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Astrology Forecast for June 2023

Join Astrologers Rick Levine and Joe G in our latest podcast episode, as they unravel the cosmic mysteries of the month of June 2023.

On this episode, you'll learn…

🌒The significance of the Mercury, Mars, and Chiron aspects on June 22nd and how it can help heal old wounds
🌓 The potential explosiveness of the Mars Square Uranus on June 26th
🌔How confusion during the Mercury Square Neptune aspect can lead to holding on to false truths

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[00:00:00] Joe: All right, we are live. Hello? Hello. Hello everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Cosmic Connection. For those of you who don't owe me, I am Jo g Astrology Hubs podcast producer, and I don't think I need to introduce Rig Levine. He, it's his show. He's here every month, and today we're doing the June horoscope, which, uh, Rick says the theme of the month is progress or review question mark, and we'll unpack what that means in just a second.

[00:00:28] For those of you who are new to the channel, welcome. We talk about astrology all the time. We have pretty much an episode almost every day of the week. And if you're not subscribed yet, please hit that subscribe button and that bell button to be notified whenever we have another episode. And with that, I think we're done with introductions.

[00:00:49] I think we're ready to jump right in.

[00:00:51] Rick: Let's jump. I haven't seen you, I haven't seen you for a few days. Joe was here in Seattle at, Norac, the Northwest Astrology Conference. And this was a great norac for me cuz it was the first one in decades that I was not a speaker and I ha was not writing a daily horoscope column.

[00:01:12] So I was freed to just make trouble and have fun and hang with friends and it was good to see you there, Joe. Yeah,

[00:01:19] Joe: I also was on the same boat that was, well I, I haven't been to as many conferences as you have, but that was my first conference where I wasn't working as well and I was just a social busy beat just talking to everybody.

[00:01:30] I made so many friends. Noah is my favorite.

[00:01:33] Rick: Yeah, there, there, there were a lot. I mean, I don't know, probably about 450 people plus, I don't know. Mm-hmm. And um, and. Most of them, at least all the ones that I talked to seemed to be amazing. So I love Norac, and it was great to see you. And now let's get down to work.

[00:01:53] Yeah, it was great to see you

[00:01:54] Joe: too.

June Theme: Progress or Review

[00:01:55] Joe: All right, so you said the theme of the month is progress or review question mark. Why is that?

[00:02:01] Rick: Yeah, I, I suppose if I said it right, I wouldn't need to say there was a question mark, I could go progress or review. Hmm. That would, that would've done it. Well you see the, the thing is that where coming, coming off, not only we're coming off of a Mercury retrograde, but on, on yesterday, on the, the 31st of May Mercury actually.

[00:02:34] Direct reached the degree where it had gone stationary, retrograde, which means that even though Mercury had been moving direct for the last couple of weeks of May, mercury is now moving in territory that it hadn't reached before. Astrologers, and this is a relatively recent, relatively recent term, I think coined by my friend Roxanne Muse, who just recently passed.

[00:03:00] And that concept, or that term is the shadow of a planet, is the area when it retrogrades, where it goes direct over an area, retrograde over the same area, and then direct over the same area until it clears or emerges from the shadow, which on June 1st, we have the first day. Of Mercury moving into new territory, past 15 and a half degrees, of Taurus.

[00:03:27] And the thing is that this gives us the sense of moving into new territory. And in a way we are, and, and actually we have, still have, a, a number of other planets. All the inner planets now, mercury, Venus, and Mars. And Jupiter, are, are all moving direct. However, Pluto turned retrograde, last month, and this month in June, we have both Saturn and Neptune turning retrograde.

[00:04:04] And so we're getting this deeper rhythm of the, the outer planets, one by one turning, a turning retrograde. And, and it gives us a feeling of being anchored to the past or covering old territory, but in a very slow motion, kind of, kind of away, in, in fact, Pluto, which, it turned retrograde, but it now backs into Capricorn on June 11th.

[00:04:32] Pluto barely moves a half a degree, even less than that for the entire month. Of, of June. And in fact, because Saturn is also, turning retrograde on June 17th, Saturn has slowed down. We opened the month with Saturn at seven degrees and zero minutes of Pisces, and we closed the month with Saturn at seven degrees and I think five minutes of Pisces.

[00:05:01] The outer planets are not giving us a lot this month. Between, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, none of them move more than a degree or ye Neptune, Uranus moves, I think, closer to two degrees over the whole month. But the thing is, is that on a personal level, Mercury, Venus and Mars, Venus moving, you know, into, new sign, Leo, where it's going to stay forever because it turns retrograde in Leo.

[00:05:30] Mars having been in Gemini in its retrograde forever and now breezing through cancer and Mars being also in Leo, and Mercury now moving direct. Mercury not only leaves Taurus where it's been since early April, but in fact, mercury runs not through the last part of, of, of Taurus and Mercury, enters Gemini the same day.

[00:05:58] That retrograde Pluto backs into Capricorn on June 11th, which is a really important day. We'll come back to that in a little bit, but Mercury enters Gemini on June 11th. This is its home sign. And so there's a feeling of our, communication, our intellect, our thoughts, our our moving at little bit. Or a lot more rapid pace.

[00:06:21] And so the events may seem to be happening quicker. There's more interactions, there's more things going on as Mercury is speeding up and running through Gemini, and in fact, mercury moves through Gemini and out of Gemini by before the end of the month. So in other words, mercury enters Gemini on June 11th and it enters cancer on June 26th.

[00:06:44] And toward the end of the month, we get this incredible slowing down en energy that really is working in the background all month. And so here's the thing just coming around full circle now that I've laid out this kind of little bit of groundwork is on a personal level, on an interactive level, on the level of things happening, it feels like we're, we're, we're moving in new territory, we're going ahead, but.

[00:07:09] With Saturn slowing down, turning retrograde, Pluto, retrograding back into Capricorn. Neptune barely moving at all because it's stations at the very end of the month retrograde. We're not really getting anywhere, and it may feel like we're stuck to the past reviewing stuff that we're just done with, but we can't be done with it.

[00:07:30] Did that make sense to you?

[00:07:32] Joe: Yeah, I, I had a question about that actually. Since it's, it's mostly like the outer planets who are going retrograde. Would you say that these, like the larger stories of our lives are kind of taking that step back and then the more personal stories, like the, the small like day-to-day things?

[00:07:48] Yeah, that may

[00:07:48] Rick: be one way of looking at it. I, I think that the larger planets tend to be, you know, there's a concept in homeopathy that says the more subtle. The dosage, the more profound the results. And I think that the outer planet sometimes work that way. And in fact, when any planet is moving slower than it does normally, which all planets move their slowest when they're changing from direct to retrograde or retrograde to direct that when a planet moves slower, it's.

[00:08:28] Maybe subtler, but it has more inertia. It has more, more power. It's not going as fast, but it, but it really kind of sets up these really deep issues. And so I think you're right, Joe. I think that that personally, we may feel like we're running all around that we're doing this, we're doing that, we're getting this done, whoop, that slipped through the cracks.

[00:08:50] Where we're going to an event, we're going to a party, we're having some sort of relation, some stress, some, some home family work. Things are happening. The things are really moving. But when you look at the overall, take a step back and you look at it from a wider perspective, it's like, are we really making the progress that it feels like we're making?

[00:09:12] In other words, minute to minute, hour to hour, it might feel like we're getting a whole lot done, but day to day and week to week and month to month, right now, Not so much, and I think we'll see it somewhat in more global events. I think. We'll, you know, the, the inner planets, the, moon, sun, mercury, Venus, Mars, and even Jupiter are acting as triggers to these slower moving planets that are kind of almost stationary all month.

[00:09:43] I mean, technically they're not stationary, but for all practical purposes, Saturn that's had seven degrees, zero minutes, Pisces on June 1st and has had seven degrees, five minutes, Pisces, you know, and in there it moves forward a bit and then back it moves, but still not a quarter of a degree in its entirety.

[00:10:05] We're just not making the progress that we'd like to make. Right.

[00:10:09] Joe: And you did, did, you did talk a little bit about, mercury going into Gemini as well. So do you think that like, that Mercury, like fast thoughts, fast, like movement and all of that, do you think it's a good time to maybe like start planning or is planning really

[00:10:24] Rick: the, well, it, it edges to the illusion of accomplishing, it adds to the illusion of shaking things up and moving forward.

[00:10:33] I mean, we have another thing, even while Mercury is moving through Taurus. If, if we can step into the way back machine, well not the way back, but the not too far back machine. We remember that when Mercury turned retrograde, it was moving toward a conjunction with Uranus. And it never quite made it.

[00:10:56] It just like came within a degree or so of its conjunction to Uranus and then it slowed down. Apparently Mercury did, and then it turned retrograde, and now as Mercury is clearing its shadow by June 4th, actually, this energy is tied up with the full Moon that we'll get to in just a moment on June 3rd.

[00:11:18] But on June 4th, mercury, while it's in steady, slow moving Ploting. Determined Taurus. By June 4th, mercury lines up with Uranus, and this is crazy. This is, you know, it's, it's like, it's almost like early warning for what it'll be like in, when it goes into Gemini. And yes, I think this is really a good time to up our ante in, in creating agendas and writing, you know, plans.

[00:11:48] We don't have to finalize 'em, but I think that the talking with our friends, with our employees or our employers, or even just our associates, this is a great time for sharing ideas because our mind. Is way more active than the physical reality around us, that will still slow us down. And I think the negative thing here, or at least the potential trap, is that we can make ourselves a little crazy because we're sure that we're just doing all this brilliant thinking and everything's going on, but we're not getting where we're supposed to be getting, and therefore we might think we're doing something wrong, whereas we may not be doing something wrong, we may just be doing it on the wrong time scale.

Keywords for Mercury-Uranus Aspects

[00:12:33] Joe: Right. And what are some, some keywords that you use for Mercury, Uranus usually? Like how can we think about this conjunction? Common?

[00:12:41] Rick: Okay, two things. Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury. There's a thing that connects the inner and outer planets, mercury to Uranus, Venus to Neptune and Mars to Pluto.

[00:12:54] And I think. That Mars to Pluto is the least mm, convincing, although there is a case that can be made for it. But the Neptune being the Hier Act of a Venus, cuz Venus is, I love you and Neptune is love. You know, Neptune is the concept, but there's no personal in it. By the same token, mercury is how I think it's what I think, it's the words I use, it's the language I use.

[00:13:23] It's how you and I interact and we send information back and forth. Uranus is the system. That holds those thoughts. In other words, Uranus is the nervous system. Uranus is electrical impulses. And let's never forget that all communication, all nervous activity in the brain, in the body is ultimately electrochemical.

[00:13:50] There's without electricity, there is no nerve impulse. It takes, it, it, it's actually a potassium sodium ion transfer that creates the moving of a nerve up impulse down, down, away from the center, from the axon to the dendri And so from that standpoint, when Uranus lines up with w when Mercury, we always try to say the faster moving planet first.

[00:14:15] We don't always do that as well as we should, but it's a good habit to, to get to, it's a good habit to develop when Mercury conjoins, Uranus, it's like our nervous system is on fire. And the fire though is not the fire of of fire signs. You know, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, it's the fire of an electrical spark.

[00:14:42] Lightning is high frequency fire. This is fire and air have something in common, and Uranus is lightning. Uranus is electrical. Neptune is magnetic together. Uranus and Neptune make electromagnetism. In fact, Hans Christian Orstad coined the word electromagnetism at the conjunction of Uranus electricity and Neptune magnetism in 18, 20, 21 right in there.

[00:15:13] Oh, yeah. Interesting little thing. He did it in a live demonstration and took this magnet and moved it back and forth over. A closed circuit with a, volt meter and the vol meter moved and he went electromagnetism magnet, electric electromagnet. Anyhow, so if we understand how electricity works, we understand how Uranus works, because Uranus works like lightning, which is, which is as Ben Franklin demonstrated.

[00:15:43] It's electrical and it's an electrical spark, but it's like a very high frequency, instantaneous shot of fire. And what it does is it, it's sudden, it's surprising and it's bright like fire is. And when the lightning of Uranus strikes, we call, sometimes, we sometimes call Uranus, Uranus, the awaken because it's like, you know, those pictures of, of the person who has the idea.

[00:16:13] And the light bulb goes off. It's this right on my shirt. You know this part is the, is is the Uranus. That is the, oh my God, epiphany. Good idea, brilliant thought. That's just a nervous electrical circuit firing. And so when Mercury lines up with Uranus, our thinking can be really brilliant, but it can also be really wrong.

[00:16:41] It's just that it's loud. And wild and electric and sudden, and, you know, it's, there's, the, the saying that I like to use for Uranus is when you're hot, you're hot. And when you're not, you're, I don't know, in the south side of Cleveland somewhere, you know, you're just, you know it, it's like on or off because unlike other transits, Saturn, you see what's coming.

[00:17:08] You know, you can't avoid it. Even with Neptune, it's like this mysterious field, but it grows and until it's there and then it kind of eventually fades. Uranus is action is spontaneous, and if you've ever tried to photograph lightning, which I have, it's nearly impossible because you know that in the middle of a storm you can see the lightning around you and hear the thunder, and so you know that it's gonna strike, but you don't know exactly when.

[00:17:40] And you don't know exactly where. And so you're sitting there with a camera and you're looking this way, and all of a sudden you hear and you turn that way. And then there's the big one where you just were, you know, and so when Mercury lines up with Uranus, it's often like erratic, but brilliant thinking.

[00:17:57] It's genius. William Blake, wrote in the Marriage of Heaven and hell, he wrote, the Road of Genius is a crooked one, whereas that of an improver is straight. Saturn is a straight road. Uranus is crooked. If, if if you think of Uranus in its modern relationship to Aquarius, you know, the jagged lines of Aquarius, it's almost like electricity in the air.

[00:18:25] And in fact, without moisture in the air. The air can't conduct electricity, just like our nervous system without being wet cannot make a nervous impulse or a thought. This is why Aquarius is not a water sign, it's the water bearer. Because when the air is wet, it has electrical impulses in it and therefore it sparks thoughts.

Effects of Uranus in Taurus

[00:18:51] Rick: You think

[00:18:51] Joe: it being in TAUs changes any of that? Because I'm thinking Yeah, like with this I image of the lining and everything, I just imagine like that stick on the ground. It

[00:19:00] Rick: does. And we'll feel that even more when Mars on June 26th moves to square Uranus. So we have Mercury conjoining Uranus on June 4th, and then we have Mars squaring, Uranus on June 26th, I think.

[00:19:19] Yeah, June 26th. So both Mars squaring Uranus in Taurus and Mercury conjoining Uranus in Taurus. Uranus don't like being in Taurus. Why? Because Uranus is about irrepressible sudden change.

[00:19:37] Taurus doesn't like change. You know, Taurus is an object at rest, tends to stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force. Newton's laws of motion and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. You know, you got a Taurus laying on a couch. Don't try to get him to mow the lawn, but if that Taurus is mowing the lawn, don't try to get him to come in for lunch.

[00:19:59] Because he's in motion and has gotta stop only when, when he, she or they are ready. So yes, Uranus and Taurus is very peculiar in as much as it doesn't change. It doesn't deal with adaptability and change as much as Uranus did when it was in Aries or as much as it will when Uranus moves into Gemini in a few years in Taurus, Uranus changes but only under duress.

[00:20:30] In other words, think of, think of the tide changing and how easily that water just really just rises and falls in great ways. And then compare that with granite, which even under great pressure, doesn't change. Doesn't change. And when finally it reaches a stress point, what happens An earthquake. Oh my.

[00:20:54] And that's how Uranus works in Taurus. There's fewer changes while Uranus is in Taurus, but the changes are more drastic because they're making up for all the changes that it avoided or didn't, didn't have. And so when Mercury goes across Uranus, it tickles it. The lightning strikes and there are things that are said, things that we learn.

[00:21:17] There's interactions that occur. There's movement that is normally anima to Mercury in Taurus and also even Uranus in Taurus doesn't like to change. And when Mars squares it later in the month, it's that same kind of thing. And I imagine in both of those days, around the fourth of, of June and around the, what I said, the 26th of June, give or take a few days, I think we'll see some real movement on some issues.

[00:21:46] And I would think that even now, on the first with the Mercury. Three degrees away from that conjunction to Uranus that we're already seeing some Mercury, Uranus conjunction stuff in the United States with the movement on the resolution to this irresolvable, you know, problem. You know, with the whole, budget and debt ceiling and, and whatever.

[00:22:09] There that is kind of like a mercury conjunct Uranus, where the lightning strikes and somehow the impossible just happens. We think the thoughts that kind of break through the, the, the stalemate.

Impact of Sagittarius Full Moon

[00:22:23] Joe: Yeah. And you said this leads us into this Full Moon and Sagittarius also, like, and is, is that going to, because whenever I think about Sagittarius, I, I tend to think about it like that, that tarot card with the eight, the eight of ones with the, the speed and all that going forward and all that stuff.

[00:22:40] Do you think that. Going through this, uh, Uranus Mercury conjunction, and then stepping right into the, Sagittarius full moon.

[00:22:47] Rick: It's actually the other way around. Oh, it's the other way around. Yeah. The full moon. The full moon, occurs, on Saturday, on June 3rd. At 8 41. And, and, and that's Pacific time.

[00:23:01] And so that, that occurs at, 13 and a quarter degrees of Sagittarius to this, sun at 13, actually. Eight, 13 degrees, 18 minutes Gemini. And, yes, be because inherent in that full moon already, mercury is a degree away from its conjunction to Uranus, which actually occurs, within 24 hours actually.

[00:23:26] Yeah, even a little bit less than that, like within 18 hours or so, after the full moon. So that energy is already contained, in, in, in that. And I think the other thing about this, about this, full Moon, is that we have the moon. Uh, kind of in an interesting position. This is not obvious to those people who don't use harmonic aspects, and this is not a plug for anyone to go to.

[00:23:56] Astrology What, whatever foundations three. Um, this is not a plug for that, but when we look at this full moon, it's past Arine, to Pluto and Leo the, Sagittarius to Leo, so it feeding up into it, that's intriguing. And it's also past a square to Saturn because the, the full moon at 13, Saturns at five, Pisces, it almost looks like this full moon is not aspected at all.

[00:24:30] However, This Full Moon is a half a square away from Pluto. Now remember, Pluto's at zero degrees of Aquarius, and it's just less than a week away from backing into, 29 degrees, 59 minutes of Capricorn. So this full moon. Oh, and on top of that, we also have Venus that is at the full moon at 28 and a half degrees of cancer.

[00:24:59] And Venus is just getting ready to, change signs because it moves into Leo on the fifth. That's just a couple of days less, you know, a couple of days after the, um, the full moon. So we already are feeling the Venus opposed Pluto. And this is a deep emotional dive. You know, this is a, going into the underworld, whether we like it or not, dealing with things that may have been hidden or suppressed.

[00:25:26] They may be in reference to attachment, desire, money, I mean, all those minutian things. But in some ways this is, this is a variation on the myth of Persephone being abducted by Hades. Pluto into the underworld, because Venus is connecting up with Pluto. It's, I, I, I think here of Thomas Moore, the guy who wrote Cara the Soul and Soulmates and the, what is it?

[00:25:51] The Reemergence, the Reinter something of Soul and Everyday Life. I can't think of the name of the title of that book, but before he wrote all those books, he wrote a book. Called Dark Arrows before he got famous. And it was about how when we buy into Love Venus, it's not just the pretty pleasant surface stuff.

[00:26:11] It's full spectrum and there's a dark side that comes with it. And so I see Irene saying in the chat back, room that she has, Venus Square, Pluto, Naly, anyone who has a Venus, Pluto connection, whether it be by conjunction, opposition, trying square, sextile, semis, sextile esque, square quintile, bi quintile, subtitle, bi subtile, try.

[00:26:36] I don't care what the aspect is. If you got Venus and Pluto connected in some way, you know what I'm talking about, because you're more akin, you're more adjusted to go into those. Deeper, darker places, which can be just as exquisite and maybe even more exquisitely beautiful because of their intensity than the light and easy.

[00:26:59] Venus in, Taurus, you know, trining, you know, Jupiter in whatever, Virgo, whatever. And so we have Venus opposing Pluto. That's, um, that's exact. Um, just as Venus moves into Leo, um, on the fifth because as Venus moves into to Leo on the fifth, it immediately opposes Pluto. So that's already cooking. Now let's come back to this full moon.

[00:27:26] And the thing that everyone's gonna miss, unless they've taken my class, or unless they hear me say it, I'm sure, and that is, that the moon is at the point of Thor. You know, we know that the point of thas with an opposition is the point that is sextile one side of an opposition and trying the other.

[00:27:45] Well, the point of Thor is the point that is a half a square. To one side of the opposition and a square and a half to the other side. In other words, the moon at 13 degrees of Sagittarius is half a square or semi square, or Octa. It's one eighth, a half of a quarter is an eighth. The moon is semi squared to Pluto, and the moon is Sesqui square to Venus.

[00:28:13] Meanwhile, the sun is semi square to Venus and Sesqui Square to Pluto. And so we have this formation that kind of looks like a mystic rectangle. In a mystic rectangle. You have two crisscrossed oppositions and the planets are separated by sextile trying, sextile trying. We have two crisscrossed oppositions at this full moon, except these points are se are separated by moon.

[00:28:40] Sesqui Square, Venus. Venus Semi square, sun, sun, sesqui Square, Pluto and Pluto, semi square Moon. And it's not easy. This is not a a, this is a, a tough, full moon. A lot more complicated and, and a lot more emotionally, agitated than it might appear on the surface.

Tips for Navigating the Full Moon

[00:29:04] Joe: And do you have any tips or tricks for dealing with a FU that's packed like

[00:29:09] Rick: that? Yeah. Valium. No, I'm kidding. I love that. Xanax. Um, what your drug of choice? No, unfortunately all drugs of choice bas basically, keep us from, from experiencing the full spectrum lighting.

[00:29:25] This is a full spectrum, full moon. I mean, all moons in a way are the maximum reflection on the inside to what's on the outside. Yeah. Breathe, meditate, move. Breathe, meditate, move. We don't wanna bottle the energy up. And, and, and again, this is all doubly so, because Mercury is approaching, its conjunction to Uranus, it's a degree away.

[00:29:54] And, and, and the worst thing that we can do, while we have such a dynamic configuration of this rectangle of Thor, and that's a newly, minted name that I minted specifically for this full Moon. , you know, many of us know what Thor's Hammer is, and that's a configuration, kind of like a yacht, except a yacht has a sex tile at the base.

[00:30:20] And then Quin Kunk is, well, if you widen that sex tile to a square, You have a square at the base, and then two se sesqui squares, two square and a halfs, and that's called Thor's hammer, which is why I call the, this position of a planet that is a half a square, one side of an opposition to a square and a half to the other side, the point of Thor.

[00:30:42] But since this is symmetrical all the way around, this is like Thor's rectangle. It's agitating, it's uncomfortable. It's, and it's fed by this, by this mercury conjunct Uranus that has our nervous system going at the speed of light whether we want to or not, move. Breathe, meditate. Don't medic. Oh, I shouldn't say don't meditate.

[00:31:04] Sitting still. Everyone needs to do what they need, you know, whatever they feel best. But meditating and trying to hold this energy still, it's going to get out one way or another. And so here it's, you know, sure. Do your still meditation, your VA pasta, whatever, breathing at whatever it pranayama, whatever exercises you do, but then get out and walk or run or, or, or, or do something.

[00:31:28] Dance. I, I would say that moving our hips. And that can be a metaphor for whatever you would like, but moving our hips is really important because when the energy locks up, that's when the lightning strikes. The lightning doesn't strike unless there's, unless there's blocked energy. If energy was completely always flowing, there would no never be any need for lightning because a spark is jumping a gap where there's resistance.

[00:31:57] And so there's a lot of resistance of energy in this because oppositions. Are the resistance created by tension, like a tug of war. And so we have Venus tugging on the rope away from Pluto. Then we have the moon tugging on the rope away from the sun. And both of these are doing it in a way that is interfering with one another.

[00:32:21] Because semi squares and secu squares work like squares, but they're even more agitating. They're, and so we can do something with it. It's, it's great for creation. It's great for movement, it's great for action. But we gotta be careful about just simply holding our breath. And I, and again, holding our breath would be a metaphor for.

[00:32:42] Not expressing something, not, not, not moving on. Something that, that needs to be moving. And yeah. Yeah, Aries explains why tension doesn't have to suck. Alyssa says, and it's because the Aries energy will spontaneously interact with tension and relieve it or, or move it, whether appropriate or not. I can speak as a, multi planet Aries.

[00:33:09] And, um, you know, and yeah, discerning light says move the hips. See the hips are really, uh, the point in our physical body. If we're looking at somatic medicine, the hips basically keep the. The i, the, the sexual energy, the repressed energy, it keeps it down below the waist. And you know, if you've ever seen anyone who's a real smart ass, a smart alec, do you ever notice that they cock their hips?

[00:33:37] You know, that hip stand, you know, like you, you, you know it, it's the smart ass stance. When the hips are locked, the energy between the lower and upper half of the body doesn't move. It doesn't flow. And yet when we move our hips, whether we're doing a yoga practice or stretching, or twisting or dancing, or even walking the energy from the, flows from, you know, from the lower part to the upper part of the body.

[00:34:03] Right?

Venus Retrograde & Pluto Retrograde

[00:34:04] Joe: And I, I'm, I'm wondering too, if the fact that Venus is going retrograded in Leo and Pluto's already retrograded in Aquarius, has anything. Like there

[00:34:14] Rick: may maybe, you know, they don't catch up again because Venus doesn't retrograde back far enough to catch that opposition. But, but yeah, they're both, I mean they're both heightened in, in their own way right now for

[00:34:27] Joe: sure.

[00:34:27] Yeah. So that's more of like a, a one. And would you say that that's more of a one and done kind of story? It's not a thing that will have lots of back

[00:34:35] Rick: and forth, with the exception of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, I don't think in astrology there is such a thing as one and done.

[00:34:42] It's one and it resonates, you know, and it picks up on future resonances. There's never that, that, I mean, that's, that's an analytical, technical, astrology test tube version of life. You know, anything that's ever resonated will continue to resonate and be sensitive. It's how we move with it. But I, I don't think, you know, I mean, look, I mean, Venus will move on.

[00:35:07] And once it turns direct, by the fall, Venus will be moving on through Scorpio and it'll be squaring Pluto and then Venus will come around and it'll conjoin Pluto and, and so on. And in the interim, there'll be other connections it will make. But, but yeah, I mean, I think there are both heightened now and I think that is, is significant.

[00:35:25] But I do think that the days around this full moon are really important because, I mean, look, we have Venus Trining Neptune on the second, we have the Full Moon on the third. We have Mercury joining up with Uranus on the fourth. Venus moving in Del Leo and opposing Pluto on the fifth. Then the sun moves into that and it creates that exact esque square with Pluto, which is really part of the Full Moon itself.

[00:35:52] And then there's a little bit of a breather, and then the energy begins to rock again around the 11th, because on the 11th we have Mars making a square and a half with Neptune. We're confused again. What the hell's going on? We have Pluto backing into Capricorn. Okay. Remedial learning, banks, government, constitution, roads, bridges, fundamental structures are not done being deconstructed by Pluto.

[00:36:21] And so we got basically the rest of calendar year 2023 with Pluto kind of finishing up the work that had started back at the real estate market crash and stock market crash back in 2008, which was perfectly timed with Pluto touching into Capricorn, backing up into Sagittarius, and then moving into Capricorn through through 2008.

[00:36:46] And now as it's doing the same thing in Aquarius, with Cap with Capricorn to Aquarius, we can expect the other side of that. And I think that, uh, the financial market certainly is something to be looked at, but we look at the most fundamental thing, at least in the United States, and we look at how Pluto in Capricorn is basically deconstructing Roto-Rooter, taking out all the important things about our US Constitution, and forcing us to look at some of those things and to potentially reevaluate them.

More on June Transits

[00:37:19] Rick: But on June 11th, not only does Pluto back into, Capricorn, mercury also moves into Gemini. And on top of that, as Mercury moves into Gemini, actually just, I mean simultaneously, because you see Pluto is now at zero degrees, zero zero minutes. Of Aquarius or 29 degrees and 59 and three quarter minutes of Capricorn.

[00:37:47] And so at that same moment, I mean, that occurs at 2:35 AM and I mean, yeah, that occurs at 2:35 AM and just an hour later, mercury trines Pluto and then moves into Gemini because so, so Mercury's entrance into Gemini is also Arine to Pluto, which is going to be very, very powerful. And that's also on the 11th and on that same day, Venus makes a square with Jupiter basically saying, okay, let's hold the magnifying glass over all this crazy shit and make it crazier.

[00:38:24] And let's make it so that we, if we got something that feels good, let's do it three times instead of just once. Oh, three times is great. Let's try it another two or three times that, that Venus, um, square Jupiter is about excessive, overindulgent behavior, and other things, but it certainly can turn something into too much.

[00:38:44] And as part of this, also the sun is making a half square with Jupiter at the same time. So the 11th is an incredible rock and roll day, that really doesn't let up because of half squares the sun. You know, it, the sun makes a half square. To, to Venus, and then Mercury to Makes a half square with Chiron by the 13th.

[00:39:06] And this kind of culminates by the 15th with a Okay, you guys have gone too much, too far, too fast. Slow the hell down. And who does that? Well, mercury, as it's moving through, early degrees of Gemini, reaches seven degrees of Gemini and its squares Saturn and Mercury Square. Saturn is basically, it's like, it's, it's, it's like the molasses freezes.

[00:39:31] You know, it's like the, you know, the running, the, you know, you know, there's a saying, as you know, things are as slow as molasses in January because molasses, when it's heated, pours like a liquid, but when it cools, it doesn't flow, and it, it's kind of sticky. And M Mercury now in Gemini moving really fast and our thoughts are all over the map, and we're connecting.

[00:39:53] Mercury and Gemini likes to connect things. You know, mercury and Virgo is also active, but in Virgo, mercury wants to find the things that are the most useful and use them. Mercury and Gemini doesn't give a shit about usefulness. It doesn't care about anything practical. It doesn't care if information is even true.

[00:40:13] Mercury and Gemini is an information slot. It has no judgment. It has no, it, it, it, it may have willpower, it has no won't power. If there are two things, it wants to connect them. So it's so, it's hungry for the, for more data. And yet as Mercury Square, Saturn on the 15th, and we'll feel this for a day or two coming into it, and for a little bit after it, it's all of a sudden we realize that we can't, we can't assimilate.

[00:40:41] That much information that is coming from this whole run of Mercury moving into Gemini, and trying to Pluto and the, um, Venus Square, Jupiter and all that stuff around the 11th. And so by the 15th we're slowing down, and by the 17th, Saturn is retrograde. And from the 15th to the 17th, Saturn doesn't move.

[00:41:04] I mean, yeah, I know. Technically if we, you know, if we look at the books, Saturn turns retrograde at 10 30, 10 20 7:00 AM on the morning of June 17th. Again, I'm using Pacific time. But here's the thing, Saturn on June 15th is at seven degrees. This isn't at noon, it's at seven, no, at nine in the morning it's at seven degrees, 12 minutes of Gemini, and two days later it's at seven degrees, 13 minutes.

[00:41:39] Of gem, I mean of, of, of Pisces. Pisces, Pisces. Yeah. Sorry. In other words, in two days, Saturn moves less than one 60th of a degree. And so we've hit like this resistance that we're not gonna get through, and it's in the midst of that, that we have the New Moon in Gemini. And so this is really crazy and this is why I, I'm calling for the month.

[00:42:07] You know, is it progress or is it retreat or review? Because it's like, it's not just the two steps forward, one step back. It's a quarter step forward, a quarter step back, a quarter, step forward, a quarter step back. You know, we're moving into new territory with the high frequency, faster moving planets, but the slower ones keep, keep anchoring us.

[00:42:27] And so we have Sta Saturn, stationary, retrograde, on the same day that we have this. New Moon at 26 and three quarter degrees of Gemini. 26 degrees of Gemini, 43 minutes. And the, and that's actually, that New Moon is squaring Neptune. It, it's a degree away. A little bit, yeah. A little bit less than a degree away from squaring Neptune.

[00:42:54] So it's really tight. And the sun actually makes its square with Neptune the following day on the 18th. What does this mean? Now we have this information from all over the place, and yet we're careful about what we're using or what we're saying because Mercury squaring Saturn and meanwhile, this new moon in Gemini is squaring.

[00:43:15] Neptune, which means that we better be careful about trusting those people who are telling us what's real and we better clarify everything and we better make sure that our sources are good. And we also better be careful that we don't inadvertently mislead or even outright lie to someone else because the sun and moon are both squaring Neptune.

[00:43:37] Now granted, this also allows for a creative imagination and higher thought and, and, and all of, and that spiritual stuff, but it's a square. And so there's dynamic conflict between wanting to put words to those things that we can't put words to. So, oh, and then the other thing that's happening right at that same time is we're getting a sextile.

[00:44:02] From Jupiter to Saturn, this may be the most important but most subtle aspect of the month because remember we had the Jupiter Saturn conjunction back around Christmas, um, time, of 2000. That was the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Well, this is the first, zoia or Tmeic aspect since then as, Saturn is retrograding back into the sextile with Jupiter.

[00:44:30] And this is exact, on the 19th at seven degrees, Taurus, 12 minutes, that's Jupiter with Saturn at seven min, seven degrees, 12 minutes of Pisces. And so this is another piece of stable data. This is a throwback to the past because Saturn is retrograde, or at least stationary. I mean, again, this is occurring at seven degrees, 12 minutes.

[00:44:55] That's the exact same place that Saturn was. A week ago on the 13th when it was, you know, you know, even before it was squared by, by Mercury. And so we got this balance between expansion, Jupiter, contraction Saturn, between big ideas and wanting to take them forward, coming off of that Venus Square, Jupiter.

[00:45:16] And now we have Saturn, Jupiter, sextile, and Saturn. And again, we're finding that middle ground and we can make the most of it. We have the most opportunity to move forward if we restrain ourselves and find a way to pull in those opportunities and, and to ground them. And so this is an incredible period of time, but interestingly, we're still talking except for the Jupiter, Saturn Sextile.

[00:45:42] We're still talking all month, all month, um, aspects from. The moon, sun, mercury, Venus, Mars to outer planets. There are no other really, you know, outer planet to outer planet aspects. So that is very important. And then of course, we, you know, inch forward and by the 21st we have the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, winter solstice in, down south of the equator.

[00:46:07] And that occurs at 7:57 AM on June 21st Pacific time. And that is the beginning of an entirely new season. And it actually starts off rather smoothly because, we're, we're moving toward a Marstron Chiron that is exact on June 22nd. Mars trying Chiron and we'll say more about that. Oh no, we'll say a little bit about it right now.

[00:46:34] Mars, Mars and Chiron sometimes are buggers, especially when they don't get along when they, when they're, um, aspected harshly. But this is a great opportunity to learn those things that we've mis learned because Chiron isn't only the wounded healer. Chiron is also the original mentor. Chiron was the teacher of Ascl and Hercules, and one of the reasons why the god's granted Chiron immortality, and that was not only because he was an extraordinary healer, but he was an extraordinary teacher.

[00:47:04] So with Mars trying Chiron, that's exact. On the 22nd, we have the ability to move through old wounds, either by. By forgiving others and releasing ourselves from being tied to the past, or by, by simply processing old wounds and hurts and pains and revisioning them. But it gets better because on the Solstice Day on the 21st, mercury reaches that midpoint between the rine from Saturn to Chiron.

[00:47:36] Saturn and Chiron are both at 19 degrees. And on the 21st, mercury reaches first the sextile ta Mars at 18 degrees 40 minutes, and then the sextile to Chiron. So Mercury is kind of coming right through the middle, of those two planets.

[00:47:57] And again, the emphasis is on communication here. Mercury is no longer tied up by the resistance to Saturn it. Now, if it's learned its lesson, it has a way to move forward, and it's through communication that this healing occurs. So the 21st and I think is a really into the 22nd, is a really, really important period of time.

[00:48:20] Yeah.

[00:48:20] Joe: It seems like, the big bulk of the events of the month are all happening at towards the beginning, and then things seem to kind of like cool down or like resolve themselves. Would you say that that's

[00:48:31] Rick: true? Well, I would accept after we have the, the Mercury, um, the Mercury, Mars, Chiron, little minor tr, grand rine, whatever you wanna call that, by the 25th, mercury then squares Neptune, and this can be a bit of a.

[00:48:51] Pain in the neck because again, we're not able to discern reality from fantasy. You know, we, we, we can't tell whether it's a, a, a fairytale or a how-to manual, and that's okay as long as we realize it, because we can always clean up later. But we have to be careful about thinking that our fantasies and illusions are real.

[00:49:16] Now, that's on the 25th in the afternoon, by the 26th. Which means we're gonna be feeling this for days before is the Mars Square Uranus. And if you call that quieting down, I think that you and I do different astrology because Mars Square Uranus is actually one of the most potentially explosive unless anyone runoff thinking that we're gonna get bombed or bombed someone.

[00:49:41] And of course we do almost every day, and we certainly could, but, but it can be metaly explosive, it can be, you know, uh, earth shattering, you know, something that happens that leads us into kind of revisioning what is real. And um, and then that's on the 26th, the same day that Mercury. Leaves Gemini and then takes a deep breath and settles into cancer, which on one hand looks good because it quiets down, but on the other hand, it doesn't necessarily express everything that it's thinking.

[00:50:16] It somaticize as it turns things into emotions. And the slowing down does continue toward the end of the month because by the 28th, the sun now moving through cancer actually reaches seven D uh, it reaches seven degrees of cancer where it trines Saturn at seven degrees of Pisces. And so we're getting another level of stabilization.

[00:50:41] And then Mercury moving toward, its. Superior conjunction with the sun. That's exact on the last day of the month on June 30th. But what that means is both the Sun and Mercury, both trine Saturn on the 28th and 29th, while Venus is now forming an exact trine with Chiron n Neptune is stationary and it turns technically stationary, retrograde on the 30th at 27 degrees Pisces, 40, 41 minutes, but it's at 27 degrees, 41 minutes on the 25th, the full week ago, and it's at 20, seven degrees, the 39 minutes back mid-month.

[00:51:23] So Neptune isn't moving very much, but it's retrograde turn on the 30th, along with the sun's alignment with, With Mercury certainly shows the heightened importance of Mercury all month. But now we're not saying everything that we think or know things are being internalized, but there is more room for stability by the end of the month.

[00:51:43] I do agree with you there, right? So

[00:51:45] Joe: what did the Mercury, Neptune, square followed by the Mars, Uranus Square be the, the Mercury U Mercury an opportunity almost be like a fake out. Like we think that things are kind of slowing down, but then comes Mars, Uranus and things go while. Yeah.

[00:52:02] Rick: I don't know that Mercury Neptune make it feel like things are slowing down.

[00:52:05] I, I think most of us will just be. A bit confl con, confused. We're gonna be confused. That's the perfect

[00:52:15] Joe: word.

[00:52:16] Rick: But, but remember, and I know I've said this before, the word confused is, is, is, is an important word because it comes from two Greek words, con, like conjunction means with it's, it's like coming together.

[00:52:31] And fusion is when two things actually do melt together. They lose their boundary. Con fusion is what happens when we fall in love. Why? Because the boundary between me and you dissipates Neptune's primary job is to dissolve Saturn's hard edges. The ego thinks there's a hard edge between me and everything else out there.

[00:52:55] That's the job of the ego. When Mercury squares Saturn, I'm sorry, when mercury squares Neptune, basically what that does is that dissolves the hard edges of the, of the mercurial thoughts that we believed were fact. We become con fused. Con fusion is only difficult if we think we need to have a hard edge and a sharp boundary between me and you.

[00:53:26] Confusion. It, it's one of the great, it's one of the best techniques for hypnotizing someone. It's sometimes referred to as the confusion technique. You know, it, it's basically the, the fast stage hypnotist will go to a subject and go, gimme your hand. It's hot, it's cold. Look up, look down. Look, you know, look this way.

[00:53:44] Your eyes are getting heavy. Now you're wide awake. Now you're asleep. And the person's so confused that they grab onto whatever it is that's stable, sometimes referred to as a stable datum. And so with Neptune Square, with Mercury Square, Neptune, it's a primary setup for us to. Find a piece of stable data and everything else becomes important.

[00:54:10] I'll tell you some of the pieces of stable data that people find that may be okay for them in the moment. But if a friend of yours finds one of these pieces of stable data, you lose them often as a friend because they don't have anything to talk about anymore. What do I mean? What's a stable datum?

[00:54:29] Someone, um, discovering Scientology, someone learning sho and Buddhism, and knowing that chanting Nam Yoho will, make everything else okay. Someone taking Jesus as their savior. Now, I'm not saying any one of these things is a bad thing to do. I'm not saying it's good, but I'm not saying it's bad in perspective.

[00:54:53] It's just that when we're confused, we often grab onto something. And that's something then becomes inflated in its importance, then we become imprinted with it, and then it, we're stuck with it, whether it makes sense in the future or not. So that's the danger of the Mercury Square Neptune. If we can remain flexible, fluid, and adaptable, then we get to go to these amazing places.

[00:55:17] We get to learn from these things and then still come back to the Mars Square, Uranus the following day, and do something outrageous with it, and hopefully not get caught, or hopefully do it in a way that is socially acceptable enough that we, you know, don't, blow things up. The problem with lightning strikes, It relieves the tension.

[00:55:39] But if there's so much tension, like Yellowstone Park back 25 years ago, the park was so dry and so dead and so over overgrown that when lightning struck, it burned down most of Yellowstone. And everyone thought Yellowstone was, was a disaster. It would never come back. And 20 years later, naturalists are saying it's never been so healthy.

[00:56:01] This is the way Uranus works. The greater the stress or tension, the more the lightning striking has to burn things to the ground, which may feel awful in the moment. And if you're, you know, a worm living there, well it probably killed you. Mm-hmm. But it basically reinvigorates and re-energizes, re stimulates, which is also why Uranus is called the great awaken her because it awakens and re stimulates life in general.

[00:56:31] Joe: Right. So I guess the cautionary sort of thing is to not hold onto, tied to something during the Mercury Neptune, square. So when the Mars Uranus Square comes around, were not in that inflexible

[00:56:46] Rick: sort of like, yes and yes, but or yes. And the, the trick often with, what, what some people call, the iron fist and the velvet glove, you know, when, when do you hold on to something and when do you kind of move with it?

[00:57:05] The problem is that if we hold onto something too tight, it kills the life energy. If we think of Saturn and Uranus, if we, if something becomes overly saturnine, It's dead. It can't, it's it, it no longer moves. It can't be Jupiter and expand, and it can't be Uranus. There's no electrical current. It's not, it's no longer alive.

[00:57:31] And so we have to find a place that's never the same. This is different for every person. That's somewhere in between that velvet glove and the iron fist. There are decisions we need to make and hold on to certain things, but if we hold onto them too tight, then that can become problematic.

[00:57:50] Joe: Right on.

[00:57:51] Nice. And is that it for the month or, or is there's more after the,

[00:57:55] Rick: the Mars? Well, there's more after this, but then we're into July and by contract I'm not allowed to speak about July. I'm kidding. July and Saturday month though. That actually takes us right up to the, closing, you know, trying of the mercury and sun to Saturn, which I think is very stabilizing.

[00:58:13] The Neptune stationary. Retrograde, even though it's been stationary for pretty much the whole month or at least the second part of the month. I mean, you know, Neptune at the beginning of the month is tw uh, is uh, 27 degrees of Pisces and 29 minutes, and at the end of the month it's still at 27 degrees and 41 minutes.

[00:58:33] That's like. That it's like about a sixth of a degree in the entire month. And then of course we closed the month. The last aspect of the month at Exact, at 10:00 PM on June 30th, is the superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun and, and you know, mercury, when it's retrograde. Is inside. If you drew a straight line when Mercury is retrograde and conjunct the sun, if you draw a straight line toward the sun, you go through the orbit of Mercury.

[00:59:02] But when Mercury is direct as it is now, it's on the far side of the sun, which means you draw that straight line, you get to the sun first, and then mercury, which means that there's a chance or a way for mercury to get out beyond the brilliance, the brightness of the will, of, of the consciousness of, of the self.

[00:59:22] And of course, this is all occurring while the sun and mercury are trending. Saturn, um, I think this is a very sound and solid way to end the month. And so let's just take it from there and end it there while we have our feet temporarily on the ground in a way that maybe has us looking back and seeing where we've been and looking forward and seeing where we're going in a way that's not built completely on imaginary.

[00:59:52] Friends people. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with imaginary friends either. Right. But this is like an antidote to that cuz we certainly have our share of that.

[01:00:01] Joe: Yeah. And, and I think that, that's really interesting cuz I, I like the, the metaphor that you used of, of like the, the iron fist and velvet glove.

[01:00:08] Cuz it feels like throughout the whole entire month that's the, the flu. We're iron fisting then uh, uh, soak glove, uh, what is it? Velvet glove and. We're, we're in this dance between the two up until we get to the end of the month where we have this, the Saturn, mercury, sun trying situation where we actually get to like process.

[01:00:30] Would you say like process and learn from all of that? Oh, yeah. In instability, that

[01:00:35] Rick: back and forth. Yeah, it would. And you know, while we're talking about the, iron fist and the velvet glove, that reminds me of a, of a Ron Davison line. Ron Davison was the president of the, , London astrological lodge back in the, I think probably in the early sixties and before Charles Harvey.

[01:00:55] I, but, but he, uh, he wrote a book called Astrology, he's also, which is a brilliant book, and he is also the guy who came up with the idea of a relationship chart called the Davison Method of Chart Comparison. Well, Ron Davison used to say that. Astronomy is like a glove and astrology is like the living hand inside the glove.

[01:01:21] Mm-hmm. Just another hand metaphor, not a rob hand metaphor. And it's,

[01:01:26] Joe: it's funny cuz we're heading into Gemini season and we've been talking about hands players, the whole fingers. It's awesome. And, and, and that's actually really nice cuz it, it feels like the universe itself is kind of like, Hey guys, you're gonna be doing a lot of back and forth, a lot of handling opposing forces at once.

[01:01:44] Here's Gemini season for you so you can process it through.


[01:01:48] Rick: Yes. Well, and I'm, I, I, I'm, I'm not pleased that, Amanda had, a little thing, that emergency that she had to deal with today. She's fine. But I am pleased that we had a chance to, uh, To talk. This has been great hanging out with you for, you know, for the hour.

[01:02:03] Thank you

[01:02:03] Joe: so much. Thank you very much. Of course. All right guys, so I think that is it for today. Before we go, just a, a couple of reminders if you love learning from Rick. Rick has many, many courses. We talked about one of them, so far. Uh, we talked about foundations three, which is all about harmonic aspects, but Rick also has Foundations one N two and the Chart reading Extravaganza, which I think we're also in one N two.

[01:02:30] And I think that

[01:02:30] Rick: there's a relationship workshop and a Quin kus workshop. Yeah. There's a pile of stuff that, that you guys got of mind. People can find

[01:02:37] Joe: them. Yeah. Would you say, would you say that the relationship workshop would be a good one to kind of dip your toes in with this, Venus Pluto opposition going on?

[01:02:47] Rick: I, I think that, relationships are always good to dip one's toes into, you know? Yeah. But, but then again, I do have a very close Venus Neptune opposition from the fifth to the 11th. So you would expect me to say that from Aries Libra. Relationship. Relationship. Oh, no way.

[01:03:07] Joe: That's awesome. Cool. So if you guys wanna, uh, find all of Rick's courses, it's all on astrology

[01:03:15] We, you see all of, uh, Rick's courses and all of the other courses that we

[01:03:19] Rick: have as well. And Rihannon said, take foundations three if you want your mind blown. Thank you very much, Rihannon. I hope there's no, you know, brain damage from, from blowing out one's mind. And thank you, Susan and Tanya and Irene and, and Shakti and Steven and, and so many people in the, chat room.

[01:03:41] You guys make this like, like fun, and, and, and you are appreciated. Yeah.

[01:03:48] Joe: Stephen is, uh, regular. I love seeing Stephen in the comments all the time.

[01:03:52] Rick: By the way, by the way, I just should mention before we bail that, for those of you who may have missed it, I'm going to be at the Omega Institute.

[01:04:02] Which is just north of New York City. It's like the most, iconic new age cosmic place on the planet. It's a, it's a place where people like Tinot, Han Rom, das, Deepak Chopra, Marion Williamson, Wayne Dyer, I mean all, all these people, you know, ha ha you know, have blessed, this place with their presence.

[01:04:24] And on the weekend of June 30th, that's just, you know, the, the end of this month. I will be there for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, three day intensive workshop on astrology, at the con the consciousness, at the crossroads. And I will be sharing this weekend with four amazing astrologers. All or most of whom are astrology hubs, including, , the Infamous and Orley, Rachel, Rachel Lang, Maurice Fernandez, and Lynn Bell, who's coming over from Paris.

[01:05:01] And the five of us will be doing this. You can find out more by either going to, my Instagram, which is Rick Levine astrologer, and there's a link in the bio there or by going to I Omega. Dot org. It's a little bit hard to find. They have so many things at their site, but it's gonna be a great weekend.

[01:05:20] It's gonna be a relatively small group. And, there's still a little bit of room available, so if that sounds intriguing to you, it's gonna be a fantastic weekend. I've taught at Omega before. It's an absolutely magical place in the country, in the Hudson River Valley. It's definitely rural and it's gonna just be gorgeous there mid-summer, so, Aw,

[01:05:43] Joe: I wish I could have, I, I could go because for this is the one that, it's actually close to where I live, but I'll be in California throughout all of July and

[01:05:52] Rick: oh, Rachel Lang and I'll Rachel Lang and I'll be back at Omega in October.

[01:05:57] Oh, no way. Nice. Yeah, doing another weekend, but sweet. Uh, but that's too far in the future. I'm not allowed to talk about it.

[01:06:04] Joe: October is, , an exciting month then. We'll see you then. All right, guys. All right, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us today. It was a blast. Have a bouncy June. It sounds like it's very much necessary, so I will see you guys on the next one.

[01:06:20] All right. Bye.

[01:06:20] Rick: Bye