[STAR SIGNS HOROSCOPES WEEKLY] “Call to Action” Feb 4th-Feb 10th w/ Jamie Magee

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

You’ll learn…

  • Why Jamie chose “Call to Action” as this week’s theme
  • Ways to reclaim your power through responsibility
  • How the Jupiter and Mars will propel you toward expansion

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

0:42 Week Overview

3:01 Aquarius: Celebrate Your Wins

5:41 Pisces: New Friends

8:22 Aries: Sober Dreams

11:02 Taurus: Better, Faster, Stronger

13:38 Gemini: Meeting Deadlines

16:42 Cancer: Supporting Your Growth

18:46 Leo: New Collaborations

21:15 Virgo: Finding Security

24:22 Libra: Re-balancing

27:41 Scorpio: Shifting Alliances

30:14 Sagittarius: Talk the Talk

32:26 Capricorn: Anticipating Change

35:00 Summary

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This transcript is automatically generated. Some miswording might be present.

00:00:01 [Jamie Magee] Welcome to star sign horoscopes presented by Astrology Hub. This is your place to discover how each Zodiac Sign can work with this week’s Astrology. I am your host, Jamie Magee an astrologer author and a member of the production team here at Astrology Hub. And I am really excited to dive into this week’s Astrology with you. Hey guys, welcome to star sign horoscopes today.

00:00:25 We’re going to be taking a look at the Astrology for February 4th through the 10th. Before we dive in to how each of the Zodiac signs can work with this week’s Astrology. I do want to give you a quick overview of some of the highlighted transits that were worked into or woven into this week’s horoscope. Now, just as a reminder, if you would like more insight on the transits themselves,

00:00:48 please be sure to check out the weekly astrological weather podcast show here at Astrology Hub. For those insights here at star sign horoscope weekly, we like to check. We like to look at how each of the Zodiac signs can work with the transits. So it’s just a little bit more different perspective. Okay guys, our theme this week is call to action.

00:01:09 And this theme is supported by a lot of energy from Mars and the sun and Saturn. This week, first off we have Mars and sextile with Jupiter. So basically you have Mars saying, you know what? I have an idea or a tool that could possibly help you with that expansion and growth that you’re working on. We’ll talk about where each of the signs can look for that in just a moment.

00:01:29 Okay. And then we have Sun meeting up with Saturn and the way that I see this transit is almost like a report card. You’re going to sit down and you’re going to look at what structures have supported you and this particular area of your life. And you’re going to celebrate the, what supported you. You’re going to celebrate the wins there. And you’re going to look at how you can fortify this and maybe invite in more structures.

00:01:52 And we’ll talk about where you have that opportunity to now. We also have Mars working with all the shifting energy that we have in play right now with Uranus. He is in trine is also going to be working with the quarter moon. So he’s like, you know what? Now it’s time to take action on those intentions that you set last week. And we’ll kind of talk about that and how to work through each of the breakthroughs as well.

00:02:15 Okay guys, just as a reminder, these are created with both your sun sign and your rising sign in mind. So be sure to listen for both. And I do, I do want to take a second here and to thank each and every one of you who commented on media with what your sun sign was and those who knew your rising and moon sign.

00:02:33 I loved reading it. It’s seriously made my weekend. Thank you so much for your support. And I was so humbled and excited when I see you guys tag your friends who have assigned that similar to you too. So thank you again, and please feel free to let me know what your sun sign is today as well. If you’re new or Hey,

00:02:50 we’ll just do a roll call. What sun sign and rising signs are watching this right now. Okay, guys, let’s dive into the signs. We’re going to lead off with our birthday friends, Aquarius. Now Aquarius, this week, you’re still have a lot of action going on behind the scenes, which is a little kind of confusing because you it’s your birthday month.

00:03:09 You’re out there. You’re the stars are shining for you, but you still have a lot of things that you’re integrating behind the scenes. And this week, there might be an idea that you’ve uncovered or something that you’ve been working on back there. And you’re like, you know what? I think this could use, I could really use this. I could really use this and it could help grow my wealth.

00:03:27 They could help grow some, maybe some self-esteem or your self-worth or your resources. So any hint or idea that comes through for you Aquarius around how you can take something behind the scenes that you’ve been working on in private. And we use it to incorporate into your wealth. I think you need to run with it no matter how mild it is, just consider it.

00:03:45 Now, the sit-down sobering feeling for you. Aquarius may feel a little bit bigger because overall, Saturday’s working with you. Aquarius. He’s been working with you for a long time. He’s helping you take away structures that are no longer supporting you. And he’s rebuilding structures that will support you. And that can feel unpleasant. There’s just no way to say that.

00:04:04 It doesn’t. It feels great. But in the end it’s like a brand new outlook, a brand new structure that supports you. So basically this is almost like a really big report card for you. Aquarius. You’re sitting down and say, okay, this is how far I’ve come. This is everything that I’ve changed. And I do want you to reflect on everything that you’ve been through.

00:04:22 Everything that has shifted in your life, celebrate the wins, you even celebrate the things that aren’t, that aren’t there anymore, because they were there for a reason. And they taught you something. As you move forward. This energy is gonna kind of like vibrate through like, this is who I am. This is my vitality. You can either look at some structures around your home,

00:04:40 which has a lot of focus for you right now, structures around partnerships and maybe your career too. So it could be a good way to get… You may find that you’re being evaluated or you’re evaluating these areas with a lot more detail this week. We also do, as you do this evaluation, it’s great to take those intentions that you set around set around that same area last week and kind of put action behind them,

00:05:01 especially when it comes to your home. Like what ideas do you need to put an action? Because something probably shifted there last week or is in the middle of shifting, like there’s this electric spark in the air that says, okay, change is coming. How can you work with that change? I think you’re going to have a lot of emotional focus and attention focused around not only your home,

00:05:22 but what you’re passionate about and where your heart is. So kind of think about that energy as you move through this week, how can you take everything that you’re learning in this evaluation and put it into action? Like what structure is going to support you? Aquarius, it’s really like a rise to rise to the challenge and call to action, kind of both at the same time for you.

00:05:41 Okay. Pisces, let’s talk about your week now, Pisces, a lot of Pisces that I’ve been working with and even some Pisces that I know it’s all of a sudden, if you guys have been really focused on your dream or this creative field are like, you know, the group or association with which you’re in. And because you’re in this focus,

00:05:59 you may notice that your friend group, where people who are there to support you are shifting. So this week in this shift, you may, there may, you may notice that there’s a new friend that comes in and says, you know what? I have this great idea that could really help you with this dream that you have. And this expansion you have,

00:06:14 and it may not be a friend at all. It may not be a new friend. It could be an old friend or a new friend. There’s something in the dream sphere or something in this desire and community. That’s like, I have a tool here and that’s going to help us with this rapid growth that we’re experiencing. And you’re experiencing this rapid growth in a lot of areas of your life is expanding in your partnerships,

00:06:32 your home life, your career, and definitely how you’re known and your vitality. It’s just a big year Pisces. So I look for those clues or ideas that you have there. Now this sit down sobering, like, let’s see how far we’ve come and what the structure looks like for you is more so behind the scenes. There may not be like an authority figure,

00:06:50 or you may not be sitting down with someone and saying, okay, this is what’s working. This wasn’t working, but it’s more internal for you Pisces. And I think what you’re doing is looking for those structures that can, can help you break habits or pickup good habits. So celebrate any bad habits that maybe you’ve released and really think about ones you want to call in and habits don’t necessarily have to be something that you do.

00:07:12 Like, you know, I have this habit, I eat this, I do this. I go here, but a habit could be like a pattern of thought or a pattern of activity. Something that you do are you escape into like, do you, is that a healthy escape? Do you need a different escape that still gives you that feeling of escape,

00:07:27 but is healthier for you? So you’re going to be looking at some habits and some structures that you can kind of work on behind the scenes here. And as you do that, you know, revisit those intentions that you set last week and get ready to start taking action and working with the changes that you have around your community, around friends, your dreams,

00:07:44 those are there who are to support you. And what you’re trying to communicate, what you want to communicate is there’s a lot of intentions, a lot of attention in your life around communication and what that means for you. Like there’s something you need to say. There’s something that you feel like it can help others or heal others like creativity. And, you know,

00:08:04 I think I said this before. Communication doesn’t necessarily need to be words. Sometimes we communicate with music or we communicate with art, or we communicate just by being present and holding space for someone. But overall Pisces, I think is going to be a great way to help you work with these intentions. And I hope you have a great one. Okay.

00:08:22 Aries, let’s talk about your week now areas. It’s almost like you guys have got so much focus or so much attention going on in your career right now that there’s also a lot of work going on behind the scenes. So in a way that I think that this is working out for a lot of areas that I’ve come across recently, is that it’s as if you have this big balloon and all this attention going on out in the open.

00:08:43 And because it’s going out in the open, you have to do things behind the scenes to get ready, to bring them out into the public. So people know what they are. So either you’re needing to retreat because you need to kind of get a break from everything that’s going on, or you’re having to get stuff ready to take out either way. It works.

00:08:58 There’s an idea coming in here that may help you make this transition a little bit smoother. You’re like, you know what? I have a tool that’s going to help me do this in a different way. I have a tool that’s gonna help me kind of connect and kind of get past anxieties or fears or get all the tools are action items I needed done on my own independently before I share them with the world.

00:09:18 Okay. So you’re sit down sobering, like let’s figure out, you know how this is working for us. It’s going to come. I think it’s going to come around your dreams and your like your desires and your wishes. Now I think that for some of you, it could be community and friends. Like you might be sitting down with a group of people saying,

00:09:34 is this working for us or is it not, but with such an emphasis on your career and just your independent nature, I do think that this structure is evaluating more. So your, your dreams, like, how am I, am I setting things in place that it’s going to, it’s going to support the direction that I’m trying to go in, celebrate the wins that you had this year,

00:09:52 because you did have wins Aries. So make sure that you are like, yes, that works great for me. And this is how I want to keep working with it going forward, and then put in some new structures that are going help you, you know, build on the success that you already have or bring in new, new ways to be successful,

00:10:10 like a new revenue. All right. Now also Aries this week, between this week and last week, there’s been like a shift around your income. And I hope it was a brilliant shift. Maybe some unexpected resources came to you. And now you’re trying to figure out how to take action with them. Or it could be that a resource didn’t come through and you’re trying to figure out how to make up for that deficit,

00:10:31 but either way, with this new perspective that you have, it’s time to set your goals and action this week around both your career and your individual wealth. And some of this could play into some self-esteem and some, you know, determination to go out there and do it. But that’s where you’re looking to take action. And that’s a lot, it’s like overall Aries.

00:10:48 It’s gonna feel like it’s a busy week, just because there’s so much Mars energy. And that’s what your ruling planet. So work with these changes work with these shifts. And I think that you’re going to like where they go, but you just have to take action and Aries. We know you like to take action. So take it all right, Taurus.

00:11:04 Let’s talk about your week Taurus going into this week. You have, you have got a lot of attention and focus around a direction that you’re trying to go. And we’ve been talking about this for a while. Something you’re learning teaching, it could be an actual journey that you’re going on or convictions that you’re looking at. So this week is it’s almost like you have a tool that you’ve discovered on this journey.

00:11:25 That’s going to help inspire or grow your dream. Or it could be a tool that you have on this journey. That’s going to help a group of people that have the same desire and plan so that no matter how little the idea is these two areas of your life are working together. So I would try to grow that. I would try to like,

00:11:40 you know, fan that like connection. So it can definitely help you with some more courage, determination. Now you’re sit down sobering. Let’s talk about how these structures are working for me, for you. Taurus is coming around your career and because it’s coming around your career, you may also notice these conversations happening around your partnerships around your home life, or just how people know you in general.

00:12:03 But I like how this energy is going to allow you to kind of sober up a little bit. Not that you’re on sober, but it can help you like give us sobering impression of what’s going on in your life. Like this is, I’m really doing this. I’m really doing this. I’ve, I’ve put in all the work and I’ve made all the steps and I’ve been kind of doing all this stuff behind the scenes.

00:12:22 And now here I am and I’m on the world stage. What do I need to do to support this? What system do I need in place here? This is going to help me celebrate every step you made to get to this point and see if you can fortify anything, make it stronger. What can you bring in to help support you even more?

00:12:39 Because if you have a lot of intention, attention on your career, you’re going to need support from your partners. You’re going to need support at home. What can you do to bring that in? And this is going to help you revisit those new moon intentions that you set last week. You know, what actions plans now that everything’s sort of shifted.

00:12:56 Is there something you need to change? Is there something that you want to work with and go and alter, no matter how you alter those goals, now’s the time to take action on dev, especially when it comes to your journey and how you identify with your journey. Like this is, this is what I’m teaching, learning. This is what the direction I’m going in.

00:13:14 And this is what it means for my identity. This is what it means for my vitality and how I show up in the world. Take action in that direction. I think that you’re going to feel really like probably energized as we walk the walk into Monday and Tuesday, like, you’re gonna be like, I’ve got to do this. You’re going to be pumped up and excited to get things rolling.

00:13:30 And I think I would work with that emotional focus to get, to ride the way to ride the wave through the changes that are happening right now. Okay. Gemini let’s talk about your week now, Gemini going into this week, you know, you’ve been going through a lot of like transformational energy and you’re like, kind of behind the scenes and some of this transformational stuff that you’re going through,

00:13:51 make it, have you looking at your dreams in a new way, or maybe the community, the community or friends that you, that you’re around as well. And if you see something there like an open wound or it’s like, you know what, I really need to heal this anxiety. Like I want to actively work towards healing, this sore spot around like a dream or even a group of friends.

00:14:09 I think it’s healthy to go ahead and start actively working on how you can heal that, how you can work with that. But you’re also still really focused on transformation. So it’s almost like if you go out there and you heal, this is going to inspire you to go through some more transformation. So you have that ability to kind of smooth over any other patches that you may come across on your path.

00:14:28 But overall, Gemini, this, you may have the idea coming from this transformational place, it’s going to help inspire growth in how you’re known in the world. So if you have a career, your community, or just how people know who you are, and this could be that you have like, you know, someone partners with you and they have a shared resource and they’re like,

00:14:46 here’s, here’s, we’re combining our resources. And this is what it means for how your note or how y’all will be known together in the world. So look for the mildest idea or insight in that area, because it could be a definitely a direction that you want to take. All right. And also that sit down like sobering feeling like, let’s see how far we’re going.

00:15:04 Let’s see what, what, what, what things look like. And if I need a new structure for you, Gemini that’s happening on a journey that’s happening around something that you’re learning or you’re teaching. So a good analogy here. If you’re a writer, this is one of those conversations where you sit down with your editor and you take things out,

00:15:21 you add things in, or you sit down with deadlines. I need to like have this structure to meet this deadline. So I can communicate all this knowledge on a mass level, the way that I need to. So look at things that have worked for you and like take a hard, look at it and look at things that haven’t worked for you.

00:15:37 And it may be that you need to reevaluate how you’re communicating in general. So you kind of reach that broader scale. But I do think you have a great opportunity here. Just, you just have to look at the structures and work with those and kind of go back to those new moon intentions that we talked about last week. And overall, this is going to help you kind of,

00:15:56 once you do this, like from the outside, looking in most people, Gemii would know how much you have going on on the inside. Like all this transformation, all these things that you’re having to do to kind of over, you know, work with anxieties, work with fears, kind of work with like any tools that you have behind the,

00:16:11 behind the scenes to get ready to bring out into the world. But it may not look like there’s a lot going on there from the outside looking in. But Gemini know you’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes and that’s where you want to take action, start setting those private goals, and you don’t need anybody to validate them for you to set your goals,
00:16:27 work with your intentions. And I think you’re going to feel a little bit more clear and ready to kind of say, okay, I’ve got a better

footing by the time I see you next week, we are going to be working with these changes in a different way. Okay. Have a great week, Gemini Cancer. Let’s talk about your week now,

00:16:44 cancer going into this weekend. You may have a lot of your intentions sort of focused on your career, but there there’s also some other points that are going to be pulling your attention to, and it goes right back to your partnerships, which I’m sure you’re not surprised about, but the good news is that you’ve been working so hard on these partnerships. There’s a new drive.

00:17:02 Or courage or determination is kind of sparking up for you around these partnerships. And this, this idea is looking over there at that for you cancer. It’s looking over there at that direction that you’re trying to grow in. And it’s like, you know what? I, I think if we partner, we could go in this direction, we could really expand.

00:17:19 We could teach something, we can learn something, we can reach a new horizon together. So no matter how mild that idea comes up for you, cancer, I think had listened to it. I think you’d see what that partner or that friend has in store to help you with this growth that you’re working on. Now, overall, that sit down sobering feeling that you have is going to come around transformation.

00:17:38 So it’s almost like I’d have this deep partnerships at this connection with you and how can I merge? And we, we put our assets and resources together and grow. You’re going to really look at how that’s worked you so far and cancer. This could be almost like a, a tax sit down with your partner and look at the budget kind of weekend.

00:17:56 Like I’m looking at our shared resources, actual financial money. You’ll see, this is where income went in. This is where income came out. What structures do we need to help support our growth together? What can we get rid of to move forward with? So it’s a good evaluation to kind of get clear on that area of your life. And once you do,

00:18:14 you’re going to be ready to start taking some action around some new moon intentions that you set last week and really kind of hit the ground running. You’re going to be looking at your partnerships like, you know, you and you and someone else and all this, you know, re-evaluation you just did. And what that means for your dream. You could be looking at your partnerships and how you and your partner fit into a group as well.

00:18:34 But it’s good to take action this week on any intention that you hit. So like, if it’s like, if it doesn’t, if you don’t take action, that goal may never leave the paper. So take action this week. Okay. Leo, let’s talk about your week. All right. So going into this weekend, Leo, you guys are still super busy and what you’re doing everyday,

00:18:53 like your day to day routines, but it’s almost like you there’s a nugget or courage, something that you’ve come up with in this area of your life, that you’re going to be able to use to work with the transformational power that you’re going through. Now on one level, this could be like a health regimen. Like you’re kind of going through, okay,

00:19:08 I’m cleaning all this up. I’m going to start a new way. And this is what I’m going to do. This is my new regimen. And this is what the transformational process works with. I know if I use this tool, I’m going to transform in this way. And it also could be like, you know, you’re doing something every day in your work.

00:19:24 And then all of a sudden, you’re like, I have this idea and you go, and you’re ready to partner with someone on a different level, like an intimacy level. Like I’m sharing our resources and we’re going to grow in a new way. No matter how this idea comes up, whether it’s mild or really loud, I think it’s good to run with it and to look at,

00:19:40 see, and look and see where it could take you. Now that your sit down sobering emotion, like let’s look at all the structures that we have for you. Leo is going to come around partnerships. There could be some of you that are looking at contracts this weekend, like how are going into this week? You know, this is everything I need on paper,

00:19:57 everything they need. Do we agree? Is there any structure that we need to reevaluate? Is there a revision to the contract because we are still kind of working through revisions of things that we’re starting to implement since we had all the personal planets moved direct. So you’re gonna be looking at the structure for the past year, celebrating what was really great in this partnership,

00:20:18 fortifying it and looking for a different way to support it now, because it’s in partnerships. You may also notice that this is kind of showing up in your career and your home and just in your own vitality, like how you feel about it. So we evaluate that stuff, sit down with those structures, take a serious look at them. And I think that you’re going to like the plan that you come up with,

00:20:38 you know, sometimes implementing the plan is not fun, but once the plan is in action, it does feel better. So you’re going to sit down and work with this plan. And I think once you do, you’re going to have a new look or a new perspective about the intentions that you set last week, and you need to start taking action.

00:20:54 I recommend that you start taking action with what’s going on in your day to day life and how you’re known in the world. So whatever plan our intention or goal, take a step toward it this week. And I think if you do, you’re going to feel better about it. You’re going to be, it’s going to help you feel more revitalized around your career and your dreams and those who are there to help support them.

00:21:15 Okay. Leo have a great week Virgo. Let’s talk about your week now, Virgo going into this weekend, you are probably really kind of focused more, more reflective and privately, but this energy that’s coming in, that’s all about, I have an idea and this is how we can expand is coming in at a pretty interesting place for you Virgo. You’re going through a lot of changes and you’re like integrating things that you’ve learned around,

00:21:39 like things that you’re passionate about. So this could be, you know, a partner, a romantic partner. It could be, children’s something you do for fun creativity, something you’ve created. So you have all this drive. You’re starting to work through everything here. And now that you’ve done that you found a tool or you found a little bit of courage and determination.

00:21:57 And you’re like, I see how my partnerships can really expand in a new way if I use this tool. So I encourage you to use whatever idea you find here, or at least follow through it, listen to it because it is going to involve you in someone else. So it’s like, you’re only half of the half of the conversation, but I would listen.

00:22:16 Or I would ask for the conversation to see how this could help you with your partnerships. Now, your sit down sobering feeling for you this week, Virgo is going to be happening around what you do every day. Like your routine. It could have to be around your health and your vitality, but it’s like, you know, this is what I do at the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep for some of you,

00:22:35 it could be your pets, but you’re going to sit down and say this structure. I want to celebrate because, because I had this in place, I feel so good in this area of my life. I feel supported and I feel secure here. And you want to figure out how to fortify that celebrate the wins. If there’s something that’s like draining you.

00:22:52 And you’re like, you know, I’ve always doing this. I’m always going back and forth. I don’t look forward to this every day. Look for a way to put a structure around it or a system around it that can help support you. And this may mean that, you know, you need to give a task to someone else or that you need to pick up a task from someone else.

00:23:09 So you can like have that piece to move your piece forward. Whatever works for you and supports you in the long run. That’s what you’re going to be looking at Virgo. And once you do this, you’re going to kind of say, okay, well, I had some goals here. I had some intentions. And now that I have this perspective,

00:23:24 a lot of things have shifted in my life over the last week. I understand that they’re still shifting, but I’m going to start to take action. And you’re going to start to take action around that most passionate area of your life. Things that you really love and where you want to grow and expand with them. So for some Virgos, if you have a creative thing and you’re trying to reach it out into the world,

00:23:43 you’re going to be like, this is what I created. And it doesn’t, it could be anything. It could be something, it could be pottery. It can be something that doesn’t, it didn’t exist before you existed. And how can you share it with others? And how can it take you to new horizons and help you communicate it in a new way?

00:24:00 Put an action step behind that goal this week, no matter how little it is, it’s good to just put those actions in place. And once you do, you’ll start to feel better about the direction you’re going in and how this may actually change how you’re known in the world, because your career could have a little bit of focus by the time I see you next week,

00:24:17 at least your emotional focus will be there. You’ll be having some activity. All right, Libra, let’s talk about your week now, Libra going into this weekend, there is a lot of focus or energy around your partnerships. I do think if you see anything there that is like a little bit wounding, I encourage you to actively work towards healing it.

00:24:36 Now you only hold half of the puzzle. You can only heal your part of it or how you feel about something, but that activity is going to help you find some balance in some other areas of your life. Like I see this and please do not mistake. My kindness is weakness. I want to heal this wound. And so I can move through it.

00:24:54 So kind of thinking about that, going into this as a backdrop now at the same time, you know, your home life is very active. You’re starting to integrate and implement things that you’ve been working on for a long time in this area of your life shifts and changes, getting comfortable in the new environment. But there’s an idea or some encouragement, maybe you have courage because you’ve just,

00:25:14 you shifted your home. And you’re like, well, now that I’m here, this new energy, I have this idea and I’m going to use this tool to help me in what I do every day. I need this tool to help me work on the expansion that I have. So if you’re really working on your health or you’re really working on, or you noticed that you have a lot of tasks that are coming in every day,

00:25:31 your day, that was maybe a little bit more imbalanced because there’s new energy or new activities. This tool could help you kind of balance that out and kind of ride that expansion in a, in a way that really will serve you. So no matter how small the idea is, I do encourage you to listen to it and work with it. Now,

00:25:47 the sobering feeling that you have coming in Libra, or like, let’s like look at our systems and make sure everything is working for us. And how can we take action? It’s coming in the area of your life. It’s all about passion and fun and creativity and just joy. And I know the idea of putting a system around something that brings you joy and love is just not,

00:26:08 doesn’t sound fun at first glance, but it could be that this system you’re looking to see, like, how are you supporting things that you love? How can you give structure and a timelessness to things that you’re passionate about? Are they getting the at about the right amount of attention from you? And how can you work with that? And if it is celebrating any,

00:26:26 when you have here, whether that’s when that wind is with a partner or it’s with your children or your something that your business that you’ve created celebrate the mountain that you have climbed, like, be really happy about that. And then ask yourself, can I fortify this? Is there something that needs to leave? So I can have more joy in my life.

00:26:44 Like, it’s a really kind of hard look, but you’re looking at your dreams and what you love and like how you can work with this. And that should kind of remind you or make you think about those intentions that you set last week around the new moon. And with those new moon intentions, there’s been a lot of shifts and changes, but it’s good to kind of,

00:27:01 sort of take action. I would really look at like the area of your life that has to do with your home life and transformation. What process are you going through? Like, how can I take this intention and implement it in these areas of my life? And what does it going to look like for me now? I think you’re going to have a lot of energetic focus coming in around transformation and the direction that you’re going in as I meet you as we meet up next week.

00:27:25 But working with these shifts, working with this structure, taking those intentions and running with them, working with those changes that are happening around your home life. I think that you’re going to have a pretty good week. You just have to take action. You know, that call to action. All right, Scorpio, let’s talk about your week now, Scorpio going into this weekend,

00:27:45 it could just feel really busy or active around your life. Overall. It may feel like it’s just a busy week because Mars is one of their active planets this week. And that is your traditional ruler. But what’s going on for you Scorpio this week is you’ve been really, you have a lot of activity around how you communicate are people you communicate with every day.

00:28:01 Like this is my rhythm. This is who I talk to. This is who I see or these, or is this actually how I communicate with words? Well, now that you’re integrating something, there, there may be an idea or a tool that you’ve discovered that’s going to help you really grow those passions that you’re working on. Like there’s a lot of growth around things that you just simply love.

00:28:21 This could be around romance. It could be around creativity, your business, something that you’re just reaching out, out into the world with, with absolute individuality. But you’re going to find a tool between these two areas or you’re going to find some insight, or maybe someone’s going to help you with something. So no matter how mild the scenes, I think that I would follow it and work with it.

00:28:40 Scorpio. Now you’re sit down sobering feeling like let’s look and see, how does this work? How, how, how are systems working for me? Do I need to shift anything or change anything is going to happen around your home. And because it’s happening around your home, you may also notice that you got to have this evaluation at work are, are your career and your partnerships too,

00:29:01 but you’re looking and saying, okay, does this system work for me? Like, what does work and like celebrate what does work like? Yes, guys, we’re working as a team here at home, or I feel nurtured and supported because I have this at home and definitely fortify it, protect it, make it timeless, ask yourself if there’s anything else you need,

00:29:18 what other structures do you need to bring in? Is there something that’s prohibiting a structure from working and does that need to leave things like that? Okay. Scorpio also, once you do this, you’re going to be taking a deeper look at those intentions that you set. And you’re like, okay, I’m ready to take action. I’m ready to work with them.

00:29:35 You’re going to start working with those shifts and changes that you’re, you’re working with around communication and your partnership because you have some shifts going on there, but you need to take action to, to use that energy, to work with the shift that you have in that area of your life. Okay. And I think that you may feel like really emotionally kind of focused on your partnerships and the transformation as you move throughout the week.

00:29:56 But as long as you work with those new moon intentions and take action with whatever they are, I think you’re going to feel better about this at least about your partnerships and who you are working with to reach that expansive goal around that really creative area, creative side of you. Okay. Sagittarius, let’s talk about your week now, Sagittarius going into this weekend,

00:30:18 you may be really kind of focused around things that bring you passion and joy, but overall, there’s a lot of energy happening around your self-esteem or your individual wealth are your finances that you’ve been refining. Those you’ve been kind of going back over this, like, okay, this is my resource. This is how I can use it. And it’s almost like you’ve found a tool here.

00:30:37 And you’re like, I know how I can use this to work with all this expanse, expansive energy that I have going on for me around my home. Like, I think there’s an idea or a resource I can use to help me grow this the way that I need to grow. So whether it’s coming from you or someone else, whatever idea you have,

00:30:54 I think I would use that tool. And I would use that drive to kind of take some action and go forward with this. Now your sit down sobering emotion or feeling that you may be having this week is going to come around how you communicate. So Sagittarius you’ve been working on this. And for a lot of you, this could have shifted in a big way.

00:31:10 Like you could have walked into the last year communicating one way, and then now you’re communicating in a completely different way. So you’re going to look at the systems that are supporting this and you’re going to want to fortify them anything. That’s not, you’re going to want to modify it in a way that can help you communicate the way that you want to communicate.

00:31:27 And honestly, this is nothing to do with communication, communication, Sagittarius. It could have to do with just, you know, your day-to-day rhythm people that you speak to every day and how you speak to them, that can help you. There might be a structure there that needs to shift. So you, you get the message that you want out,

00:31:44 or you’re able to share, you know, what you need to share with your community. Okay. Overall, I think this will help you revisit. Once you have that sobering feeling, take another look at your new moon intentions. Is there anything you would like to shift there or change? And what if you do, what does that mean? Either way?

00:32:00 Take action on your goals this week. And you’re going to take action on those new moon intentions and what that means for your wealth and what you do every day. Like your day to day routine. Like how can I work with the shifts that are happening there? Okay. Overall, I think you’re going to have a great week Sagittarius. You just take action on how you’re communicating,

00:32:18 build those, put those structures in place to help get your message out there. Okay. Have a good week. Capricorn. Let’s talk about your week now. Capricorn you’re still like, it’s probably still feels really active for you right now. You’re you have a lot of energy happening where you’re going back and you’re revisiting things that happened at the end of the year and how the new year started.

00:32:39 And you’re still, you’re still kind of get your traction. You’re still going. But as you start to go forward, there’s something that you find there and your toolkits encouraged, or some determination, something that you’re able to use to look at how you’re communicating. You’re like, you know what, I’m really trying to grow. How I communicate. I’m trying to communicate in a different way.

00:32:57 I think I have something to say, that’s going to help people. It’s going to help, help share the knowledge that I have and the journey that I’ve been on. And there’s something that you’re, there’s an idea that’s going to show up this week and whether it comes from you or a partner at work, how ma however mild it is, I do encourage you to work with it and look at it because it’s going to help you with that communication expansion that you’re working on.

00:33:18 Now, your sit down sobering kind of emotion that you do have coming in this week. Capricorn could be just around your actual resources and your finances. It wouldn’t be, it would be a great way to kind of just sit down and look at, you know, maybe you in taxes or your budget. Like this is everything that we have coming in.

00:33:33 This is how we’ve spent it. Did we spend it the way we want to spend it? Did this structure support the other areas that we’re trying to go in? Does it does my individual wealth merge? Well with my shared wealth know, how does that look? Are there any changes I need to take? So this, I think this, this re-evaluation and setting things up is going to help you feel a little bit more secure and the direction that you’re trying to go in,

00:33:55 because you’re like, okay, well, this is, this is a resources I have. And I’m really clear on the resources I have. And I’m really clear on the resources that I’m trying to bring in that I would like to bring into this situation. And that’s going to help you kind of work with those new moon intentions work with those actions that you had last week.

00:34:11 And I do encourage you to take action, not only around those new intentions, but like your passions, like this is what I’m passionate about. This is what I’m trying to grow. These are some things that are shifting for me and just your vitality and how you’re known in the world. Like an overall scope. It could feel a little busy this week,

00:34:27 but I think it’s good because it’s almost Capricorn. It feels as if nothing has completely landed, but you’re able to sort of see where things are going to land. Like you have a really solid guests, like that’s going to land there and you want to get ahead. It’s like, I’m going to, I’m going to go ahead and start taking action here.

00:34:44 So when that lands, I’m ready to go forward and go forward with a lot of structure and integrity as you do go forward. Okay. Capricorn, I think it’s going to be a great week for you. Just kind of work for those shifts and work, work with those changes. All right, guys, that’s everybody. I hope all of you gained some good insights are some tips on how to work with this week’s theme,

00:35:05 which is call to action. And it is a call to action, no matter where you set intentions last week in your life, this is a good way to kind of put those goals in, in play. So, and especially if you feel the anchor or the edge, like, you know what, like, it’s almost like we set our goals and you’re like,

00:35:22 that’s a great goal. And then a little bit time goes past and you feel agitated about something. And you’re like, that’s why I set that goal in place. I need to take action and get this goal going forward. So I don’t feel this angst this, you know, turmoil that you may be going through. So I hope you don’t feel the turmoil that you’re ready to just kind of jump in and take the action because you’re motivated.

00:35:41 But just notice if you do feel triggered or anxious about something, that there is an intention that you can put in place and an action that you can take to move forward. All right. And just as a reminder, guys, if you would love to have a timestamped email sent to you each Friday, after this episode is live, that tells you exactly where each of the Zodiac signs begin.

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