[SPECIAL EDITION] The Bible and Astrology, the 2020 Beta Test, 2021 and Beyond with The Peace Dealer

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In this Special Edition episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, The Peace Dealer + Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, Founder of Astrology Hub, discuss 

Tune in to gain a new perspective on the correlations between the Bible and the ancient practice of Astrology, and how verses used by some to criticize Astrology are taken out of context. You’ll learn insights that reveal the opportunity for healing and forgiveness when you walk with Christianity and Astrology. We also discuss how the ‘beta test’ of 2020 has two sides, one wanting to divide and conquer, the other asking us to come together and awaken. And how when you walk your path the Universe has your back and will empower you to act with integrity.

 It’s an information-packed episode! Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • About the interconnection of the Bible and Astrology, and how the positive practice and study of Astrology can be found throughout the Bible.
  • Why Astrology is the great unifier, and how the invitation of this year is to release the guilt and trust the wisdom of the unfolding collective lessons.
  • What to expect throughout the next decade and how the ‘beta test’ of our present time is revealing how deeply we need to connect to our inner truth.

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