The 11th House: The Most Social Contribution You Can Make w/ Astrologer Henry Seltzer

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The Eleventh House Explained by Astrologer Henry Seltzer

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Astrologer & Creator of the Time Passages Astrology App Henry Seltzer talk about what the 11th House represents in Astrology and how to use it when interpreting a birth chart.

You’ll learn …

๐ŸŒ‘ The traditional associations of the 11th House and how to interpret it in your own chart.
๐ŸŒ’ Why the 11th House is associated with your friendships and community connections.
๐ŸŒ“ How looking at the 11th House can help you uncover your unique gifts and make the world a better place.

Chapters ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ

0:00 Intro

3:01 What is the 11th House

5:04 Planets or No Planets in the 11th House

08:22 Using the 11th House for Contribution & the Future

10:49 Pluto in the 11th House

13:51 Pluto Transiting the 11th House

14:48 Commonalities Between the 3rd, 7th & 11th House

15:28 Expanding on the Idea of Friendship & Community

17:36 The Importance of Eris

21:23 Eris in the 11th House

25:03 11th House & Predictions

26:25 What does it mean to have 11th House Emphasis in a Chart

27:30 Lack of Emphasis in the 11th House

28:22 Follow Up Questions About the 11th House

30:55 Strengthening the 11th House

32:50 In-Depth Examples

35:23 Closing

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[00:00:50] Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I am so grateful that you’ve decided to join us here today, and my guess is that you have been following along on this House series that we’ve been doing. We are now today on the 11th house. And no worries if you’ve missed the other houses.

[00:01:09] They are available for you to watch on the Astrology Hub Podcast, watch, or listen, depending on which platform you connect with us on. So you’re welcome to check that out after this episode, but I highly recommend that you just hang out and absorb what you can about the 11th house here today. And we have an 11th house, expert.

[00:01:30] 11th house connoisseur, so to speak. And this is Henry Seltzer and a little bit about Henry. He has a graduate degree in linguistics. He has studied computer science and attended M I T as an undergraduate, but his real study has become astrology and tarot. Henry’s journey with astrology began with an interest in young Ian psychological symbolism in 1975.

[00:01:55] He’s a seasoned astrologer. Author and sought after speaker, but, and he also created the popular astrology software time passages. And he wrote its acclaimed interpretations. So Henry is another living Legends in the field of astrology that is here with us as a part of this house series. He’s also going to be an inner circle astrologer with us in 2023, which we’re super excited about.

[00:02:22] And. Dive into the 11th House. Henry, before we started recording, you said, I love the 11th house. I’m, I’m happy I have the 11th house. Why do you love the 11th house?

[00:02:34] Well, it’s kind of my, story, the 11th house. It’s hard to say why it’s my story without going into the meaning of it, and we’re gonna be discussing the meaning of it.

[00:02:42] But let, let’s just say that I am very happy that I actualized. In my life to be able to bring astrology to people as a way of seeing how that could be even a fundamental building block for a social evolution that’s so important in this 21st century as we try to get somewhere.

What is the 11th House?

[00:03:01] Hmm. I love it. Okay, well let’s dive in.

[00:03:04] What is the 11th house all about?

[00:03:08] Well, now traditionally they say wishes and hopes, and that’s just of course a glimmer. But really I think the best way to look at it is to look at it as the way your creativity, which is represented in the fifth house. , which is creative self-expression and joy and where you, where you have your projects, so to speak.

[00:03:29] And then what is the result of that activity is the question mark. So, you know, that’s where the 11th house comes in. It’s actually, I call it societal contribution. I call it future plans as well. They say that it has to do with, trying to see the future direction of what you, yourself are up to as, as you come into the 10th house, which is of course, Your social prominence when you, you, you go through what you go through to mature and to find your place and to find your niche and to see what you can accomplish.

[00:04:00] And then you know that the 10,000 associated with status and kind of income as a public figure, public persona. But then what are you gonna do with it? You know, where does that go? Where, where does that, enter into the social good? You know? Because I believe that we’re all here not only to grow personally and individual.

[00:04:18] but also to be of service to the great, cultural, evolution of our times, you might say. Mm-hmm. . And that, that’s where it really comes in. The 11th house, to me, is all about that societal evolution, which is really, is kind of the breadth of life. You know, that’s where why we’re here in a sense.

[00:04:35] Hmm. So Henry, would you say that the.

[00:04:39] The 10th house as being the place where you experience success or, or cultivate success in your life, in, in terms of your career or your work. Then it’s like, what are you gonna do with that success? How are you going to almost pay it forward in a way? And that’s a very good way

[00:04:59] comes in pay, pay it forward is a very good way to put it.

[00:05:03] Hmm.

Planets/No Planets in 11th House

[00:05:03] Okay. Now what? What’s the relation? Yeah, Le let’s go into it a little bit more. The relationship between the 11th house and the 10th house, and also what it means if you do or you don’t have planets in the 11th house, does that mean you have nothing to contribute to the societal good if you don’t have planets there?

[00:05:24] And if you do have planets there, how do you interpret.

[00:05:28] Well, of course it depends on the planet and of course not having planets is still okay. . What we always say there in terms of traditional astrology, the way we work is that you look to the ruler of the 11th house as well, so you would wanna see how that lines up, with your son degree, perhaps with, with other planets in your chart.

[00:05:45] And then you would look to, as you commented about the planets being located in that house, depending on the planet, that’s kind of what you bring to. Placement, you know, you might bring, this might have the sun there, so it might be a really important fundamental part of what you’re up to. Uh, it turns out if you have the new planet Euros beyond Pluto, if you have that in a particular house, it really lights up that house in terms of soul and tension.

[00:06:08] So that’s another way of looking at it. , when I wrote The 10th Planet, which is the book about Iris that I did, I did this cookbook section at the end and I had no idea at the impact it was going to have. But by putting the house together with the. Becoming your sole purpose, which is Hess is about a feminine warrior for sole intention.

[00:06:25] It just really lit up the whole idea of the, of the house. And people love him. They just identify with it. They say, that’s me.

[00:06:32] So Hess, spelled e r i s. Right, right, Erin. Okay. And if you have Aris in the 11th house, it’s particularly charged is what you’re saying. It’s particularly potent.

[00:06:46] But that would be true about wherever Aris falls in

[00:06:49] your chart, right? That’s right. Whichever house it really illuminates that house. I, that was a great lesson for me when I was doing that research. Hmm.

[00:06:56] Okay, let’s, let’s say you’re wanting to place a focus on your 11th house and you either do or you don’t have planets there, and you’ve looked at the house cusp and you know which sign is on the house cusp.

[00:07:10] So you know that that’s sort of coloring the 11th house for you. Absolutely. How is that? Is that the right way to say?

[00:07:18] Well, then also I think it’s important to look at the ruler of that ch of that house. So you know, you, you know, by the, by the sign. If it’s, if it’s Leo, the ruler of the son, if it’s cancer, the ruler, the moon, you know, if it’s, if it’s Taurus or Libra, and I believe that’s Venus and I believe that if it’s Scorpio or Aries, it’s Mars because that’s traditional ruler of Scorpio.

[00:07:39] I think that works pretty well. Mm-hmm. and then usually if it’s, if it’s Aquarius, I say Uranus is the ruler. And so that you would look to see where Uranus. and how that connects. You know, if you happen to have the sun conjunct the ruler, whatever the ruler might be, that brings a lot of ump to that house.

[00:07:57] Also, just like if you had, uh, planets there. And you’d also wanna consider the nature of the planet. Like if you have Venus there, you’re a lover of that kind of energy of the 11th house, you might be a support of people that are working in that way. If you have Mars there, it’s more like you’re the.

[00:08:13] making that happen. If you’re Jupiter, then you celebrate it. You, uh, have a lot of positive associations with it. It’s where you find your joy, et cetera.

Using 11th House for Contribution & the Future

[00:08:22] Okay. If wanted to use the 11th house as a compass for creating future plans, so you, you have this career, maybe you’re experiencing some success with.

[00:08:38] And or you wanna set yourself up to contribute societally from the beginning. Maybe you’re starting a new career, maybe you’re engaged in some work already, and you’re, you’re feeling the need or the call to pay it forward, to contribute in some way. How do you use the 11th House as a barometer of how to create those future plans or, or where to direct your energy or where to direct your resource?

[00:09:06] Well, one obvious way is when by progression or by transit, a planet goes through there. Like if the moon happens to be in the 11th house, which it spends, you know, two and a half days there every single month, that would be a time just pay attention to that, that, oh, the moon is going through my 11th house.

[00:09:21] Let me, you know, and then the moon, you know, it’s a very subtle thing. It’s kind of more like what underlies pure logic. It’s more like a direct, a direct apprehension from your soul level or from your, at least from. , unconscious part of yourself. You know the part that you can’t always figure everything out.

[00:09:40] When you start thinking logically and making lists and all that doesn’t do the entire job. You really need a little bit. , that intuition part of yourself, you know, and to me, when the moon is going through, there is a really good time to try to tune into that, to where, where you might be, uh, unsuspecting of what you might actually wind up doing, you know, but it comes to you.

[00:10:00] Or same as if you happen to have your honest coming through there. Or a good example is, um, this eclipse that’s coming up on November 8th. If that happens, if that, uh, eclipse moon with Uranus right there with it happens to land in your 11th house. And of course that won’t be true of everybody at all, but I think that’s a very good time.

[00:10:19] You know, and that’s why we, when we do the, uh, kind of sunshine astrology, we’ll s we might say, well, gee, if you’re, if Taurus is gonna be in your 11th house, that’s somebody that has, um, probably cancer on the ascendant. If you do hold signs, So you could go through it that way. So if you’re a cancer person, sign of cancer, you might very well have a, a huge inspiration coming along on November 8th when that, that eclipse lights up, your whole house.

[00:10:45] Representation, uh, of the 11th.

Pluto in 11th House Placement

[00:10:49] A lot of people are curious about Pluto in the 11th house. What does it mean if you have Pluto there?

[00:10:57] Well, for one thing, Pluto in the 10th is very famous for career change. You go through a bunch of careers, you might get to a position of prominence and get knocked down.

[00:11:07] And you know, the typical thing is, I was fired yesterday. It’s the worst day of my life. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Where am I gonna get my money from? Six years later, you’re talking to the same person and you say, What about your past six years? And they say, oh my God, the day I was fired was the best day of my life.

[00:11:24] Right? So similarly, I believe with the 11th house, it would be, you go through a lot of changes there. In other words, it’s, it’s not clear. Well, for one thing, you know, uh, I didn’t mention it earlier, but of course the 11th house is associated with friendships and groups and your societal connection as well as your societal contribution.

[00:11:42] So, . And that becomes also interestingly, you know, in the fifth house, in the early houses, you’re more of an individualist. And the fifth house is opposite the 11th, and it’s like a yin yang symbol where you have that dot of the white in the midst of the black. You know? So it, it does relate that the two opposite houses do relate.

[00:12:00] So you take your individualism and then it transforms into more of a social, uh, contribution where it could be almost that the society. Is choosing you as its, spokesperson and you’re, it’s acting through you to create what it, what needs to be created. So in that sense, your connections, your associations become important.

[00:12:21] You learn so much from other souls, other people that you talk to, you know, it’s, it’s amazing what, what a difference it makes when you’re in a dedicated group or when you do have a mentor that’s helping. Establish yourself and you, you get that kind of feeling from other people too, and your own contribution to it, how you relate to other people does affect the way you see yourself moving forward.

[00:12:43] And, um, so that in that way you’re kind of participating in the society. So I started to say that because friendships and groups are associated with the 11th house with Pluto there, you might very well have, have big changes all the time. So, in other words, now I’m with this group . I used to be with that group.

[00:13:02] That’s over. Now I’m with this group or this next group. So you go through a lot of, changes, maybe friends as well, so that that ke it keeps, illuminating and it also changes you, you know, they say that’s the planet of transformation. And so your transformation partly would come from as you get feedback from what you’re up to and how that helps or hinders the social, evolution.

[00:13:23] Hmm. So Pluto na. In your chart in the 11th house, right, may signify that you’re gonna go through a lot of changes periodically around your friends and your societal connections.

[00:13:38] And you wouldn’t say, just randomly you’d say that there was sort of an evolution happening there where you know you’re the type of person that just has to go through stages and stages and leave that behind and keep transforming in that.

[00:13:50] Ah, yes.

Pluto Transiting 11th House

[00:13:51] And then if Pluto is transiting your 11th house, that may signify. Another transformative change, but it actually may feel a little more sudden and out of nowhere than if you na, have Pluto in your chart.

[00:14:08] So much happens depending on if you have that faith in the universe.

[00:14:12] You know, when Pluto comes along, it feels like the wrecking ball, and you, you have a tendency if some people are pessimistic and I have a tendency, so my life is over, it’s ruined, everything’s terrible. And then, there’s another way to look at it that maybe everything’s for purpose. This could be helping me in another way, and I didn’t even realize that that was the change I needed to have to get to the place that I’ve gotten to eventually.

[00:14:33] As a result,

[00:14:34] do you feel like we can trust that plutonian energy to always be pushing us towards our higher evolution?

[00:14:41] Yes, I do.

[00:14:45] That’s reassuring. Thank you, . All right.

Commonalities between 3rd, 7th & 11th Houses

[00:14:48] What about patterning between the third, seventh, and 11th house? Those, those have all have something in, in common, correct?

[00:14:56] Yeah. They’re the air houses.

[00:14:58] I mean, it’s similar to the elements, you know, and if you think about it, they’re all, relational houses. You know, obviously the seventh is your relat. with your partner, usually with, or, or a business partner, could be just deep friendships. The, the third is siblings and also communication in general as you, as you first get started with the idea that there’s somebody out there and you can talk to them.

[00:15:19] Amazing. And then the 11th takes it to another level of this group association, you know, friendships and the way you relate to the society

Expanding on the Idea of Friendship & Community

[00:15:28] whenever I’ve, you know, been learning about the houses and they say The 11th house is friendship and community, it feels nebulous to me. I’m, I’m kind of like, what, what does that mean?

[00:15:38] It’s about friendship and community. Does that mean if you have a lot of planners there, you’re gonna be a person with a lot of friends in a big community or, you know, it, it’s, it doesn’t feel as concrete maybe as some of the other houses and it feels a little bit harder to apply?

[00:15:55] Well, I think that’s only part of the story.

[00:15:57] Yes. Friendships, group associations, they say wishes and hopes as well, plans for the future where you wanna see yourself going, but really it’s the next stage. A process. You know, the 12 signs, similarly to the 12 houses are a cycle of 12 unfolding, stages of life and what you’re doing. I love what Ru Jar says about the 11th house.

[00:16:20] He says that that is where you’re forming the seed of the next social movement. Could be, I mean, you know, or it could be the seed of your own next, it could be where you’re planting the seeds that are eventually going to become your. Stage as well. You know, you go through these stages, that’s an advanced stage.

[00:16:39] You’ve gotten to a point where you’re, you know, if you think about it in terms of the agriculture, you know, it’s, it’s not, it’s not just the, uh, initial, uh, inception of the thing and then the flowering of that plant. It’s also the seed. At that point. It’s the seed that comes to make the next plant.

[00:16:56] What I love about this and, and just the cosmic curriculum in general, is that it helps us stay balanced and it helps.

[00:17:05] Look through many different lenses as we are going through life and make sure that we don’t forget about certain things. Like it’s not just about your individual success or your, your individual, uh, expression. That it’s equally important to then be thinking, how can I share this gift? How can I, how can this gift contribute to a better world?

[00:17:27] And the 11th house, it sounds to me from what you’re saying is that’s what the 11th House is all

[00:17:31] about. I think so too. Yeah. You rather really do. .

The Importance of Eris

[00:17:36] You are one of, I, I think maybe the only, astrologer who has done the amount of research that you’ve done on Aris as a newer energy in our cosmology.

[00:17:50] And specifically, if someone looks at their chart and sees, Ooh, I, you know, I wanna see where my Hess is, if it’s landing in the 11th. What does that specifically mean? And then can you please just give a brief overview of the Aris energy? I know you, you referred to it a little bit earlier, but just a little bit more on what Aris is and then what it means if you have Aris in the 11th house.

[00:18:16] Well, as I said, when I first did years in the houses, because I decided to do a cookbook section, I mean, I, I. To condense a, a, a big story into a few words. I, um, just, I, I, I imagined that Iiss was gonna be important because it was the same category as Pluto. You know, when, when Mike Brown, the astronomer discovered Iiss, he went, oh my God, it’s bigger than Pluto.

[00:18:37] It’s brighter than Pluto. It, it, it’s probably not diameter wise, very different from Pluto, but it is more dense and brighter and, so much further out. So that, if the telescope had been invented 250 years sooner, we would’ve found errors first. You know, it’s a 550 year orbit, so it’s the furthest, I mean, it’s, it’s at, at its app pelion, which is the furthest point, and that’s why it moves so slowly through, through Aries taking from 1920 until twenty forty, a hundred twenty years ago, just through Aries.

[00:19:07] But that’s because that is the farthest point of its orbit when it’s moving the slowest. And then of course it moves faster when. Closer to the sun. It moves about the same as Pluto when it gets 20 years or so per sign. When it gets to the, 250 years from now, when it gets to the part that’s closer, you know, maybe the opposite to to Libra, you know, to Libra.

[00:19:26] But, having done that and, and seeing it as a feminine warrior because it was the sister of the God of war in Greek mythology, I began to see that, a feminine warrior. is after something different than a masculine warrior. Just the normal concept of a warrior who might be fighting for advantage, for territory, for, ego.

[00:19:45] Uh, I can beat you up. I’m bigger than you and whatever, you know, for the king, um, for, for money, for power. But a feminine warrior, I realized at some point is really fighting for what is deep, need. What is the, what is the absolute. Fundamental and similar to nature where a tiger might, a, a female tiger might kill a deer, and we don’t.

[00:20:09] Tiger. You shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t have killed that deer. We go, well, that’s part of the cycle of life. That deer, the tiger’s feeding. It’s, it’s young, you know, and it has to have meat for its family. So, I mean, you, you think of it or I think of it sometimes. I used to say a mother might be cutting bread with a sharp knife.

[00:20:27] and all of a sudden there’s an intruder and the life of her child is threatened. She might use the knife, but it’s not like she’s this blood thirsty woman waving a knife around all the time. It’s just that was the need at the moment. That was a deep need. So I got to that, and then I started researching feminists and all the feminists I could find have strong ears in their charts.

[00:20:44] I was like, am I gonna find a chart one of these days of a feminist that doesn’t have a strong errors? I was like, what the heck? You know? And so I began to formulate this idea. Pretty important, as important as Pluto in charts. And it, it does seem to be, and then the proof of that is any planet that that Eris touches is a very important planet in the chart.

[00:21:03] If I see Eris with Mercury, they’re a writer almost invariably, or they have thought about it and they could be. Anyway, the house also I realized was very important. And so I did these little portraits of RIS in this particular house for my cookbook section. I found in my surprise that people really, really related to them and said, oh my God, that’s me.

[00:21:22] That describes me.

Eris in the 11th House

[00:21:23] So if you want, I can read the one. Should I read the one for, the 11th? So it gives us a good idea about the, in each of these, I really combine the understanding of the house with the understanding of just sole purpose, sole intention. And it’s really what you have to come to. You know, it’s like your sole in.

[00:21:39] is not something obvious because our early conditioning doesn’t always lead us in the right direction. Right. And our, our early conditioning and early trauma as well could lead us away from, you know, we may be afraid to do what we really are meant, meant to do until we work through some of those things.

[00:21:52] So I found that, really it does, speak to kind of what is really important at a soul level. And, uh, that’s what people have been relating to. I get so. Positive, um, feedbacks from these. Uh, e the 11th. You are fascinated by society and from a definite remove, you have an unstoppable drive to find a better social.

[00:22:15] For you to fit yourself into. Even though what currently exists seems to never entirely fill the bill. What really counts for you is your individually unique idea of a future that you can really live with and that you feel you could also could also support the best intentions of the people with whom you to whom you were drawn.

[00:22:33] You have your own way of seeing things. You follow the beat of that distant drummer, a siren song that moves you greatly and that derives from a voice inside you that is distinctly your.

[00:22:44] Even though your concept is formed on the basis of what you glean from your surroundings, the current social system is not your target because your vision tends to be several steps ahead of it. When you’re ready to reveal your mature concept, you might find it a better match for what has to come next in terms of social progress than ever you would’ve imagined.

[00:23:05] As you get closer to knowing your truth, that you feel the great and abiding need to share with your fellow humans, you come to better know yourself at deep levels. The slow cooker of your process has really followed nothing else all along other than the promptings of your own inner compass, and yet this work eventually becomes to your surprise, at least one part of a comprehensive roadmap for the.

[00:23:35] You could thus turn out to have tremendous impact on the society that you’ve run up against during the entire course of your years of development. Wow.

[00:23:47] You like that? Definitely a powerful placement. I the thing that really. Stuck out for me is, is that their, their vision, it doesn’t even fit within the framework of what’s happening currently, that they’re so far ahead in terms of what they can see, where it needs to go.

[00:24:05] That I, I, my guess is, is some people may think that their ideas crazy or that their vision is unrealistic or, or just impossible. Most people are stuck at the current level of consciousness that created the situation we’re in right now. Exactly. This person seems, you know, far out in the future in terms of what’s possible.

[00:24:26] I think that’s the, the, the message is that we have to evolve, I mean, as individuals and as a society. Richard says at one point that we’re turning a circle into a spiral, because basically if you go round in the same circle, in the same circle, in the same circle, in the same circle, , that’s where you get, kind of calcified and, and, and locked up and you know, you have to take it to the next level.

[00:24:50] Isn’t that true

[00:24:51] with the way that we’re moving through space, that we’re literally spiraling through space? That, that that is true . Yeah. So of course we should be matching that movement for sure. Yes. So, yeah.

11th House Predictions

[00:25:03] What is the 11th house good for in an astrological forecast?

[00:25:08] What is it helpful in predicting?

[00:25:12] Well, I mean, I, I call it future plans usually. In other words, I think we all have these future plans. And then I think sometimes, you know, to me it’s, it’s all about finding your, your own way forward, finding what you, your. , uh, inner work, tells you your, your inner, values, your principles, your deep principles, what that really is all about, and, and acting upon those, you know, Joseph Campbell too, he said, follow your bliss.

[00:25:38] You know, said, basically find out, don’t worry about the money , you know? Right. Don’t worry about getting a PhD just. Follow your bliss, which he did in his life, and he became the foremost expert on mythology, you know, and, and started teaching it. And then he read and read and read, you know, getting ready for that.

[00:25:55] But, uh, so I think you’re right when you say you don’t know exactly what that future of yours is until you kind of feel your way into it and it’s not something you can, well, especially when you’re coming from that standpoint of consensus thinking, it’s not where you can really apply yourself. It’s where, where it comes from deep inside.

[00:26:14] Independent, I, I always say this independent of consensus thinking, independent of early conditioning, independent of your fears about, you know, well, I couldn’t possibly be that great.

An Abundance of Energy in 11th House

[00:26:25] What does

[00:26:25] it mean when you have a lot of energy or planets in the 11th house, and what does it mean if you don’t have any energy or planets in the 11th house?

[00:26:37] Well, I think. yes, if you have a concentration of energy there, I do think it really, you’re kind of a future-oriented individual. You know, you’re always seeing the possibilities. That’s what I think. And, you know, that does fit in with Uranus too. Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius, which is associated with the 11th sign, being associated with the 11th house.

[00:26:56] You know, so again, it’s, it’s innovation, you know, moving forward, seeing the possibilities of. More interested in, in where things could go than where things are at. You know, it’s like seeing the, seeing being a, yeah, being a progressive, I guess, person usually, wanting to see things change for the better because life has changed.

[00:27:16] You know, we can’t just, we, we just can’t ignore the effect that it’s ch it’s always changing. As much as we might think that we want to keep everything as it is, it’s gonna change .

[00:27:26] They’re the ones that are helping us forge. I think so. Yeah.

Lack of Energy in the 11th House

[00:27:30] And, and, and conversely, if someone has no planets in the 11th house, does that mean that’s not part of their path, or not as much of an emphasis on

[00:27:40] their path?

[00:27:41] I would say not as much of an emphasis, although again, the ruler, you can look at that and see how that’s placed, and you can see connections between the 11th house by the placement of the ruler and some other house. So you can see. It might be a, a factor for the person. I mean, everybody’s got some sense of the future, but, for some people it’s more important to just dig the present.

[00:28:01] You know, they might be more like the hobbits in the, in the Lord of the Rings, you know, they’re just very happy to be sitting in their little bungalow and enjoying their life until, you know, Gandalf comes around and then,

[00:28:15] I watched the Lord of the Rings. It’s like, oh my gosh, I wanna go live there.

[00:28:18] That looks so

[00:28:18] nice. The Hobbit town. Yes.


More on the 11th House

[00:28:21] I, I think I asked you this, but I kind of wanna ask you again cuz I don’t feel like I get it. So when you say the 11th house is for future plans, so we’ve talked about it being about societal contribution, friends and community hopes and wishes, but also this idea of future plans.

[00:28:45] What does that mean? Does that mean that your ideas for your future are encapsulated in that 11th house or that when. Something’s transiting your 11th house, that ideas for your future will come. Like, what does that actually mean? I think

[00:29:03] it does mean all those things, and I think it does, you know, the, the most simplistic way of looking at it, they have associations with all the houses.

[00:29:11] You know, it means these kind of just normal kind of parts of your life. And one, one of the things they say about the 11th is wishes and hopes, which is one way of looking at, because I, I don’t think there’s a person. that doesn’t have some kind of a vision of I’d like things to be better in this way or that way.

[00:29:30] And then when you recognize that way, you’re really doing what you’re really about is helping the whole society. You feel that way about the society? There’s, I mean, I mean it, it almost is a given isn’t, of course, it’s such a given in these days. In these days, we can see very clearly there’s some fundamental issues.

[00:29:48] You know, racism, this income inequality thing. I mean, you know, we’ve got to make some balance. There’s, there’s things that have gotten out of, out of proportion are unbalanced and, and they really have to be addressed. You know, I mean, I, I think we just have to be heading for more of a globalistic pluralistic society where, everybody at diversity can be contributing, you know, contributing instead of cons see, seen as a problem.

[00:30:13] So I think it’s so important and this election is so, I. That’s coming up in, in the us you know, but I mean, uh, not to get political with it, but you know, just, I think everybody, uh, always sees where things could be better and they want that for themselves. And then to see that as part of the social evolution that’s necessary and to see how what you, what you’re doing fits into the larger pattern of the whole society, I think is important.

[00:30:37] I think that’s where it becomes more of a. More of a calling really. And, and also when you say future, it’s more of a future. Well, it is always future. I mean, we’re, we’re always looking ahead, right? I mean, we don’t wanna go into the past, right? We don’t wanna go back. Some people do, but that’s probably not so healthy.

Strengthening the 11th House

[00:30:55] If someone wants to start working tangibly with their 11th house placements right now, what would you suggest? What would be the first or next?

[00:31:07] Well, I think each planet can be looked at in a more simplistic way and an also in a deeper way. So I, I would say to tune into the deeper meaning, you know, like Saturn for example, Saturn can be seen as limitation.

[00:31:20] And then there’s that great book by Liz Green called, and you look at an old devil, right? In other words, look at the, at the bright side of, of Saturn, which is really, I found with my research with Iris that, Saturn does represent the kind of social contract and the. Uh, beauty of the social contract is where everybody’s protected by society.

[00:31:39] You know, where people that are disadvantaged or somehow protected and people that don’t have money are somehow protected so they don’t have to live on the street. And so, I find that that ires and Saturn is inevitably cuz it brings out, in a way, it brings out the best of the planet, the deeper side of the planet.

[00:31:56] And yours with Saturn found invariably to be this. Kind of fairness, the social fairness of defending the underdog. One person that I thought of that way was Elizabeth Warren, because, you know, I don’t know if you are tuned into her much, but I think she’s really a ni a nice person. You know, she, she’s coming from this place of, she was for the Consumer Protection Act and all that stuff.

[00:32:16] And she does seem to have that sense of fairness. And at one point it just dawned on me, oh my gosh, she’s got to have ires with Saturn. And so I looked at the chart. At first I couldn’t see it. It wasn’t very obvious. I thought, I guess I’m not seeing it. But then I realized it was exactly 144 degrees, which is a bi quintile, 72 times two fifth of the two fifths of the, of the 360, and it was within a 10th of a degree of exact.

[00:32:46] So that was a nice, a nice little confirm. . Okay.

In-Depth Examples

[00:32:50] So take a look at the planets that you have in the 11th house. What is the deeper invitation of that planet? Absolutely. And how does that apply to the way that you’re here to contribute to society? How? Yeah,

[00:33:11] definitely. I think it’s great. And I, I think really you could look at your life that way too.

[00:33:15] What, what is the deeper meaning? You know, try to find. What it’s really all about. Absolutely.

[00:33:22] Okay. And if you have no planets there, look at the ruler of the house cusp. Yes. And then where does that ruler show up in your chart? And then how do those two work together? So let’s say I have Leo on the house cusp of the 11th house, and my Leo is in the.

[00:33:45] The sixth P for example, what, how, what does that mean or how do we

[00:33:49] interpret that? So the son and the sixth is gonna be somebody that wants to be of service. They, they do feel a sense of, um, well, a sense of mission as well, you know, they have a purpose. And that purpose usually involves others because it’s so close to the seventh, you know, and it’s, it’s a way of.

[00:34:08] I wanna be of service. And then when you put that together with the 11th, it’s somebody that’s very likely to be a service oriented person in terms of how they conceive of their own future, societal Hmm. So

[00:34:19] just to correct what I said a little bit, you’d look and see that Leo is on the house cusp.

[00:34:24] So, and Leo is ruled by the sun. So then you see where the sun is in your chart? Yes.

[00:34:30] Yes. Ok. Yes. And remember, even if you have a planet that’s in cancer, I’m sorry. After Leo comes Virgo, so if you have Leo on the cusp, you might have planets in Virgo that are in your 11th house, but even those planets are in the 11th house.

[00:34:44] And the 11th house on the cusp is, is uh, Leo. So you would still look for the sun,

[00:34:50] and that’s if you’re using a, a house system that has intercepted houses. Correct.

[00:34:55] You could just, could have an intercepted house. You could have an intercepted house in there too. Yeah. That. But it wouldn’t have to be, I mean, you could have Virgo in the next cusp, you know, but if you had like half and half, half Leo and then, and then the other half Virgo in your 11th house, you’d still would wanna look at the ruler of the house cusp.

[00:35:14] So you’d wanna look to the sun. In that case was Leo.

[00:35:16] Okay. Great. Henry, thank you so much. It’s been so fun to explore at the 11th house with you.


[00:35:23] And just in summary, some of the keywords that I took away were, again, societal contribution, future plans. What do you do with your success? How do you pay it forward?

[00:35:36] How do you contribute to societal evolution? It also is connected with your friends. Your groups, your community, and um, it’s basically what is, what is the result of your creativity and your individual expression? How do you actually share that in order to evolve humanity, so to speak? That’s a

[00:36:02] beautiful summary.

[00:36:04] Great. Awesome. So now you all can enjoy looking at your 11th house with this deeper level of understanding. Henry is going to be one of our teachers for the Inner Circle. The inner circle is not open right now, but you can definitely get on the wait list a That is IC as in, circle 20.

[00:36:29] And, we will let you know as soon as registration is open. I would also recommend checking out Henry’s book on Aris and if, if that pique your interest, especially if, if you have Aris in the 11th house and you wanna know more about that, um, I would highly recommend you check out Henry’s. Book and also his time passage is software.

[00:36:48] I mean, Henry is prolific in the field of astrology, so lots of opportunities to learn from him. And Henry, just thank you so much for being here with us on Astrology Hub and being a part of this House series. It’s been so fun to connect with

[00:36:59] you. My pleasure.

[00:37:00] Thank you. All right, everybody, take care. Thank you so much for being here.

[00:37:04] Thank you for being a part of our community, and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll catch you on the next episode.

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