The 12th House: Astrology for Seclusion, Transcendence and Mastery w/ Astrologer Ari Moshe Wolfe

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The Twelfth House Explained by Astrologer Ari Moshe Wolfe

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Astrologer Ari Moshe Wolfe talk about what the 12th House represents in Astrology and how to use it when interpreting a birth chart.

You’ll learn …

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 Why the 12th house can be so hard to understand, and a non-dual way of thinking about its meaning.
🌒 How there came to be so many negative associations with the 12th house, and why this is a misunderstanding.
🌓 The archetypal relationship between the 12th, 3rd and 9th houses, and what that relationship teaches us about the nature of suffering.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

2:23 What is the 12th House?

3:37 Planets in the 12th House

10:31 Negative Associations of the 12th House

22:04 Suffering & Service

30:00 Transits in the 12th House

32:26 The Desire for Answers & Uniformity

36:22 The 12th House Experience

42:17 The 12th House & Past Lives

44:41 The 12th House & Spirituality

45:56 Tips for 12th House Stelliums

54:35 Forgiveness

58:51 Closing

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[00:00:34] So today we are going to be diving into all Things 12th House. The 12th House being one of those that are, is often difficult to understand, but has so much power and potential packed into it. And I couldn’t think of a better astrologer to be helping us cover this topic here today.

[00:00:51] We have evolutionary astrologer and upcoming Inner Circle astrologer teacher Ari Moche Wolf. And I am just so excited to go into all the nuances of the 12th House.

[00:01:04] And just a little bit about Ari. Ari is trained in Jeffrey Wolf Green’s evolutionary astrology. He is the author of evolutionary astrology, a beginner’s guide, and he has been practicing astrology for over a decade. He’s an amazing teacher. We love featuring Ari here at Astrology Hub, and we’re super honored to have him as a part of the Inner Circle and as a guide here for all of us during this House series.

[00:01:29] Ari, thank you for being here. And thank you for joining us if you haven’t seen the other, Coverage of the other houses that we’ve done during this series.

[00:01:37] They are all available on a playlist here on YouTube and or in your podcast player. We are going through all the houses in detail with different astrologers. The astrologers that are featured in this series are our Inner Circle Astrologers 4 20 23, and into 2024. So if you’re interested in joining us in our Inner Circle membership, you can get on the wait list right now.

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What is the 12th House?

[00:02:15] Okay, Ari, so let’s talk about the 12th house. What is the 12th house? From a high level perspective, what aspect of life does it

[00:02:22] encompass? All right. 12th health corresponds to, our life experiences in all areas of life that bring us into relationship to meaning.

[00:02:35] So let’s just take a moment and think about what meaning is. There’s the meaning that we give things, and then there’s the meaning. That is the meaning. That is we can also give the word truth, right? Or reality with a capital R or God, right? Or love. Now, the nature of all these word vibrations are also kind of intangible in the sense that we can’t really, grasp it or even give it too much of a philosophy.

[00:03:00] The nature of what is, it’s all encompassing. So you can think of the 12th house as, the ocean that the fish are swimming in. And this is why it’s kind of like one of those more intangible houses. Because we’re looking at, a particular wedge of the zodiac or wedge of the houses, just one of the 12 that also happens to correspond to all that is.

[00:03:25] So it’s a trip to kind of unpack that and really bring some practical application for that in our lives.

Planets in the 12th House

[00:03:31] So if

[00:03:31] somebody has a lot of planets in the 12th house or significant planets in the 12th house, does it mean that they will be perhaps more drawn to exploring the unseen realms? Will they be more, contemplative about being the fish in the ocean?

[00:03:50] I what, what kind of traits would it, would it mean that you have, if you have significant placements in the 12th

Ruler Call Out

[00:03:55] house? Great. So for any placements, including just in general, the sign and the planetary ruler of the sign in the 12th house, this corresponds to where the soul is coming into relationship to reality.

[00:04:06] I’ll introduce the idea of surrender. And so to answer your question, we’re gonna have to look at two ways of being in relationship to reality. We’re all surrendering to something, meaning we’re all trusting in something, and there I think, is a need for everyone to reconcile with just the fact of existence.

[00:04:26] What are we putting our faith in? What are we putting our trust in? We are all, and there’s not one soul on this planet that is free of this. We, we all have this internal yearning to connect with some sense of ultimate meaning and relevance to the fact of existence. And in that quest, or that yearning to find meaning, which by the way, I think it’s, it’s universal because if meaning is true or if reality is true, or if, if we are fish in the ocean, if there’s a fundamental truth to it, then there’s something in all of us that remembers that or Intuits that and knows that.

[00:05:04] And thus where things don’t feel right. Where there’s a sense of, of existential wrongness or pain and suffering or bad things happen to good people. All the things that come to this life, we’re all in our own way needing to find a way to reconcile with that, how to be in relationship to life itself. So to answer your question, we have two general perspectives which we can really unpack as well.

[00:05:31] One is a sort of, emptiness and neoism, right, which says, life is meaningless. I am fundamentally small and irrelevant. Nothing I do matters. It, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, bad things will still happen. You can go and trust people and they’ll still take advantage of you. Look at the people in power.

[00:05:54] You know, it just feels like anything I do is like throwing a cup of water in the ocean. It does. It just, I’m so small. Right. And this could be that sense of there’s meaninglessness or there’s no point, or just any quality of that, a sense of hopelessness or a pervading sense of, when am I going to be important or when am I gonna matter?

[00:06:21] The, the, all of these expressions that in some way come, uh, come about as a result of feeling that there’s nothing that one can do. And, and this facet of the 12th house experience really speaks to where there’s oftentimes this lived conflict or tension between the individual self in existence. I tried to help and no one changed.

[00:06:44] I gave, and then I was taken advantage of. I prayed and I prayed and prayed, and God didn’t answer. Or just as much as it can be this, I’m praying and I’m hoping, and I’m wishing and I’m wanting something to change and, and, and I guess I’m not, you know, gonna be saved or I’m not worthy, or, or it means nothing or this is all just meaningless and there’s no Right.

[00:07:06] So that level, the other is, where a soul will be in conscious relationship informing a conscious relationship with, and I wanna really emphasize the idea of relationship, right? To, to make a little tangential note. We can think of the 12th house. As I said, it’s, it’s reality. If you think of Neptune as being associated with the 12th house, I don’t think of it as rulership, but archetypally, they are related.

[00:07:35] Neptune’s, the higher octave of Venus. So Venus is relational. But then Neptune is sort of relational when it comes to reality. A part of the unraveling is it’s, it’s not like there’s something outside of us. We are, we’re, we’re in relationship to it. And it’s also inside. That’s why the fish in the ocean isn’t even the perfect analogy.

[00:07:54] Cut. It’s not even out there. So this is a soul that becomes actively interested in forming a relationship, consciously knowing what’s true, which means consciously knowing who I am and my oneness with reality. These are the words that become important. Oneness, wholeness, unity, trust, faith. A sort of non-dual understanding or experience.

[00:08:17] It’s really beyond understanding the difference between understanding and trust. Understanding corresponds to the ninth house, which archetypally a square of the 12th house, right? So that’s more like we can understand the philosophy of astrology and understand the 12th house. But, a soul who’s actively really doing this 12th house work.

[00:08:37] Will be giving themselves over to higher meaning, which means I can’t prove it or even ever approach it with my limited understanding, but I have to trust it and allow it to lead me to, to show me what’s true, to show me who I am. So those are two very opposite expressions. And I’ll close that with saying it’s really the duality between, meaningful and meaningless, right?

[00:09:05] Everything’s meaningful or meaningless. And I think the TRH house, in a way says there’s really no gray area in between. We could have an experience where Venus in the 12th house, Libra in the 12th house, oh, it’s so good. I love them. It was like so romantic and they held my hand. This is like the partner I’ve been dreaming in and it feels meaningful.

[00:09:28] and like, we trust life and then they just don’t show up again and it’s nothing what I thought. And apparently I didn’t actually know them. And then it’s meaningless again. And it’s why me, that duality is very stark and it really points to where each soul might be continually faced with where we invest meaning in that which has no meaning.

[00:09:50] We’re projecting an illusion and a dream and an idea of meaning, and we’re giving our faith and trust to it, and thus it gives us energy. Part of the journey in orienting towards truth is a process of disillusionment, which maybe we can talk about in a moment.

[00:10:06] Okay. So I mean, just with everything you’ve just said, it’s no wonder why the 12 house is one of those ones that it’s just, it’s kind of hard to grasp.

[00:10:17] It’s kind of hard to put your, your, your arms around it and feel like you have a, an understanding of it. Mm-hmm. .

Negative Associations of the 12th House

[00:10:24] You know, one of the things, I have my son and my Venus in the 12th house and anytime I have learned about the 12th house, it often is associated with negative things like jail and mental illness.

[00:10:39] And you know, like some things it’s like, oh geez, that sucks. Can you talk a little bit about, first of all, why it might have negative perception by certain people and why it’s associated with some of these things that feel not, not necessarily like things that we wanna experience in our lives?

[00:11:00] Absolutely. I’ll start with speaking to you what it is, and then offer perspective on why there’s this misunderstanding. So every function operating within the 12th House speaks to a realignment and a reorientation towards ultimate reality and And this is where we have to understand where disillusionment comes in.

[00:11:19] It can feel like a very intangible, and, and ungraspable experience that can be interpreted as, oh, you’re never gonna have sustaining love, or people are always gonna trick you, or, yeah, this is the house of crazy people or people who live in their fantasies. What is this all about? The process of disillusionment is what happens for all of us relative to our TRH house and Pisces, Neptune, right?

[00:11:45] The planets in the TRH house will speak to a necessary process of facing the limitations of the projections and dreams that we’re putting onto reality. We’re saying this is what’s meaningful, and thus this is where I’m putting my faith and ultimate meaning. This is if I can sustain a belief in this.

[00:12:05] Then I will feel fundamentally existentially secure in life itself. And when the relationship or the teacher, or the job, or the health or whatever we believed in, or the religion isn’t what we thought it was, it’s a profoundly scary experience. This itself can lead to a lot of mental health issues. We can say, I’m not sure what the right phrase would be, but it can affect our state of wellness in a very profound way.

[00:12:33] In two ways. There can be an underlying sense of despair that actually leads assault to feel like they’re giving up on their own life or relative to the trauma. And it’s a trauma of disillusionment. A soul can double down on their dreams, on their ideas as a way to sustain the meaning and the value that they’ve otherwise created.

[00:12:57] Because to accept that it’s not real would mean to face the need to realign towards reality, which is like, well, what’s what’s reality? I have to actually learn and surrender and get beyond this box that I’ve created this television in my mind. So very often, a soul will become deeply oriented towards sustaining a fantasy that they’re needing to reaffirm over and over and over again.

[00:13:20] That’s one facet of it. The other is, there’s a sort of innocence within the 12th house, and you can think of this with every house. It’s like, what’s like the, the, the enlightened higher expression of that, and then what does it look like when that’s misapplied, right? The higher expression of the 12th house is perfection, unity, love, oneness, togetherness.

[00:13:39] It’s like from the point of view of God, there’s no problem. Everything’s cool. You, you take that and you have a little bit of confusion, and then it’s indiscriminate trust of a personality. Oh, every I, I love universally, and so, oh, you’re asking me for another loan? Sure. Right? I mean, I, you didn’t pay me back the first one, but here you go.

[00:14:03] This can be a very self-sacrificial dynamic, rooted in an underlying recognition that’s true of people’s goodness and innocence, right? But a naivety and a missing of where there can be all kinds of manipulation and corruption. Thus, the 12th house polarity is very important, which is the cultivation of discernment and discrimination.

[00:14:27] But what can happen, and this is where we can have a lot of people that flip, there can be a sort of, martyr dumb and self depletion rooted in naivety in the 12th house that could actually flip towards a sort of sadism, or it can flip are real quick. What’s sadism sadistic?

[00:14:48] Like, like hurting themselves or others.

[00:14:53] Or others. Okay. Yeah. All right. I, I, I should know what that word means, but I .

[00:14:58] Oh, no, it’s fine. So masochism and sadism is actually a 12th house, six house archetype. Both of those archetypes apply in different ways to both of that and Virgo Pisces to that entire access. So the masochism in the 12th house is, the martyrdom is a self-sacrifice.

[00:15:17] I’m gonna enable and give and trust even though I’m actually suffering, but I’m making the mistake of thinking that, I mean, we can go more into the whole, confusion around suffering maybe in a, in a moment. It’s one of the other good topics. But that can lead to a total flip into sadism, which is, I’ve given, I’ve given and I’ve given, I’ve given, I’ve been victimized and I’ve been taken advantage of.

[00:15:41] So a soul. This is the thing about the 12th house. It’s so profound in the spectrum. It’s caring and loving, and it feels everyone and doesn’t want anyone to feel hurt, doesn’t wanna say no to anyone. And there’s no boundaries. And then it feels totally overwhelmed and used, and it can flip to the other end of it as well, just as much as a soul can find themselves being totally taken advantage of.

[00:16:04] So we can have, and then let’s just responding to the question like, why do we hear these associations with the 12th house? One other expression of it is where it can be sincerely difficult for assault at a discern between, illusion and reality. Simple as that you’re putting so much faith in something and it’s hurt you or you met someone who told you something and they, there can be so many factors.

[00:16:29] And I’m just gonna make up one little story. , you’re a part of a religion. And the, the Pisces, 12th House archetype in general as well as Virgo, that axis speaks to Judeo Christianity. That whole paradigm souls with a lot of 12th House, six House or Pisces. Virgo, very, very often I see have a very strong karmic connection to, the Judeo-Christian cosmology.

[00:16:55] And I’ve been very influenced by these ideals that say God is some kind of ideal of perfection that will never reach. Right. God is a perfection 12th house that will never reach six house. We’re sinners and we’re never good enough. And there’s this inaccessible ideal that we have to indiscriminately, trust and pray for, and that will save us if we do these things or trust it.

[00:17:16] It’s totally removed from any kind of self-reflection or, unity or self cultivation. . So within that, there can be all these kinds of beliefs that are created. You know, trust God, pray to God, and he will take care of you. And then something horrible happens to your parents as a child, the amount of distortion that this could create, right?

[00:17:36] This is where, who do I trust? What do I trust? And how do I deal with a total disillusionment of that which I’ve given ultimate meaning. So this is where things like, insane asylums and being locked up and just being totally out of touch with the reality. And I wanna just say one more piece about this, in the same way we can have archetype of escapism, which is I’m not comfortable with reality.

[00:18:05] It just, I don’t wanna deal with it. So I’m just gonna stay in whatever world I’ve created for myself to not have to face it. It’s sex, drugs, television, indulgence, any kind of avoidance that keeps me from actually dealing with things. So we can create this whole world for ourself. And it’s not necessarily delusional, but it can fall into the archetype of escapism.

[00:18:29] Fascinating . So is the, is the the prison piece also potentially related to being in or perceiving reality as a prison? Hmm. And or recognizing the limitations of the third dimension and, and seeing that sort of. Stuckness or, or, or perceiving a stuckness in this reality.

[00:19:05] That’s really interesting. So for me, I don’t know if it’s actually 100% clear to me that the 12th house on its own corresponds to prison.

[00:19:14] And I it could be. It just, that’s not a self-evident correlation. If you put Saturn there, definitely, because then we’re looking at the archetype of seeing that existence is perceived as a jail, as a limitation. Right. And so there’s going to be a, ultimately, you wanna come back to, what’s the metaphor of a prison?

[00:19:35] You’re in a situation where you, you’re confined and you don’t have freedom of movement. Mm-hmm. on its own. Being in a prison doesn’t resonate in the 12th house for me, the experience of being cloistered or alone, or being in a place where we’re removed from the world. Like a monastery even, right?

[00:19:51] Mm-hmm. , that’s very 12th house. So if the prison is experienced or seen as that, where the world is stripped from us in some way or another, but I just, I’m sharing this from experience. I’ve seen a lot of examples of souls with Saturn in the 12th house, many where they’ve had a prison sentence or just examples where people have been in prison or they’ve been locked up, or they had really profound spiritual awakenings by way of their, the rules of society.

[00:20:19] Grossly limiting their freedom of movement. Hmm. So that can help them become aware of, the greater spiritual teaching that this whole world. Is an illusion. This whole world is like one big prison cell, kind of like what you’re speaking to. Mm-hmm. . And our freedom isn’t in having a whole bunch of freedom of movement.

[00:20:41] The freedom is in awakening to the true nature of reality. Like the true nature of reality is in the prison cell and it’s in the far, you know, it’s like spiritual revelation and the realization of God often happens when choices are eliminated. Right. And then it’s like something, all, all the ways in which we’re looking for meaning and purpose, that falls away.

[00:21:00] And we have no choice but to look within or to look in the present moment, which is where we’re always gonna find it. Mm. Okay.

[00:21:09] I, I think the heretic isn’t the heretic associated with the 12th house. I don’t know.

[00:21:15] Okay. Okay. Interesting. Yeah. No. One thing about Maya, I, I’ve, I’ve just never walked the path of all these traditional associations.

[00:21:21] I’ve never, I’ve never thought of that. I mean, I can think of the heretic from the point of view of the soul that’s transcended. what you, what you, what it looks like to be in the world. Well,

[00:21:33] also the, Judeo-Christian thing comes in there too, because it’s the person who mm-hmm. has said, I don’t actually believe in, or I’m not going to do what the church wants me to do.

[00:21:43] And

[00:21:44] that’s gonna have to, yeah. I

[00:21:45] have a bigger spiritual perception. Right,

[00:21:48] right. And that’s gonna innately bring in the, the ninth house Sagittarius archetype inherently. Cause now we’re looking at perspective. Right.

[00:21:54] And the square there, right. Yeah, exactly. Yes. Okay. Interesting.

Suffering & Service

[00:21:57] Okay. You mentioned something about suffering earlier and we sort, I sort of dogeared it.

[00:22:02] Do you wanna come back to what the 12,000 suffering have to do with each

[00:22:06] other? Okay, great. So suffering seems to come with this human experience and there’s nothing that any one of us could possibly do to alleviate it completely. And one of the hardest. Issues with the 12th house is how do we reconcile with the fact of suffering?

[00:22:28] So I can give two examples. Let’s say you’re a counselor, right? Oftentimes souls in the 12th house, we’re gonna find ourselves called towards public service. Any, position or way of being in life that makes an individual available to serve anyone indiscriminately? So it’s like flowing lake water, being available to be an instrument of higher meaning and purpose, as creator and love purpose directs it, right?

[00:22:56] So it’s like we’re not choosing, we just show up. So an example of that would be anyone who is working in the medical field and they’re just putting on a, you know, not a costume, but, um, a uniform and you see whoever comes to you or even being in the army or any kind of service job or any kind of work or job.

[00:23:16] that makes the individual self just, an instrument. So the individuality is stripped away. And this is also perhaps where, you know, prison can fall into that category cuz you don’t, you’re not a person anymore in a sense. You’re just, you’re wearing the uniform, right? All of that is 12th house. Anything that unifies and strips, individuality and puts the soul into a state where they’re just one of many, or an instrument for something that is beyond their individual self right now, in that, the reason why this is a trough house association is because the soul is yearning and striving and oriented to connect with higher meaning.

[00:23:55] So a lot of these old will find themselves walking a path where they can be in service, joining an organization, doing some kind of work, or being a part of something that they associate as being meaningful, where their body, their life, their mind, their skills are used for a higher purpose and they’re not seeking credit for it, right?

[00:24:10] It’s not about them. And there’s meaning, and there’s purpose, and there’s value in it. The issue that arises is never will a soul, um, do enough to alleviate all suffering on the planet. Um, and this brings up some of the deeper, deeper questions on where does salvation come? Where does healing come? Where does the alleviation of suffering really come from?

[00:24:36] The soul really needs to develop an active discrimination and discern. Because without that, there can be an ongoing exhaustion. And I see this all the time. Souls that are very 12th house, like they, they have a genuine sense of I get to carry this purpose, this light into the world. And there’s an immense amount of exhaustion and depletion.

[00:24:57] And so I think what I wanted to say earlier about suffering is we can’t deplete ourselves and save others at the same time. And that’s one of the biggest, um, learning curves in the 12th house. Like we can’t suffer and help people that are suffering. And it’s the same idea in a course in miracles.

[00:25:20] There’s an an important emphasis placed on Y You have to bring your illusions to the truth, but you can’t bring the truth to the illusion. You know, you can’t be like, God, help my problems. But you can actually kind of do it the other way is take my problems, reformulate it, reinterpret it, and I’m ready to learn.

[00:25:39] Take this from my hands, cuz obviously I don’t get it. So the journey of really becoming an instrument is also referencing, there’s a perspective and a unity and really a plan that is held from the universal intelligence and oneness that is pervading and beyond our ability to comprehend that holds perfect peace and acceptance.

[00:26:03] And in that trust and that orientation to it, we each have a role to play. We each, we and, and the, the role that we play, I think is, is also our happiness. And there’s no hap there. I, I think our greatest happiness and fulfillment. Is in aligning, all that comes with our human experience to be used as an instrument for greater purpose and meaning.

[00:26:27] But when it becomes about the ego or the individual self-identity, our self-concept, getting in the way and saying, oh yeah, well, you know, I’m just gonna stay on the phone with this person for another two hours. And yeah, my blood sugar is kind of going off the scales right now, but you know, if I give, I’ll get all that.

[00:26:44] I, we can just confuse ourself. I wanted to say on this note, we can work with the, the astrological aspects to really understand some of the, the stresses. So to close this piece on suffering, why is spiritual discernment and discrimination so hard? You have 12th house archetypally, meaning not necessarily always, but Archetypally Square, the ninth house, the third house.

[00:27:07] We can rationalize and convince ourselves of anything. So any delusional idea or conception. , can make total sense cuz logic can be directed towards anything. Doesn’t make, doesn’t make it sane, doesn’t make it true. So, the idea that we can actually do enough to save and the, the reconciliation with where does true healing come from?

[00:27:32] And maybe we can talk more about that in a moment. Well, we can talk about that right now. Okay. , just try not to go too far at once. No, it’s good. . What, what I’ll, what I’ll say to this is, in this idea that we can’t, suffer to help those who are suffering, it brings more and more attention and more and more interest in, in ourself, in our, in our own vibration and fundamentally in our attunement to love, in our being love, in our knowledge of love, in our oneness with it.

[00:28:03] And this doesn’t so much speak to the things that we’re doing. It doesn’t speak so much to any kind of, um, quantity of action in, in, in a way. Often I find that the 12th house will express in a more, um, profound way via less activity, less doing. There’s that idea like you do less, more happens, do nothing.

[00:28:25] Everything happens. The less of a doer there is, the more the universe can actually take control. And so it really does at the core point, back to the realignment of, of self knowledge coming back to our understanding and our unity and our relationship, our trusting and openness to who we truly are to lead the way.

[00:28:45] And so an important quality, and I think Maurice Fernandez for really introducing this word into my understanding of the 12th House. Cause I don’t know if I, if I ever would’ve thought of it in this way, neutrality. I think that’s such an important piece cuz neutrality is okay, I’m okay, I’m nut, it’s, I’m okay with it.

[00:29:09] I’m okay with things as they are. It to me says, I am not going to interpret it and make meaning out of it and thus determine what I’m supposed to do about it to fix it. I’m not depending on my own past thinking. There’s a course, there’s a prayer in the course in Miracles that I love. It, it’s not an exact quote, but it, it says something I’ll put in the comments on the YouTube channel for sure.

[00:29:32] I do not know what anything including this means, and I will not use my past learning to guide me now. And it’s just this practice of, of referring to a knowing that isn’t divided and confused in the ways that our own limited understanding So, yeah. Wow.

Transits in the 12th House

[00:29:53] So when somebody is having. Significant. Or when somebody’s having transits to the 12th house or planets moving through the 12th house, these topics are up.

[00:30:08] Yes. Like these thi this exploration is active in somebody’s life. It

[00:30:14] is. Correct. And I would say, you know, in general you can think of a transit to the 12th house in expressing in two general ways. And they seem opposite, but they’re the same. Huh? There can be a dis dissolving or a completion of everything that we’ve had.

[00:30:26] I mean, just think of a, of a cycle from the initiation of the first house all the way around. We are completing a cycle. But what does it mean to complete a cycle? Well, in the 11th house, the individuality is incredibly actualized and activated. Our unique genius is full on, this is not about us having any level of control.

[00:30:48] Hmm. So it can feel like things are are ending. Can feel like we’re losing something or losing the grasp of something or the opposite, but it’s the same. It can feel like that which we’ve been doing or working on suddenly becomes huge and suddenly our life takes on some sort of higher purpose and meaning, and it’s beyond us.

[00:31:10] An example of that could be a person that’s been practicing singing and they, you know, go outside on the street and this person sees them and they, they happen to know the American Idol people and they get a gig and suddenly they become famous. Right? It’s like the, the vine will, will take a, a soul to say, here, now do this.

[00:31:31] Let it go. Release it. Give yourself to the world. So, fame and public service and public recognition and becoming a universal symbol or becoming oriented towards something profoundly. It doesn’t have to be fame on that level, but it can be. awakening to and life becoming oriented towards something profoundly meaningful that almost feels otherworldly, where suddenly it’s just, it’s just big.

[00:32:01] Right? Lots of weight, lots of people following your, you, you, you, you become a part of something that just feels greater than you and you’re serving it, or, or it’s like there’s no meaning and it’s like everything I thought was important is gone. It’s just the process of life directing the show. Hmm.

Our Desire for Answers & Uniformity

[00:32:19] Ari,

[00:32:19] can I ask you a technical question that now we’re, we’re at the 12th house and I, and it, it came together for me as a question when I was thinking this through.

[00:32:30] Why, if the son’s journey starts at the 12th, In, in the, in the morning, in the in the Dawn. Why do we number at 12? Like why does it, why does the Sun’s journey go backwards when our life journey goes the other way?

[00:32:49] I don’t know. It’s a good question. You know what’s really funny, Amanda? I actually heard you asking me that yesterday.

[00:32:54] I was in the kitchen and I was like, oh, that would be a good question to ask. And I was like, do I have an answer? Like I really don. It would make, make sense that the 12th house would be underneath the horizon, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s just, what, what do we know? ? Okay. We, we dunno.

[00:33:08] That’s, I I this is perfect for 12th House.

[00:33:10] We have to

[00:33:10] be Okay. Not knowing, you know who I bet, I bet Gemini, Brett has a good perspective on that. He’s the kind of guy that would, well, and

[00:33:16] he’s gonna be doing our, our bonus 13th episode of this House series. Ask him that. Talking about the different house systems. And I will definitely ask him that question because I, I got so confused.

[00:33:27] It’s like, wait, the sun goes this way, but, but the houses go this way. And I’m, and I know there’s always intelligence in this design, so there’s a reason for

[00:33:35] that. Okay. One thing I will say that just arises now, um, Two things. One, we love, we love looking for a uniformity and conformity that where things seem to conform our ideas of what they’re supposed to be.

[00:33:47] Yeah, we have that all the time in astrology. Then you have like people in Australia and like Aries doesn’t fit with the springtime, the way it’s perfectly aligned for us in the Western hemisphere, right? So yes, just like the humble recognition of that. And two, when I think about also just the energy of the early morning, it’s the most in, in every spiritual tradit.

[00:34:09] And I’m not trying to give an answer, I’m just, this is what arises in every spiritual tradition, the early morning hours. At sunrise are considered to be the richest, you know, in terms of spiritual cultivation and spiritual practice. Yeah. And you, that you wake, actually, you wake up when the sun’s in the first house.

[00:34:26] You begin your day bef this is fun before the suns. Mm. In the Jewish tradition, you, the, the mystical practice of prayer was you wake up before the sunrises, you do your, your morning rituals, you get yourself dressed, you, you know, go to the place of prayer and you begin your prayers. And then you get to like the, almost like the, the, the climax of prayer, like the most important morning part of the morning prayer, like the essence of the prayer at sunrise.

[00:34:54] Hmm. Right. And that’s the moment where the sun is. And that’s like the, the spiritual, like climax of the morning practice. So I’m like, oh, you’re, you’re starting your day in the first house and then you’re reaching God. So it’s just a thought. That’s

[00:35:07] really beautiful. Yeah. Okay. Isn’t that true about pretty much everything in astrology, that when we have these paradoxes or when we learn something new that sort of erases what we thought was true? Like, I, I know a lot of people who they, you know, find out they have a different birth time.

[00:35:26] Right. Or they try their, they try their, their chart in va dic astrology, but they’ve only known Western or vice versa. Yeah. Or, you know, they, they, they, their, some understanding of a planet or a placement gets expanded and it, it sort of ruins something that they have felt is the truth. And this feels relevant for the 12th house because it’s something that happens over and over as we study astrology.

[00:35:53] and it can be, like you said, humbling. It can be disorienting. There can be a disillusionment at this like, oh, I thought I was this, but does this mean I’m this, does it mean I’m both? Does it mean I’m neither? Like, what does it

[00:36:06] all just a lie and Oh, yeah. Right. Is it all, yeah.

[00:36:09] Is it all made up? Does none of it

[00:36:10] make any sense?

[00:36:11] I, I think anything make sense. Well, will any horoscope feel right for me? Yeah, exactly.

The 12th House Experience

[00:36:15] I think this is all part of the experience of 12th House, either in transit or if you have it emphasized in your natal chart, whatever it is, there is this, this continual experience of, of being reborn with greater levels of awareness and getting to that point where you might think you have that you’ve attained that awareness, but then it just goes away again and there’s a whole nother, a whole nother level.

[00:36:43] Right. I would love to speak to that. So yeah, th this, the, the essence of, of, of. Of awakening within the 12th house is never going to be contingent upon a formulation or understanding that we’ve arrived at and figured out and let’s say you have Jupiter or Mercury, then that’s where those issues can, or a planet in the 12th house squaring a planet in the third house or the ninth house.

[00:37:05] Like that’s where these dynamic can be really emphasized. It, it’s about the present moment. So anything can be meaningful, even if it’s factually incorrect. Hmm. It’s about how does it make us available to a greater experience and openness to the truth and the love that we are, that can happen through the vehicle of anything, any modality.

[00:37:29] In fact, people that have otherwise. What’s, Michelle was just sharing this quote with me. I forgot what it is. I have, I don’t have a memory for quotes, but the idea of it was, you know, we, people will do all kinds of messed up things, but then Spirit will use that for good. Like any, anything irrational or logical or factually incorrect, it doesn’t matter from the point of view of love, there’s no judgment.

[00:37:53] There’s no, this is the correct system or the incorrect system that that doesn’t exist in, in oneness. It’s always about how everything is oriented back towards itself, how love is always pointing back to itself. And so in such a compassionate way, everything is, and that’s why it’s actually a part of the process of awakening within the 12th, that there can be a total, um, a, a state of confusion and disarray and disorganization where everything we thought was meaningful or true doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

[00:38:25] Hmm. And we can find this with, you know, let’s take Virgo in the 12th house, um, the, the spiritual diet, um, the best way to eat, or the best way to take care of yourself. And you do that and then it’s like, oh, you get sick anyway. It, it, it points to everything of the, this is a fundamental 12th house teaching everything of this world without exception.

[00:38:47] Everything within time and space is meaningless on its own. It has no inherent meaning. Even facts. The facts have no meaning. Who cares, who, who, who told you to write the book and who’s grading it. Like nothing is meaningful except for how it’s serving the higher purpose of return, of remembering, of awakening, of the return to love, of the healing.

[00:39:09] And that’s really what, in my view, what this life is about, what this school earth is all about. It’s remembering, it’s awakening, it’s returning to the love that we are. So everything and anything, even if it’s totally insane or, or or wrong, can serve for healing. And that’s where our, um, conditions. And where we thought everything was perfect because we had it all organized in our mind, that’s gonna be constantly recalibrated.

[00:39:39] And just to, to really clarify, once we go into, you know, the ninth House, we’re gonna also appreciate the Ninth House, 12th House, or Pisces. Sattari Square is going to help us understand that the truth is the truth. It is already like, you know, it just is nothing to do about that in terms of understanding.

[00:40:01] We are always going to be expanding our understanding of it. Always, always, always. There’s always a threshold of new realization, new, new awareness, right? So we can have these disillusioning experiences and still stay connected to our faith and trust and our surrender and our gratitude and recognize, oh, and there’s more to learn.

[00:40:21] There’s more to see. Clearly there’s a broadening of perspective happening now relative to the ninth house. And there’s more information too that’s gonna always. Throw a curve ball and that’s at third house square. Mm.

[00:40:32] I love it. I’m constantly remembering this for myself and reminding our inner circle members, for example, this, this study of astrology.

[00:40:43] Mm-hmm. There is no destination, like you can’t go in it with like, I’m gonna learn everything there is to know about reading charts, about myself, about the people in my life in 30 days or whatever it is. At, at every level there is more and more and more awareness. And at every turn of the, of the, of the road, there’s, there’s more understanding, but it’s like this deepening process that is continual.

[00:41:10] Yeah. And, um, and it’s amazing. And, and, and to me it’s, it’s joyful all at every step of the way. Mm-hmm. , but the, but it can’t be like, I’m trying to get somewhere like we actually have to, to let go of that part of our conditioning of like, there is a place

[00:41:26] I’m going. That’s beautiful. And I, and just to reflect, it’s cause I see you using it with meaning.

[00:41:31] I mean, this is, as I witness it, what you’ve created with Astrology Hub, it’s all about connection. It’s all about community. And so it’s like what you’re bringing in and what you’re honoring and valuing in terms of a diversity of voices and what you’re offering to everyone that joins. It’s all with pure loving intention.

[00:41:50] Like this is, in my perception, a part of following a guidance. Mm-hmm. . Right? And so it’s like, of course it’s never about arriving at anywhere particular. And if a person wants to like go really deeply in one thing, they’ll follow one particular teacher and do that. But this is all about holy intention and purpose.

[00:42:09] Hmm. I love

[00:42:10] it.

Past Lives

[00:42:11] Okay. More questions for you. Does the 12th House have anything to do with past lives? Do we ha get any insights into past lives in the 12th house?

[00:42:24] Well, here’s how I would answer that. The totality of the needle chart has purpose and meaning and relevance, and doesn’t come out of nowhere, So there’s no placement in the chart that is suddenly like there’s no house. That’s like this house is a past life thing, but this house is a current life thing. From the point of view of the Saul’s ongoing evolutionary journey, there is an evolutionary reason and purpose for everything being exactly where it is.

[00:42:52] Okay? So from that point of view, then we get into more interpretive technique working with understanding the nodes. And appropriately applying that in the context of Pluto and really in how I do my work, the interpretive paradigm that really understands the SES core evolutionary needs and intentions.

[00:43:09] We would understand the 12th house, including the planetary ruler of the 12th house, as well as Neptune and anything going on with Pisces and aspects to all of the above as indicative of, for whatever reasons, karmically where in this lifetime the soul is on this ongoing journey of spiritual illumination and orienting their attention towards that which transcendent of any context or experience, but universal and timeless and karmically, it can point to particular patterns of disillusionment or confusion or seeking or wandering or hoping that will be played out and resolved or worked through right?

[00:43:44] Or it can also, and this is an important piece to speak to. Just in terms of the, the, the different topics that fall into the 12th House archetype, it can speak to a soul that has been in a total deception mode, meaning they’ve been deceiving others. Cuz the 12th house can be with ill intent. I’m pretending to be something that I’m not, and I’m actively deceiving and drawing upon the, innocent and naivety of others.

[00:44:13] And you can have a soul with lots of 12th house. And it speaks to that particular pattern being brought forth. All the ways in which a soul may have built a castle out of a deck of cards, whether it’s believing in something or making themselves something that they’re not, and that’s gonna play out in this lifetime and in whatever way is relevant for their ongoing.

[00:44:32] Mm. Okay.


[00:44:35] Is it true that the 12th house is the most quote unquote spiritual house? And if that’s true, is there a least spiritual, and I’m pulling on some of the most commonly asked questions. That’s a good question. That get made about the 12th House.

[00:44:50] Sure. It’s not the most spiritual house, but it is the house that corresponds to the archetype of spirituality.

[00:44:56] And all of the houses are equally spiritual in the sense that they’re all relevant and they’re all here. Mm-hmm. And you can have very spiritual people with a strong, you know, six house emphasis. And suddenly they, they’re, they’re whole, you know, it’s like you gotta brush your teeth every day and like it’s, versus, you know, very unspiritual people with strong 12th house or you know, people with very little 12th house planet.

[00:45:17] you can’t gauge spirituality or a person’s spirituality or spiritual level of realization by any house placements. Um, the chart is reflective of the soul’s reality. It, it, and it, we have to correlate it to where soul’s actually at. And no one else is more evolved or spiritual than any other. Just

[00:45:37] like no one sign is more evolved and spiritual

[00:45:40] than exactly.

[00:45:41] Than right. Yeah. And just, just like no one eye color. Yes. Yeah. These are all just what is.

[00:45:47] Yes, yes. Yes. Okay.

Tips for 12th House Stelliums

[00:45:49] Do you have any tips for people that have a telium in the 12th house? Hmm.

[00:45:58] No. I, I really have to see the individual context. It’s so, as we know, every, every house placement and all that’s going on there can express in so many ways.

[00:46:10] If a person’s coming to me with a telium in the 12th house and they feel lost in life, Right. And I, I’m gonna tune into, you know, do they have a spiritual quality to them? Are they seeking more or where, where are they at in their journey? I’m gonna wanna try to support them to orient to the way in which they can find meaning in life by giving from their greatest inspiration.

[00:46:33] And that’s one of the most important things I would offer for the 12th house. It’s not like I’m, I’m, I don’t exist and I’m just some sort of neutral instrument. The interplay between truth, love, God, meaning, extending itself through us is that it happens through that which is naturally exciting and inspiring and alive within us.

[00:46:52] Hmm. So very often I’ll point people who have a strong 12th house tellium, or just strong 12th house placements to some of the most young, innocent. Dreams and, fantasies that they had when they were young. Mm-hmm. A and things that maybe they forgot because you grow up and you’re disillusioned, or maybe you live in your fantasies.

[00:47:12] Right. And I would help them recognize that a part of their work is to actually be an active co-creative relationship to that. Let’s speak to that for a moment. This is one of the ways we can make the 12th house a bit more tangible. It’s co-creation. If you have this inspiration right, you love, you love music, right?

[00:47:34] But then you’re taking that inspiration, you’re, you’re waiting to be found, or you know, you’re waiting to be noticed, to be discovered that that vibration is separated from that inspiration, right? But if you love music and you are constantly creating, and you’re in the vortex, you’re in the vibration of that creative.

[00:47:54] You’re going to be recognizing and seeing life as an ongoing opportunity that supports and extend and meets you in your deepest creative inspirations and excitement. So the journey of really bringing a practical, meaningful life experience within the 12th house is consciously, and we’re all gonna frame this differently according to just how we’re wired and just where we’re at in our journeys.

[00:48:18] These, these, these are particular ways of me speaking about it, but it can be framed in any way really becoming actively interested in how my greatest joy and inspiration can bring love and healing and inspiration into the world. And so we had people that get into acting or film or, you know, writing novels.

[00:48:41] So, you know, I was actually listening to an A talk I gave on the 12th house, um, from another house series that I gave some time ago, and I apparently gave the example of George Lucas. And he has, mercury in Taurus in the 12th house, conjunct Venus, apparently. And, and he created a whole world in his mind.

[00:49:09] Star Wars, a whole fantasy world. Mercury in the 12th house. You, you, you all the names where everyone comes from. It’s like, you know, he wrote the books, he created it. If you have a question, it’s like, um, you know, Jr. The, the, the Lord of the Rings. I haven’t looked at his chart, but you will pretty much almost always find a very strong 12th house or Neptune involved in, in the soul.

[00:49:33] There’s a huge imagination. It’s taking this inspiration. It’s creating, okay, we can say it’s not real. Well, that’s fine. Nothing’s real. Like this whole world from like the ultimate perspective, this apparently, like the teachers say, this world’s an illusion, so let’s just, you know, So it’s really all that, again, how are we using it to, to bring us back into alignment?

[00:49:54] That’s, so using the, the metaphor of the film or the metaphor of the book, or the fantasy or the art, which is just extending the idea of this world itself is, just a, a dream that we’re all living, but creating it and using it with our fantasy, with our imagination, with our creativity. So inspiration and being inspired, almost like receiving something beyond you to create it.

[00:50:20] And what’s really interesting about George Lucas is, you know, the TAUs, it’s like self-enclosed. It’s like the very Taurus quality is very self-evident. It’s not just Mercury. It’s like it was his thing. He owned it. And I just wanna point out something very interesting about the 12th house, and I don’t know what this is like for him.

[00:50:41] I’m just sharing an observation. He sold the story to Disney at a certain point. For those who are real Star Wars fans, you probably aren’t super happy about that whole situation. And like the, the last couple of videos of movies, they took the storyline and they just disregarded it and created a whole new bunch of facts and data and information.

[00:51:05] And so Mercury and you created it came through, it went out of you. And you can’t possess it in the 12th. It’s, it, it’s not yours. You’re just here to be alive and are connected to your inspiration. So it can be a part of the plan for the greater, and I cry when I watch Star Wars because it touches upon these universal themes.

[00:51:26] It is absolutely, you know, healing. So, mm. God,

[00:51:32] I just as we’re at the 12th House, I am marveling at the brilliance of the design. Mm. Like there’s no, there’s no part of our lives that is, That is not encompassed with this incredible tool. I don’t even, it’s, it’s hard to even put a word to what astrology is.

[00:51:54] Right. Um, but the fact that like every aspect of ourselves, we can, we can grow in understanding and depth and meaning. And if we’re, if we’re paying attention to all of it, whether or not we have house placements there, whether or not we’re in a transit, whether or not a certain part of our lives is, is illuminated in that moment.

[00:52:14] It, it’s the, it’s the perfect thing to allow us to make sure that. , every aspect of ourselves is discovered, is tended to, is nourished, is explored. Uh, because, because it’s all there. It, it’s literally all there. And the 12th house is it, it brings it all together in this way That’s like, wow. There is something so much more that we don’t totally grasp or understand as we’re in this lifetime.

[00:52:45] But it’s there and it’s constantly like calling us back. It’s constantly, um, sort of like tickling us, you know, to to pay attention to what’s beyond our senses, what, you know, these things that we can’t see, but it doesn’t make a mini less real. They’re, they’re still there. Mm-hmm. , you know, so it’s just, it’s amazing to me cuz I’ve gotten to sit through every single one of these, these episodes and, and I hope, and I know there’s many of you out there in the audience that have as well and, and some of the comments that have come in like, with every episode I’ve had another aha moment about myself.

[00:53:20] I’ve, I’ve realized something different about myself and we’re covering all these different aspects of life. It’s, it’s like we go through this journey of, um, you know, I used to live in New York, and so I think of often, I, I lived in New York City, the neighborhoods, and how when you go into each neighborhood, y there’s different aspects of you that, that come forth.

[00:53:42] You know, you, you might feel a little more artistic in the East Village and you might, you know, find a cozy nook in the West Village, and you might, you know, find this more sophisticated aspect of yourself in a different neighborhood or different area. And for me, sometimes that journey through the houses is like that.

[00:54:00] It’s like we’re, we’re walking through all these different areas of life and, and remembering these different aspects of ourselves. Mm-hmm. , I just totally went off on a random tangent, but so

[00:54:09] beautiful. I mean, I’m, I’m also continually humbled by that. Yeah. And also specifically the fact that the 12th House exists in particular.

[00:54:20] Yes. It’s a house that corresponds to everything, which is like, what? Yes. Yes. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. It’s

[00:54:26] so beautiful. Yes. Mm-hmm. . Yes.


[00:54:28] So there’s this one final thing that I wanna speak to regarding the 12th house that feels just to me so essential, I’d be remiss not to speak to it, which is forgiveness.

[00:54:37] Hmm. And, and really at the core, the forgiveness is a part of us coming to a, a state of acceptance and full peace. And at the core orienting all experience back to an understanding and a perception that’s beyond our own making. And so, one perspective on forgiveness is recognizing all the places in our life that we don’t understand or we feel confused, or where we feel hurt.

[00:55:03] And giving this over to the source of all things to control. That’s my current understanding of forgiveness. It’s saying, I don’t know what to do with this. I don’t have an answer for this, and thus I don’t know how to accurately see this. And the, the greater truth of the 12th house is the fact, is the reality of wholeness, of peace, of unity, of love.

[00:55:25] And it recognizes that there’s sameness, like you and I are the same. And what we see out there, um, is not different from what’s inside of here. And this of course, can become a very confusing point when it comes to the tendencies towards martyr dumb and disillusionment and overgiving. But, To really be working with this in a discerning way without the naivety coming in the way.

[00:55:45] It’s this active engagement and process and seeking to give all things progressively, all things over to the source of all meaning, and thus being able to live in the moment alone and relinquishing the, the confusion, the hurt of the past, and even the need to organize the future. So I just think that’s such an important part and that’s why in the 12th House there is very often for most souls in, in different ways, a strong orientation towards living a life where the soul can be in some way.

[00:56:17] Um, Giving to others regardless of what you’ve done. Like you, you know, you have sinned or you’ve hurt others. It’s like you are worthy of love anyway. You are deserving of care and love and respect because who you are is not defined by what you’ve done or the thoughts that I have or that you have about yourself.

[00:56:34] It’s always about moving towards a greater transcendent acceptance of what is ultimately, fundamentally, beautifully true about all of us. And I’ll say one more thing to close this, which is, this is also why spiritual practices and meditation and any kind of ex or prayer, any kind of experience that will take the individuated consciousness into a connection to the timeless and the formless.

[00:57:00] So where we’re learning to tr and train our attention towards that, which is not of the. Not in the body, not in form, not in a personality, not in the past. That which is universal and timeless, um, to guide all things in our life. So prayer and that that relationship to the divine is a big part of the 12th house experience as well.

[00:57:25] What’s interesting about the forgiveness piece, and one thing that just came up, I think I mentioned it in the ninth house episode, some past life regression experiences I’ve had, and that in like before I died in my past life regression experience, I was harboring like anger and resentment about betrayal or failure or loss.

[00:57:49] But after the moment of quote unquote death in these memories, the first thing I felt so overwhelmingly was forgiveness. Hmm. It was just like, Forgiveness for myself, forgiveness for everyone. Forgi like this, like wave wash of forgiveness, of like, oh my God. Like it’s, it’s that kind of like what Jesus says on the cross.

[00:58:14] Like, forgive them for they know not what they do. I had that overwhelming feeling of like, oh my gosh, we don’t really know what’s happening here. And so the only thing to do is forgive all, all of the ignorance, all of all of the things that are happening. So it’s really interesting to me that a, again, the 12th house is related to, you know, what’s beyond, what’s beyond the veil and ha for, for that to then tie back into this idea of for not idea, but this quality of

[00:58:41] forgiveness.

[00:58:43] Yeah. Yeah.


[00:58:44] Ari, thank you so much again, I said it in the beginning and I’m saying it again, I cannot think of a better person to help us understand the 12th house and not even, like you said, it’s not really an understanding kind of thing. It is more of. An awareness and experience of being a quality or lots of qualities.

[00:59:08] Um, so just thank you for helping us to like, get a grasp of, of the 12th House and some of the, the things that will be up for us when we are exploring 12th House things. Really appreciate your presence here. Cannot wait, wait for your inner circle month. Um, do you know what you’re gonna be teaching us in the inner

[00:59:26] circle

[00:59:27] oh, I know my, I know my, uh, my masterclass will be on yos. Yes, yos on yos

[00:59:31] or yas. It might be the way other people, some people

[00:59:34] think, oh, maybe. Maybe. Yeah. , I don’t knows. Funny you say potato.

[00:59:37] I say potato. Yeah. Um, yeah. Oh, amazing. So you’re gonna be teaching us about

[00:59:42] yos Yo Masterclass. Yeah. Get the yo Master the.

[00:59:46] Amazing. Okay. That comes up a lot. What does it mean when I have a, I, I always say yacht. That’s so funny. Um, what does it mean when I have a yacht or a yo and, you know, how do I interpret it? So that’s gonna be really exciting. If you are interested in joining us for the Inner Circle, enrollment is going to be opening up here very, very soon.

[01:00:05] Wait list members not only get a mastery class when you join the wait list, but you’re also the first to know when enrollment opens. And you will be joining Ari and all of the amazing astrologers that you’ve met during this journey through the House series. So make sure that you go to

[01:00:22] astrology and sign up for the, um, the wait list. If you’re watching this series later and you’re not in 2023 or you’re watching recordings later, just go to that link and check it out, because if enrollment is open, you can jump in. If not, then you’ll be joining the wait list for the next time that we open enrollment.

[01:00:43] And I also wanted to say that we’re going to be having a bonus 13th episode as a part of this series. I don’t know about all of you, but I don’t want it to end. And it’s really important. This final topic that we’re gonna be covering is about the house. Systems. Hmm. So . Whole sign houses and placid and coke and, you know, all the different house systems.

[01:01:06] First of all, why do they all exist? Why are there so many different ways to look at it? And why might you use a one house system versus another house system? And just some clarity around all that. So excited to dive into that next week with astrologer and astronomer Gemini, Brett, and just looking forward to continuing to stay in touch with all of you.

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[01:01:43] Did you know there’s a whole universe that you can unlock with so-called minor aspects. Most astrologers don’t even use them, but master astrologer Brick Levine calls them harmonic aspects saying they’re key to revealing the deeper metaphysical dimension of a birth chart, including the creative, mystical, and unseen parts of ourselves and others.

[01:02:05] And if you want a taste of how powerful they can be, just listen to what he has to say about some of the subtitles in play. February and March forecast. There’s one other thing that happens in February by the 12th, Venus makes a subtile. That’s one seventh of a circle to Pluto. Venus makes a subtile to Uranus.

[01:02:23] Boom, boom. What are subtitles? They’re other worldly. They’re supernatural. Dane. Roger said they were fated. Things come out and things come through that were somehow in other realms and like Uranus, it’s like lightning striking. And I think the combination of Mercury going into Uranus as modern sign of Aquarius and all these subtitles, Will awaken us to the idea that we don’t see everything that we think we do.

[01:02:52] Of course, it’s not lost on me that this is the first week of foundation level three course, and it’s just such an overwhelming subtile message that we get. From the universe. I really think that this is gonna be a bit of a wake up in mid-February. If you’re ready to uncover these powerful unseen aspects in your chart, join us for Astrology Foundation’s level three with Master Astrologer slash foundations three.