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Astrologers Jaime Goldstein & Elodie St Onge Aubut Answer Questions About Physical & Spiritual Wellness

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Questions ๐Ÿค”

0:00 Finding Physical & Mental Health Indicators in the Birth Chart
5:20 I'm Experiencing Resistance in My Life. What Can I Do?
11:08 I Have a 7 Planet Stellium in My 6th House. Should I Be Worried About Pluto?
13:57 Working with Pluto Transits
19:25 I Feel like I'm Wading in the Mud Mentally & Physically. Can I Have Some Insight?
23:26 I'm Torn Between Setting Goals and Taking Care of My Mental Health. I Need Some Tips.
31:01 Looking at 12th House Moons
32:16 I've Been Dealing with Health Issues. I'm in Need of Guidance.
36:43 My Spiritual Wellness is a Major Focus Right Now. I Need Some Intuitive Guidance.
42:27 Saturn & Divine Initiation

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[00:00:00] Joe: well, hello? Hello, hello everyone. Uh, welcome to the Instant Insights live show. If you don't know me, I'm Jo G. I'm Ari Hubs podcast producer, and today I have with me Jamie Goldstein and l o d I always don't know how to say your name,

[00:00:18] sat sat. I feel ashamed for being a Canadian and not knowing any French.

[00:00:24] Well, so today we're talking about questions about physical, spiritual, and mental wellness. We're really just trying to, to help you guys , get the answers that you need to really kind of improve your, quality of life. And, and these are gonna be like, More so like simple tips and, and quick insights.

[00:00:42] Cuz of course when it comes to mental health or to physical health, it's always best to speak to a specialist because these are things that more often than not, takes take months, years to, to really get figured out. So today we're really tackling the, the smaller issues and the quick tips just to, to get you a headstart, when you go talk to your specialist.

[00:01:03] So. Before we get started, I'd love to hear a little bit from you guys. do you want to introduce yourself to the audience, tell them a little bit about what you do over at Astrologer Connect, the kinds of readings that you've been getting. Yeah, let's start with you, Jamie.

[00:01:19] Jaime: Hi, so I'm Jamie Goldstein, and I'm an intuitive astrologer, so I really weave the technique with my intuition as well.

[00:01:29] Just a little bit about me, pre Saturn return, I practiced in the schools as a school psychologist for five years, and then my Saturn return brought me to the path of astrology and I. love offering just a variety of different readings on Astrologer Connect. Yeah.

[00:01:49] Elodie: So my name is Zi.

[00:01:52] I've been an astrologer for about 10 years, and, I practice a lot of different, modalities these days on Astrologer Connect. I've been taking a lot of instant calls about health stuff, so I always have my slop, pia of medical astrology next to me because I've been getting a lot of questions related to health.

[00:02:13] I'm not a medical astrologer, but I'm always, interested in seeing where in the chart that can be highlighted. And, uh, yeah, I'm super happy to be here today.

[00:02:23] Joe: Nice.

Finding Physical & Mental Health Indicators in the Birth Chart

[00:02:24] Joe: I actually, I think that's a really good segue to a question that somebody asked, and it's a little bit more general, so it might be a good starting place for us.

[00:02:32] But Joan Marshall is asking, tell us what shows health and mental health in a chart. How do you guys usually tackle that? If a client comes to you with a question about their mental health or the physical health, what is the first place that you look at in the chart?

[00:02:48] Jaime: Yeah, so there's a lot to this question and it's so specific on, uh, what is the specific question of the person, but in general, you know, health, I take a look at what's going on with the sixth house, the ruling planet of the sixth house, transiting planets going through the sixth house, also the first house as well.

[00:03:09] And if there's a specific health issue, you know, I start to look at, the planets and the houses and the signs that are connected to that. Specific health concern and what's going on there and mental. Health as well. You know, it really depends what the, what the specific mental health concern is.

[00:03:28] But there's certain, you know, planets and signs that are connected to different aspects of our, of our mental health. And then usually when there's a mental health thing, there's some big life transit happening, like a Pluto Transit, a Uranus, or a Neptune Transit happening that's really. Activating the person like on a deep unconscious, evolutionary level?

[00:03:50] Elodie: Yeah, I would, I would absolutely, support this. And also I would say that the six house, often I find the six and 12 house axis shows the mind body connection. There's something in the bir chart we call the dark houses, specifically the six, the eight, and the 12. I do find that more often than not, Are connected to, to physical and emotional issues that we might be dealing with.

[00:04:18] But I always say, you know, there's something about the, the, the mind and body connection is related. We can't really read an isolation, just the, the physical body.

[00:04:29] Joe: Nice. With that out of the way, I, I think we can start answering some questions and. Just as a reminder for everybody. There's a few ways you can send questions. You can send questions before the show starts. If you find the show on YouTube, you can go to the comment section and leave your comments over there and we'll have your comments before, we go live.

[00:04:49] And you can also go to astrology hub.com/insight, , to, fill out a form with a question and send it to us. And that is really the best way to get your questions answered because whenever you. Submit them through the form, we actually get the chance to, to send them to the astrologer, like days in advance so they really can sit with that chart and like be super prepared for them.

[00:05:14] So I highly recommend using that form. Again, it's astrologer.com/insight.

I'm Experiencing Resistance in My Life. What Can I Do?

[00:05:20] Joe: And with that, I think we can get started with the question that Jamie had set aside. Brittany B's question and Brittany asks, Aloha, I'm having so much resistance around my career, love, life, and being the master manifestor.

[00:05:39] I know that I am. What can I do, Jamie?

[00:05:43] Jaime: All right, so Britney, so I have, with your chart pulled up, I'm looking at it. I have a 17 degree Sagittarius rising chart. So I've checked and double checked all your birth info, hoping that I have it right, and I have your house system set here in the periphery house system.

[00:06:03] So one, you know, the first thing that really caught my attention is what you were mentioning about resistance with around your career. Well, so your mid-heaven is three degrees of. Libra and, your, your 10th house, which is often the. House connected with our career, our profession. Really the deeper thing is, is what is our sacred contribution to the world?

[00:06:29] What are we really here to offer the world? And your 10th house goes to, 28 degrees of Libra, and so. The, the south node is actually about to be moving into your 10th house here, and this makes me, you know, this will be probably, the lunar nodes, the south node's gonna move into Libra, the true node this July.

[00:06:54] And so probably around August of this year, the south node will start fully moving into your 10th house here. And you know, whenever the self nodes moving through our 10th house. There's often, and it will be there for about almost a year and a half. There's often this big, energy to release to. Let go.

[00:07:15] What's no longer serving you professionally, career-wise? Are you really offering what you feel is like your sacred contribution to the world? And also, the eclipses are gonna start lighting up your. 10th house here over the next year and a half to come. We just had an eclipse that, a airy solar eclipse at 29 degrees of Libra, which was actually in your 11th house.

[00:07:42] But you know, it, it's really these eclipses over the next year and a half are really gonna be activating, your career house and then your home and family and foundation house. And so I can see. Perhaps some building, you know, some building energy here that's really catalyzing you to make some changes.

[00:08:01] Also, just through the opposition, we've had a lot of Aries energy this year, which is opposing your, your 10th house, which may have been catalyzing a lot of big changes with career. That are, that are happening. And you know, one of the things that I'm looking at is, you know, who's the ruling planet of your 10th house?

[00:08:20] Well that's Venus. And you have Venus in your third house of communication. So you have a Venus Mars conjunction and Pisces and your third house of communication. So I'm just curious, you know, if you, if there's something around. Professional things with Venus Fair and Pisces in your third house around doing some type of intuitive work.

[00:08:45] The Pisces, it's like the healer, the mystic, the intuitive, and something around communicating, communicating intuitive messages. Pisces can also be this very beautiful like, Artistic energy, you know, it can be like the cosmic poet energy. So I'm just so curious about that, if that's like a passion that you're wanting to bring in professionally and of course like 10th House, Libra, you have this gift I would imagine.

[00:09:12] Imagine of, you know, your, your interpersonal skills and also creating beauty and harmony and art. So I'm just curious about that. And then also, Venus used the planet of love and relationship and I know that relationship was something that you were asking about as well. And so, she's in your third house, um, here and also just intuitively with Venus being the ruler.

[00:09:38] The ruling planet of your 10th house. It also intuitively leads me to believe that if you're really following, like what lights you up, you know what, what really feels like this is your calling in life, that this could really lead to some type of, new relationship manifests. And coming into fruition. I mean, you have Venus Mars together in PIs, which is this really, power that's a powerful indicator of being a manifestor.

[00:10:08] And it comes through really opening up, opening up your cosmic channel. Your connection to your higher self, the divine realms, and really being that open channel is gonna open up your ability to manifest. Yeah. I'm just so curious if this is, if this is resonating at all,

[00:10:26] Joe: I. Awesome. Yeah. Uh, Brittany, please let us know in the comments, so we can put it up on the chat and you can be part of the conversation, cuz I think that it's always best when you're talking to your shoulder back and forth and the comments, the comments section is there for that.

[00:10:43] we go. Brittany just said something. Britney says, I'm an aspiring mural artist writing children's books and uniting the world with love through my artwork. I'm also a reiki master. Oh, that's awesome.

[00:10:55] Jaime: I love that. And there's so much kind of a Venus, you know, being the ruling planet of your 10th house in your third house and Pisces, there's so much around art writing.

[00:11:06] I love that.

[00:11:08] Joe: Cool.

I Have a 7 Planet Stellium in My 6th House. Should I Be Worried About Pluto?

[00:11:08] Joe: And before we go to, to the next chart, actually, I saw a question that came through that doesn't so much require a chart, so I think it's a good opportunity that we can open the space for like a conversation between all of us here. But Becky Pierce asks, , hello Astrology GI Hub.

[00:11:25] My question is with a seven Planet Stallion in Aquarius, in my success, should I be worried about Luta? Who wants to take that one?

[00:11:38] Elodie: Well, it depends the degree of the planet, because Pluto moves so slowly, so obviously, you know, the ingress will be important, but you already dealt with Saturn there for the last two years.

[00:11:51] Pluto's very different in terms of what it does. And yeah, it could be depending again, where the Aquarius planets are. It could be in five years, could be in 10, 10 years. But you, I think you will get your cues and obviously the astrology is there to tell you what time it is, but it's not something I always like to say.

[00:12:13] Don't lock yourself into your chart. You're so much more, and it's just kind of like helping you glance at what time it is, but it's not like a fatalistic. You know, testimony for anything.

[00:12:25] Jaime: Mm. I love that. Well, one, you know, I have four planets in my sixth house. They're in Capricorn, but Pluto just, moved out, is just moving out of my sixth house now.

[00:12:35] So I know there are different signs and different planets, but oftentimes when there can be sixth house activation, what people. Often come to me with fear about, is like a fear of am I gonna have some major health thing? And from my lived experience, you know, I had Pluto going through my sixth house for 20 years and I didn't have any major health things going on.

[00:12:55] So I just wanna share that there's never a one size like fits all with astrology and that. , I always like to appease people's fears that the energy can, can manifest in lots of different ways. It will certainly be a transformative time for you with so many planets there. And it's really, you know, depends on the nature of.

[00:13:16] The planets that are there, and when the, probably the few years around Pluto is conjuncting them. Pluto just finished, you know, conjuncting my Mars in, in, in the sixth house and it was this huge, transformation of how I relate to my power and where I have stories around dis. Empowerment. So whatever those planets are for you, as Pluto comes to them, you know about probably over the next 20 years, it will be this really powerful opportunity to embrace more of your, your power with those planets and to work through any, you know, deeply rooted, uh, self-limiting stories you have in your psyche.

Working with Pluto Transits

[00:13:57] Joe: Yeah, that's beautiful. I actually have a, a follow up question for the both of you. Like, is there. Do you guys have any tips or like tricks to working with the Pluto Transit? I don't know if the both of you have had Pluto Transits before, but is there like a, a, a practice that you have, to, to work through it or even just like, a little bit of a mantra or like a topic that it, it's worth exploring even if it's just like in a, in a meditative state,

[00:14:22] Elodie: Lynn Coiner, I think is her family name on, on the internet. She's an astrologer and her, uh, working with Pluto Sheet is really, really good. It's been around on the internet forever. And it's Pluto tips and obviously taking care of your immune system, making sure, like physically making sure that you're, You're ready to weather the changes.

[00:14:43] Most of the time the changes are coming from you. That's the, that's the crazy thing obviously when you look at astrology, cuz you're like, oh my God, Pluto's gonna do this or that. But often the changes are very internal. I had, when I had Pluto squaring my son, in Libra 2011, my whole, my whole life changed and I think it's a call of letting go, you know?

[00:15:07] Very much so. And it's easy to say letting go, but it's really about letting go and, and moving through the transformation. The more you resist, the harder it is. I. Kind of like, the, the Cobra, you know, if the Cobra comes around you and the more you fight it, the more it's gonna ti make you feel really tight.

[00:15:27] so yeah, there's definitely, I always say you have to move with the changes that are wanting to happen. It's gonna make it easier.

[00:15:35] Jaime: El And I was just gonna add, you know, the, the artist surrender to me is always with the Pluto Transit because Pluto is really going to, any type of Pluto transit is really themes of.

[00:15:49] Control are gonna come up. And often where is our ego self trying to control reality and control life. And then the Pluto Transit comes around and it, it really is, it, it's gonna, we can either surrender to it. Or it will make us surrender to it. Right? And this is where Elli d you were speaking some about the resistance.

[00:16:11] The more we resist the Pluto energy of transformation and alchemy, the harder, the harder the transit's gonna be. And because Pluto is about power, whatever, you know, the transit, whatever planet, natal planet is getting activated by the Pluto Transit. The themes of where are we giving away our power and relationship to that planet for oth in relationship to that planet.

[00:16:37] So, for example, if it's Venus, you know, where are we giving away our power in, in our relationship? Ships right. With Mars, where are we, giving away our power and not like going, for what we want in life and these kinds of things. And so there's always these themes around surrender and, and letting go and, and really like, letting, letting you know, Pluto is, it's like the, it's the desire at the depth of our soul.

[00:17:04] So there is this like, Divine will that comes through with Pluto letting go of the ego and letting that divine will come through. And, you know, one of the best things is to turn that mirror of projection inward. With Pluto, it will often bring up a lot of where are we trying to project things out on others, you know, giving away our power, blaming others, blaming life circumstances.

[00:17:28] And then the inner, the invitation is to turn the, the mirror inward and really look at. What's going on deep within our psyche, deep within our unconscious, and there's this really powerful invitation for transformation through really taking radical responsibility for what's going on on that internal level.

[00:17:50] Elodie: I was just gonna add that often we will be attracted to things that are more taboo or behaviors that are not socially acceptable, and that's half the struggle. Often it's, it's witnessing in yourself the, or your circumstance. These things that don't really necessarily fit in the conventional, because Pluto is the underworld, you know?

[00:18:10] So you, there is this, this underworld experience often with Pluto. Hmm.

[00:18:17] Jaime: I love that. And, sorry, one more thing that's just coming, something coming from, Rihanna that I think is so brilliant that she's Yeah, that's what I was gonna read. Oh, okay. Love that. Yeah. Um, I was just looking at her comment and you know, the Pluto Transit, they often do bring external circumstances that are kind of just totally beyond our control.

[00:18:37] But they're, they're meant to catalyze this deep, deep transformation and deep alchemy and they're so hard to go through while we're going through the Pluto Transit often. It's not like the entire time, cuz Pluto Transits are, can last several years cuz Pluto moves so slow. But, um, you know, like Pluto, those Pluto experiences.

[00:18:57] Are those experiences where you're going through it and it feels like, oh my gosh, like I'm not gonna make it through. This is one of the hardest things in my life. And then once you get on the other side and you look back and you're like, wow, this like transformed me into who I am. And I would not be where I'm at in life right now if I had not gone through the transit.

[00:19:16] Even though it can be like, it can be so challenging while we're going through it,

[00:19:23] Joe: right. Sweet.

I Feel like I'm Wading in the Mud Mentally & Physically. Can I Have Some Insight?

[00:19:25] Joe: I think we're ready for the next question. All right, so Lori, Champaign ass.

[00:19:30] Hi. I feel like I'm waiting in the mud, mentally and physically, hoping for some insight on this.

[00:19:38] Elodie: So I pulled up, your chart, Laurie, and, one of the biggest thing is always context, understanding context that you find yourself in, at this point.

[00:19:48] And. Obviously all of last year was Saturn squaring your planets and tourists. You have a lot of planet and tourists, and Saturn was squaring all of these planets and tourists. So this feeling of being stuck in the mud, I would attribute to Saturn mostly because Saturn tends to corner us and kind of show us everything that's not sustainable without offering solutions right away.

[00:20:14] So Saturn has moved away from squaring all of your tourist planet, but it's very recent and that's only a few months. So I feel like you might still be reeling from that experience of, of. Probably just feeling very stuck. The good news is that now, you're not experiencing Saturn squaring your tourist planet anymore.

[00:20:38] , but your natal Saturn is still being activated. You're born with Saturn in Aries and Chiron. The planet Carron, or the Ceed Carron is on your natal Saturn North node in your 10th house. I do think that. That's an invitation to dig deeper into the, this feeling of stuckness because Chiron on your Saturn is, is augmenting this, the Saturn signature in your life.

[00:21:08] So, you know, obviously I would have to talk to you more to, to understand how this, this is for you and your life, but your Saturn in your burchart squares, your moon in cancer and your moon cancer. It's in your first house. It's very intuitive, it's very receptive, very open. It's a caretaking moon, but the moon received a square from Saturn Naali, and now Chiron is there really, really exaggerating that natal square that you have between your moon and Saturn in Aries.

[00:21:45] And you know this. The Moon square Saturn Na is, is already, difficult in terms of flowing and letting your emotion flow. There's something about, you know, being stoic and keeping it all together and being responsible versus being open and restive and intuitive. And so Chiron, your Chiron Transit is gonna last all of this year.

[00:22:12] It squares your moon, it's on your natal Saturn. I would suggest researching that aspect a little bit more. It's really calling in for you to, to understand better ways to be, In your emotional body. And, and that could be, you know, I, I be, because I'm not having conversation with you, I don't know what this means for you, but all of the qualities of receptiveness, nurturing, how you do that for yourself, how you do you do that for others, maybe even the pressure or the responsibility you put on yourself in terms of.

[00:22:45] Showing up as a caretaker or things like that. All of these themes are re really being poked at. Carron tends to poke at, at, at the, at this, not so much, you know, it, it's a, it's a process of poking to make it heal. And that's what Carron does. So I would say, you're on your way. You're emerging from Saturn squaring all of your tourist planet in the last couple years.

[00:23:11] Now you're dealing with Chiron squaring your moon and and on your Saturn. I hope that helps.

[00:23:19] Joe: And Laurie, please let us know in the comments how that's resonating so far. We'd love to hear from you.

I'm Torn Between Setting Goals and Taking Care of My Mental Health. I Need Some Tips.

[00:23:26] Joe: And I think with that, we are ready for the next question if you are Jamie. Well, thank you so much Melody for that.

[00:23:34] That was great. And next question comes from Jeanie. And Jeanie says, hi, I'm really torn between setting new goals in my life versus resting and take care of my mental health. I so relate to that one. Wish there could be some tips, please, Jamie, take it away.

[00:23:53] Jaime: Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love this question and I just personally relate to so much of what you're sharing there.

[00:24:00] And you know, it is Gemini season right now, and Gemini season asks us to, instead of looking at things as this or that, to look at them as both an and, and so I just invite the invitation instead of perhaps, And you know, Gemini new perspective, right? Instead of perhaps seeing it from the perspective as I'm doing one thing or the other, right?

[00:24:26] I'm setting new goals, I'm making progress, or I'm taking care of my mental health. How can you do both at the same time? Because it feels like, from your question and just what I intuitively feel is that you have that desire to make some forward movement on something, maybe to put yourself out there and, and.

[00:24:47] New way, but also, you know, taking care of your mental health is so essential. And I always, I always feel personally, I think it's from my background, that taking care of our mental health first is kind of a priority because then we're taking care of our mental health, right? Our cup is more filled to. To then go out there and share our gifts.

[00:25:07] But there's a few things that, you know, just looking at your chart that I think can also give some insight. So, with your chart, I have, a 25 degree Aries rising and I have your chart system or house system set up in Poy and, and this house system. Your moon is in the 12th house and it's in the 12th house in.

[00:25:29] Pisces and when you have a moon in the 12th house, right, the moon is gonna speak to what do we need for our emotional wellbeing, our emotional self-care, right? Moon, in the 12th house, you're probably just gonna need by nature a lot of. Rest retreat. Time to dream. Time to be. Time to spend time with nature.

[00:25:55] Time to meditate, right? When you have a 12th house, moon, part of your essential emotional wellbeing is that time to rest, that time to dream, that time to be in retreat, oftentimes a Pisces mood. You know, you might find yourself very, very energetically sensitive and when you go out into the world, You might feel that, oh my gosh, I'm feeling everyone else's energy around me, or the energy of the space.

[00:26:20] And also probably just the energy of what's moving through the collective unconscious. So having that time to be in retreat, to be in your own energy, to be in your own space. Space is really, really essential. And I have a lot of Pisces energy too. And often just giving ourselves permission that this is what we need for mental emotional wellbeing is often really essential.

[00:26:42] Now, something else, Neptune. Is right on your moon right now. Your moon is at 27 degrees of Pisces, so Neptune is, your moon is really getting activated by Neptune right now. You know, this is like a once in a lifetime kind of transit. You've probably been feeling the energy for a year now, and you'll probably feel the energy for another year.

[00:27:02] But Neptune on your moon is also probably really opening up your psychic senses, your intuitive senses. So you might actually be feeling a really heightened. Energetic sensitivity. So having that time for rest retreat is really important, but also it's opening up your intuitive gifts. It's opening up your channel with your higher self, your higher realms, your guides, maybe your inspiration, that connecting to the higher vision, the higher dream, the higher inspiration might also be.

[00:27:36] Really, really, activated right now. And, just a few other things that are really kind of like, Catching my attention here right now is, you know, your lunar nodes are an Aries, Libra, your north node is 19 Aries, and your self node is, 19 Libra. And so you're actually, you're, you're closing out an 18 and a half year cycle.

[00:27:59] On your, you know, this like big kind of cycle on destiny, fate, your soul's journey, soul's purpose. And so, um because the, you know, the lunar nodes are at the, their very end of their transit. Torres Scorpio, they move backwards through the signs. So on some sense, you're in the closing part of a chapter in your life and, when the Lunar knows move into Aries Libra here in July of this year, you might start to feel a little bit of the new energy.

[00:28:29] I can just pull it up really quick. The north node is actually, you're gonna have your exact nodal return. , january 22nd, 2024. So one thing that you know, to honor this completion, Of a cycle and when we're completing a cycle, often we need more rest retreat. And as you move into your new lunar node cycle, that will probably start this July, but will really kick off in January of 2024 when you get your nodal return.

[00:28:57] There may be a big burst of energy to kind of go off in new directions. Faded things may start coming into alignment where our nodal return often brings right place, right timing, where maybe we've been trying to push, push, push. I know this is right for me. I want this opportunity. I wanna make this happen.

[00:29:14] And it's like, wait, why is this not happening? Oftentimes, the nodal return, if something's truly in alignment with our soul's path, The doors open, the opportunities align. So, you know, intuitively I look at that and say, okay, let yourself have the rest you need. And to be, you have all this beautiful Pisces energy.

[00:29:31] You also have Mars and Pisces and Jupiter and Pisces, and they're in your 11th house. You know, this is Mars and Pisces. This is mastering. Taking action when the moment's right, waiting for that divine synchronicity, opening up and asking for the signs, the symbols, the synchronicities, and then taking action when the moment's right and Saturn is actually about to come to your Mars here, or is actually already conjuncting your Mars.

[00:29:55] Won't officially conjunct your Mars till after the retrograde. But you're feeling it. And with that Saturn coming to your Mars, this is, you're being initiated into, taking divine action and, and. And really like trusting your ability to take divine action. And Saturn and Pisces, it is asking us, Pisces is we don't push, push, push, right?

[00:30:18] Like so many of us are conditioned. Um, we, it's Pisces is about mastering, opening up, letting, letting that divine flow come, that inspiration come and, and taking action like. With the flow as opposed to pushing against the energy. So yeah, that's kind of what's coming to me here.

[00:30:38] Joe: Thank you so much.

[00:30:39] That was great. I love your ability to dress intuit your way into the chart. I don't think that's easy for everybody. It's definitely not easy for me. Whenever you go out, just intuitively I'm seeing this, I'm like, oh my God, the PIs energy just seeping through. I love it.

[00:30:58] Jaime: Oh, thank

[00:30:59] Elodie: you. Yeah,

[00:31:00] Jaime: of course.

[00:31:01] Joe:

Looking at 12th House Moons

[00:31:01] Joe: I didn't see anything from Jeanie, but I saw something from Aubrey who also had asked a question and she says, I have a 12th house moon as well, and we do need more rest and recharge time. Not surprising. Our questions are so similar and I, I guess that, that might be, like a follow up question for, for the both of you.

[00:31:23] Is that, is the moon in the 12th house and rest usually a theme that you, you play with in every reading, or is there other ways that you can also look at at, at that?

[00:31:34] Elodie: Yeah, I call that the Riders Moon. I, I, I saw that a lot of people with the Moon and 12 House are actually really good riders. I think other astrologers have done studies, but 12 house people in general, people who have important placement in 12 House need to charge their batteries away from social.

[00:31:53] So you can be very extroverted, but there's this introversion where you need to step away from people to to recharge. I'm a 12 house person myself, and so I can. Vouch for that, but, but the moon at 12 House, specifically, if you look at the chart of, a lot of writers, that's a, that's a common one. Oh,

[00:32:14] Joe: wow.

[00:32:14] That's so cool. Nice.

I've Been Dealing with Health Issues. I'm in Need of Guidance.

[00:32:16] Joe: With that, I think we might be ready for the next question. And the next one I was looking at came from Danica. So Danica asks, I've been dealing with health issues since end of October, beginning of November, not getting much help from, or support from the doctors.

[00:32:35] I'm in need of guidance.

[00:32:36] Elodie: , so, because I don't know what health issues it is, I can't be specific, it's just general. But I'm looking at your chart right now. You have Libra Rising and so the six house is, Pisces and I have a moon in Scorpio at 29. So, obviously if I had more information about the specific health things, but I would say, Regardless, you're gonna have Saturn in your six house for the next two years.

[00:33:07] So this could be an ongoing theme, not of sickness necessarily, but where you're concerned about health, where you're adjusting, diet, where you're adjusting your eating habits, you're testing different ways of taking care of your body, different routine and things like that. Because the transit of Saturn, your six house for the next two years will compel you to do that.

[00:33:30] Now more extensively just looking at your moon in Scorpio at 29 degree, it was under a lot of pressure. Saturn was squaring your moon at the beginning of this year. And then, there was also the eclipses in Scorpio, and you have three planets in Scorpio, so it could be related to some of that. Two. But again, if I don't ha if I don't know the specificities of the health stuff, but I would just say, because Saturn is in your sixth house for the next two years, that might be an ongoing process of, you know, adjusting diet, health, things like that.

[00:34:03] And then Saturn is also squaring your Gemini, telium, all of your planet. Okay. So, you know, it's, it's, it might be a hot topic.

[00:34:14] Joe: Sorry to interrupt really quick. Yeah. Danica actually did add some more information in the chat and she says, oh, perfect. Fatigue and kidney pain are the main symptoms.

[00:34:23] Elodie: Mm-hmm. Okay. Well kidney is Libra, so, you know, , and I have Libra rising for you. So usually, you know, just very, very broadly, we associate each body parts with the sign of the Zodiac and Libra rolls the kidney. So, you know, obviously I would require, probably require a session with Hugh just to, to really get into the specificities, but I would say that the stress.

[00:34:49] You know, just broadly speaking, looking at your chart, the, the pressure of Saturn squaring your moon and, and you had your Saturn square also, beginning of 2022, this sort of pressure, which is related to like a crossroad moment, whatever stress you've experienced in the last year, I, I, I feel like it may have taken a little bit of its toll, so there might be, it might be stress related also.

[00:35:17] But again, like I said, with Saturn in your six house for the next two years, it's a good time to focus on health, health habits and eating habits, drinking more water, and like I said, Libra Rising Kidney is, is usually textbook. But again, I would have to sit with you and just to go more in depth.

[00:35:36] Joe: Sweet. And that's actually great general advice for anyone who has like very specific, health questions. Cause it's always best to, to sit with, with an actual astr or with an actual health, health practitioner, cuz again, a lot of these issues. More often than not, take multiple sessions to actually work through.

[00:35:58] And if you'd like to, to book a reading with an astrologer, we actually do have a few medical astrologers on, on our Astrologer Connect platform. And to do so, you just have to go to astrology hub.com/connect and you can see a full list of all the astrologers that we have available, in book of reading today.

[00:36:18] And if you also want to book a reading with l d or Jamie, All you have to do is go, add their name right before that connect. So for l led D would be a shub.com/l ledd connect. And I think with Jamie, because there's two Jamie's in our platform, it's actually Goldstein Connect. So it would be shub.com/goldstein connect to book a reading straight with Jamie.

My Spiritual Wellness is a Major Focus Right Now. I Need Some Intuitive Guidance.

[00:36:43] Joe: All right. I think we're about to reach the. The end of the episode, so we don't have too much time to, to take any more questions, but I had one set aside and I think that one came from Zen Wellness Space. Zen Wellness Space says, I feel like my spiritual wellness is a major focus right now, at this moment.

[00:37:03] It's needing my attention. I would love intuitive guidance, so with that, Jamie,

[00:37:08] Jaime: beautiful. So I have your chart pulled up and I have you as a Virgo rising here. Okay. So there's a few things that are catching my attention here. So, a few things. One, you also have a moon and the 12th house here with, the periphery house system that I have pulled up.

[00:37:36] And not only that, but right now Saturn is an opposition. Saturns in your sixth house and Pisces, and the opposition to your moon and the 12th house. And. Virgo. And so this is bringing up a lot of, um, you know, polarity and tension and um, spiritual health and physical health, which are one and the same.

[00:38:03] Right. But they're also, there can be this polarity as well as well as one perhaps, maybe. I'm curious if you're feeling some tension on, oh, I just wanna really be in my, like, Spiritual flow and you know, in that, perhaps in that meditative state or connecting to the higher realms, that open channel, but also perhaps maybe feeling tension of, ugh, I have to attend to the mundane things in life.

[00:38:31] You know, maybe like responsibilities pulling you in lots of different directions and it's like, Ah, I just wanna be, I just wanna be in my, I wanna be in the, what feels like the, the spiritual space. And so there's all this like tension there, but there's this invitation on how to integrate the two together, right?

[00:38:51] How to bring the holy into. The ordinary, how to really connect to the magic of the mundane and how to really like connect to that through maybe even attending to the responsibilities in life that feel like, oh my gosh, this is distracting me from, this is distracting me from what my, my spiritual practice or being in my spiritual flow or what I'm wanting to do.

[00:39:15] How to actually. Have that be the spiritually kind of expansive experience. I don't know if this is relating at all. This is just kind of like what's coming through, but also, you know, with Saturn just opposite your moon, Saturn your sixth house, opposite your moon and your 12th house. There certainly is this, , invitation on how to.

[00:39:37] Integrate your spiritual health into your daily habits, patterns, routines into, into your life more. Maybe to set some, you know, Saturn, we can get initiations around boundaries. So there might be some, initiation about how to. So how to, set the healthy boundaries for yourself to really honor your spiritual health as well.

[00:40:02] And then something else that's really catching my attention is right now Neptune and Pisces, right? Pisces is often very connected to our spiritual health as well, Neptune and. Is squaring your, Chiron in Gemini very closely right now. And also squaring your, your Mercury in Gemini as well, right?

[00:40:24] When I hear attention, this is like Mercury, and you have a Mercury Chiron conjunction. And so,

[00:40:32] Elodie: There's

[00:40:32] Jaime: some really, I'm just like kind of tuning in for a moment to feel into this. And you have Kyron, you have Mercury conjunct your Midheaven here, and you have this like Kyron Mercury conjunction here.

[00:40:46] And Neptune is transiting through your seventh house and Pisces, right now I'm just like really tuning into this. There might be some of the, some of the, the tension, you know, I'm curious if it's in the realm of like, if it feels like relationships are. Kind of this big, perhaps like catalyst to, like the catalyst for feeling like you need to attend to your mental health as well because, Neptune's in your seventh house, but also like squaring Chiron, your Chiron and Gemini.

[00:41:16] There's this, this, you know, perhaps this deep, deep, wound that is seeking, healing here and really like the Neptune Square, Chiron, that the healing is from this deep acceptance, you know, deep self-love. And so there's this, that's a really powerful transit that's happening.

[00:41:35] That's really like wanting to open you up to, Really like feeling more of a oneness with your higher self. So whatever that Chiron, story is about that might have this, a story about feeling not enough or not belonging or separate that Neptune scoring in Chiron, it's really this really powerful invitation to, actually, you know, open your heart more to your, your higher self and feeling that connection and that oneness with it.

[00:42:06] Joe: And I think Zen wellness space even said, uh, I experienced an initiation into boundaries just this weekend. Much needed less. I'm in that same space, guys. I totally feel that. All right. I think with that, we, we've answered all the questions that we could today, but I did see.

Saturn & Divine Initiation

[00:42:27] Joe: One question that I think might be a good closing question for both of you guys. Jeanie actually asked a follow up question and she's wondering how is Saturn and divine initiation connected? Do either of you have any thoughts ab, ab, about Saturn and initiations as a whole?

[00:42:45] Jaime: Yeah, I have. Well, so right now, divine initiation because Saturn is in Pisces, and Pisces is our connection, right? Pisces is oneness, unity consciousness. It is our connection to the divine realms, and I very much consider Saturn a planet of initiation. Saturn. S us into, maturity, taking more responsibility.

[00:43:12] Saturn initiates us into more self, into more self mastery. And so to me, Saturn and PIs, this is divine initiation into, being more in alignment with our higher self and the divine flow.

[00:43:29] Elodie: Yeah, I love that actually. The divine flow. Yeah. There's something about Pisces that is, is all about flow and Saturn is kind of the anti flow planet.

[00:43:38] So we we're all invited to, to move like water. I think I've been, I've been saying it's, Bruce Lee's quote, be like water, one of the martial arts, you know. Precept, which is I think apt for Saturn in, in Pisces. It's what you were saying about resistance and Pluto earlier, we could apply that to Saturn.

[00:44:02] Pisces also just like being initiated into, less resistance, but also, you know, Saturn and Pisces is not like Saturn of in Capricorn or Aquarius of the last several years. So we, we do have the ability to really, I mean, people are dealing with Saturn regardless, but it's definitely not Saturn, Aquarius or Capricorn, you know, in a collective sense.

[00:44:27] Saturn, Aquarius being, you know, like Saturn entered Aquarius and we went into lockdown is it's, it is textbook Saturn. So I do think Saturn, Pisces is a lot gentler.


[00:44:39] Joe: Right, right. Awesome. Well, guys, this was amazing. I had so much fun. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. And before we go, I actually wanted to, to show some gratitude for both Jamie and l e d and Reid.

[00:44:52] A couple of testimonials that came through Astrologer Connect. From one of the people that, had readings with you. I'll read one for Jamie first, and it's so funny because I get to, to read the testimonials because I'm, I'm backstage all the time and like the personality of like the people that get readings with.

[00:45:11] Each astrologer is usually so similar and you get to see like the, the style of testimonial that they write for each person. And it, and with you, with you, Jamie, it's, it's the best cuz you have like such a, a poetic and beautiful way of like talking about things and your clients seem to have just that as well.

[00:45:29] So they write this like the, this poetic and beautiful testimony. I'm like, oh my God, this is the master. So this is for you. My first reading, Jamie helped me understand aspects of my charts I wasn't clear on. She honed in on my current challenges through my chart and distilled the larger wound I'm facing.

[00:45:50] She gave me a personalized recommendation based on my values and what I am and where I'm headed. Jamie, it was amazing. And thanks to Jamie for helping me weave my cosmic tapestry.

[00:46:02] Jaime: Oh, I love that.

[00:46:04] Joe: Right. And this one is for Elli. Dy was amazing. She brought new insight into what was going on in my life.

[00:46:13] It made so much sense after talking to her. I loved the reading. She was very approachable, friendly, and I was surprised by how much she was, prepared for my questions before I even asked them. So, There we go. Thank you so much,

[00:46:28] Jaime: El. Awesome. Yeah, of course.

[00:46:31] Joe: All right guys. If your questions didn't get answered, there's many ways you can get answers.

[00:46:36] Still. The first one, you can always book a reading with either l d or Jamie or any of the astrologers zone astrologer. Connect. To see the fullest of astrologers, you can go to asub.com. Slash connect and you see all of the astrologers are available, including myself. And if you want to book up reading directly with L Ledd, you just again, go to L led d connect Astro hub.com/l ledd connect.

[00:47:01] And for Jamie it's astro hubb.com/goldstein connect. All right. And with that, I think that is all guys. Next week actually, I totally forgot. I'll let you know who's gonna be in next week, so you can send in your questions in advance as well. And next week we have Taylor and Sheridan sample, and we're talking about career and wellness as well.

[00:47:29] So I saw that a bunch of career questions came in today, and because of the theme, we didn't actually get to answer them. So please go to asub.com/insight to send your questions in advance so we can get them to the astrologers by the time we start the next, episode next week. And again, it's. Same place, same time every week, every Wednesday we're here. And with that, I think this is goodbye for now. Thanks. Hi guys. I will see you soon.