[COSMIC CONNECTION] “Turning Point” w/ Rick Levine


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The Ukraine Russia issue, Freedom Convoy and President Biden

In this Monthly Horoscope, Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss your March Forecast 

You’ll learn…

    • About the Astrology behind the Russian Ukraine Dynamics and the Freedom Convoy
    • Why the New Moon of March is a major turning point for the year
    • How the Sun-Jupiter conjunction gives you a preview of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction
    • Early details about the Aries Equinox
    • How Rick manages difficult transits

✨ Time Stamps

0:00 The Cosmic Calendar

0:33 Intro

2:00 End of February Astrology

6:45 The Russia-Ukraine Issue

12:52 Putin’s Birth Chart

25:18 President Biden’s Birth Chart

29:55 President Zelenskyy’s Birth Chart

35:27 March Summary

36:22 New Moon in Pisces

44:52 Mercury in Pisces

46:24 Jupiter and Neptune Cazimi

48:22 Venus, Mars, Saturn and Uranus Dynamics

52:43 Aries Equinox

54:52 New Moon in Aries

56:36 Rick on Venus as a Morning Star

57:46 Canadian Freedom Convoy

1:01:40 How Rick Manages Rough Transits

1:04:05 Closing Thoughts

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Amanda Pua Walsh 2:00
Welcome to the Cosmic Connection. This is your place to explore the beauty and order of the cosmos

Rick Levine 2:06
and your connection to it all.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:08
My name is Amanda Pua Walsh and I’m the founder of astrology head.

Rick Levine 2:11
And I’m Rick Merlin Levine, your cosmic navigator.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:14
Now let’s dive in.

Rick Levine 2:15
Let’s do it.

Amanda Pua Walsh 2:29
Hello, welcome, everybody. It’s so great to be here for the cosmic connection with Rick Levine. And with all of you, thank you so much for tuning in. We are on the brink of March. And so it is now time to look ahead and look at the astrology for the month ahead. I remember very distinctly. Rick, you when you talked about February, you said the entire month was a build up to March, it was a build up to this like March 2 New Moon time, which we’re about to get to so

Rick Levine 3:06
and we are still in that process. And and when you said we are on the brink, maybe that should be the topic for for March, although the topic we discussed was turning point. But there’s also that turning point does feel like we’re we’re on the edge or on the brink of something. And obviously, you know, with the the elephant in the room is the bombing of Ukraine by by Russia. And so that certainly is going to set a tone for whatever it is that comes up next.

Amanda Pua Walsh 3:39
Okay, well, I think that we can just go ahead and dive in. I see our friends are joining us here, which is great. It’s so nice to see you all. And let’s just let’s start with do you want to start from now? Because we’re still in February. Do you want to finish us off for the month?

Rick Levine 3:56
We’ll Yeah, I’d like to finish us off for the month. I’d like to jump right to April, if I might. Can we can we do that?

Amanda Pua Walsh 4:08
Yes. Let’s just do that

Rick Levine 4:10
Oh, my, um, well, you know, here we are recording this on on the 24th. So we have almost a week left to the well, I mean, five days Anyhow, it’s a short month, obviously. But when we look at where the planets are right now, we see in process, the Venus Mars conjunction, which was exact a week ago or so. And remember, oddly enough, Mars has been moving faster than Venus. Normally, Venus is closer into the sun that moves faster. And so the conjunction occurred with Mars overtaking Venus. And so Mars will be the first Have Venus and Mars to reach Pluto followed by Venus. And so right now when we look at the chart for Thursday, February 24, we see that that Pluto is that 27 A little bit more than 27 and a half degrees of Capricorn, with Mars at almost 23 degrees heading toward it with Venus at 22 and a half degrees roughly moving toward it. And so we have Venus now speeding up, and Venus is going to catch up with Mars. So that we have this second Venus Mars conjunction on March 5, just a couple three days after the the Pisces New Moon.

Rick Levine 5:47
So here’s what we have building. We have Venus, Mars and Pluto coming into a triple conjunction. Kapow. And we’ve talked a bit about that. And we’ll talk a bit more about that when we look at the New Moon chart. We have mercury at 11 degrees of Aquarius, heading toward Saturn and 18 degrees of Aquarius. And because mercury is moving so quickly, right now, Mercury makes a lot of aspects. We’re going to feel like March March, I was going to say we’re going to feel like Mars, we’re going to feel like March is noisy compared to the past few months. Because because Mercury, the planet of communication of noises moving rather quickly, but mercury will catch up to Saturn. Also on March 2, the day of the New Moon. And then we have the moon right now moving through Sagittarius. It’ll go through Capricorn on February 25 26th. And it will line up with the planets in Capricorn, the Venus, Mars and Pluto. And then the moon will move into Aquarius and it will line up with mercury and Saturn, and then the moon will move into Pisces. And on March 2, the moon will catch up to the sun. And they will both be very close within striking distance to to Jupiter. In fact, the sun lines up with Jupiter on March 5.

Rick Levine 7:21
And so as quiet as February should have been, and yet building towards this crescendo. It seems like in a true Martian manner. I say Martian because Mars is in the mix right now. conjoining, Venus and just kind of being part of the whole situation. True to Mars being in the mixed, I think this build up to the beginning of March is just coming a bit premature. And so and so even though we’re talking about February still, the stuff that is happening now is kind of energetically March, even though we have another few days left in February. And I think it will take until the New Moon for for us to really understand what’s going on. Even though we can look at the news and see what’s going on. You know, the fact is that as of today, Thursday, February 24. Russia is bombing the heck out of Ukraine. They say they’re bombing military targets specifically. But we know we’ve been on that side of that story too. You know, bombs are bombs that always go and only land where we think they’re supposed to.

Amanda Pua Walsh 8:41
So yes, Rick, is there anything in the astrology that is helping us understand how if we’re at a turning point, and or, and are on the brink of something? Yeah. Is there anything in the astrology that’s helping us understand how long of a time period this is?

Rick Levine 9:05
Yes and no. Um, even though these events seem separate from the events of 2012 to 2015, the Uranus Pluto square, even though these events seem separate from the, from the Saturn conjunct in Pluto, and then the Saturn squaring Uranus 2020 2021 We’re still in that flow of events. And it’s a total shift for for many of us, because our thinking has been so distracted and so aimed at domestic, you know, at least in the United States that domestic affairs and politics and shenanigans and so on. We’ve been so distracted by the pandemic and the cover the news coverage of the pandemic and so on. And so I know sure that this is all out of character, you know, there’s something about this that’s happening as part of that larger process. And on one level, the Saturn Uranus Square, which as we know defined much of 21 is still hanging out, and, and comes back almost almost by this fall by September, October and then election day in the United States November. And so it’s hard to quantify which of these rhythms this energy is coming in on. But I’m expecting that this is not just an overnight event, that we’re looking here at a little bit of a longer hole of a, how do I say this, of a developing strategy that we’re now just seeing come out in the open? And, and we’re gonna have to deal with it in many different ways, whatever that means. And I don’t like everyone else. I mean, I’m an astrologer. But I don’t know what all those ways might might ultimately mean.

Amanda Pua Walsh 11:13
That’s interesting. So even though it it it is appearing somewhat disconnected, it is not actually disconnected. When you look at the astrology it’s, it’s all part of this story that we’ve been living. And it’s probably I mean, it’s obviously been brewing for a lot longer than

Rick Levine 11:31
Well, yes, but I mean, but this, this piece of the story is directly connected to our relationship with Russia, through the Trump presidency, and through the if not encouragement, certainly not encouragement, but no reaction politically to Russia, taking Crimea, which in some ways is very similar to what it’s doing with Ukraine. And it may then just be a domino effect of it not stopping here, either. Because this is not discontinuous, from what Russia has done in like I say, in the Crimea, in Chechnya, in other places. And I’m not in any way trying to pass myself off as a, as an expert in modern politics. I mean, I know as much as other people who read the news, which may be nothing, but that’s where my perspective comes from. But this again, doesn’t seem to be it doesn’t seem to be a disruption in their strategy. It seems to be another step. And, you know, and looking at Putin’s chart, I think Putin is in a place of strength these days, or at least, I think he he feels rather strong, and I know where we’re theoretically talking about the month of March. But you know, the fact of the matter is that as Saturn moves through Aquarius, right now, today, this week, yesterday, today, tomorrow, transiting Saturn right now, is conjoining, transiting Saturn, right now on February 24. Is that 18 degrees and 19 minutes of Aquarius? Well, Vladimir Putin’s north node is that 18 degrees and 37 minutes of Aquarius. So we have Saturn that is actually so close and will actually go exactly over that point in three, four days, actually, right around March 1, which is close enough to the you know, the the big date the big kahuna, which is the new the Pisces New Moon on March 2. So on one hand we have we have transiting Saturn lining up with, with with Putin’s north node, which probably makes him feel like he’s doing this, this is his destiny is destiny is to put, you know, to put Russia back into the power at places that it held when there was the union, the Union of Soviet countries, but now under the banner of Russia. The other thing though, is that is that although Putin is what we call DD dirty data, there’s a couple of conflicting dates or a couple a couple of conflicting times the most

Amanda Pua Walsh 14:49
birth chart we have a couple different times we’re at right? Yeah,

Rick Levine 14:53
right. Right. And and although the one that I think is most often used is October or seventh 1952 at 9:30am in Petrograd, Russia. Now, the things that I’m going to discuss though, are not affected will not be affected by whether he was born at 630 in the morning or at four in the afternoon, it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is that he has four planets in Libra. He is quite a strategic player Libra and somewhat of a diplomat to be contended with. But he has the Sun conjunct Saturn, which makes him also serious conjunct Neptune which makes him able to be rather disarming and deceiving at times. He has the Sun conjunct Saturn conjunct Neptune conjunct Mercury all in, in Air sign Libra and right now Saturn is moving through Aquarius and will retro and has gone over His Sun got over the trine point because his north node is trine his Libra planets. So transiting Saturn is trine in his Libra planets, which often when when we get a transiting trine from Saturn, we often feel like things are flowing in a way that’s working for us. And so that Saturn, transiting Saturn training and sun training his natal Saturn training his Natal, Neptune training his natal Mercury is I think strengthening his position, or at least strengthening his own sense of, of self awareness. His own confidence is I think his confidence level is rather high. Whether it ultimately will have steered him in a right direction or not only history, or current events, will will let us know that will tell that but it is intriguing that this is certainly a very strong Saturnnine period. For him. He’s also coming to a point where Saturn is at the lowest point in his chart, which often is a turning point. Yeah,

Amanda Pua Walsh 17:27
I’m sorry to interrupt you. Is there any chance you could share the chart on the screen?

Rick Levine 17:33
Um, yeah, I think so. Okay, so I don’t want to get lost in this because I mean, and therefore not do the rest of March. However, you can see here that regardless of what time of day he was born, and this is for 9:30am you can see the sun Saturn, Neptune and, and Mercury all clustered for within 10 degrees of Libra.

Amanda Pua Walsh 18:04
So your your cursor is not circling what we’re seeing. I see where Oh, it’s clustered but your your cursor was circling.

Rick Levine 18:14
Yeah, but I I’m not gonna move my cursor, we can see the sun at 13 degrees Libra 55 minutes. Now we can see the sun followed by Saturn by by Neptune and by Mercury with a three degree Scorpio rising. Now we can also see at the very bottom of the chart, the North Node and his north node is very close to the IC to the very bottom of the chart, the the south node is at the top of the chart and also he has Pluto at the top of the chart. So what this means is that Pluto is the is the domineering power. This is the the you know Pluto is THE LORD OF THE HELL realms. And, and with Pluto at the very top of the chart, this is indicative of someone who knows how to work the masses knows how to work the system. And you can see that all the planets in Libra are harmonized or tra sextile rather, his South Node his midheaven and his Pluto. Now I do not have aspects drawn into the North Node. But there would be another blue line that would connect his son Saturn, Neptune and mercury down to the bottom of his chart to where that north node is which is like future destiny.

Rick Levine 19:46
And if we were to put Saturn where Saturn is today in the sky, Saturn is today at 18 degrees of Aquarius lined up with his North Node and also travel or harmonized with his son, Saturn, Neptune and mercury. And so, as I said earlier, I think he’s feeling his oats, he’s feeling his sense of strength, whether this is ultimately a positive or negative thing for him and or for Russia, or for the rest of the country or the Ukraine is not the issue that I’m addressing. I’m just saying that he right now is kind of fulfilling his vision of his own destiny. That’s why he that’s why he can’t be stopped. I mean, boy, that’s why he won’t, that’s why he won’t listen to reason. If that’s, if reason is an issue. He may have his reasons to, you know, we see everything from our own perspective. And I’m not saying there’s ever a reason to, you know, Bob others, but, you know, we have our justifications, and he has his MC

Amanda Pua Walsh 20:57
How long was that? How long is that Saturn right there with his North Node?

Rick Levine 21:02
Oh, well, it Retrogrades back over it and then goes direct again. So it’s through the year. It’s if I put up the chart for now, I don’t think you can see the chart that I just threw up on top of that. But that’s going to tell me I can follow Saturn along pretty quickly here, Saturn right now at 18 Aquarius, and if we follow that along, Saturn reaches, it reaches about 25 of Aquarius, so it reaches the trine to his Neptune and his mercury, then it turns retrograde, and it Retrogrades all the way back to 18. Where it is now it Retrogrades all the way back to his north node. And it does that by October 31. And then it goes direct. And it doesn’t clear is the trines to his planet. Planet until you know more like December of this of this year. So it so the that doesn’t necessarily mean that that this war will continue then till then. But it also doesn’t mean that he will stop here and that he has his eyes set somewhere else and somewhere else. And somewhere else. We don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, you know, political experts don’t know.

Amanda Pua Walsh 22:32
Right? If you were reading anybody’s chart, and you saw Saturn, coming to the north node, and making three passes, and so this is the first pass is what I’m hearing. Yes. You and you would interpret that as a destiny moment.

Rick Levine 22:48
Well, yeah, the North Node is kind of like That’s right. It’s it has something to do with, with the purpose. It’s the it’s the trajectory of the soul. And so there is something here about that. But there’s something else also. And that is when we follow Saturn through the quadrants, quadrant one is houses 1 to 3. And, and and into quadrant two, which is houses four, five and six. Right now put the Saturn in the sky is moving from Putin’s quadrant one at the bottom of his chart into quadrant two. It’s coming around the lowest point in the chart. And often this is a sort of a dark night of the soul. But it’s also the beginning of a long term trajectory. Now, I would contend from an astrological perspective, it’s too early to read what that trajectory is. You know, I remember Richard Nixon’s President Nixon’s chart. When Saturn was at the bottom of his chart, he didn’t have the nodes there. But when Saturn was at the very bottom of his chart, he ran for office as a congressman in Whittier, California, and they were involved in some election fixing then. And 14 years later, when Saturn reached his midheaven. He had to resign from from presidency, the United States. Wow. interests. So we’re talking a long Saturn is long term cycles. But there is something here that is in Putin’s life. There’s a change. It’s almost like as Saturn went through that that first quadrant for the past 678 years. This has been a time when Putin has been laying lower than normal, even though we don’t necessarily see it that way. It’s almost like he’s ready to come out of hiding and to make his mark that may or may not work out well for him. I can’t I don’t have the the ability to judge that.

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:04
Okay, so we’re I know we’re on the March forecast. I hope this is helpful for you all. And obviously the storyline that is affecting March is important for us to look at, especially from an astrological perspective.

Rick Levine 25:17

Amanda Pua Walsh 25:18
Did you want to show us Biden’s chart to see any sort of contrast or any sort of additional clues into the story? That’s,

Rick Levine 25:29
yeah, with Biden, at least we have accurate data. Can you see Biden’s chart now? Is that showing? Okay, so with with Biden’s chart, interestingly enough, like Putin, Biden has a stellium Putin has it in Libra Biden has it in Scorpio, we’re looking here. Someone who wields more power than is shown. I know there’s a lot of people that look at Biden, Sagittarius rising, and kind of want to pass him off as a, as a senile old guy who’s just standing in the spot of presidency. I’m not making that judgment one way or another. I’m just saying there are a lot of people who feel that way.

Rick Levine 26:16
However, when you look at his chart, he’s got this Mars, Mercury, sun and Venus, all in Scorpio, and all tightly trine to Jupiter, which gives him the ability to wield that. Now does that mean he will be successful or powerful here? I again, I don’t I don’t know. I don’t have a clue. I do know how, however, that when we look at Biden’s chart, it doesn’t have the the the the idea that Saturn is building stability in Putin’s chart. At the same time, Saturn moving through Aquarius is basically causing stress because Aquarius is 90 degrees to Scorpio. So as Saturn moves through Aquarius that will be squaring or has been squaring his Mars is mercury is sun and and Venus. And that will be with us for a while. And I think that that that partly describes how Biden’s public perception has been so difficult for him with that Saturn square. And, and so where does that go from him? I don’t know. But that’s the thing that jumps out at me.

Rick Levine 27:50
The other piece though, is that as Uranus is moving through Taurus Biden is getting some of that also he has an early Taurus Moon. And that for him would have would have been striking back about three years, three or four years ago. But now with Uranus. Uranus right now in the sky is at 15 degrees of Taurus, which means that Uranus has been going back and forth over his Mars and will eventually go over the opposition to his planets. So just have a quick and dirty look at the two of them. And again, by although Putin might be Russia, there’s a lot of Russia that is not Putin. And and Biden certainly isn’t the United States. But the leaders charts often are reflective of something. And we can just see at this moment in time, that Putin’s chart is a lot more stabilized and steady than Biden’s chart which may or may not mean anything.

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:05
Hmm, wow. Okay, Don is saying why not check President Zelenskyy Do we have the ability to

Rick Levine 29:12
um, I don’t have that data right in front of me I do have the data but let me just see here. I might be able to grab that real quickly. And

Amanda Pua Walsh 29:25
teal teal wants to know where Eris is, and the charts. I don’t know if you

Rick Levine 29:34
Yep, hold on

Rick Levine 29:41
Yeah, I do have I do have Zelenskyy chart. And it looks like

Rick Levine 29:55
yeah, here here is here is the Zelenskyy his chart. This is his zero degree rising because we do not have a time this is just run for noon and Kiev Ukraine. But he is an Aquarius, which means that Saturn has already come across his son. And when Saturn comes across the sun, that’s often a kind of a you get what you deserve. My guess that would have been partly or around the time of the infamous phone call. And and Zelenskyy being pulled onto the world stage. At that moment, I say the phone call the Trump Zelenskyy phone call. You know, that was the you know, basis of impeachment number one. But looking at his chart, he’s got Mercury in Capricorn. All the Capricorn planets are past that. He does have Saturn Oh, okay. So so he is actually coming up to a Saturn opposition. You know, he’s a young guy, and he was born in 1978.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:16
That’s the year I was born.

Rick Levine 31:17
Yeah. And well, you’re a young gal.

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:21
Oh, we’re days apart six days apart.

Rick Levine 31:24
Yep. Yep. How would you like to run this country for a while?

Amanda Pua Walsh 31:28
No, thank you.

Rick Levine 31:29
Um, but but but but the fact is that Saturn has in the sky been opposite his moon. And so that, well, we don’t know the exact degree but we know that the moon is in Leo, you know, six degrees or so plus or minus. So the moon is somewhere between 10 degrees and 22 degrees of Leo, which is where Saturn in the sky has been and is. So that often is a feeling like home is not home. It’s a it’s certainly highly stressful. And yeah, I mean, you look at this chart, it’s almost like there was more stress on this chart. You know, a couple of years ago then now, but that Saturn opposing the moon and Saturn coming up to opposing Saturn certainly is there.

Amanda Pua Walsh 32:26
When Pluto be kind of coming in or two,

Rick Levine 32:29
will Pluto remember Pluto is already past its its Pluto is past his mercury, because Pluto is at 27. And it won’t be until about 2027 2020 2027 when Pluto reaches five degrees of Aquarius, ah, so he’s in between those, although Mars is right there at the zero degree point. So the Transiting Pluto will oppose his natal Mars as it goes into Aquarius, which is beginning next year and the year after. But I don’t see quite I don’t see the level. I mean, again, the danger of this is I’ve not spent time really sitting with this chart. I’m just looking at it and shooting from the hip, which I’m pretty good at. But I don’t see the level of intensity in his chart as much right now, which is not what we would expect. But again, it would it says is that the lens to me? It says that Zelenskyy isn’t the Ukraine, you know that, that it’s not like he’s having fun, Saturn opposing the moon sucks. I mean, it often feels like we’re estranged, or like, we don’t have room to breathe or be ourselves. Something’s got to change it often is very, very emotionally restrictive. But you know, if you put these three charts together, and I’m not doing synastry, or comparison here, but if you put these three charts in a row, Trump is the one who has the chart that has the most support from the cosmos right now.

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:10
You mean Putin?

Rick Levine 34:12
I’m sorry, what did I say?

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:15
Yeah, you met Putin.

Rick Levine 34:17
I met Putin that if you put Zelenskyy ease, Putin’s and Biden’s charts in a row, that I I would stand by my perception that Putin’s chart is the one that’s being supported right now. cosmically more than the others.

Amanda Pua Walsh 34:37
Wow. And you would you also say that Biden’s looks the most stressed.

Rick Levine 34:43
Well, Biden’s looks the most stress, but we have to be careful here. Because remember, astrologically the most stress chart is the one that actually can swing into action and do the most just because a chart is smooth. That makes us overconfident and lazy. Sometimes I mean, we just I mean, which makes me say, I don’t know, this is not about predicting an outcome. Right? It’s just looking at this from an astrological point of view, which is something that I do. It’s that we do.

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:13
Yes. Yeah. All right. So Rick, thank you for this. This has been a little bit of a detour, but not really.

Rick Levine 35:20
Alright, so I’m going if I can figure out how to do this, I’m going to stop screen share

Amanda Pua Walsh 35:27
you already have. Yes. Perfect. All right. All right. So let’s bring it back to March, you started talking, you said March is noisy compared to the last few months, that this is a turning point. And or on the brink, like one of those things turning point,

Rick Levine 35:43
right. And I really think that the statement for March, although we can drill down, you know, planet by planet, and day by day, I think that the real statement for the month occurs at the chart at the Full Moon. And the end, the Full Moon chart is on March second. And then the time is on hold on one second.

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:15
You mean New Moon?

Rick Levine 36:17
Yes, I do. Thank you for keeping me straight and on track here. So all right. Well, we haven’t

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:22
talked about the Full Moon. So the but you’re still talking about the New Moon. That’s that’s the biggest astrological moment of the month?

Rick Levine 36:30
I believe. So and that is at 9:34am Pacific time. So that’s, that’s 12:34 Eastern time. And, and what 7:34 Hawaiian time, Am I close?

Amanda Pua Walsh 36:46
Yeah. On the second I’m on

Rick Levine 36:49
March 2. And and that occurs at 12 degrees of Pisces. And, and here’s the thing that makes this chart extraordinary. First of all, the, the New Moon is coming into a conjunction with with with Jupiter, which means that within a couple of hours actually within within three and a half, four hours after the New Moon, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter. I’ll come back and say what why that’s important or what that means. But what that also means is that by March 5, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter. Now, here’s the way the individual planets break down but then I’m going to describe this from a different point of view. On March 2 Mercury conjunct Saturn that’s an Aquarius Mercury conjunct Saturn on March 3, Mars conjunct Pluto and a few hours later, Venus conjunct Pluto on March 5, the Sun conjunct Jupiter which is what we just said before. And on March 5, Mars moves into Aquarius and venus moves into Aquarius. And on March 5, as these planets are moving into Aquarius, they, they can join for their second time.

Rick Levine 38:25
Now let me break this down. This is such an extraordinary string of events. As we know looking backward. Saturn lined up with Pluto back in January of 2020 kicking off this whole, you know, the longest month of March ever, you know, but that was that was in January of 2020 20 When, when the virus COVID was announced. And all of a sudden everyone began going into panic. By February by March we’re pretty much closed down. Saturn lining up with Pluto. Well, in the interim, Jupiter lined up with Pluto three times, which in fact were the waves of the success of waves, one two and three of the epidemic pandemic. But of course other planets have come across Pluto in that period of time to the moon does it once a month. The sun has done it once a year. And the sun did it for its third time just last month as the sun went across Pluto. But also back in December, Venus lined up with Pluto and then it turned retrograde lined up with Pluto a second time and on March 2 Pluto lines Venus lines up with Pluto the third and final time. Venus Pluto conjunction three times like that on the retrograde is highly unusual, it’s been at least a couple of 100 years since that has happened.

Rick Levine 40:07
Then we add to the fact that in the midst of that Venus, going over Pluto retrograding back over and going over it again, we had mercury doing the same thing. Now Mercury is off on into Aquarius. But on March 2, the day of the New Moon, we have Mars now in the mix, because it’s been traveling together with Venus, as it first went faster. And now Venus is going to catch up to it again on March 5. And so we have a Venus Mars conjunction conjunct Pluto on this New Moon. And after that there are no inner planets or no planets that are going to conjunct Pluto for a long time, the the fastest moving ones, we’ll do it again next year. But the Jupiter won’t do it again for 13-12 years. Mars won’t do it again for a couple of years, Venus and Mercury won’t do a 1 to 3 like that, again, for who knows how long. And so I think that this is separate from the New Moon. This is a turning point. Because in some ways this is this is the stop sign at the intersection that we’re going through. And as we hit that stop sign, we got to decide which are we going right left or straight ahead, so to speak.

Rick Levine 41:31
And so I think that the Venus Mars Pluto conjunction is more than just a conjunction. It’s not a nice conjunction. You know, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means that when it’s not in its home signs of Aries or Scorpio, it likes being in Capricorn, more than being anywhere else. Because it gets to finish what it starts. Venus lined up with Mars may sweeten it and soften it. But I think Mars here is running the show. The thing is, is that this Venus Mars conjunct Pluto is not just two planets conjunct in Pluto, it’s really the finality of what began back when Saturn conjunct Pluto. So it’s definitely marking a turning point. Now we add to that, to that the fact that mercury is joining conjunct conjunct in Saturn during this New Moon. And here is a logic runs into walls and we have to somehow open our thinking. Or, in fact, it could be someone who is so certain that they stick to what they have I think of mercury Saturn together as saying more with fewer words. But it’s I think there’s something here about about the reality of communication. It’s like a reality check in some ways,

Amanda Pua Walsh 43:00
march 2.

Rick Levine 43:02
And then the third thing, of course, is that the New Moon the sun and moon can join as they are both coming into conjoined Jupiter, the moon just a few hours after and the sun on March 5. And this is all this magnifies things were already in the zone. It’s making things it’s making things you know, big, mythically proportioned. And I think that that’s significant. And I also think that then it’s significant on the fifth, that the Venus Mars conjunction occur just within 24 hours, I mean, actually within less than that within, within within a couple of hours within an hour of both Venus and Mars moving from, from Capricorn into Aquarius, and then they conjoin and it’s just another new territory, new game, new place. It’s like, again, a turning point, which is why I think this event is so important.

Amanda Pua Walsh 44:16
Okay, so that takes us through the this big, like, coagulation of energy happening around this time period in the beginning of the month. What happens after that? Well,

Rick Levine 44:33
there’s still a lot going on, as I said earlier, both Venus and Mercury are moving rather quickly now actually actually is as as Mars. And so it will feel like there’s more going on it’s noisier than than the past few months.

Rick Levine 44:52
But the next piece that we would want to mention is on March 9, Mercury moves into Pisces Mercury which has moved through Aquarius is moving very quickly now it moves into Pisces. And in fact, by March 27, it will be moving into Aries Mercury’s flying now. And remember, it is what it moves fast the way in Messenger, so So Mercury is doing its thing, but as it moves through seas, as Mercury moves through Pisces, it’s going to make aspects to several planets, including joining up with lining up with Jupiter and lining up with Neptune. And remember, Jupiter and Neptune are inching closer and closer together, it doesn’t occur in March, but in mid April, Jupiter catches up with Neptune. And this will be a very formalizing, or let me just say, an important period of time for all of 2022. But when Mercury moves across those two planets, across Jupiter on the 20th, and then across Neptune on the 23rd before it moves into Aries on the 27th this is going to give us clues around that Jupiter conjunction to to Neptune that occurs next month.

Rick Levine 46:24
The the the other thing, I mean, there’s a number of other things that occur through the month, just touching on a few of the important things is that the sun now moving through Pisces, we already talked about how on March 5, it lines up with Jupiter kind of making everything bigger, better, more, whoops more, too much. It increases the the amplitude, the noise level everywhere, but that but but the sun also then catches up with with Neptune. And the sun’s conjunction with Neptune is on March 13. And that’s just then before the Full Moon which we’ll get to in just a moment. But we can see here, the sun going over Jupiter and then over Neptune. It’s almost like we’re getting this, this increase of that Jupiter energy in a way as as large as it can be. And by by let me just get the date here by March. There it is by March 18. The moon is actually in Pisces, I’m sorry the moon is in Virgo opposing the sun in Pisces, but also by sign opposing Mercury, Jupiter Neptune and the sun in Pisces. And so here we have the gut level the moon wanting to respond with very specific detailed information. And yet we’re It feels like we’re being what’s the right word, broadcast wide cast, it feels like it as opposed to narrow casting all that energy and Pisces.

Rick Levine 48:22
Everything is just it’s like it might feel like it’s too much. And, and during that same period of time. Incidentally, we have both Venus and excuse me both Venus and Mars, which remember had been traveling together. Now Venus is moving a bit faster. And so Venus actually separates itself from Mars. But both Venus and Mars form squares with Uranus. And in fact, they form conjunctions with Saturn afterwards. And so again, as Venus and Mars come through Aquarius, we’re getting another replay of the conservative versus the progressive, the old versus the new. The you know, that whole thing that we’ve been just talking about ad nauseum. But But both Venus and Mars square Uranus, Venus on March 19 and Mars on March 22.

Rick Levine 49:35
And they both conjunct Saturn, Venus on March 28. And Mars doesn’t conjunct Saturn intil in until the next month until April and it does that around April 5, April 4 Fifth, write it right in there. So these are all powerful aspects and in Some ways these are leading up to the Full Moon on March 18, which we’ve already just barely touched on. But this this new this Full Moon in Virgo is interesting because the moon itself brings in brings in both Pluto brings and Pluto strongly by trine. Let me just get a look here at it. Yeah, here we go. So, um so the Full Moon in Virgo is trying Pluto in Capricorn. And this I think gives us some, some, it gives us a real sense of where we’re going. It deepens issues. But that Full Moon in Virgo is also part of a configuration that has it sesquisquare. That’s an aspect of anxiousness is like a square it’s conflict. But the moon sesquisquares, Mars and Venus on one side, and squares Uranus on the other. And as I just said earlier, that Venus and Mars are coming into square Uranus on March 19, and 22nd. And here we have another round of unpredictable stuff. Things are not settled things will not be settled yet. You know, I don’t know exactly. Again what that means. But but the energy here is disruptive. It’s almost like we get another layer of something happening. That is, if not unexpected, it feels shocking, anyhow.

Amanda Pua Walsh 51:57
So Rick, this is that cadence that you talked about for 2022. That’s similar but different than mine, right? Because we had Saturn, Uranus, all of 2021 the Saturn specie habit first and then Uranus and this year we have Uranus, Saturn,

Rick Levine 52:15
right, which means that that, in effect, the invasion happens, and then we figure out what what we do rather than figuring out what we do then the invasion. I’m using that as an example. It may not be the best example. But what you’re saying is exactly exactly correct.

Amanda Pua Walsh 52:32
Right. So it’s a Uranus upheaval happens. And then the way that you talked about it before is then it’s like then the energy can ground. Or then reality hits, I don’t know, where reality

Rick Levine 52:43
hits right either either. And by the way, then, what happens is that on on March 20, the sun moves from Pisces into Aries. And again, talking about turning points. I mean, this is the beginning of a whole new astrological year, not just a season, this is the starting point, we start all over again. And so there’s, again, march again and again and again, seems to bring us to a brink or to an edge, and then there’s a turning point. And when the astrological new year starts, that happens again. And now during this period of time Mercury moving through Pisces, you know if Mercury is logical, Mercury in pisces is a nightmare because Pisces is not logical. Mercury and Pisces wants to sing songs rather than write technical manuals.

Rick Levine 53:53
But on March 20, the first day of spring, Mercury lines up with Jupiter, then again, these are bigger, better, newer ideas that are very grandiose that may or may not be related to anything practical. And then the mercury will actually then catch up to Neptune on the 23rd. And so again, here we get a few days that are like foreshadowing what April may show when Jupiter reaches when Jupiter and Neptune align, because mercury aligns first with Jupiter on the 20th and then with Neptune on the 23rd By the way, then on the 27th Mercury moves out of Pisces into Aries. Again, kind of reaffirming the turning point we’re in new territory something new is happening.

Rick Levine 54:52
And by March 28 Venus which had already squared Uranus is now is now conjoining Saturn. So this is now the other shoe dropping. And then we end the month, or some people we would say some people might say we begin April. But if we’re just looking at where I live and where you live, we end the month with another New Moon. That is actually Seattle time 11:24pm on March 31. But of course that means that if you live in New York that is occurring at 2:30am on April 1. But that New Moon is actually a New Moon in Aries. And again, I think it’s a very interesting New Moon because here everything is very focused. It’s like all of a sudden, we have a huge amount of focus the the Venus Mars conjunction has widened, but they’re now playing with Saturn rather than, than Uranus. And so there’s a steadiness coming into it. There’s a frustration because Mars is coming toward Saturn. This is again the last moment of March 31, or the beginning of April 1. But we have now mercury, sun, moon, and Chiron, all in Aries. And, and I think that this is like a whole idea of like, we’re moving somewhere new.

Amanda Pua Walsh 56:36
Wow. Lots of evidence of the turning points. I see why you’re going with that for the theme. Yeah. Right. Can I ask you a question about the Venus Mars in the beginning, you said, the Venus Mars conjunct Pluto. Some people would interpret that saying, well, the Venus might soften that Mars and Capricorn. Exactly. But would you also say that because Venus is a morning star right now? She’s actually in more of the warrior, like energy of Venus anyways,

Rick Levine 57:12
maybe? I wouldn’t disagree with someone saying that. I wouldn’t say that. But But I wouldn’t disagree with it. What I would say, which gets to the same conclusion is that Mars is exalted, and therefore Mars is going to clobber over things, though, it’ll be more about assertion, and, you know, and the trappings of aggression or war than peace.

Amanda Pua Walsh 57:42
Okay, any thing for that? There’s a few Canadians in the chat. And I know that there’s been a lot going on in Canada, is it? I mean, is there anything for Canada, we can look at specifically, like we just did for the US and for Russia?

Rick Levine 58:00
Well, I think all of the issues, I think the issues are all the same issues, you know, I mean, it meaning that it’s still an issue of personal freedom versus, versus government control, Uranus versus Saturn, it’s still, you know, in some ways, conservative versus progressive, restraint versus Express expression, versus restraint, old versus new. And again, as I’ve said, now, for over a year, the sides on these actually flip, we have to be careful thinking that we know which is Saturn, which is Uranus, because Uranus turns into Saturn, and Saturn turns into Uranus in these things. But still, there’s the same energy that is at play. And this is the energy I think that is coming to a highlight or an expression. Now, all the things that we talked about, about the New Moon thinking about, you know, Putin, all those same things can be looked at from a standpoint of a January 6. Insurrection, investigation. They can all be looked at from the standpoint of a you know, COVID and, and information suppression around vaccination research that apparently is now coming out that many people thought they knew about, but it’s coming out. Again, we’re seeing secrets come out. In Canada, it’s the same thing. We have to be careful about pigeonholing which side someone is on by what particular action they take, because we want to then quickly lump them with all these other things that may or may not be part of what their personal ideology or philosophy is. That’s the danger that I mean, I keep coming back to that. It’s so easy to do that. It’s like oh my god, you were or you believe Well, therefore, you must look there’s no, not me. I’m just here to say, you know, and I think we’re seeing that in Canada. At least that’s one of the little pieces of what we’re seeing. You know, again, it makes it difficult because people get stirred up and involved with other people who have other issues. And it complicates whatever the issue is. That was the original original intent of that expression, protest, you know, March, whatever.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:00:33
We also have the trucker convoy starting in the United States, and ending in Washington DC around this same New Moon time, which is a little concerning on all levels as well. I mean, yeah, so a lot, a lot, definitely brewing and coming to a boiling point. And it sounds like this boiling point, although it’s part of the larger context of what we’ve been living since 2020. If not 2012, then it’s but it’s a new, it’s almost like a new chapter in it. It’s definitely a point in a different level of the story. Yeah, we’re all experiencing. Yep. And it does, it sounds like all of March is relatively intense, there isn’t really much.

Rick Levine 1:01:22
Unlike February, where we had even though there was intensity brewing, we kind of had periods of time where there was just not a lot going on. Right. Astrologically.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
Right. And that doesn’t seem to be the case in March at all. Yeah. Okay.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:01:40
How are you? You know, when you when you froze? For a moment, we started talking about how people are working with this, all this personally, how, what are what are the things that they’re doing? Some people are saying they feel hopeless, or helpless. And so I’m just wondering, what you personally like your your perspective, personally, and how you handled this, these this intensity, especially knowing the astrology, I mean, in some ways, the astrology is helpful. And in some ways, it also helps us understand the gravity of what’s happening. I think the Pluto return for the United States is is and I know we have some debate about whether or not it’s right now. Sure. Seems like right now, but I know that’s we’re debating that. But you know, I think it’s very clear to everybody this is this is we’re living in big times, and there’s

Rick Levine 1:02:32
a lot like, like everyone else, like everyone else. I think I’m too weary to overreact. Hmm. You know, there’s just this sense of like, okay, enough’s enough, you know, but I don’t think it’s gonna be again, people always ask me, when’s it over? When’s it over? You know, I don’t see it being over, we’ve entered into a new dynamic, a new relationship. It’s how do we learn to live with it? How do we find ways to relax, whether it’s walking in nature, you know, I took a good several mile walk yesterday, on the beach, you know, by the ocean, that’s, you know, I don’t have that luxury, I can walk along the river by my house, which I do. But not everyone has the luxury of getting outside. And of course, if you live in the Ukraine, you’re probably with your pets and your kids bundled up in the subway somewhere, you know, hoping a bomb doesn’t drop on you. So it’s, it’s very different. And for different people in different areas. You know, I think that we do what we can to get by, we do what we can to stay healthy. And we do what we can do. Stay aware. Which means even if we’re weary, not unplugging, saying, No, it’s not my issue. It’s politics. I don’t care. Well, you know, the not caring and not wanting to stay plugged in will be the demise of all of us.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:01
Okay, breathe everybody. This has been a big one.

Rick Levine 1:04:05
And two things before we bail, which I need to. One is, I think, unless you already did this, I want to let people know that we have a whole new wave of chart reading extravaganza coming up not till May, but just kind of planting the seed for people to, you know, put in the back of their minds, that we’re going to be doing another round of online real chart interpretation. This one will have a couple of different twists to it, including the fact that we’re really going to be focusing on timing issues and how to unfold charts in time and how to work on that whole thing of understanding. You know, okay, here’s my chart. But what does that mean this year as opposed to last year?

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:50
Yes. So that’s coming March 3. Thank you.

Rick Levine 1:04:53
No, no, that’s that’s the

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:04:56
third. Oh my god. Sorry.

Rick Levine 1:04:57
That’s the New Moon. That’s March 2.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:05:00
But it’s coming in May, right May and we don’t have a waitlist open. We don’t have registration open but letting people know. Yeah, let just just letting you know. It’s also so the first chart reading extravaganza was really focused on the birth chart. And like you said, this one’s going to be more on transits and timing and progressions and things like that. If you haven’t taken astrology Foundation’s yet, this would be a great time to do that. So you can go to astrologyhub.com/foundations, and check that course out. That’s with Rick, it’s that that’s the level one, there’s also a level two, and then you’ll be ready for the chart reading extravaganza in May, if you decide to join us for that you don’t have to take the foundation’s with Rick, but it is really an amazing course and a great a great way to understand the way that he is interpreting charts, so you’ll be able to follow on along.

Rick Levine 1:05:52
And the second thing if you haven’t already done this, and you want to get my Daily Planet Pulse, Instagram or Facebook. Facebook is facebook.com/ricklevineastrologer, Instagram is Rick Levine astrologer and it’s a daily little blurb, not by sign but just kind of energetics for what’s going on day by day. And there’s so much happening these days.

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:06:17
It’s so good. I love and he did I love your cosmic quickies to this little like impromptu videos that he does. They’re so great. Okay, and then the third thing is that Rick? Christopher Renstrom, cosmic calendar course starts next week. So if you haven’t checked that out, please go to astrology hub comm slash cosmic calendar. And enrollment is open right now. And we’d love to have you in class that’s actually taking your chart and using the moving sky to plan your life in a very practical, tangible way. So, and Christopher brings in the history and all the amazing things

Rick Levine 1:06:58
that I love. I love Christopher’s work. I mean, is

Amanda Pua Walsh 1:07:02
it possible to not love Christopher? He’s just, he’s so delightful. So yes, check that out. astrology.com/cosmic calendar and just huge astrology hugs to all of you. And Orly coined that term. And I love it so much. And that’s what astrology does. So much of the time is just like, Okay, here’s what’s happening. And, you know, we all have choices for how we want to work with the energies as they come. And, and in some ways, it’s just, we’re in it. I mean, we’re in this, this cosmic soup together. So thank you, everybody, for being here. Rick, thank you for that incredible download that you just gave us and going through the charts and everything that really, that was really helpful to help us understand what’s going on. And thanks to all of you for being interested, and for caring and for making astrology a part of your life. We’re so happy that you’re part of this community. And we will catch you on the next episode. Take care, everybody.

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