[SPECIAL EDITION] How Yoga Can Help Us Meet the Astrological Invitation of These Times w/ Jennifer Lynn

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In this Special Edition episode, Jennifer Lynn and Amanda ‘Pua' Walsh discuss how yoga can help us meet the astrological invitation of these times.

You'll discover…

  • Experience a guided demonstration of kapalabhati breathing (Shining Skull), a traditional energy cleansing practice that helps to clear negative thought patterns.
  • Learn how the electromagnetic fields of the body mirror the electromagnetic fields of the planets, and how being in-tuned with your fields allows you to consciously work with energetic healing/ guiding properties.
  • Gain insights on how the practice of Yoga helps to honor the three Astrological invitations you have in these current times: connect with the mastery of breath, finding comfort in the unknown, and respond (not react) to our personal and collective experiences.

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