The 10th House: What is Your Ideal Career? w/ Astrologer Omari Martin

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The Tenth House Explained by Astrologer Omari Martin

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh and Astrologerย  Omari Martin talk about what the 10th House represents in Astrology and how to use it when interpreting a birth chart.

You’ll learn …

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

๐ŸŒ‘ What is Vocational Astrology and why the 10th House is important in this branch of practice.
๐ŸŒ’ How to interpret the 10th House in your birth chart, whether you have planets there or not.
๐ŸŒ“ What to expect if you are experiencing or preparing for a 10th House transit.

Chapters ๐Ÿ“น

0:00 Intro

2:44 What is the 10th House

3:30 What is Vocational Astrology

4:58 Connecting Career, Passion & Service

8:22 Discovering Purpose in Your Career

10:11 Potential for Success & Fame

14:47 10th House vs. Midheaven

15:48 Entrepreneurship

19:01 Transits in the 10th House

20:59 Planets or No Planets in the 10th House

23:14 Mending 10th House Issues

26:40 Planets Close to the House Cusp

28:53 Easy vs Challenging Planets in 10th House

30:42 How Transits Can Support More Difficult Placements

35:18 Omari’s Mastery Class

40:37 Your First Astrology Reading

44:29 Closing

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[00:00:00] Omari Martin: So you, you want to find that career path where it is just a natural fit. Every cell in your body comes to life and you’re just activated. Like, this is my passion, this is it. And um, And I’ve heard someone else say this, so this is not an original. When you do what you love, the money will follow.

[00:00:25] Hmm. And astrology is a tool you can use to discover that.


[00:00:36] This podcast episode is brought to you by the Inner Circle, your place to learn astrology and community with the masters and transform your life in the process.


[00:00:47] Amanda Walsh: Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Astrology Hub Podcast. I am Amanda Pool Walsh, the founder of Astrology Hub, and I am so thrilled to be here with you exploring the tent house with astrologer. Board Chair of Kepler College and Inner Circle Astrologer, o Omar Martin. And we’re gonna be going into a deep dive on the 10th house, what it represents in the chart, what it means if you have planets there, what it means if you don’t have planets there, what happens when you have transits to the 10th house, all the good stuff.

[00:01:20] So thank you so much for joining us. Just a little bit about O Omar. He is certified with a f a. Like I said, board chair of Kepler College has presented at Norac, uac, opa and N C G R. he owns solar wisdom and entrepreneurship and he is just an all in all amazing human being. And so we’re so happy to have you here, Omar, thank you for

[00:01:43] Omari Martin: joining us.

[00:01:44] You’re welcome, Amanda. And thank you for inviting me back to just be a part of the Astrology Hub Podcast family once again.

[00:01:53] Amanda Walsh: Right. It is a family. I love that you said that. If you have not caught the other episodes as part of this series, they are all available to you houses one through nine, so you can catch up on those.

[00:02:05] The whole series is entirely free. It is featuring our inner circle astrologers for 2023. So you’ll get to know them, they’re teaching styles, check that out. And then we’re gonna continue with the series after this 10th house with the 11th at the 12th house, and then also a bonus. 13th house, which will be brought to you by astrologer and astronomer, Gemini.

[00:02:25] Brett focused on the house systems, what all the different house systems are, when you might use one, when you might use a different one, and just kind of unpacking that whole very, as Omar and I were just talking, can be a very heated conversation about the house system. So we’re gonna go there.

What is the 10th House?

[00:02:44] Amanda Walsh: Alright. But let’s start with the tent house. So, , what is the 10th house? What does it represent in the astrological?

[00:02:52] Omari Martin: Okay, great. Thank you Amanda. So certainly, great. We’re starting with that question. And the 10th house represents career, public standing achievements and honors. And I will also add that the 10th house is one of the houses that we look at when we are talking about vocational astrology as well.

[00:03:16] and there are three houses, house number two, house number six, which some of my other colleagues have already discussed for this, program this year. And the 10th house is also a part of that Trinity, if you will.

[00:03:29] Amanda Walsh: Oh,

What is Vocational Astrology?

[00:03:30] Amanda Walsh: Omar, just for people who aren’t as familiar with some of the terminology that we use here in astrology, when you say vocational astrology, what is that specifically?

[00:03:40] Is that just career astrology? What does that actually.

[00:03:43] Omari Martin: Yes. So the primary focus is career with vocational astrology, and we look at those three houses, house number two, money, values, possessions, and talent. We look at house number six, work and service, and also health, because if you’re not healthy enough to.

[00:04:05] That, that has an impact on the finances. And then we look at house number, 10 again, career, public standing, achievements and honors. And there’s some instances, some of us are fortunate enough for our work and service and career to be one and the same. And for some of us it is d. And then even inside of a career field, there are different sectors.

[00:04:32] So for example, maybe the 10th House speaks to, you’ll be great in the entertainment field. Well, should you be an actor? Should you be a dancer? Should you be a singer? Should you be a professional sports player? Because that’s entertainment as well. And it could be, maybe you’ll do well in the theater, but not necessarily on TV or the big.

Connecting Career, Passion & Service

[00:04:58] Amanda Walsh: And Omar, can you see in the astrology chart whether or not someone’s basic design or core design as reflected by the chart is to have their career and their service, or like their career and their passion be the same thing, and or career and service to the world be the same thing. Can you see if that.

[00:05:25] Part of their wiring or

[00:05:27] Omari Martin: not. Yes, it is possible to see that as part of the natives wiring. For example, it could be that the ruler of the 10th house is found in house number six, or that the ruler of house number. Is found in the 10th house, and that right there would create, uh, a connection between those two houses.

[00:05:52] And then if you wanna work with the traditional rulers wherein mercury rules to signs, as does Mars, you might get a, a, a double effect, if you will, and maybe even bring in the second house. I’ve worked with a. Who does have that connection between all three houses. Some people are so lucky. But anyway,

[00:06:16] Amanda Walsh: Okay. If you are listening to this and you have not yet downloaded our free gift that comes with this series, that helps you identify the rulers of the different houses in your chart. And also what that means, like how to actually start putting that together for you. You can go to

[00:06:32] Amanda Walsh: astrology and get the guide that will take you step by step through looking at your own chart and go, okay, 10th House, which Planet rules my 10th house?

[00:06:44] And then where else does that planet show up in my chart? And how do I start to put those pieces together to make a story? So, oh,

[00:06:52] Omari Martin: excellent. That’s an excellent resource. Excellent resource, Amanda. And I’d like to give just one quick example related to that. Cause at this point, I think the audience is, what is it?

[00:07:03] What is it? So for this is just one example in the interest of time. So if you are someone who has Taurus on the cusp of the 10th house, that means that Venus is the ruler of the 10th house. And then you would look to see where is Venus. In your chart. So if your natal Venus ruler of the 10th House can be found in house number four, what does that mean?

[00:07:30] That means you may potentially work from home or work remotely, or you may have your own, home business. Now there would be some other, planetary configurations or indicators to look at. In relation to the resource that Amanda just mentioned, that’s an example to help you get a good headstart to understanding that concept.

[00:07:54] Amanda Walsh: I love that. Could it also mean that you’re involved in some sort of family business?

[00:07:58] Omari Martin: Yes. It could be a family a business. It could also be associated with what does Venus represent? Beauty. Mm-hmm. It could be a beauty business, it could be someone who takes a part of their home and reconstructs it so that they have a, a beauty salon or a barbershop in their home or something to that effect.

[00:08:19] Yes. Cuz Venus is beauty. Mm-hmm. ,

Discovering Purpose in Your Career

[00:08:22] Amanda Walsh: do you find that when people. Okay. As an astrologer, when you’re giving readings and people get this type of information about their career path, do you find that normally they’re already on this path and, and it’s just a confirmation of the direction that they, they’ve already been going?

[00:08:42] Or do you find that. Sometimes having these realizations helps them get on the right path that it’s like, oh wow, I’ve been, this is why I’m so unfulfilled in my career, because I haven’t really been living my, again, I’ll use this word, my design ,

[00:08:58] Omari Martin: well, based on my experience is both, and Amanda, some of my clients are somewhat on that.

[00:09:07] And this consultation helps to confirm that. And then there’s some clients who they’re not sure they’re uncertain about it, and then that consultation helps to point them in the right direction. And you certainly want to make sure that you don’t, swim against the current. You’ll end up with stronger muscles, but that business is going to tire you out.

[00:09:37] Yes. I love that. So you, you want to find that career path where it is just a natural fit. Every cell in your body comes to life and you’re just activated. Like, this is my passion, this is it. And um, And I’ve heard someone else say this, so this is not an original. When you do what you love, the money will follow.

[00:10:05] Hmm. And astrology is a tool you can use to discover that.

[00:10:09] Amanda Walsh: Hmm, I love that so much.

Potential for Success & Fame

[00:10:11] Amanda Walsh: Can the 10th house show you, and I guess this is basically what you just said, but can it show you how to achieve success in life and or does it indicate how successful you will or will not be in your life?

[00:10:26] Omari Martin: Yes. So to the latter part, I say yes, it can show, uh, to what extent, how successful you will or will not be in life.

[00:10:35] So, for example, based on what I was taught and based on what I have observed, in, astrology charts, in those natal charts, in those birth charts, if you have the sun or the moon in the 10th, That’s an indicator that that individual may in fact have a relationship with the public. Now, that could translate into celebrity status.

[00:11:03] It’s not guaranteed, of course, however it can. And there are different levels of celebrity. Some individuals are local, celebr. Some are national celebrities, some are international celebrities, so for example, in May she continued to rest in peace. Whitney Houston, without question was an international celebrity.

[00:11:26] I don’t think there’s anyone who didn’t know who she was or recognized some of the songs that she made famous. Whereas, one individual may be a local celebrity, well, they just sing real good in karaoke bars, , and there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s a level of celebrity. Yes. But it’s certainly not the level of celebrity that Whitney Houston experienced.

[00:11:51] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. And I guess it’s, it, it’s all in how we define success too, right? Yeah. Cause

[00:11:56] Omari Martin: that’s subjective and it will vary from person to person. Personally, I want to be international. I’m just actually intergalactic for me to tell my true truth. .

[00:12:06] Amanda Walsh: Oh my gosh. Yes. Well, and for some people, being a celebrity would be the worst thing ever because they, they value more their privacy and

[00:12:14] Omari Martin: they Yes.

[00:12:15] And there’s a, yes, there’s some trade offs. And so since you spoke to that, cuz that’s a part of it. And for, those who are listening, if you wanna, so well, how would I know which way it’ll be for me? If most of your planets are above the horizon, you are probably more inclined to be open and out there and in front, so forth and so on.

[00:12:41] However, if you have most of the planets below the horizon, you may be more of a private person. You don’t like to discuss or share details about your private life. And uh, and those are generalizations of course, because we even have some celebrities. You never see them in the gossip columns. Yeah, it’s true.

[00:13:04] one person in May, she also rest in peace. Aretha Franklin, she was very, very rarely ever discussed in the tabloids or the gossip columns. And she had a singing career that was 50 years plus or something like that. And very rarely was she ever in the tabloids or the gossip column. So she kept that the queen of soul.

[00:13:28] You know, used her power and kept a grip and probably everybody in the family had to fall in line .

[00:13:34] Amanda Walsh: I bet. Yes. And do you know if, if on her chart she has most planets below the horizon? Did we know that? Off the

[00:13:40] Omari Martin: top of my head, I do not. Do not know. I don’t, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at Aretha Franklin’s chart, but I have looked at Whitney Houston’s chart.

[00:13:49] I will say in the most respectful manner that Whitney Houston was born to be as successful as she was. Very quickly, Whitney Houston had the son and Venus in a six house forming Arine to her 10th house cusp, and she had Jupiter in the moon. I think in, in the second house, I believe forming Arine to a her 10th house cusp.

[00:14:16] And then the moon in Jupiter formed Arine to the Sun in Venus, and they all formed Arine to the Midheaven. Wow. It just, it could not be better than that. Could not be better than that. And so, Yeah, she was, I mean, for those four planets, I know the sun and the moon aren’t planets, but for the sake of convenience, those four planetary bodies forming, trines to the mid-heaven, how could you not have a over the top successful career?

10th House vs. Midheaven

[00:14:47] Amanda Walsh: Omar, you’re using the term mid-heaven and 10th house a little bit interchangeably. Yes. I just, can you explain that? Are they different? Are they the same?

[00:14:56] Omari Martin: They are the same. Everyone, uh, yeah, they are the same. So the 10th house and the mc or the mid-heaven is different terms for the same point. And it is that position at the mid-heaven, uh, the southernmost point in the sky at that time as represented in that.

[00:15:16] Amanda Walsh: And as far as the sun’s journey through the sky goes from like sunrise to midday to sunset, and then, you know, midnight, or I guess the middle of the night, it would be the, the sun’s highest point in the sky, right. Yes. The day you were born. Yes. Okay. And that always helps me to remember the symbology of it, because it’s like, it’s, it’s like the, the brightest moment in the, in the day mm-hmm.

[00:15:42] you know? Mm-hmm. When the sun is it’s most powerful and brightest. That’s your midheaven. Yeah. Yes. Mm-hmm. . Okay.


[00:15:48] Amanda Walsh: Does, does the 10th House show if you’d be a good entrepreneur? This is a, this is a commonly asked question about the 10th house.

[00:15:56] Omari Martin: Yes. My answer to your question is yes and. Based on my observation of birth charts, you want to look at the 10th house.

[00:16:07] And I’ve also found, the pla, I think the planet Uranus is involved with those who want to pursue entrepreneurship. And I say that because Uranus is the planet of what Independence, eccentricity, rebell. . And that’s, and rebell is not always a bad thing. Sometimes Rebellion is good. . This is true. Yes.

[00:16:35] And so one of my clients has, Libra rising at two degrees, and this client also has Jupiter and Uranus at two degrees of. Forming a conjunction right there on the ascendant. This is someone who, who is a multiple, a serial entrepreneur. That’s what it’s called in my textbooks that I teach from. And, this is someone who started a business and the business folded, the person retreated, to working for corporate.

[00:17:12] Notice it retreated, you know, working for corporate and once the resources and everything were built back up, , yes, the individual left corporate and started a whole new and different entrepreneurial endeavor. This is someone who, and he has said it out of his mouth, he has to be an entrepreneur and that it’s just in his blood to be an entrepreneur.

[00:17:35] And again, you around us that independence and Jupiter wanting to do it in a big way. So certainly the question becomes what is the planet that rules the 10th house cusp? Where is it found in the natto chart and what other planets are forming a major aspect? Hmm. Those are the types of things you want to look for.

[00:17:59] And so, you know, where’s Uranus? It would also say this is applicable to those who may have their natal son forming a major aspect to Uranus, a conjunction, an opposition, a sextile, uh, a trying a, a square, look for that. And even though if it’s a square, Squares are good. You can benefit from a square aspect.

[00:18:24] Squares are not always bad, so you would look for that as well. Yeah, because they just want that independence. And I’ll even raise my hand and say, I have the sun conjunct Uranus and the Sun parallel Uranus in my own natal chart. And yes, , I’m a certified professional astrologer three times over. and while I work in academia as a college professor, which I love, I am up to doing some of my own independent things outside and away from academia or blending that in a little bit, but nevertheless doing my own thing.

[00:18:59] Right.

[00:19:00] Amanda Walsh: Okay. Wonderful.

Transits in the 10th House

[00:19:01] Amanda Walsh: What happens when you have transits to the 10th house, so you. Planet’s moving through the 10th house.

[00:19:10] Omari Martin: Oh, you wanna look forward to that. When the planet Uranus forms a conjunction to your 10th house cusp, don’t be surprised if you go in one day and just quit

[00:19:22] Don’t allow that to have any shock value for you. Where you go in, you be like, you know what? Today’s the day. Hmm, and you’re done. Uh, don’t be surprised also if out of the blue you receive a phone call from a recruiter or head hunter offering you this new position and you listen to what this individual says and it becomes apparent.

[00:19:47] This is your next career move. And you do the follow up steps and 30 days later you’re starting a new position. So with Joran is passing through. Expect the unexpected. To say the least. With the son, oh, with the son involved, you could potentially get a promotion on the job, maybe as a supervisor or a manager, and now you’ll have more visibility in the company and you, you know, have to, um, polish up some leadership skills and all that other good stuff because the sun.

[00:20:22] It’s passing through, I would say, with Mars, maybe with Mars you have to, take on a new project, you know, take some action, so forth and so on. With Saturn passing through the 10th house, well now you may get more duties and responsibilities, not necessarily a promotion we’d like for it. Translate into a promotion , but that may not be the case.

[00:20:48] But with Saturn forming that, passing through the 10th house, yes, it could be more duties and responsibilities, but embrace that opportunity and grow from it.

[00:20:59] Amanda Walsh: All

Planets/No Planets in 10th House

[00:20:59] Amanda Walsh: right. And what if you don’t have any planets in the temp house? Does that mean you’re not gonna be successful If you have a ton of plans, planets in the temp house, does that mean you’re gonna be super successful

[00:21:11] And I guess I’m, I’m I’m saying successful in your career, cuz we’ve already established that success can look a lot of different ways.

[00:21:17] Omari Martin: Yes, yes, yes, yes. If the 10th, if the, your 10th house, if there are no planets in the 10th house, what we then do is we look to the ruler of the 10th house. Where is it?

[00:21:29] In the natal chart. If it is in the second house, maybe banking or finance or something that has something to do with, what people value or helping them to develop their value system, that is a potential career path for you to take. And if the ruler of house number 10 is in the second house, forming a conjunction to Venus or Jupi, Assuming that it’s not Venus or Jupiter, there’ll be more benefits there.

[00:22:01] If it’s Mars, you might have to work a little hard at it, and hard work is not bad. It pays off. Then if you have a lot of planets in the 10th house, it could be that, in this lifetime, you may be one who will have more than one career. Some people work in a certain career or industry. For maybe 10 or 15 or 20 years.

[00:22:24] If it’s 20 years, they may retire from that and start a whole new career. One of my former, um, vice presidents when I worked for the four year university, had worked in the military, as an , As a army person, , with the fatigues and all of the, everything for, what was that maybe for 20 years, and got the honorable discharge and rebooted and restarted his career in higher education.

[00:22:52] It happens. and then who knows, maybe at the higher education for 10 or 15 years, he may move on to yet a third career. So if you have two or three or maybe even four planets, in the 10th house, it could speak to that. You’ll have different careers over the course of your lifetime.

Mending 10th House Issues

[00:23:14] Omari Martin: Oh,

[00:23:14] Amanda Walsh: Omar, what about for people who feel like they haven’t had a, a whole lot?

[00:23:21] Success or energy in their career. And, and they, they consider that they’re having maybe 10th house issues. You know, they, they’d like to fix their, and I’m doing fix with my quotation marks too. They’d like to fix their 10th house issues. How would you go about

[00:23:38] Omari Martin: doing that? Okay, great. Thank you for that question.

[00:23:42] And so I know we all love astrology and we like it very much and that’s great, but let us. Forget about or step over some of those things that we have to take care of on the Earth plane. So we want to keep in mind that certain career paths require a certain set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. So first and foremost, while the natal chart of the birth chart speaks to that potential, have you also made it a point to acquire the.

[00:24:18] And develop the skills and the abilities that are a fit. For that particular career path that your birth chart indicates you may be good at and experience some, some success. So if you have not taken care of that business, we need to take care of on the earth plane with the knowledge, skills, and abilities may be the potential that’s in your birth chart relative to your career may not be fully actualized.

[00:24:50] Until you do that. So just as a friendly and humble reminder, let’s make sure we do that part, because that’s a part of it too. Our natal charts and those planets don’t guarantee us anything. So

[00:25:07] Amanda Walsh: you’re speaking to the potential inherent in our birth chart. Yes. But we actually have to engage with that energy to bring it about and mm-hmm.

[00:25:18] Mm-hmm. . And to, to actually experience and live it. Yeah.

[00:25:21] Omari Martin: To manifest it, yeah. To make it manifest on the earth plane. Um, it, it’s a, it’s a part of the process. So anyone who wants to be a writer, Well, you gotta develop your writing skills. Uh, for those of you who want to become a filmmaker, well, you can go to school for that.

[00:25:40] There’s some things to learn, just whatever the field is, even for those. Such as myself, as a certifier professional, astrologer had to learn some things, and my natal chart clearly speaks to, oh, this is someone who could be a professional astrologer. My natal chart clearly speaks to that, but if I don’t invest the time and the money , learning astrology, that potential, that’s in the the birth, my birth chart won’t be fully actualized.

[00:26:15] Wow.

[00:26:16] Amanda Walsh: Great reminders. I mean, it it, it, it is a great reminder though, cuz to sometimes it’s easy to think, you know, if it’s quote unquote written in the stars or in the chart, that it will just happen magically. ,

[00:26:30] Omari Martin: that’s lovely. And that sounds good. Yes, it, but it’s not an automatic,

[00:26:35] Amanda Walsh: it’s not an automatic.

[00:26:37] Thank you for that. Very like grounded attorney and reminder.

Planets Close to the House Cusp

[00:26:40] Amanda Walsh: Omar, okay if, if people are looking for which house the ruler of their 10th is, am I saying that

[00:26:49] Omari Martin: right? Yes. I’m with you. Yes.

[00:26:51] Amanda Walsh: Okay. And the planet is really close to a house cusp. What do you do with that? Okay, great.

[00:26:59] Excellent. And the question, I’ve heard some astrologers use something like a five degree rule. What, what do you do with that?

[00:27:05] Omari Martin: Yeah, so I also work with that, five degree orb. And with that I mostly apply that to the angles, the first house, the fourth house, the seventh house, and the 10th house.

[00:27:18] So for example, if you have, jupi. At three degrees of Taurus and the 10th house has a orb of five degrees of Taurus. Five minus three is two, so that Jupiter falls within a five degree orb. And while it is technically. Placed in the ninth house and Jupiter is dignified in the ninth house, the expression of that Jupiter will show up and 10th House matters.

[00:27:50] So in that regard, it is possible. Well, ninth house spirituality, the, the law. Religion. This is someone who may be a priest, pastor, rabbi, something of that nature because that Jupiter in the ninth will manifest in the 10th house. This could be someone who wants to position themselves as a spiritual guru.

[00:28:16] This is someone who may want to be a world traveler and within the context of career, they do what there is for them to do. To become an airline pilot. As for the law, this is someone who will do what there is for them to do with higher education. Go to law school, get the jd, take the bar and pass it, and they become one of those high profile, you know, celebrity lawyers.

[00:28:41] You know, with some of those shows we see on tv with these like lawyers who, they’re good lawyers, but they’re celebrity too, , so it can show up like that.

Easy/Challening Planets in 10th House

[00:28:53] Omari Martin: Omar,

[00:28:54] Amanda Walsh: do you this is a question that’s come in. Yes. And I don’t even know if this is possible to answer, but you can tell us, are there, quote unquote, most challenging planets to have in the 10th house?

[00:29:07] Are there, quote unquote, easiest planets to have in the

[00:29:11] Omari Martin: 10th house? I would say, I’m gonna just, I’m gonna say yes and, and let me do the best I can to provide some examples because I think people want to hear that and can benefit from that. Now, based on what I have studied, there are some individuals who have Mars in Capricorn in the 10th house.

[00:29:38] And Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning it’s treated like royalty and they, and we have some famous generals or military men who have Mars in Capricorn in the 10th house. And they were, they were successful. They got the business handled when it came to that war. And so that is something that would be, if you will, a, a easy position, when we talk about the 10th house, a, a challenging one would perhaps be Neptune, because this, it could be, you just may not ever be clear about what your career should be.

[00:30:25] You may not be able to see it clearly. Or something to that effect, with Neptune position there. Or you may be the, this eternal daydreamer about what your career should be with Neptune in the 10th house.

How Transits Can Support More Difficult Placements

[00:30:42] Omari Martin: And so when it comes to, well, when will that ever change? You’ll have an opportunity to make a move based on transit.

[00:30:54] And also based on progressions. So progressions and transits will modify the energy in the natal chart. So if it’s this great energy where it’s popping and everything is working and going on, there may be a season where that subsides a little bit, particularly when we’re looking at progressions and transits.

[00:31:18] And then, When it’s not, it’s sluggish. This is your routine. It’s like, oh, when will it ever change? Well, with transits and progressions, you get that good aspect from the sun or from Jupiter and things start picking up. You gotta look at that as a window of opportunity to make a move and to make some things happen.

[00:31:40] So we want to keep in mind wherever you live, the sun doesn’t shine every. It’s cloudy on some days. Although the sun is shiny, you can’t see it because of the clouds. And if it’s raining, well that’s the day you have an umbrella. But on the sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, no umbrella. Need it. Go outside and enjoy it.

[00:32:03] Hmm.

[00:32:04] Amanda Walsh: So you’re talking about, I I love this because, because no matter what your chart is, the, the cards are not always stacked against you and, and they’re not always stacked in your favor. That we are all gonna experience high tide and low tide. Yes. Like you saw sunny day and Yes, rainy day. It’s, it’s, It’s impossible to have a design where that won’t happen on some level.

[00:32:28] Omari Martin: I agree. Yeah, I agree. I think it is absolutely impossible to have that and, you know, let’s keep, um, a flower in mind. You know, a flower needs sunshine and rain in order to grow, and without either one of them, the flower will not grow. Mm. The seed may not even germinate, so we need both. We need sunshine in rain to grow and to really experience the fullness and the deliciousness that life has to offer each and every one of us.

[00:33:05] Amanda Walsh: Absolutely. And it’s also a great reminder to that the awareness that your astrology chart gives you and then looking at transits and progressions and all that, that awareness can be utilized in such a productive way cuz it’s like, okay, if you are gonna be. In that position to, to catch the wave, so to speak, of maybe good fortune or just a lot of good energy in your career house, for example.

[00:33:31] Yes. It’s good to be aware of that. So you take advantage of that opportunity.

[00:33:35] Omari Martin: Yes. You take advantage of that opportunity. You get your resume ready. Yes. Uh, if you’re in higher education like me, you get your curriculum vta or CV ready. Um, maybe you polish up on your interviewing skills with respect to how you answer questions.

[00:33:51] Mm-hmm. , you prepare for that. So what astrology speaks to, and we know this astrology speaks to the timing Yeah. Of potential events, so forth and so on. And when you see not only that potential and when you have a sense of when it may begin, you, there’s an opportunity to prepare for that. Yeah. One way or the.

[00:34:13] Amanda Walsh: Well, and it’s one of the reasons why I love getting astrology readings on a consistent basis. So we’ve, we’ve and am Omar, you know this, we’ve recently launched our reading platform and it’s still available only to, a small group of people. But if you wanna get on the wait list for that, if you’re like, God, I love all this, I’m enjoying learning it, but I, I’ll actually.

[00:34:34] A vocational astrologer or a career-oriented astrologer to take a look at MyChart. Mm-hmm. and tell me when those peaks and valleys, those high tides and low tides might be so I can actually take advantage of the, the good energy, but also when, when the, the more restful periods. Happen. Yes. That’s a great time to get your education to actually, you know, learn to reflect, to do other types of things.

[00:35:00] Yes. Sort of get on the wait list for the Astrologer Connect platform. You can go to

[00:35:04] Amanda Walsh: astrology If it’s open right now, then you’re gonna go to a page and see that you can book readings right now. If not, you’ll get on the waitlist and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s open. That’s

[00:35:15] Amanda Walsh: astrology

Omari’s Mastery Class

[00:35:18] Amanda Walsh: And Omar, you have done such an amazing job telling us about the 10th House, and I love your teaching style, and this is one of the things that our Inner Circle members raved about. Last time you were a teacher with us, so just give us a little taste of the mastery class that you’re gonna be teaching as part of your month that you are our.

[00:35:40] Omari Martin: Okay, great, thank you. So, yes, so I’m gonna take on the opportunity to present secondary progressions and solar arcs. Both are ways to move the chart forward through time. Mm-hmm. So at some point you’ll become very familiar with your natal chart.

[00:35:58] Well, guess what? The planets didn’t stop moving . Thank God. They continued to keep moving, and so now through progression, you get to identify what’s happening in your life in the current time, and looking at those progressed planets and the major aspects that they form to the natal planet. And that speaks to what’s going on now, and it’s that symbolic motion.

[00:36:27] And so certainly looking at it in terms of day four year, I’m gonna provide examples of both techniques. And in a recent conversation with one of my esteemed colleagues, and outta respect, I just wanna say Dr. Ron Tle, he presented to. To use both of them as a combined technique. Wow. I have found that they both work and I’m gonna start, experimenting with that and exploring that, with my own clients.

[00:36:58] Hmm. Um, Look at them both. But yeah, secondary progressions and solar arc, love them. And I’ll tell solar arc is easy. .

[00:37:08] Amanda Walsh: Awesome. And Omar, are these, we’ve talked on this episode about progressions and about looking at the chart through time so you can get ideas of high tide, low tide, et cetera. Yes. Is secondary progressions different than progressions, or is that the same?

[00:37:24] Omari Martin: Well, progressions is the general term. Okay. Because when I talk about progressions, that’s general, but more specifically secondary progressions and solar arc. Solar arc is also a way of progressing the chart forward through tying. And there are some other, techniques. to use to, move the chart forward through time.

[00:37:47] But the primary, two that I’m most familiar with and I hear most astrologers talk about our secondary progressions and solar arc.

[00:37:56] Amanda Walsh: Hmm. Awesome. Okay. Can’t wait for that. This has been so helpful for any of you who love Omar and have loved the teachers that are a part of this series. I highly in, uh, I highly invite you,

[00:38:10] I highly encourage you to sign up for our inner circle wait list. We are gonna be opening enrollment here very shortly, so if you would like to be one of the first to know when we open up enrollment for our Inner Circle membership, where you get to work. With a different astrologer every single month and get their mastery class teachings, have them facilitate new and full moon forecasts that are very different than the forecast that we feature on the podcast.

[00:38:37] They are instructional, the teachers come with. They’re slide decks and they teach you how to forecast. They teach you how to interpret these energies as they’re looking at the new or the full moon forecast. So it’s very much geared towards those of you who are like, I wanna, I wanna continue learning how to do this.

[00:38:54] I wanna be able to look at my own chart. I wanna understand myself. More deeply. I wanna be able to look at the charts of my children’s, of my partner, of my spouse, of my coworkers. I wanna be able to read this language myself. And if you want some of the best astrologers as your guide in that process, the Inner circle is the place for you.

[00:39:15] So you can get on the wait list right now at

[00:39:18] Amanda Walsh: that’s I C as in circle 23, the number, and you will be one of the first to know when our enrollment opens. We’re also gonna be featuring all of our inner circle astrologers, the ones that are gonna be coming up for the year ahead in a free event, talking about transits.

[00:39:40] So we’re, we’re calling ’em basically like game changing transits, the ones that come in and change everything, either. Whether that’s a collective change or that’s a personal change. And I think many of you that are here as a part of our Astrology Hub community, you’ve been through some of those game changing transits.

[00:39:58] So you have familiarity with what they are. But we’re gonna be talking about the biggest ones, how to work with those energies, what it means when those transits are happening in your life, if you’re. Forward and going, oh my God, I’m gonna have a huge Pluto transit, or I’m coming up on my second Saturn return.

[00:40:15] What does that mean? How do I prepare for it? How do I use it to the best of my ability to actually enrich my life and, and, and help me get more in alignment? That’s gonna be a free event that’s coming up here in March as well, so, Lots of cool things happening. Amari, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for being here with us.

[00:40:34] This has been a great survey of the 10th

[00:40:36] Omari Martin: house.

Experiencing Your First Reading

[00:40:37] Omari Martin: Yeah, you’re certainly welcome. And you know, and I’m with you, you, you said it earlier and I would just like everyone to know that even for me, everyone as a certifier, professional astrologer three times over, just like Amanda, I also reach. To professional astrologers and ask them to read MyChart because they’ll have more objectivity about my chart than I have, of course.

[00:41:04] And , it’s also a learning opportunity for me too. So I do the same thing that Amanda does in that regard, and I have found it to be equally reward.

[00:41:13] Amanda Walsh: Oh yeah. I, I, I find that most people can’t really, you can look at your chart and you can get a lot of insights, and then just having that outside perspective of like, you know, having, can you see, because we, we come in with our biases, you know?

[00:41:27] Yes, yes, yes. Really want it to be a certain way, and it’s not that they’re gonna show, say something. This is one thing too, I, Omar, I don’t know if you’ve come across this, but. When people think about getting a reading, what I’ve noticed, especially if it’s their first reading, they’re scared. They’re scared that something’s gonna be seen or foretold or exposed, that they’re not ready for, or that they don’t, they don’t wanna know.

[00:41:52] And that just hasn’t been my experience. It’s always been this confirmation of something that I do know deep inside that having the awareness just helps me. Walk through life much more confidently and much more clearly, you know? Mm-hmm. , and I don’t know if you have that experience too,

[00:42:09] Omari Martin: with clients. Um, so yeah.

[00:42:10] So, you know, as myself, as a client or working with my clients, either, both, either. So as a client of a professional astrologer, I have had different experiences. I have never had a bad experie. . Yeah. I just appreciate the, information that they share with me, which confirms some things. And in some instances, I have been prompted to look at some things differently.

[00:42:37] Right. And so, and even when I work with, with clients, for your benefit, I’m biased in that I like to see the glass that’s half full. . Yes.

[00:42:47] Amanda Walsh: Well, That’s usually he, I mean, if we have a choice, if we could see it,

[00:42:52] Omari Martin: yeah. I’m would be right. I’m looking you as half full. Yeah. But I, I’ve had to work on that a little bit through the years to, while I want to be positive and constructive, even in a case of a period of time that’s not so good with the client or for the client really serve it.

[00:43:11] Be upfront about it, be on the level about it, and then offer, some approaches that the client can take to mitigate, the not so pleasant experience that could show up. Yeah. So that’s a part of it as, as well. So, but when I first started out, half full of me, half full to me, , you know, I was just, yeah.

[00:43:35] And I was, I was younger, I was new, I was fresh to the profession and I meant well. But as I learned more matured and had conversations with our seasoned, astrologers degeneration before me, I’ve learned that, um, you know, um, Omar, good intentions alone are not enough and just. Be on the level with the client and just tell ’em and provide them with some potential solutions and let them choose.

[00:44:03] Amanda Walsh: Yeah, it’s true. And we actually talked about this quite a bit on our eighth house in the series that sometimes you really just are going through a really hard time. Yes. And there’s, there’s really no like, sugarcoating that. It’s just, thank you.

[00:44:17] Omari Martin: You’re Yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. And, and, and sometimes you, you know, you, it’s possible to do the client a disservice by sugarcoating it sometimes.

[00:44:27] True.

[00:44:28] Amanda Walsh: Yeah. Yeah.


[00:44:29] Amanda Walsh: All right, Omar, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time, your presence. This has been such a joy. Thanks to all of you for being here. Love that you have been with us as part of this series. If you haven’t seen the rest of the series, I highly encourage you to start at house number one and just.

[00:44:47] Do like a, a binge day , like go through the whole series and catch up? Yes, because it’s amazing. You’re gonna be amazed at how much you learn. We still have the 11th and the 12th house to come. 11th is gonna be covered by Henry Seltzer. 12th is Ari Moche Wolf. And then, like I said, the bonus 13th. House series episode is gonna be covered by astrologer, astronomer, Gemini.

[00:45:10] Brett will be talking about all the house systems and what they all meet. So can’t wait for that. Omar, can’t wait for your month in the inner circle. Thank you again, if you wanna get on that wait list, astrology 23 and we will see you there. Take care, everybody. Thank you so much for being here, and thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life.

[00:45:29] Catch you on the next episode.