Solar Returns: Ultimate Timing Technique or Mere Superstition?

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How to Work with Solar Returns

In this Cosmic Connection, Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss Solar Returns and how to use them in Astrological Interpretation.

The solar return is an important astrological period that occurs annually on or around a person’s birthday. It marks the moment when the sun returns to the exact position it was in at the time of their birth.

During the solar return, individuals have the opportunity to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the year ahead. This is a time to take stock of where you are in life and where you want to go. By working with the energy of the solar return, you can harness its potential for personal growth and transformation.

Just like the Saturn return, the solar return offers a chance to take responsibility and make important decisions. By understanding the energy of the solar return and working with it intentionally, you can make the most of this annual astrological period and create a meaningful and fulfilling year ahead. Join Rick Merlin Levine on this episode of Cosmic Connection to learn more about how Solar and other planetary returns work in an astrology chart.

You’ll learn …

🌒 How to ritualize your Solar Returns and build momentum on that energy
🌓 The potential for free will in operation during a planetary return
🌔 How to navigate your first two Saturn Returns and make the most of your intentions

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

1:19 Rick’s Take on Solar Returns

6:31 Significance of Ritual & Intention

13:31 Looking at Location & Creating Space

20:52 Example of Utilizing Your Solar Return

31:23 Importance of Position, Aspects & Other Planetary Returns

36:17 Saturn Returns

45:28 Planetary Rituals vs. Daily Rituals

53:57 Experience Your First Two Saturn Returns

59:04 Closing Thoughts

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[00:00:00] Amanda: Hey, hey everyone, and welcome. So happy that you’re here. So happy you’ve joined us for this episode of the Cosmic Connection. Today we are going to be talking about solar returns.

[00:00:12] Rick just celebrated his birthday last week, so this is an honor of Rick’s birthday celebration. So everyone please wish Rick a happy birthday, but also we just wanna explore this topic of solar returns because I don’t know about you, Rick, well probably not you, but I always get a reading on my birthday every year, and I’m always sort of indifferent when the astrologer says, do you want me to do a solar return reading?

[00:00:39] I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t really know what technique you’re gonna use. Just tell me about the year ahead.

Rick’s Take on Solar Returns

[00:00:45] Amanda: so what’s your opinion in terms of solar returns? Is this an accurate, technique in your experience or not?

[00:00:55] Rick: I wish I could just answer this with a yes no, but, but we have an hour to kill, you know? So,

[00:01:02] Amanda: and you never answer with a yes no. So what are you even talking

[00:01:04] Rick: about? It’s the problem with a gem, with a hyperactive Gemini ascendant that I happen to own one. It’s, uh, yes, yes. No. Becomes an hour filled with words.

[00:01:15] So here’s the deal. When we astrologers, look at a chart or have a client, we have choices to make by what tools we use, because there are more tools available to us in a typical astrologer’s toolbox than could possibly be integrated into a one hour. I mean, there’s probably 60 different tools that an, I just pulled that number out of the air because literally using one new tool a minute, one could still not use up all the tools that were available.

[00:01:53] So my rule of thumb is that I do not run solar returns unless I happen to see a client within a few days before at or after their birthday. And then I usually run it because it’s the chart of the moment, aside from the chart of their solar return. And however, it, I remember being, um, a, a, a kid and my parents’ famous line, which never really cut it with me, was, don’t do as I do, do as I say.

[00:02:30] Well, I’m telling people to not do as I do and to do as I say. And what I say is, use whatever works for you and if a solar return works for you, and we’ll talk about, you know, why it does or can work. It’s just not at the height of the tools that in, in a limited amount of time, I find I have better tools.

[00:02:55] Now, again, I need to be clear, there are astrologers whose work I totally value. Who wouldn’t think of doing a client’s chart without, without using the solar return for, for that year. And, and solar returns are really. Just one, uh, type of planetary returns. And I think that that’s important to understand because a solar return is the most obvious of returns.

[00:03:25] Why? Because every year on our birth day, from Earth’s point of view, the sun is back in the same place, which is the sun hasn’t moved really. I mean, you know, with respect, to going around the earth, but it looks like that. And so the solar return. Is a birthday chart. Now we have mercury returns and Venus returns and Mars returns and Jupiter returns, and of course the infamous Saturn return.

[00:03:55] And with Uranus, because. It’s 84 years, many people don’t make it to their Uranus return, but many people make it to their halfway point, which is the Uranus opposition, which is an important point. And these are all things that occur independent of what our sign is. It basically, it’s about the rhythms of the planets themselves.

[00:04:17] And so when a planet comes back to where it was when we were born, it is a special moment in as much as it’s the cosmos chance to reap us with the energy that we were zapped with when we were.

[00:04:34] Amanda: Okay. First of all, I wanna ask everyone in the audience a question, especially those who do look at charts. Do you run solar return charts, and or have you had a solar return reading?

[00:04:49] And how accurate do you find them to be? Like, just, just curious. Now, Rick, what I hear you saying is that there’s validity in it because it’s sort of reinforcing the birth chart. But what I’m also hearing you say is that it might not have predictive powers in the sense that it might not really be like setting the tone for the year ahead.

[00:05:11] Rick: Well, I’m, I’m not convinced that it doesn’t. Okay. Really. I mean, I’ve run a lot of, I run my solar return chart every year, you know, and I look at it and it’s, it’s never quite overwhelming in its importance. If I, if it’s a year, let’s say, when I have transiting Saturn, Squaring my natal moon three times that year.

[00:05:35] Whether or not that’s in my solar return chart, that’s gonna be really potent for me, and that seems to overstate or overwhelm the solar return energy.

Significance of Ritual & Intention

[00:05:46] Rick: However, I’m not saying that the chart doesn’t have use or validity. My belief is it has more use and validity tied to a custom that is so ingrained in our culture that it just becomes part of our solar return.

[00:06:07] Um, cultural mythology apparently having nothing to do with astrology at all. And that’s the idea that from being a child at maybe. Three or four. We begin this, this custom of on our birthday anniversary. It’s not really our birthday, you know. How many average, how many birthdays does the average, you know, person have in their lifetime?

[00:06:34] One, we only have one birthday, but we celebrate its, every year on its anniversary to the sun. The point is, what I’m talking about is the ritual of lighting candles, making a wish, and then blowing out the candles. This, I believe, tells us a whole lot. About the solar return because I believe that the solar return is more useful from the standpoint of making intentions, stating intentions, ritualizing intentions, and then having that moment be part of what our year is ahead.

[00:07:20] And of course, when I was talking about all the planetary returns, I didn’t mention a lunar return, which happens once every moon. And in fact, even the New Moon, which is like a lunar return to the sun every month on the new Moon. We do what? We focus our energy and we make intentions. And I think this is really what the useful piece of a solar return is about.

[00:07:47] It’s about making intentions. It’s about stating intentions. Okay.

[00:07:52] Amanda: And you’re saying there’s a lot of other opportunities where we can do that too. I mean, essentially the New Moon every month is a perfect time to set intentions, but the act of having a ritual in your life where if it’s your birthday every year to really reflect on the past, get clear about what you wanna do in the future, that there’s power in that,

[00:08:14] Rick: Hey, waking up every morning and stating your intentions is a good idea.

[00:08:18] Yeah. But the problem is that just stating them doesn’t do anything. That stating them is it’s, it’s a good idea, but it’s just an idea. We have to do something to make it, to make it happen. And there’s two things that are important here. One is the act of ritual, which we’ll come back to in a moment.

[00:08:39] And the other is once we state our intention, It can never be fulfilled if we hold onto that intention, which anyone who’s done any form of ritual, witchy ritual, um, you know, any sort of anything knows that when you begin some sort of ritualistic ceremony, what do you do? You light a candle. Why? Because that can help focus our energy.

[00:09:04] And when we’re done with the ritual, what do we do? Well, we don’t blow it out, we snuff it out, but we take that candle and we, and we, and we end that candle. Why? Because that releases the energy of the closed circle of stating the intention so that it can be fulfilled. There’s a wonderful book, which I may have mentioned here, um, on earlier conversations.

[00:09:27] I tend to, mention it a, a lot, and that is a book called Zen and the Art of Archery. And it really is not about archery at all. And I, I think that it’s a book that is a, an academic textbook about Zen and what Zen actually is. And I think the concept here is that one can never achieve the state of enlightenment or of of zen.

[00:09:57] Any more than one can achieve the state of an arrow hitting a target until one releases the arrow. And that is the significant thing that it, you know, back in the 1960s when, when the c i a was actually sixties and seventies when the c CIA was spending quite a bit of money on remote viewing and, and telepathy trying to figure out, you know, how they could use this thing that seems to be actually accurate.

[00:10:32] The C I I, the c I a and Americans in general, going back to JB Ryan at Duke University, who did work on telepathy back even in the fifties in the United States, we focused on someone who’s telepathic is someone who could send the, the message. Meanwhile, in the Soviet, the then Soviet Union, the focus was more on, um, no, I, I got that backwards In the United States, it was on the receiver that someone who was telepathic could receive the messages and the Soviets during that same era, focused on what it took to send the message.

[00:11:11] And what they discovered was something that was very interesting. And that is that when people tried to send a message or, or what card they were looking at or, or color or imagining something, it, it, it, the message couldn’t be sent. Until the sender began clearing their mind and, and no longer trying to send it, that somehow it was the moment of the mind going blank.

[00:11:39] That was like the archer who was aiming and aiming and aiming and holding back that the, the, the tension on the bow. It wasn’t until it was released that that allowed it to go. And the same is true when it comes to intentions and therefore the act of making a wish as a child. And blowing out the candles is really a much deeper issue than just making some frivolous wish, like, I wanna get an Nintendo set for my birthday.

[00:12:10] When I open gifts. It’s more about stating an intention, focusing on that intention, and then releasing it. So I really think that that is the highest use of looking at someone’s solar return chart, looking at the chart, trying to understand the chart, and then stating intentions around what one sees in the chart itself.

[00:12:35] And I think that’s the, the most important way to look at solar return charts.

Looking at Location & Creating Space

[00:12:40] Amanda: Okay, so what about other planetary returns, do you think? Oh,

[00:12:44] Rick: sorry. Yeah, yeah, let’s let, I, I think that those are important too, but let, let me just go back and clear up one other thing about solar return charts. Yes. Because from an issue of actually creating solar return charts, there’s a few tricky things and, and things that are discussed when astrologers get together and geek out over technical issues with a solar return chart.

[00:13:09] I was born in the Bronx, New York. Do I run my solar return chart for the Bronx? Or do I run my solar return chart for, um, Redmond, Washington, outside of Redmond, which is where I live? Or do I run it for Portugal? Cuz I happen to have been in the Lisbon Airport at the moment of my solar return coming back from the Azores Islands where I spoke last week at the Portuguese Astrology Association’s International Conference.

[00:13:40] So the, so there’s three different charts because a solar return chart is run for a specific moment. If you don’t have an accurate birth time, forget about running a solar return. You could run something that would be close to it. But a solar return chart is the moment at which the sun in the. Reaches the same degree and same minute of, of degrees that the sun was at the moment you were born.

[00:14:08] And therefore, a solar return chart actually has an ascendant, a mid-heaven, and all the planets in whatever their configuration, is, falls on a, on a chart with an ascendant and mid-heaven, meaning that if I move location. The chart is actually different because it could be different between my solar return sun being in the first house, if it happens around sunrise or in the seventh house, if it happens on the other side of the planet, uh, uh, at sunset.

[00:14:39] So the question is, which of those three charts do I run? Now, my belief is that, or let me say what I actually use, I’m not really sure of what to believe here. But from what I’ve seen, I think that the solar return chart should be run for where you live, where you’re gonna be spending most of the year, where you, where you know that what you call home.

[00:15:04] However, there are astrologers, there are well-known astrologers, people who, know the community might even know who I’m talking about, but I’m not mentioning any names here. But there is an astrologer who’s a very successful astrologer, has led a very successful life. And every year for at least the past 30 years, maybe longer.

[00:15:26] This person looks at their solar return chart for the upcoming year and based upon what this person wants to happen in their, their year ahead, looks at their solar return chart from different places on the planet and then physically every year on this person’s birthday, gets on an airplane or in a car, but usually it’s an airplane cuz it’s far away and goes and spends two or three days at someplace on the planet to create a solar return moment That actually is in line with what this person has stated as their intentions for the year ahead.

[00:16:04] Now this works apparently quite well for this person who is able to do that, but I’ve had deep discussions with this person. And I’m not convinced that it’s necessary to get on an airplane and go to Greece or to China, or to BUAs Aris, or though some of these places might be lovely places to go for a few days.

[00:16:33] However, I think the act of spending time and looking at all the chart. And creating the set of intentions around, around how you want to use the energies that are appearing in your solar return chart and even adjusting them so that they’re in the right houses. And what about instead of going to Greece, what would happen if you instead, created the ritual of cooking a Greek dinner?

[00:17:04] Or instead of going someplace, actually creating your intention around that place, is it necessary to go there? I, I, I don’t know. This person claims that it sets it in stone because as my friend Caroline Casey says, the Gods don’t speak English when you state an intention out loud, out loud in English.

[00:17:27] They’re, they, they don’t, they don’t understand. And then parenthetically, she says they don’t even understand Spanish. The point though is they understand ritual. And with ritual what we’re doing is we’re priming the pump and getting on that airplane and going to some place is a form of committed ritual.

[00:17:50] And when we commit to a ritual that makes it real, does actually being in that spot, I don’t know. Maybe it does, but I don’t think so. And so from that standpoint, the question becomes, I look at my solar return chart and I look at where it is, where I am, or where I’ll be. And then you think about, well, where would I like this to be?

[00:18:13] And then I create rituals around whatever that is that allows me to prime that pump, to use that solar return in that manner. And I think that it’s the committed engagement of simply thinking about what happened last year, where do I wanna go next year? That on that moment of making the. And blow proverb, you know, and, and what’s the word I’m looking for?

[00:18:38] And blowing out the candles, you know, ritualistically, whether we actually light a candle and blow it out or not. That is what I think is the higher ideal and the higher use, not only of a solar return, but any return. And, and so I needed to say all that before we kind of spread our wings and talked about other, other planetary or lunar returns.

[00:19:03] Amanda: I love how mu, I mean, it’s true about anything we do, right? If we put that much intention and energy behind something, It, it absolutely has that much more potential to either manifest or go the way we envisioned, I mean, when we commit to it that fully. So I can see why that birthday thing works, but obviously it’s impossible to do like a scientific, uh, analysis because you don’t know what would’ve happened if you

[00:19:28] Rick: didn’t go.

[00:19:29] Like, we’ll never know. And that’s really the, the, the, the both, the beauty and the problem with astrology in general Yes. Is that science is based upon repeatability and you can’t repeat the specific thing of something like that. There’s just no way to, you either, you know, do it and you put faith in it, and maybe it’s the faith that you put in it that helps manifest it.

[00:19:50] This is not, we don’t know. We don’t know. Right.

Example of Utilizing Your Solar Return

[00:19:53] Amanda: Okay. Question for you, Rick. Can you give us an example even maybe using your own solar return chart or, or if you can think of an example of how one would do exactly what you just said. What would we look at in the chart? What would, what would we look at in the solar return chart to identify themes or things that we could infuse into our intention?

[00:20:17] So when we blow out that candle, we have some tangible things.

[00:20:21] Rick: Sure, sure. Well, so, um, because I was born on April 6th, um, this year, my actual, the solar return, actually I is often the day before, the day of or the day after, because our calendar is sloppy. And so the sun actually returns to where it was when we were born, typically within within 24 hours of, of our actual birth moment where the, the suns do, um, to return to that degree.

[00:20:55] And, and I think it actually is partly altered by whether or not it was a leap year, a a as to how far away from our actual time it was. But this year, my birthday is on April 6th, and my, solar return, depending on where you were, are in, are in the planet, was either late on the night of April 5th or very early in the morning on April, uh, very early in the morning, like just after midnight, on April 6th.

[00:21:26] Either way, when when I looked at my solar return chart, months ago for this coming year, I immediately realized that there was a full moon, late on April 5th, that was actually going to be my solar return chart. That full moon in Libra on April 5th was at 16 degrees of Libra, which is my son at 16 degrees of Aries.

[00:21:59] Furthermore, I immediately recognized the fact that. Chiron, which last fall and winter was direct across my sun in my chart and then retrograded back over it. And now Chiron moving direct. the, so the Sun Chiron conjunction, occurred on, I think it was April 4th. Yeah, it was April 4th. So my solar return chart has a sun Chiron conjunction, and on top of that, the sun is now, or on my birthday was only three degrees away.

[00:22:39] From, its catching up to Jupiter. And so, because we just had a, we’re recording this right now on April 13th. On April 12th, just yesterday, or 11th, depending on where you live on the planet. We had the sun Conjuncting Jupiter. So a week ago on my birthday, there was a Chiron Sun Jupiter conjunction.

[00:23:03] And so that became my point of focus. And this being my 74th solar return, I certainly over the last years I’ve been considering the fact that, hey, I’m not a kid anymore. You know, it’s like, all right, face. The fact I, you know, when people begin to call me elder or whatever, it’s like, oh crap, really?

[00:23:25] You know? I have to say that as Chiron over last fall and winter kind of came across my son transiting Chiron. Chiron right now is at 15 degrees. A actually, on my solar return day, it was at 15 degrees, and 53 minutes. Right now, Chiron is at 16 degrees, 20 minutes, conjuncting or conjoining, my son literally right there.

[00:23:52] So my year ahead, theoretically, needs to acknowledge and honor Chiron, which unfortunately often gets pegged as the wounded heal. Rather than as the original mentor, you know, Kyron did have a wound. Uh, but all humans are wounded. That is our humanness. And yet when Kyron went direct and retrograde over my son, um, I was realizing that as I grow older, that there were things that were kind of going out of whack in my body physically.

[00:24:35] Um, I was not a hospital case. Um, you know, this was not anything that was acute, but there were chronic things that I had let slip. And I made a decision back around the beginning of this year to attend to some of these things so that by the time I reached my solar return when Chiron was going to be exactly conjoining my son, that maybe I would be on the right side of some of these issues.

[00:25:01] You know? And without going into great detail, you know, it’s just typical blood chemistry stuff that you know, that, you know, between, you know, um, increasing blood pressure, increasing, you know, cholesterol decreasing, lipids increasing. This didn’t decrease. Just all those things. Everything was just creeping slowly.

[00:25:22] And so, you know, the good news is that over the past four months, I’ve lost nearly 25 pounds because I’ve of body weight, because I’ve made a commit. Which was intention tied to ritual. Going to the gym is a ritual, you know, not eating as many carbs is a ritual, and, and so all I’m saying is, I don’t know. I mean, I could still run into health problems tomorrow, next week, next month.

[00:25:51] You know that that goes along with aging, but I’d like to believe. That it was the intentions around what I saw going on and aimed toward a solar return point. That now by the time my solar return week is over, I will theoretically hold this energy for a while, and you know, uh uh, Chiron is now past.

[00:26:15] The sun or it will be within, you know, within a few days or a week and it’s not gonna write your grade back over that. Does that mean I have outsmarted reality? Does it mean I’ve done an uh, an end run around my karma? I don’t know. We’ll see if we’re still talking in a year.

[00:26:34] Amanda: I love this so much. I mean, again, it’s the level of intentionality that I think is powerful no matter what, and then aligning it with the astrological energies that are specific for you, there is absolute, it’s like getting the wind in your sails.

[00:26:50] It’s like if you had tried to do that at a different time, it might not have been so fluid and it sounds like it’s been relatively easy for you to get on track. And there’s probably been other times where you’ve tried to do that in your life where it’s felt like you’re pushing a boulder

[00:27:06] Rick: up a. Yeah. Uh, or, or the boulder has been pushing me down the hill.

[00:27:12] No, that, that’s exact, that’s exactly true. And, and again, some of this is also the fact that this whole thing for me really became, uh, I mean it was when Chiron was retrograding back over my son that I, back in last December, that I realized this is no joke I need to deal with. I mean, if I’m enjoying life and would like to extend it, you know, another year or decade or two,

[00:27:38] I needed to do something about it. But at the same time, Jupiter. Was moving from Pisces into Aries and those people who know me or know my chart, know that I carry nearly over the legal limit of planets in Aries. Uh, it’s actually my son, mercury, Venus, Mars, north Node, black Moon, Lilith, Aris, and probably a handful of asteroids.

[00:28:02] Uh, well definitely. And so as Jupiter, tipped into Aries, that was part of the statement of the hope and confidence of all of this. And we’ll see what happens when Jupiter, you know, in, in May, slides out of Aries and, and into, Taurus. And we’ll see if we can keep this run going. But right now, You know, it’s like someone has taken 12 pound weights off of each of my ankles.

[00:28:29] Mm-hmm. And I’m not done. You know, I have to say though, that being in Portugal for a week last week or week, two weeks ago, I was able to put five pounds on my body in just one week. Cause of the amazing, carbohydrates, uh, that is pastries, that were available to me. And so it’s, and I’ve now in one week taken those, um, off again.

[00:28:51] Amazing. Um, but, um, you know, but that’s what, you know, a combination of intention and follow through. And so in a way, you know, I’m an Aries. I’m really good at starting things, and I do have a cancer moon, which does give that Aries some staying power and my, my planet Mars, and I’m not possessive around it.

[00:29:12] When I say my planet Mars, it could be your planet too. I’m, I’m willing to share, but my planet Mars is in cancer, which is my moon sign, which I think in some ways energizes that concept of, of giving this real, real staying power. And again, we’ll, we’ll see. You know, well, we’re all, it surprised me how quickly in, in Portugal I could forget about whatever my rules were and have fresh baked English muffins every morning for breakfast.

[00:29:40] I mean, but the

[00:29:41] Amanda: fact that you came back and you got right back on track, that’s really impressive because a slide like that could be. You know, done. So that is really impressive and you have a whole community of people supporting you, cuz we’d also like you around for a long

[00:29:55] Rick: time. Rick. There you go.

[00:29:57] Another

[00:29:58] Amanda: thing, okay, so we, where we’ve talked about solar return. Love

[00:30:01] Rick: that. Thank you. That’s great.

Importance of Position & Aspects, & Other Planetary Returns

[00:30:03] Rick: And, and again, I should say that when one looks at their solar return, like any other chart you’d, you’d look at the moment of your solar return if you don’t have a moment even on that day, what aspects is the sun making to other planets?

[00:30:16] Okay? What house does the solar return, um, fall in If in fact it you have an accurate, you know, if you have accurate data, um, what are the closest aspects made in the chart itself? Gail. Hi. Gail is on, on the call or out there, and she said, Rick, when is your Mars returned? Would that be part of the picture?

[00:30:35] Well, actually, Mars returns approximately just short of every two years. Hmm. Unless you’re a Gemini, in which case you had a prolonged seven month Mars return. That was a 1 2 3 because of its crazy retrograde from last August all the way up through, March, through February, Mar February. Actually they turned direct in January, but didn’t move out of its shadow until March a.

[00:31:02] Anyhow, my, my Mars return won’t occur until Mars is back in Aries, um, which I, I don’t know when that’ll be, but it’ll be about a, a year down the. And so I don’t know when that is offhand, when the next part of it is any planetary return is significant. Um, and watching the planets to where they are when they return.

[00:31:29] And, and for that matter, Amanda, look, any planet is significant when it transits an aspect to a natal planet. And it’s even more significant when it transits an aspect to itself in your chart. So when transiting Mars right now in the sky. Is coming toward conjoining, my 16 degree cancer moon. It’s also going to Square Mars.

[00:32:00] Mars will square its own place, in just a few days because right now Mars, is at, nine, almost 10 degrees of, of cancer. And it looks like Mars will. It’ll reach at square to my natal Mars, next week, actually on April 18th. So energetically, whenever a transiting planet makes any aspect to itself in your natal chart, that’s significant, but it’s particularly significant, just like conjunctions are particularly significant.

[00:32:34] They are the loudest aspects. They are the first harmonic, they are the fundamental. And so whenever there’s any planetary return, wherever your Venus is, I mean, anyone right now who has Mars in cancer is going through a Mars return. And by next month that Mars will be moving from cancer into Leo, and then everyone who has Mars and Leo will be having a Mars return.

[00:32:56] Yes, these are significant and yes, they can be looked at and yes, you can do a chart for ’em, but the problem with doing planetary returns out past the moon, Or the sun is that they get slow enough in motion that there’s, even if, even if the computer can return an exact moment, it’s beyond the margin of error.

[00:33:20] In other words, when does, Saturn turn retrograde? Well, it turns retrograde. We might calculate a moment a minute, but it’s really. Stationary for hours before and after, and even a day or two before and after. It’s barely moving, and so we lose the ability to create a planetary return with with houses.

[00:33:46] By the way, there’s one other thing that comes into mind when we’re looking at planetary returns. And, and I know I brought this issue up when we talked about the United States’, Pluto return because of this little problem called the procession of the Equinox, and that is that the earth has this wobble that makes it different from when a planet returns to where it was actually physically against the backdrop of stars versus when it looks like it reached the point that it was in our chart.

[00:34:18] And I don’t want to delve deeply into this, but most computer programs, when you calculate a solar return, you can either calculate a regular solar return or a recessed solar return, which becomes further and further. The older you get, you know, at 72 years, the difference between the two of them is one full degree.

[00:34:43] So, you know, there’s all these unknowns.

Saturn Returns

[00:34:45] Rick: And so yes, we can look at these outer planetary returns and of course the most significant one that we look at, aside from our solar return, and many astrologers look at their lunar returns. But the most talked about one, of course, is the Saturn return and Saturn return because it’s slow.

[00:35:06] So slow moving. We rarely make a chart and call it our Saturn return chart because you can’t even pin it down to a day. Okay? You can pin it down to a day, but it’s not totally accurate. And, um, I’ll tell you a quick story about. Second Saturn return, because I knew when it was, I knew that Saturn was in late Leo, and it had moved through and it was retrograding and direct.

[00:35:35] And that’s a thing about many Saturn returns is that they can last, you know, up to eight or nine months, depending upon Saturn’s direct, retrograde direct motion. And then there are some people who experience a Saturn returning to where it was when they were born, that there’s a direct retrograde direct here, and then it goes across the spot.

[00:35:58] Of the return. And then it does a direct retrograde direct here. So some people get their Saturn return and you can calculate it. It’s on June 19th, 2024, Saturn return, you know, and other people get it expanded over three different hits. That might be the first hit, you know, in February. Then the second retrograde hit might be in June.

[00:36:21] And then the third direct hit, um, might be in, um, let’s see, February, March, April, may, June, July, August, September, October. In November. So you could have a, almost a whole year of that Saturn return. And so a, a and, and just while we’re a added here, I know people who like complain, oh my God, I got this upcoming Saturn return and it’s gonna be three times over six months or eight months, or whatever.

[00:36:48] This is awful. I w so-and-so just had their Saturn return and it was just one day. Boy, are they lucky? I think the exact opposite is the case. Often when we have a Saturn return that occurs with no, no retrograde direct, you know, back over that same point, it can turn our life upside down and backwards pretty damn quickly.

[00:37:09] It can be rather sudden and abrupt and, and, you know, and for other people that get it the three times it can be a process. But boy, it’s like it gives us time to dig into it and make it right and to do what that Saturn return is really asking us to do. And in a moment, I wanna come back and talk about how do we deal with the Saturn return, whether we’re 27, 28, 29 30, or whether we’re in our late, mid, late fifties, or whether we’re in our mid late eighties.

[00:37:43] Because the three Saturn returns can each be significant, if we know what to do with them rather than just blindly fearing them.

[00:37:52] Amanda: Okay. So to back up. With our solar return, there are three things that we might wanna look at in order to kind of grab some themes that help us focus our intentions.

[00:38:09] That is the aspects to the sun. That’s also the house that the sun, that the conjunction is in Essent. Not con, not a real conjunction. Right. But

[00:38:22] Rick: like, but the point at which the sun is conjoining our son at that moment. Correct. Yes.

[00:38:27] Amanda: And then the third is the closest, the, the, any aspects in the chart that are really close

[00:38:33] Rick: to each other.

[00:38:34] Yeah. And, and like any chart, you know, if there is, if there’s a, um, what’s the word I’m looking for? Telium, A density of pattern, you know, planets in a certain house. Mm-hmm. Or what planetary pattern, you know, is, is going on. Is the planet, is, is is the solar return, a, a bowl, is it a display? Is it a splatter?

[00:38:54] The, I mean, whatever the energy is of that moment, it’s part of the potential of the focus of the intention that can be stated then consciously or if not conscious. It’s an intention that the universe gives us, whether we know it or not. But it may not be the most significant thing in the, in the year be depending upon perfections, which is one, an annual perfection, which is also birth based on your birthday, um, or transits, you know, on your birthday or during the whole year.

[00:39:29] Mm-hmm. Or secondary progressions, uh, or solar arc directions. I mean, all the timing techniques that one uses are still all useful. And I don’t think that the solar return overwhelms any of those.

[00:39:42] Amanda: Okay. All right. So there’s a lot of tools we can use.

[00:39:45] This is one tool we can use on our birthdays to get a sense for the energy ahead, but mainly what you’re saying is the point of it is for intention setting.

[00:39:54] Rick: Well, and, and again, that’s my point. That doesn’t mean, that doesn’t mean that your astrology teacher or your astrologer is going to agree with me.

[00:40:05] And that’s just perfect. Yes,

[00:40:07] Amanda: exactly. Okay. Now in terms of other returns, we can do something similar. Correct. Although you’re, what you’re saying is that it’s harder to pinpoint a moment, right? For the Saturn return

[00:40:18] Rick: return. Exactly, exactly. Yeah, we can do, I mean, I, I know that during my Saturn re my, my second Saturn return, I was actually on the phone with a good astrologer friend at, this particular day.

[00:40:29] And she said to me, Hey, I just called up your chart. You know that your Saturn return is exact today. Mm. And I said, oh, no, I knew I was in my Saturn return, but you know, we astrologers don’t necessarily follow our chart minute by minute. And I said, no, I, I said, I know I’m in my Saturn return, but I didn’t realize it was exact today.

[00:40:48] Are you sure? She goes, yeah, I’m looking at the chart right now. Your Saturn is at 29 degrees, 51 minutes of Leo, and that’s where Saturn is in the sky right now. What’s going on? I said, you know, I don’t know. And just dealing with regular shit that I deal with always. And, uh, hang on, there’s someone at the door and I literally put her on hold.

[00:41:07] I mean, I did, I, and I, and I set the phone down. It was actually a phone call. And I walked to the door and I opened the, and, and someone was knocking at the door and I opened the door and the person said, um, excuse me, are you Rick Levine? And I said, yeah. And they said, you’ve been served i r s damn. And I came back to the phone and I said, uh, you know that question about what’s going on on my Saturn return, blah, blah, blah, boom.

[00:41:34] And I had to deal with it. I mean, and, and it worked out fine. But the point is that sometimes this shit is like, so I used to have, uh, an engineer who, uh, worked for us at Star iq and he had on his computer a little placard that said, you can’t make this shit up. Yeah. You know, I know

[00:41:53] Amanda: when things like that happen and it’s so literal, I feel like we’re in, uh, in a program of

[00:42:01] Rick: code and it’s just, well, right.

[00:42:03] And it’s like, it, it, it, it’s like, it’s so literal. That’s what sa Saturn is authority, you know? Yes. Um, it’s, and someone says, was your Saturn return in the eighth house? The problem with the Saturn return is you can’t give it. Well, actually you can because my natal Saturn is in the fourth house, so the Saturn return was in the fourth house, but I could change house cusp systems and in the, in whole sign houses, it was in my third house.

[00:42:33] So I don’t, I don’t know. But, um, but didn’t

[00:42:35] Amanda: she also say that when, when we run a return chart, we’re running it for the location of where we’re.

[00:42:42] Rick: Well, on a Saturn return chart. I don’t think a, i, I don’t, I don’t, I, I don’t think that a relocated chart is the chart that we use to understand what’s going on.

[00:42:53] I, you know, astrologers, these are things that astrologers geek out on when they’re together. Uh, when I look at the transits to my chart and to see what they’re doing and how they’re working, I use my natal chart for Bronx, New York. I do not use my chart for Redmond, Washington. I don’t think, I don’t think one overtakes the other.

[00:43:12] I think it can influence it, and I think that it, it adds nuance. But I don’t think that it replaces, I don’t think that it replaces it. Okay. Well,

[00:43:21] Amanda: we don’t have too much time to go too far deeply into Saturn returns, which I feel like could be an episode on its own. Do you wanna touch on what you were alluding to earlier,

[00:43:32] Rick: There’s. One question.

[00:43:33] Amanda: She came in from Jane and I, maybe we wanna go in this direction.

Planetary Return Rituals vs. Daily Rituals

[00:43:37] Amanda: How is this much different from looking at daily transits every morning and setting intentions for the day? Basically a personal

[00:43:43] Rick: ritual. No, I think I, I, I, I, I think it’s only different in its scale of timing.

[00:43:50] Grant Louie, my, one of my favorite astrologers, um, used to say that all planetary transits, um, were the same. It was the timing that was different. And he, um, he used an example that I’ve kind of extended, but it’s, let’s say you have a friend who comes over once a month, once a month and comes over for, um, dinner in the evening, and you play a game of chess, you have a glass of wine, and they go home.

[00:44:18] And this is a ritual that you do once every month or so. And it goes and goes and, and every month the person comes over, you have dinner, um, you play a game of chess, have a glass of wine, and they leave. And one month the same person comes over, has dinner. You play a game of chess, you have a glass of wine, and they stay for a year, and then they leave.

[00:44:40] It’s the same ener, it’s the same energetic dynamic, but it impacts us very differently. Yeah. I mean, if you wake up some morning and over your newspaper or iPad, you look at your partner having coffee with you and you go, oh my God, what did I do? And you put your face back in the iPad and you go, oh, I’m sure it’ll be okay.

[00:45:01] I’m just having a bad morning. I really like this. You know? But if that same thing goes on day in, day out for weeks and months, you’re not in a bad mood or a mood, you’re in a bad Mars or Saturn. Mm-hmm. And so by the same token, the, the creating an intention around a planetary return carries more. Then it might, compared to a daily ritual, unless you do that daily ritual, daily, meaning that that builds up its own, um, its own weight, its own rhythm, its own, it’s like doing, it’s like doing yoga.

[00:45:42] When we do yoga, it’s not about the half hour or two hours that we spend doing it. It’s about doing it every day. That creates a rhythm unto itself. And so from that standpoint, it’s um, you know, it’s, um, Um, yeah, it’s, it’s different. Um, got it. And by the way, Gail says that you accidentally said your Mars is in cancer, which is why she asked about the Mars return.

[00:46:08] Um, my Mars is in Aries. What I meant to say, if I misspoke. And unfortunately with the Gemini rising, I’ve, I’ve misspoke in my whole life on occasion, and I meant to say that my moon is in cancer. Yes. So transiting Mars is squaring my natal Mars in Aries, but it, and squaring my natal mercury and squaring my natal Venus and squaring my natal sun, blah, blah.

[00:46:32] But it’s conjoining. It’s coming up to conjoin my moon Mars conjoining my, my moon. So, so thank you. Um, thank you Gail. By, by the way, um, the thing about the Saturn return though, like any. It’s a moment where we get an inkling of what might be, for lack of a better word, called free will. That’s why we stayed our intentions at the solar return.

[00:47:01] It’s like there’s something happening like in a new moon. The old cycle’s done, the new cycle hasn’t started, and if I ritualize at the New Moon or hours after it, because most people agree that the New Moon itself is still blank. You know, and that we want to catch the growing energy of the moon. So if we ritualize at the New Moon, it’s really healthy to repeat that ritual an hour later, six hours later, 12 hours later, a day later, and maybe three days later to, to build momentum on that energy.

[00:47:37] But the idea is that at that blankness of a planetary return, there’s a potential for free will in operation. And it may be said that at our Saturn return, we have more free will in operation than at any other time in our life, although most of us don’t realize it because we’re feeling the heaviness, the weight of the pressure of having reached the top of the mountain.

[00:48:05] Here’s the way I. I see that through our twenties we’re climbing a mountain, and as we get closer and closer to the summit of the mountain, we’re getting closer and closer to our Saturn return. And as mountain climbers tell us that difficult mountains, the last few hundred yards are tougher than the entire rest of the climb, and that sometimes it’s the last hundred steps, you know, that are the ones that are impossible.

[00:48:37] And yet something continues to drive us to get to the top. And so often when we’re coming toward our Saturn return, even if we don’t know any astrology, we’re feeling the pressure of having to take responsibility. Even if we don’t know that’s what the pressure is, we just may feel like our life is pulling apart, things at work aren’t going right, things in our relationship aren’t going right.

[00:49:04] Or maybe I don’t have a relationship at all, or maybe I’m in a relationship where it’s just not working for me or for the other person, perhaps one or the other, or both. Um, or maybe I’m dealing with physical issues or maybe I’m dealing with addictions or things that I, that have become parts of habits that are no longer working for me.

[00:49:27] Well, the thing is, is that you feel the weight, and as you get closer and closer to the top of the mountain, You actually, by the time you’re at the top of the mountain, you can actually stand up and look around and say, where am I? And where do I wanna go? And whether we know it or not, we make a choice.

[00:49:49] And the choice we make is which direction do we descend off the mountaintop? Do we go that way or do we go that way? Or maybe we go that way and we make choices. And again, sometimes the choices seem to be made for us because if we don’t state and ritualize our intentions, they’re just, things happen and boom, we lose this.

[00:50:15] We have a kid, we, you know, don’t do that. We go back to school. We, we do things without really giving them significance. But what happens is that weeks or months or years later when we’re in the jungle or crossing a stream and down in the thick of the woods climbing down off that mountain, we realize.

[00:50:35] God, I should have gone off the mountain that way. And that’s why the mid thirties can be so difficult because often it’s coming to, um, realization, coming to realize that we made some decisions that maybe weren’t the best decisions we could have made, and we need to readjust. And of course, we can’t go back up to the top of the mountain and go down the other way, but sometimes we can alter our way around the mountain a bit.

[00:51:01] And this metaphor is actually a metaphor that works because if we’re aware of our Saturn return, rather than feeling the pressure. To grow up and make decisions. It’s about coming into our Saturn return. What can we do to take responsibility for where we are and what’s happening to us so that through our Saturn return, and if we’re blessed by having it retrograde and have three times, well then we try to do something on that first run.

[00:51:33] And then we think we’re heading down the mountain, but we realize somehow we’re still at the top of the mountain and we’re not done making that decision yet. So we get more time to refine our decision, so, or decisions or life changes, so that by the time our Saturn return is over, hopefully we’re more aligned with where we are going by having stood up and taken responsibility than just blaming everything on the circumstances that are unfolding around us.

[00:52:04] Hmm.

Experiencing Your First Two Saturn Returns

[00:52:05] Amanda: Rick, have you seen, and is it your experience. That when people are aware of the, energetic potential of their second Saturn return. So if they, if they’re, if there’s a certain awareness, yeah. And maybe with the first Saturn return, they were aware or not, but then by the time we get to the second return, they’re like, they know what the invitation is.

[00:52:32] Do you see or find that it’s easier for them to navigate that second one or

[00:52:39] Rick: not? Well, here’s the magic of Saturn. I so wanna say yes, but it’s not always true. Hmm. And I’ll tell you what the difference is, Saturn, which is, remember Latin for Kronos, which is Greek, if we have a Kronos related condition, in other words, something that’s chronic, the word chronic means of Kronos.

[00:53:02] And so something that’s settled in. Continues to settle in. Mm. And so those things which are chronic in our lives tend to become more chronic unless we actually fight the stream of inactivity or unconsciousness. And how do we do that? We do that through yoga. We do it through therapy. We do it through meditation.

[00:53:31] We do it through changing, uh, um, circumstances in our lives that we can change. We do it by changing our attitude. I mean, there’s all, I mean, everyone has hundreds of ways in which this can be done. Which way works well. What works for you may not be what works or worked for me. But the problem is that no, the, the second Saturn return can.

[00:53:58] A lot worse than the first one if we’ve let our life go further and further out of whack. But here’s, and I just had this come up with an apprentice in my Patreon apprentice program, um, just, um, this last week where, um, in talking with this particular apprentice coming back, um, it actually, it wasn’t a Saturn return, but it was a Saturn transit to the moon, I think, or to the sun, to the moon, I think it was.

[00:54:24] And this is what I would have someone doing coming into their second Saturn return. I would say. All right, first of all, go back and figure out the first Saturn return. Give it a year on either side and begin to write what was the changes in your life back at the first Saturn return? What. What didn’t work?

[00:54:47] What did you want to happen? What actually happened? What was the circumstances in your life post Saturn return versus pre Saturn return? And now look at what happened during the Saturn opening square, typically around age 35, 36. At that point in time, what were the issues that you were dealing with in your mid thirties, and then what were the issues that you were dealing with around the time of your Uranus opposition, which is around age 42, which is the Saturn second, Saturn opposition?

[00:55:28] Two, because Saturn as a 30 year cycle or 29 year cycle. Typically, if our Saturn return happens at just before 30. Our Saturn halfway cycle is going to happen at around age, 42 ish, somewhere around there, Saturn Plus, you know, 14 years. 30, 30, uh, 40, uh, 3 44, 45 even. What’s, what happened there?

[00:55:55] Then on the Saturn closing square and now you’ve had a picture of this whole process and for that matter, look in your life at what was going on around age 7, 6, 7, 7 and a half at the first opening square of Saturn. And then how about your adolescence around age 13, 14, 15 when Saturn was opposing your natal Saturn and then out around age 21 when you were granted freedom, whatever that meant and what was going on when Saturn was squaring your natal Saturn?

[00:56:30] Cuz it’s not just about the conjunctions, that’s just the most obvious. And the conjunction, like the new moon is the moment of the black hole of the emptiness of the end has occurred and the beginning hasn’t occurred. And that’s when we begin to get to make the most use of our stated intention, not through just thinking about it.

[00:56:50] It’s not asking you shall receive, it’s not making a wish. It’s not stating an intention. It’s making a wish based upon our intention and then acting on it as if the intention was being fulfilled. That is what ritual is always about. Okay.

Closing Thoughts

[00:57:10] Amanda: I have a, I have one more question. It’s very

[00:57:13] Rick: important. Well good Cuz I only have one more answer.

[00:57:15] Amanda: Good. Okay. Very, very important. I mean, I have a million more questions as

[00:57:19] Rick: I always do, but I have a million more answers, but we’re not going. You

[00:57:23] Amanda: mentioned earlier that you’re almost at the legal limit of planets and Aries. What’s the legal limit?

[00:57:30] Rick: I don’t know. Jeff used to say that Jeff Joer, who used to was my astrology buddy in, in partner in crime.

[00:57:37] Jeff used to just say, Rick has over the legal limit, carries over the legal. Planets and areas there, there, obviously it is, it is just, was meant to be a, uh, smart ass saying. Um, but I do have a fairly close conjunction of, of Mercury, Mars, Venus, sun, Lilith over 10 degrees, you know, so Well,

[00:58:00] Amanda: whatever you have, it’s perfect.

[00:58:02] Rick: On a good day, on a good day, on a bad day, whatever I have sucks just as much as in your life or in your life. On a good day, it’s perfect and a bad day it sucks, but the day that sucks is perfect too. We just don’t know it that day. Yes.

[00:58:17] Amanda: Okay. Well, thank you so much. This has been so helpful. I feel like we have a, an awesome, uh, snapshot of your perspective on solar returns and other planetary returns and how we can actually work with them in a powerful way, in an intentional way.

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[01:00:49] Amanda: no.

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[01:01:31] Rick: Not, not that I can think of offhand. I’ll see a lot of you, next month at Norac, at the Northwest Astrology Conference. Yes. I understand that you guys are gonna be there, or some of you guys, uh, we’re

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[01:03:14] It’s gonna be

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[01:04:38] Amanda: That sounds amazing. That’s awesome. I’m so

[01:04:41] happy.

[01:04:41] Rick: You should come. You should.

[01:04:43] Amanda: I’m like, wait, I kinda

[01:04:44] Rick: wanna go. This sounds really fun. More, more fun than, more fun than Norac. I’ll, I’ll bring a,

[01:04:48] Amanda: I’ll bring Madeline, you’re you’re little. Okay. Yeah. Um, and Madeline’s my 14 year old. Okay. Thank you so much for everything today. Rick. Thanks to all of you for being here.

[01:04:59] Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for all of your great questions. Thank you for being curious and interested and just thank you for, for being a part of our community and as always, for making astrology a part of your life. We’ll look forward to seeing you for the cosmic connection in a couple weeks.

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[01:05:34] And Rick, of course, you as well, and take care. See you soon.