[The Cosmic Connection] “Water World” with Astrologer Rick Levine

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With Rick Levine + Founder of Astrology Hub, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

In this episode of the Cosmic Connection, they discuss…

  • Why Jung connected the Fire element with intuition, and how Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius work with this insight.
  • The psychology of the four elements, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, and the influence the elements inspire within the signs.
  • Neptune’s ever-flowing connection to the unknown and why it is so difficult to discern its mysterious energy.
  • Why the Mars/ Neptune conjunction is a “shapeshifter” energy—what you see is not what you get.
  • How illusions are not always false and can be a truth that is not yet manifested. And why questioning what you think you know, and incorporating more data points is a positive practice.