[STAR SIGNS HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] Inspired Forward Motion Jan 21st-27th w/ Jamie Magee

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • Where you can find inspiration throughout the week.
  • How to approach old resurfacing problems in a new way.
  • Topics you might need to rethink by the end of the week.
  • Why Sunday is a day you want to mark on your calendar.

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

0:24 Week Overview

2:16 Aquarius – Between Two Worlds

4:28 Pisces – Better Communication

6:22 Aries – Improving Your Schedule

8:37 Taurus – Tempting Debates

11:29 Gemini – New Horizons

14:35 Cancer – One to One

16:33 Leo – This is who You are

19:38 Virgo – Getting it Done

21:45 Libra – Passion & Joy

23:48 Scorpio – Reflecting on Your Dreams

26:09 Sagittarius – What You Bring to the Table

28:05 Capricorn – Making Progress

31:00 Outro

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

00:00:01 [Jamie Magee] Welcome to star sign horoscopes presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each Zodiac sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I am your host, Jamie McGee at astrologer author and a member of the production team here at Astrology Hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s Astrology with you. Hi, everybody. Welcome to star sign horoscopes.

00:00:25 Today. We’re going to be taking a look at the Astrology for January 21st through the 27th. Now going into this week, I think there will be some space to digest the intensity of last week. It sounds like some good news. Doesn’t it. So one of the ways that we can work with last week and this week together is going to be with an intense download of new ideas.

00:00:44 And they’re going to kind of come in this weekend and a short way to talk about this transit is that you’re going to have a lot of new ideas on how to approach an old problem, which sounds great, right? But these new ideas are going to kind of flood in and then you’re going to be inspired to do all the revisions, reduce rethinks and all these are E words are significant or are employed with mercury retrograde.

00:01:09 That’s kind of what we do. We revisit things. We re we revise them and make them look as beautiful as we possibly can. So speaking of mercury retrograde, if you’re here watching live on any of the media, I’d love to hear how it’s been going for you so far. And I hope it’s been a pleasant one. Now, if it’s been challenging,

00:01:26 I have some more good news for you coming into Monday. We’re going to have it a noticeable, energetic shift in our drive, our courage, our determination, and our focus. That’s going to help us tackle these revisions and also some other areas in our life. You kind of just have some forward motion in a new direction, which is always good.

00:01:43 All right. So I think with that being said, I think the overall theme that we’ll walk with this week is inspired forward motion. And I look forward to talking to each of the signs about where this is going to happen in your chart. Just as a reminder, if you do not know why these are created for both your sun sign and your rising signs,

00:02:02 if you do not know your rising sign, but you do know your time of birth, you can go to Astrology Hub dot com forward slash charts and pull up a free chart. And you’ll be able to see where your rising sign is. How exciting is that? All right, we are going to lead off this week with Aquarius. So happy birthday month Aquarius.

00:02:21 I hope it’s a very happy and joyful and forward motion month for each and every one of you. Okay, Aquarius going into this weekend, you may find that your attention is a little reflective. You’re kind of turned inward and you’re processing and organizing how you feel or how you want to approach all the new changes that are going on in your life. Now,

00:02:41 when you reach Sunday, that’s when these brilliant downloads are going to come for you, but they’re going to come in a more outward space of your life. This is going to come around your vitality and who you are. And because it’s there, you may notice that you are inspired and have great ideas about your partnerships, your home life and your work life as well.

00:02:59 And these new ideas are going to have you wanting to go back and revise things that you’ve already done. So when you hit Monday that drive and that focus and that determination and courage, it’s going to kind of send you right back to where you were. And in this space is a little bit more private. This is the space between what is and what will be that you’re going to be doing a lot of revisions.

00:03:20 It’s almost as if you’re either standing between two worlds or you’re building a bridge between these two worlds. And you’re trying to incorporate what needs to go. And I love that you have courage and drive here because this is going to help you on that kind of deep, subconscious, private level. It’s going to help you look at where you want to transform or what you want,

00:03:41 how you want to merge, possibly assets, our union, like you’re looking at money and you’re looking at health and you’re looking at endings and transformations. And another place, this energy that I like is going to help you. This drive and determination Aquarius is coming around your home, which a lot of you are working on something around your home, maybe a new home,

00:04:01 or we are restructuring. How home life goes for you. And now you’re going to have a lot of determination in that area of your life. Isn’t that great if you work with this inspiration and revision, by the time I see you next week, I think you’re going to feel as if you know what you need to nurture in order to get to where you’re trying to go,

00:04:19 as far as it comes to your home and that area of your life. So I encourage you to work with that energy and rock it out. Okay. Aquarius, have a great week. Pisces. Let’s talk about your week. Pisces going into this weekend. Your attention may be more so on your partnerships. Like your one-to-one. It could be client work,

00:04:36 and then maybe where you want to take those or how you want to merge those. And I would hold that thought as you move into the week on Sunday is where you’re going to get those kind of those downloads that are coming for you in a very private part of your life. This is the reflective side where you kind of go internally and kind of connect for any other sign.

00:04:55 I would tell them to pay attention to them, try to pay attention to triggers so they can tap into their subconscious. But Pisces. I think you do have a pretty good link there. That’s where you’re going to get a lot of ideas. And these ideas may come up for you and just signs are, it’s something that you do every day. Like you’re in your,

00:05:11 in your day to day rhythm, all of a sudden you’re going to be doing the same thing you always do. And new ideas are gonna come in. Those ideas are going to send you back to the drawing board around your dream or something that you’ve been doing creativity in the creative community, community, things like that, like you and someone else, are you in an idea,

00:05:28 you, in a wish, it’s going to send you back to the drawing board in that area. So there could be some revisions around some creative areas, but that’s okay. You’re going to have all the determination and drive that you can need to knock out those revisions, but you’re also going to have a heightened folk focus and drive around just relationships in general Pisces.

00:05:48 This is going to be around your client work that you’ve been doing some reflecting on right now as we go into the weekend and how to communicate to them. So take a step back from this horoscope and think about that. You’re going to find a way to communicate with the partners that you have about the dream that you have. Doesn’t that all kind of make the retrograde season seem worth it in a good way.

00:06:07 I hope so. If you focus on these revisions and this inspiration, you should feel more comfortable in how you’re communicating, where you’re trying to go Pisces by the time that I see you next week. And I want you to notice that comfort and that ease that you feel with that. Okay, Aries, let’s talk about your week now, areas going into this weekend,

00:06:26 your attention, maybe just around your daily ritual or your partnerships. I almost envisioned it that you guys have been so outwardly focused that now you’re kind of looking at your rhythm of your day to day and getting a little bit more organized. And I think that that’s something that is going to help you as you consider the energy that’s coming in this week. Sunday is where you’re going to get those brilliant downloads for you around your dreams and your creativity.

00:06:49 And then those who are going to stand there and be there with you as you accomplish them or who can support them and all these new ideas. Once you see the vision is going to kind of send you back to the drawing board around that, that career, that homework life violence, who I am, who I’m partnering with and how I want it to work with.

00:07:06 So there are revisions there. You already kind of knew from last week, that’s where the revisions were going to come in anyways, but now you have new ideas and those new ideas are going to help you bring revisions to the table. Now, authority figures may are going to have their own because everyone’s getting the same download. My advice is to take your revisions,

00:07:23 your thoughts, your inspirations, and run with them. So you can make space for the revisions that others are going to bring to you. As we move across this week. Now on Monday, the energy is going to shift for you and this focus and drive will help you get this accomplished, but you’re also going to have an overall focus and courage and determination.

00:07:43 That’s going to come in just around your health and your wealth. So isn’t that great when you have all the kinds of courage and determination in those areas, you’re going to be thinking about what you can bring to the table. Your self-esteem, your self value, how this plays out and your day to day ritual and what this means for how you show up in the world,

00:08:02 how you show up in your career in general. So that’s where you’re driven. I’m going to get this done focus is, and I think that you’re going to be able to use this energy in a very positive way areas. And I look forward to it, seeing what you guys do. If you work with this, by the end of the week,

00:08:18 you should feel a little bit more comfortable around like your, your self-worth or your values, or feel like you’re at least heading in the direction that you’ve been trying to head into. So you have like this, the self-esteem and the self determination to conquer this next chapter that you see coming around the bend, okay. Aries have a great week Taurus. Let’s talk about your week Taurus going into this weekend.

00:08:41 Your attention is kind of just on having fun, cutting loose, and just relaxing, getting organized. It’s sometimes getting organized around fun. I mean, some of you may be planning parties or just getting, taking your focus off outward and kind of turning it in inward. And I think that will be very beneficial because that reset is going to help you.

00:09:00 As you move into this week, Sunday, you’re going to get a ton of downloads around one of the most public parts of your life. And that’s how you’re known in this world. For some of you that could be your career. It can also show up in your home life and who you partner with and just who you are as an individual, all of this inspiration,

00:09:18 all these new ideas are going to come in now, Taurus. I just want to caution you that this is a very public and vocal part of your life, which means that you’re going to be around a lot of people. And in this area, they’re also getting their downloads. I would, I would spend my time. The thing about what this energy usually does,

00:09:36 unfortunately, the shadow side of it is it closes our ears and opens our mouth. So we almost want to argue that someone else’s inspiration is not correct, and that ours is or vice versa and that in that kind of capacity. So I would suggest you just kind of like catching every piece of inspiration and idea that you have and running with it and seeing what revision need to do,

00:09:57 and then welcoming the other revisions. But I wouldn’t spend any time debating it. And it’s going to be tempting to debate or defend something with this energy where it is in your chart. But I think you can rise above that and just focus on what you want to revise. Now, you’re going to be rushing back and trying to look at things that you want,

00:10:15 like the horizon. It’s almost like, what can I learn? What can I teach? What do I want to specialize in? There’s a lot of edits there. And because this is on a communication sector and a teaching and a learning sector, there could be just like an editing kind of process that you’re going through, which is very retrograde mercury.

00:10:31 You’re going to have all the determination you need to get through those edits. But overall, this new charge of focus, encourage, and discharge forward, get it done energy for you. Taurus shows up. And if you take a step back, it shows up in how you approach the world in general, and then about what your love and what you’re passionate about.

00:10:50 So if you’re like, this is who I am, and this is what I’m passionate about. This is the direction I’m going. This is what I want to share. And this is how I want to share it on a world stage. So I like how that drive is just kind of making a huge circle and helping you reach all of those. So please take advantage of the high intensity and work with it in that way.

00:11:08 If you do, by the time I see you next week, you should feel really more comfortable in the direction you’re going is like this transformation of like, this is who I am. This is my vitality. This is how I show up in the world. You should feel like more at ease or at least know what you need to do to nurture you so you can get in those directions.

00:11:27 All right, Taurus, have a great week, Gemini let’s talk about your week, have Gemini going into this weekend, your attention. I almost envisioned Geminis as you’re getting all the chores done and you’re going to go out and have a lot of fun. You’re going to cut loose. And I like how you have that home. Your attention is like on the,

00:11:43 at home. And then it’s on having fun. And obviously the suit can merge together. You can have fun at home, too, right? As you go into the weekend, the end of the weekend on Sunday, you are going to a huge download in the area of your life. That has a lot to do with teaching and learning new horizons,

00:11:59 your convictions, your belief, something that you specialize in. It’s like a breakthrough just pops. And all of a sudden, you see a new path opened up for you because this new path opens up for you. You may be like, okay, I need to revise this. I need to go in a different direction. And for certain, some Geminis,

00:12:16 it could be that you were trying to work out a real estate plan or come to an agreement, emerging assets or emerging emotions. And then you stepped down into the horizon and then you’re like, wait, we need to do this. We need to go back and look at this one more time. Before we make this journey together, you’re going to have a lot of drive and determination coming in for you on Monday to get those revisions done.

00:12:37 But Gemini, you’re also one of the signs that I see that is straddling two worlds between what was, and what will be, and you’re building a bridge and hopefully that bridge can stay in some capacity, but you are working on wrapping up things. You’re working about wrapping up. You have a lot of courage and determination. And I like seeing this because some of these areas of our charts super private,

00:12:58 and sometimes when we’re alone, it could be the anxieties can kind of seep in and we’re like, oh wow. I wish I had some more support here. So I like that you have all this courage in this area of your life of transformation, but it’s also kind of coming in on the subconscious level or that most inward private level, courage and determination there.

00:13:16 And it’s also coming around your home and like your foundations and what gives you security. There’s something there that is shifting. And you have a lot of determination to get this rocking and rolling. Now, if you do this work, your revisions and stuff, I want you Gemini, especially let me know how this is going for you in the comments. But I feel like by the time I see you next week,

00:13:35 you may be more notice how your mind feels. Notice if you’re just at ease. If your thoughts are just kind of in a rhythm and you’re calm, which I know is kind of ironic. I have a Gemini moon. So my, I just, I know how fast the information comes in, but I think you’re going to, you’re, you’re going to understand by going through this process,

00:13:52 how to nurture your mind, how to nurture that inner space. So you can show up more broadly into the world, but you kind of have to get the, get it organized and clear on there. And I think this action at the forefront of the week is going, gonna give you that insight that you need in this most private part of your life,

00:14:10 Gemini, okay, cancer. Let’s talk about your week cancer going into this weekend. Your attention may be just more locally based around your home, around your neighborhood, getting organized and getting balanced there. Now, as the weekend comes to a close on Sunday, that’s where you’re going to get a huge download and your download. Cancer’s going to come around where you’ve been wanting to basically take your partnerships to a new level.

00:14:35 And for some of you, this could be a transformational process. It could be around money or real estate. It’s shared resources. It’s like where two things become one. This is where all the ideas are going to come in. And it could be that you’ve been working out a deal and you agree to take it a step, a step further. And now you’re like,

00:14:51 wait a minute. I see something else. Let’s go back and talk about it. And so you will be rushing back to revise some conversations that you had around your partnerships. This doesn’t have to always be romantic. It could be you and someone else. It can even be open enemies, honestly, but you’re revising the plan that the two of you guys had.

00:15:10 And you’re going to have a lot of determination and focus. This is going to come in and help you kind of get it done for you at the ideas are coming in this way, that the encouragements coming in this way, that determination, it’s going to meet in the middle and it’s going to get it done one way or the other, but also this drive and determination that’s coming in this week,

00:15:27 this new shift of energy for you. I like how it’s going to help you in the relationship sector in general, it’s definitely going to give you the encouragement with your clients and your one-to-one, but it’s also going to give you encouragement to face your dreams and those who are standing there with you, like, you’re like, okay, let’s unify, let’s get together.

00:15:47 This is the direction I’m going in. So it also comes around your communication and learning sector. So if you take a step back and you are going to be able to communicate to your partnerships, what the plan is, what the dream is, you’re going to be able to unify and encourage people to stand with you and walk in this direction. If you there’s a lot of ways you can work with this cancer,

00:16:07 but I like how it kind of Helms together. If you work with the revisions and your drive forward, you she’ll, you should feel more comfortable going towards your dream and that ambition, and those who are walking with you as we meet next week. Now it’s not a done deal. It’s a working process, but you’re going to understand, okay, this is what I need to nurture.

00:16:27 This is how I need to protect and watch over this path that I’m going toward to have a great week cancer. Okay, Leo, let’s talk about your week. Leo going into this weekend, your attention may be more focused around for some of you. It could just be around finances and values, but it could be your self worth or like, you know,

00:16:44 this is who I am, and this is how I fit into my community. And it’s, it’s a little bit reflective, I think, cause you may be looking across the way, like, you know, this is who I am and this is who they are, you know, where do I want to merge? That’s where your emotions are. Attention,

00:16:56 baby. Now, as you go into the end of the weekend on Sunday, that’s when all these brilliant downloads are just going to flood into you around your partnerships or your client work or your one-to-one. This is you. And this is I, and this is how we come together. All kinds of ideas are going to come there. Now, Leo,

00:17:13 I would also encourage you because this is in such a vocal area of your life, that your partners and clients are also getting downloads. So I would not spend my time debating theirs are defending yours or vice versa. I would catch what I could and I would dive into the revisions that I needed to make so that I could show up in these partnerships in the best way possible.

00:17:35 And your revisions are going to come at a very low loud kind of place of your life too, because these revisions show up in your daily ritual, what you do every day around your health, possibly pets, things that are just like this. It’s a routine that you do do, and you don’t even realize that you do it because you do it.

00:17:49 So this is what I do. I have to do all this before I do this every day. And because it’s there, you almost notice the revisions more loudly than other other signs that might be noticing it. So we go, you got to tell me how the retrograde is going. I can’t wait to hear that. You’re going to have a lot of drive and determination to get this,

00:18:08 the revisions rock and roll. And I could even see some of you like picking up a new health regimen or a new diet, something that’s going to kind of feed you so you can move forward in a really healthy rhythm as you go forward. But overall, this determination is going to be around your health and wealth in general. So kind of think about that.

00:18:24 Take a step back from the horoscope. You’re going to have the determination to get your daily rhythms, right? You’re also going to have the determination to revisit where your attention is right now. This is what my, this is what’s valuable to me. This is my self-worth. This is my self esteem. This is what I bring the resources I bring to the table or that I need on the table.

00:18:44 So I can show up to the table. However you want to look at that. And because I have this rhythm and I have these resources, this is where my focus and determination is around my career or how I’m known in the world. So health and wealth, how you’re known, what you value and what you do every day to get there. It’s a good,

00:19:00 pretty circle there. I think if you guys work with these inspirations and these revisions, you should feel more comfortable around that career goal that you’re looking at that direction that you’re going in. At least you’re going to understand this is what I need to nurture that goal and that dream. And this is how that goal and dream nurtures me and notice this is the type of energy that it’s smooth.

00:19:21 So after coming off of things that activate you, sometimes it’s easy to not notice when it’s like, oh, it’s not a problem right now, but notice how easy it is, notice how you feel nurtured in that area, Leo, and then feed it going forward. I think that’ll be very helpful. Have a great week, Leo. Okay, Virgo,

00:19:39 let’s talk about your week. Virgo going into this weekend, your attention, maybe just kind of taking a, an emotional lookout on the landscape of your life. You know, who you are, your partners, your home work, life balance, and you know, your values and the how resourceful all of this is to you. Now, when we reach Sunday,

00:19:55 you’re going to get a beautiful download and an area of your chart. I think you’re, you may actually like this is with the part of your life. That’s all about daily routines and ritual and what you do from step one to step two, it’s about taking something from one place and making it effectively and in most organized way, get to the next,

00:20:13 you’re going to have all kinds of downloads. Just think about all the ways you could use that information Virgo. And that’s going to probably send you back to the drawing board and wanting to revise some things around some creative projects or maybe your business. It could be anything to do with writing and publishing things that you’re passionate about. It could be love affairs too.

00:20:34 Like we have another, let’s have another conversation with partner. Our children are things that have to do with children. You’re going to have a lot of drive and determination to kind of tackle whatever comes up here. You’re going to get it done. That’s coming in on Monday, but you do also have an overall drive and focus. It’s going to come in and help you.

00:20:51 And just areas of life like, you know who you are. This is who I am. Things that you’re reflecting on today. And then like, this is how I show up in my relationships and my home work life balance. This is the horizon that I’m trying to reach. So I love that you have courage and looking at your horizons. And I love that you have courage in,

00:21:08 this is who I am, and this is what I love. And I, and this is how I want to share it. So kind of use that determination to work with those revisions and move. Not only this old, but old problem, you’re solving in a new way forward, but other things like you should encourage by the time I see you next week,

00:21:25 you should notice if you’ve worked with this energy, that you’re a little bit more comfortable about the direction that you’re going in. Something that you’re learning, something that you’re teaching or you’re specializing in. And you’re like, okay, I see it. I see how I need to feed this. I see how I need to protect it and watch over it.

00:21:38 Virgo. I think you’ll have a good week and a good time working with that. All right, let’s talk about Libra Libra going into this weekend. You may be feeling a little reflective, maybe, you know, just kind of spending some time with your thoughts and organizing your emotions. But when Sunday hits all these beautiful downloads, it’s like that reflective work pays off all of these beautiful downloads.

00:22:00 These inspiration, these new ideas are gonna flow in for you Libra around the most fun part of your chart. This is about your passions, what you love your children. If you have them love affairs, if you have them, your businesses, if you created them, just think about just where you have all this joy. And I love seeing inspiration here because it’s almost like you’re going to joyfully go back and handle any revisions that you need to handle.

00:22:25 So really capsulate and like, you know, help this area of your life. So the retro grade energy for you is going to kind of send you back to that. Home-based Homebase like your home things that have been going on in that area. So you, you already knew that you were going to have revisions here. Now you’re going to understand like in like a fun way,

00:22:43 possibly, possibly to revise these things that you’re also, when we come into Monday, gonna have a lot of courage and determination drive and focus. That’s going to help you with this kind of space that you’re in Libra between two worlds, what was, and what will be, it’s going to help you wrap up things so you can move forward, not only around your home,

00:23:04 but also around this transformational space and maybe that most inner calm space inside of you. I like that you have determination there and courage there because that’s going to help you. You know, I was dancing with the shadow instead of like wondering what the shadow is, like dance around it and kind of work through this. I like that. There’s courage here for you Libra.

00:23:23 And I encourage you to use this courage. If you work with this energy, by the time I see you next week, you should feel more comfortable about that transformational phase that you’re going through. And for some of you, honestly, that’s more on one level and another level. This could be around money and finances, where two people are meeting to go on a deeper level or two things are meeting emerging for a,

00:23:45 okay, have a great weekly room Scorpio. Let’s talk about your week. All right, Scorpio, going into this weekend, your attention may be just, are your emotions maybe kind of wrapped around your dream and how you want to take that dream or those people who are standing with you in this dream and move it into a new space. So you could also be a little reflective,

00:24:05 but on Sunday, all these brilliant downloads, these new insights, how do I solve this old problem in a new way is going to come around. Your home are people who are like home to you, places that are home to you. So I kind of liked that you have ideas coming in there for you and how you can use them is going to send you back into a retro grade kind of state around communication.

00:24:26 And I will admit that a retrograde state around communication is almost like, I don’t know, like doubling down on the retrograde, but you may find that you’re really speaking resaying, rehearing, like all kinds of redoing around words and communication because of these inspirations. But I think it’s going to help you in the long run. As you roll into Monday,

00:24:44 you’re going to have a new shift and drive and focus and determination. That’s going to come through and help you find the right words, help you say what you need to say, help you approach this problem in a new, healthy way. But also overall, this is going to really help you Scorpio with your relationships. And what I mean by that is like,

00:25:02 you’re, you know, this is me and this is us. Like, are you and die together? And this doesn’t necessarily mean romantic. It could, it could mean friends, open enemies, partnerships, clients, just any kind of situation where there’s more than one person like you and another, it’s gonna, this drive encourage you to focus is going to help you in that area.

00:25:22 It’s also going to help you kind of protect and nurture and drive forward around whatever dream that you’re kind of reflecting on today as we’re talking. So I love that there’s determination here to solve this old problem, but also kind of look at this dreams like you solve the problem. And now you can really focus on this dream that you have, and you can really focus on how to communicate it.

00:25:42 If you work through this. I think by the time I see you next week, you should feel more comfortable in your partnerships or the direction that you’re going. You’re like, okay, I, if I nurture this and this way, I feel more comfortable. They feel more comfortable. We have a more forward action that we can work with. That’s interesting.

00:25:59 All right, Scorpio, have a great week. Okay. Sagittarius, let’s talk about your week. Sagittarius going into this weekend, you may be really, it could be a working weekend, honestly, Sagittarius here, emotion or your attention could be focused on your career. It could be focused on the direction that it’s going in, but as you move into the weekend,

00:26:20 your attention is going to be more so where you’re going to get on Sunday, all these downloads, and it kind of an interesting part of your chart. It’s like all the words are coming in. Any amount of communication that you could possibly imagine and inspiration on how to get it out, how to be more clear, how to teach, how to all kinds of stuff with words,

00:26:37 Sagittarius, the inspiration is coming in for you in this area of your life. This weekend. We’re just going to send you back to the drawing board into a couple more revisions, probably around like, you know, this is what I bring to the table. This is my values and my self worth. And you’re going to have a lot of courage and drive and determination is going to come in and help you with these revisions.

00:26:58 But it’s also going to help you Sagittarius in your overall wealth and health is going to help you kind of focus on those areas of your life as well. So solving an old problem in a new way, Sagittarius with his drive and determination, but you’re also going to be looking at your career and you’re going to be looking at your day to day routines,

00:27:15 your health regimen, how you take care of yourself and your rhythm. How great is it that you have all this determination and I’m interested Sagittarius. If you’re watching this, have you already kind of felt this energy, have you, since this drive to like, you know, kick things in motion, are you motivated to your day to day? Like I know some Sagittarius and it’s almost like the energy’s like this,

00:27:34 like, let’s go, let’s get it done. So I’m interested if you guys are sensing this already in your life and how you’re working with it. All right. So I love that you have health and wealth determination, Sagittarius. I think by the time I see you next week, if you work through these revisions, you’re going to feel more comfortable.

00:27:49 And that daily routine, you’re going to feel more comfortable in how you’re approaching the rhythm and health and your everyday life. And please notice that rhythm because that means all the stuff that you’ve done before has helped you get here. Okay. Let’s talk about Capricorn, Capricorn, not LA last but not least. Your attention going into this weekend is going to be possibly around those horizons,

00:28:13 the direction that you’re trying to go in and your career. It could be a little bit of a working weekend Capricorn, but as the, the weekend comes to an end, your focus are all these brilliant downloads that are coming in for you are going to be around your individual values, resources, self self-worth. Self-esteem all these great ideas in this area.

00:28:34 And it’s going to kind of send you back to the drawing board a little bit around some more vocal parts of your life, which is, you know, who you are, your partnerships and your home work life balance. You’re going to have, that’s where the revisions are coming in, but make sure that you’re seeing it as not like I didn’t, I didn’t,

00:28:50 I’m not making progress is now you have all this inspiration and you know how to go make progress in a stronger, more timeless way. You’re going to have a lot of courage and determination coming in to help you accomplish this, but also just in your overall life, spectrum Capricorn. I like how the drive and determination. You’re going to definitely sense in your own vitality and your health.

00:29:11 And it’ll probably kind of show up like you’re going to be really ready to charge forward in your career and your partnerships, but you’re also going to feel it around things that you’re passionate about, your business, your creativity, most important, like children love, like whatever you love. You’re going to have so much passion and drive and determination to just kind of hold this and carry it forward.

00:29:30 And when I say carry it forward, you’re going to be focused on that horizon, Capricorn, the direction that you’re going, communicating on a larger scale, seeing a new horizon of new people and new experiences to learn and teach all kinds of great things. Capricorn. I think if you guys work through these revisions, by the time I see you next week,

00:29:47 you’re going to feel like, okay, this is how I needed to nurture the things I love. This is how I need to nurture and protect and watch over this direction that I’m going in. And if you notice that easy trying you’ll remember it. And you’ll be able to like, when you do feel overwhelmed going towards this goal down the road, you can fall back on this,

00:30:05 this own advice that you’re going to be giving yourself this week. This is what I need to do. This is how I need to do it. Okay, guys, that is your week. I hope that you had collected some great ideas or ways to work with the inspiration that you’re coming with, and that you have a better idea of how to work with the theme of inspired forward motion that we’re going to walk with this week.

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00:30:49 I love it. When you guys share this and tell your favorite signs, you know, this is what’s coming up this week because you know, you gotta help your friends. Right? Okay. That’s it guys. I hope you have a great week. I’ll catch you next time. Bye. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate, review and hit subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so that you can easily stay up to date on the latest Astrology Hub podcast episodes.

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