[STAR SIGNS] Pilot: 2022 Themes by Zodiac Sign w/ Jamie Magee

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss your 2022 Themes by Zodiac Sign. 

You’ll learn…

  • About Jamie Magee’s path through astrology in both business and fiction writing.
  • Jamie’s strategy to overcome sign stereotypes.
  • The difference between horoscopes for your rising and sun sign.
  • What 2022 has in store for your zodiac sign.


0:00 Intro

3:00 Meet Jamie Magee

14:47 How to translate Astrology

16:08 Should I read Horoscopes for my Sun or Ascendant?

19:14 Horoscopes

20:27 Capricorn

20:54 Aquarius

22:13 Aries

24:12 Pisces

24:52 Taurus

25:54 Gemini

28:15 Cancer

29:06 Leo

30:57 Virgo

32:09 Libra

33:39 Scorpio

34:42 Sagittarius

36:00 What to expect from the show

37:46 Jamie on themes for 2022

40:19 Closing thoughts


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00:00:23 [Amanda] All right. Welcome everybody to the Astrology Hub podcast. This is our flagship show dedicated to sharing the multitude of astrological perspectives and approaches, demonstrating how Astrology can help you and support you in so many different areas of your life. I am so thrilled to be here today with astrologer Jamie McGee. And what we’re going to be doing is going through each of the Zodiac signs.

00:00:49 And Jamie is going to be telling us what the theme is for each Sodiank sign for the entire year of 2022. This is also a very exciting episode because it is the kickoff or just an introduction to a new show that we are going to be hosting here on the Astrology Hub podcast called star signs horoscope weekly. So we’re going to be having Jamie go through the star signs every single week,

00:01:16 all the Zodiac signs and give a weekly report. So we’re going to be telling more about what that show is going to be entailing soon. But first I want to introduce you to Jamie. I know some of, you know, Jamie you’ve engaged with Jamie. She has been leading our customer support team for about four years now. She has been a host on some of our courses with an orderly and she is an incredible astrologer.

00:01:42 She’s actually one of the astrologists that I turn to on a very consistent basis when things are weird or off. And I go, Jamie, please look at my chart. What’s going on? Please tell me what’s going on. She’s incredible. And what I love about what we’re going to be doing with Jamie is that this is going to be the show.

00:01:59 So it’s going to be every Friday. It’s going to be the show for all of you, Astrology lovers, who have people in your life who could be interested in astrology, but most of our content is like way over their heads. You know, they’ll watch some of our shows and go, God, I’m interested, but I don’t understand what they’re saying or it’s just,

00:02:19 it’s just too advanced for me. So Jamie is actually going to be doing the Astrology for each of the Zodiac signs every week in a very understandable way. So she’s going to use plain English and she’s going to make it really easy for all the newbies in your life. All the people that you know, who could really benefit from Astrology, just make it really accessible.

00:02:40 So Jamie, we’re so excited about that. All right. So this is Jamie’s Astrology Hub podcast debut. So I’m just going to tell you a little bit about her. Then we’re going to go into her story. Then we’re going to go into the Zodiac signs for all of 20, 22 and what the themes are. All right. So Jamie is an avid lover of anything magical and empowering Astrology has been a constant guiding light and companion throughout her life.

00:03:09 As a business executive. She often used Astrology for daily problem solving and inspiring teamwork. Jamie’s young adult novels, 22 of them. That’s incredible. Jamie, I can’t believe you’ve written 22 books have astrology deeply woven into the soul of the stories with over a decade of focus study and practice in hand, she thrives on introducing the soul deep power of astrology through her writings and practice.

00:03:37 Jamie has also been a member of the Astrology Hub production team for four years and is our newest host of Astrology Hub, star shots, newest show, star sign horoscopes weekly. All right. So Jamie, because this is your debut. We’re going to start the way we start with all new guests. Yes. And I’m going to ask you to tell your story.

00:03:59 How did you come to practice Astrology? How did it show up in your life?

00:04:03 [Jamie] Okay. I don’t remember not knowing Astrology as weird as that sounds like one of my earliest memories is kind of sitting beside my dad’s recliner. Like I was just old enough to read, waiting for the newspaper to drop so I could see the lifestyle section and I could read it and I wouldn’t read my sign.

00:04:22 I would read all of the signs. I remember, you know, being anytime we were at a trade show or any kind of use bookstore, like finding those books and just kind of going through the astrology and reading as much as I could about it. Like, it’s always been this underlying thread in my life from like day one. And I can,

00:04:40 I have this little story for, you know, when you go into talk to the college recruiters and you’re 16 or 17 and I’m like, okay, what are you going to do? Let’s get up your plan. And I remember like standing there at this wall with my Gemini moon and looking at, you know, hundreds of brochures, and this is what you could do.

00:04:56 This is what you, this is how you could do it. And I didn’t have, I, I could imagine it. I could daydream any one of those careers, but none of them were like, that’s me. Yeah. I can’t wait to do it. So I ended up, like, I kind of went through two avenues business and teaching and businesses where I landed.

00:05:13 And so I was in business. And as you know, I ran, I worked for an international and international company as an executive, but most of my team was young, like under 25. And so I was always connecting with them, working with Teamworks and you know, how do I get this, this person to work or that person to work.

00:05:30 And I was pulling through Astrology this whole time, or I would like teach them about something or like, why can’t date that person because I’ll never date another Scorpio. Well, no, that’s not what was wrong with them, kind of those kind of conversations that we would have. And I remember in 2008, we were doing some market research because we were launching,

00:05:49 we were having to sell a product, a young adult novel that had been taken from a book into a movie. And if this big thing and a huge conversation and I needed to do my research, my due diligence. So I read it and it helped me connect with my staff cause we were going back and forth and we were like, you know,

00:06:04 talking about why it was this phenomenon, why everybody loved this series that was coming out and where it connected. And I remember debating about the plot, like, you know, well, this was, I could see this or not see this or how to do it. And you know, one of my girls looked at me randomly and said, you should just write your own.

00:06:20 And I was like, okay, this is crazy. Because at the time, the only thing I wrote were emails and with brevity as short as I could, because they were, I was a busy executive. I’m just, you know, sending things out, but it stuck with me. So as at a Saturn return, right, as I was turning 2009,

00:06:36 kind of hit, I remember looking at my husband on new year’s Eve. And I was like, I’m writing a novel this year. And he was like, okay, like it was the most random thing I could have said, but then again, it wasn’t because I was always looking for a creative outlet. Right. And so I borrowed a laptop cause I only had my work laptop and it was like this thick and I kind of sat down with this dream,

00:06:56 but I didn’t run to like find, you know, how to write a novel books. I ran to every Astrology book I had and then I went and found other ones and I just kept setting deeper. And I built all these, you know, the characters had charts and they had all of those builds up, you know, personality. And it kind of helped me dive into it.

00:07:14 And I built like this, you know, parallel universes, this world that I wanted to go into. Cause it was fantasy. But, and you know, that led me writing God, me out of being an executive because it was my passion. So I was writing like crazy. And I think it was like 13 or 14. I was like,

00:07:34 looking back. I was, I did all this Astrology research, took all these classes and I started working with clients in that time too. Like one-on-one people helping them kind of work through all. This is the profiles is how you do it. I worked with other creatives in building their own characters, helping them build their profile for their books and kind of getting them use going for them.

00:07:53 And you know, in this, in the creative world, you know, people would say, well, Astrology people, aren’t interested in astrology in this kind of niche. You know, they’re looking at like, looking for vampires are looking for shifters, right. This, and I remember thinking, you know, well, this makes sense. So I would try to,

00:08:07 but there was no passion. Like I had no desire to do this. I could write the word, all the words and they didn’t mean anything to me and that made a difference. And so I had this like apifany at like, I was like, I’ve got to go back to my roots. I need to go deeper into astrology. I need to find like a reliable teacher and resource.

00:08:24 And I was digging deep into this area and I was completely focused on it. And that’s how I found Astrology Hub. I was actually researching the nodes I was looking for, you know, just teachers that were very inspiring. They can take me into a different way. And I remember kind of tuning in or getting an email about one of the forecasts and tuning in and just being completely mesmerized by an orderly and Christopher Renstrom and Donna would well,

00:08:47 they were teaching me things that I was like, I understood in a different way for the first time. I’m like, I’m all in, I’m all in. I’m signing up. I need learn everything with Astrology Hub. And the universe works in a funny way because in a couple like two months later, a month later I was on the team like behind the team.

00:09:04 And one of my first jobs was like diving into the summits, which was exciting. So for the last four years, I’ve definitely been emerged in Astrology Hub and how we’ve been teaching and the client work and the one-on-one counseling has been just something that’s been super passionate for me. And I think that that’s how I got into astrology. I never, I really it’s always been there.

00:09:23 Does that make sense? Like there was no, like I’m going to be an astrologer.

00:09:26 [Amanda] It does Jamie. I mean, it’s, it’s, you know, I interviewed lots of astrologers and some of you have those kinds of stories where it’s just like, it’s always been here. It’s always been a part of my life and I don’t remember life without it,

00:09:38 you know? And then other people have that moment where they were sitting in a library or something and a book fell off a shelf and Haber head Astrology book. But I love that so much. And, and I love how you’re bringing Astrology into your novels and writing these fictional stories with astrology woven through it. How obvious is it like how obvious is it if someone was reading the book,

00:10:01 would they know that you’re using Astrology in there? I see. Well,

00:10:04 [Jamie] I, it was interesting when I first released a couple of them. I had some readers come in and say, I wouldn’t say Kepler two or something. They assumed that I was at Kepler at that time. And I wasn’t at that time, I don’t think it’s obvious. It’s kind of spoken to an enthusiast,

00:10:18 but what was so great about joining Astrology Hub is there’s this Stephen King has this book called on writing. And in this one part of it, he’s talking about how he like, kind of stepped into this world and may, and he had an accident and he felt like he met one of his characters. That’s how it felt when I joined Astrology Hub, because I had written this world where these people had like lived by the stars and they,

00:10:37 you know, they, it was their guiding light and they connected with it and they had these special insights that were only given to them. And yeah, you know, if you had this sign and it was based through that. And then all of a sudden I met people in this community that I have the same kind of environment that they lived in.

00:10:53 I do not, it’s not saturated it’s, but it’s very, very readable, but it’s definitely an apparent, like, I guess you would have. That was one thing. My argument, when I started to write a novel is that they were fantasizing or wanting to write about something that was distorted. And I was like, there’s so much normal in our paranormal.

00:11:10 We just need to flip it around. That was my argument. And that’s what I tried to pull in with the Astrology. It was that you are walking around with this magic, you’re walking. You’re like my first book is called insight and it is, you’re walking around with this special insight in the special perspective that only you can see. And I’m like,

00:11:27 I’ll mention things about, you know, you learned through this or learned through that, but there’s definitely a whole other adventure story kind of thing in there. So I love that.

00:11:37 [Amanda] Jamie, I love that. I feel like it’s one of the things that so many of our children lose so early, is that feeling or sense that there is magic? It’s one of the things that got me so excited about astrology when I first started learning was like,

00:11:51 oh my God, there is magic. It was everyday magic. It’s always happening. So I love that. You’re bringing that into it. And your books are really geared towards like teenagers, right?

00:12:00 [Jamie] Yeah. It’s categories under young adult novels, just because of the way that the, the way that that field works. But I have, I feel like a lot of my readers were a lot older too,

00:12:09 but if you kind of have that, like romance, paranormal, adventure kind of thing, that’s where they’re geared towards and yeah, they’re super. And I, and I, I, I broke into different genres and there’s an older version too, but finding one thing that is that I even teach just with, you know, in my household. Cause I have a lot of teenagers around me is just that perspective in under,

00:12:30 like, if you understand that this person’s not being cruel to you, that’s just how they come to the world or they’re, they’re not being edgy or rude. That’s just, they think that they’re being the best version that they can like, that’s how they communicate or that’s how they love or that’s how a lot of those other there’s other ways that people come around explaining it.

00:12:46 But that’s how it is that book. And that’s how we explain astrology is just, this is your personal magic. Like you, like, I love like Aquariuses, don’t not hearing the lyrics, but moving, but hearing the music. And if you ever watch, and I haven’t, I’m raised raising an aquarium. I didn’t, I remember thinking this was cool long before I was an Aquarian mom,

00:13:05 is that they, they hear things, a little love songs that don’t make any sense with lyric wise because they don’t hear the lyrics they’re like into the music. Then like little things like that you’ll find in those books, but it’s definitely not overwhelming. It was just those little nuggets about formation. Amazing.

00:13:21 [Amanda] So Jamie, we are going to be doing this new show with you.

00:13:24 And this is, this is in addition to all the other shows that we have. So we’re not getting rid of any shows in order to do this show, but this is a show that we’ve been wanting for a long time, because even our most universally appealing shows that we’ve had are still for like the astrologically initiated is what I would say. No,

00:13:47 it’s the ones who already know some of the language and, or are really keen to learn it. Like they, they want to learn it and they’re willing to invest the time and the energy in understanding the language of astrology. But there’s this whole other huge group of people who are curious and interested, but don’t have time to bother with learning it. You know,

00:14:13 they don’t wanna, they don’t want to know how to do it. They just want to know how it can help them. And so this is going to be our first show that is really using language that is, is almost devoid, not devoid of astrology, but you’re going to keep the aspects and things like that, that language out of it. And just talk about what it means and what it means for each sun sign.

00:14:37 And so somebody already asked a question, are we talking about star or sun sign and or rising sign? Or is it just for the star sign and I’m using star and sun sign interchangeably. Right. So tell, tell us a little bit about why you’re excited to do this particular show and, and Jamie is the perfect person for this. You guys,

00:14:58 I mean, she’s doing this all the time in her, in her world because she has teenage kids, their friends come over, they’re having these conversations in the kitchen all the time. And so it was just so natural for her to, to really translate the language into English very clearly. So can you tell us about why you’re excited to be doing the show?

00:15:18 [Jamie] Yeah. I think you really hit on it there. I think there, I love when I’m passionate about something. I want to share it in every way I can. And even not only just the teams that are surrounded by me, but you know, my mom, friends, adult, friends, I will give them. I remember very early on just like sh listen to this podcast,

00:15:35 listen to this podcast and repeatedly I would get back. Can you translate that for me? And then I would translate it out or I would be excited about, you know, another teacher that I found and say, here, listen to this. And they’re like, I don’t understand plain English please. And I don’t think that it’s just that they don’t want to understand,

00:15:50 but it is a language and you don’t realize how immersed you are in it until you’re not immersed in it again, you know, you had to kind of step back and I have that privilege of standing on that, that, that border, where I’m able to kind of translate to two different worlds in it. So I’m super excited about this show for that reason.

00:16:08 Cause I think I want to be able, I wanted the show to be something that you can pass to someone who knows nothing, but is looking to say, okay, what’s going on in my life right now? Like what can I do in my life right now? And so that’s why I’m super excited about the show is as far as the sun and rising sign,

00:16:24 I think if you know your rising sign, it’s great to read your rising and your sun sign. If you don’t know. And you know, the time of birth that you, if you do not know your rising sign, but you know what time you were born, you can definitely go to Astrology Hub dot com forward slash charts and pull up your chart and you’ll have your ascendant.

00:16:39 Now, when you read to your ascendant, you’re going to have a zoned in version of like that area of your life. But your son is, so poppy is so strong in your chart that you’re going to be these, these, the themes that we’ll be talking about, you’re going to sense them from the perspective of your soul. Like you like your,

00:16:56 your soul force energy is going to be feeling this in this area. So you’ll have that path so you can read for both. And I think overall, I think what’s also great is, you know, even I like, there’s been a lot of times as much Astrology. I know my chart inside and out. I know my family is in chart inside and out and I’ll look at something.

00:17:15 I’ll be like, well, that’s not really, I don’t really see that in your chart, but I’ll see that in there just for their son, from their son’s perspective, like Virgo is going through this right now, but it may not be showing up or like her, my daughter’s chart may not be resident in this certain area, but I know Virgos are so it’s very prominent because she’s because that’s a stronger energy in her chart.

00:17:35 So to answer the question I would read for both, I’m excited because…

00:17:39 [Amanda] And when you say read For you mean listen For listen.

00:17:43 [Jamie] That’s right. Listen, listen, sorry. I mean, yeah. Habit, you can listen for vote on the podcast and yeah. Okay. Should I say, Well, I think we should start going through them.

00:17:54 [Amanda] So one of the things that we’re going to be doing for this show,

00:17:57 it’s going to be released every Friday. So every Friday you’ll get the week ahead for your star sign. And if you want times a timestamped version of the podcast so that you can just like easily go to your sign or go to your child’s sign or your spouse’s sign or whatever you want to be doing. We’re also going to have, we’re going to be sending that out weekly too.

00:18:24 So you can sign up for that for free. You just go to Astrology, Hub dot com slash star signs. And that way you’ll get the timestamped version of the podcast every week. So you can just skip around and go quickly to, to, to the signs that you’re the most interested in, which I know we always do. We have that ready for yourself.

00:18:45 You’re listening. You’re listening for your boss. I don’t know. You’re listening for people in your life, The health perspective.

00:18:51 [Jamie] And what’s great is when you sign up, we’ll also tell you if you live in the, in the United States or Canada, you can sign up for texts for when the show is going to be live too. So that way you’ll,

00:18:59 if you would like to watch it live or talk to those in the audience with your same sign too. So I’m excited for that. Yeah.

00:19:07 [Amanda] Yeah. Okay. So let’s go through 20, 22 and just go through a quick snapshot of each of the signs and the things.

00:19:14 [Jamie] Yeah. Okay. I’m super excited to do that. So there’s a lot going on in 2022.

00:19:18 And I think all of the signs are going to experience this differently, but do you want to say one thing that I like to do with the show that they might be able to expect is sometimes when you listen to horoscopes, they’re going to say you meet somebody on Tuesday and it’s going to be great because you’re getting a raise on Thursday. That’s not the kind of horoscope that you’ll get with this.

00:19:35 This is I’m really into, I like to tell people like this is the scope. This is the theme. This is the cycle that you’re about to start, or you’re not, or that it is ending, or this is where you are in the storm. And this is how you can work positively with the challenges. So that’s one reason that I’m excited to also translate this in a new way in that show.

00:19:55 It’s not, it’s going to be a fun way to kind of get it, take all of the Astrology that you’re hearing about and kind of pull it down into a way that can help you kind of motivate and work with the energy instead of working against it, which is always good. Right? Okay. So for the themes for, I have a quick little line for everyone to kind of think about for 2022 with your sun sign or your rising sign.

00:20:17 If you don’t know it, you can go to Astrology Hub dot com forward slash charts. I’m gonna start with Capricorn cause it’s Capricorn season, it’s their birthday. So happy birthday Capricorns this month, our, this year 2022 Capricorns are going to be focusing a lot on communicating in a broader way and inviting and creativity into their lives. So I think Capricorns,

00:20:37 you’re going to find a lot of compassion for like that immediate environment that you’re in and in our world and be in the environment can be people that you talk to on zoom all the time, people that in your re in your regular community, you’re going to find all the words. You’re going to find ways to open up the doors and bring them in some excited to see what you guys do with that.

00:20:54 Okay. Aquarius for 2022, I love how the universe is setting this up for. Aquarius says there’s a good thing, a powerful theme around wealth and roots for Aquariuses. It’s almost like your focus and you’re in you’re, you’re focused and you’re hungry to find a healthy foundation and roots and support system and your home. And because your focus is there, your wealth and your resources around this area expand pretty easily.

00:21:19 So it’s like, as soon as you drive yourself, you find the right resources and they could be shared resources or individual resources. But I love that the universe is like, yes, this is the focus. And this is how I’m going to support you Aquarius.

00:21:32 [Jamie] So you’re saying if Aquarius, maintain their focus on those two areas of life,

00:21:36 that those things are going to expand, Right?

00:21:38 [Jamie] It’s like there, you have like a north node, like a drive that is telling you, like you need this foundation, like let’s fruit in, let’s get the security. And Aquarius is usually do kind of expand out. They are, they’re always looking at the community, but it’s almost as if the universe is telling you that you need strong roots,

00:21:54 so you can take care of the community. And if you give that inner focus, you’ll be able to find that wealth that you’re looking for and wealth is not always material. It can just, it could be anything to you individually as an Aquarius or Aquarius rising. All right. So Aries themes

for 2022, I think areas you guys are going to be working with wealth and intuition and your career.

00:22:17 Now careers already a big thing for Aries right now. And I think you guys are getting ready to start new chapters in your career, which we talk about on the podcast on Friday. But there’s also this because of this, all this action going on in your career, you’re reassessing your wealth. You may have a lot of merged assets and you’re trying to figure out,

00:22:35 you know, how can I individualize that? How can I work on my, my wealth for the longevity? And what’s great is that you have, there’s the universe kind of backing you. Like your intuition is something I would lean into when it comes to making these decisions. And not only your intuition, but any bad habits or any, any habits you want to release.

00:22:54 So you can grow in a new way and find like inner peace. This is going to be a great year for areas to work on that. And I love it because like, you kinda like release the baggage so you can fly higher, be that flaming arrow that goes in a different direction.

00:23:08 [Amanda] And Jamie, for areas that don’t necessarily think of themselves as intuitive.

00:23:12 I’m not saying all areas don’t think, but if, if they, if they don’t automatically think of themselves as intuitive, is this going to be a year where their intuition will actually be stronger and more accessible to them?

00:23:24 [Jamie] I think intuition is very, it’s an interesting thing because like you mentioned, everyone kind of handles it a little bit differently, but I think this is like to speak in like a trigger.

00:23:35 Like if something is triggering, triggering you, for some reason, re reason are not triggering you, like I’m indifferent or I’m passionate or passionate about that. Those are, that’s kind of things I tell areas to pay attention to what it could be emotional, but it’s where your attention is. Like I I’m on fire to do that. I’m not on fire to do that.

00:23:54 And that’ll help them kind of check into that.

00:23:56 [Amanda] That’s really simple and clear, Jamie, I think we skipped Pisces.

00:24:00 [Jamie] Oh, did we? Oh, we did. You’re right. Ooh, sorry. Pisces. I’m so sorry. And that, you know what Pisces is going to be a great year for you. I should not have them.

00:24:08 So sorry. Fast girl. Okay. Pisces this year is all going to be a big theme for you is going to be about creativity and expressing yourself in a new way. Stepping out into the world in a broad way. It’s almost as if you haven’t been able to express yourself, you’ve been going like whatever dreams you’ve had event going through this deconstruction reconstruction expansion transformation.

00:24:29 And now the words are coming in, the flow is coming in and you’re going to find a new way to express it. And as you do this, your vitality and your health and how you show up in the world is going to be very beautiful and bold. So I’m excited to see what you guys do with that. Especially as we kind of go into this spring Pisces,

00:24:47 I encourage you to use that energy and just kind of spread it out as long as you can. Okay. So we stood areas, Taurus, okay. Taurus themes for 2022 are going to be around relationship and identity and expanding the dream. Now I think Taurus says you guys are working on figuring out who you are in your relationships. Like you need your own personal identity,

00:25:08 so you can partner in a new and clear way, and that that’s going to be a little give and take throughout the year. But what’s also going on for you is there’s like an expansion or an opportunity for you around your dreams and your ambitions. And as you focus in on your dream, the new communities and new friends and new partnerships are going to show up to kind of help support that.

00:25:29 So it’s kind of good to work on yourself. So you can show up in all of your partnerships in a new way. And I also think that Tauruses are going to have a lot of attention, like kind of focusing in on something that they’re really good at, where they don’t even know they’re this good at it because it comes very naturally to them.

00:25:44 But they’re at a state where they’re ready to teach it are to invite in new teachers so they can learn more about it. So I’m excited for my Taurus teachers. All right, Gemini, 2022 themes. Now, Gemini, your theme for 2022 is around career intuition and releasing. What’s no longer serving you. It’s almost like Gemini has had been fighting to get on this new world stage and to be known in this certain way for a long time.

00:26:09 And this year it’s going to feel like it’s almost too easy. Like a couple of you might be like, whoa, are you sure that was a yes. Did I get a nod for that? The way I wanted to? And the answer is yes, but what I would encourage Geminis to do is find a way to ride this wave longer. Like you don’t want to take on so much that you have to retract and it doesn’t feel like you gained any ground when the year’s over.

00:26:28 So you use these nods and for your intuition. I think if you need, it’s all about like finding a healthy ritual and what you do every day. So if you hit, you have to find that balance in your ritual and the balance. And like every, like, think about what you do when you wake up til you go to bed. The like,

00:26:48 what is exactly the same? If something feels too much, that’s what you need to release, because if you can’t show up there, then you’re not definitely not gonna be able to like, make the most of your career the way that you want to. I think going back to intuition will be really big for Gemini’s to like, listen to that little voice in your head that says it’s too much,

00:27:05 or it’s not enough, or you shouldn’t be doing this or this isn’t a good way to go because I think he may regret it. If you don’t listen to that intuition like that, lesson’s gonna circle back around for you a little bit.

00:27:17 [Amanda] So Jamie, it’s kind of like looking at looking at their day and then evaluating, what’s the thing that sort of pushes me over the edge,

00:27:25 right? Like what’s the thing that puts, it pushes me into the realm of exhaustion or overwhelm, or just too much. Yeah. Or pushes you to grab a bad habit and a bad habit can be just grabbing an extra Starburst because you need a sugar rush or something like it could be like, if like, I it’s something that makes you that isn’t healthy in the long run and you know,

00:27:46 it’s not healthy in the long run. So it’s sometimes with Geminis there, your nervous system is really hyped up and you need to feed that, but you don’t need to over caffeinate that because if you over caffeinate that, then you think you can conquer the world. And then you’re, you’re going to be like this. And you’re going to definitely have to go back that.

00:28:00 So I would definitely take care of my nervous system and not overstimulate it. And any habits that would be like just a little bit over the top. If I was a gym and I are Gemini rising, our Gemini moon, okay. Cancer, 20, 22 themes. I know this doesn’t sound sexy, but I see it as passionate editing and learning and teaching.

00:28:22 And what I mean by that for my cancer, cancer is not rising. And sun signs. It’s just like, you have this big bowl of creativity and talent and passion and love. And this year you’re gonna be kind of honing in and you’re working through like, what can you use to kind of drive forward into a dream into a new way? And because you’re in this bowl,

00:28:42 you may be figuring out that you can teach someone how to, how to engage the passion that you have, or you may decide that you need to learn more about one that you do have. So you’re kind of in this editing, cool creative space all year. And I think that’s great is because you guys have been working a lot on your relationships and your partnerships.

00:28:58 And because you’re in this healthy space here, you’re going to find some renewal in that area of your life too, as you move through 2022. Okay. Leo themes for 2022, Leo is I think partnerships emerging and showing up in the world in a new way is going to be a big theme for a lot of Leos. It’s almost as if you’re,

00:29:16 you’re looking at transformation or looking at a way to merge your wealth and someone else’s wealth and grow in a new way. Some people might be like, I’m just ready for a transformation because Leah’s, you, you’ve kind of been through a lot at home. Some retransform some transformation, some rebuilding, and you’re trying to figure out how to show up on the,

00:29:34 in the world on a new stage. So you can tell everyone, like I went through this, this is how I went through this. And then this is how I got here. Let me teach you. But you understand, you have that little side wrote about transformation. So some of you may be almost eager to dump into the jump into the transformation pool,

00:29:47 but it’s going to be an interesting year. And I look forward to what stage you show up with and how you show us, teach us what you’ve been through and how to grow through it.

00:29:57 [Amanda] Okay Jamie, wait You saying that the Leos are sort of on the tail end of the like quote unquote hero’s journey where they’re coming back and like teeth I’m telling about their transfers,

00:30:08 the middle of it, they are excited.

00:30:09 [Jamie] They see the stage. They’re very excited about the stage

00:30:13 [Amanda] Do you mean the actual stage, like where you perform the world stage,

00:30:17 [Jamie] like how you’re known in the world. It could be, it could be your career or the world stage. They see how they’re known in the world. And over the next 18 months,

00:30:25 they’re going to be working on getting to that stage. But to get to that stage, they still have to work through some transformation and merging and finding their convictions and stuff. Yeah. So it’s like a growing they’re, they’re not at the end of that journey, but they, they see it. They see that they see where they’re going in a finding and finding that hunger for that stage is half the battle.

00:30:44 Because then you’re like, I’m hungry for this. I’m going to go in this direction and I need to release these things so I can get there. So it’s definitely a process.

00:30:53 [Amanda] Got it.

00:30:54 [Jamie] But it can be very healthy. Okay. Virgos for 2022, I feel like your theme is going to be around learning and new partnerships. Now, Virgo,

00:31:02 it may have felt like all the fun in your life, like recently are like, as we’ve been kind of going through these changes as a collective, you may have felt like you had a writer’s block and you don’t have to be a writer to have a writer’s block, but it could feel like, you know, the fun has gone. You like,

00:31:15 as soon as you transform or reconstruct, it does it all. That’s shifting for you right now. And I love that because it’s like a new chapter that’s opening up. And because it is, you’re kind of opening the door and you’re saying like, I really want to learn more about this. I really want to understand this. Or I want to teach what I know about this.

00:31:32 I think because every teacher learns just as much as they teach. So kind of Virgos are kind of, you’re hungry for that right now. And you’re driven in that direction. It’s going to open up new horizons for you. I’m excited to see what those are for Virgos. And this is going to also invite a new partnerships and partnerships do not necessarily have to be romantic.

00:31:51 And it could be friends, coworkers, someone that has the same kind of like I’m on your team. Let’s go in this direction. So partnerships look very expansive and healthy. They don’t necessarily have to be new. You could already have this partner and then you and this partner decide to expand in a new way and grow in a different friendship. Like your friendship blossoms,

00:32:09 because you’re both into the learning geeking out on this or something, but yeah, learning and new partnerships for Virgo, Libra themes for Libra, I think for 20, 22 are going to be around health and transformation. Now a lot of Libras right now are trying to rebalance their home. They’ve been going through a lot around the home. Some, some may be moving or readjusting and because they’ve shifted their home,

00:32:31 they’re now working on balancing out their everyday ritual, like their health and their, and what they do on a daily basis to give them that security. And there could be a focus around health around pets. Then one thing I would caution Libras is not to like take in all the new regimens at once because you’re going to, you need to figure out what actually works and gives you balanced.

00:32:52 But health is looking really great in finding that great ritual. Now, Libras are another sign that I think we’ll be walking through some transformation. Like you, you, you see, you understand that there’s things that you need to let go of. You feel it, and you’re ready to let go of it. So you can kind of move through and find a new inner balance and move on and kind of emerge on the other side.

00:33:14 Some Libras may be more excited about this or not, but I think that it’s a great year to dance with the shadow and embrace it and work with what you find there, because you’re going to like what comes out on the other side, you’re going to have that a big renewal of balance. Now this kid, if you’re, if the shadow work doesn’t,

00:33:29 that’s like, what are you talking about? It could be something that could also emerge emerging finances or real estate, or there’s a lots of wasted energy can kind of show up, but those are some high level themes there. Scorpio 2022 themes I think are going to be around creative passions and partnering with people who support those passions. So Scorpio, you have this big,

00:33:49 huge bowl of creativity and things that you’re very passionate about, that you’ve been collecting for a long time. And now there’s like the universe is opening the door and it’s spilling out and it’s like saying, you know, come share it with other people or your muse is being overloaded. If you’re a creative person, I tell you, I think I would write down every idea.

00:34:07 You’re not gonna be able to get to all of them, but hopefully you’ll have enough ideas for the next 10 years or the next 12 years. You’re gonna just gonna keep writing them down and working with them. And because you’re so passionate about this, you’re going to be inviting in partners that are going to help you are support you with these passions. Now I would use my Scorpio senses.

00:34:24 Don’t invite in every partner, you know, make sure they’re worthy of the Scorpio. And they come in and they pass all the tests and they can be your partner and they can help you get this passion out in a new way in the world. So that’s going to be great for Scorpios. I know with you. All right. So this is Sagittarius themes for 2022 is going to be around healthy ritual and expansion of foundation and roots.

00:34:48 So you’re going to have this desire to really ensure that you have like truth and balance in your everyday ritual. Like if you want it to feed you in a healthy way, that’s where you’re kind of focused as you go into 2022, and it’s going to be an unfolding journey as you go. Like you could give, you may realize there are things on the inside that you need to release to reach that are,

00:35:09 you may find that you have these hidden gems are connections that this truth deep inside of you, that you’re going to let flow out in your day to day. At the same time, your home, your family, whatever home is to you, it could be, it doesn’t necessarily have to be your house, but wherever home is, it’s going to be super.

00:35:26 You have an opportunity to expand and find deeper roots and a better foundation here. Some Sagittarius could be moving. You could be adding onto your home. You could be doing all kinds of things, but yeah, overall, I think those are the high level themes that these signs are going to be working with as they move through 2022.

00:35:43 [Amanda] Amazing. Jamie,

00:35:44 thank you so much. I there’s been lots of love in the chat and people really resonating with things that you’re saying good. So when, when we do the show every week, so this Friday we’ll start, you’ll look at the week ahead for each sign out about how long will you talk about each Zodiac sign? Okay. Well, I think overall the show should be depending on the Astrology,

00:36:03 because some weeks it’ll be willingly to talk a little bit more, just a little bit more and some weeks they’ll be like, Hey, let’s go with this. But I think each time I’ll get about four or five minutes, maybe two, no less than three, that will kind of say, this is the energy and you’ll go. And the format of it is we’ll open up and we’ll just talk about what energy everyone’s working with that week.
00:36:21 And then we’ll go through each sign and say, well, how can I plug that into where you’re working with it specifically based on your

rising or your sun sign.

00:36:31 [Amanda] So Jamie’s been doing this show behind the scenes with some of us on the team, just practicing and refining for months now. And every single time I listen, it’s almost scary, accurate where it’s like,

00:36:44 I don’t understand how you are getting that specific when you’re talking about all Capricorns or all Tauruses, you know, but it is you’re you’re, you definitely have a special skill and knack for this, I think. And then again, your ability to really bring your rounded kind of like down-home personality into everything. It just makes it so like yummy to share this time with you.

00:37:09 So I think you’re all going to love it. I’m so excited that we get to share this with you at Astrology Hub. I’m so proud of Jamie for stepping into this role and for playing this role for all of us. So look for the show on Friday. If you want to make sure you get an email with the timestamps and everything, go to Astrology,

00:37:30 Hub dot com slash star signs. And that way you’ll be able to skip to your sign to the people that you care about and want to know about. You’ll be able to skip to their science very easily. Anything else that you want to tell us? Do you, I, I didn’t, I didn’t prep you for this, so we got ready for it.

00:37:46 I’m sorry. But if you were to look at 20, 20, 20, 20, 22, I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to say that A couple of days in. Yes. What would you say is the overarching theme for the year for all of us? Do you have one of those? Have you taken a minute to think about that?

00:38:03 [Jamie] I feel like if I,

00:38:04 if I set one off I’ve I’ve been exposed with Astrology Hub to so many themes. I don’t have one that I would say, okay, this is it. But I do think that there is a sense of renewal. I, the best way to the way that I see 22 is that it’s, if you’ve ever come through a storm or a storm,

00:38:19 it’s just over, it’s almost like our backs are at the storm. Like you’re it’s over, but you still hear the wind. You still see the destruction, you still see everything around you, but you see where you need to rebuild. And you see the rejuvenation and all of us are going through that in a different way of our life. And I think as we move into the spring,

00:38:37 if we have a positive perspective and we want to build positively forward, I think we’re going to invite that in. If we have a negative perspective and we’re like, no, no, it’s all over. We’re going to invite that in. So it’s up to you as to what invitation you want to bring in to 2022 that is going to be manifestation is going to be very powerful.

00:38:55 Intuition is going to be powerful and following it, if you choose not to follow it, then that’s the choice that you made kind of thing. Like you, you, you’re writing your own story. You always are, but definitely this year, you’re writing your own story and how you want to see it. Mm.

00:39:09 [Amanda] I love that reminder to really focus on the things that we actually want to build,

00:39:14 because we’re going to have that opportunity to bring those things in. And if we’re focused on the things that we really don’t want, that we’re going to have an opportunity to bring those things in. So it’s just really good to constantly remind ourselves Of that, this joy. Yeah.

00:39:27 [Jamie] Cause you have, if you think about like, if you think about the thing of Jupiter and I’m sure if you follow astrology,

00:39:32 Jupiter is a big theme as we go into 2022 and Jupiter grows what it shines on. So what do you want it, if you shine on something that you don’t want it to grow on, it’s going to, that’s a good way to think about it and it’s not. And I don’t want to, I’m not, I’m an optimistic person, but I do not ignore reality at the same time.

00:39:52 So you can be optimistic like, yes, this is a problem. And how can I optimistically fix this problem? Like, this is the way I need to fix it. You don’t want to ignore it, but you don’t want to focus on all the reasons why you can’t fix it because then you don’t find the solution. So it’s, it’s definitely a good year to figure out where you want that Jupiter beam to go.

00:40:09 And as soon as you figure that out, you’re going to be able to grow in a way that you want to grow and release a lot of shadows. Like a lot of things that don’t serve you anymore, for sure.

00:40:19 [Amanda] Okay. Well, Jamie, you have a lot of friends here in the chat already. People that you’ve engaged with in the community over the years,

00:40:27 I was like, oh, Jamie from behind the scenes. I finally get to meet you. So lots of friends already, Jamie, we’re really, really excited about this show. Thank you everybody for being here and for all of your support, and please let us know what you think about the new show once it’s official. So this Friday will be our official kickoff and it’s free.

00:40:46 Of course, all of the Astrology Hub podcast offerings are free. So this is our like give to you. And hopefully this is the kind of thing, again that you can share with friends and family who are maybe a little hesitant about astrology, maybe super into astrology, but they just really want that straight into the point. Like tell me what it means for me right now in a way that I can understand and I can use and just go on with my life.

00:41:10 So that’s, this show is going to be perfect for those people in your life. And of course, for all of you Astrology levers, who just can’t get enough Astrology, it’s also be good for you. So I’m really looking forward to it. This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. And Jamie, thank you for stepping up,

00:41:26 stepping in bringing so much passion to this project and just bringing yourself so fully and so, so proud of you. Thank you.

00:41:33 [Jamie] T thank you everyone.

00:41:35 [Amanda] Great. Yeah. Okay. So thanks everybody for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Look for the new show on Friday and make sure you go to Astrology Hub dot com slash star signs to get the emails with the timestamps.

00:41:51 [Jamie] All right. Take care, everybody.