[SEEDS of LIGHT] Astrology as a Tool for Healthy Co-Parenting w/ Dominique Jaramillo

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In this  Seeds of Light episode, Dominique Jaramillo and Ana Zaharia discuss… Astrology as a healthy tool for co-parenting 

Here’s what we explore:
  • Insights on how using Astrology as a co-parenting tool can bring in compassion and open deeper channels of communication, free of judgment.
  • How knowing specific Astrological placements can help you be aware of the lens your child is experiencing you through, and the kind of nurturing they need for their unique nature.
  • Details about how Mercury through the Elements communicates.
  • This week's personal story and question about Saturn in the 4th house, and how this energy can manifest between parent and child.

Planetary cycles both large and small all point to a massive energetic shift that will enable you to spread your wings and take flight… if you consciously work with the energies coming your way!

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