The Moon in Shamanic Astrology w/ Astrologer Cayelin Castell

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What’s Your Power Phase?

Amanda and Cayelin Castell discuss why the Moon is so important in Astrology.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn…
🌑 What is shamanism and shamanic astrology, and how you can work with the planets in this way.
🌒 What is the “power phase” and how the Moon’s cycles can impact fertility.
🌓 How building altars can help you connect with the Moon’s power to manifest your intentions.

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Cayelin: [00:00:00] So it’s what, what are the mysteries we’ve come to explore, to express, to experience, and to help evolve. and what I found and what I, um, see for lots of people is that when we align with those things, when we were really making our choices with that understanding, magic happens. My life totally changed with that.

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Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome. I am so happy that you’re here today. We are going to be exploring some fascinating topics. I’ve been getting a preview of some of the things we’ll be diving into and. I promise it is juicy. So we will be covering a lot about the [00:01:00] moon cycle and the power of the moon as an chemical tool.

So what does that mean? How can we work with the moon and the moon cycle? I. For different aspects of our lives. So it’s gonna be so amazing, and I am so grateful to be here with Caitlin Castell, who is an Al Chemical astrologer. So we’ll talk about what that even means. And Caitlin is a leader in the field of astrology.

She has been practicing for over three decades. She was a co-founder of the Shamonic Astrology Mystery School. She’s authored, works like the Shamonic Astrology Handbook. She has a dedicated YouTube channel for sharing her work, and she truly is a recognized figure in the astrology community presenting at various conferences and events, and we’re grateful to have her as an Inner Circle astrologer for our Inner Circle members coming up here very, very soon.

And she will be teaching a mastery class when she’s an inner circle astrologer [00:02:00] about. The magic of the moon and the alchemical processes that are available to us. So Caitlin, thank you so much for joining us. I’m so grateful that you’re 

Cayelin: here. I’m so delighted to be here. All right. 

What is Alchemical Astrology?

Amanda: Let’s start with this concept of alchemy.

What is alchemy and what is alchemical astrology to you? 

Cayelin: Great question, and I think there’s so many different definitions of alchemy. My favorite is taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary. Mm. But here’s something I, I just recently was reminded of is that we’re all alchemists.

Every time we eat something, our body takes the, whatever it is that we ate and turns it into fuel for our body. So it’s alchemizing that energy. It’s like, so that we can, so that we can do what we’re here to do. So we’re, so we do that every single day. Hmm. How amazing is that? And then there’s other things.

So you can think about it beyond that. But for [00:03:00] me, I think, what I, what I tune into is how are we transforming our awareness around what it is that we think we know? What’s the alchemy that’s happening for us? And especially at this time when the world is so, Crazy. 

Amanda: What? It’s right. I didn’t notice, 

Cayelin: Caitlin.

You hadn’t noticed. I, I might have noticed, but 

Amanda: yeah. Okay.

Cayelin’s Journey to Alchemy

Amanda: How did you get, how did you get into this? Like, tell us the story of, of why alchemy and what, I mean, I know so much of your work is around this alchemical process of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. I love that definition. How’d you get into this?

Cayelin: Well, so, I was raised by parents who were into all kinds of wild and crazy things. They were Rosa Crucian, they were into Unity Church. I was initiated in a transcendental meditation at a young age. I’ve been always on a spiritual path, and interested in things like that. [00:04:00] As a child, my mom did, they were little lessons for children from the Rosa Crucian.

And we did these lessons and she’d light a candle and we’d do a little prayer and was like, I had no idea at the time that it was unusual, was not what other kids were experiencing. So anyway, my grandfather was a Mason. A Freemason, maybe 

Amanda: can you, can you tell us, cuz I, I always get confused about what Rosa Crucian is.

What Masons are like. There’s a lot of. Information. 

Cayelin: Mm-hmm. So the Rosa Crucian are, are looking at the, and, and I don’t know if I can really explain this well because I haven’t been involved with it as much, but it’s, it’s esoteric knowledge and learning basically how to do high magic and alchemy and that kind of thing.

That’s what it’s all about. The Freemasons are, were based from the Knights Temples. The Knights Temples[00:05:00] Had gone to, let’s see, they went to, Israel, to Solomon’s Temple and recovered a lot of in insights, information, treasures, that kind of thing. And the King of France wanted the treasures.

And so he. Had them arrested and, and vilified and that kind of thing. And so they went underground and when they came back they beca, they came out as Freemasons, but there are still knights temples around. My grandfather, I just learned this a few years ago. My grandfather, who was a minister, was a Knights Tempur grand commander and chaplain.

And it was, and the reason I found out was because it was in his obituary. And he died, like he died bef um, just before I was born. Like I, I was born in the mid fifties and he, he died just not too long before that. I mean, Caitlin, 

Amanda: this is probably a very simple, like black and white simple question, but I, I’m always wondering.

Are they [00:06:00] good or are they 

Cayelin: bad? Well, so there are the conspiracy theories out there. Well, on both 

Amanda: sides, the cons like that they’re good or that they’re 

Cayelin: bad. Good. Yeah. But the thing is, is that there is a secret part of it that, and whenever there’s a secret part of it, then people wonder. I don’t honestly know.

 I know that my, my, my family has always been involved with these things. I was a, a rainbow girl growing up. That was another thing that I got was, and that’s part of the, you know, the kids would be the, the Eastern Star was for the women, the Freemasons for the men and rainbow girls for the girls. And I think it was the demo malaise for the boys, that kind of thing.

I never saw anything nefarious ever with any of that. So, um, so I don’t know, but it, it is, It was a way of keeping certain mysteries alive is what I feel like they were doing and their, and with anything there can always be, an underlying not good. It depends on who’s[00:07:00] curating the mysteries at the, at any per particular time.

Yes, with 

Amanda: great power comes great responsibility and the great potential to actually misuse that power. So I can see that it, that’s why I said my, my question’s probably pretty simplified because it’s probably both. Yeah, there’s the ones using it for good and the ones using it for not so good. And 

Cayelin: yes, the founding fathers were all free masons, right?

Yeah. So I mean, it has a long history. It goes way back and that kind. Wow. Okay. So 

Amanda: I diverted us. So tell us, you grew up, you grew up seeking all this was normal and this is what people do, and then you probably got into the world and were like, oh wow. Like what’s going on over here? 

Cayelin: Right? Yeah. And also just to, just to say I, I wasn’t interested.

I was somewhat interested in astrology, but I always thought it was somewhat complicated. Cuz people would just say things and I’d be like, well, what does it mean? And I don’t get it. And then I got introduced to, I was invited to come to a [00:08:00] shamonic astrology talk back in, 1990, and I was nine months pregnant with my youngest child.

It’s like he was born two weeks later. I mean, literally. But when I heard what this person was talking about and how it was being presented, I was just, uh, I was astounded. I was like, this, I have to know it lit. Me up. I was like, okay, looking at the intent, looking at this from a different perspective, it’s not about prediction.

It’s not, it’s about how can we work with these mysteries when we understand what our soul’s intent was when we came into this life. And the chart tells us that, and we align ourselves with that. So it’s what, what are the mysteries we’ve come to explore, to express, to experience, and to help evolve. Mm.

And when, and what I found and what I, um, see for lots of people is that when we align with those things, when we were [00:09:00] really making our choices with that understanding, magic happens. My life totally changed with that. I was like, oh, high magic in ways I never even imagined was possible. Give us an example 

Amanda: of a few things that magically unfolded for you. 

Cayelin: Oh man. That’s such, that’s such a good question. One of the things that happened was I got introduced to, a, a process. This was back in 1995, actually it was late 94. And then I entered the process in 1995, of awakening the priestess within, coming from the perspective that all women have a priestess within.

But it’s been suppressed, repressed, and denied by the patriarchal culture. So how do we reawaken that part of ourself? And so that’s when I learned how to do ceremony. It’s when I learned how to, work with other women, because women had been pitted against each other. And, you know, it’s like the, there was more competition and so on.

So this [00:10:00] was a way of creating a way for women to be in. Collaboration and cooperation and support one another and to just be there for each other, which was just super amazing to me cuz I had never had that experience before. Hmm. It is a powerful experience 

Amanda: too. Women come together and it’s like, oh my gosh, we’re so magical together.

Oh, I understand why. There’s probably forces that aren’t super excited about that, right? Yes. 

Cayelin: Yeah. Just like, let’s how do we suppress, repress and deny the feminine? Yes. And that the feminine even has any value. The only reason I, I was thinking about this, recently is one of the reasons that the women weren’t completely just wiped off the earth is because they wouldn’t be able to reproduce.

So they had to keep women around because that was their, that was their only value. Wow. Okay. It’s so 

Amanda: much to, uh, unpack there, but we’re not gonna go there.

What is Shamonic Astrology?

Amanda: I feel like I’m gonna keep asking you to define certain terms. Yeah. Because I wanna make sure that we’re understanding [00:11:00] how you’re using them. One of them is shamonic astrology.

So you said you went and you heard a shamonic astrology talk and this really spoke to you. What to you is shamonic 

Cayelin: astrology? So it’s more about the experience. So shamonic literally translates as direct experience. So when we have a direct experience, if we’re having a shamonic initiation, we’re having a direct experience.

And I know that there’s lots of different ways that people look at shamanism or Shamonic or that kind of thing, but Shamonic itself is about the direct experience. So this was a a way of looking at the astrological mysteries to have a direct experience. Of them and tuning into the cycles and the seasons and the moon, and the moon phases and all of the stuff, and how it is just like magical.

And something that ancient cultures did. They built standing stone circles. They built pyramids. They built chambered cairns, they built petroglyph sites. They built temple sites that were [00:12:00] tracking these seasonal things. In fact, something that’s not necessarily well known is that,

in Rome St. Peter’s Cathedral, there’s a dome. And in the dome there’s a, uh, it’s like a little, uh, light thing that is so that when the sun is at the Equinox, it shines on a specific, mosaic on the floor. And tells them it’s the Equinox. But of course the whole Catholic thing is like, you know, astrology, you know, that’s evil, that’s bad.

It was a way to disconnect people from these mysteries and from having their own direct experience. They wanted to be the intercessor and be the one that says, okay, here’s your relationship to God or to the divine, or to whatever they, you know, however you wanna define that. And so that was, it was, uh, purposely taken away from the people.


The Power of Women, Priestesses & Ceremony

Amanda: Okay. One more question before we go to the moon and alchemy, which is, what do you mean by priestess? So you said that you had [00:13:00] this experience of this priestess initiation. What is a priestess and why do you say all women are priestesses? 

Cayelin: So it’s the, so there’s different ways of looking at that. I mean, in the ancient times there were priestesses in the temple who were trained specifically to do, uh, ceremonies at certain timings and to, you know, to help keep things in balance.

And uh, uh, when they would see certain planetary alignments, they would do specific ceremonies. They did new moon ceremonies. You’ll love this cuz we’re gonna talk about the moon in a moment. They did new moon ceremonies. For themselves or for the, in the, in the temple at the dark of the moon when the moon wasn’t visible, they did the new moon ceremonies for the people when the crescent moon was visible.


Amanda: interesting. I love that distinction. 

Cayelin: Interesting. Yeah. So to them, the new, the dark of the moon wasn’t the new Moon necessarily. It was just, there was no moon, but the, the new moon was when that was you, you could first see that tiny crescent in the sky, [00:14:00] and that’s when we did the ceremonies for the, for the Raider collective.

So priestess is, to me, what I feel like it is, it’s reconnecting to our ceremonial. Roots to that place of, of feeling a, a more direct connection to the mysteries of life, them life itself and how we can be intentional, setting intentions, creating ceremony, working with, you know, when we come together, you probably know this, but when we come together and set intentions together, it magnifies exponentially, those intentions.

Mm-hmm. We can change the world by coming together. And having an intention that we have love and peace and plenty for everybody. How, however we wanna look at that and the more we come together to do that, which is one of the reasons why women were pitted against each other. Because I didn’t want them doing that.

They had their own agenda that they were trying to do. And so, uh, but, but not just women, but [00:15:00] any, you know, all people coming together with a specific intention. And they’ve proven this by doing, research on meditation practices and things like that, that, , when they have. You know, five people’s, like having 10 people, 10 people’s, like having 20 people, 20 people’s, like having 40 people.

It’s like the more people come together, it exponentially increases the power of the, um, collective intention. Hmm. 

Amanda: I had some of our, leadership team come out to Maui for the last couple days. We were doing some planning for 2024 and stuff. We stayed at a property that has a labyrinth on it, and so we did yesterday, we walked in the labyrinth.

And what, Laura on our team was reflecting is that she walked it alone first and then, and it was sort of non-eventful, uneventful. And then when she walked to together with us, it was like an entirely different experience. And I’ve had that experience walking labyrinth too. But same with ceremony, same with intention settings, all of [00:16:00] it.

There is a palpable difference when we come together and we do these things and, and I’m, I totally agree with you. It was that first moment of like, I get it. I get why we’re told that we women are jealous and catty and why we’re, it’s almost like we’re encouraged by culture. You know, if culture is sort of like whispering in our ears, we’re, we’re encour encouraged to gossip about each other and do the backstabbing thing, and it was kind of like, Hey, that sucks.

First of all, it feels bad. Second of all, I’ve had the, the experience of what happens when, when we’re in true support of each other, and it’s brilliant and powerful and magical. 

Cayelin: Oh yes. Oh my gosh, yes. So, so thinking about the, from the perspective of priestess, when we all come together with a ceremonial intent to support one another, to do, to create something amazing for the world to come back to a place of greater wholeness within ourselves and the greater collective, [00:17:00] I feel like that’s the, um, and now how the priestesses can come forth, you know, how our priestess within can come forth and in ways that weren’t, wasn’t available.

You know, I, I, for me, it’s been almost 30 years since I’ve been, I engaged that and nobody wanted to use the P word cuz they were afraid to say they were doing priestess work. They’d say they were in a women’s circle, but they wouldn’t say they were they, but they were, you know, in, in a priestess initiation or becoming a priestess or any of that.

Because it was just like, people would just be like, whoa, that’s too absurd. It’s so everywhere. Yes. 

Amanda: Kaylan. I did a, a priest, uh, path initiation. And my daughter, my daughter was like, you mean that cult thing you did? And I was like, what? It was so cute. But like, even that perspective of like, that’s kind of weird.

What, like, what, what were you doing? And I’m like, no. It’s just women coming together and doing ceremony and ritual and connecting with the earth and nature and holding space for each other [00:18:00] and holding space for birth, holding space for death. Like all of it. It’s, and it’s one of the things that is core and central to the inner circle is we have that new moon ceremony, every single new moon.

And there is power, like anybody that has been present at those ceremonies will attest, and if you have, please put it in the chat. But there’s something so tangibly, empowering and uplifting and connecting and magical and, and people experience that in their lives and it’s become something that they’re committed to doing because it’s so potent.


Cayelin: Yeah. And I’m, it’s just so exciting to see the evolution of what’s happened over the last, uh, three decades. Yeah. And how, and how women are. It’s, it’s, I, I mean, I think there’s probably still the other stuff going on, but I just don’t hang out with those people, so I don’t really see it True. 

Amanda: Yes. Okay.

The Moon as an Alchemical Partner

Amanda: Let’s talk about, the moon. Why the moon as a particularly potent alchemical partner 

Cayelin: [00:19:00] for us? Yes, I love this. So the moon is the most visible thing in the sky besides the sun, but when the sun’s in the sky, you really can’t see anything else. So, um, at some, although this morning I was out walking and, I saw that is approaching the last quarter moon, the moon phase I was born into.

I was like, oh look, that’s almost my moon phase. Uh, so the sun was there and the moon was there, but that was it. So the moon is, moves across the sky. And it comes back to a start. If any one starting place every 27.3 days, it comes back to a phase every 29 and a half days. So it’s closer to month, month, month is is named after the moon.

So, although our calendar is not really 30 days or 29 and a half days, but, um, there’s lots of reasons for that Anyway, before the point being that we experience. About every month we experience a specific phase of the moon, and it’s easy to watch the moon. You can. [00:20:00] I I would, I decided this back in the mid nineties when I was doing the presentation for my priest to circle and, uh, was gonna teach on, uh, something on astrology.

And I thought the moon’s the best place to start because it’s the easiest thing to have a connection to. Mm-hmm. And right around that time I was learning about the power of the moon phase. You were born into. And how women in their biological fertility years can literally get pregnant in a sunon phase, even if they’re menstruating. And there, I’ve known women who said, there’s no way I possibly, and, and I, and I went and looked at when I first got pregnant and I didn’t think I was, I should have gotten pregnant cuz I, it happened like two or three days before I was supposed to start my menstrual cycle. And I went back and looked at the date and sure enough, I was in my sun moon phase.

Okay, so te back 

Amanda: up. 

The Hidden Magic of Your Moon Phase

Amanda: Tell us a little bit more about this power phase and where it originated from. 

Cayelin: Well, I think many ancient cultures [00:21:00] knew about it. In fact, I, um, have a shaman friend who when he was being trained in the shamanic ways of his tribal culture, they recognized that the moon phase a woman was born into was when she was fertile.

And the opposite phase was when she was menstruate menstruating, if she was in alignment with that phase. Now, I was never in alignment with mine hardly ever, cuz I had a 26 day cycle and it’s really a 29 and a half day cycle to come back to that same exact phase. But it is a three day window also. So the day before the exact phase return, the day of the exact phase return and the day after the exact phase return.

Okay, so you’re 

Amanda: saying if someone was born on a full moon, for example, then their power phase would be the day before, the day of and the day after the full moon. If someone was born at a quarter moon, it’d be before, during, and after the quarter moon. Yes. And this is [00:22:00] when they’re the most fertile. Like so to conceive a child is one example, 

Cayelin: right?

Yes. And there was a, um, a, a doctor. In Czechoslovakia who came across old Arabic tusks, and he found this information and he started applying it for his women patients and was having huge success. And then the, you know, he, he was helping women not get pregnant and helping women get pregnant and very successful at it, like 95% success rate.

And, uh, he got shut down and interesting. It was around the time that. Fertility drugs and birth control drugs were coming out. So, Hmm. Was there a connection? Kind of possible. Interesting. 

Amanda: Yeah. Yes. Okay. So, Caitlin, you’re saying you can use, which by the way, this is not medical advice right now. Just just keep me that, making that clear.

However, what you’re saying is that based on the moon cycle, you can know based on the moon [00:23:00] cycle you were born in. You can know when you are ovulating and you could get pregnant, and you can know when you’re not. 

Cayelin: So your ovulation might be different than your sunman phase. Oh, so if what had happened for me when I got pregnant was I had ovulated and I was, I was doing the, the, you know, tracking my cycle and that that was how I was doing birth control at the time.

 So I had been tracking, and b, I’d had been very successful with it. But then again, like I said, three days before my cycle was supposed to start, I got pregnant. I mean, I had, you know, I had a, but you were clearly not 

Amanda: in the ovulating phase. You were tracking the ovulating phase and you got pregnant anyway.

And it’s because you were in your son, you were in your power phase. 

Cayelin: Yes. Yeah. I was, I was astounded to, to learn that, to like find the, I’m like, oh, that explains it. What happened? So they say that when you’re doing tracking your cycle, your ovulation and all of that as a birth [00:24:00] control method, it’s only about 80% effective.

Right. Like, This is the reason why, because they don’t know about the sun moon phase and that there’s that men, women, literally menstruating can get pregnant if they’re in their sunon phase and they have a powerful sexual experience at that time. So something it’s, I mean, it just fascinated me like, oh my gosh.

And then I started thinking about it from the perspective of, okay, if this is about the conception of a literal child, what else can we conceive in this window? We can conceive ideas, we conceive projects, any, anything that we want to energize in this time. It’s a conception point. So why not?

So I started working with it as that for people and like every month we have this power phase and it’s power. It’s amazing. It’s like I I, I shared this with a woman right after I started, came, came up with this back in the mid nineties. She went and she created [00:25:00] altars all over her house for different things in her sun moon phase.

And she, she wanted a new home. She wanted a new job and she wanted a new relationship. She got all three of them within a couple months. Wow. Doesn’t always work that fast, but Right. 

Amanda: Okay. And so in each one of us has a personal individual moon phase essentially, or power, power moon phase is what you’re calling it, right?

Yeah. Power. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Wow. And this is this I’ve read like, uh, Jan Spiller has a book, but it’s definitely different because it. It actually, well, it’s based on your birthday, but I don’t, I wonder if she’s using the moon phase in it. She might actually be moving, using it in her calculations. Yeah. But, okay.

That’s very interesting. 

Altars, Intention Setting & Asking for Signs

Amanda: So tell us, like, let’s add this concept of alchemy into this. What? What do you mean by that? Well, so 

Cayelin: if we’re working with our power fate and we’re in a place of high fertility, conception, you know, those kinds of things, and we work, we work with it intentionally. We work with it ceremonially, [00:26:00] we, um, create an altar with that, has that intention because the altar will hold that in, you know, altars al alter awareness.

So that holds that intention for us. And, uh, and put it somewhere where you will see it often and it will remind your subconscious of the intention. And it will usually, and what I also will add to that is I ask the universe to send me a sign that the intention’s being acted on some, it doesn’t have to be.

Huge. But it do. I do like to have some kind of sign or symbol that comes along to help me know that I’m on the right track. And if I don’t get the sign within the assigned amount of time, like 24 hours, 72 hours, whatever I decide in the moment, then I know that I probably still need to align myself. Or maybe there’s something in my system that’s in the way and I need to work on that and then come back and redo it again in the next Sun Moon phase.

So, Okay, so you 

Amanda: work with it with your intentionality, and so you basically create an intention. You create an [00:27:00] altar for that intention. And I love that you just said very quickly, but I caught it. You said alters alter awareness and they hold the, they’re like the container for your intention and you need to be able to see it, and you 

Cayelin: need to.

You know, you’ll remind your subconscious of the intention. You don’t have to think about the intention all the time, but if you see it, if you see that altar that holds that, the awareness of that intention, then that’s all you need. It’s like you’re 

Amanda: fertilizing it or something, or watering it, right? Yes.

Okay. Then you ask for a sign. So within, and you give, you give the universe a prescribed amount of time, which I love. You go, you say between 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, you’d like a physical sign that your, your intention is on the right path. Yeah. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Like, give us an example of, of a time where you’ve gotten confirmation, you’re on the right track or off the right 

Cayelin: track.

I’m gonna give you a couple real [00:28:00] quick. These are ones that happened when I was out walking in major, but one morning I woke up and I’d been doing ancestral healing work and I was like, am I, am I making any progress? I just don’t know. Could you send me a sign? Go for my morning walk. I live in the desert in Tucson, Arizona, and I see a Gila Monster.

A what? Gila Monster. What’s that? They’re the, they’re big lizards. They’re huge lizards. They’re the biggest lizards in the desert. They’re like about this big, and they spend 97% of their time underground. They’re very rare to see, but I always know when I see them that my ancestors are talking to me because they’re the most ancient.

They’re like, you know, connected to the dinosaurs. There are very. Old beans on the, on the planet. So I was like, okay, got my sign. I guess I’m on the right track with this. That is so cool. I love it. I know, and I have seen, and I, lots of times I’ve asked and then, you know, the hill monsters will show up, so I’ve seen lots of them.

Some people have lived there, their in the desert their whole life and [00:29:00] never seen one. Wow. Interesting. So, so that’s a powerful sign from the universe. So that’s one way and another, um, another time similar. I was, I woke up one morning and I was like, I just don’t, I was having some challenges. I was feeling like I was off track.

I wasn’t on the right track. I may would, maybe I need to, to adjust something in my thinking or my perspective or my approach. I didn’t know what it was, but I said to the universe, I just said, could you just send me a sign and let me know if I’m on the right path? And so I went for my walk and I was listening to Carlos Costata, I think it was the teachings of Don Juan.

Mm-hmm. And, and Don Juan says to Carlos, so all paths lead nowhere, so you might as well choose a path with heart. And, uh, and, and as soon as he was finished saying that, I took about 10 or 15 steps and I came across this heart rock. Oh my God, on my path. So I’m on a path with heart, with confirmation from the universe that I’m on a path [00:30:00] of heart, and I was like, oh, thank you so much.

I can stop judging myself now. 

Amanda: So good. I love that. I just love that when you’re talking about. You know, being, having direct experience, being in dialogue. These are the really tangible, practical ways we can do that. And I know that some people would say, well, you’re just reading into that. It’s like, well, I don’t know.

I mean, what are the odds of like two set? Like, first of all, getting the confirmation in the audio you were listening to at the exact perfect time, and then taking a few more steps and having the heart rock, it’s like, it is pretty powerful. 

Cayelin: You know, if people don’t want to believe those things, that’s their choice and that I support that, whatever, whatever works for you.

But for me, I live a life of magic. And so for me, these are things that are high magic and, uh, and that’s, I just choose to look at it that way. And it brings me total delight to do that. Well, it’s a way more fun way to live. Exactly. And, 

Amanda: and what, yeah, it wasn’t that, that what Carlos [00:31:00] Castaneda or Don Juan said was choose the path of heart because it’s a lot more fun basically.

Cayelin: Well, yeah. I mean, if you’re, if, if all paths lead nowhere, they’re, it’s not like it’s taking you anywhere, then pick, pick the path of heart because it’s gonna be a, a much more fulfilling path for you. Hmm. More fun and fulfilling maybe. Yeah. That’s so good. 

Amanda: Yeah. 

Cayelin’s Mastery Class

Amanda: So tell us about the mastery class you’re teaching for the inner circle, the alchemical process of 

Cayelin: the moon. The alchemical magic of the, 

Amanda: oh.

Way better than process. The alchemical Magic of the 

Cayelin: moon. Tell us about that. Okay. So as I’ve been talking about, but I think knowing our, our, the phase of the moon we’re born into, it not only tells us for women, it tells them about their biological fertility cycle, but it also tells us when we are in a power moon phase.

So I’m gonna be speaking into that. as I was tuning into the phases of the moon, and we have in our culture eight phases of the [00:32:00] moon. They, they’re, they’re divided up by 45 degrees, zero degrees to 45 degrees to 90 degrees, you know, to, uh, 130 to 180, so those are considered to be the beginning of each of those phases.

One of the things I’m gonna speak into is the shamonic phases of the moon. Shaman being experiential. So if, so, we actually see the full moon. It looks full for three days, at least three days. Some, some places might say longer, maybe four days. But, but for the day before, the day of and the day after, the full moon, it looks full in the sky.

And the, and the same with all the other phases. So I’m, I’m gonna, introduce that idea and how to work with it and what are the degrees that I feel into around that, and, what those are gonna be. So I’m talk about that. And then, and also associate with the phases, those eight phases of the moon with.

The hero or the heroin’s quest as defined by Joseph Campbell. Hmm. Amazing. Because [00:33:00] it, it just, it just helps you understand the moon, what’s going on with the moon, you know, the new moon, the call to adventure. And then the crescent moon is the divine, inspiration and help that supports you as you’ve been called to your next adventure.

And then the first quarter moons crossing the threshold into the zone of. Magnified power where you’re going through the initiation. So the moon phase is associating them with this journey. Ah. So it’s just fun and also gives you deeper insight into what that phase is about that moon phase. 

Amanda: What, what will the students be able to do as a result of having this understanding?

Cayelin: Well, ideally they’ll, uh, what I’m gonna, what I like to invite people to do is to consider, cuz some people are gonna be, Thinking that they’ve, they’ve been a, a full moon or a waxing gibbous moon their whole life. But then they find out, oh wait, if the moon is actually in the full moon phase, the day before it’s actually full, maybe I’m a full moon person.

[00:34:00] Uh, and I’ve had chance to experience this with my twins who were born an hour and 12 minutes before a full moon. So there are technically in the way that we tend to look at it, wax and gibb us. But they’re so totally full Moon, they’re, they’re performers. They’re the things that they do. It’s like they are definitely Full moon.

Definitely Full Moon. So I’ve been able to witness that. So then you might find yourself in a different phase. And then, um, we’ll, we’ll talk about what those different phases mean and you can tune into that. And, and this is, this is what we’re gonna look at is based on how it’s been seen, but I’m gonna invite people to also consider how it’s showing up for them.

True. Yeah, and, and then look. And then also looking at the fact that they can work with their moon phase every month to create the alchemy they want in their life. 

Amanda: So good. Okay, so if any of you are interested in joining the Inner Circle before Kalin teaches this [00:35:00] class, so then you would actually get to participate in the mastery class.

You’d get to participate in the new and the full moon forecast that Caitlin will be teaching. You’d get to participate in our new moon ceremony and also a live q and a and chart reading demonstration with Caitlin if you’re interested in doing that. Then now would be a great time to jump into the Inner Circle.

Amanda: It’s  astrology 23. Now, if you are more interested in waiting until we are in a promotional period, then you can get on the wait list for the Inner Circle and the the Inner Circle has. Different teacher every lunar cycle. So you would, whoever it is, when you actually end up joining. They’re incredible astrologers and teachers, so you can get on the wait list now too. And that’s at 

Amanda: astrology Wait list. But again, if you’re chomping at the bit and you’re like, oh my God, I need to take this class, I’m so, I love Caitlin as a teacher. [00:36:00] This would be a great way to just get in now and experience it. And then if you do join at full price when we run a promotion, you will be able to lock in our promotion price.

So you could join a full price right now and then, Shift it when we’re in a promotional period. So that’s available to you. Caitlin, this has been so much fun. I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time. I always love connecting with you and just you’re so wise and. It’s shiny like that, that magic, the fact that you’ve lived your life with the magic, it’s like, ooh, I can feel that.

Like I, I can feel that. And it’s very embodied. It’s like you’re not just talking about it. You didn’t just read about it in a book. You’re living it. And that’s very, very clear in the way that you share your stories and share your wisdom. So thank you for that. 

Cayelin: Thank you. Thank you. My pleasure. And I just hope people e, even if they don’t do this, I hope they get excited about tracking the moon and starting to be with them.

Cause the moon passes by all the stars every month that, you know, does everything in a month [00:37:00] that the sun does in a year. And so it gives us an opportunity to tune into different places in the sky. Wow. And when it’s passing different planets and that kind of thing. So it’s, it’s an easy way to start because you know that mo, the astrologers like Kepler and, uh, I can’t think of the other names right now, but they were as, um, astronomers, they were astrologers as well.

So astrology and astronomy got separated and it’s time to bring the two back together so we can have greater wholeness of understanding. 

Amanda: Absolutely. I mean, we are in a a hundred bazillion support of that here at Astrology Hub. It’s like we ha like to, to have astrology devoid of, of the actual movements and, and under, and having that connection with the sky.

It’s, it’s just, it’s half. Like they’ve been divorced for so long, it’s time for them to remarry. So yeah, 

Cayelin: and we can get our own insights, our own understanding, because whatever it is that people have known in the past, all well and good, and [00:38:00] also may be powerful and amazing, but we’re in a new time. And so there may be new insights and understanding coming through.

And when we go out and have that direct experience ourselves, then we’re getting our own transmissions. Ah, yes. So cool. There’s 

Amanda: nothing like that. There’s no replacement for that. It’s so amazing. Caitlin, thank you. It’s been such a pleasure. Thanks to all of you, thanks to our Inner Circle members. I hope you’re so excited right now, like just thinking about and anticipating what we’re gonna be learning with Caitlin.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of our community. We love sharing the wisdom and the guidance of astrology with you. Thank you for being a part of our community and for making astrology a part of your life. Cannot wait to connect with you on the next episode. Take care everybody.