[COSMIC CONNECTION] Do You Have a Plan B? w/ Rick Levine


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April Monthly Horoscope

In this Monthly Horoscope, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss your April Forecast. 

You’ll learn…

    • About the Mars and Saturn conjunction and how to navigate it with confidence
    • How to interpret semi-sextiles
    • Why Mercury has the ability to make this month “noisy”
    • About the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and what to expect from it

✨ Timestamps

0:00 Intro

2:01 Month Overview

12:54 Interpreting Semi-Sextiles

19:13 Mercury throughout the Month

24:43 Saturn Semi-squares

29:57 Venus, Mercury & Sun changing Signs

35:21 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction

56:03 Mars-Neptune Conjunction

1:04:03 Full Moon in Libra

1:11:26 Taurus Eclipse

1:23:28 Summary

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Amanda Pua Walsh 0:02
Welcome to the Cosmic Connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the cosmos

Rick Levine 0:07
and your connection to it all.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:09
My name is Amanda Poole Walsh and I’m the founder of astrology head.

Rick Levine 0:12
And I’m Merlin loving your cosmic navigator.

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:15
Now let’s dive in.

Rick Levine 0:16
Let’s do it

Amanda Pua Walsh 0:30
All right. Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Cosmic Connection. My name is Amanda Poole, Walsh and the founder of astrology hub. Are you guys as excited about this as I am, like, Rick, some months, it’s just like, I cannot wait for the month ahead forecast from you. And this is definitely one of those months. So I am so happy to be here with you. And I see Stephanie and Edith are in the chat already. They’re excited to

Rick Levine 0:56
see Yeah, this is what this is one of those months. And I, you know, looking at months ahead, sometimes it’s like, I have it all together. And I know exactly. This one is a bit interesting, because there’s so much happening. I mean, it’s, it’s really like a busy, busy month. And it has all kinds of potential and a few pitfall traps. So it’ll be hard to nail exactly what it is until we go through it. I mean, obviously, we’ve been in times for the last month for the last couple of years, where it doesn’t matter how good an astrologer you are, you’re not going to predict what’s happening tomorrow. And of course, I’m not that much into predictions as much as I am into trying to understand the nature of the energy. But April is a busy busy month.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:50
It feels very different already, like the energy of the last two years, even though we’ve had like, you know, some waves, it’s felt kind of the same. You know what

Rick Levine 2:01
I’m saying? Exactly? No, that’s exactly it. And, and I also think that this energy is really easy to missread. Now I know we’re looking at an April forecast. And depending upon where you are in the world, the first event of April, or the last event of March is the Aries New Moon. So I know we talked a little bit about that last month. But it’s like, I’m amazed at how many astrologers are reading this New Moon. What I would consider to be wrong now I-IOne never knows. I mean, and I’m not really here to say that other people are wrong. But everyone’s talking about this, this New Moon as like do it. This is exciting. We have a New Moon in Aries. This is the real astrological new year. You know, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. And then we have mercury and and the the New Moon, the sun and the moon together, then Chiron is there. And so we can heal, we can talk about it, we can move forward. This is the general buzz. And I look at the chart and all I see is the ruling planet of Aries Mars, three degrees away from coming into a conjunction with Saturn saying he think you’re going somewhere. Hmm. Let me let me let me let me run that one by, you know, the cosmic taskmaster and see what he or she has to say. And now the granted that happens pretty quickly. The exact Mars Saturn conjunction is on April 4, I think. So somewhere here, there we go. Yeah, it’s on April 4. But even still, it kind of sets up the month as like where it’s it’s the racehorse in the starting gate. And just you know champing at the bit and ready to go in it’s the New Moon and we go and we can’t quite quite go yet. And so it’s it’s just this odd thing. And I don’t see other people writing about this that much. I mean, we had Venus lined up with with with Saturn to a few days ago. And right now Saturn is holding its own almost like, it’s almost like Saturn is saying, well, for a year or so I ran the whole show, even though Pluto maybe was taking the credit. You know, Saturn and Pluto were both in Capricorn. And Jupiter was there and the south node was there and there was all this and now the energy’s moved off into Aquarius and into Pisces and even into Aries and and but Saturn is like right in the middle between Venus and Mars and Saturn in some way saying I’m not letting go yet. Not letting go yet. So I don’t know. We’ll see. It’s an interesting one. But I really think that Saturn is holding more weight here than then appears To other people, at least what I’ve read, I’m sure that you know, and again, astrology is multi valent there’s all different ways to make connections between things. And, and and, and although I have a solar return coming up in a week, and I am an incurable Aries with, as I like to say over the legal limit of planets in Aries, I’m not quite convinced that we’re that that the starting gate is open and we’re ready to run yet.

Amanda Pua Walsh 5:33
Interesting wreck. So Claudia says one foot on the pedal the other on the brake. Well,

Rick Levine 5:39
that’s that’s my one liner and has been for 20 years for Saturn and Mars. Because Because Mars is is the accelerator, that’s Mars, his job, Lars, his job is to go as fast as it can toward whatever it needs to do to get it done to break through the wall, if it means going faster to hit that wall. So it crashes right through it. You know, that’s Mars, Mars is red hot, do it. Now go for it. Saturn, on the other hand is is working the brake like whoa, you know, if you go that fast, you’ll go around this curve and go off the road. And so often when you see in a birth chart, when you see Saturn and Mars by trine, you often know that this is someone who actually knows how to work the gas in the brake to get the maximum speeds, but we’ll never lose the road. Whereas if you see Mars and Saturn by square, you often can assume that this person until they mature enough, maybe through a few accidents early in life that they learn, they have to learn how to work that gas and brake, because it’s because they’re the person that would much rather step on the gas and give it all they got and then go oh crap, and then hit on the brake in the stopping as fast as they can. And so you can see that that gas brake metaphor really working. And right now at the New Moon, the New Moon were recording this, you know, on the afternoon of March 31. And so we have the New Moon coming up either late tonight, if you’re in Hawaii or in Seattle, but it is on April 1 If you’re anywhere else in the United States, and or in Europe or in or in Australia.

Amanda Pua Walsh 7:28
So Rick, we have Rachel Onojafe , who is our inner circle, astrologer this month, she did her New Moon forecast yesterday, she showed a picture of a woman standing next to a Lamborghini. And was saying that essentially we’re like, on a highway with no speed limit in a fast car. And what I’ve been feeling is that that’s exhilarating, right? That feels so good. The winds in your hair, the sun’s shining down. And yet if you crash, you’re gonna crash hard. And it’s like having even an internal foot on the, the the pedal the pedal to the metal and and also on the brakes at the same time. Because it’s like, yes, we’re going and there’s all this energy. And it’s kind of high octane. It’s like, it’s really charged. And, like, temper yourself a little bit. So you don’t just totally fly out of control. And

Rick Levine 8:21
you know, you know what it is Amanda as you’re talking? It’s, it’s yes, we can. But But should we?

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:29
Exactly. I can feel that very, very strong. So Rick, last month, you you talked about the theme being turning points. So that’s that’s where we came from last month. This month, what would you say are Theme is?

Rick Levine 8:47
Let’s come back. Let’s let’s cycle back to that. I’m still forming the theme. I mean, there’s, you see, the thing is, is that once we get past that first week, everything’s cleared. All all the planets are cleared of both Pluto and Saturn. Remember, I’m starting back before Christmas. We had Venus conjunct in Saturn. And then we had Mercury conjuncting, I’m sorry, we had Venus conjunct in Pluto. And then we had Mercury conjunct in Pluto. And then the Retrogrades of both of them in the directs. And as and as we had that last conjunction of Venus and Mars on Pluto last month. That was like all the planets are cleared Pluto. We don’t have Pluto. And I mean Pluto is still there. But we don’t have planets like lined up with Pluto again until next year, when the faster moving planets come all the way around. But now we have Venus having just conjoined Saturn just a couple of days ago. And Mars coming up to Saturn On April 4, and once Mars is on the other side of Saturn, it’s like now the road is straight. And we don’t have the same curves that we had there is what are the thing, though, that we’re going to run into all month. But we’re going to be free from both Saturn and Pluto, at least by, at least by direct conjunction. And that’s significant. In fact, when it comes to Saturn, we actually get some support. Because, you know, we have all the planets right now squeezed into a very small area of the sky. We’ve talked about this and other astrologers have. There’s even a Vedic term of Vedic yoga. That is, when all of the planets are on one side of the nodal axis. You know, the nodal access is like, the finds the half circle, if you will, and, and the nodes right now are in Taurus, and Scorpio. And we have all the planets in the sky, starting with Pluto and late Capricorn, in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. And they’re all on one side of the nodes. And Vedic Astrology, which often holds nothing back when it comes to value judgments says that this, what’s the technical word sucks. It’s not good. And it’s not good, because the tendency is to put all of our eggs in one basket. And if that doesn’t work, we have no plan B. Now, I’m not saying that’s happening out there, socially on the planet. It is. But and I’m not saying it’s happening in any one of our individual lives. But it probably is. And of course, the I shouldn’t say, of course, the Vedic solution to this is to have is to have a few backup game plans. So that’s one of the things that we should be thinking of. It’s one of the things we should have been thinking of a month or two ago. But it’s one of the things that we should be thinking of still now. Especially as we’re going to come into eclipse season.

Rick Levine 12:16
The Full Moon on April 30, I think it is, yeah, is basically the first of two eclipses. And so we are coming into eclipse season, the first eclipse season of 2022. So it’s not like there’s no more stress. It’s just that it’s not Saturn sitting on Mars. You know, right now, again, it’s like we have, but for every one of them, there’s a reason why we’re why we can’t do it. We’re not doing it, we’re not doing it yet, where we can’t get the vote, we can’t threaten someone who’s already threatened. I mean, whatever it is, there’s reasons stacked up. And that’s how Saturn is holding that Mars back. And so it’ll be interesting to see what happens by the fifth of April, when Mars faster moving than Saturn is on the other side of Saturn, we still have all those planets in in Aries. Actually, the moon has moved on into Taurus and Gemini. But we get that forward motion. Remember, a New Moon chart is not a chart for the moment. It’s a chart for how the moment defines the next few weeks of, of forward or outward outward motion. But what I was gonna say two other things I want to say before we kind of zone in on the dates, and then obviously talk about the elephant in the room. The elephant in the room is on psychedelics, we, we need to just point that out. And that would be the Jupiter Neptune conjunction. So so there isn’t an elephant in the room, but he’s painted with Paisley’s.

Amanda Pua Walsh 13:51
Oh, I love it so much. Okay.

Rick Levine 13:54
All right. So once Mars is on the other side of Saturn, we have Jupiter on the fifth, making a semi sextile, a half of the sextile with Saturn. Often when there’s a lot of transits going on, I kind of just glibly pass over semi sextiles. A lot of astrologers do, some don’t, but it’s but but they are an aspect. And they’re a 12th harmonic aspect because a semi sextile is 1/12 of the circle. It’s when two planets are at the same degree, but one sign apart. And going back to the Hellenistic tradition, Ptolemy called the the aspects that were one sign apart or the aspect that was one sign apart from the opposition. So in other words, he said those those aspects were not really aspects because guess the planets couldn’t see each other. He called them inconjunct. We modernists sometimes use the word inconjunct to describe the quincunx, which is the one planet off of the opposition. But that’s not correct. Because the inconjunct in the Ptolemaic scheme was both a quincunx and a semi sextile. And the reason why I’m saying this is that a lot of people look at a chart, they go a sextile is half of it, trying to try and good sextile is good, maybe not as strong, it’s opportunity rather than just free flowing, and then the semi sextiles, half of the sextile so that’s probably good too. It’s not it sucks also, why? Because it’s more like the quincunx the two planets can see each other. They’re they’re like operating on different pages of the book or even different books. And the reason why I’m emphasizing this, is that when we have so many planets, we’re all the planets clustered within a trine. In other words, Pluto is the first of the planets at 28 degrees now 28 and a half degrees of Capricorn and you go a trine all the way around to 28 and a half degrees of Taurus. Everything is contained within that. So it’s it’s it’s it’s what we would call a bundle. It’s like the everything is very, very focused. What that means is that there are no opposition’s there can’t be because everything’s on one side of the circle. And an opposition, incidentally, as the aspect of relationship is the way in which we see others seeing ourselves. It’s the mirror, it’s the it’s it’s the ability to see our projections, whether we know their projections or not in someone else. And when I look at a natal chart, this is not a natal chart, we’re looking at this. Well, it is for someone that was just born just now. Oh, and that person born just now Oh, and but but we’re looking at this as a chart of the world. But when I look at a chart that has no opposition’s in it as a natal chart, it’s like the person can’t get a self image.

Rick Levine 17:21
I call it a vampire chart not because they stay up all night sucking blood out of people’s necks or your because garlic going across and sunshine makes a melt up because they can’t see themselves in the mirror. There’s no opposition. And in a way, that’s where we are right now we’re so dead set, individually and culturally on where we’re going and what we’re doing. It’s hard to get perspective, maybe even impossible. That changes once a month for two weeks when the moon goes around to the other side. Because the moon goes all the way around once a month. And for two weeks the moon is on the opposite side of the chart becoming what Mark Edmund Jones called the handle of the bucket. The moon has the job of reflecting everything, not just you know, not just the one planet it happens to be opposed to. And so when we have a lot of planets clustered together, there can’t be any opposition’s there’s no trines because there are no planets that everything is contained within a trine there’s rare to have a square because they have to be right at the outer edges. And what that means is that the predominant aspects are going to be sextiles and semi sextiles. So we have a month I just ran something that I don’t normally don’t normally run but I just sorted by the aspects for the month. And we have a bunch of conjunctions because the planets as they’re close together, they’re tripping back and forth over each other as the faster ones are moving over the slow ones. But the only opposition we have all month is the Full Moon on April 16 Because that’s where the Full Moon is is an opposition.

Rick Levine 19:13
The only trine we have is on the not the last day of the month but April 28 Mercury escapes from that containment and Mercury trines Pluto as it becomes the only planet that’s pushing outside of the width of that trine. Point is we only have one trine all month and that is Mercury trine include on the 28th we have a couple of squares because Pluto being the earliest planet there are a few faster moving planets that will move through that square to Pluto and even to Saturn. Two we have mercury squaring Pluto. This is on April 10. We have the sun squaring Pluto on April 18. These are both tough days there Having to deal with information that we may not want to deal with that dealing with feelings that come up dealing with power struggles. And then Mercury makes a square to Saturn on April 24, there’s three squares all month

Rick Levine 20:19
there are 1-234-567-8910 1112 1314 there are 15, semi sextiles. That’s that’s where I was going with this. Now without interpreting any one of the semi sextiles, and any one of the dates, although I could tell you that on April 2, the Sun and Mercury semi sextile Uranus, on the third Venus semi sextiles Pluto, on the fourth Mars, semi sextiles, Jupiter, I mean, they’re stacking up one after another after another Jupiter semi sextiles Saturn on April 5, Mars semi sextiles Neptune on April 6, Mercury semi sextiles, Jupiter on April 7, and it also sent me sextiles Neptune, because Jupiter and Neptune are close together, and this continues all month. What does this mean? I think it means that the month is going to be as annoying as hell, maybe isn’t the right word. But you see, like income taxes, semi sextiles are irritating because we can’t quite get it in focus, we can’t quite see it for what it is. We can’t quite act, I mean, a square people complain about squares. Well, a square motivates us. And the most magnificent work from an artist from from from, from from anyone doing any sort of production at a square man, that’s when you that’s when you apply your your inner conflict and you make something happened, there’s something you can like it’s juicy, you can you can do something with it. quincunx is in semi sextiles, not so much. And so maybe, maybe this is the theme that sits behind the month is that I mean, it is like in some way we’re at a point of of on the launch pad, but we’re not ready to launch yet, then we get to launch, but there’s like one thing after another. And it’s not that the launch won’t be successful, it’s that we have to deal with a whole lot more stuff along the way than we might have thought. And so maybe there is an irritation here. There’s an inability to see the effect from the cause, you know, we normally think cause and effect. It’s hard to get perspective, maybe that’s the term for the month, lack of perspective, oh, effective. We’ll get we’re just throwing words out right now guess but, but, you know, having said all that, there’s some really exciting things happening this month, also. And that’s what makes it so difficult to to just put in a nicely wrapped up box, put a ribbon on it and go here, you know, this is a wonderful present, or here, this is something you don’t want, but I’m giving it to you anyhow, Hi, here, this is a mixed blessing, figure it out.

Amanda Pua Walsh 23:16
Like that. But you know, one of the things you said in the beginning that I think still seems to be relevant as maybe the thing for us to take away with from all this is just to have a plan B, like, move forward, move things forward, don’t get frustrated if they don’t move as fast as you want them to. And be aware of the fact that you might not totally have perspective right now, like you might not be true,

Rick Levine 23:43
I would suggest not to stop at B that we would want a Plan C D E F, it’s like the anything we can do to stretch our perspective. You know, and maybe that’s to to frame this in a more positive way. Rather than just saying this is an irritation This sucks this whatever is to say that that the theme for the month is to widen your perspective not to hit the gas pedal. But to widen your perspective, right the gas pedal may be part of that but understanding that there’s still Saturn there or whatever, you know, whatever the other issues are. And again, we haven’t gotten to the psychedelic elephant yet but we will

Amanda Pua Walsh 24:26
can’t wait to get to that elephant. Okay, so why don’t your perspective and also I was thinking how do you do that? Like how do you actually widen your perspective?

Rick Levine 24:34
Yeah, hang out with the psychedelic elephant. Perfect. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 24:37
We just need to go to him.

Rick Levine 24:43
There are before we go there though, there there are a couple of sign changes that we should mention. And the lunations because obviously the the one that is tonight or tomorrow morning depending upon where you are meaning either late on the evening or night of March 31, or on April 1, there’s the Aries New Moon. And even that is so tied up in what I’m talking about. Because all these Aries planets, you know, there’s there’s Mercury, the Sun, Moon conjunct Chiron and Chiron, all within a couple of degrees. And then we have Mars, Saturn and Venus, all within a few degrees but with with with Saturn right at the midpoint, and the angle between Saturn. And, and and between Venus in particular. And mercury in particular, is a half of a square. And we also have some of those this month also, which I left out earlier, they’re not as many as the semi sextiles. But although we don’t have squares, half squares are sometimes more difficult than squares, because they still have that pressure to create. But we game we don’t have the perspective. But but so we open the month with the with the lunation with the New Moon and Aries. Then on the the middle of the month, on April 16, we have the Full Moon, and that Full Moon is in Libra. We’ll talk about that a little bit more in a little bit. But then we have the New Moon again on April 30. And that New Moon is an eclipse. And eclipses often denote periods of change. And they denote where those changes will be, you know these these eclipses coming up because the nodes have retrograded back into Taurus and Scorpio. You know, it would not be surprising for these coming eclipses to focus on power power struggles, obviously we’re seeing that playing out on a global scenario right now. And also money because Taurus and Scorpio are both my money and our money. And we’re seeing that play right into this whole thing of power struggle that’s going on. So I think that the eclipses will maybe up the ante on whatever that is that’s happening on those levels. Alright, we’re Oh, sign changes. There’s just a couple of those before we get into the into the trip out elephant

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:33
Did you just think of that?

Amanda Pua Walsh 27:34
Is it the first time you said that? The psychedelic trip down?

Rick Levine 27:39
Yeah, it is. Lucky. Life is in Aries. The first time I say everything is like while I’m saying it. Alright, so just all the planets are moving pretty quickly. Now Pluto, I think is the first planet to turn retrograde and, and Pluto turns retrograde on April 29. So Pluto is the first and then we’ll be Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune they’ll fall in order of the outer planets. We also have mercury that will turn retrograde in May. But right now, all the planets are direct. And they’re all moving along at a pretty good clip. Which is why there are so many aspects this month, even though they’re they’re annoying and irritating semi squares and semi sextiles and then conjunctions. There’s a lot of planetary movement. Mercury is traveling along and almost two degrees a day right now. Mercury itself, Mercury makes 1-234-567-8910 1112 1320 2124 20 Mercury makes 25 aspects this month. Wow. And I know a month when Mercury has just turned director retrograde, it might make three or five or eight aspects in a month. Now, again, this is a little different than some other astrologers tend to do. I’m not interpreting each and every one of the individual aspects. We could but we only have an hour and your inner circle guides and people will be doing that on a regular basis. I’m fascinated with this stuff of just how much noise there is this month. Noisy. Noisy. There’s another good word for the month. You ever hear that? What kind of noise noise noise stir? No, I’ve never heard a noise noise noise stir

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:41
just play that back. I don’t know what you just said.

Rick Levine 29:44
What kind of noise a noise an oyster. A noisy noisy noisy oyster. Nevermind

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:53
the second time around. I

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:54
don’t know about you all but I got it that time.

Rick Levine 29:57
Okay, so because there are so many planets moving so quickly. We have Mercury, Venus and Mars and the Sun all changing signs this month. In fact, Mercury is moving fast enough that mercury which is right now in Aries, it will be in Aries through the, you know, through through tonight’s New Moon and mercury will move into Taurus on April 10. That’s the first of the planets other than Uranus which has been in Taurus for like four years already. It’s halfway through its seven year run through Taurus. But Mercury moves into into Taurus on on April 10. And incidentally, that means that mercury moving very quickly will actually conjoined Uranus on April 17. So Mercury is ahead of the pack and it becomes the first of the planets other than the moon which does this one two moons. The moon lines up with Uranus once a month. The moon lines up with every planet once a month. But the the inner planets typically without counting Retrogrades line up with the outer planets once a year. So Mercury is the first of the inner planets that lines up with Uranus. It does that on April 17. Then on April 19, the sun moves from Aries into Taurus. It won’t line up with Uranus in till May but then we also have Venus Venus having been in Aquarius where it lined up with both Mars and Saturn over the last weeks in Aquarius. venus moves into Pisces on April 5, Venus likes being in Pisces. It’s it’s interesting, Venus is exalted in Pisces. And there’s a sense of I always think of Venus in pisces as as an Gore you know, not that I’m suggesting that we should slaughter any animals to get their, their their soft, lovely fur. But there’s something about Venus that in Pisces that is very soft and loving and compassionate. And venus moves into Pisces on April 5. And then Mars moves into Pisces on April 14, that’s not quite as pretty a picture because Mars goes into Pisces and all of a sudden goes where was I going? Wait, who am I? How did I get here? Why am I being pulled this way by the current Mars in Pisces has a hard time getting getting its bearings. I always think of Mars is Pisces, as the person who’s all dressed has the party invitation, you know is all dressed up ready to go to the party. The party starts at eight o’clock. And somehow the dog chewed off the address part. And they don’t know where the party is. You know, it’s like, all ready to go, but I don’t know where I’m going. And so Mars moves into Pisces, there’s a higher side of Mars and Pisces. Also like there isn’t any planet and sign. Mars in Pisces is also the spiritual warrior. You know, this is the person who’s who’s ready to fight for some higher spiritual belief. Unfortunately, it’s also the person who’s willing to fight for some aberrated delusion.

Amanda Pua Walsh 33:33
Is this going to add to our psychedelic elephant trip? Absolutely.

Rick Levine 33:39
Absolutely. Okay. Yeah. So we have we have Venus moving into Pisces, on April 5, and we have Mars moving into Pisces. Right at the tail end of the psychedelic elephant, that’s gonna become a thing now. It’s like it’s not like elephant experience. And because Mars doesn’t move into Pisces until April 14. By then, the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune is already waning, but they’re still there. They’re still in the same sign. They’re still cohabitating Pisces as they are now. But because mercury is moving so fast. Mercury moves into Taurus on April 10. But it moves into Gemini on April 29. hoof two degrees a day. And Mercury loves being in Gemini. You know, it’s it’s, it’s its first primary home sign. Gemini and Virgo are Mercury’s domiciles. And so we’re definitely getting a lot of change of the energy in the air. And so those are all kind of significant and important things. But now let’s come back to the Stone doubt elephant sitting is the elephant than sitting in the middle of the table or just in the room. I’ve, I’ve heard different versions of this. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about the elephant. That’s, you know, on

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:10
the table. That’s true. Well, I guess we get to decide.

Rick Levine 35:13
It depends on how strong the table is. Right?

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:16
It might be kind of funny if he breaks the table to that’ll add your whole trip.

Rick Levine 35:21
That’s right. Maybe this elephant is Dumbo. Do you remember the Flying Elephant? Yeah, yeah. Why do I think that that was probably in some way ultimately cruel to the elephant but um, so, so so we have Jupiter, which is kind of in a strange pattern, because normally we think of Jupiter as being one year in a sign, which it is on the average, but sometimes because of its retrograde it does weird things where it catches energy just just slightly differently. Then, you know, we had Jupiter in Aquarius, and then it bumped into Pisces and then it went back into Aquarius. And now it’s running through Pisces so quickly that it’s on into Aries by I think by May. Jupiter. Jupiter enters. Aries. Sorry for that I don’t have the date in front of me. There it is. I suppose I could reach up and grab my Ephemeris on May 11. Jupiter moves into Aries. So Jupiter is just flying, flying through through this part of Pisces, remembering though that Jupiter was in Pisces for a while almost a year ago. So it’s kind of this odd odd energy. But what that means is that Jupiter actually will join will align will catch up because Jupiter even though we think of it as a slower moving planet, it takes 12 years to go around the Zodiac once Neptune takes 165 years to go around once. So Jupiter is catching up to Neptune in Pisces, for the first time in about 165 years, a little bit more than that actually. Because by the time Jupiter goes around once Pisces will be in the next sign. And Neptune will be in the next sign. Neptune spends about 12 1314 years in a sign. And so the last time we had Jupiter and Pisces together, I keep saying Pisces sorry about that. The last time we had Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces was back in the mid 1800s, where we saw the rise of spiritual ism. I mean, there was a lot of other things going on then. But then also the the abolition movement pre Civil War was was cooking up. There’s this whole sense of idealism. Remember, Jupiter and Neptune I have a theory and some of you have heard this before. I actually believe that Jupiter and Neptune are the same planet. They’re like mirror images of one another. It’s like Neptune is Jupiter. Who’s escaped from prison. Prison here being Saturn. Jupiter connect Jupiter’s expansive. Jupiter is like a magnifying lens. Wherever Jupiter is Jupiter makes things look bigger and better and more and sometimes more is not necessarily better. But Jupiter is indiscriminately expansive. But Jupiter can only expand to the limit. You blow up a balloon and you blow it up too much. And it pops because Jupiter can’t go beyond Saturn. Jupiter has to be even though Jupiter is beliefs. Jupiter is more opinions. It has to be logical. Jupiter is philosophy. Jupiter is political science, because Jupiter has to be rational. Why? Because Saturn contains logic and rationality. Neptune, on the other hand, is Jupiter. That’s no longer contained by Saturn. And so Neptune and Jupiter are the same energy. They’re both expansive. But we don’t think of Neptune as being expansive because it’s already expanded. We think of it as being diffusive because it can diffuse and that’s not defuse of like a fuse on a on a bomb. It’s something that’s diffused D I F not D E F two different words.

Rick Levine 39:56
But Neptune is expansive but it doesn’t have to answer to reality. It doesn’t have to answer to dad. It doesn’t have to enter to Saturn. It doesn’t have to answer to anything that’s real. And therefore Neptune can go forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. So Jupiter and Neptune, though, have a lot in common. And of course, we can’t forget the fact that until the discovery of, of Neptune in the mid 19th century, the fact is that Jupiter, like Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, traditionally, and Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, Jupiter ruled both Sagittarius and pisces. And along came Neptune and it was close enough and it seemed like it with Pisces that we moderner say that Neptune is at home in Pisces. Well, Neptune is associated with Pisces. But according to the old traditional thema Mundi, the the kind of a logic of how the worldview of astrology was put together. Jupiter is at home in Pisces. But with Neptune there, Neptune is supporting it even more. And I think this is like, you know, Saturn and Pluto lineup once every 30 to 38 years, three times a century. But it’s only once in every four or 500 years or so that they line up while Saturn is that in its home sign of Capricorn. And this recent January 2020, when we had Saturn line up with Pluto, this was more potent than many of the other recent ones arguably. And, and it was because Saturn was in its home sign. The last time that happened was the biggest beginning of the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther protested the idea of indulgences in the Catholic Church and other things. The reason why this Jupiter Neptune conjunction is so important is that it’s not a once every 1314 Year 13 year cycle, because Jupiter goes around once and Neptune’s moving forward a little bit. So Jupiter goes around in 12 years and it takes about another year for it to catch up to Neptune. The fact that it’s doing this in their home signs amplifies the energy. So it’s not only expansive, philosophical, big thinking grandiose thinking, Jupiter, combined with the imagination and the dreams and the visions of Neptune. But on top of that, in Pisces, they’re like amplified because they’re in a sign. That’s not gonna stop them. Now the exact conjunction I mean, they’ve been tracking pretty closely already. Jupiter, Jupiter moved into Pisces, back in, I think January.

Rick Levine 43:19
Yeah, it was it was in January of this year. And, and now, Jupiter and Neptune are in the same sign. They’re cohabitating and, and here at the end of March, Jupiter is already within a couple of degrees of being exact. On April 1, Jupiter is at 21, roughly 21 and a half degrees of Pisces, actually 21 degrees 29 minutes 30 minutes as a half. Neptune is at 23 and a half degrees of Pisces actually 23 degrees in 36 minutes. But for all practical purposes, Jupiter is two degrees away from Neptune. Neptune is moving pretty slowly, and Jupiter is moving pretty much as fast as it goes. So what that means is that by April 12, Jupiter and Neptune will conjoined they will be at the exact same place in the sky on the 12th on the 12th of April at 23 degrees of Pisces. Look at your own charts. Look at the charts of people you know anyone who has planets at 23 degrees of Pisces give or take a few degrees or the opposite sign 23 degrees of Virgo give or take a few degrees or the square signs 23 degrees of either Sagittarius or Gemini. Those people will be getting the brunt of where of how this expansive belief visionary dreaming Energy, spiritual compassionate kind of comes into their lives. But those with planets at 23 degrees give or take a few Scorpio and or cancer there’ll be getting a trine from this. So wherever you have planets and 23 degrees of any sign the Jupiter Neptune conjunction will be in some way aspecting it but one of the things to do is to look at your chart and see where does 23 degrees of Pisces fall and make an X there because that’s where the Jupiter Neptune conjunction is impacting your your life. And and the question of how it impacts it. You know, it depends. Neptune when it was first discovered was considered to be a pretty bad planet. Why? Because it was delusion. It was illusion. It was fantasy. It was not real. Well, I remember Rob hand writing in I think it was horoscope symbols gazillion years ago, he wrote, we used to think that Saturn was reality. And Neptune is illusion. Whereas now we’ve discovered that Neptune is reality. And Saturn is the illusion there ever was one. The point here is that Neptune can be a dream. And dreams can become real. With Jupiter there it’s bringing it inside of Saturn is giving us the ability to think that it really can become manifest within the realms of Saturn, because Jupiter is inside Saturn. And so the problem with manifesting a dream, though, is this. Most of the time, manifesting manifesta dreams are not quite as good as they were when they were dreams. You know, when we have a dream of I’m going to win the lottery. And this is what’s going to happen, I’m going to meet the man or the woman of my life and live happily ever after. I’m going to get a dream job and I want to do it in the realm of graphic arts or whatever, when we get the job. And it’s like, wow, this is amazing. And then we have to deal with the crap that goes along with it. Because in the three dimensional world, things aren’t perfect. Whereas in the realm of Neptune, if we’re creating an illusion, we create it the way we want it to, to the way I like to say it because here’s where Saturn comes into the picture. Saturn’s job is like seeding a cloud. Saturn’s job is to precipitate the dreams of illusion into the three dimensional world. That’s what Saturn’s job is. And I think of Caroline Casey, who says that Neptune imagination, she says, lays the tracks for the reality train to follow.

Rick Levine 48:00
I, Bill Blake, William Blake, sorry, I got personal Bill Bill. William Blake, the great English mystic poet, wrote from Proverbs of hell in his work, Heaven and Hell, the marriage of Heaven and Hell, he wrote, what is now proved Saturn. He didn’t write Saturn, I just added that parenthetical. What is now proved, was once only imagined. I like to think of Neptune’s job is to create an imaginary scaffolding upon which we can then build reality. If we don’t have the dream. We’re not going to manifest anything we need first, the, the the fantasy, the dream, the illusion, that potential, the idea? These are all these are all having to do with the psychedelic elephant. Who can imagine anything because Neptune is there and it’s not constrained by reality. Now the question becomes, are we going to just drift off into some, you know, drug induced or, or religious induced fantasy, or politically, I mean, Jupiter’s politics, politically induced fantasy, are we going to drift off into some fantasy, only to find us when we precipitate into reality, absolutely discouraged, and disillusioned. And here we have to say we have to go here that disillusionment is really important. It’s an important part of maturity. Why? Because Neptune is illusion. And as long as something remains in the dream state, were infantile, where kids were were believing in whatever the dream is. That’s okay. But in order for that dream to become real The Dream has to be dis illusioned meaning we have to get rid of the illusions and make it real. And so when someone says, Oh, I’m really disillusioned, I go, Wow, good. No, it’s not what people expect. You know the other Neptune word that as long as we’re on Jupiter, Neptune, the other Neptune word that I think is really important, is confusion. It’s been said that a painful experience, or a confusing experience is what starts most people on their spiritual journey. Confusion is an interesting word. What does it mean? Well, Greek con is like a conjunction, it means as one that means together. Fusion means two things melting together. The word confusion means two things melting together. Here’s the problem. The ego don’t like that shit. Ah, because the ego needs to know that my boundary is separate from your boundary, then that when I get close to you, I am Me and you Are you. But Neptune comes in. And here comes the John Lennon line. I’ve been corrected on this I attributed to Paul McCartney great sin Mia culpa. And the line is, you know I am you as you are me as we are all together, goo goo goo joob. That’s Neptune basically fuzzing the line and saying all we are is love. The illusion of manda Amanda, the illusion of Rick, those are Saturnian real world. But they’re illusions. The reality is that we are all fish, Pisces, we are all fish and the sea of consciousness, the ocean of consciousness is flowing through all of us, we are not separate, we are one, we are all part of the same cosmic ocean or cesspool depending upon what part of the ocean were in. But it’s from that ocean, that things then crystallize. And as the Sun moves into Aries, they begin their new round of growth. So this Jupiter Neptune conjunction is incredibly important. But we have to be aware, we have to stay aware that there is a difference between an illusion that stays in illusion, an illusion that we think is reality, even though it’s an illusion, or an illusion, that we think is reality so strongly that we actually can turn it into reality.

Rick Levine 52:51
And there are differences. You know, when Martin Luther King said, I have a dream, that was Neptune and Jupiter, that was a fantasy, you know, but as people in the real world work to make that dream real, that’s Saturn intervening and taking the Neptune and turning it more into Jupiter. So this is the potential of April does mean does it mean that we’ll be able to realize that potential? Unfortunately, no, but the potential is there, and I think it just remains incumbent upon us to remember the difference. There is a difference between reality and illusion. Now it’s going to be fuzzy because during April, remember we already talked about how both Venus and Mars ingress into Pisces and Venus actually on the day of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction on the 12th Venus is at about six seven degrees of Pisces. Mars is still hanging back in Aquarius. But Venus moves forward and Venus joins up with with Neptune on April 26 27th. At the same time, the moon is moving through Pisces. The moon enters Pisces on the April 25. So on April 25 26th, and 27th Even though most of us will think that the Jupiter Neptune conjunction is already two weeks in the past. Why? Because on April 25, we’re gonna have five planets in Pisces. We’re gonna have the Moon, Mars, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. And so even though the exact conjunction his past, with the moon, Mars and Venus, not only all in Pisces, but Venus now inching up to conjoin Neptune Which it does on the 26th 27th right in there. The moon sweeps across that, and by the 27th, the moon moves on into Aries, but at the same time Mars lingering behind is also going to catch up with that conjunction. So we have Venus and Neptune exact on the 26th 27th. Then we have Venus exactly conjunct Jupiter on the 30th on May 1. And it’s not until May that Mars actually catches up with Neptune around May 18. But by that time, Jupiter’s already. I’m out of here, guys, I’m off off into Aries. So we have this magical thing about this. We got to give the psychedelic elephant a name. Dumbo doesn’t work. No.

Amanda Pua Walsh 55:59
Anybody have any ideas? Yeah, we need we need ideas of a psychedelic elephant.

Rick Levine 56:03
Yeah. Good idea. Anyhow, we can’t under estimate the importance of this Jupiter Neptune conjunction. And also its lingering impact all the way through the middle of May, when Mars lines up with Neptune. You know, Mars lining up with Neptune is in a natal chart. The best description I’ve ever seen of it comes from Grant Louis. Some of you know grant Louis was one of my favorite astrologers. He wrote some of the most popular astrology books ever, including astrology for the millions. And heaven knows what. And he was he retired as a tenured English professor from I think, Colgate College in New York, to become the editor of horoscope magazine. And in great Louie never had an insurance policy. He had a life insurance policy for the last month of his life. And he died of natural causes. But he never had a life insurance policy until a month before he died. And because he was an English professor, his writing is magnificent. And he also wrote in the late 30s 40s, into the early 50s. And so he kind of was pre psychological. A lot of this stuff feels different than the than the post Dean read your kind of more the psychological, spiritual, evolutionary type of astrology that many of us moderators subscribe to. And he calls the Mars and I know this isn’t until May, but and we’ll probably repeat myself in May. But he calls the Mars Neptune conjunction, the sign of the shapeshifter. The person who comes to mind who has an exact Mars, Neptune conjunction was Bill Clinton is Bill Clinton. But Bill Clinton had the planet Venus right there in the mix. And so it switched it a little bit. But the idea of the shapeshifter is someone who when they feel good, seems like they’re 10 feet tall, indestructible and magnificent. And we all know people who are like that, but that same person three days later, when something’s wrong, like they’re being impeached or something just looks like some gnome that should be in a corner somewhere not talking to anyone. In other words, the Mars physicality takes on the illusion. In the olden times the the witches, the word glamour, doesn’t mean what it means in modern times. It meant that a small or let me say diminutive, physically diminutive woman, who was let’s say four and a half feet tall, by conjuring up the right energy could come into a room and see clike a six foot tall goddess. That’s Mars, Neptune. And of course, the Venus Neptune that is occurring this month. The Venus Neptune, which occurs on but boom boom on April 27, is that same thing, but it’s in reference to fantasy into love into dreams. And so I think that this even though I want to bring this to conclusion, even though the Jupiter Neptune conjunction occurs on April 12, it’s already occurring. And it’ll be with us until past mid May, until Mars, really until Mars moves out of Pisces and Mars when it moves into Aries around May 25. That’s when the game changes. And even though the sun is way ahead now in Gemini by May 25. We now have four planets, five planets even in Aries because we’ll have more And Jupiter and Chiron still, and the Moon and Venus all in Aries. And so we’re getting again, there. The reason why I’m doing this is again, we’re getting the sense that this New Moon on on April 1, is the launchpad. But the greatest density of Aries energy isn’t until the end of May. Can you feel that Saturnian energy? It’s not typically. But can you feel how that enter Normally, Aries is magnificent in the moment, it comes and goes, Hey, I’m an Aries. I know that, you know, it’s like, it’s like, boom, show up. And now you’re gone. It’s like, yeah, dandelions are perfect Aries energy. Because a dandelion can go from flat surface on the grass to a full flower in one day.

Rick Levine 1:00:52
And I’m told by beekeeper friends, when the dandelions are up, bees Forget everything else. It’s like, that’s the best drug, it’s just like, and then they’re gone, they only last a day, and then they’re gone. They go to seed flower that quickly. But the point here is that, although April, where we’ve moved, which already spring, we’ve moved into the sign into the season of the year of the first sign of spring, Aries of the first sign of the zodiac, here we are, at the end of May, with more planets in Aries, than in any other sign. And when you have five planets in a sign, you know, that’s making a statement. So I think we should probably come back to the Full Moon and the New Moon real quickly, just so that we can touch on them and say that we covered them, but I think maybe the maybe, okay, that maybe the keywords for April is, is delayed response, or, you know, something, you know, delayed gratification, you know, where it feels like, we’re gonna we’re gonna get it now, but But it’s gonna take a while.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:02:07
That’s what I keep thinking of when you’re talking about all these different aspects that are happening, and is that it’s like, even the Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces, it’s like, we have this, this opening, it’s almost like the clouds part and the sun comes down. And we have these visions and dreams and we can have bring these ideals into reality. But what you keep bringing up is that once the dreams come into reality, then they’re real. And they’re no longer the fantasy that just feels so good. It’s like, oh, it’s like, you know, dreaming of the house. But then you have the house, you have to take care of it, or dreaming, you’re having a baby and you have a baby, and you got to take care of it. Or, you know, any any of the above kinds of things that people dream about, right? And then there’s the reality of it, like actually being here. So it’s, it’s the same, like, like, we’re moving forward, but we’re like, kind of on the brakes. We have a plan A but we have a plan B see, it’s like there’s a there’s a there’s a maturity or a sobriety that we can have next don’t normally get URIs, right? We don’t really get it but it’s like it’d be very wise to have it so we have this exuberance we have all this possibility and potential and at the same time, there’s like the maturity of experience or the wisdom of experience going Yes, absolutely. And just know that there’s things that come along with that, and there should be some kitchen contingency plans and etc, right?

Rick Levine 1:03:32
Yeah, yeah. Hey, by the way, did I ever thank you for this?

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:03:36
Oh, you definitely thank me for that. But you can show everybody again. There’s an Aries cup with on the other side is the mermaid and yes, I got that for him

Rick Levine 1:03:47
on the inside, but um oh yeah, you can see Saturn there. Yes.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:03:51
And Rick, we have so many good ideas for the elephant. I think we should do it that the name for the elephant I think we should do it towards the end. But the names just Are they still continue to flood in

Rick Levine 1:04:03
my mind, but you know, Gertrude, Gertrude? Like I run with a martini in her hand. Hello. Okay. So so on the Full Moon, the Full Moon on April 16. Now the Jupiter Neptune conjunction is really really close. In fact, it’s still part tile conjunct, meaning that Jupiter and Neptune are both at 24 degrees of pisces. JUPITER is at 2455 Almost 25 degrees. Neptune is at 24/7 minutes, though just barely 24 But they’re still within the same degree. That’s still cooking on the Full Moon. The Full Moon is in Libra. We get the balance between self and other remember Aries. I like to think of Aries as fingers and toes. You know when baby is born. You know, it can keep amused by its own fingers and toes for hours at a time. But it’s not that it thinks it’s being self referential. It’s that the true Aries energy is everything in the universe is self. And so fingers and toes can be something very, very separate and different and out there, but they’re still attached to self. And yet, when we get the Full Moon in Libra, there’s this. Remember, I talked about the vampire the lack of awareness? Well, when the moon is in the Full Moon in Libra, on April 16, this is the maximum awareness between self Aries and the dance of relationship between self and others. This is that finding balance point. Here’s the problem with this Full Moon, it’s not an easy Full Moon. That the the sun and the moon are both at 2640 4647. So it’s like, it’s like 26 and three quarters, we can say 27. Just about

Rick Levine 1:06:19
Pluto is at 28 degrees of Capricorn. What that means is that the the Full Moon in Libra to the sun in Aries are both in a T square, excuse me, T square with Pluto in Capricorn. So Pluto is square the moon on one side and square the sun on the other. And this although it’s a cardinal meaning changeable initiating, it’s, there’s definitely more fluidity in a cardinal T square than in a fixed t square. But the fact of the matter is that this T square is answering to Pluto. So Pluto is getting another, you know, last ground, I’m holding on to things and it’s definitely a dynamic, dynamic dynamic period of time. Meanwhile, we have Venus at 12 degrees of Pisces, which is a half square to the Aries sun, and a square and a half to the Libra moon. And this is kind of like, like an asymmetrical t square. In other words, now we have Venus also not thrilled with either the sun or the moon separately. But together, Venus in pisces just wants to dream its way into everything being perfect. But we have this tug of war between inside outside between self and other between good and evil between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, between the United States and Afghanistan, between Russia and the Ukraine, between vaxxers and anti vaxxers, between Trumpers and anti-you pick whatever I mean, they’re all there. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. But we have a Full Moon that is stretching that tug of war tight with Pluto and Venus kind of at not comfortable points. However, and there is a good however here, and that is that Saturn is at 23 degrees of Aquarius, which is only three degrees away from being trying 23 degrees Aquarius to 26 degrees of Libra. So Saturn is trying the Full Moon. And Saturn is also sextile the sun at 26 Aries to 23 Aquarius, that point, whenever you have an opposition a tug of war, if you have a planet 90 degrees to both of them, that’s a t square. And that’s a really dynamic configuration. If you have a planet at one of the four points that are that are trying one side of the tug of war, and sextile the other that’s called the point of dailies. dailies was a Greek philosopher, mathematician, he was the guy who came up with the theory or the notion that inside of a circle, that if you that if you have an opposition, any point that’s connected to both sides of that opposition that points can to make an inside 90 degree angle. In other words, the the it’ll stay a right triangle, a 90 degree triangle don’t want to get into the mathematics any further. The point of Bailey’s is that point that is trying to one side of an opposition and sextile to the other side of the opposition. This is a release point as stressful, tense, conflictual as the planet at the apex of a T square is the planet at the point of failure is, is the place that the that the tension releases his energy smoothly. And what is this point? Well, it’s it’s Saturn, it actually turns out because Mars has just moved into Pisces that Saturn and Mars together the midpoint is even in that is in that mix. So the point here is that we have an incredibly potent Full Moon, with Pluto and Venus both at very difficult points in relationship stressful to that Full Moon. And yet Saturn, even Saturn and Mars are relieving the tension a little bit. One other thing about this Full Moon, and I mentioned this at the very beginning, but not in relationship to the Full Moon. And that is that mercury is coming into a conjunction with Uranus. That exact conjunction actually occurs on April 17. The Full Moon occurs on April 16. But Mercury is conjunct Uranus, which means that our minds are racing, we’re pulling answers out of the air faster than we can find questions. Half of those answers are brilliant. Half of them are stupid. And we can tell the difference. Great. That’s the Full Moon

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:11:21
do the New Moon again at the end. I mean, you talked talked about it because that’s the Eclipse right?

Rick Levine 1:11:26
Yeah. And we really didn’t talk again just a few quick words the the New Moon at the end of the month. And let me also just get some the the the Full Moon occurs on April 16 at 11:55am and that’s Pacific Time. Adjust your time zones accordingly. The Full Moon on April 30 is at 1:28pm on April 30 midday adjust your time zones accordingly. The thing about the the Eclipse Full Moon is that right? I mean New Moon right thank you for keeping me honest and and and aligned the New Moon on April 30 Is that 10 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is at 14 degrees of Taurus there’s an electric energy here even though it’s in Taurus. Taurus normally is is simple straightforward, determined. You know, the Taurus likes making straight lines to where its goal is. And yet And yet Uranus in Taurus somehow can take that straight line. And and rather than making all kinds of curvy and extra wanderings and whatever, it does just the opposite. It’s It’s Captain Kirk saying Scotty warp factor seven, and boom, you’re there. There’s that instantaneity of the lightning striking and somehow the simplicity of Taurus becomes explosively, immediately resolved. Now, this New Moon is a few degrees away from that conjunction to Taurus. The actual New Moon itself will join up with Uranus within eight hours. So it will still be on a it’ll still be on April 30. In most places, the sun doesn’t reach the conjunction to Uranus until about May 4. point though, is that we can see some real radical shifting here, then we just need to keep in mind that Uranus doesn’t like being in Taurus. Why? Well what is Taurus like

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:13:53
consistency, stability,

Rick Levine 1:13:55
and Uranus, Uranus, Uranus, Uranus wants that shift that change that radical, you know, whatever it is to get there. And, and so that’s why, incidentally, while Uranus has been moving and continues to move through Taurus, that’s why the changes that we’re seeing are so powerful. And because because it’s not giving up a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit every day, every week, every month instead, it’s holding it and then we get an earthquake. I mean, the earth, like granite doesn’t adjust and move easily. You know, you don’t get earthquakes in the water. I mean, you get the result of an earthquake rippling through the water, but you don’t get water quakes because you need you need the stress of the hot and the cold are things pulling in different ways. And water is fluid so it just fills in. But if you have that same stress on granted it nothing moves, nothing moves and then all of a sudden kapow. And so this is why these times feel more dynamic. then other times recently have and I think that this New Moon in Taurus is at the front front edge of that. We also have on that same day, now we’re still not far away from the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, it’s still only three and a half degrees from being exact. And we have Mars coming into the picture there. And we also have Venus exactly conjoining with Jupiter at on the day of that New Moon, Jupiter is conjoined Venus is conjoined Jupiter. And in fact, the Venus Jupiter conjunction is a half square to the eclipsed moon. And again, this is a matter of weighing how much is enough? Gee, this could be good. But if we do a lot of it, is it too much? There’s that pleasure attraction of the Venus Jupiter. And yet Taurus even though it wants to be attracted to the pleasure is not sure that it can let go of what it has in order to get there. It’s a dynamic, it’s a dynamic period of time. And the fact that it’s an eclipse does seem to indicate it’s a solar eclipse. So there certainly can be major shifts, you know, in the traditional astrology it often it often a solar eclipse often was the end of a regime you know, it was long live the king death to the king. And so we’ll see how this plays out. But it’s a powerful one because a the eclipses so close to Jupiter. Also Mercury has just moved into Gemini. And, and that mercury, remember we talked about this also, just a couple of days prior on the 28th. Mercury was trying to Pluto 28 degrees of Taurus to 28 degrees of Capricorn Earth to Earth. Now, that mercury is moved into Gemini where it eventually will go retrograde. But we’re really getting to the bottom of some stuff when we see that mercury training Pluto end of month.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:17:08
Who, okay, wow. Rick, I mean, you weren’t kidding. I don’t even think we really got a theme yet. But I’m gonna go through a few of the highlights. And then maybe we’ll we’ll choose one of them for the theme. Does that sound good?

Rick Levine 1:17:24
I’m liking the, you know, the delayed satisfaction or the

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:17:28
delayed gratification? Yeah. Yeah,

Rick Levine 1:17:32
it’s not as flashy as some of the others though. But we got to go ahead. Not that you need permission from me, but the mic is yours.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:17:41
I do need permission from you. Okay. And actually, the names are so fun, and I can’t wait to do that at the end. Alright, so here’s just some of the big things that came out. This whole idea of having a plan B, C, and D, not putting all of our eggs in one basket, this idea that we like all the planets are in one area of the of the sky. So we have a lot of semi sextiles all month, which are just annoying. So that a couple things you kept talking about is like this annoying energy, this and this noisy energy. It’s this push pull energy, like we want to go forward. But there’s a lot just happening that can feel sort of irritating. Sometimes that just feels like the irritation of reality, right? Like, there’s so many times I find myself going bad. Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t it just be this? Why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t we all just love each other? It’s like, oh, well, you know, because there’s all these things. So it sounds a little bit like that. We’re dealing with more stuff than we want to is what you’re what you said at one point. You also said this is an opportunity where we need to really choose to stretch our perspective, it’s not going to happen naturally, we actually have to find ways to stretch our perspective, to put ourselves in other people’s shoes to really see things from a different perspective. You have this, this change at the end of the month? Well, one of the big things you said is that the Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces energy is going to be with us all the way through May. Right. It was like mid mid May. Is this Jupiter Neptune in Pisces energy, which is essentially big thinking big like grandiose thinking, in meeting our dreams and our visions, amplified in Pisces. So there’s like no stopping this, except for all these irritating things that you’re talking about. Right? And so that kind of energy though, is going to be with us through May. And what you said is that the Aries energy this like Aries energy that we would think to be full on right now isn’t actually going to be happening until the end of May.

Rick Levine 1:19:55
Well, it’ll be happening. It won’t reach its culmination or it’s like we can’t take it out of the oven. Then until it’s done.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:20:01
Ah, there you go. Okay. All right. And then I mean, I had a million questions as you were talking, but we won’t have time to do that. I’m good. Love my questions. All right. So here we go. The planets that are going to be most affected by the by the psychedelic elephant that we’re going to name today are Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini, or anyone was planets at 23 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius Gemini. Also, pretty much you said anyone with planets at 23 degrees of anything is going to be affected by

Rick Levine 1:20:38
it. Yeah, but obviously if they’re 23 degrees, you know of the Immutables that’ll be square conjunction or opposed. Or of the water that’ll be trines. Right? Yeah, exactly.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:20:49
Right. And and and so the but the big huge event of the month and arguably of the year is this Jupiter Neptune in Pisces event,

Rick Levine 1:20:59
I would go of the month I’m not willing to give it the year yet because as you know, I’m still thinking that the Uranus Saturn now the Saturn Uranus Square, you know, we ain’t seen the last of that yet. And so I think that holds out as the biggest event.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:21:15
Would you say though, that because it’s big, it’s big. And it’s sort of like lifetime big, right? Because we’ll never have this again. And it really is this opportunity to to find those dreams, those visions and, and bring them into reality, but then also be mature enough to know that once they’re in reality, they’re quite as lofty as they were when they were our fantasy. Now they’re real. And we actually have to like take care of them. Do the 3d things, right. Okay. Did you know that we’re doing a jubilee for the Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction? It’s it reminds me of our extravaganza name, which we’ll talk about at the end a little bit too. But we’re doing a premium panel event, Linda bird, Becca Tarnas and divine harmony are going to speak about the energies on the seventh April 7. And then we’re doing a community

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:22:07
group experience which just feels perfect for the psychedelic big lid, we,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:22:12
we don’t really know exactly what’s going to happen at that experience. Except for that we’re going to be making a musical talisman that everyone’s going to contribute their voice to we’re going to be making Jupiter Neptune alters which we’re going to have, we’re going to teach people how to do and the whole event is a give as you wish event. So you can get you can you can give as much as you want to the event you can give nothing to the event. It’s a give as you wish event, which is also the first time we’ve ever done anything like that. And anytime we tried to think of a price for it, it was like I think it just needs to be whatever you want to give us. So that’s happening and you can sign up now. It’s astrology hub, comm slash Jubilee, astrologyhub.com/Jubilee. So that’s the event for that conjunction. Okay, so everybody is affected by it. 23 degrees, especially, we have five planets in Pisces all the way through April 25. And at the end of May greatest sensitive of Aries and then I have in huge large caps on my notes name elephant. That’s the final thing we need to

Rick Levine 1:23:20
do. You know, your Jubilee event is basically it’s my birthday party.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:23:24
It’s your birthday party. Yay, you are so invited.

Rick Levine 1:23:28
I mean, my birthday is the six but I’ll consider the seventh that’s still part, you know?

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:23:33
Oh, yeah, definitely. Okay, so anything and then and then the eclipses at the end of the month is a big deal. You talked about it being a time of change, and change for you said power struggles, and maybe money, like my money, your money, power struggles, and you said it’s going to have

Rick Levine 1:23:52
your money or, you know, the World Bank money and or you know, you know, cryptocurrency and or dollar ruble? I mean, you know, I think it’s more than just, you know, the money that I or you might have, you know, in the bank, it could

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:24:12
be a big money change. Yeah, this goes back to our plan A, plan B, plan C Plan D sort of thing that we’ve talked about, I think, yeah. Okay, so some of the the biggest votes I mean, the the vote that came through the most for the elephants name is Wavy Gravy. Are you feeling okay? Maybe, okay, then.

Rick Levine 1:24:40
Wavy Gravy might be pleased.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:24:41
And then we have Fantasia.

Rick Levine 1:24:45
Do people know who Wavy Gravy is?

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:24:48
It’s a way it’s a real person. And it was said that anybody younger might not know and I’ve never heard that person but yeah, we

Rick Levine 1:24:57
Wavy Gravy was the was the clown of the year on the bus you’re off the bus the Grateful Dead the ken ki Z. You know the that whole you know electric Kool Aid acid grew. That was that was Wavy Gravy.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:25:15
Okay then we have Daisy, Daisy Cosmo Neptune psychedelia. fynt Alternaria um, let’s see psyche. Marlon, Clarissa Horton Seymour,

Rick Levine 1:25:32
Fantasia, Daisy. Uh huh. I like dirty all too also for kurta for the

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:25:38
dirty Oh, that is cute. I think we might have to go with that because that’s what you were feeling. There’s a Timothy. Cute Horton. Lots of votes for Horton. Dream waves rainbow.

Rick Levine 1:25:52
We know Horton is the Dr. Seuss. Elephant the. I said what I meant when I said I said what I meant an elephant’s word. Something is 100%. Horton hatches the who? Yeah. All right,

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:26:03
Rick, what’s your vote? Fred. Fred. Do you have a vote?

Rick Levine 1:26:08
I kind of like Fred, but I don’t. Um, I like I like the Gertie. I like the daisy. And there was another one. I liked Gertie, I liked Gertie. All right, let’s go crazy. That’s

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:26:22
what you were you were getting Gertrude and you’re gonna say Gertie for short already, right? Yeah, yeah. All right. Gertie, the psychedelic elephant. That’s the Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction? I got it. I love it. Okay. And one more announcement for all of you the waitlist for the chart reading extravaganza part

Rick Levine 1:26:46
two, hey, that’s me. That’s you.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:26:49
Yes, this is going to be all focused on timing. So transits solar arcs progressions. So Rick’s gonna be looking at people’s charts and seeing how the chart unfolds through time.

Rick Levine 1:27:04
Right. For those people who took the first chart reading extravaganza, we just we did two charts per session for four weeks, the people whose charts were being done are in, in the group, if you register, and you want your chart considered, there’ll be a way in which you can submit your birth data. But the thing is, is that rather than spending an hour digging into the mechanics of the chart, and doing a chart reading based upon that person, we’ll do about 10, or 15 minutes of that, just so we know who we’re talking to, but the focus is going to be how do we unfold that chart and time? And as an astrologer? How do we figure out what’s important? How do we frame it? How do we talk about the future? What’s the relationship between forecasting and prediction and guiding life coaching? These are all things that will come up. And I’m very excited about it. Because in my work, this is what I feel like, I excel out this is this is what I love to do. And so, yeah, so chart reading extravaganza, part two transits and timing.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:28:15
Yes. And so if you want to get on the waitlist, registration isn’t open yet. You can go to astrology, hub.com/timing are going to open up registration, mid April, and the actual event is happening every Thursday in May. Correct. Yes. So we’d love to have you all there. Also, Rick has prepared a teaching that goes along with this timing extravaganza,

Rick Levine 1:28:40
right. And that’ll be a one that is a one hour pre recorded lesson that you can listen to at your leisure, hopefully before the first actual class. So you have some background, and there’ll be handouts with that. So that you’ll actually have, they won’t necessarily quite like be a study guide session by session. But it will, in fact, be kind of material that you can use for replaying what it is that I’ll be doing live.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:29:11
Yes, yes. And you’ll get access to that when you register so you’ll have the time. Yes. All right. We’d love for all of you to attend that event. That Jubilee is happening next week if you want to do that and give as you wish and be

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:29:25
a part of this trippy group experience that we’re going to be doing

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:29:30
the whole even the planning of the the event has felt trippy. Like it hasn’t been logical and

Rick Levine 1:29:35
I’m bringing her harp

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:29:37
she better great idea.

Rick Levine 1:29:39
Maybe I should show up and bring my flute

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:29:42
Oh my god. Yes. You are invited to play the flute. Becca will do the heart. That’s so great. Can you do it? Can you be a part of that on the one of those anyways, we’ll talk about Alright, thanks everybody so much for being here. It’s been amazing to spend this time with you. Thank you so much for being a part of Our community thank you as always for making astrology a part of your life we’ll catch you Cosmic Connection same time same place next week and we’ll see you on all the episodes that happen in between now and then take care everybody