Planets Square The Lunar Nodes w/ Astrologer Ari Mosh Wolfe

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Saturn Square the Nodes

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Tracy Cook and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss “Planets That Square The Lunar Nodes”

You’ll learn…

    • What it means for planets to be square the Lunar Nodes
    • How Saturn in Aquarius is affected by the Nodal shift
    • What lessons are ready to be integrated through this square

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0:00 Intro

2:21 Why are planets that square the nodes important?

9:16 What’s the lesson Saturn is trying to teach you

26:44 Facing the energy of judgement

29:49 Saturn as a Yin force

50:50 Dealing with dissociation and fear

59:08 Embracing your uniqueness

1:11:23 Course in Miracles

1:20:20 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:23
Hello, everybody, and welcome to the astrology hub podcast. This is our flagship show dedicated to sharing the multitude of astrological perspectives and approaches. And we have something very special here today. Because I always know when an astrologer, especially one that we love and trust and work with a lot like our emotional wolf, when they reach out to me, and they say, Hey, Amanda, there’s something coming up. I think it’s really important that the community knows about the transit and how to work with it. I always pay attention, because I know that it’s something big and important for us to track and really learn about So we’re here today, because Ari reached out to me a couple months ago and said, Hey, Amanda, we’re going to have Saturn in Aquarius, squaring the nodes. This is a transit that is going to color a lot of this year. And I’d love to come and talk to the community about it. So Ari, thank you so much for being here. We always love having you on this podcast. And very excited to dive into this topic today.

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:26
Thank you for having me. Yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:28
And a couple things. If you don’t know Ari, um, you want to learn more about him. We’ve we have had him on the podcast podcast several times, you can go back to Episode 144, which happened in September of 2020. And that was the first time that we had Ari on the podcast. And then you can also look at April 29, of 2021, episode 280. And in that one, we did talk about the nodes a different angle of the nodes, but we talked about that. So if you want to hear more of our story, and more of his approach and his teachings, you can check out those two episodes. Okay. Ari, so let’s start with the big picture. Why did you feel like it was particularly important to come on the podcast and talk about this here today, Saturn in Aquarius square the nodes, the lunar nodes, important to just make that distinction, right.

Ari Moshe Wolf 2:21
Whenever a planet squares, the nodes, this is both in Natal charts and in transit. This happens all the time, the moon squares, the nodes every month, we could have any number of planets who are in the node and the natal chart that planetary functions speaks to an area of inner and outer life experience, an essential teaching something that needs to be integrated. And we find that let’s say in a needle chart, the entirety of the souls journey, the entirety of the life is really focalized. Like the ground, there’s essential work relative to that planet. Until it’s integrated until it’s understood, until it’s learned, there’s a sense of there being a perpetual state of non resolution. And with the nodes will tend to flip flop between the polarity of the nodes, the nodes themselves are all about who we know ourselves to be. And so we emotionally integrate all of experience to it informs a sense of self. When a planet squares, the nodes, there’s a particular lesson, there’s a particular teaching that wants to be understood, we can appreciate, you know, we don’t know what we don’t know yet. We haven’t learned what we haven’t learned yet. And so as per the nature of squares, you can think of it as you know, being on this journey of life, we get to a turning point where we haven’t developed the knowledge of self awareness, the skill, the perspective, that allows us to integrate and cope with life experience. So planets, that’s where the nodes really focalize a lot, potentially meaning that’s the invitation, a lot of self awareness, and greater mastery, potentially, to bring more wisdom and knowledge and insight to really integrate that particular planetary archetype.

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:08
Okay, so when we have, well, actually, let’s just let’s back up for a minute and just talk about the nuts and bolts of this transit. When is it actually happening? And I think what you were just describing was a personal experience with a planet squaring the nodes. But this this one that we’re we’re in, and that’s going to be escalating is actually a collective experience of a planet squaring the nodes, correct?

Ari Moshe Wolf 4:31
Yeah. So any planetary force that’s squaring the nodes, the moon does it every month and actually for paying attention, we’ll find that when the moon squares the nodes, there’s an energetic here, there’s an opportunity for more learning for more integration, if we tune into that. The nature of the planet that squares the nodes is really defined by the archetype of that planet and the position of the nodes. So if you have Jupiter squaring the nodes, you’re going to have Jupiter lessens Jupiter learning Jupiter crisis, right, we’re gonna face an opportunity to integrate a deeper threshold of knowledge and wisdom and healing relative to Jupiter. Here we’re looking at Saturn. And when we’re looking at outer planets, or in this case, Saturn, it moves a lot slower. Pretty much Saturn spent around nine months within a fixed period of degrees. So Saturn has been moving into a square to the nodes for several months. It’s about to exact I think, exactly on April 9, here in the US, it’ll go retrograde was that in June. And it’ll stay with an orb of the nodal square for several months of this year. So we can really say since the nodes moved into Scorpio, Taurus, we’ve been in that archetypal square, right Aquarius squares archetypal II, the Taurus Scorpio axis, and it’s been growing, it’s been intensifying. So we’re in that field right now. Where the energetics the lessons the teachings of this particular planetary archetype of this square is emerging, we’re becoming more present to everyone listening now, it’s alive, like, what we’re going to be speaking to should be very relatable to our own present moment experience. It intensifies and clarifies as we approached the exact square, after the square, we can say we start the next phase, where there’s a further living it out, Nick, we’ve reached the exact crisis point. And then it’s a matter of resolution, Saturn, again, will be very close to the nodes, especially once it stations goes retrograde, for much of this year, it’s only when we see Saturn separating further from the nodes moving well beyond 10 degrees that we begin to enter into a new phase. So the cardinal phases, in general, when we are approaching a square, playing up the square and then moving beyond the square, there’s a very particular quality to the learning and to the experience that comes with that. So as we move beyond the exact square past April 9 or so that’s when a lot of the deeper teachings and integration and invitation to really harvest and apply the wisdom that’s necessary here. So we can really think of Saturn squaring the nodes, as any planets are in the nodes really, as where there’s an invitation, a possibility of healing. And whenever I think of healing, it’s becoming more aware of ourselves, bringing attention to what have has otherwise been in the unknown, has been in the unconscious. And this what’s not conscious, we’re sort of, we’re controlled by that we’re bound by that. So there’s an opportunity here, we ask the question, what’s the healing invitation? What does this transit offer for us? In the challenges in what’s arising right now, what’s the opportunity not so you really want to give our attention to today.

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:05
So what you’re saying is that we’re all experiencing a sense of an unresolved conflict. And it’s around Saturn and Aquarius types of themes. And the themes of Saturn in Aquarius in Aquarius are pointing the the highlighter or the spotlight on something in us that actually wants to be made more clear. It wants to come out of the subconscious and into a place where we can see it. So that we can actually start to address it and work through it and fully integrate it into our sense of self. Yeah,

Ari Moshe Wolf 8:42
Well said. And and it’s the appreciation People often ask, you know, it’s happening for the collective, is it really personal? Is it relevant to me? And the answer is yes. If we’re alive, we almost we yield where we’re completely receptive and open to the unfolding of the cosmos. As they are right now. Can you hear that? Stuff? It’s a part of our journey, right? There’s no one that’s exempt from it. And so there’s, there’s a gravity of attention that’s being drawn for all of us, collectively and individually, to this particular square dynamic.

Amanda Pua Walsh 9:16
Alright, so it’s happening all year long, pretty much in different different aspects of it will be will be highlighted, but it’s happening all year. We’re already in it. We’re reaching the culmination point. What is that lesson then? What would you call? What would you say the theme The themes are for us?

Ari Moshe Wolf 9:36
So we’ll build this step by step. And again, I want to invite everyone to you can really just delve more deeply into the wisdom and the layers of what it means when a Punnett squares the nodes, there’s a lot of insight into the nature of the nodes in general to to connect with here. So you can check out the episode Amanda spoke to and also there’s that masterclass. Yeah, on the astrology Hub website where I actually taught, very specific, very detailed with several chart examples of working neatly with planets, that’s where the nodes that that I think is available now on sale, it is

Amanda Pua Walsh 10:09
that you can go to, if you want to do more of a deep dive into this, but that’s so that’s And that’s a mastery class teaching that already gave to our inner circle in 2021. Yeah.

Ari Moshe Wolf 10:23
So this being said, let’s let’s take a create a basic foundation for working with this dynamic just to touch it define the nature of Saturn being involved in this dynamic and apply that to this particular nodal access. Because it’s not just Saturn squaring the nodes, it’s the whole configuration, including the nodal rulers as well. So once again, when a planet squares, the nodes, it’s really just speaks to a crisis for deeper integration and viewing. And it draws attention to the particular areas that want to be integrated in Resolve. When we’re dealing with the Saturn archetype, we’re going to be dealing with all kinds of themes that relate to Saturn, Saturn corresponds to the energy of alignment, how we are in relationship to time and space to form and structure, the structural realities of our life, in ways that serve and facilitate the evolutionary needs of this life. There are two ways to be in relationship to form to time into space. One we’re in we regard structure and form as almost a God over us. Unless we feel and define ourselves as limited or confined by structure by form. And this can correspond to a reality where we feel limited, we feel repressed, or the conditions of our life point us back to where we feel stuck. And there’s always a struggle, there’s always a sense of, I can’t get beyond this, metaphorically, it’s like being in jail. There are rules and laws and constructs that are defining and limiting our freedom of movement, from the point of view of who we are, what we are eternal beings are manifesting in physical form for our own learning and growing and remembering from the point of view of that, if we don’t apply adequate wisdom, and insight into that higher purpose or function of the Saturn archetype, the forms of limitations itself can actually be very depressing. Thus, there is a calling within our Saturn work in general, to bring wisdom and insight into the structural realities of our life, in particular, the unique relevance and purpose of the limitations. So we all share certain limitations, which is you know, we’re all in a body, it’s a limit, it’s a very particular relative subjective, again, from the point of view of infinity. This is a very particular kind of limited experience of form, and time and space. There’s a reason why we’ve all chosen this particular way. And we all come into a country or a society and a family reality, where there are conditions, a lot of this conditioning corresponds to social rules, government rules, laws, stop at red light, pay taxes, also, what’s appropriate, what’s not appropriate. To live and function, we’re also acknowledging the normalcy of the status quo, meaning, I need to make money I need to make money because I want to function in this life in a way that’s balanced, that allows me to grow and evolve in a balanced way. It doesn’t mean that making money is what qualifies or defines a purpose of life. It’s a very particular construct. It’s a limitation. It’s a parameter that’s relevant to that particular era, time, culture, Space Society that we’re living in. And so we appreciate with Saturn, we can look at any era, any time period of history, any country, and there are always going to be certain norms, and rules that are relevant to that time. And to a significant degree, we need to learn how to work with them, not to the point that we identify with them, but we can make them work for us. And so that’s the deeper teachings and purpose of Saturn is cultivating a relationship to structure to form in time and space that serves the deeper meaning and purpose of life. And thus that that brings a quality of wisdom and introspection, I’m not just making money. I don’t just have a job. I’m not just marrying with the 2.5 children in the car and the job or whatever sat in parameters we might just assume comes with it. I’m not just a male, I’m not just all these things. We have to actually form a personal relationship to our personal life and really define for ourselves bring wisdom and purpose into what are we creating? How are we working within the parameters of our life experience so we can grow and evolve And then we do find the parameters and the limitations that are relevant to us at any particular time. They’re only relevant to us for a particular time.

Ari Moshe Wolf 15:13
It has no meaning other than that all time constructs are relevant just for a time. And we can even say creatively, the purpose of time is to learn how to use time purposefully. This is a quote from A Course in Miracles, it, it serves no means and it dissolved, and it ceases to be necessary. And that’s why I say if we’re here, there’s learning. That’s all. It’s like, you learn what you need to learn in 12th grade in high school, if you’ve done the work, you can graduate and you’ll move on to a different structural reality in college, let’s say, Okay, so that’s defining the nature of the Saturn archetype. In general, when we’re looking at Saturn, squaring the nodes, we’re going to be dealing with lessons and learning and healing that pertains to the right relationship to time, to form to structure. And some of the deeper areas that we heal, that we face when we work with Saturn issues is shame, judgment, conditioning, repression, where we are in relationship to structure that actually suppresses and limits our sense of joy, where we’re learning to cultivate strength and wisdom and deep, deep introspection and self reflection as a yin archetype. Saturn is about introspection and reflection, and actually a loving, gentle, caring application of self authority and self agency to create a life that is loving and useful and healing and supportive. So we’re going to be learning those lessons. And we can say archetypaly or energetically, root chakra issues, right? Dealing with root chakra issues corresponds to foundations to ground. And so to give an example, again, I’m just being very general, at this point, we haven’t gotten into Aquarius I’m about to them. If we’re building something, business, family, a meal in the kitchen, setting, a firm salad root chakra foundation is creating a ground a plan so that the first step is the starting point, allows for growth to develop and unfold in a good way. That’s, that’s being imbalanced, that’s actually respecting. I really think of it it’s really respecting this incarnation, it’s respecting life. As opposed to just trying to do something and get somewhere. There’s a quality of adolescence, meaning an unlearned mind, an untrained mind, that just wants to get there, but hasn’t learned how to apply agency and thoughtfulness. So when we set a good foundation, right, do you have the ingredients that you need? Do you have a stovetop, have you set a proper foundation, according to code, if it’s not according to code, you might come across issues, even if you don’t like it with the government, and you’ll find yourself always struggling with basic root chakra, I don’t have the foundations that I need. It might feel irritating. But if we understand the greater goal, which is not to be struggling with time, but to get beyond it to it serves the beautiful growth and development and healing that we share in our life, our living has relevance and meaning for one another as well, that what I’m doing affects the whole, then we’ll really gratefully appreciate the beginning steps. So there’s a humility in the Saturn learning, that allows us to really, we fail a lot we and that’s how we learn. And we learn how to do things, right? How to do things, right and doing things right isn’t like a value judgment. Like there’s a right way and a wrong way. According to some books, someone wrote word God in the sky. Rate is alignment. That’s what right means. And that’s wrong isn’t like a judgment, you’re wrong. Wrong means not right. Didn’t work. And so we learn lessons. And we start over again. There’s no judgment, there’s no shame, there’s no punishment, but we don’t graduate, we can’t really evolve and move on. If we don’t have that foundational grounding relationship. Okay, so that’s what’s going on. And Saturn squares, the nodes is, in your natal chart, you have Saturn squaring the nodes, we can almost think of it as two expressions. The archetype of a child that is trying to just get there, right, like not studying for the test or carrying too many dishes in your hand and it all breaks. And then the role of the parent, which in this case is sort of the the rules the structure of the parents authority. Their role would be to say, hey, that didn’t work. Let me teach you And so we learn discipline, we can’t just do things the way we want to, we need to go slower and learn what works and what doesn’t work. So thus it can correspond to where we’re always pushing the natural boundaries.

Ari Moshe Wolf 20:15
That will push us back to a state of limitation. And we can feel like I can’t get beyond this, I can’t get beyond this, until we learn to be a disciple. This is Saturn for everyone. But this is a really emphasize crisis point. where much of the life until it’s really understood, will correspond to these core issues. And oftentimes what we need to do with Saturn, squaring the nodes is go back to early life conditioning. Right? What did we inherit from our society, from our family from the authority figures? What judgments what chains what rules so we could have, maybe there weren’t proper boundaries, or we learn things? If I, you know, if I act out of alignment, I’m bad. I was yelled at I was punished, I was told them unworthy, we can learn things that are natural, and thus it conditions our capacity to learn when mistakes are seen as sin, quote, unquote, in the way that we view sin, patriarchy, right. I’m bad. We’re adding something that’s unnatural and creates an experience of shame and wrongness that isn’t relevant or helpful or useful. Oftentimes, we need to unravel that. Likewise, Saturn square in the notes can really speak to where we are bound by the energy of judgment and harshness, right, an unforgiving attitude towards our mistakes or that others shame on you wrong, bad. And it’s like, no, that’s, you know, the cancer polarity to Capricorn teaches us when you have a planet squaring the nodes. This is not a technique, it’s just a perspective, it’s helpful to think of the astrological archetype that that planet is associated with, and to understand the polarity. Right, because that that polarity, one wants to teach us like what we need to like, integrate, and to be in balance. So what to Saturn need some loving care, gentleness, time to go within? Otherwise, we’re just pushing ourselves and applying an old conditioned thought that is really harsh and unhelpful? Okay, so one more thing that I would say we have, again, to review the dynamic of not really learning lessons, or the other end of that, being so harsh and rigid and controlling, you know, by the time you’re, I grew up, I’m an Ashkenazi Jew. But I grew up close to a Sephardic Jewish community, which is, you know, serious been those regions. And it’s a very different culture. And in that particular conditioning reality, which is very different, you know, they didn’t go to the Holocaust, at least to the same extent that Ashkenaz Jewry did very different reality. Right. So their inherited trauma, their inherited conditioning, their ancestral conditioning that’s been brought on from past generations, is very different than mine as an Ashkenazi Jew. And one thing that’s very strong in that community that I observed, is a very strong pressure for men, after high school, to get into business, you know, more and more, it becomes okay and acceptable to go to college. But in the past, it was actually that wasn’t so like the Ashkenazi Jewish thing is more like you go to college, you get very good education. That’s kind of the thing, in the Sephardic Jewish community, predominantly in this changing has been mostly you make a lot of money, and then you you earn, you know, six figures, seven figures, certain amount, and you have a big house and you start a family, and you live in a certain community, you’re a part of, it’s very defined, and you don’t, you don’t move outside of that community and you don’t marry a non Sephardic Jew, even marrying an Ashkenazi Jew would be kind of taboo. Again, this is changing, but there was a lot of taboo around that even when I was young.

Ari Moshe Wolf 24:05
So that’s an example where we can have a soul was doing all the right things like okay, I’m, you know, taking over my father’s business, I’m earning money, I’m working really hard. And it might not feel very good, it might not be very livable. Everyone has a different curriculum according to the evolution that is relevant to that soul at this time. So there might be a so let’s say it was in that reality. With Saturn squaring the nodes, there is a calling an invitation for them, they’re going to be impelled by their own soul be the, the intelligence of their own evolutionary journey that’s beyond our ego understanding, to look at that. And thus, when we are breaking out of defined rigid structures of right and wrong that are suppressing and oppressive to our nature. We’re going to deal with Saturn issues, social judgment, shame, this is wrong. This is bad. I can’t feel this. I can’t want this. And so oftentimes Again, we need to form a very gentle and loving, caring relationship to our unraveling in society and patriarchal culture in general, it’s changing that we’re really beginning to understand and validate the reality of mental health. Right, it’s not just something to medicate or ignore. It’s a real mental health, I would actually say is so foundational, and how we related to depression, and anxiety, culturally, for the most part within consensus reality has reflected a unloving, uncaring, and compassionate relationship to time and space and form. But when we when we understand that there’s an opportunity to know ourselves, and thus bring more agency into, what do I want? How do I want to? How do I want my life to look, who am I and how can I make choices long term now, that brings me into that, oftentimes, we need to do a lot of therapy, we need to be in a relationship to a safe people and environments, where we can look at ourselves. And the reason why that’s necessary, is when we’re in the Saturn realm, we’re dealing with a lot of judgment and shame and fear. And so the ego construct needs to be held in a caring way. So it can face areas that otherwise are uncomfortable, or patterns and tendencies that are undeveloped, that need to be held in a container so the soul can become self aware and begin to heal. So this introduces working with Saturn, squaring the nodes in general. I can move on now to Aquarius in particular.

Amanda Pua Walsh 26:44
Already, this is so resonant. I don’t know about all of you, but it’s like, it’s almost like you’re touching on things that are a little bit out of my awareness right now. But so present you don’t like Like, they’re these things that seem like they’re happening in the background. And they’re not tangible, like the tangible material of the day they experience. But they’re there. And it’s almost like we’re working them out. Indirectly, as we’re living life and making decisions and facing different issues in in life. I mean, I can I can tell you, for example, that this idea of self judgment, and being harsh and critical on self, and how that can become externalized. And then it can be experienced as like, Oh, I’m being judged, or I’m being, you know, harshly criticized or misunderstood, or any of those things, and how much that crushes the joy of natural expression? How much that creates this, like you said, this jail experience of, oh, well, then I can’t do that. Or, you know, or the fear that comes with with being in joyful. You know, and an unabashedly just expression. And it’s so interesting, because, again, it feels like these things are just, there’s like, there but not obvious. Not the obvious things that are that are that are coming up every day. Does that make sense? And is that is that also the nature of this transit that we’re in that it’s gonna be? It’s gonna be operating, but not necessarily the thing that we’re super aware of

Ari Moshe Wolf 28:36
so much. So in particular, because we’re dealing with Aquarius, which is suppressed content, that is are beyond this lifetime, and we’ll drop into that and also Scorpio and to speak to one thing that you said, Well, my teacher Jeffrey Wolfe green, whose lineage I studied evolutionary astrology often said, most souls don’t realize how conditioned we are. We’re not aware of the extent of our conditioning. Yeah, there’s a very strong Capricorn Saturn tendency to project our own inner judgment to the outside. We don’t realize we’re doing that and so like, Oh, they’re gonna judge me, or they’re angry at me or that, but really, no, we are judging ourselves. But we’re just so familiar with a child that got that slap on the wrist or got the sticker taken away because we did something wrong. It’s so important. We realize that we’re generating this within ourselves.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:32
And you said something about Saturn? I think you said that Saturn is Yin. Is that correct? And

Ari Moshe Wolf 29:39
You got it is yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:41
I wrote Yin with a question mark. So I don’t think we normally think of Saturn is I don’t think of Saturn as Yin.

Ari Moshe Wolf 29:49
Yeah, I mean, I hold loosely, all these words that we use because we can we can categorize things in all kinds of ways. So this is not like a dogma in my mind, but right Capricorn it’s Earth, Earth is Yin and We get confused because the Capricorn Saturn archetype corresponds to the structural reality of the world we’re living in. So what’s normal, and thus right now patriarchy is normal. It just is right like patriarchy being nor and this is a good leeway into Aquarius, patriarchy being normal means pretty much anywhere in the world for the 99.9% of the world, most likely, currently, and for the past, hundreds or even 1000s of years, there’s been a particular status quo cultural climate, that reflects a particular way of looking at life. That is, for the most part, it elevates and glorifies the masculine principle of life. And in some sense, regard success or development in a way that requires a subjugation of the feminine, it just is. And it might be hard to recognize that because we don’t realize we’re in it. But it is how you live. We only really understand this when we’re out of it. And we can look back in retrospect, but this is the cultural climate and environment within which we live. War is normal subjugation of Earth for the sake of our technologies and the things that we want to do what we want to do, how, for a long time, minorities, women, people of color, have been dominated and not given equal rights in most societies in the world. For the hundreds of years, it was white men. In westernized cultures, at least, it’s just like, there’s, there are countless examples. And we’re healing that, but we’re still in it. So this is patriarchy. We live in a capitalistic society. That regards it’s fascinating, but we don’t realize this, we all recognize, to live here to exist means you got to make money. And thus, we’ve associated living with earning money, which is crazy when you think about it, but it’s how we it’s how it is. And the key is to work with it in a good way. But that, to me is all an extension of the greater cultural climate within which we’re a part of Capricorn correspond to the cultural climate. In a few 100 years, perhaps, let’s say hopefully, when we live in a different kind of world, maybe where war doesn’t have relevancy anymore. We live in a relationship to time into nature into life that respects the natural unfolding and blossoming of all things, will understand Capricorn and even think of it in a different way. But because Capricorn corresponds to structure and the structural reality of life that we’re living in right now is patriarchal, we tend to project onto the Capricorn archetype itself. Rigid heart, I mean, how many times have we heard, Saturn is the taskmaster. And it’s like, oh, it’s Don’t say that. It’s so harsh. task master. If we can maybe redefine our relationship to the master of tasks, like, bring more love, bring more gentleness, bring more forgiveness, bring more spaciousness into our understanding of Saturn, where it’s like the loving parent that’s holding space for a child to learn, and will lovingly redirect towards alignment, creating the safe boundaries and parameters for our learning. But not this harsh punishment that says, Oh, you did bad, you’re going to go to jail. Now you have a penalty. So we associate so much of our life experience from that point of view. And thus we think of Capricorn, and it manifests in that way. But that’s the work to understand that that is actually just our conditioning.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:37
Are you would you say as you were speaking, and earlier, you talked about one of the invitations of this Saturn square the nodes being to look at our relationship with time and space, and whether or not we feel sort of victimized by it, and it sort of oppressing us and limiting us. And being the change that we experience in life. And part of the invitation of quote unquote mastery in this area area is to is to heal that relationship with time and space. And to to recognize its necessity and actually how it, how it serves and how it actually helps us in this in this reality. I was wondering if you think that because most of us lives so out so out of alignment with nature, and natural rhythms and cycles, that we’re constantly railing against time because things don’t happen in the pace that we think they should. And that if we were in more alignment with the rhythm of nature, and we surrendered to the process of what it actually takes for something worthwhile to grow something nurturing something, something beautiful, how long that is. takes a grow that we would find ourselves pressing against it a lot less

Ari Moshe Wolf 35:03
beautiful. Yeah, I really feel that way. And again, that’s why I would really think of Saturn as Yin in its very nature. There’s a gentleness there’s a forgiveness and also where we think to succeed. The end has to justify the means, inherently that that principle immediately suggests repression and subjugation of the feminine have begun, because I’m going to deny aspects of care and presence and awareness because I need this. And this is where we go into Aquarius, we have a foundational structural reality, precedent that’s been set. And in every society in every part of the world, it’s normal. And Aquarius says, Okay, there’s greater potential relative to our essential individuality. We can live here as human beings in a better way. So Aquarius always wants to objectify and detach from precedent. Aquarius isn’t about time, which is really interesting, to Capricorn and Saturn is Aquarius is always regarding the intelligence of creation itself. What things are, I mean, always recognize that creation is energetic, it’s archetypal. It’s about harmonics and resonance, which is why astrology is an Aquarian thing. We can look at every aspect of life and see archetypes we can see the fractal expressions of divine or Universal Intelligence. And we can live in a way where we’re attuned to it. And thus we can bring higher intelligence, thoughtfulness into how we’re living as human beings that aligns with a more inclusive universal understanding of life. Or we can live in older ways that dusts in inherently suppresses the nature of things. So Aquarius is always wanting to liberate and really break free. And the words that I would use is literally stepping away. And realizing, oh, what I’ve been doing how I’ve been thinking, has nothing to do with who I am, has nothing to do with this present moment. It’s actually just conditioning. And thus, we get to look upon everything in a new way. In looking at things in a new way, we’re accessing a more clear, objective witness state of consciousness, that allows us to see, without the filter of past conditioning, without the filter of the past trauma precedents, what I’ve learned what I’ve decided the story that I’ve put on to life. So any area of life experience, when we put Saturn in there, we’re looking at how are we structuring our lives? How are we living? What’s the precedent that we’ve set? That is outdated. And the issue with Aquarius is the degree of suppression implied. I wrote down a few examples to exemplify this. And again, it’s so it’s so permeating that we may not realize the extent of it, because it just sort of what we assume. If you if you want to buy food, we just expect there’s going to be plastic wrapping right. And then we just throw it away, and we don’t think about it. Well, we recycle Saturn. It’s a system recycling. From an aquarium point of view, you can even think over recycling is really great. Because a really recycling is just a system that allows the individual to feel validated in buying more plastic, so it can continue to be put on the market, that when we look at these industries, less than 10% recycled, it’s decreasing more and more and more. It’s only contributing to the landfill, but normal. Oh, it’s normal, totally normal. So no one’s going to shame us or judge us. No one’s going to invite on a political social mainstream level, greater self awareness of the effects of us living the normal human life that we live. And so we can say, oh, it this is just what it’s like to be a human. Woof. And Aquarius says, who said? Who said, When did we learn that? Same thing we know. This is no judgment on dietary choices. I mean, but how how, how normal? Is it to really reflect on where does this meat come from? How much suffering goes into our purchases? And what are the greater social effects Saturn really wants us to understand? As a citizen as a human as a part of this world, country, nation, government, family community, our actions has an effect. That’s ethics. Ethics isn’t some kind of external standard.

Ari Moshe Wolf 39:43
Again, something that someone writes down that’s a non that’s a non embodied relationship. Just following the rule of ethics is an inner sense of alignment. Everything has actions, and the world condones certain ways of being and doesn’t doesn’t really question it. This is true on a political level on a social level on a global level on a, on a very personal, intimate level. We’re going to find ourselves living a life and maybe we have our friends or immediate community where certain things are just normal or accepted. Even in terms of vote, you’re doing everything right. You’re doing all the right things, you’re you’re living the life you’re supposed to live, but that Aquarian is, I’m suppressing something essential about myself. And that’s really look into this dynamic. And so what we’re going to do is unpack the immensity of trauma actually, that can be emerging just with Saturn in Aquarius, and then see what it looks like when you apply it to the nodal polarity. The issue of suppression at the core points to the ramifications and perceived consequences of me living according to a more pure essential individuality. Oftentimes within the Aquarius archetype, our subconscious memories suppressed memories, often from past lives, because when we talk about Aquarius, we’re talking about the individuality of, of creation, everything as it is and the soul as like who we are, as a soul. And from the Aquarian point of view, there’s a continuity of the souls journey. And Aquarius actually contains within it, all memories of this and past lifetimes. It’s not local memories, like I remember specific details. And that’s mercury, where we’re defining particular names and constructs that our mind is wrapping itself around. It’s almost like it’s in the field of awareness, but it’s not defined or given any kind of name, but it’s inner, it’s an inner field. And if we don’t consciously Mercury with our with our mind, we don’t have a linear context for it. And so we’ll see and smell and think and see and experience events and dynamics in our life. Have archetypal II point to past experiences embedded within our Soul Memory, that we may not consciously remember, that might bring up where, okay, here’s a trauma. Here’s where there was a sudden event that took me outside of the known I was excommunicated for being different. Or I said something and then I was rejected, or my spouse left me, or I was fired from my job, or I was persecuted because I was an astrologer in the 1400s. Right, these are kinds of things that are embedded within the Aquarius archetype. Very often within the Aquarius archetype, we’re going to find groups of people, we’re always going to resonate with groups of people that of course share our, our intelligence, our resonation our understanding of reality. That’s where community forums where we can relate, we can resonate with each other. This is also where we have political parties, political affiliations, or Saturn in Aquarius, your country club, right the group of people that you join with, you pay this much money, monthly membership, and Jews to come Blackstone comm. Hispanics don’t come or men only write it. Aquarius, Saturn and Aquarius can very much speak to selective groups of people, where we’ve been a part of exclusive ways of being that serve particular members of society.

Ari Moshe Wolf 43:40
Then another thought that I was thinking of when I was kind of taking some notes. I was watching this video from this one amazing journalist I forgot his name he was speaking about here are the people that have really benefited from war. And he spoke about the decades long war in Afghanistan. And he spoke about defense contractors. And that when there’s a war, the government in the United States will hire defense contractors, private companies to provide supplies often weapons or airplanes or goods or needs. And they can at times of war, they’re not going to bid or negotiate price. They’re just going to hire who has the abilities and do whatever they ask, pay whatever price that company offers. And there are people that, you know, are millions, millions profited out of work immensely, because they saw the opportunity. There are political groups that want certain legislation for oil company or for defense contractors that will buy stock in those companies during times of war. Right. So political interests, party interests, me and my people, I want things to go a certain way. That’s where Saturn and Aquarius can really reflect groups of people that have historically always throughout the world, been in the majority With the social power, making the rules with all of the key, so to speak, to governance, inherently persecuting and disempowering minority and subdivisions of society that are not in the majority, so we can find ourselves on either side of that. Thus, from the perspective,

Ari Moshe Wolf 45:23
of being a part of special interest groups that want to, you know, grow and support and build and strengthen their individual community, there’s always going to be a consciousness that says, whatever it takes to serve my goal and my own betterment, my own growth is justifiable. For a lot of souls that can lead to a sort of guilt that needs to be justified. Now imagine a soul. This is bringing it into present moment experience. That’s a part of a community of people. There are certain norms, there are certain behaviors or certain ways of being that are just expected or okay or normal. Let’s say give it an extreme example, you grew up in a white nationalist, white nationalist family, and your church is white nationalists, white supremacy. That’s an example of Saturn in Aquarius, one way of looking at one manifestation of it within that archetype, there can be a deep self reflection within the soul of I feel like we’re all human beings. And actually, we can we can get along better if we’re thinking in terms of inclusivity and sharing, and hey, why, why are we better than those people, there might be a natural impulse, the impulse within Aquarius naturally is towards giving and sharing and including Aquarius is about inclusivity in its highest expression, because life is that, like all of the archetypes exist. Aquarius, it is about inclusivity. And so wherever we find a consciousness that holds separation or sectarianism, it’s actually pointing to a very place that wants to be liberated, where the gates are not closed, because life operates through resonance. We resonate elements that belong together come together, the more we hold the consciousness of inclusion, we recognize being the entirety of manifest creation is an ecosystem where all the archetypal facets of existence coexist together, all of astrology coexist, and it creates a thriving environment, by a way of each individual expression, being fully supported to bring their whole self to the table. What emerges really, really reflects the mind of God. What emerges is the intelligence of creation itself itself emergence. And the potential for thriving is beyond our conditioned thinking, because it’s what’s natural. The more we suppress the interrelationship of all individualities the more we try to force a exclusive, judgmental and harsh way of living that requires subjugation and suppression. The more we include, the more we find survival and thriving and living and being here in a good way, is beyond our capacity to comprehend cut, it’s so natural. And so there’s a as we evolve, that way of thinking is always pushing through the Saturn Capricorn suppression, where we where we become overly identified with that constructed conditioned way of thinking, thus an unuseful relationship to Saturn. Aquarius is always like, a sprout trying to push through concrete. And it can feel so scary. So you have the weight of your community, your family, your church, whatever, and the possible ramifications of being true to yourself. So this is one example of the tension of suppression to give another example, we can have a soul that is simply doing what they’ve been doing, right. They built their life, maybe they’re successful, but there’s a calling of their individuality. Right? They, they they’re called to be an artist. There’s something in them that is more open and free. But there’s no context for it. This is the this is the thing to remember an essential takeaway, there’s no context. Context implies the past.

Ari Moshe Wolf 49:22
It always points to what’s already known. And so to have no context means there’s nothing we can depend upon according to our knowledge according to our conditioning that supports a natural feeling a natural movement of life wanting to go in a certain direction. So it can be very scary. The feeling of dissociation or depression or just being checked out, can be growing for all of us right now. Relative to there being conditional realities in our life, that don’t feel livable. It’s and it’s really calling us to connect with what wants to open up which means we have To meet the very places where we’re afraid of Aquarius, excommunication rejection, being the outsider, being outsider, not belonging. And this, this brings up the deeper trauma that’s often embedded within the Aquarius archetype. It’s not safe to be what I end. So either I got to isolate myself and be totally removed from society and friendship and kind of had this paranoid, I don’t trust life kind of vibe, or just suppress that and live a normal life, but feel deeply. So, you know, you got that you got the $7 million, you got the homie got the family, and you’re doing everything right, but your soul is screaming, to break free. So let’s, let’s stop there, we can delve it and then we’ll move into the nodes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 50:50
Oh, my gosh, there’s so much here, Ari, it’s incredible. And wow, I just want to reiterate, I’ve been writing notes, because I want to go through all this at the end and just do my best to summarize what you’ve said. But this idea that everyone on some level, maybe feeling the pull to disassociate, or check out or distract themselves from this sort of soul level nagging question of where are you not being totally true to yourself? Out of fear of not doing it the way that society culture, whatever expects you to do it? And where is that fear of being an outcast? Or being an, you know, not belonging? Where is that fear, binding you to something that is truly out of alignment with the nature of reality, because the nature of reality is that you have a true an individual expression that needs to come through. And wherever you’re not doing that, it’s going to get more and more and more uncomfortable for you. And, I mean, these are big, huge questions, and I see what you’re saying, where the where the medicine is, in this inquiry, you know, the medicine of looking at, like, wow, I’m terrified to be who I am, because it it’s on some level doesn’t feel safe. It just, it doesn’t feel safe to me. So I so I’m not, and and just that inherent truth that that that’s gonna continue to nag, that’s going to continue to be somewhere in your consciousness. It’s huge. It’s huge. And I can I can I mean, are you? Is this resonating with all of you? Like, are you seeing where these things are coming up for you? And also this question of? Where am I doing what I’m doing? Because I was conditioned to do it. And it seems natural and normal. But really, it’s not. And I don’t know about all of you. But the number of times that question comes up can be somewhat exhausting. Because it’s like, you can’t just be on autopilot. It’s like, Wait, why am I doing that? In the car yesterday, I was with a bunch of children I was we were having a playdate. And I was the driver and the concept of giants came up. You know, it was like, you know, they were talking about giants. And then I asked I asked the question like, do you guys think giants ever lived on this planet? And then there was a big debate about whether giants lived? And I was like, maybe they did? I don’t know, maybe you know, and my daughter goes, Mama, you you’re always questioning what’s true. At your Oh, you’re always the one asking that question. And you know what, you’re right. And especially now there’s this constant question of, well, I was told this, but is that actually true? And I’ve taken this for granted. But is it actually true? And how do I know it’s true? And can I be open to there being another possibility? So all these different things you’re talking about are completely up and I see that need to somewhat disassociate or check out also attached to how exhausting that processes? So yeah, because you can’t just you can’t just cruise it’s like there’s this constant Well, is this the right way to be doing things? Should? Is there a better way to be doing things? How else could we do things that would include more people that would take care of the planet better that would? Etc, etc.

Ari Moshe Wolf 54:36
Yeah, everything that’s the Jeffrey Wolfgreen coat what’s repressed becomes distorted and we can’t we can only like repress to a point until it manifests as total dysfunction and disease. Oh, that’s where that the force of Aquarius is actually stronger than Saturn. Because Saturn is just posturing. It’s conditioning. It’s practice we, we ingrained habits really. And it seems really solid, but really it’s just a habit Aquarius isn’t a habit Aquarius is what is. And we’re we’re in, we’re a tuning to the intelligence of, of our nature of our individual selves, our true selves, our true unconditioned, self, unconditioned what we are as a being, and to suppress, that can really bring up a lot of psychological stress. And this is what’s strong right now, with Saturn moving into the square, it’s like, there’s something that wants to shift. And I want to say this is not just about, Alright, I got to make it a big deal and make these big changes. There can be an issue here of unthoughtful action, right? Why feel suppressed by this relationship, or I don’t like this, or I’m not, I’m being someone that I don’t want to or, you know, throw like a few to life and moving on. But there isn’t necessarily a lot of wisdom and self reflection, oftentimes, the Teaching isn’t about making changes. Because then we become, we run the possibility of becoming too defined by the forms in our life, right, I need, I need a bigger house, I am done living. And that’s actually just conditioning speaking, that’s actually just almost I’m an adolescent quality of reacting to the experience of limitation, but thinking some other construct will make it better. It’s not coming into a quality of agency, the extent to which we’re waiting for defining or demanding a new form, to solve issues of the limiting form is not really what the teaching is here. And so oftentimes, there’s there’s a real invitation to be with it. And a lot of the work within Aquarius is freeing our own minds from projection. Our stories, where we realize we’re holding ourselves in check, doesn’t have to be you break through everything. In fact, Saturn wants us to be thoughtful. And so this is a slow, steady growth, I think a lot of essential changes will happen gradually, especially after April, especially during the retrograde in June, we’re seeing a long term process. And by the way, the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, which is moving to the north node, which Saturn is squaring. So the the significant changes, and I’ll speak to that later, the significant changes are yet to really unfold. There’s a lot of wisdom in bringing a lot of curiosity and reflection and presence to the areas that are tense, and working the content, being with it. So we find ourselves inwardly free from the places that feel the most scary, I’m going to I’m going to run away from my church and this family, these people and find a new community for some people that might have relevance or value. But that’s, of course, just one step along the journey. It’s not the answer. It might just feel helpful. Or sometimes these boundaries, like by the old hello to the new is helpful for a time. But what we’re looking for is wisdom, self knowledge, who am I, fundamentally, what happens when I’m grounding in that this affects our perception. This brings a fundamental change in how we are in relationship to the structural realities of our life, our job, our life, our family, our relationships, where we’re living, what we’re doing, where we recognize, first and foremost, we’re safe. Where we are right now, and a deep teaching here is this moment isn’t the past moment. It might feel the same, but that’s exactly the conditioning. What is it like right now, to become an observer of the instinctual responses and patterns that are manifesting the perceptions that I’m generating? What is it like to approach us in a new way? And this is where we want to bring the nodal polarity we’re dealing with Actually, can I take a break and run to the bathroom really quickly, Amanda? Of course, okay. Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 59:08
Okay. I’m seeing some comments here. Andrea, I love what you say finding freedom and delicious growth in the limitations. And that sounds like a great summary of everything that we’re talking about. And I love what Ari said too, about the astrological archetypes, and how God’s mind quote unquote, quote, or the universe or sources mind. There’s room for all of it. And yet, then we come into this reality and somehow, the idea is proliferated that we all need to be the same that we all need to do things a certain way. You know, and the astrology reflects that. That is absolutely untrue. Each one of us is completely unique and coated with The specific expression that wants to happen in this lifetime. So it’s just it’s just funny. Ari, I was just reflecting on how the conditioning is like the exact opposite of what is natural. And when you were talking about the mind of God, and the astrological archetypes and how the diversity is inherent in that, and that, then we get somehow taught that we’re supposed to all do it one way, or do it the same way. Right? It just it makes it’s like the exact opposite,

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:00:35
right? Conditioning is exactly Yeah, exactly. It’s the exact, in fact, and that’s this is the self reflection, where we can identify conditioning is where we can recognize the pressure point for our liberation, and to not respond to our conditioning with fear and anxiety, but to actually bring more and more and more observation. So there can be an immense amount of psychic content emerging right now that we maybe don’t know how to get to the bottom of, but even just the recognition of it, yeah, teaching in A Course in Miracles, to have the lessons in the workbook is, let me recognize my problems so that they can be solved. And then let me recognize that my problems have been solved, because all problems point to the state of our consciousness, not to an actual, objective reality of problems. And so the teaching is, we’re bound by our perceptions, we’re bound by our own conditioning, bringing our own thinking back to the Holy Spirit, bringing our own thinking back to truth. It’s seeking to correct the errors of our own mind, the patterns of thought that actually keep us in this trauma, keep us in this separation. That’s where a lot of the healing is to Aquarius. Really, yeah.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:01:51
You were going to be going to the nodal polarity and how that that also holds keys for us in this.

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:01:57
Yes, yeah. So Aquarius really speaks to where we, where we find what’s fundamentally true, that isn’t developmental, and is always what is when we deal with a tour Scorpio polarity, we’re dealing with life and death circumstances. And this basically says what is is unsafe, what is has ramifications, so I need to make sure that I’m fitting into a paradigm and a contract that’s acceptable and, and usable or functional, or protective. So when we have a Punnett Square in the note, and I’m remembering to that our talk our interview on planet that square the nodes last year, I gave the example of a generic planets in the 11th house squaring the eighth house, second house axis, without realizing that this is what 2022 would be about, oh, various is associated with the 11th house and then for Scorpio, so again, reviewing that would be very helpful for understanding this particular transit. And we have a planet squaring the nodes. It’s a tension between that noodle polarity. And so we’re going to find ourselves bound by these extremes until there’s resolution. So let’s look at the tourist dimension. Survival. To be what I am, to free myself from conditioning has too many ramifications. Right? I don’t want to experience what it’s like to be rejected, abandoned, betrayed Scorpio, right, there’s too much lost there, I have a subconscious memory of being burned at the stake or losing everything, or experiencing immense trauma and loss, we should recognize to Aquarius corresponds to a subconscious memory that many souls holds, of being a part of many minority communities where throughout history, these communities were devastated by war, by patriarchal oppression and suppression. So many examples of just communities, Tibet, monastery, spiritual groups, minority communities all over the world that have experienced that. So from the Saturn and Aquarius point of view, I’m just going to fit in, and Taurus because I can survive here. And Saturn, I have the money that I need. I’m supporting my family, I’m functioning. But really, there’s so much suppression. And I just want to keep it at bay because I don’t want insecurity. And that Scorpio dimension says yeah, there’s been loss. Scorpio is where we become consumed with gain and loss, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, death, all those things from this, so what happens there is then we can find ourselves just associating for the sake of survival. And one manifestation of that is almost like I’m held up tight and I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t want conflict. I don’t want to look at these issues. I just want to force and push everything and everyone into these boxes because I don’t want to face it. This is where wherever Saturn is transiting in our chart events could be manifesting now and especially after this where and especially during the retrograde as Uranus moves towards the North Node events can be manifesting relative to wherever Saturn is transiting leader degree Aquarius 20s, where events or Dynamics manifest that even might seem out of the blue. That might feel totally surprising, or perhaps dreamed, or Synchronicity or signals coming from the intelligence of life, the higher mind we can say that feel threatening or scary or even non sequitur that feel very out of touch out of line with where we think life is going. This is the thing with Aquarius, these things can happen. And it’s totally traumatizing and shocking and surprising. But it has to happen because we can’t suppress this content indefinitely. So it’s almost like that little sprout pushing through the concrete. The the power of reality is, even though it’s not physical, it’s a lot stronger than cement. And it can’t be suppressed. So it’s like an earthquake, that breaks up the cement and boom, free reign, that plant just gets to grow. And suddenly, it’s like, oh, no, I didn’t want that to happen. Or like why didn’t expect that to happen? I didn’t think things are going that way. It can be any kind of event, it can be any kind of cataclysmic event, that’s where we go into Scorpio relative to Aquarius, there can be experiences of loss, betrayal, abandonment, fundamental pieces, where Scorpio, where we’re holding on to our greatest emotional security, our deepest psychological limitations are found in Scorpio where we are most resistant to change, most afraid of letting go.

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:06:57
And that’s where we might be afraid of really being vulnerable, really afraid of trusting, where we might be jaded because of loss, right, or where we just might be holding on really tightly because I need the security, we can be consumed by anything that represents for us a deep concern with gain or loss, I don’t want to lose what I need for my security. And if I did, I would be absolutely devastated. Right, or we’re just so jaded and hurt, that metaphorically, we’re wearing black all the time. We don’t want to trust we don’t want to open up. But that’s we’re not living and then relative to Aquarius, that’s that square. It said that tension where it’s like we need to develop a certain skillfulness and softness to really work with these energies, it can really imply just an immense amount of suppression. So these events can feel very traumatic for a lot of us. And to the extent that we’re suppressing, you know, surprising events can happen to anyone. And to some extent, we’re all not aware of what we’re not aware of. So they’re suppressed content for all of us. And there are psychological dynamics and addictions and patterns of disempowered entanglements that we’re also not aware of that maybe we are aware of, but we don’t know how to get out of it. So these things might happen. And the intention, really is to come back to ourselves. The possibility of victimization, really falling into a state of lack of alignment, getting victimized and angry or jaded by life relative to shifts and changes. And or just like resisting the changes as much as possible, we can, we can try. And we can try to do that we can try to always maintain normalcy, the conditions that we think we need. But during transits like this, it really requires a lot of control, which equals manipulation, we have to really try to manipulate and control life circumstances to make it fit the structures that we need to feel secure. And there comes a point where the earthquake is just too powerful. I’m not saying these things will have to happen. But this can be a part of the experience. In the same way. The pressure within us that may be a surprise might lead to a point where we just flip. If we’re not doing the work of looking at ourselves, there can be a sense of I’m done, or I need to move on. I need to make these changes. And thus it can come from a very reactive and dysfunctional state. Which then leads to a lot of unresolved karmic dynamics, right where we can find ourselves creating a lot of unresolved karma, in the face of our thoughtless actions and choices. To be present to an impending sense of something needs to change, but I don’t know how to work with that also directly nice. We’re not in control of the rhythms and the flows of life is to just really be in the process. This is a time to seek an immense amount of psychological self awareness. So Scorpio says change happens. We can’t hold on indefinitely, we also can’t stay so separate where we’re not afraid to be vulnerable and open. So really looking at our deepest fears, its commitment issues, security issues, where we’re afraid of really engaging the vulnerability of life. Where we are facing some of our deepest fears and psychological seeds of disempowerment, anger, jealousy, rage, fear of loss, distrust, trust issues, like these are things that can really be emerging for us through our own experience. And it wants us to engage, it’s now how do we engage it right? We need it. This is where I feel they’re such important along our soul journey, in consciously time, consciously creating space and time in our life, for inner practice. So that we can practice on a daily basis presencing, the inner content that creates a ground where we don’t have to be so shocked and surprised by the force of change in life. Or, if change happens, we have a ground of stability in our essential self, that we can be with it and seek wisdom and insight into it. So I’ll stop there for a moment.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:11:23
I was going to ask you, so you were talking about the creating space and time for inner practice. And this need for us to meet this content? That’s good. That’s breaking free from, you know, underneath the ground, I love the image of the sprout and the earthquake. And it’s, you know, it’s cracking through. You’ve mentioned Course in Miracles several times. How long have you been working with that? And is that something that you you find helpful in times like this?

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:11:55
Hmm. I do for myself, it, of course, in miracles has been in my life, mostly peripherally since 2005. I got it from a well, to longer story, it’s cool story, I can give a few minutes to it. If you’re interested, I’ll follow you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:12:13
I am personally because as you’re talking about, I mean, it’s it’s it’s definitely been in my periphery throughout life as well. And it seems like maybe something that could be a nice anchor, for people potentially, in a time like this, or something like this, you know, maybe, yeah, we’ll be

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:12:28
Able to share. So this actually helps us this work to the teaching. So in our life, there’s a synchronistic unfolding of our personal destiny, according to our design, I give the example of a dinosaur sponge that’s a square, it’s a square, you put it in water, as it opens up, it becomes a dinosaur. The Oak Jeffrey Wolfe green just gives the example of the oak see that has all the information for the tree that it will become our individual blossoming, who we are in our most individuated, authentic, unconditioned self, is embedded within our own. Within our own soul, nature, it’s there all the time. And that’s within Aquarius, we have the idea of in a sense, the future is already written developmentally in time, it seems like it’s unfolding. And there’s a past and there’s a future, but also we already are what we are and thus, there’s a archetypal definitiveness to our blossoming, it’s a hard thing for us to understand from a condition perspective, but there are certain parts of life that are programmed into our own individual awakening, and we can’t change it. It’s where I quote Ramana Maharshi. It’s a paraphrasing you can’t that which is meant to be you can’t do anything to prevent it. That which isn’t meant to be you can’t do anything to make it happen. There’s a certain dimension of life where that just is and that’s a part of my acceptance. So there’s a time in my life. When I was just after my nodal return, I kind of went to this big process with Orthodox Judaism. I was at a yeshiva College in New York City, and had a big unraveling spent a year in Israel began having a lot of mystical experiences and revelations. And it’s like my spiritual journey unfolded. And I can see now it was all planned. Right. So obviously, the family become into as a part of it. There are so many elements, especially in early life that is just setting the context a container for an unfolding. At some point, I found myself living in Amherst, Massachusetts, looking for a job. And I found a woman that wanted someone to like mow her lawn and do some odd jobs. I noticed in her home, she had a lot of what I thought of the Jewish star, six pointed star I wasn’t aware of at that time that the 6.2 star is a universal symbol. It’s not just a Jewish thing. But I was like, oh, cool, that’s a Jewish star. Tell me about that. She had a lot of statues of angels and things like that. So she talked about her spirituality, that she actually went to Israel. And she showed me pictures of her trip in Israel, and this one tour guide that took her around Israel. And interesting note, I’m just gonna say this, even though it’s a tangent, when I was living in Israel, for eight months, I was hitchhiking at some point, and I was at the Dead Sea. And that tour guide, picked me up at the Dead Sea is a Palestinian man brought me to Palestine, showed me a tour of Palestinian territories that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. I saw the wall. I think I saw the wall. I’m actually maybe show me pictures. No, I’m not sure I saw. Anyway, I met him. And he knew many of the rabbinical Jewish leaders that I was actually really connected to some of the spiritual leaders. So like, that’s Abraham. He’s a beautiful peace activists, I mean, like at Abraham. So again, what’s meant to be is and it’s like, it’s almost like incomprehensible to the conditioned mind that that’s such a thing would come about, yeah, I would meet this woman. Her name was Dolores. Math, forgetting. But she was so influential. She was a practitioner study of A Course in Miracles. She gave me a book called I think that book was called journey without end. Our journey without distance, I think, which is a quote from the course. And I never read it, but I, you know, kept it for many years. A year later, I went to an ashram in Virginia called Yoga Ville, I met a man who gave me my first Course of Miracles, I looked through it immediately found resonance, I found the teachings carried a universal, timeless, clear, pointing to the truth, something that I can, I felt the trust towards it.

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:16:54
There was a point a few years later, where I, the course has the text, which is just teachings and then a workbook where you can actually do a lesson a day for a year. And it’s all about mind training. All of the lessons are about really forgiveness. And it’s very relational, a lot of the, the practice brings us into our relationships, and where we hold the grievances, where we are working on our own perceptions and allowing the Holy Spirit or truth or love to, to guide our perceptions to correct the errors of our thinking. It’s all about trust, and practicing training our minds, to orient to a higher source of seeing beyond our own conditioning. And it’s A Course in Miracles because forgiveness becomes the seed of miracles. When we’re not seeing one another from a condition judgmental place, we allow spirit, we allow love to step in and use time, use all circumstances for its purposes, which which reveals the purpose of time where we can use it for healing, every experience, ultimately, the teaching, and of course of miracles. Everything reflects God’s will. And there’s no experience, I actually had a dream recently, the words were, every experience offers another experience to see God’s Will from another angle, we’re in another in another experience to see another angle of God’s will. And to apply that says, fundamentally everything is for our benefit. And it’s all an invitation for healing and for return, all thoughts, all stress, all grievances are pointing to that possibility in this present moment. And, you know, we live with grievances with with all of the stuff that we hold on to, and we just live with it. The course is really inviting us to see the immense possibility of healing and liberation, in not being content with such a way of being, practice a mind of forgiveness. So, to end this story, when I began a family, and just a week or so after my daughter was born, to a little over two years ago, I felt I felt in myself a really strong need to anchor my inner work. You know, I was meditating and doing various practices and teachers and teaching but I didn’t feel that I was adequately grounded in something that met the strong feeling to really work on my mind and, and purify. And so Michelle, I think both of us have a copy of the of the book like Pocket Edition, although it’s still huge. And I began going through the workbook for a year. And since then, it’s just been a part of my life. And I began going through the workbook again, a few months ago. So we have today I’m on less than 116 or something like that. And it’s just a way of bringing bringing consciousness until you know, so I just want to share since we’re on this beautiful topic, the lesson for today, salvation is my only function here? My function here is to forgive the world for all the errors I have made. And thus Am I released from them with all the world. What a powerful practice. And every hour, the practice for today is to repeat that, you know, so

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:20:20
Oh eautiful Thank you. Thank you I just the opportunity to share of that. Yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. And you you I, I’ve noticed that you bring it up from time to time, pretty much every time I’ve talked to you, and I’ve never asked you that question. And it just seems like with what you’re describing that work like that, especially right now during this transit of Saturn and Aquarius, squaring these nodes of Taurus and Scorpio that it could really help us, again, that word anchor, but you know, identify, become aware of address, hold, forgive, embrace, all these aspects of ourselves that have been conditioned have been suppressed, that there is shame and guilt and judgment, all these things around so that we can just step more and more into that true expression that we came here to be and to live. So. Thank you for that. And Ari, I am you’ve been so generous with your time today. I just want to thank you. Is there anything else that I mean, we went through, we basically went through what? Okay, let me just go back, hold on. Good through a lot. We went through the nodes, we went through Saturn in Aquarius, what that is we went through what Saturn is, we went through what squaring the nodes is, right, we went through all these different things. And we went through the timeline that this is all going to be relevant for. And essentially, we’re looking at the entire year, we’re looking at Saturn bringing in these this question around time and where we feel limited and confined. This is a crisis moment for deeper integration and healing. What is the purpose of the limitations in our life? What is the purpose of time constraints in our life? And this idea of of creating foundations from the ground up, that are more solid and more truthful, so that we can grow from those places? We have the square of the nodes, which is you know, being in right relationship to time, where we suppressed where are we limiting our joy? Where are we? Where do we need to bring in more SELF SELF SELF authority and agency? And this is a lot around the root chakra things. Also, these things around Do you have the ingredients you need? To actually be who you are, do what you came to do? Can you can you be okay doing it right and doing it aligned versus just getting it done. And I love that idea of the child, you know, with all the dishes, and then they break because the child just wants to get it done. But they’re not doing it right? They’re not doing it mindfully. They’re not doing it with any sort of process. So where are we doing that in our life right now? You could stop me at any time. But yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:23:30
Yes, Jesus, I would really want to bring into this space today. Yeah, there’s some glare from the window. With that Taurus Scorpio polarity the North Node is in Taurus. And a part of what this speaks to in the mastery class will really unpack more of the technique for working with integrating both nodes. But what I wanted to point out here the teaching of this Taurus Scorpio polarity says there’s a lot of content through Scorpio that we need to work through the psychological limitations that are hard. And Torah says stay grounded, stay stable. During this and that’s again, where the more reactive or the more victimized or identified we become by external limitations and that which is hard. The more we deprive ourselves of the possibility of true integration and growth. So Torah says stay connected, stay in your body, attend to your life, tend to your garden, stay healthy. Create an internal ground of silence. Taurus is the hermit. Taurus is the lovely joyful relationship to having a life that reflects our own values. And in this context, it says I have an inner place to go, a reference of inner stability, that doesn’t change with change. So cultivating and strengthening that through our daily loving, joyful tending to our life. The second piece is there’s a Buddhist teaching around Buddha Dharma Sangha right? As I understand it, Buddha is like the principle of the Enlightened the awakened. The unconditioned self. Dharma is the work that we do in our own, applying the teachings in our curriculum, right. And then Sangha is community. Because we are all working with these universal principles. There’s a sort of universality here. The curriculum is slightly different in terms of its manifestations. But the more we can come together, in a space of community, where we’re all holding a shared understanding of this beautiful awakening path. It’s a necessary component that further says, life has changed, but friendship doesn’t. Resonance, and community is is solid forms and circumstances and time locations may change. But I really encourage your as a part of this process. It’s incredibly valuable and helpful to really resonate and give tension and care to the friends, the communities that are in our life, especially if there’s a shared spiritual orientation, or something that supports the inner work, where the ground is acceptance and inclusion. And so there’s a reference, like I’m teaching my course right now. And I’ve through this particular, like, the quality of my experience right now, is for me, and I think for all my students, it feels like a refuge, your reference point where we get to come back to the teachings, no matter what’s happening in our life. And look at okay, what are the teachings that we’re all working with right now. And that’s where Sangha is such an important part of our journey in particular, right now.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:26:40
There’s so much softness in that when we’re recognizing that every We’re on a journey, everyone else around us is on a journey. There’s so much more forgiveness and compassion for that unfolding process, and the mistakes people make as, as we’re all just trying to figure it out. And I love what you say there about holding each other in that place, providing that level of sanctuary for each other of like, Look, I know you’re you’re trying to figure this out as much as me. And we’re, we’re unfolding together,

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:27:13
everyone is doing the same thing. It doesn’t matter where we are in our life journey. Right? That’s the power of community in the truest sense.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:27:21
Yes. Yes. Beautiful. Ari, thank you. So, so much for this, this has been such a pleasure and a joy. And I’m so grateful all of you are here, it feels like one of those moments where each one of us is hearing and receiving exactly what we need to in this moment. It’s like we’re taking little gems with us that we can carry on our journey throughout the rest of this transit that we’re in. And the level of awareness you’ve just given us is going to help us really meet it much more consciously, and with a lot more awareness, and hopefully, in that we can hold ourselves and each other with more of that softness and compassion that you talked about earlier. So thank you, thank you. Thank you, I’m so glad you reached out to me. For any of you who want to go deeper into this topic of planets square the nodes, we do have that mastery class that already taught for our inner circle available now. So you can go to astrology hub, comm slash nodes. And you can learn more about that and see if that might be a good, a good next step in your astrological learning journey. And our you are always welcome back here. So whenever you have something you’re like, Okay, Amanda, I think there’s something good for this community, there’s something big coming up, please do continue to reach out because it’s always so it’s so enlightening. There’s so many things here for all of us to really just like, I think re listen to over and over. And each time we do, there’s going to be a new level of understanding that happens, because it is so rich everything.

Ari Moshe Wolf 1:28:49
This is also what I love about astrology hub and how it offers community. It just is to give a clear President woman example, whether you’re in the inner circle or not, there’s community here and there’s something about what’s created here, the vibration of this container. That is exactly what I strongly feel the world needs right now. So I just want to thank you and honor and appreciate that as well.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:29:12
All right, you know, I don’t know if it’s my Aquarius, rising. But when I left New York, which was my first big moment of leaving everything that I was conditioned to think was important. And I left this, you know, quote unquote, big career and I left the all the things I had worked for, and I was so afraid of being an outcast and being excommunicated, and all those things. And for whatever reason, the grace of God at that moment, I did it anyways. And one of the big draws was community, just like I want to experience this, the spiritual journey and the unfolding of life together with people who are also doing that. And so that we can hold each other on this and really call each other up to our greatness and the thing that we came here to do. I didn’t really imagine that it would be so virtual which is also great. And I do have community here too. But this, this has just been one of those surprising things and one of those beautiful things of life. So thank you for acknowledging it. And thank you for being a part of it. And thanks to all of you for making it what it is. It’s It’s you, it’s the energy that you have with each other in the chat is the energy that you have when you come and you contribute. And you share and you’re vulnerable with us, and you’re real with us and you’re authentic with us. That’s what makes it what it is. And so thank you for being here. And being a part of this community. I say it every single time at the end of the podcast, thank you for being a part of this community. And thank you for making astrology a part of your life. Because I really think when we have astrology as that shared language, that it does enable a different level of conversation in the community itself. So thank you to all of you and thank you to Ari, this has been such a pleasure. Appreciate you. Alright, everybody, take care, and we’ll see you on the next episode. Can’t wait