The Path to a Successful Astrology Coaching Career

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Lifestyle Coach Catherine Plano & Amanda Walsh discuss how professional astrologers could implement coaching techniques in their career as consultants…

On this episode, you’ll learn…

🌔 How merging astrology with personal coaching unveils deeper layers of self-understanding, fostering a nuanced exploration of your strengths and virtues,

🌕 The transformative power of insightful questions in astrological coaching, encouraging personal revelations and a gentle yet profound exploration of your inner world,

🌖 The significance of aligning with your archetypal values, a process that facilitates empowered life decisions and ignites a deeper connection with your intrinsic strengths and passions.

🌌 Are you an astrologer looking to enhance your skill set with specialized coaching techniques?

Catherine’s school is your gateway to mastering the art of coaching, empowering you to foster transformative experiences in your astrological practice. Discover the potential of integrating coaching into your offerings at:

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