[2021 PREP SERIES] How to Support Your Health with Astrology in Stressful Times with Kira Sutherland

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast Astrologer Kira Sutherland + Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh, Founder of Astrology Hub discuss…How to support your health with Astrology in stressful times

When you tune in, you’ll learn that medical astrology was actually used by doctors for thousands of years, and how you can also tune into the cosmic rhythms to best support your own health. 

 It’s an information-packed episode! Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • About acute and chronic pain, and how different kinds of ailments relate to the lunar or solar cycles of the zodiac.
  • How astrology can inform how you care for and nourish your body.
  • Why humans find it so hard to prioritize their health, and what simple steps you can do to put your health first.
  • What tangible practices we can start doing for our bodies that are informed by transits in 2021, like Saturn moving into Aquarius and Mars into Taurus. Kira even gives us a sneak-peek into 2022!
  • What transits to look for in your own chart to practice medical astrology on a more personal level.

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