The Karmic Tides of Saturn in Pisces w/ Astrologer Jamie Magee

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Why you can’t go back…

In this Weekly Horoscope from the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh explore the Saturn and Pisces transition’s powerful astrological influences, heralding a time of great spiritual awakening and transformation.

The transition marks the end of an era of stagnation and a time to release and let go of things that no longer serve your purpose. Jamie emphasizes the importance of embracing change and focusing on your perspective and energy to manifest positive outcomes in your life. To this end, you are encouraged to surround yourself with positive influences and cultivate a healthy mindset.

Additionally, Jamie also talks about Jupiter in Aries, which can be a tremendous force for positive change if harnessed correctly. By being intentional with your focus and directing your energy towards your goals and aspirations, you can channel the transformative energy of the universe to achieve your dreams. She says it is important to approach this time with openness and optimism and to be proactive in shaping your destiny. With the right mindset and approach, Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Aries can be a time of tremendous growth and empowerment.

You’ll learn…

🌑 Which highly-anticipated transit of 2023 is happening this week, and what it means.
🌒 How stories in the news reflect the astrological energies of the week.
🌓 How you can use this week’s energy to heal and grow.

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0:00 Intro

4:31 Theme of the Week

7:32 Saturn in Pisces

22:22 Day to Day Breakdown

29:34 Working with Chiron Wounds

34:37 Recap

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[00:00:00] the overall message from this is that you can’t go back, even if going back feels safe and comfortable and familiar.

[00:00:07] You’ve grown, you’ve graduated, you’re ready to move into this new story


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[00:00:30] Welcome everyone. I am so happy that you are here. Thank you for joining us for the Weekly Weather. For those of you who are new to our

[00:00:39] channel, you have just

[00:00:40] joined a conversation that we’re having here every single week, A worldwide conversation where we explore the astrology for the week ahead. And the different energies that are present for us to actually work with in our lives in practical ways, in tangible ways.

[00:00:58] Just getting the information that we need to make decisions in the right timing to, um, just show up in our lives in the best way that we can. So I’m super grateful you’re here. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you are alerted anytime that we. Release a new episode for those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Amanda Pool Walsh, and I’m the founder of Astrology Hub.

[00:01:22] And today I am very thrilled to be introducing some of you. Some of you know Jamie, some of you are new to Jamie. She is an astrologer. She works on our Astrologer Connect platform. She’s also an internal member of our team and she’s just an amazing human being. So, so happy to have her here for her weekly weather debut.

[00:01:46] Just a little bit about Jamie. She has been practicing astrology for over a decade. She has written 22 novels. Mind blowing. She blends traditional and modern techniques in her practice. She is the host of our Star Signs Horoscope Weekly show, and she recently had her hosting debut on the Astrology Hub Podcast on episode 6 58.

[00:02:13] The importance of having astrology friends. She did this with Laura Orcutt on our team as well, and it’s a super, super sweet episode. If you missed it, highly recommend checking it out, especially for any of you who are feeling kind of lonely or lost on your astrological journey. They gave some great tips for how to find your community.

[00:02:33] All right. So Jamie, before we dive into the weekly weather, I just wanna ask, since you are an active astrologer doing consultations with people every single day, especially through our Astrologer Connect platform, which is awesome. What, what’s the vibe right now? What is the number one thing that people are coming to you with?

[00:02:51] You know, what’s weighing heavy on people’s hearts as far as you can see in your.

[00:02:57] Well, I mean, I have to say I love talking to clients, even if it’s on the instant reading or a booked reading, but everyone is, it’s almost like we’re in a space between what was and what will be and, and we’re feeling that we’re trying to wrap up our loose ends and move forward.

[00:03:10] Now, I do work with a lot of entrepreneurs, our people who are working to, you know, build their dream and, and transition into a new story. But, uh, there’s also a lot of relationship, you know, questions that are coming in. You know, just really trying to figure out, how can I close this carmic loop?

[00:03:25] Should I close it, and what do I need to take into my new life with me? So it’s really, you know, like one of the analogies that I keep using, it’s almost as if you are, are living in California and you’re moving to another country, or you’re living somewhere and you’re moving to another country, and you’re in this state right now where you’re packing up everything.

[00:03:41] You’re deciding what to store, what to sell, what, what you really need, and you don’t really know what’s gonna be in the. Area that you’re moving in, you don’t know exactly what you’re gonna need. You have a good view of it. And that’s the process that we’re in. So we’re kind of really just looking, all of the clients that I’ve been talking to ever since, even the end of D December, maybe the last fall, it’s like, okay, what?

[00:04:01] What’s next? How do I process this and move forward? And, you know, sometimes, you know, Just knowing the dates and when to engage and when to just hold back and wait a moment and take a deep breath and let things, process is all they need to really move forward to make a really good decision. That is, it’s gonna be really long standing cuz that’s, that’s what we’re moving into.

[00:04:22] These decisions are opening up, not new chapters, but new novels. Like you’re in a new section of the library altogether. Some of the energy that we’re moving through in the spring.

Theme of the Week

[00:04:31] I remember that at our yearly forecast, astrologers looked at March of 2023, where we’re at now, and they went, wow, that’s a huge month.

[00:04:40] I mean, there’s a lot happening in this one month. It’s very, Pivotal, and so now we’re here. We’re here in this, you know, first full week of March, and I know there’s some big astrology ahead. So what would you say is the theme for this particular week

[00:04:59] and why? So the theme I have is karmic tides, like think about the ocean, which is definitely being reflected in the fact that Saturn, one of the biggest energetic shifts of this month and this year is moving into Pisces.

[00:05:14] And this is anytime Saturn moves, Saturn stays in place for two and a half years. It’s always something that you notice. But Saturn has been in his rulership, a place where he feels really at home, his own castle, since December of 17, he was in Capric. Then an Aquarius, and now we’re moving into a new element and a new sign.

[00:05:34] Now, with that alone, there would be a lot to unpack about this week, but. To add to this, we have a Virgo Full Moon about an hour before Saturn moves into Pisces. Now Virgo, it represents this archetype. It represents the sacred, the ordinary. It notices those careful details and the possibilities that how something very small can make a really huge change in your life.

[00:06:03] So what to suggest is underneath the beams of this Virgo Full Moon, we might get a glimpse of Saturn’s lesson plans as he walks into Sat walks into Pisces. And this could be on a collective level or on a personal level, like it’s almost. You see what needs to change all at once. So that first initial glance is gonna be really priceless.

[00:06:21] Now the full moon is packed with a lot of energy adding to this. It’s gonna be enshrine with Uranus. Now Uranus offers insights and it also gives us an invitation to lean into our growing edge. It leans into the new story. So we have a big planet moving into a new sign, and now we have this invitation that says, yes, flow in that new direction.

[00:06:42] The edge to this is that the moon is in, uh, wide square to Mars. Now Mars is out of bounds and he is touring the same place that he was in at the end of last November. So even though you’re a lot clearer now than you were in D November, deciding what action to take can still feel a little bit challenging.

[00:07:02] Like you, you know that you want to integrate this way, but you still see these choices and you still have a little bit of doubt. As you said, the month of March is packed with so much changing energy like it, it’s gonna be hard to keep up at times. And the overall message from this is that you can’t go back, even if going back feels safe and comfortable and familiar.

[00:07:23] You’ve grown, you’ve graduated, you’re ready to move into this new story of your life with this.

Saturn in Pisces

[00:07:32] Jamie, can we talk a little bit just about

[00:07:35] Saturn and Pisces? Yeah, absolutely. Basically, Saturn stays in a sign for two, about two and a half years, right? Yes. Yeah, absolutely. And we said we’ve

[00:07:43] been in Saturn and Capricorn, then we were in Saturn and Aquarius, so that’s been the last five

[00:07:47] years.

[00:07:47] Is that Yes. Yeah, almost six. Yeah, definitely a long, a long standing place where Saturn has felt comfortable, you know, and Saturn’s our teacher. Wherever you find Saturn in your chart is where you are meant to develop mastery in this life. Now that can be really challenging when you’re young, but as you get older, you begin to partner with this energy, you lean into it.

[00:08:09] It’s like that whole um, that line, you know, you become a master after doing something for 10,000 hours. Like Saturn really applies that kind of energy. To what you’re working on. And now Saturn is moving into a water sign. And one thing about Saturn and Pisces is as you move through the zodiac sign, the next sign improves on the qualities of the one that it just left.

[00:08:32] So in Aquarius there was highs and lows with Saturn, cuz Saturn can play. On the side of light and dark. It really depends on your perspective. It depends on how willing you are to do the work and make the changes that you wanna make or how much you wanna hold onto something. It also has a little bit of fear and a little bit of anxiety, cuz it has to do with change.

[00:08:52] We almost say, okay, well I don’t wanna really, I don’t wanna change this because I’m comfortable here. Now in Aquarius, we had a lot of things in our society that came up. We had a little bit of a detachment, a little bit of separation. It was almost like that airplane view where you were looking down, you could say, okay, well there’s the city, there’s the country, there’s the river.

[00:09:10] And you know, there wasn’t. It was, there was a sense of it, but it was almost easy to, I, I don’t really wanna say it, but almost easy to label things and say, okay, well that’s this and this is that. And there’s, like I said, there was detachment, there’s a little bit of space between you and I, but when Saturn moves into Pisces, that same sense of community, this is all of us.

[00:09:30] We’re gonna understand that we are all one. Like you’re, you’re whoever is challenging you or whoever you love in you’re life, no matter how it is. We are all one. So Pisces really speaks to compassion and spirituality and boundaries and what is healthy for you in your daily sacred moments of your life and what is really giving you a lot of burdens or habits that are holding you back.

[00:09:56] Where do you escape? Where do you connect? And this, this could surface in a lot of ways, but Saturn’s job. Is to remove anything that is blocking you from your purpose, however that is unfolding in your life. So, you know, if you take one good glance at the keywords, you may think, oh, well Saturn’s gonna give me a lot of spiritual boundaries, and, and that’s what it me, that’s what’s gonna matter to me.

[00:10:19] That that’s what everything around me is gonna be. I’m putting this boundary between you and I. But none of those boundaries are unhealthy. And then we can look at the mundane side of this, like how the collective will feel about this energy. And I remember when we did the forecast events, I reflected on 93 and 96 and some of the big edit down stories, it was like people were starting to get online, they were starting to connect.

[00:10:40] There was also stories about Waco in Texas, like where we, we aren’t coming out because there was people that were, they felt like they were, you know, following a faith, but. It was really restricting them. And, and recently, just recently in the edit down, cuz you always feel these big planets like Saturn, they’re almost like a sunrise, like being outside when it’s still pitch by dark and you, the sky gets a little bit bluer and then the, the sun starts to rise and before you know it, you’re in the middle of it.

[00:11:08] So I’ve been watching the edit down and all the recent stories and recently in a university in Kentucky had. A standard service, a standard Wednesday morning service as a Christian university, and right before this service ended, one of the kids got on stage and he confessed all of his flaws and all of his fears, and he was like, this is, this is how I feel and this is what I’m leaning into for strength.

[00:11:31] Well, the service never ended. All the kids stayed and towards the end of the day the university said, you know what? This is still going on if you guys wanna come back. So they did. And it never ended. And it never ended. And by the time I heard about this, it had been going on for a week straight. And I heard about it through one of the big edit down stations.

[00:11:50] Like it was like come across. And what was interesting. Was this edit down station said that they were so intrigued by what was happening with this. Like, why are all these people like getting in their cars and driving to this university, like from all over the place. California New York, Canada, they were flying in and um, the university, you know, told this, you know, national edit down, circuit, they said, you know what, we love you and we appreciate your interest.

[00:12:17] But we don’t want you here. No, no one here is running for political office. No one here is selling anything. Everything is free and everyone in this community. Is sharing love. They’re sharing weaknesses and their strengths. And I mean, then you would see the videos and it was spilling outta the university.

[00:12:34] It was lions all over the parking lot. People outside just really proclaiming this. Like, it was insane. And Amanda, you know me personally and you know I do not cry. I was like, what is this on my cheeks? Cuz it just, you just felt like, oh my God, like it washed over you. And it, it finally ended after two weeks, like after two weeks that the church, the service or the university said, you know what?

[00:12:56] We love you. We have to end this because the town was inundated. It was inundated with so many people and it was ama. I mean, it would take your breath away to look. It was like os Bury University in Kentucky, right outside of Lexington. It actually inspired other, you know, gatherings for it. I mean it, it is just like a, that’s the kind of energy where like we are just so hungry to feel connected and like we were one.

[00:13:18] And interestingly enough, like I watched a lot of like social mini media videos cuz you could see that. And there was only one criticism that I really came across and it was at the end of it and it was actually, and I had seen a lot of ministers speak a lot really positive about this. , but it was from one minister, and he’s like, you know, they had all these people here and not one hard, they hardly ever used scripture.

[00:13:38] They hardly ever, ever did anything, and they didn’t. They sang, it was about love, it was about prayer. It was like, I’m having this hard time. I appreciate you so. . We had like, and I’m not saying that as Saturn moves into Pisces that we’re not gonna see the opposite of this. We’re not gonna see a break of illusion or where we’re worshiping, but, or what we are in service to wherever our faith and our spirituality goes to.

[00:14:01] But this just really. Amplified for me that hunger, like we have been so detached. We have said things that we probably didn’t mean. We really kind of channeled ourself in a direction that may or may not have been healthy. Like we just felt like we were defending ourselves. Like, if you’re gonna call me this, I’m gonna call you that I’m gonna defend my space.

[00:14:19] But to see this beautiful energy, like it was simply remarkable and I was excited to see that. Now, on the other hand, When Aquarius went in, when Saturn went into Aquarius, we had this almost instant fear of the air. We had all of this reason to like, you know, wear the mask and do all the things. And recently we had the derailment in Ohio, and at first when that happens, it was about the air.

[00:14:45] You know, they were worried about it, but now the conversation is about the water. and Pisces is by water. Mm-hmm. . So it’s like, you know, it, it’s not, if it’s not measuring here, it’s gonna be in the groundwater. And it’s not just who lives on the river, it’s how far you go and what is in your river. Now this conversation’s about water and rivers and Pisces is usually the ocean.

[00:15:03] But I would hope that we would see, you know, the damage that we are done and, and the, and the possibility that we can. You know, begin to heal this damage with this energy too. So there’s a lot of, there’s like a lot of energy to work with when it comes to Saturn and Pisces. But overall, the, you know, the message is, you know, this is my purpose.

[00:15:25] Saturn’s gonna say, this is your purpose and this is what you need to reach it. Like you’re, this needs to be removed or added. This needs to be added to your life. One or the.

[00:15:35] Wow. That story is fascinating. I, I mean, one of the things that’s interesting about it too, Jamie, is that it was the vulnerable sharing of the flaws of the, of the mistake.

[00:15:49] If I’m understanding the story correctly, I haven’t been following this, so I don’t, I haven’t heard the initial. You know, confession or whatever this, this young person did to, to spark this two week service, which is am amazing. But it, it’s interesting because Saturn, you know, is so, so much about, you know, helping us identify where we do need to.

[00:16:14] To work, you know, where, where we need, there’s, there’s things about us that aren’t, you know, we need, we need to improve upon or we, we could improve upon. And so this, this kids going up and saying, look, I’m not perfect. These are the things I’ve done and, but like, can you hold me in that, which is like so spicy.

[00:16:29] It’s, it’s just, it’s really, really beautiful. And showing also the. In vulnerability, which Taylor Schuler and I spoke about a few weeks ago on the podcast, like that vulnerability. So often is actually strong, you know, when someone can be that vulnerable. But that those two words also remind me of Saturn, like vulnerable and strong at the same time.

[00:16:55] Mm-hmm. , right?

[00:16:56] Absolutely. Yeah. And I mean, this was, this is a generation that grew up in a, where. , your identity was your profile on your social media. And you know, if you didn’t like this relationship, you delete you, you move on. Now as it grew, there was every generation there, there was children there, there was all kinds of people.

[00:17:13] But it was really, that vulnerability did show a lot of strength in, in that moment. And it’s interesting, you know, as an astrologer you see this big story break. You’re gonna pull up the chart to figure out, you know, what was happening in the sky at that moment and you know, how did this impact it? And in interestingly enough, it was right around the time that, you know, Mercury and Pluto were meeting up.

[00:17:33] So that was, uh, beautiful for the, for these people. But a lot of us were basically kind of just digging up all these things that we buried and putting ’em on the table, which could have felt really intense. But at the same time, like the sky right now, most of the energy is on one side of it. And the moon was moving through Virgo, which is where we have that full moon this week.

[00:17:52] And this, this blew my mind, like I, my, my jaw dropped. So the savian symbol for where the moon was at the time that that service began. The I’ll, I’ll probably misquote it, but basically said a caravan car. A caravan people, people enter a caravan of cars and travel to uh, a promise of a better life. I swear like, look it up, I was like,

[00:18:17] people that dunno what Sabian symbols are. Can you just say,

[00:18:21] Yeah, I will do my, like, Sabian symbols are just a very, it’s like they were orally, they were downloaded, and it’s just a, so a little bitty phrase that represents degrees for each sign. So if you were to go and search a Sabian symbol for the degree of your son, like the phrase that is by that, Will most likely resonate with you.

[00:18:39] And I believe Roger did a lot of work with this too, but I like to look up the signs or the fixed stars or anything around like a point, because I was like, yeah, that was really intense. Where did all this love come from? And I start looking at all the degrees and. That, that Virgo moon and right across, and it also the moon was across, you know, Jupiter and, and Venus.

[00:18:57] And Pisces. So it was, it was just a beautiful energy and it, it just had a lot of compassion wrapped around that, which is, is definitely what Pisces is about, is having that compassion. And like we mentioned in the forecast in 20, uh, last time in 93, 96, That was the theme, like the, the 11th Insight book came out.

[00:19:17] So it was all about like, you know, trusting the group and we are one, and the Shawshank Redemption came out and the book, the Giver came out. So it was really talking about like, you can have compassion in your darkest hour and if, if you can hold it in your darkest hour, you are invincible. Like if you can have faith when there’s no reason to have faith in yourself and in your purpose, there’s no stopping you.

[00:19:40] And, and that’s what Pisces really dials into. Okay, so Jamie, if

[00:19:45] I’m hearing correctly this week, we have Saturn moving into Pisces. An hour before that happens, we have the Full Moon in Virgo, which you’re saying because of the. Configuration of the planets for that full moon, that it’s going to be a little bit of a sneak peek into the Saturn and Pisces curriculum, quote unquote, for the next two and a half years.

[00:20:07] It, it, it will, whatever’s happening in your life at that time, whatever’s up, whatever storylines you’re navigating, Those are gonna give you clues into what this Saturn and Pisces energy might hold for

[00:20:19] you, correct? Yeah, definitely. I mean, the clues are always there, but so you’re gonna have to really want to see them.

[00:20:25] But Virgo, and I wanna be, I want you to be cautious with this, so like if you see the clues, I don’t want you to feel like you, you thought you were at the starting line and you’re four blocks back and you’re having to catch up because it’s like, oh wow, I thought I had almost accomplished this. But really, You have to do all this work first.

[00:20:41] You know what I mean? Don’t, don’t like be hard on yourself when you see the curriculum, see it as the possibilities, because Virgo does have a tendency to be like, I have all these things to do. I have all these details, and that’s just because they know what perfect feels like. So whatever that glimpse is, I want you to lean into the positivity of it.

[00:20:57] Like, okay, I can do this. I know that. On the other side of this journey, I’m gonna be ready, but more ready than I ever could imagine for what’s next in my life. But yeah, definitely it’s a beautiful glimpse. And the full moon also adds in, you know, we’re in the where Taurus is. Taurus is gonna be enshrined with this energy.

[00:21:17] That’s an area of our life where we’ve been already working on breakthroughs and changes, whether we like it or not, especially in. Taurus kind of energies. The north node’s been pulling us out of our, you know, comfort zone. And then Uranus has been saying, okay, look, here’s the, here’s your growing edge.

[00:21:31] Lean into it. And to fold all that together. There’s a, like a, there’s a T square, a loose square to this full moon, to an out of bound Mars in Gemini. So basically with Mars right now, even though it’s a little bit frustrating, and it feels really big because Mars is out of bounds.

[00:21:47] So when a planet’s out of bounds, that means that it’s just, it’s got a lot of energy and it’s, well, really like, okay, let’s just go, let’s just get it done. So sometimes it kind of goes above the rules. We have this really big energy Mars, like, can I just please get out of, you know, Jim and I and move forward in, in this way?

[00:22:03] So you’re ready to integrate things, but this is also immutable energy, which means that you’re like, okay, I have this choice. I have that choice. And you’re trying to get clear. But like we mentioned before, it really is about packing everything up, tying up the loose ends and moving into the new direction.

[00:22:18] Just kind of adding all of this in. Okay. All

[00:22:22] right.

Day to Day Breakdown

[00:22:22] Well, we’ve already started going pretty deep into the astrology, but if you can walk us through the days, cuz as you’re speaking I’m like, wh which day is the full moon? And which, yeah. Okay. You’re gonna start us with Monday and we’ll just walk through the days and, and you can, just touch on some of these points that you’ve al already brought up, but like help like lay it out for the week.

[00:22:39] Alright, before I go into the days, I just wanna say that all this energy that we have been talking about has been, is gonna happen on the seventh. So that’s tomorrow. You’re definitely already feeling this. You’re gonna process it throughout the week. But we do have one more transit before we talk about the days.

[00:22:54] And that is how we’re gonna end this week. And that’s what Jupiter, conjunct Chiron in Aries. Now this energy can unfold differently for everyone. Let’s just unpack it really quick and talk about how Jupiter expands everything it touches, no matter if it’s positive or negative, and Chiron is the wound that cannot be healed yet.

[00:23:13] Chiron teaches us that though some wounds cannot be healed, there’s always hope. And a reason to go on. So this kind of wraps into the other energies we’ve already talked about. Now, this energy could stir up some wounds, especially around social circles. Something we’ve already talked about, going from Aquarius to Pisces.

[00:23:30] It could stir up some anxieties about unspoken rules, which we have a lot of in our environment right now. But your job with this energy and as you wrap up this week, is to really forgive. Forgive others. Learn from your past. Teach others by example. Our action. You know, how you can rise above or avoid, broken pathways that will take you away from your purpose.

[00:23:54] But I just wanted to say that before we dove into the days. All right.

[00:23:58] Okay. Okay. That’s, that’s a, a nice, um, lay of the land and now let’s,

[00:24:04] let’s understand the timing of it. Sure. Okay, so today, Monday. The sun is in Pisces, and it’s gonna sextile Uranus in Taurus. The moon is in Virgo and the energy is building.

[00:24:14] We’re getting ready to move towards that full moon. So you may already be really sensing, if not already engaged with some of the themes that Saturn and the Full Moon are gonna bring into your life as you start working with this week. Now, on Tuesday the seventh, that’s the big day that we’ve been talking about.

[00:24:30] We have the Full Moon in Virgo, tri Uranus wide square with Mars. Now if possible, With this energy and this day, I think it’s good to try to be the observer when the opportunity presents itself. Cause there’s gonna be a lot of really high emotions. There’s gonna be endings, there’s gonna be launches, there’s gonna be everything occurring at the same time.

[00:24:48] A lot of feels in a real way, like we’ve mentioned before, you’re really standing between what was and what will be with this energy. So notice the details, follow your triggers. Saturn is a marathon. It’s not a sprint. . So Wednesday you’re still gonna be feeling as if you are in the thick of everything that has just surfaced in your life.

[00:25:10] But the universe has kind of given us a break this day. There’s not a lot of big action that’s gonna happen transit wise on Monday. The moon will move into Libra. So this is gonna bring a theme of balancing, noticing, okay? This does need to be adjusted. This is out of balance. I’m giving too much here.

[00:25:26] I’m not receiving too much here. This is almost like a hush. There’s like a, there’s a quietness to this day, there’s not gonna be a lot of notifications or emails. It’s almost like you have to soak it all in. Okay? So that’s really good. Helps you process. Now, on the next day, Thursday the ninth, you will still have some space to process.

[00:25:47] There’s not gonna be a lot of new information coming in. That’s why I keep saying just process and process. It’s really with this day about moving the unconscious to the conscious to light. So making sure that you’re saying, okay, this is why it bothers me. Cuz sometimes when you’re in the heat of an argument or a disagreement or a big decision, you’re not really sure why you don’t wanna say yes or why you don’t wanna say no.

[00:26:09] So that’s your process. As you work through Thursday, you’re really starting to see. I’m blaming this person for this, I regret it for this reason, and you’re trying to look at both sides of the story as you work through this energy. Now, it’s really important to notice as you do this reflection, not to lay blame on yourself or anyone else.

[00:26:31] Instead to really ask yourself or notice, okay, I have, I’ve healed and I’ve grown, and I have the power to help others heal and grow through this by just being an example of who I am and. Overall for this day, it really is gonna depend on your perspective about how it’s gonna feel for you. If you have a really dark and depressed perspective and you’re seeing, you know, the negative, that’s how it’s gonna feel.

[00:26:53] If you’re really optimistic, those opportunities are gonna start to reveal themselves to you. Like, okay, yeah, this could work out. Like I do feel like we’re moving in the right directions. It’s sad I’m gonna miss that, but I’m. Now on Friday we have the moon shifting into Scorpio. Now, before this transition, it will square Pluto who is getting ready to move into Capricorn, which we’ll talk about next week.

[00:27:17] Now, what you’ve been thinking about over this whole week may feel like it has an edgy or an activating in, which means like you just abruptly, you have to make a change. You have to say what you’ve been thinking about through this energy. Overall. Keep in mind this is a needed change and it’s gonna empower your growth if you can hold that in your mind as you wrap up this week.

[00:27:39] Now also think about how. Anytime you have the invitation to surrender yourself, surrender to your like, let go. I’m not gonna fear this. I’m gonna trust it. You wanna do this because Scorpio is gonna pull you deep, deep, deep down within. And sometimes it’s a little bit scary. You don’t wanna go into the depths, you don’t wanna really know what your triggers are or why you feel this way, because it could reveal another pattern.

[00:27:59] So just trust the depth, trust the surrender, and I. As you move through this day, acceptance is gonna really start to, to take root in a big way. Now, Saturday the 11th, this is a day, it’s almost like you, you, you’ve wrapped up the week and you’ve moved into your weekend. You’ve started to process everything and.

[00:28:19] You’re getting ideas or suggestions. Now, these ideas or suggestions could come from just doing mundane tasks. Like, you know, you walked away from the problem and now the idea comes in. You could have a conversation with someone and they just make a suggestion that sparks an idea about, you know what, yeah, that is a, that’s a good way to do that is a good way to think about it.

[00:28:36] Now that I see it through your eyes, I’m gonna work with that. So kind of be. Suggestions, internal or external as you move through Saturday. Now, I do think you will start to be feeling a little bit of that last transit that we talked about on Sunday, the 12th. That’s where Jupiter is conjunct Chiron. Now remember, it’s gonna expand what you focus on.

[00:28:56] So that’s why it’s important from the start to the finish of this week to really lean into your growing edge and what possibilities are held within the changes that you’re making. If you’re able to do that, release your fear, release your pain, you’re gonna have the opportunity on Sunday and around this whole area to heal.

[00:29:15] To, to heal and say, you know what? I, I recognize this wound. I recognize what it’s done to me and what it’s taught me, but I also understand the strengths that I have and how I can move forward with it. And it’s a pretty good way to wrap up the week if you’re focused on healing moving forward.

Working with Chiron Wounds

[00:29:30] If Chiron is the wound that can never be healed.

[00:29:34] Mm-hmm. what? Because I know there’s certain, there’s certain wounds that we, it seems like we all sort of carry as humans, like mm-hmm. , the, you know, wounding around abandonment or rejection or, um, you know, even like some of our mortality fears or wounds, you know, In your experience when you’re working with clients or with yourself, what happens to those types of wounds as we work with Chiron?

[00:30:07] Like, do they just get less intense? Do we actually mine them for the gifts? Like what?

[00:30:14] What actually happens with that? I do feel like it’s more of the latter, like minding them for the gifts cuz you know, Chiron does, it also shows up in a lot of soulmate charts and really deep relationships. And it’s because this person, like if you look at the chemistry or the ministry of your chart and someone’s Chiron on a personal planet or in that area, this person can see to the depths of your soul, they see everywhere that you’re wounded and they can hold you.

[00:30:37] Now the flip side of this is they actually know how to hurt you too, because they can see it. So it’s not always a good way to go, but as as you said, Some of the wounds that we carry and you can see in your chart, usually, like when I work with clients, you can al, you can identify, okay, this is where you met this pain for the first time.

[00:30:54] Mm-hmm. And this is where this pain was. You were reminded of this pain. And so you, when you start to see your patterns and how you interact with it, that’s already taking you closer to healing. And you know, sometimes, Where a wound is in our life, we’re able to help other people. So if you have a relationship wound, like if you were really hurt, like you were destroyed, you have some processing to do there.

[00:31:16] You have to learn to trust yourself because you have a little bit of blame. Why didn’t I see it? Why didn’t I feel it? Was I not enough? And then once you move past those energies, trusting that the next person is, it’s not gonna be a pattern. And then having that next relat. Pay for the sins of the prior relationship.

[00:31:32] Like it’s a, definitely a soul, a little bit of a soul dance that you’re working with, but it’s something that you can help other people through. Like you’re, you’re gonna go on your own mission of saying, okay, well I’m growing through this, but you’re also gonna invariably like attract someone into your life that is holding that, that can heal from it, or that you can prevent them from it, or you can give them strength as they walk through their dark night of the soul.

[00:31:56] So I, I do think that the wound that cannot be healed, . It’s almost like a, it’s one of those things that you always talk about, Amanda, like, I don’t know if that’s the right, right title for that because it, cuz there’s so much beautiful energy behind it and you’re like, well I don’t wanna walk around, you know, with this, something that hurts all the time.

[00:32:11] You know what I mean? Yeah.

[00:32:13] It’s definitely not very hopeful to think, I mean, , but it’s, but, but it’s also sort of true. You know, there’s those things where it’s like, no matter how many times we work on ourselves and we revisit the thing over and over and, you know, we, we have therapy or astrology readings or whatever it is, it can still get triggered, you know?

[00:32:30] Absolutely. Yeah. And I mean, those triggers, like the treasure is behind the trigger and it’s something, I mean, anyone has suffered really intense anxiety, like, and sometimes these are definitely around Saturn returns, or like when you’re really focused with the Saturn, you have all this fear. . But, um, you know, like in psychology, what, what you learn is that once, like say you had an anxiety attack, you were just under a lot of stress and you had an anxiety attack going to a grocery store, but you got past it.

[00:32:55] But now every time you go like to a grocery store, you still have this fear that, oh my, what if I, I feel this way again. Or what if I’m trapped this way again? And it, and it’s, it’s there. But you almost find like a tool, like whether an internal or an external tool that tells you, okay, I can, I can go to the.

[00:33:10] I can, I can have this conversation. I can be at this social gathering. I can do whatever I need to do. I’m gonna be fine. And then like in, when I say tools, it’s not really coping methods. You could have some, like you could have something to calm me down, lavender oil or something like you, you journal or you write or you do something to express your hope for this. There’s courage to be found there. And, and that’s where the, the Chiron asteroid really represents is that courage. Like I, I, I am half this and I’m half that. He was half mortal, he was half God, and he was a healer and he went into the most dangerous places and he carried on. So, I mean, that’s, it’s not. . It really is a treasure it.

[00:33:51] It’s a treasure because it’s something that where you carry strength and other people will admire you because you do carry it and you’ll be able to help them through it. So, and I think like with Jupyter and Aries, Aries is new energy. Aries is striking to match and going in a different direction. So setting an intent to.

[00:34:11] To strike new ground to to close this chapter and move into this new book, start running a new story. It’s all very possible, especially considering the heavy signatures that we have this week and even heavier one, like new ones that we’re going into in the coming weeks. It really is about trusting where I wanna go from here.

[00:34:30] Like how can I make this my story?


[00:34:34] Okay, so a huge week. I mean, really,

[00:34:37] I, we, we’ve been looking at this Saturn and Pisces transition for a while. Mm-hmm. , you’re saying that this is a, a karmic tide type week That I love the analogy of the packing up the house, and I mean, I know, I know people who are actually doing that right now, and that process can feel grueling, right?

[00:34:55] Because you have. Look through everything. What do I need? What do I wanna keep? What should I get rid of? And and there’s also the process of, of going through the memories themselves, which can be overwhelming. And it’s just, it’s, it’s a lot. But it sounds like this is really important work for us to be doing right now.

[00:35:12] And I know also it’s right before the s New Moon where we’ll be doing our treasure mapping and all that. Yeah. Start that process again. But, uh, just. Getting rid of the things you don’t need anymore. Clearing the, the clearing, the slate. Getting ready for a very new chapter. That is, we’re beginning it now.

[00:35:33] Yes. Um, you said what we, it’s time to remove what is taking us away from our purpose.

[00:35:39] Whether we remove it or not, Saturn’s gonna help us see this and, and take it. Now, the also as working with Saturn, it’s good to have whole things with an open palm because you may think that something needs to stay, that it’s part of your purpose and it’s important to you, but you only have your perspective and, and Saturn has a different perspective.

[00:35:56] Your purpose, your spirituality has a different perspective than you. So if things are do. , you have to trust that if they’re meant to stay, they will. And if they’re meant to come back, they will. But you can’t. You don’t get to choose what, what you remove.

[00:36:10] Hmm. Yes. Okay. Saturn the ultimate, Demander of mastery.

[00:36:16] Yes, . Okay. So, but you also said that there’s a lot of opportunity this week for hope and reason to continue on for forgiveness of self-forgiveness of others. And so, you know, we have, we have a lot of opportunities this week to really. Let go and, and that could mean letting go of something you’ve been holding on to about yourself, like something that you need to forgive in yourself in order to be moving forward.

[00:36:49] Absolutely, and largely this week, and I think this stands for any week, this is something I definitely teach and coach and like within my clients. Your perspective is gonna make a huge difference. Like some of us are gonna have a really remarkable breakthrough week and we’re gonna embrace the change and we may be scared.

[00:37:06] We may be like, I, I don’t know if I, I’m completely trust this, but I’m leaning and some of us are gonna focus on the past or all the reasons why we can’t do something and, and we’re gonna have two different perspectives. So I really just encourage you to, to keep your, and I think if you’re watching this show, you’re probably, you know, in that mindset anyways, like, I wanna.

[00:37:23] You know, be in rhythm with the universe, but your perspective and where you put your energy is really gonna define how you feel this week. So I, I could tell you it’s optimistic because I feel like I’m gonna make these optimistic changes , but, cause you’re a Sagittarius, me, like Sagittarius izing it, all my saist planets.

[00:37:41] But I, yeah, it definitely does. It takes some work, you know, it, it’s not easy to. Optimistic all the time because things do hurt and they are dark. And it is, it’s sad, but really, and I, I have said before on this platform, Jupiter is my favorite planet to work with. It’s really dominant in my chart, but it’s not because why Everyone thinks, you know, everyone thinks it’s, oh, it’s because, yeah.

[00:38:03] It’s the, it’s this big abundant lover of, you know, luck and how could you not love it, you know, it’s wisdom. All this stuff. I love Jupiter. , it underlines and amplifies the idea of the law of attraction or like the laws of the universe. It literally grows whatever you put your attention on, and it’s really dominant.

[00:38:22] Right now. It’s, it’s in Aries. It’s got a lot of fiery energy. It has, it’s pronounced this week with Chiron, and it’s just really important to understand you, the power you have, like you may not always have the power over. The circumstances are what you need to do, but you do have the power over your reaction or how you see it.

[00:38:42] And sometimes that’s easy to forget, especially when everything seems so bad, especially when you’re fed so much negativity and so much reason to not have hope like. It’s, it’s interesting with that new story that I told you about just alongside of it, or all these fear mongering, like, you know, all these bad things are gonna happen, you know, build a bunker, you know, like all these weird, hard stories.

[00:39:05] But then you had this other story about love. So it’s really about where you put your energy and that, and that’s gonna serve you really well through this spring. It’s gonna be a little energetic shift

[00:39:17] so you’re saying that basically what we’re putting our attention on is going to expand, and so being very mindful and discerning and deliberate about what we’re focusing on is gonna be, it’s very important this week and will continue to be important.

[00:39:34] So just

[00:39:36] remembering to do. Absolutely cuz I mean Jupiter and this is gonna come up in future weekly weathers, but Jupiter’s moving through areas, he’s gonna go into tourists and really plant a lot of the seeds that you have now. But as we mentioned earlier, Taurus is that area where we are already working through all these breakthrough energies.

[00:39:52] We have Uranus in the north node that’s. Been focusing there. So it’s almost like the more intention you have right now, if you have that intention, you’re gonna see the opportunities. And you’re gonna hold those opportunities as Jupiter moves forward and he’s gonna plant something that’s gonna be remarkable.

[00:40:07] But it’s all about where you put your energy. And, and, and it’s okay to like say, okay, yeah, this is hard. You know, this feels hard. I don’t really wanna do this, but look for the optimism. And when you look for it, I promise you, you will find it. It’ll be a song, a phone call, something.

[00:40:22] Well, and surround yourself with people that help you do that.

[00:40:25] Yeah. You know, I have a lot of people in my life that like, even if I’m not feeling capable of seeing the opportunity or seeing the silver lining, I have so many people in my life. You included Jamie, who will help me go, Hey, Like, think of it this way, or look at this, or, or can you, can you reconsider that?

[00:40:44] And I find that to be super helpful because it’s, it’s really. Easy to have people in your life that do the o the other thing. Absolutely. You know, that Absolutely. You know, uh, just pile on the negativity and. Now you’re all tumbling around in that negative space together. So definitely surrounding yourself with good community and, and people that, um, are, are seeing possibilities instead of always seeing obstacles.

[00:41:09] Sounds.

[00:41:10] You can be, you can be a realistic optimist, realistic,

[00:41:14] and I misspoke earlier. This is just a testimony to how much the rising sign and your ruling planet dominates your chart. Because I always think of you as a sagi.

[00:41:26] That’s

[00:41:27] okay. , you’re a Scorpio. But like I, I, in my head, you’re a Sagittarius. It’s like you have so much.

[00:41:35] Yeah. Alright, well thank you so much for that amazing, overview of the, the lay of the land that we have, well, the lay of the waters that we have ahead of us. And, um, if you’re interested, any of you in getting a reading with Jamie, she is available on our Astrologer Connect platform. You can access her directly at

[00:41:54] That’s, j a m i e connect. Or you can go to

[00:42:03] and find Jamie there and book her through that process or see if her little green light’s on and you can connect with her instantly, which is one of the most amazing features that people are utilizing when they are going throughout their day and they have questions.

[00:42:21] Hey, my day is really. Crazy. I would love to know what’s happening after logically, or, Hey, I just had this idea, this thought, is this a direction that is supported in my chart? I’d love to know what an astrologer has to say. There’s all kinds of things that come up throughout our day that having an astrologer to just kind of bounce things off can be super, super, super

[00:42:41] helpful.

[00:42:42] Absolutely, and, and I love the instant calls. I love having that light on and connecting with people because I have that instantaneous vibe to myself too. Like, I’m like, I wanna wanna wait. I don’t wanna wait like seven hours or two weeks for my reading. I wanna talk to somebody now, like while I’m in four months or

[00:42:55] years.

[00:42:56] They’re still astrologers that you’re waiting years just to get

[00:42:59] a reading. Yeah, no. Um,

[00:43:01] I agree. That’s one of the reasons why we have that feature is just cuz it, it’s so helpful and it’s one of the ways that I’ve used astrology in my life from the very beginning. And you know, this, Jamie, I’ll, something will happen.

[00:43:10] I’m like, Hey Jamie, what’s going on? Like, what’s happening in my chart right now? Um, so thank you so much for being here, Jamie, for the weekly weather. Thanks all of you for tuning in, for being a part of our community. As always, thank you for making astrology a part of your life. Can’t wait to connect with you on the next episode.

[00:43:26] And. Happy. Um, happy Saturn and Pisces. We’re, we’re in a whole new world.

[00:43:32] Yeah, absolutely. New vibes only.

[00:43:36] All right. Thank you so much. Take care everyone. Thank you.

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