The Saturn Chronicles: Part 1 – Incarnation

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The Essence of Saturn

In this captivating podcast episode, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and special guest Natasha Alter take listeners on a profound journey into the nature of reality, as viewed through the lens of Saturn in evolutionary astrology.

The conversation dives into the critical role of karma in our lives and why understanding its principles is essential for growth and self-discovery. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, reminds us that our choices, relationships, and interactions have consequences that will inevitably reverberate back to us. As you listen, you’ll be inspired to take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and deeds, recognizing that every action shapes your reality.

This thought-provoking discussion also demystifies the often misunderstood energy of Saturn, revealing its importance in aligning with our higher selves. As we traverse the path of life, gaining wisdom and experience, we undergo a process of separation and refinement, ultimately discovering the ocean within. Saturn, far from being merely the harbinger of doom, is a master of accountability that teaches us the value of our actions and decisions. Embark on this insightful exploration of the rainbow bridge of incarnation, and learn how to take charge of your karmic journey. Don’t miss out on this transformative conversation that will challenge you to reassess your relationships and past experiences, guiding you towards greater harmony and understanding.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 Go on a backwards journey through the solar system and enter the realm of Saturn.
🌒 Learn all about the meaning, role and significance of Saturn in astrology, particularly how it relates to incarnation on Earth.
🌓 Learn how Saturn’s symbology appears in different world religions.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

3:17 About Natasha Alter

6:20 Natasha’s Call and Saturnian Experience

14:10 Finding Peace and Alignment

16:41 Journeying Into the Realm of Saturn

1:03:50 Closing Thoughts

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[00:00:00] Natasha Alter: So you come into this gate and you feel this tremendous densification of energy. So imagine like you are this free, no boundaries. No edges, no beginning, no end. You enter the rail and all of a sudden everything starts condensing, densifying and solidifying into matter, right? That’s why Saturn is associated with crystalization,


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[00:01:29] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I am so happy that you all are here, especially today because we have an extraordinarily special, cherished honored guest here today. This woman literally is responsible for the fact that Astrology Hub even exists. This woman is the incredible astrologer that I had my very first astrology reading with now about 10 years ago, and I knew nothing about astrology and I will never, ever.

[00:02:15] Sitting in her little, um, sort of like kitchen nook with a cup of tea with this incredible woman. Who was looking at a piece of paper with a circle and squiggles and speaking directly to my soul. It was one of those moments that I will never forget, and she has continued to be one of the most influential people in my life.

[00:02:41] So I am so grateful to introduce you to her if you haven’t met her before. And, to have a, an exploration of the energy of Saturn here today. And, without further ado, I’m going to introduce you to Natasha Al Alter. Natasha has been an evolutionary astrologer for many, many years, and she’s been practicing astrology for over a decade.

[00:03:08] I don’t know that she would still call herself an evolutionary astrologer because I know that Natasha, It doesn’t like to be, boxed in so much .

More about Natasha

[00:03:17] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: So I’d love for you to Taha to explain a little bit about the type of astrology you do and then we can dive into Saturn, which I am so excited to explore with you. One more thing before you go, before you speak, I know when I get a message from Natasha that says, we need to talk , there’s something that I need to share with you.

[00:03:39] This doesn’t happen very often, but when it happens you can, you can believe that my ears perk up and my heart opens. It’s like, what do you have, Natasha? So I got one of those messages and she said, we need to talk about Saturn . Okay. Let’s talk about Saturn. So Natasha, can you just tell us real briefly about the type of astrology that you like to practice, with your clients and just what kind of astrology you like to

[00:04:07] Natasha Alter: explore?

[00:04:08] I started, it’s about two decades ago, , with evolutionary astrologists, as a foundation. And, um, as time went, I have started developing my own kind of a branch, which has no name, it just has my individuality. I still use evolutionary principles when it, when it’s needed.

[00:04:33] I, I heavily use model axis, the hoar model axis, but I also, am. Applying the knowledge that I have to each individual case, depending on what this soul needs in this particular moment. So, my astrology practice has no structure in terms of like, you know, this is what I do and this how I’ll do it.

[00:05:02] I meet the soul where they are at, and whatever, whatever information needs to come through me using astrological knowledge will, will be, delivered. So, I don’t know even how to call it. It’s, it’s Natasha astrology .

[00:05:19] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: So grateful that you delivered the astrological message you had for me that day, that you’ve continued to do that for me on a very regular basis.

[00:05:29] And I mean, I think that’s the beauty of astrology, and especially when you have been practicing for a long time, it, it, I’m sure a lot of astrologers would agree that at some point there’s a integration into yourself and then the astrology becomes yours and, transmitted through you. So yeah, every

[00:05:48] Natasha Alter: astrologer uses their, the filter of their own perception.

[00:05:51] Of course, even though, you know, we might claim that we are basing the knowledge on certain teaching and intuition plays a huge role here, here too, and being in the moment, listening to the client, tuning into the, the client’s need, to be egregious assistance. You know, it’s, it’s kind of a, like a, it’s, it’s a fluid process.

[00:06:18] Hmm. Beautiful.

Natasha’s Call & Saturnian Experince

[00:06:20] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: So Natasha, why did you reach out to me to talk about static? Why did this feel like the thing that needed to be shared?

[00:06:29] Natasha Alter: Well, I told you I think a couple of, maybe, uh, last year even that I was approaching my second Saturn return. And so when this Saturn came, closer and closer and, Saturn does aspect all my personal planets in the chart, which means that there is a very strong Saturnian, presence in my chart and then my being in my personality.

[00:06:56] So when Saturn actually hit. It’s natal position and started aspecting everything else, you know, in the chart. I immersed myself into that experience just to fully receive the, messages and the essence of this energy, because it’s every transit gives you a tremendous opportunity to tune into the voice and the vibration and the essence of that planetary consciousness, right?

[00:07:33] And being an astrologer, we come already with a, with a certain perception or certain understanding of that planetary essence. However, at the moment, it’s good to remove all the preconceived ideas and just to let the energy pass through so that maybe new. Angles and new perspectives and new understandings can be received.

[00:08:01] And so I went for it. It’s like, was an exact conjunction, let’s say, for a couple of months. And I went through that process in solitude, Saturn solitude, right? Just to, just to, uh, be able to hear as much, as I can and absorb, the process as much as I can. And, certain things opened up that I haven’t seen before. In other words, I got the meeting with the Saturn in the most intimate way that I ever experienced before. It was literally like face-to-face. It was a daily conversation. It was a daily teaching, and a daily guidance. It’s al almost as, as it sat and have unfolded my, this lifetime in front of me, like a, like a movie, or a video consisting of many, many, many screenshots where one screenshot is unfolding into another. It showed that there is not one piece, one segment, whether it. A heavy memory or a difficult choice, or what we call maybe any mistake or the benign experiences, none of, within that movie of a lifetime, nothing could be taken out because the result of that, uh, series of events and series of choices have led us to where we are at today. But oftentimes we are not connecting the dots. You know, when we are caught in this daily experience, you know, where we are fragmented and, and kind of a little bit more disconnected from, from what we’ve done then and where where we’ve been in this moment, what kind of turn would we, did we take a, this crossroad, you know, when sun comes, it just like shows you the whole, picture.

[00:10:18] It’s like you, you see yourself as a building and all these bricks are the ones that are supporting you, who you are today. There is nothing that is, unnecessary or, avoidable even, even. Wow. Yeah. It’s,

[00:10:38] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: it’s, it’s almost like you, you’ve got to do a life review. You know, I’ve heard sometimes people say, you know, when they have a near death experience, they have this like, life review experience where they see e everything and, and, and this idea of Saturn as quote unquote the keeper of time.

[00:10:57] Yes. It’s like you’ve got to see the, the file. Like the Natasha file. Natasha

[00:11:02] Natasha Alter: file. Exactly,

[00:11:04] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: exactly. Amazing. Okay. Yeah. Keep, you

[00:11:07] Natasha Alter: could see the continuity. Yes. You could see the ramifications of choices Wow. That we, you’ve made during these certain moments of your life that have radically changed the direction and resulted in new circumstances.

[00:11:26] And, and all along, along, you know, the continuity is one of these saurian attributes. Right. So it kind of what it, what it did it, it did bind it all together for, for me and show it on the screen.

[00:11:44] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Amazing. And this was a process of how many months? About two months.

[00:11:48] Natasha Alter: Well, the, the, the, the, the depth of it, or the exactness of it, let’s say, lasted for a couple of months because it, it did station around my natal Saturn.

[00:12:01] However, the process itself lasted about six, eight months, you know, and I started feeling the ingress of Saturn into my chart, with all the aspects already in the beginning of last year. So it’s a gradual process. And, you know, Saturn is, is, is, related to slowness, right? It’s not like right away it’ll reveal.

[00:12:26] All the bits and pieces of its, um, structural kind of mechanisms. At the actual core of that experience, that’s, that’s what happened. You know, everything was revealed, the lifetime and even the lifetimes, you know, even the segments that led to this incarnation and the reasons behind the experience that needed to be experienced.

[00:12:57] It all kind of tied together. And when it tied together, you know, the beauty and the wisdom of, of this principle of cause and effect has actually been received with Grace. Hmm. Because who and what you are today is there is some, is a, some effect, right? It’s a summary of all of your terms and all your trials and tribulations, all your rises and falls and all the experience is through the incarnation that you have, taken with you, into the present moment or the perception of present moment, right?

[00:13:44] So actually it brought a lot of gratitude, and a lot of, um, I would say a sense of acceptance on a whole different level. You know, acceptance that is spiced with the infinite wisdom. Of this creation, Natasha,

[00:14:10] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: I

Finding Peace & Alignment

[00:14:10] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: know you have a sense of peace about your life, like where you’re at in your life and what you’ve done in your life and in the decisions you’ve made.

[00:14:17] Do you feel or, suppose that someone who might be at a point in their life where they’re not as peaceful, you know,

[00:14:27] Natasha Alter: where they are,

[00:14:29] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: would, do you think they would still receive this sort of life re review experience with as much gratitude? Or do you think that it would show them where, where they sort of quote unquote, might have gone off

[00:14:44] Natasha Alter: path? Well, if there is no peace, It means there is no fulfillment. And if there is no fulfillment, it means that the life is, has not a life aligned itself to, to your, essence or to your true nature. Because Saturn also stands for alignment. Mm. Right. And the lack of, of, of, of peace. It’s a natural, experience, which I’ve had plenty of and sometimes also have.

[00:15:29] And we, we all, we all are familiar with this. However, to answer your question to. To help people who do not have that sense of peace, I is, is the opportunity to revise where they are deviating from a certain path, from the certain calling that is hidden deep inside of them. Mm-hmm. Where they’re being distracted because Saturn doesn’t want to be distracted.

[00:15:58] once you deviate, you know, to whatever, you know, and it’s fine, it’s all human experience to taste different, ways of being human being in the body. However, sooner or later it wants you to come back to your path. Hmm. Right. And, when it does presses, that’s an opportunity for those kind of questions to ask yourself.

[00:16:27] But I would like also to offer a certain journey, of understanding this energy. Mm-hmm. and that journey happened during my intimate conversation with Saturn. Uh,

Journeying into the Realm of Saturn

[00:16:41] Natasha Alter: and so I would invite everybody to do this journey with me because it might also help to feel within your own body, within your own senses that ener the energy that it creates in our solar system. So usually we go, when we look at the chart and when we study astrology, we start from the first house, and then we move through the houses. We reach the 10th house of Saturn, and then we end with Piy. And so we exit this. Realm. Right? But before we know it, we are in the, in the birth canal again, right after Piy comes, airs again, and the circle starts, repeating itself and the wheel keeps moving, right?

[00:17:33] But I would invite you to do, to enter the solar system from a different direction. I would invite everybody to go outside of solar system and, uh, approach it from outside as infinite eternal beings, which are part of the creator, right? So imagine, imagine, uh, ourselves as where this, this infinite souls.

[00:18:12] We’re one with the universe. We’re one with everything. There is no differentiation. There is no distinction. We’re in wherever realm we are in the blissful union or other realms, multi-dimensional realities. And so we start moving towards the solar system, right? So imagine we all know how solar system looks.

[00:18:39] So we go, we are floating in this cosmic sea. And first we, we come to a Pluto orbit, right? The, at least what is known today. So there is a road sign, uh, warning, a rebirth ahead. So Pluto is like kind of preparing, prepping us that, hey, incarnation this way please, but with still with in an infinite, uh, realm, non separated from the divine, essence. And so we keep floating and we go into the orb of Neptune, into the orbit of Neptune. And so we are just in the bliss of the union in this ocean where the drop is not separate from the waters of the of, of the cosmos.

[00:19:43] We are the ocean. Right? And the drop is not aware that it’s a drop. Okay? Then we keep floating and we come to Uranus. And we get what we get electrified. All of a sudden we get a jo of energy, right? We get this, charge of frequency. We get a voltage, we become electric beings, but we still are formless, right?

[00:20:22] We receive this electricity, this, this vibrational, um, slow, which contains information, right? Electricity is information, frequencies, information. So we connect to the absolute mind where one with the universal mind. And then we keep floating. We made maybe already like a, like a bowl of light, you know, at this point, you know, and we keep floating, in the cosmic sea.

[00:21:00] And so we arrive at the gate, like stone gate, and that’s the gate of Saturn. And that the gate, we’re being told, you need to take a form. You need to separate in order to incarnate in order to be here, you are going to transform from form. Into a form. Okay, one of the things what sadan does, it turns the formlessness into form, into concrete object. It turns timelessness into the realm of time, right? So you come into this gate and you feel this tremendous densification of energy. So imagine like you are this free, no boundaries. No edges, no beginning, no end. You enter the rail and all of a sudden everything starts condensing, densifying and solidifying into matter, right? That’s why Saturn is associated with crystalization, right? That’s why Saturn rules is a rock, right? Is a stone. It’s this fluid energy which becomes solidified, it’s that mountain, so, uh, there is tremendous contraction of And what do we know about the personality of Saturn or Saturnian beings? You know, like there is a certain contraction that we can say there is like this reservedness. You see how the energy of its impact affects the personality, right? The contracted, way of being, we can say the crystallized, personality, the solidity of Saturnian energy or corny Saturn is associated with joints and the bones, right? And then we, and then we age and the joints start aching. This is all associated with Saturn. The knees, you know, the structure of our body, the skeleton, you know, that’s why it’s all associated with, with that energy, because of the process of crystallization of energy into matter.

[00:24:19] Now, let me just mention it’s a perception of matter because we are still a pure energy beings here and now in this moment, me and you and everybody else, we are still an empty space. Or charge electrical devices. However, what happens when we get within the realm of Saturn, our perception ised, in such way that we start to see the solidity, the density, and the matter itself as it is, right? We all know that we only see a certain spectrum of colors. We only hear a very narrow bandwidth of frequencies. And there are so many sounds that we don’t sing , because we are simply not formed this way.

[00:25:27] So we are formed to perceive the matter as. While remaining infinite beings, what else happens when we enter the certain realm? Of course, the, with the process of formlessness taking form, the process of separation starts happening, right? We come from a unity where the drop doesn’t know that it’s a drop, it’s an ocean, and all of a sudden you take form, you incarnate youcar flesh, you get the body, and all of a sudden you realize that you are separate and there is a certain deep, deep sadness.

[00:26:25] That associated often with Saturn, oftentimes it’s unconscious. Oftentimes it’s the person doesn’t know why. The saurian person doesn’t know why he or she feels that way. There is a sense of loneliness or aloneness. And you are saying, I seeing you are like . Yes. Because you are a bi capric queen. Yep. So that say sense of aloneness to me has its root in that process of separation in order for matter to take place, form, and, and through the process of separation from unity. Something is being lost and the sense of aloneness in this universe, which is also an illusion, becomes a part of Saturnian Right.

[00:27:32] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: You’re in such a, a transmission that I just, I don’t wanna break the, the, the, it’s almost like a trance. Like I’m, I, it it’s like the ultimate storytelling time where we’re getting to hear the story of our actual ancestry, you know, our actual roots, our actual, like, where we come from.

[00:27:52] So this is, it’s fascinating, Natasha and I, I can, I can feel and sense everything you’re talking about as you’re taking us through this journey. One thing that I’m marveling about is the seven year. So, so we incarnate right? And it’s almost like we’re, we’re still somewhat in that form or in that formlessness as we’re a child, right?

[00:28:14] A baby. Absolutely. There’s this, there’s this, um, still union with Yes. With, and then at seven years. Yes. That’s the first Saturn opposition. Right?

[00:28:25] Natasha Alter: Saturn Square.

[00:28:26] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Saturn Square, sorry. We, we go through this Saturn, we go through this experience of, of coming into form to incarnate. And then throughout our lifetime, it’s like we, we have an entire different sort of Saturn journey, but it, it’s mirroring the same thing.

[00:28:41] So that Saturn Square, and I remember when my daughters hit that seven year mark, it is. A little bit like this. Loss of innocence or loss of, loss of the dream and loss of the, the fantasy and that, you know, just pure joy of, of being and being one. You know, all of a sudden they’re aware of themselves versus other.

[00:29:03] They’re aware of strangers, they’re aware of. They don’t just walk up to anyone and say, hi, how are, you know, there’s this self-consciousness Yes. That comes in. Yes. And I can see how much of a urian awareness that we all have. You know, whether or not we’re attorney and, you know, very beings. Yes. But that it’s this part of, experiencing life in this dimension.

[00:29:29] I have so many questions, Natasha, but I don’t wanna like derail us too much. , are we stopping at Saturn , or are we gonna keep going on our, on our journey? Look, this is a, this is

[00:29:39] Natasha Alter: the infinite process, so we can stop, we can stop wherever you want to, because we are limited with time.

[00:29:46] Okay. The Lord, Lord of time Saturn. Yes. Uh, we can just take this segment as it is and then, you know, keep journeying some of the time, you know, but I would still like to, to, to give a few more, experiences through the process of separation. That also helps explain the sudden its nature and Saturnian transits what they do, . To us and the experience that we have with this beautiful, mystical planet..

[00:30:19] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Yes, please keep going. .

[00:30:22] Natasha Alter: But actually what you mentioned is very, is, is, is I think about it oftentimes and, and especially those who have the mothers of course, and the parents and those who have experience with newborn babies, especially the first, like the first month or even like the first weeks.

[00:30:40] It’s like you see they are still dissolved. You see they’re, they’re there everywhere. You see the bliss, you even can see the aura of, of that place with no separation of the certain blissful, kind of a beingness that is emanating from them. And then what happens? The process of forgetting steps in. And it’s the same that happens when we cross the Saturn, gates because that also cuts off the memories. It cuts off the memories of previous incarnations. It cuts, cuts off the memories of other wells that we simultaneously might be residing in it, and it does it with a purpose. Mm-hmm. Okay. Now back to what I wanted to add about that process of entering this saurian uh, uh, uh, realm. What else happens? We mentioned time, right?

[00:31:49] All of a sudden you come from timelessness and, and, and you enter the concept of time, what happens? And once you enter the, the realm of time, Comes space. Once you enter the, the, the, the realm of time, what else happens? There is finite reality. So from infinite into finite, what are the, consequences of being in the finite realm in our, in our life, in the human life? What are the consequences? Death. Death. Exactly. Aging decay.

[00:32:39] Exactly. Yes. Hmm. So mortality steps. We’re entering the realm of mortality. So the fear that is often associated with Saturn has in its, you know, deep, deep roots. To me personally, it anchors in that death, anxiety, the ultimate fear within the finite realm that we live in or incarnated into. Mm. And with that, of course, comes opportunity of mastery of that right? Mm. So everything Southern brings gives you opportunity to master. That, or this or that, phenomenon, our experience. Okay. What else happens when we enter the time and space? All of a sudden there is direction. The, the reality becomes linear. There is A to B, is there A to B In infinity, it doesn’t exist. Is there a direction In an affinity, it doesn’t exist. All of a sudden here we start having directions.

[00:34:10] There is north, there is south, there is east, there is west, and all of a sudden we have a cross of directions. And what is the cross is a very, very well used symbol. Right? And what does that symbol contain in itself? The realm of matter. Right? What else happens? We said mortality, time, separation, aloneness, you know, all of that. Structures, bones, contractions. What else happens? Another, another symbol for Saturn is like a deep mystical, ancient, esoteric symbol is a cube. So to understand that literally we can say we come from the infinite space, we pass the gate of Saturn, and all of a sudden we are in the square room. We’re inside the cube. Like I am seeing now, the cube in the, on the top of this zoom thing, you know, I’m sitting there in the cube . That’s pretty much the similar experience. We enter into a limitation Oh Of time and space. So another word for Saturn is what limitation. And with that limitation comes what boundaries.

[00:35:53] These are all Saturnian words, because when we are inside the cube, there are boundaries, of course. I mean, as soon as we get into the body, there are right? Because there is like, here is my, the skin is a boundary of the body. So, Cube is a very ancient symbol. It’s oftentimes misunderstood. It’s associated with Saturn because Saturn is a structure and cube is, is is kind of like, you know, when we build a house, it’s, it’s, mathematically and geometrically.

[00:36:38] The easiest structure to, and quickest structure to erect is actually either a cube or octagonal form. So anyway, but that’s the Saturn builder. But it’s also associated, you can, you can see the reference, the cube, for instance, in Muslim tradition where they do the, uh, pilgrimage to the big black cube in Mecca, and they have to go around that black cube seven times. Saturn is what? The seventh planet. Wow. Right. And then we have what? We have Jewish tradition. We have what the day of Saturn is being celebrated. Right. Saturday, the day of rest, the day of spiritual communion. Now, what happens if we take the cube and open it up? I don’t have a paper cube here, but if we, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll make it simple. If we open the cube up, it folds out into a cross. But it’s not an equal cross. It’s cross with, with this part longer, right? So we have crossing Christianity too, which symbolizes what, again, the realm of matter, the realm of mortality. And I read it a long time ago, but it did, it really resonate with me. The whole symbology to me. And I don’t want, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a deep, deep rabbit hole. I don’t wanna go too far, but the symbology with the, with the spiritual being like the son of God in Christian tradition, is being crucified. The, the, the, the metaphor of it is the spirit being crucified on the cross of matter. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. On the

[00:39:00] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: flip side, he is quote unquote crucified on the cross of matter in order to experience eternal life, which means a like the truth after the quote unquote crucifixion on the cross of matter. Yeah. Is that he goes back to being an eternal being,

[00:39:22] Natasha Alter: which is old. Well, right. We’re old.

[00:39:24] Exactly. Exactly.

[00:39:26] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Yeah. Oh, I mean, I’m, I’m, I’m sorry. Over, I’m having this experience over here. I don’t know if all of you are having this, but there’s these, these like epiphanies of the symbology and the, and the depth of this that is kind of blowing my mind. I’m sorry, . I, I’m like over here having an experience.

[00:39:47] Uh,

[00:39:48] Natasha Alter: You wanna have an experience and have a cup of tea and like, uh, and, and, and dwell on it a little bit or should we keep going? Oh, I wish

[00:39:56] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: I could be with you right now. With a cup of tea. We’ll, yes. Soon. One day. Yes. We’ll,

[00:40:03] Natasha Alter: we’ll chat more. We’re too many miles apart. Okay. Because, you know, the, everything that we’re mentioning are on, in themselves are very profound kind of, subjects that one can develop on and go pretty deep into, right?

[00:40:20] Oh, yes. But they’re all kind of interconnected. We’re just jumping on the surfaces right here just to give an experience of Saturnian realm. Now regarding the pure spirit crucified on the cross of matter. How do we, we can connect it to an actual experience of reality or a lifetime where the highly sensitive beings, strong empaths, or the people with very thin membranes, really, really, really empathic beings are ha having very hard time. In, in being in the body and in this reality. And we all know that. We all, we know that not everybody can endure the pressure of this density. You know, once upon a time, I, I struggled a lot, myself and, and tried to, you know, as the Neptune called me, like, come on, let’s get out. But what I wanna say is that it is a challenging realm for sensitive souls, and that’s why so many people in spiritual communities are struggling.

[00:41:40] Just to, to be able to function in, in, in the demanding of this density so we can have a compassion and we can understand that not everybody’s equipped. With, solidity to be able to, to, to, fully meet the challenges of, of the dimension that SA provide. You know, it’s a kind of a, it’s a kind of broadcaster of energy. Like every planet. It’s, it’s like a radio station and it broadcast the energy it brought or like the bandwidth it broadcast. It’s not a light, it’s not for the faint of heart . It’s not a light one. Right. But it is, obviously training us for something. It is obviously pressurizing us. As an initiation for something. And there is deep, deep, uh, mystical importance in that, which I am not going to go into right now. Back to the cube. So what happens inside the cube? Whatever you launch, you launch a ball inside the cube, inside the room, what happens to the ball? You throw it against the wall. What happens? It comes back to you. Oh, it comes back to you. Oh my God. Karma. Karma, . Whoa, that’s fascinating.

[00:43:31] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Okay,

[00:43:34] Natasha Alter: so. It turns out that we enter the realm where every hour action that we launch will, we will have to have responsibility for because it will come back to us. Here we have the reason for the name of is the Lord of Karma. It’s a boomerang and it’s a law of this particular, system that we live in. Now, I’m not saying that it is. Necessarily has always been that way or other systems function the same way I’m saying that here and now we are in this kind of a, technology of karma. Okay. So every action, every choice, every relationship, every in interaction will have what its And those consequences are unavoidably. Sooner or later it’ll unavoidably, bounce back, not necessarily in the same life. Not necessarily within, within, uh, you know, an instant sad takes

[00:45:19] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: time. Do we necessarily come back though? I mean, do we stay in this, box? Like when do we exit the box?

[00:45:32] You, you are eager to exit the box, but, but Well, of course I have the huge question, which I know you’re probably not gonna answer here today, but why do we do it in the first place? ? What is this whole thing? What’s the point? You know, when we exit the box, when we realize there’s a Well,

[00:45:56] Natasha Alter: that’s a good one.

[00:45:59] First of all, yes. When we realize there is a box, what. When we learn to love that box. Mm, when we no longer have resistance to that box. When we accept the consequences of our choices. Mm. see? When we bounced off and on from one wall to another, from up and down, we explored all the corner, we got bruised, we went high, and then we fell again.

[00:46:46] We became a, a, a predator, and then we became a prey, and then we became a victim, and then we became, uh, like a saint and the sinner. When we bounce off all of the human experience that can be tasted within the box. Something happens. First of all, it, it’s almost like you no longer need that exploration because you’ve been in every single corner of that right? Mm. And then what you said, you understand the principles of karma. You understand this realm, and you learn to accept it and master What does it mean, master it?

[00:47:49] What are the high expressions of Saturn? What are the highest octas? What are the highest vibration of Saturnian energy? What happens when you know? That whatever you do has impact on everybody, o o on other things, on other beings, on the world, on, on uh, nature. What happens, what, what kind of quality do you develop? Responsibility. Thank you. Exactly. Hmm. So with time Saturn, with bruises and experiences comes the beauty and the high vibration of that energy. And it’s the sense of the inner understanding of accountability for, for your.

[00:49:00] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: It’s not just the physical actions that we’ve taken, but also responsibility for our energy. Exactly right. Because we are ultimately energetic being Exactly, exactly. So taking responsibility for all of it, both the parts we see and the parts that are

[00:49:18] Natasha Alter: unseen.

[00:49:19] Exactly. you know, in Cabalistic tradition and in Hindu tradition too, there are, there are, these actions are divided into thought word and physical actual action. So each of them has consequ. Because we live in the material realm, the strongest impact have actually actions. Like, you know, I go and hit this person, or I help this person, or you know, I, whatever. It’s the physical that comes first because it has the, the material impact. However, the thought and the words are having equal significance. You know, the word karma and sans street karma, karma isn’t, is it means action. So it’s not something that you are doomed. Uh, to be chained to without possibility to, to repair or realign. Every time we make a choice, we are directing energy outward. Every that, every moment we have a chance to redirect our Because karma is a process. It’s not the given. There are certain things that, there are certain traces that we might have left in the past lifetimes, which, which we need to return to readdress, repair certain relationships that left in, in the distorted.

[00:51:40] Harmonious, let’s say frequencies that we need to reuptake certain experience of polarity, right? Let’s say we’ve lived the life of wealth and greed. Let’s say we had attachment to that. We need to incarnate an experience. Poverty. It’s just that polarity bouncing off, you know, so that we cover the full spectrum of human experience, right?

[00:52:11] Because again, Saturn comes through experience, right? And experience takes time. You actually have to live it. You can’t learn it from the book. You have to walk through it, live it in your flesh. So let’s come back to the beauty of it, . What else can we say of the beauty? After we have done all these rotations and have gone through all the tests and have, um, understood and understood the, the responsibility for all that we say, think and do, what happens? We become what? We become reliable. In other words, We become somebody others can lean upon, right? We become solid. In terms of, of, of, of, of, uh, our values, our commitment, in other word for Saturn, We can’t be like bowed by the distractions or desires or attractions or whatever. You know, all of a sudden there is commitment, whether it’s to the path or to relationship or to a mission that you have in this lifetime to or to the child you So these are all the higher octas So that’s why the mass. Of life is sad. That’s why Sadden is such a Right? .

[00:54:22] So, coming back to the mastery of Saturn once again, why I do want to, uh, add more about that because Saturn is, is, is, is. oftentimes feared and oftentimes misunderstood. You know, the natural human reaction is the fear.

[00:54:40] Oh, we, we hide because there is some kind of like heaviness, punishment, whatever, difficulties, obstacles, all of that. So I want to just dispel that so we have the respect and understanding to the mechanisms and the necessity. Another Saturnian necessity of us, uh, in our process of alignment to our higher selves.

[00:55:07] You know, the necessity of certain experience, however difficult and challenging they might be. You know, because salmon ultimately takes away, you know, it takes away, it just sometimes in a brutal way, you know, but it does remove. What is, what is not needed and what is unnecessary, it falls up like a chunks of stone.

[00:55:33] So, back to mastery. remember when we said then when we passed the neptunian rail, we enter as we, in the state of an absolute union with the ocean of the universe, right? We are not a separate drop, we are the ocean. Okay? And so with the gates of Saturn, the process of separation occurs. So basically, uh, another metaphor for sun.

[00:56:09] And if we imagine that the co like the, the, the solar system is like a cell in our body and, and then the sun is atom. Having all this atomic energy of radiation. So our solar system is the cell. So Saturn is like a membrane. It’s like a membrane that keeps the wholeness and integrity of that structure of atoms, electrons and protons, whatever intact. So you know, we can figure, we can literally visualize that membranes, you know, that holds the matter that we’re in together or perception of matter. Now back to ocean and the drop as we climb another saurian action, climb through this lifetime and lifetimes of experiences, of human experiences and gain.

[00:57:17] The, uh, the, uh, values and the wisdom and maturity in our souls and in our perceptions and our relations and in our sense of, uh, self responsibility. We come to another side of Saturn, you know, until now we talked about Saturn with the drinks, which looks inward into the solar system, right towards the sun.

[00:57:50] Everything that happens from Saturn towards the sun. All of this densification. But Saturn also looks out there into infinity, right? So it’s this membrane that re that knows what’s on inside and what’s on the outside. The ultimate master of Saturn, and this is my understanding, is when this drop that we are, the separate drop realizes and remembers that the ocean is actually within it. That we each separate individual as a drop of the infinite ocean, contain all of that ocean within us. That’s why that’s when we realize that how we impact the rest, because there is no really difference between the ocean and the drop. Right. There is no difference between small and big. It’s just the illusion of difference. So yeah.

[00:59:21] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: so yeah, That’s just an hour of the, the nature of reality itself and this entire process of incarnation and what we’re here to do in this lifetime. And, uh, you know, just, yeah, , it’s just like

[00:59:37] Natasha Alter: a little, little, little journey into the solar system. The

[00:59:43] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Saturn return. I mean, I, I am, I’m marveling at so many things.

[00:59:48] I mean, first of all, I’ve never felt more in love with Saturn in my entire life. I hope. I’m glad that

[00:59:53] Natasha Alter: I brought love into

[00:59:55] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: that. Lots of love. I mean, my love affair with Saturn like has been pretty much lifelong, but my awareness of it really accelerated in 2020. And now you’ve. It allowed me to deepen into an even more intimate, loving romance with Saturn.

[01:00:15] And what one of the things that I’m marveling about is this, what you said in the very beginning about these transits that we go through and when we go through a transit, we have this unique opportunity to, to receive directly the transmission of the frequency of those planets that are involved. And so through your second Saturn return, because you made space in your life because you, you got quiet and listened and asked and were open and receptive and you made yourself available to the information.

[01:00:53] It’s not even information, I mean, to the experience. Obviously you’ve had an experience with Saturn that has, has opened you up to such a, a deep level of truth and. I mean, ultimately beauty, that that is, that is, that is all is available to all of us. Yes. But I just wanna thank you for, for making yourself available in that way, and then for being willing to come here and share it with all of us and just, oh, it’s, it’s blowing me away.

[01:01:25] And, and there are so many questions, and like you said, so many different rabbit holes that we could go down just from this starting point. Cause truly what you’re, what what you’re describing here is the nature of reality itself. I’m also marveling, so you know that Madeline and Sophia, my daughters, we, we, when we first learned about Waldorf education years and years ago, there was some kernel of truth in there that resonated in, in what Rudolph Steiner was.

[01:01:55] Mm-hmm. transmitting. Mm-hmm. . And in kindergarten, when the children have their birthdays mm-hmm. , they do this little play. And in the little play, they have these little caricatures that are in that formless place. Come to the gates, go through the rain, go down the rainbow bridge and land here on earth. And the rainbow bridge being this process of incarnation that you just described, but with Saturn at the gates.

[01:02:26] I love the imagery and the God I can feel it and I’m sure everybody can too, that the truth of Saturn at the gates and, and you know, Saturn gets cast as the grim reaper often, you know, that the, the, the, the, the harbinger of death. You know, and when I think about it’s, it is true in a way because our mortality is a result of this Saturnian process.

[01:02:54] And yet, , it’s all an illusion, so it’s like awesome. Exactly the whole thing. It’s fascinating. And the description of the box and the Carmen and the ball hitting the wall and coming back to us, it’s like, wow.

[01:03:08] Natasha Alter: Are you all like, having these experiences with an navy is like,

[01:03:12] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: aha moments, mind blown. Like, wow.

[01:03:15] Do you see why Natasha’s entry into my life was one of those? Just life will never be the same. After this moment, you have opened up the world of astrology to me. You continue to forge forward and, and receive wisdom at, at, at, at deeper and deeper levels, and I’m just, I’m so grateful for our continued communion, you and me, Natasha, and then the ability to share that with just a couple thousand of my favorite friends and and souls around the globe.

Closing Thoughts

[01:03:50] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Thank you, Natasha. Anything else you wanna say before we wrap? Can we please do this again? Can we have intimate conversations with Saturn Part two part? Absolutely. You can actually talk

[01:04:01] Natasha Alter: next time, talk about karma and the, and the, and then, then, and the technology of it, you know, go a little bit deeper into how and why it’s working, um, and different, I love that.

[01:04:14] Different ways of working with it.

[01:04:16] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Yes, of course. I have questions about the lunar nodes and their function in this space.

[01:04:20] Natasha Alter: Yes, that’s, that we can do that too.

[01:04:24] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: And even more of the symbology that you see all the time, like the, the serpent and the, you know, there’s all these, these, these ancient symbols that there’s a reason why they show up again and again and again over time.

[01:04:35] Yes. And it seems like these ancient traditions were, were trying to, to transmit to us the nature of reality. The, the, you know, the what, what is actually happening here. Um, of course, astrology in included, but you brought in, the Jewish tradition. You brought in the Muslim tradition. You brought in the, the, the ancient Christian tradition and, you know, all these quote unquote wisdom traditions that, you know, have, obviously a lot of them have gotten kind of tarnished over time in terms of the, you know, they’ve been co-opted

[01:05:11] Natasha Alter: so to speak.

[01:05:11] They’ve been co-opted. You know, in Hilo tradition, you are encouraged to worship the shunny dev the gods of Saturn on Saturday as well, just like in Jewish tradition. And you are encouraged to do good deeds on that day. Ah, like keep the homeless or give something away, right. And never, never take back. Wow.

[01:05:34] Because sha sad, of course, rewards. Right. Instead of this green riper that the Western, um, kind of perception, fear-based perception has, uh, uh, uh, applied to sa it is, actually perceived differently in, in other traditions. And Saturn is like any other planetary consciousness will respond exactly the way you view it.

[01:06:06] You know, if you view it as a grip ripper and a scary, scary, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, punisher, it’ll give you that because that’s what you are seeking, you know?

[01:06:23] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: For those of you interested in connecting one-on-one with the, with Natasha and receiving, you know, her insights on your chart, your personal life experience, the, the wherever you’re at, I highly recommend you check her out on our new reading platform, astrologer Connect.

[01:06:40] She is available there for personal consultations, for readings. She is, as you have experienced here, literally brilliant. And there’s a resonance that I feel Natasha, certain, certain people are kind of. Keyed to that you transmit so beautifully. And, um, I’m just excited for you to meet more and more of our community because there’s some just beautiful people out there.

[01:07:05] And so any of you who feel called to connect with Natasha, go to

[01:07:09] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Look for Natasha’s little beautiful face in her little box on our website, and book a reading with her. You can do that now. So, uh, thank you Natasha. Can we please play again? You are absolutely just such a gift and I’m so grateful for you and your presence here in my life and at Astrology Hub.

[01:07:34] Thank you. And thank you for everything that you’ve shared here today. It’s just been priceless and I know for me it like, it, it initiated a spark and, and it will continue to unfold, you know, the, the realizations and how far reaching that mm-hmm. these realizations are. So thank you for that. Well,

[01:07:51] Natasha Alter: that makes, that makes me feel extremely fulfilled.

[01:07:55] It’s just the biggest fulfillment to have a reception of your transmission. And you are my favorite

[01:08:04] Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh: Well, obviously I’m tuned whatever radio station you’re, you’re hanging out at and, uh, I just, yeah. Thank you. It’s always so much fun. Thanks to all of you for hanging out with us, for like being a part of this conversation as well. Would love to hear from you in the comments of are you having aha moments, are you having those kind of like, whoa, you know, lights going on and uh, anything else you wanna add to the conversation, you’re welcome to do that in the chat and can’t wait for part two, Natasha.

[01:08:33] Thank you for making astrology a part of your life. We will catch you on the next episode.