Mercury Retrograde in Taurus w/ Astrologer Jamie Magee

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What does the Mercury Retrograde mean for you?

In this Weekly Horoscope by the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Jamie Magee reviews your Weekly Astrology Themes by Zodiac Sign.

Star Sign Horoscopes is a weekly podcast for astrology enthusiasts looking to stay up-to-date with the latest celestial events. Hosted by experienced astrologer Jamie Magee, the show provides insights into the astrological events of the week and how they may impact your life. In each episode, Jamie offers guidance on how to navigate the cosmic energies, highlighting important planetary alignments and sharing practical tips on how to make the most of them.

This week is all about taking a step back and reviewing the communication and plans you have made since the beginning of April. Mercury’s retrograde will support this theme and give you the opportunity to reflect on what has been working and what needs to change. It is important to slow down and take your time during this process, as hidden gifts can often be found within the reviews and changes that are made.

The sun’s meeting with the north node will provide clarity on why these changes are necessary. Sometimes, we must go back to move forward. This week, the Mars sextile mercury and the sun sextile Saturn will bring up ideas and suggestions about the past, present, and future. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t, and make changes accordingly to set yourself up for success in the future.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 Which area(s) of your life will be most influenced by Mercury retrograde.
🌒 How to move forward from the powerful impacts of last week’s solar eclipse.
🌓 What period of time to look back on as you enter into reflection and review.

Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro

1:55 Taurus – Reviewing All Communication

3:01 Gemini – Leaning Into Supportive Actions

3:55 Cancer – Asking Hard Questions

4:44 Leo – Remaining Flexible

5:43 Virgo – Going Through a Review Process

6:58 Libra – Taking a Step Back

7:59 Scorpio – Putting Boundaries in Place

8:58 Sagittarius – Knowing Your Priorities

10:03 Capricorn – Double-Checking Your Steps

11:12 Aquarius – Being Open to Chance

12:14 Pisces – Taking Your Time

13:28 Aries – Focusing on Your Dreams

14:43 Closing

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[00:00:00] Hi there, astrology lovers. Welcome to Star Sign Horoscopes. I’m your astrologer, Jamie McGee, and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the astrology for April 21st through April 27th. Thank you so much for tuning in. I do hope you’re having a good day.


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[00:01:05] All right, so this week you will have some time to soak in any eclipse stories that may have surfaced for you last week.

[00:01:11] And as you do, you may find that there is a need for clear revision in your life. Now, mercury moving into retrograde will support this theme. Communication and plans made from the beginning of April, around the seventh until now, are all up for review. Definitely take your time. Slow down when you can.

[00:01:28] There is always a gift hidden inside of the reviews and change plans. You just have to look for it. Now, the sun meeting up with the north node will light up reasons why you need to make these changes, because often we must go back before we can go forward. Also, this week, the Mar Mars will sextile mercury and the sun will sextile Saturn.

[00:01:47] Both of these energies will stir up ideas or suggestions about the past, the present, and the future. All right, with that being said, let’s get.

Taurus- Reviewing All Communication


[00:02:01] hi TAUs.

[00:02:01] Let’s take a look at your week now. TAUs, your top three focuses are gonna be one self-expression, two pause and review, and three social graces. Now let’s talk about why now. As you move into the second week of your birthday season, you may feel the urge to pause and double check your path, or perhaps.

[00:02:18] Circumstance will demand that you do so. Mercury is going to ask you to review all the communication and actions that have taken since the beginning of April. There is likely a lesson or a detail that has a lot of potential that’s just waiting for you. Definitely give yourself some space to be flexible over the coming weeks and keep in mind.

[00:02:35] That no plans are solid with the current cosmic guide that we have, and the more open that you are to adjusting, the more successful you will be. There is also a possibility of fresh, new ideas or perhaps someone close to you will offer a new perspective that you haven’t considered yet. I just cannot stress enough that seeking solutions and being willing to lead into change is the key to making this week magical for you.

[00:02:57] I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next.

Gemini- Leaning into Supportive Actions


[00:03:07] Hi, Gemini. Let’s take a look at your week now. Gemini, your top three focuses are gonna be one, private matters, two, mind and body, and three reputation. Now let’s talk about why now. Over the coming weeks, you may find that adjustments are needed in your private life, possibly around your mind and body balance.

[00:03:22] You may also be trying to tie up any loosens on a really private matter. Something, maybe even on the subconscious level now, as you work with this energy, lean into the actions that support your overall health and your wealth. Ideas about how to do this can emerge in subtle ways, are possibly from someone that you trust that has gone through what you’re experiencing now.

[00:03:42] Give yourself space to change your mind and be open to letting go of anything that’s preventing that really soul de harmony. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Cancer- Asking Hard Questions


[00:03:58] Hi, cancer. Let’s take a look at your week now. Cancer. Your top three focuses are gonna be one social circles, two expansive ideas, and three, courage.

[00:04:06] Now let’s talk about why the focus on your dreams and allies has been intense lately. A lot of choices have been made about your social circles are perhaps a dream that you carry. Now, across the next few weeks, you will find yourself in a state of review. It may be that the ideas and connections are not as solid as you thought they were, or perhaps steps that you need to take to ensure that you are on the right.

[00:04:27] Need a little T l C. Take some time to consider where you are and truly want to go from here and what structure our mastery is needed to reach that point. Ask the hard questions to yourself and others and you will find the answers that you are seeking. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next . Time.

Leo- Remaining Flexible


[00:04:50] Hi, Leo. Let’s take a look at your week now. Leo, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your career, two, transformation, and three, health and wealth. Now let’s talk about why the busy shifting energy in your life has made it hard to find a really comfortable, . Steady flow. Now, Mercury’s message for you as he moves into a retrograde is to take a deep breath and slow down.

[00:05:11] Though you cannot prevent needed changes, you can ensure that the details are in place or that a healthy closure and or first impression. Are well supported. Make it a point to be flexible with yourself and others when it comes to change plans and revisions each time this occurs. Pause, breathe and consider that moment where is the universe trying to guide your attention.

[00:05:33] Walking with this curiosity lead you to golden nuggets of insight and help you master lessons that will really support your path. I do hope you have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Virgo- Going Through a Reviewal Process


[00:05:49] . Hi, Virgo. Let’s take a look at your week now. Virgo, your top three focuses are gonna be one new directions, two, sharing wisdom, and three your partnerships.

[00:05:57] Now let’s talk about why feeling the desire to share or explore has become a familiar yearning for you. One that you fear one moment and are really eager to reach the next. It’s all part of the. I promise this week you will begin a journey overview, and though it can feel like two steps back and one step forward, the review will fortify your ambitions.

[00:06:19] Be open to anything that asks you to reconsider or rework and lean into the flexibility or flexibility when it comes to. Planning in the short term or even the long term at times being taking off course will land you on a clear direct path. Communication could feel confusing at times, but there are golden ideas coming up from those who are really close to you, like that inner circle.

[00:06:40] People that you speak to every day. You also could perhaps maybe learn from their mistakes, watch their actions, and therefore reshape how you are approaching a plan that you have. The possibilities are really. Keep your eye on the horizon and you will be there before you know it. I do hope you have a great week.

[00:06:57] I look forward to seeing you next.

Libra- Taking a Step Back


[00:07:04] Hi, Libra. Let’s take a look at your week now, Libra, your top three focuses are gonna be one, transformation, two, legacy, and three, your work and your health. Now, let’s talk about why you are still in the thick of it when it comes to personal growth and transformation. On one hand, you feel clear, and on the other you may find yourself looking back at some recent choices.

[00:07:23] Now glancing back is wise, especially if these recent actions are untangled around shared resources, money or loans. It’s always good to take your time with financial commitments. Now, mercury moving into retrograde is gonna emphasize this need or this point. See the redos as a gift. Your work or health may inspire some of these revisions as well.

[00:07:44] Now the question is, are you in balance when it comes to these topics? What do you need to support you in these areas? Sitting with this question and finding that answer should play into every renegotiation that you have as over the coming weeks. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next.

Scorpio- Putting Boundaries in Place


[00:08:05] Hi, Scorpio. Let’s take a look into your week now. Scorpio, your top three focuses are gonna be one, partnerships, two communication, and three passions. Now let’s talk about why making new connections and finding a way to express your voice, even if it’s outside of your comfort zone, has been a longstanding focus for you.

[00:08:22] Now this week, you may find yourself looking back at what you’ve accomplished and with who over the next few weeks, how you communicate may need a little bit of refinement in this process of looking back to move ahead with your connections, your goal is to scale, to put healthy systems and boundaries in place so that these relationships have space to flourish.

[00:08:43] Suggestions about how to make this happen could come from those who are really close to your heart, and of course by learning from your past. Take your time with this energy, listen to hear and not to respond, and you will do well. I do hope you have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Sagittarius- Knowing Your Priorities


[00:09:04] Sagittarius, let’s take a look at your week now. Sagittarius, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your work, two health, and three your foundations. Now let’s talk about why daily routines that support your work and health have felt really amplified recently. Growing wealth and resources is always a good idea.

[00:09:22] However, you also want to be mindful of the cost of this growth, supporting your health, and ensuring what you value. Above all else should be on top of your priority list. And sometimes those values are not money. They’re people, places, and things, and what you really believe in now as Mercury moves into retrograde.

[00:09:41] Think about these topics. You should clearly see what needs to be adjusted so that the growth that you are experiencing now has the chance to have a lasting impact. Inspiration and or suggestions on how to do this could come from those that have already walked before you. So can the spoken and unspoken messages, and you will find your way.

[00:10:00] I do hope you have a good week. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Capricorn- Double-Checking Your Steps


[00:10:09] Hi, Capricorn. Let’s take a look at your week now, Capricorn, your top three focuses are gonna be one, your passions, two, love, and three, your voice. Now let’s talk about why the universe is focused on the part of your life that represents unconditional love.

[00:10:22] Now, this could be children. Lovers, creativity, anything and everything that brings you joy and exists because you exist now. You have felt motivated to make changes in this area of your life for a really long time, and though you finally feel like you’re gaining traction, there is a clear invitation to pause and double check your recent steps.

[00:10:43] Changes in plans are seeing a different side of the story completely is definitely likely. Your best course of action with this energy is to be. And not reactive. What you hear from others is only part of the whole story. The more observant you are , the clearer you will become on what you need to do.

[00:11:01] So remember, those pauses are gonna be a gift, especially if you like soak in the pause and a reflection will be a gift to your future self. I do hope you have a great week. I look forward to seeing you next.

Aquarius- Being Open to Change


[00:11:18] Aquarius. Let’s take a look at your week now, Aquarius. Your top three focuses are gonna be one route, two family, and three wealth.

[00:11:25] And let’s talk about why what you do at a foundational level of your life automatically impacts everything. Now, recently, you have been dialing into this simple, yet effective principle, and in doing so, you have likely hit a curve in the road that is now asking you to make an adjustment. And the question is, is your time and energy well balanced?

[00:11:43] Are you spending time with those that you really care about or more time alone in reflecting in truth? Both are needed and powerful when balanced with other responsibilities. Be open to changes and suggestions that are inspired by these values that you carry. Now, remember, a growing health and wealth.

[00:12:00] All starts at the root of your life. These suggestions and revisions, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, are really gonna make a big impact and be a gift to you. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next time.

Pisces- Taking Your Time


[00:12:20] Hi, Pisces. Let’s take a look at your week now, Pisces, your top three focuses are gonna be one, local vibes, two communication, and three self-expression.

[00:12:28] Now let’s talk about why at times you may feel as if your cup is just overflowing. It cannot get any fuller. Now your days are busy and rarely boring, even though there is a fixed routine that you tend to lean into. However, as Mercury moves into retrograde, your rhythm may be thrown a curve ball. The message with these retrogrades is always to slow down, to be in the moment and not thinking three steps ahead are backward.

[00:12:54] Take your time with everything in the next couple weeks. Like really. Take a deep breath. There’s no reason to rush. Let your emails, your text messages, comments back or how you respond. Really sit for a while before you send it off. Reread, re-listen to everything that is said or that you want to say, definitely be open to adjusting any kind of short or long-term plan that you have.

[00:13:16] Flexibility is the key to all retrogrades. Doing so is gonna give you the room to express yourself and really tap into that creativity that you. I hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next.

Aries- Focusing on Your Dreams


[00:13:34] Hi Aries. Let’s take a look at your week now, Aries, your top three focuses are gonna be one, wealth, two, your skillsets, and three self-esteem.

[00:13:42] Now let’s talk about why what really matters to you in this world is on your mind. Now, your goal is to support yourself and those around you. By building those resources and your skillsets, maybe even your self-esteem, the lack or abundance of these resources plays into that self-esteem and how you approach.

[00:14:01] New opportunities now as mercury retrogrades, these topics could feel intensified or inflamed. You may need to rethink or renegotiate how you are compensated for the work that you do or how you possibly compensate others. Double checking. The bottom line is highly recommended when it comes to your values.

[00:14:20] The more aware you are of the current standings that you have and your long-term goals, the clearer you’re gonna be on what you need to do going forward. Now, often it is the short term that distracts us the most from the direction that we’re trying to go. Definitely keep in mind what that dream is, build toward it.

[00:14:38] It will be here before you know it if you keep your focus on it. I do hope you have a good one. I look forward to seeing you next.



[00:14:49] All right. That is all the signs. I do hope you found some helpful tips about how to work with this week. We still are in EC clips season, but we have time to process and really think about our next steps, even if those next steps are moving backwards.

[00:15:02] And again, remember, this is just a high level overview of how your sun sign, our rising sign may be experiencing these energies. If you would like to go deeper and look at your. Personal natal chart with me. You can find me on our brand new platform, astrologer connect at

[00:15:15], and you can check out all my colleagues and everything that this beautiful platform has to offer overall at


[00:15:28] I look forward to meeting so many of you every week. It really is a gift. I do hope you have a good week. I’ll see you next time.