just like pure wishful thinking or like over optimism to on the very end, like to the point of like delusion and illusion.

[00:08:51] And so I can see that now from, if you know, like for me, if I was the recipient of that kind of unwanted, pushy Aries energy, , it’s a gray opportunity with Aries, it is very, it is that that mar sword of separation. So it can be a powerful time also to set a very clear boundary. Like what’s my sacred, yes, what’s my sacred, no.

[00:09:14] And that’s very much part of like Venus playing into this

[00:09:17] too. Love it, Jamie.

Common Misconceptions of Jupiter & Venus

[00:09:19] Okay, so another question for you in terms of Jupiter and Venus. , what are some common misconceptions? What are some common misunderstandings about this particular, like them coming together?

[00:09:34] Yeah, so, you know, one of the big, um, I guess maybe misconception, I’m not sure if that’s the right word with Jupiter, is that people often think Jupiter is just about.

[00:09:46] Blessings, good fortune, prosperity, abundance, jupi. That is part of Jupiter’s archetype. But Jupiter expands anything that it touches both shadow and light. And so how we’re relating to the energy it will amplify and expand both of those. And then, um, you know, Venus, she also is the other benefic planet.

[00:10:09] They’re, they’re known as the two great bene and. There could be, you know, a misconception that this, this conjunction is just all feel good rainbows and butterflies, and that that could be a part of it. That may be our experience of it, but again, there’s certainly, it’s expanding. It’s gonna expand.

[00:10:29] Relationship things. It’s gonna amplify relationship type things. It’s gonna, you know, Venus very much relates to our self-worth. Mm-hmm. and, um, Kyron playing into this conjunction, you know, we could have a lot coming up that’s revealing. Where have we not been like, honoring our self-worth or where do we have wounds around our self-worth?

[00:10:50] I think a big thing, a big part of this conjunction is venuses. Our heart’s desires and many of us have, have wounds and they’re really like self worth wounds where we may not even. Be able to acknowledge or be in touch with our own desires of our heart, let alone receive them. Venus is a receptivity principle, let alone embody them.

[00:11:13] And so this conjunction may really be bringing up, you know, what is our relationship to our desire? And uh, and to me this is like our sacred desires. There’s actually a, a, a sacredness about desire. It’s not all ego. Vesta being part of this is bringing in the sacredness component desire. Comes from the LA and Root Dave Sre, which means of the stars, which means like divinely inspired.

[00:11:36] So this, you know, this conjunction could really bring up what is our relationship to our, our heart’s desires. Are we in touch with them? Do we honor and do we, do we, um, value ourself as worthy enough to be in touch with them? And so it also may be bringing up the flip side where we feel like, oh, I can’t have my desires or everybody else.

[00:11:57] That, but I can’t have it. You know, those like self-limiting beliefs and stories, those could really be coming up as well here too.

Tips for the Void Moon

[00:12:04] Hmm. Okay. Good question from Natalie. I heard another astrologer say not to start anything under this conjunction when the moon goes void, of course tonight, 7:00 PM p s t.

[00:12:14] What are your thoughts on this?

[00:12:16] Yeah, I, I think that’s a good idea. I think it’s kind of sound advice to, um, be more in an introspective, a reflective, uh, receiving energy and a conjunction is just like a new moon, right? It’s a still point. , it’s a seating point for a new cycle. So it’s not necessarily the time we wanna like, charge forward with action, even though we kind of want to, with the air’s energy , it is really, and Venus is about receiving, magnetizing, attracting in.

[00:12:47] So I think it’s a beautiful time to let yourself receive the energy first and be inspired by it before necessarily like charging out with action .

The Unfolding of a Sacred Mission

[00:12:59] So you’ve mentioned a couple times this idea of a sacred mission, and I’ve been like, I’ve been very contemplative about the idea of a mission lately versus goals, you know, and really being aligned with a mission and, and having goals, but not having the goals be the end point.

[00:13:17] Right? Yeah. And I’m curious, how many of you feel that you have a sacred mission, and then how many of you know what that is? , like how many of you are like very consciously in tune with, okay, here is my sacred mission, and I would say that one thing that could be good to do, just given what everything that Jamie’s just shared is potentially, if you don’t know the answer to that and you aren’t clear to maybe spend some time.

[00:13:46] in contemplation about that. What is my sacred mission? What am I here to do? And contribute. And also keeping in mind that, that those things aren’t always like a static thing that is always the same. Like it actually can shift and change and grow and, and evolve. But I’m just curious cuz I, I, I’m like, gosh, I wonder how many people feel that sense of.

[00:14:11] Sacred mission and know what that is and feel like they’re doing it, you know, at least at some level.

[00:14:18] Hmm. Yeah. Oh, I love that. I’m so curious to hear people’s responses.

[00:14:22] Okay. Megan says, I feel my sacred mission is currently unfolding. Interesting. And do you, Megan, do you feel like you know what it is or is it being revealed to you as it’s unfold?

[00:14:34] Well, I

[00:14:35] think that’s a perfect point cuz Aries is, we don’t have it all figured out. It’s like that divine impulse just moving through us and we kind of instinctually move with it. And we don’t really know where we’re going , but we’re just being like led by spirit,

[00:14:48] right? Yes. Okay. And Clementina, my mission was my family protection after my father.

[00:14:54] Passed away. And that could be like a period of time where that’s like the, the massive focus of, okay, I’m, I’m in mama bear mode, I’m in protection mode. I’m like shepherding or sheltering my family through a really challenging time. And you know, sometimes it stays that way and sometimes things like that can evolve too.

Finances & Relationships

[00:15:13] Okay. I have another. Okay. Barbara is wondering any direction related to financial. Of relationships separation. Huh? So maybe a situation where they’re separating and there’s a financial entanglement, right? Yeah. And so how could a Venus Jupiter conjunction give insights into how something like that might play

[00:15:39] out?

[00:15:40] Yeah, that’s a great question. That’s one of those where I’d like really have to specifically look at the chart and look at Eight House, second House things. But Venus does represent our, our resources and our money. And our finances, and, and Jupyter brings this expansion energy to it. So, Just the, the general kind of interpretation with this transit is it can bring opportunities for, you know, auspicious things with our finances.

[00:16:08] Okay. All right. 12 in Cs. Ask what is the

Degree of the Conjunction

[00:16:12] degree of the conjunction? Uh, just wondering, you know, the specifics

[00:16:16] of the trade. Yeah. 12 degrees Aries.

Placements & Marriage Potential

[00:16:19] Okay. All right. I’d love to go to some of the questions from our Inner Circle members and one of ’em is from Vera. Vera asks, Are there placements that show lasting marriage potential or no lasting marriage?

[00:16:36] They’re not lasting marriage potential. Like are there things you can see, and I think Vera was speaking directly about her own chart and wondering, is it cl, can you tell from a chart whether or not someone is like sort of

[00:16:50] designed for a lasting marriage, I guess? Well, so. One of the things we look at, and, and I guess maybe this is if I’m, I’m thinking more like Cy, where you look at the relationship, the, the, the dance, the interplay, the connection of two souls coming together, and we look for, you know, Venus, uh, particularly Venus, Saturn.

[00:17:12] How they’re playing in the chart. Saturn is this indicator of longevity of long-term nature and a relationship. So Saturn is something, you know, Saturn sometimes gets a bad rap in astrology, but Saturn’s an amazing planet and Saturn can really point to. There’s something that lasts, there’s something solid here.

[00:17:31] And, uh, relation. Now in a, just a personal chart, you know, I, I actually, we can certainly see signatures where, Someone might have more of an inclination to want more freedom, want to, um, experience like a diff, you know, freedom in relationships and to have more like mini relationships as opposed to like a long-term one.

[00:17:56] And again, Saturn’s, one of the things that I would look at as well as, things with your, your, your seventh house. But a lot of that I, I do think is like the, belief realm. And so I think if it’s within someone’s heart, desire to have a long-term. Lasting relationship. And that’s something they’ve not experienced.

[00:18:17] What are maybe some of the, that’s where I would get deep into the relational dynamics of what are some of the, the barriers perhaps with unconscious things, with relationship dynamics, how to like work through those.

[00:18:31] Okay, awesome.

Ideal Partners

[00:18:33] Roseanne is wondering, can you tell what type of partner someone should be looking for if you know their sun in Venus?

[00:18:42] I mean, so again, this is sort of assuming that Sun and Venus are the most important planets when you’re looking at a chart in terms of attracting a partner, so I’d love to hear your thoughts, like what you just mentioned, Saturn. When you’re looking at somebody’s chart and you’re looking at the ideal partner for that person, what are you considering?

[00:19:04] Yeah. Oh my gosh. There’s like so much to this. It really is. , every chart is so unique like a snowflake. It’s really how things interact together. I think that’s one of the big kind of misperceptions about like synergy, you know, like compatibility, astrology is just looking at s or just looking at Venus.

[00:19:27] There’s so many things. I mean, a, a few of the main things we start with are like Sun Moon connections, Venus Mars connections. It’s just so intricate and. I, one of the things, you know, you can look at astrology in a. Who would be really compatible with me. And there’s kind of, uh, there, there’s pros and cons to that because oftentimes what we’ll do is we’ll, we’ll deny aspects of our own astrology chart and we’ll project like other parts of our astrology chart onto a partner, and we’re looking for an external person to complete.

[00:20:04] Actually our own astrology chart. So we’re doing a relationship kind of off of a projection, and that works for a little while. Usually it can feel really gray and blissful for a little while, but we have this evolutionary urge that always wants us to move towards individuation and wholeness and fullness.

[00:20:20] And so then over time we’ll have to learn how to, problems will happen in the relationship and we’ll have to integrate within ourselves. So yes, we can see compatibility. Um, the, there are some typical synergy things, but I, you know, it’s interesting that the synergy experts, if you watch them, they’ll say there’s not necessarily a good or bad compatibility.

[00:20:42] It’s really, we can work with any type of relationship between two charts. And it’s just a matter of like, how much inner work do people wanna do? Cuz sometimes what looks like the best ministry, the most compatible people, Do not work. And then the most charts that seem like the, oh, they would not, they would not be a good fit.

[00:21:01] Chemistry wise. They have amazing chemistry and amazing partnerships, so it’s so, so intricate that really, yeah. There’s so much to

[00:21:09] it. , I love what you said about projecting aspects of our own chart that we haven’t really owned. Yeah, I, I did that for years. So my Mars is in Leo. Yeah. And I, my first husband, my first business partner, they were Leo’s and I was sort of expecting them to do the Leo thing, you know, to lead and to show up.

[00:21:32] And I was in, in more of a supportive role. But it’s funny because I, I think Natasha Al Alter one of the astrologers who, who I had my first reading with ever, she said, You’re gonna project it out, but you’re never gonna be happy with the way they do it because you know, it’s really that you wanna be doing it like you need to be doing it.

[00:21:52] So, of course, they’re never gonna do it the way that you would do it. And so it’s always gonna be frustrating. And so it’s really interesting as I, as I began to. Embody and embrace my own Mars and Leo more and more. Of course those relationships fell away and I, you know, now I’m doing what I do, which is like pretty Mars and Leo a lot.

[00:22:13] Yeah. And there’s so much more satisfaction in it. There’s so much more fulfillment, you know, that’s

[00:22:17] an amazing story. And you know, interestingly for me, I actually embodied my Mars and Capricorn much more than my Venus and Gemini. Like I really embodied that Mars and Capricorn hard work and productive productivity responsibility that like workforce kind of energy.

[00:22:36] And I was. Constantly drawn to this like free spirited, Gemini energy with friendships, even with partners. Yeah. And what they represented was a part of my Venus and Gemini self that was so innate and natural to me as a child. But I kind of lost that ah, and wonder and magic and free spirit and nature of Gemini as I kind.

[00:22:57] You know, with responsibility on life and going to grad school and having this really like high stress career. And I started to do a lot of Venus work and really like reclaim my Venus and Gemini nature. And it’s interesting. I know like with partners and things, I don’t, I don’t draw in that same kind of energy as I used to cause I was looking for someone to connect me back to it within.

[00:23:19] It’s

[00:23:20] amazing. We, we are so complex like , there’s so many factors. And, and that’s why I like that you’re, you’re reiterating that it’s not as simple as, I mean, we want it to be like, oh, if they have this here and this there, then we’re good. And I think the other thing that you brought up is that what is good, you know, some people want.

[00:23:40] A a, a marriage that lasts forever. Some people want a challenge, you know, some people wanna just be, want to grow. Some people want variety. Some people, you know, there, there’s all these different ideals or ideas. So putting something in a category as good or bad doesn’t really make sense.

[00:23:58] Yeah. And like for, I just love that you said that my partner.

[00:24:01] Has, uh, Pluto, right on his ascendant. And he told me like, in, in, I mean, he’s an astrologer, so he told me he is like, um, anyone who interacts with me, friendships, dating the, like, who they were, they’re gonna die, like be reborn. Like it’s gonna be this constant transformation. And I have a Pluto Moon conjunction in my chart, so I in Scorpio.

[00:24:22] So I love that . And so I’m looking for that like energy. I love that transformation energy where other people may. Ah, that’s too much. That’s too intense. Too intense.

Composite Charts or Synastry Charts?

[00:24:32] Yes, exactly. Okay. Question for you about composite charts. I actually interviewed the Astro twins yesterday. I won’t be releasing that for a couple weeks, but they wrote a book on composite charts and they made composite charts really easy to like calculate and then, and then to read about it.

[00:24:53] What is your go-to relationship technique? Are you more a cy. , are you a composite chart person? Are you both? Are you, it

[00:25:01] depends. Yeah, I do both. I think there’s something, so there’s in ministry, you know, we can look at like for example, two people’s charts, your chart and your partner’s chart, and put one in them.

[00:25:14] You know, look at them together as standalone charts and how were your planets interacting with their planets and vice versa. That’s gonna speak a lot to the relationship. But when two people get together, right, we know an alchemy one plus one equals three, the magical third, and that magical third is the composite chart.

[00:25:33] You know this midpoint chart that takes your chart and the other person’s chart puts it together and it creates a standalone chart. It is the magical third that is birthed through your interaction. And so I absolutely work with that as well because it’s so valuable and I find it to. A really amazing resource and they do work.

Chiron Conjunct Moon

[00:25:53] Hmm. Okay. Question here from Layla about Chiron Conjunct the Moon. Do you have anything that you would wanna share

[00:26:05] about that? . Yeah. Yeah. So just like in a natal chart, Chiron conjunction. Yeah. So Chiron, you know, Chiron is the known as the wounded healer, and Chiron is a journey of alchemizing our wounds into sacred medicine, and then sharing that.

[00:26:23] So one, you know, kyron with the, with the moon, this, there’s some multifaceted one. It tells me this person is really here to be a healer. And this lifetime perhaps, and it could come across as lots of different ways. It really depends on the sign, the house, all these things. But just intuitively, I feel like this person could be the, the path of a mystic as a healer, really guiding people.

[00:26:45] Their sacred medicine may be working in the emotional level. Could be like a depth psychologist, something like that. But a also with Kyron, conjunct the Moon, there’s probably, uh, deep wounds around, relationship with Mother, that that one is here to heal in this lifetime. And a lot from, you know, perhaps abandonment, not belonging and childhood, that that can be a journey of, of healing and this lifetime.

[00:27:13] But when I see Chiron with a personal planet, that tells me in a very personal way, This person is here to, to be, you know, a healer in this lifetime.

Using Astrology For Betterment of Self/Others

[00:27:23] Mm. Okay. Wonderful. All right. How do you feel that astrology can help us better understand and maybe even articulate our own needs and desires and relationships?

[00:27:39] Yeah, it’s, I love that because one of the things I feel about astrology and really becoming intimate with our astrology chart, which is. An unfolding journey over time. We don’t ever kind of get it all in one and in one moment looking at a chart, but astrology is, is this, it is this gateway into deeper and deeper self-understanding.

[00:28:03] It gives us permission to be who we are because. So much of the time, uh, most of us in childhood, we learned how to, fit into the mold of who people wanted us to be, whether our our parents, our family systems, society, school friends, and, and a lot of times until really like diving into one’s astrology chart where unless they’ve done a lot of inner work through other other means to do like this inner work journey, oftentimes it can be hard to parse out what’s conditioning versus.

[00:28:35] What is authentic to me and in astrology Venus, this is where I really work with cuz she has our heart’s desire. She’s our values When we really work with Venus and do like a deep inquiry into our Venus signature and our astrology chart. It really connects us deeply with what are the desires of my heart, and then we can learn how to really like, get in touch with them.

[00:29:01] And I, I do believe the astrology chart really is this great, great way to get in touch with them and reveal and help us reveal what they are and then we can learn how to communicate them and to be open to receive. .

[00:29:16] Mm. I love that.

Finding Your Venus Signature

[00:29:17] Do you help when you’re doing readings, do you help people figure out their Venus signature?

[00:29:24] Yeah,

[00:29:24] absolutely. So, and I, I’ve done a lot of Venus work studying from like Sasha Rose and, and Caitlin Costell and Tammy Bronc, you know, all these beautiful souls doing this Venus work. And so I’m also pretty much always looking at, you know, not only your natal Venus sign and house and other planet.

[00:29:42] Affecting it, but also like what Venus cycle, what Venus star point were you born into, and working with these different layers because that adding all these pieces in gets you deeper and deeper with the the truth of your heart’s desire.

[00:29:58] Hmm. Okay. Well, we’re stoked to have Jamie on our Astrologer Connect Reading platform.

[00:30:03] So any of you who want to figure out your Venus signature, if you have specific relationship questions you wanna work through, she’s available via Astrologer Connect right now. You go to

[00:30:13] Look for Jamie’s little profile, and you can book a reading with her there.

[00:30:21] Which is awesome to do. Okay. I wanna ask you a couple more questions from our Inner Circle members

Venus Retrograde Cycles

[00:30:25] so Chivani was wondering about. , Venus Retrogrades in general, what is your, what is the Venus Retrograde energy?

[00:30:36] What does it bring into our lives? And Shani was asking this specifically because we have a Venus retrograde this summer. So just kinda, you know, how little bit of, uh, foreshadowing about that

[00:30:47] energy. Yeah. Well, working with cycles, Venus retrogrades are the ending of one Venus cycle, 19 month cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

[00:30:57] So we’re in this ending and beginning with a lot of venitian things. It can be relationships, it can be things of our self-worth, things of finances, you know, the creative projects. This can be a lot. But, you know, in retrograde in general, Recalibrations resetting of energy. So when a planet goes retrograde, the energy becomes more yen and we turn inward and we become more reflective and contemplative.

[00:31:27] So it’s a lot about reflecting on our relationships, our. Role in relationships. , uh, re reflecting on there can be this big, kinda shifting around our values, shifting around our desires, our creative projects. Um, a lot of, yeah, there’s a lot of this kind of energy. There can be changes with things with, with finances, um, yeah.

[00:31:50] All things in the realm of Venus, we kind of get a reset in these retro grades.

[00:31:55] Hmm. Okay.

Shadow Side of Venus

[00:31:56] Shivani is also wondering about shadow aspects of Venus. What are the shadow? .

[00:32:03] Yeah. So, you know, a, any, pretty much any kind of like shadow dynamics that come up in our relationship that they’re not always gonna be connected to Venus, but often venuses how we give and receive affection.

[00:32:16] So what shadow ways do we have with giving and receiving affection? Venus is our self-worth. So when we’re not, um, you know, when we have wounds around our self-worth or we’re not honoring our self-worth. What shadow aspects come out of that? Like what perhaps not so supportive relational dynamics do we have?

[00:32:37] It could also be, like blockages around, money, like a scarcity mindset. Or it could be. Being overly attached to, you know, physical things and, and possessions and money. It could be like both ends of, of those spectrums. And so, Venus is our, you know, she’s our heart essence, our heart wisdom.

[00:32:59] And so when we’re really not connected to our heart wisdom, there can be. How do we relate with others from that place, from like blockages with our heart and that those will speak to some of the like shadow dynamics that can come up with with Venus. And if you really look at like. What sign your Venus is in the, the kind of the shadow aspects of that sign, you can look at that.

[00:33:20] How do those play into, like your relational dynamics?

[00:33:24] Okay. So my Venus is in Capricorn. So I would look at the shadow aspects of Capricorn. Yeah. And see how those show up in relationship dynamics. Yeah, yeah,

[00:33:34] yeah, exactly. Like mine’s in Gemini and like some of mine I can be sometimes kind of like.

[00:33:40] Flaky, I changed my mind too much. Like, you know, some of these things, like those are some of my, like v I know this sound like silly examples, but some of are actually also being too cerebral. Yeah. Being too up in the head and actually getting disconnected from the heart. So those are like some of my venous and Gemini kind of like shadows that can come up.

[00:34:00] Yeah, I would say, getting too serious, like forgetting to play like, just, yeah. Yeah. And, and, and I’m really aware of that, just knowing that how important playfulness is. So, but I also know, hi. I, I had a friend in high school that my mom said one time, she goes, I really love when you hang out with her because she helps you be less.

[00:34:22] And I was like, am I serious? I didn’t even, I didn’t know that. So, yes.

Upcoming Romance & Love in the Chart

[00:34:28] Okay. Renee is asking, . Well, Renee’s question was about when she can expect a beloved to come into her life. I changed it a little bit just to make it applicable to everybody. What would you look for in a chart to answer that question?

[00:34:44] I’m . Sure people ask that all the time, like, when is this person, you know, when am I gonna meet my beloved? What am I gonna meet them? How? How would you even look in a chart to. Yeah.

[00:34:54] You know, interestingly, this is something I’ve seen in several people’s charts actually, that I’ve worked with recently. Um, they’re, they’re kind of like who they would consider their life partner, like long-term.

[00:35:06] Beloved actually came in when Saturn was moving through their seventh house. Um, and that kind of ties back to Saturn being this planet that shows longevity and long-term relationship. The seventh house is a house of relationship. If this Venus, Jupiter conjunction happens to fall in your seventh house, so likely if you’re like a Libra rising , this could certainly perhaps see that, see that energy now when the exact day.

[00:35:32] I don’t know, but it, that’s one of those. Signatures that could seed that energy. I mean, you can look at sometimes like Jupiter moving through the seventh house. Um, Venus moves through the seven, your seventh house once a year. But certainly, uh, actually fifth house can sometimes be where a, a new romance.

[00:35:51] Starts. So you could even look at these things in the fifth house, could be where a new romance starts, and then the seventh house is like, okay, now we’re making it long-term. But kind of fifth house, seventh house kind of signatures are, are oftentimes things that, that we see here.

[00:36:06] Hmm. Okay.

More on Relationships

[00:36:08] Another question, um, from an inner circle member delighted who asked about yards.

[00:36:14] Like if, if there are people that are in a relationship and they both have a yard, or yo mm-hmm. . Some people say, yo, what do you say? Do you say yo or yacht?

[00:36:24] Yeah. I just, I think, yeah, I’ve heard it both. I usually say yes. The, the finger. The finger of God. Right. Right.

[00:36:32] Have the same one and it’s pointing in the same direction.

[00:36:35] What, what might that indicate? Mm. And I love that she’s like, I’m just asking for a.

[00:36:41] You know, that’s one that’s kinda hard for me to bring through something without actually looking at the specific details of charts. I have no doubt that it’s significant, but the exact meaning I feel like is very kind of like chart specific.

[00:36:56] Okay. Question here about, um, what would you say are like, I know people probably even on the Astrologer Connect platform, you’re getting relationship is relationship questions. Would you say that’s the number one thing you get? As a reading

[00:37:12] astrologer, you know, some, I would say like kind of sole purpose as in relationship questions are probably about like on on par.

[00:37:21] Yeah. But yeah, it’s one of the big, it’s one of the big reasons why people come for readings. What’s,

[00:37:26] what’s one of the, like most common misconceptions people come in with when they’re asking you questions about their relationships?

[00:37:34] Yeah. Usually like, is it gonna work yes or no? and it, it’s just, , I don’t believe looking at two charts or the comp, you know, composite chart together will tell you yes or no.

[00:37:47] It, it’s really a matter of how much inner work do you wanna do? And you can use your chart as that catalyst for it. How much inner work does the other person wanna do? And then how much interpersonal work are you willing to do together? So how much, how empowered a person’s willing to be has a big impact on.

[00:38:07] On the, you know, essentially what is the actual, what does it mean that’s gonna come out of the reading. But I think that’s probably one of the biggest misconceptions. Just like a yes no, will it, will it work? It’s so much more intricate than

[00:38:19] that. . Mm-hmm. . Okay. Another question here, what are some techniques that you use to help your clients through relational conundrums over at a college

[00:38:31] or connect?

[00:38:32] Yeah, that’s a great question. It’s really, it is, it’s very, uh, intuitive and specific per person, but a lot of it can be. Doing the inner child work, uh, perhaps doing some of like the parts work, you know, because all the planets represent these different aspects or parts of self. Um, a lot of it is, is the shadow work, illuminating, you know, making what’s unconscious conscious and revealing what are these.

[00:38:56] Hidden forces that are driving our relationship dynamics with self and others. Um, some of it’s working on, you know, really, uh, I would say this is a big part, getting in touch with someone’s true desires, helping them arrive at that through like diving deep into their chart. Working on, sometimes it’s just, you know, working on communication strategies.

[00:39:17] How do I actually communicate the desires of my heart? And, and a lot of it too is like, how do we, how do we disrupt some of my, once we make what’s unconscious conscious and we see some of these hidden dynamics that maybe aren’t so healthy for us. Now, how do we actually disrupt the, the unhealthy dynamic?

[00:39:35] And replace it with a healthier dynamic. And so it can be a lot of tools. Sometimes it’s self-regulation, mindfulness, embodiment, there’s so many tools. So yeah, there’s a lot, there’s a lot that

Uncovering Relationship Patterns

[00:39:46] I’ll pull in. Can you think of a, a client without of course saying the name, but, but a situation that was specific that someone was going through and you were un you were able to uncover a pattern in the.

[00:40:01] And replace it or give them a tool to work with it and they were able to transform it. Like have you had that experience and can you give us a little taste of what that looked like? Yeah,

[00:40:11] so this is, I mean this is kind of interesting what’s coming to mind and maybe it’s cuz how Vesta is really playing into this Venus, Jupiter conjunction.

[00:40:18] I’ve actually had a few clients and. , one of the big things was like dealing with a lot of like repressed anger in, in their relationships and not feeling like there was a space to really like communicate what they wanted to communicate. So it came, came out as, and I, and I truly say this with love, you know, as patterns that didn’t feel supportive for them, whether it’s like passive aggressive, um, these type of patterns and trust me, I’ve done all these myself too.

[00:40:48] um, so I say this with love, but something, and, and it, and it was how Vesta was actually playing into their chart, maybe with the transit into the chart. But I worked with this with a few clients, how to actually create, we worked with this creating like a ceremonial, a sacred container, and they asked their partner if they would actually be willing to participate in this with them.

[00:41:10] And in a. Sacred ceremonial way where there was like altar building and creating a ceremonial. Way to actually, to, to have that sacred reference. They’re an opportunity, a container to like actually communicate what they wanted to communicate and bring that through. And I know for a few clients that was actually very healing in their relationship to have that space where it felt safe and in their partner, that was a big thing.

[00:41:37] Like were they willing to participate and hold that container too? but it was kind of interesting. I, I’ve heard that. From a few clients that that was really, really transformative and powerful within their relationship.

[00:41:49] Interesting. I, I recently had an experience like that with my love. Wow. She requested, instead of, let’s have a talk, he said, can we have a listen?

[00:42:00] Can we ever listen? Like I, there’s just some things I need to share. And it was like, wow. And so, but, but it was the like setting of the space. It’s, we didn’t do altars and all that stuff, but it was, it was a very clear that there, there was going to be a space set just to like, Speak and listen and receive.

[00:42:18] And he was like, I don’t, you don’t need to say anything. Just listen. And it, it was amazingly powerful to do. Yeah. I love it. Jamie, thank you so much. This has been so much fun. I’m gonna see if there’s any . Other, I thought astrology would somehow help me break it off with my boyfriend. And to my surprise, it helped me find love for myself.

[00:42:38] And now I feel I have found the friend I wanted in him. Oh my God, Melinda, that’s amazing. I mean, that’s, I think so often we’re like, it’s not working. I like it needs to end. But one of the things, and I don’t know, Jamie, if you’ve had this experience too, Is, it seems to me like until we’ve played that pattern out, we will keep recreating it with the next person.

[00:43:01] Like it will come maybe with a different costume and maybe a different, you know, form, but it’s kind of the same pattern over and over until we find that thing. I love this. I, it helped me find love for myself and, and that’s what shifted. It wasn’t that anything else shifted except for how much Melinda loves herself.

[00:43:23] It’s amazing.

[00:43:24] Absolutely right. Because our, our outer world is always this reflection of our inner world and even with the best partner for us, if there’s. If there’s something that, that, that needs to be healed within, you know, we’ll play it out with them until, you know, until we’ve, we’ve healed it within.

[00:43:45] I love that. That’s so beautiful. I always feel like with relationship work, it’s number one always about our relationship with ourself first, and then we can start looking at the relationship with another.

[00:43:57] Mm. Melinda adds my Venus in Aries needed to get tired of running too. I do think that that there’s a point which just like, okay, I could leave this one, but I’m gonna recreate it again, so I may as well deal with it now.

[00:44:14] It’s, it’s not going anywhere. I love that, Melinda. Thank you.


[00:44:17] Okay. If you’re interested in having Jamie look at your chart, sitting down with Jamie for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes to do a relationship reading, she is available on our Astrologer Connect platform.

[00:44:30] You can find her profile page directly. By going to

[00:44:34] That’s G O L D S T E I N connect, C O N N E C T. We also have other astrologers on the platform who specialize in relationships. If you go to

[00:44:51] and you scroll down the page a little bit, you’ll get to a place where it has different categories of life.

[00:45:00] If you click on relationships, you’ll see all the astrologers that focus on relationships. But we had Jamie here today because she’s awesome and definitely a a, um, a great astrologer to , turn to for any support and relationships that you’re going through right now. If you’re needing guidance, if you’re wanting to understand your Venus signature, if you’re wanting to understand more about yourself, so.

[00:45:22] You can show up better in your relationships. Jamie is an excellent resource for that, and we continue to get amazing testimonials for your readings, Jamie. Aww. We people just rave about readings with you cuz you’re just Aww. Such an amazing person. So thank you for that. Well,

[00:45:38] thank you so much. It’s truly an honor to be part of the Astrologer Connect app.

[00:45:44] I, I love it

[00:45:45] so much. Yay. Awesome. Okay everybody, thank you. This has been fun. We don’t do as many live video. Anymore, but as we’re on live, I’m like, oh, this is so fun. I love engaging with all of you who show up live. Like it’s super fun. So continue. If you’re watching the recording of this, please continue to put your comments either on YouTube or Facebook, wherever you’re watching it, and Jamie and I will go in and look at those comments as well.

[00:46:10] If you’re in the inner circle and your question didn’t get answered. . Jamie is going to answer some questions in the inner circle as well. I did make a post in our private community. You can go there and see Jamie’s responses to the questions. We did answer quite a few of ’em, but there were also some more in there.

[00:46:29] Jamie, if you wanna go check it out. Yeah. Perfect. Okay, everybody, thank you so much. Enjoy your Venus, Jupiter in Aries conjunction day. Please look at it if you can. It’s like very hard to miss in the sky. It’s gorgeous and super inspiring just on its own. If you can spend some time with Venus and Jupiter, like I ask them, maybe it like ask them your questions about your relationships and see what happens.

[00:46:58] See what answers that you get. Jamie, is there anything you wanna add before we close up here?

[00:47:03] Hmm. I think that’s, I love that going out. I always say when I go out, I, the best teachers are asking the sky themselves. So I love that. And to really like, explore like, what, what are you inspired by? What are, what’s getting your creative energy going?

[00:47:20] Cuz this is also a huge expansion to our creative energy. So there’s something to work with there as.

[00:47:28] I love that . All right. Awesome. Thanks everybody for being here. It’s been so fun to connect with you. Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for making astrology a part of your life, and we will catch you on the next episode.

[00:47:39] Take care everybody.

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[00:48:03] Thank you for taking the time to do this now. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part.