[STARRYTELLING] Spirit, Soul, and Matter w/ Gemini Brett

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In this StarryTelling episode, Gemini Brett and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss… Spirit, Soul, and Matter

When you tune in, you’ll learn that there’s more to the glyphs of the Sun, Moon, and Earth than meets the eye. Gemini Brett also offers insights into the upcoming Leo Full Moon on January 28th/29th.

You’ll discover…

  • That all planetary glyphs are composed of 3 symbols, and how you can begin to explore the significance they bring to each planet.
  • A translated text from the Emerald Tablet suggesting an alchemical and elemental cosmology.
  • Different ways to draw and meditate on the circle or Sun glyph.
  • Why the Sun and Moon should be seen as inseparable, both in the sky and in the chart.
  • The etymology behind why Gemini Brett says the Moon puts the “U” in soul.
  • How you, as a creator, have the power to manifest Matter from Spirit and Soul.